About SugaSheila

Psychic SugaSheilahas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SugaSheilahas recently helped 375members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SugaSheila's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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☆Welcome to Psychic Sheila's Suga Shack☆

Hello everyone, I am very excited to be a part of ORANUM. Thank you for taking a moment to join me. I produced my own local psychic TV show for 8 years. I am a weekly psychic on many radio shows for over 17 years now and I continue to appear weekly on a radio show in Rapid City SD. As a Meta Physician, I specialize in Psychometry, Intuitive counseling and Mediumship.

Psychometry - is reading the energy held in pictures and/or objects.

Mediumship - is the practice of communication between a Medium and loved ones that have transitioned to the other side.

If you have an object and/or pictures of loved ones here or on the other side I will channel information necessary for yours and their personal development.

☛ Practical Problems Solved Here! ☚


I specialize in the following services listed below:

♥ Psychometry
♥ Mediumship
♥ Connecting with loved ones who have transitioned over
♥ Clairvoyant
♥ Clairaudience
♥ Psychic
♥ Intuitive Counseling
♥ Life Coach
♥ Guided Meditations
♥ Energy Work/Cleansing
♥ Tarot Card Reading
♥ Mind Jogger
♥ Goddess Cards
♥ Shapeshifter Tarot Deck
♥ Animal Cards
♥ Angel Oracle Cards
♥ Irish Fairy Cards

Topics we can cover in private but not limited to:

✰ Love
✰ Relationships
✰ Career
✰ Finance
✰ Business Decisions
✰ Education
✰ Children
✰ Travel
✰ Relocation
✰ Marriage
✰ Divorce
✰ Family
✰ Friends


Please do not ask for free readings, yes/no questions, or one card in free chat. Please honor the site rules and privacy policy of Oranum and keep all those questions for private chat. Feel free to say hello, introduce yourself, get to know me, and lets enjoy having fun intelligent conversations while connecting (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

She was very nice " ... written by Jennifer
straight to point .well thoughtful and patient reader ." ... written by SK
Great! Very accurate." ... written by Yups
wow..she connect fast! she is amazing...all she says was true!...thank you again for your help to connect with my grandfather... keep in touch :D" ... written by Bizou1981
Great reading! Very helpful and honest." ... written by boru
Sheila you were amazing...Thank you for your insight ..and for bringing my mother to me , if only for short time it meant alot to me. love light and blessings to you !!!!!" ... written by butterflysoul22
great on the education part" ... written by rosy
very interesting reading. i have a new perspective." ... written by butterfly77lady
seemed good" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Sheila picked up on a lot about me. This was a really healing session. Thank you!" ... written by Virgo
she has great energy goes right to the point tells you how it is and explains everything great reading thank you so much" ... written by ashley
wonderful reading not what i expected and that made it awesome. what you think you need may not necessarily be what you need." ... written by nitewalker
This reading really hit me it was crazy and yet it made perfect sense." ... written by William
Very good reading, we connected very well ... got some great insight and inspiration.. thanks so much Sheila! Highly recommend her !" ... written by Lynda22
wow thats all i have to say :) the best" ... written by Sweet
Wow! She was dead on. Put me to tears. I have direction again. Refocused" ... written by Lauren
Thanks for the advice." ... written by d2k1000
Oh my I am blown away! what an amazing reading , spot on so detailed and accurate. God bless you Sheila" ... written by Lorna
Thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart. Such great advice and clarity. Will take on board what you have told me and will apply it into my life. Much love and light :) x" ... written by GratefulOne14
Sheila was awesome" ... written by GZRNYC
really good." ... written by Kiera 123
she's good but she just goes into things so in depth that during our private i had to be like "is this what youre saying basically?" lol she's good and picked up the situation and i was able to follow her but she gets on these tangents that sometimes steer the convo off topic and you gotta bring her back otherwise you wont really get your questions answered" ... written by m
A great reading experience..." ... written by Lightstar
this was the first time i had reading with her. she changed my perspective on this old situation. i am so grateful that i talked to her" ... written by lousie
I've been consulting a number of phychics for years on this site. This is my first time with Sheila and I am beyond amazed. This experience with her (more than just your average phychic/card reading) was probably one of the most helpul I've ever had in so many different ways. It's a true blessing and I feel honored to have had the chance to meet her tonight as I'm facing a major life challenge that I know, one way or the other, will change my life forever. I trust and embrass her guidance and counsel wholeheartedly. God bless! " ... written by Jessy
really good reading and extremely valuable advice." ... written by rosebud77
She is truly amazing. Her insight and wisdom about relationships and the roles we play totally explained my situation at a very deep level. Very fast, accurate and concise. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Seeker1200
Love you Sheila!" ... written by Nicole
she was right on the money made me cry thank you you filled the emptyiness i had inside" ... written by karina
I loved her reading it was from a different perspective that made me think and i loved it. Good advice, will recommend her to anyone." ... written by jewelw203
love it!!" ... written by yoly
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Absolutely incredible! Really hit home. " ... written by Chris
very nice" ... written by maria
Bought me such peace and I think from this moment on I will do as she and Coltin has asked me and not feel guilty about my daughter and my situation. Thank you so much" ... written by Melissa
Great reader. Very helpful advice. Highly recommend Sheila!" ... written by E
Very helpful. Made sure she understood the question I had for her. It was an overall good reading." ... written by Christina
A jewel at Oranum. Highly recommend to chat with. Had such a great reading!" ... written by Trying
What an amazing woman! Truly insightful, wise, and kind! Very on-the-mark with every aspect of this reading! " ... written by Eva
Fantastic reading! So much love, warmth and ever-so-high accuracy..." ... written by dobe
Very nice, she really likes to help people" ... written by vinny
What a lovely and amazing woman! So grateful for her insight and guidance!" ... written by Eva
Excellent. Time was too short. She is a unique and insightful reader." ... written by USA
Amazingly accurate" ... written by dobe
Wonderful readiings!" ... written by Dobe
Spot on! Great reader. So connected!.." ... written by dobe
Really good reading. She is really good." ... written by Lou
She was in tune with me before we even started the reading. She described my looks and also said key words that I use all the time. " ... written by Darla
She's great! Very in-depth reading, awesome clarity into my situation right now. 1 Million stars :)" ... written by Soul Journey8
A fount of wisdom, Ms. Sheila is wonderful!" ... written by Eva
Great reading! Asked about one thing but ended up hearing something else that I really needed to hear! Sheila is an awesome person!! " ... written by Summer
wow. today we had a longer and deeper chat, and sheila delved into things I didn't even think about. I think this lady is amazing and could potentially change lives for the better" ... written by Matt
Had a long reading with Sheila and got cut off but what she had to tell me and give me incite to gave me a direction and positive motivation toward bettering myself and the love life that I could create. I connected with her fully and understood the message she needed to convey were precious and important to my growth and self. Tho she is truly a suga she didn't sugar coat the information she wanted say honestly. I appreciate her for that. She reminded me of my thinking and behavior patterns that I needed to break or change that would benefit me for a happier road. She's a good spirit and person, that is evident and her words are only empowering you. She gives verbal responses, is kind and quite helpful and I would recommend to anybody. " ... written by Merrysinclair
great" ... written by MaryAnn
she's awesome" ... written by Cristina
She is spot strange! I absolutely know she is in tune. Very interesting how I was drawn to her....super awesome person and great advice/truth to help guide me...thankyou!" ... written by Katrina Montero
Sheila is wonderful, channeled my mom and had some wonderful advice for me. Sheila is dear and really loves her clients. Thank you!" ... written by Terri
what a joy" ... written by kk
She was awesome. She got a message through from my husbands dad" ... written by Suga sheila
great great reading" ... written by carriee31
she really helped me balance and detach from what was actually driving my life into a conundrum. Great advice. I appreciate your help from the bottom of my heart. blessings. " ... written by madison
This lady is absolutely incredible! She blew my mind with everything she knew about my situation. I'd love hours with her!!! You've got to check her out!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
she was excellent very fast and very accurate " ... written by Ron
Sheila, is a fun person to read with. Come sit down with her and connect. Her messages are generous hearty ones :)" ... written by Makeup Maven
Suga is the best and I want everyone to know!" ... written by Robert
the connection was so clear" ... written by qp
first time trying sheila and she immediately felt the energy i was experiencing and going through these days. she said some things that made sense and gave me confirmation and clarity." ... written by nutty00bunny
Good reader, but not too happy that connection was a bit slow or she was bit slow to answer questions. It's almost like she wanted to say what 'SHE" wanted to say and kind of ignores your questions." ... written by Ang
have a real connection with sheila" ... written by qp
excellent !! she mentioned calling or getting a call from a specific person , five seconds later they called .. blew my mind !!!" ... written by tamjones
She gives advice not just a reading....amazing lady" ... written by Findingpeace
The best there is" ... written by autumn williams
She is awesome and so helpful! I will definitely return!" ... written by April
wow and wow, sheila is wow, she was so spot on i would give her 7 stars if i could" ... written by mattlondon
Wow oh wow, Sheila is the best, took me to the point without going around the houses and wow. took me to a place i thought didnt excist but need to change. Love sheila xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Mattlondon
Thank you Suga" ... written by marion
What an interesting woman ! Huge amount of energy. Very connected." ... written by softwater
thank you" ... written by edel95
she was spot on good energy Im so thankful I went to this wonderful woman thank you so much will be going back " ... written by beautifulmeeh
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
Really awesome!! Clicked for me rt away!!" ... written by Jnaujo00
she was good. connected quick!" ... written by BB
Amazing! Worth every cent. She is awesome! :)" ... written by Drohem
She connected with my brother and gave me insightful, accurate, helpful messaged. thank you. You're wonderful." ... written by Alexis
AMAZING! " ... written by Jenn
Thank you!" ... written by ghost face
always has excellent on target information" ... written by qp
Shelia is the just simply amazing! " ... written by Amanda
This woman is amazing!!!!!!" ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Very good! Right on. thank you" ... written by Jill
loved it" ... written by maria
FANTASTIC reading!!!! She was awesome." ... written by Larry
very well connected. she is very quick. I liked very much." ... written by smar
This was a great reading and though I ran out of credits before she could finish, I feel like the little bit she has told me was right on. Definitely recommend her." ... written by RockieHeart
sheila is the REAL deal! no doubt in my mind. she picked up on personal things that she could have never known and channeled my dad. i recommend her to EVERYONE!! 100 stars, this woman is AMAZING!!!" ... written by Mama
Amazing as always :) One of my favs on the site - 5 stars " ... written by Kristal
Sheila is good from what I saw in my reading but slow at typing " ... written by Flo
Sorry that we didn't make connection..." ... written by agirl
She was great!!!" ... written by Walejr
I really like her!! She's mind kinda woman!!! Great energy and spark and she really nailed the person I asked about. I do believe her future predictions are very on point. Bravo!! Until next time!! :) " ... written by S
what an amazing experience I wish I could take all the money I spent on fakes and give it to her, she is amazong..I am still taken back and have never ever had the expeiranc ei did today with any other psycic " ... written by Nicole
Thank you it was a pleasure to meet you very insightful information tonight....Will contact you again" ... written by Francine
Spot on, thank u :) " ... written by R
Excellent reading, very interesting, thank you!" ... written by Aryastark