About Starlight22

Psychic Starlight22has 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Starlight22has recently helped 46members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Starlight22's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a natural born Incarnated priestess who has been gifted with so much healing abilities and wisdom channelling messages from spirit. Will use tools after Channelling to clarify only channel into your energies. I work with many Goddess, Ascended Masters , Archangels , all beings of divine light & Love.

Really quick and accurate, knows what u want to ask before u say it! Feel reassured and comforted with her warmth! Cant wait for predictions to come true....: ) " ... written by cherry44
She is such a wonderful soul to talk with. Seriously she is one of my favorites on here. She senses people and things like it`s unbelievable. " ... written by delly23
she was very honest about the situation, and that is important. Good or bad she tells what she feels and see. I will call in a weeks to give up day. thank you" ... written by LoveisMine40
Top notch as always!! She knows her of my faves!! Love her!" ... written by Miszy
Thank you so much for the quick response...She was right... I will definetly come back and cannot wait to give her andamp;quot;propsandamp;quot;...She was positive and sweet... Thank you again." ... written by answers28
Thanks again for the lovely reading. Star is so fast and her insights are amazing !!!" ... written by delly23
I liked her reading, even though I feel she could've been more attentive to my questions sometimes.. She does sense people well though and pick up things well.. I liked it." ... written by Katja87
A lovely and quick reading...very spot on with the details and accurate predictions. Excellent!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thank you... " ... written by cammyboo
Very honest, pretty accurate on my info." ... written by sycammer781
Great job!" ... written by lavendergirl
Thank you so much for your insight!" ... written by answers28
She`s so fast and quick with details. I highly recommend having a session with Star:)" ... written by Delly23
Thanks Star for all your insights and advice. I definitely be back to update with everything. Of course she's one the best on here :)" ... written by delly23
Brilliant as always, very positive and gives me hope in my time of need. Stacey is on the ball." ... written by 6marchs
Oh god, what should I say?! She is just such a nice lady, with beauty and a nice heart. Loved the connection with her. Kisses. " ... written by PeterCollins
she is really accurate and fast. The reading was great she gave me alot of insight to my situation and direction. thank you" ... written by TUSHAN
she's a naturally gifted, accurate psychic! works very organically. highly recommended. a nice person as well. " ... written by invisible
Stacey, wow! You are fast and accurate with your reading. I felt an instant connection and you have given me answers to questions I have had. I look forward to the outcome. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
SHe is amazing, comforting, fast, wise and helpful. Clarified alot for me and gave me in perspective. SHe is truly an angel and I cannot wait, I mean cannot wait to talk to her again and tell her good news about my life. Will truly come back to her again. GOD BLESS YOU !" ... written by answers28
thank u for your answers,, i think they were very insightful,, and will see what happens" ... written by imheather
Good reading!" ... written by d2k1000
Pretty much spot on..." ... written by spiritualgirl1
always terrific to talk to :)" ... written by nan
SHe is wonderful... touching and seeing everything. I really enjoyed my time with her... Confirmed and answered all my questions. Thank you again. GOD BLESS YOU ANGEL!" ... written by answers28
Very nice girl, good reading" ... written by JSerrano0304
starlight is great. very happy with reading. thankyou!" ... written by babydoll
I hope me and D will be together soon.. like u said hes witing for this right time.. and he will tell me... just hoping he will.. thank u :) good reading xx" ... written by lightnight
Gifted lady with a knack and charm of delivery what you need to hear. She is a kind and sincere heart " ... written by araketanara
ALways comforting... she is an angel... give me productive answers and advices... accurate and fast. She is a delight and heaven sent. Thank you again and GOD BLESS!" ... written by answers28
She is accurate must take her. she know everythings thats amazing thing to have reading with her." ... written by TUSHAN
Superb as always! Luv ya girl. " ... written by fbfbfb
Extraordinary just no words connects quickly answered all my questions and gave me time frames i cant wait for her predictions to come to pass very humble and honest simply truly gifted " ... written by vc1976
Stacey is the light at the end of the tunnel! I LOVE THIS GIRL! HUGGS TO U STACEY FOR UR LIGHT AND LOVE :) " ... written by divinedaughter
Very fast in her readings . Good and no delays !" ... written by reicaa
On point and very caring!" ... written by ary112
She is an amazing reader. I'll recommend her to anyone who has got specific questions." ... written by prateeklondon
always lovely. what a nice session!!!!!! 5 stars" ... written by blokes
Very nice reader. Very quick and concise to pick up on issues. I highly recommend her." ... written by dstufra1
She is wonderful, uplifting and sweet. Love her spirit and her intuition. I am always happy when I speak to her. Cannot wait to celebrate this new year with Joy and Happiness. God Bless you Angel!" ... written by answers28
I am not sure about this reader. I have to wait and see. I have had many other readings, and this is quite different. It would be good to ask me for a review at a later date when a prediction is supposed to be realized. Otherwise, said things I may want to have happen." ... written by Ning
Great as usual xo" ... written by pixiegirl
Very Good!" ... written by diane1964
This Lady is a God sent, Never had anyone connect to my situation as well. Thank you so much.You are a true Angel." ... written by tivabeth22
Great reading...perfectly accurate! I am impressed!!! :) See you next week!" ... written by mmmm
I really enjoyed her reading. She was fast honest and straight to the point. I recommend her to anyone who wants answers to about their future. Hopefully, all her predictions will come true. :)" ... written by wendyk
Always love talking to Stacey. Thanks!! Will come back with good news." ... written by papasandmamas
Fantastic!" ... written by maravilloso002
very accurate to the points, gave me the positive advice I needed. will do what i was told to do and come back for more specific answers. Thanks Stacey you're an angel!!! God bless" ... written by josefernandes
Thanks Star, you are truly a great person to speak with and she`s really fast with her insights." ... written by delly23
Brilliant as ususal" ... written by 6marchs
Awesome as usual. Just love Stacey, she is always right with her predictions. 10 stars !" ... written by 6marchs
Wonderful reading. Accurate sensing of my issue. Will be back!" ... written by lilliableu
Incredible, She picked up on things that no one has ever picked up on. She told me my past, no one has ever done that. She was so easy to listen to. She knew exactly what was going on with me past, present, and the future she told me I cannot wait to see it unfold. You will be AMAZED" ... written by arer1234567
My first time being on here, Thank you Starlight for giving me insight how he feels about me. And my friend too, I am very happy for your help, you don't know how much burden you've lift off my shoulders :) andamp;lt;3 Thank you so so much! I will definately come back!" ... written by Angeldust99
She is so down the earth, love her insights and her personality is so amazing. She is a wonderful person to talk to on here, no doubt thanks for everything :)" ... written by delly23
She's fabulous! Thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Another wonderful reading by Stacey! Thank you you are kind and generous when you answered all my questions and very quick. You picked up on my worries and you ease my mind. Thank you! " ... written by greekgoddess71
great reader and powerful messages that made me happy. I love her readings. GET one from her!" ... written by wendyk
I can talk to Star for hours, accurate information. Predictions that have came true. An expert like this deserves more than 5 stars !!!!" ... written by delly23
Brilliant, very precise. kind sweet person" ... written by 6marchs
GOOD, WISH I HAD MORE TIME" ... written by 6marchs
Loving and accurate, great reader!!!" ... written by thedawnofanew
Thank you again!" ... written by maria50t
Wow, amazing, i had very little time to talk to her. She was very fast and to the point, and she really tried to help me. Thank you soo much. I didn't get a chance to tell you, but i really appreciate your time and effort!" ... written by maria50t
She`s amazing and truly sent from above, thank you for your lovely insights and guidance. :)" ... written by delly23
Lovable person, and truly a caring person. Highly recommended." ... written by delly23
She`s really a great person to talk too. Very quick and doesn`t waste. I will talk some time away to deal with my own matters. Thank you so much !!!!" ... written by delly23
Very quick and accurate,, thanku you have been agreat help :) xx" ... written by f999111
Great reading and firm in her beliefs. so i feel she stands by the truth. take her to private she's worth it." ... written by pixiegirl
Very sweet and compassionately accurate !! Thx Hun! A must read for all!" ... written by ary112
Thank you so much for the insights. I`m looking forward to updating you with the results :)" ... written by delly23
She doesn't forget you at all. Tunes into you really quickly like she doesn't waste any time getting to the point. Deserves more than 5 stars" ... written by delly23
She is definalety one of my favourites. She`s guided me through almost everything. I highly recommend her mainly because she`s fast , truthful , very blunt and i can talk to her for hours. Thanks :)" ... written by delly23
She`s so fast and this session gave me a sense of relief :) thank you so much" ... written by delly23
Great reading it was nice to get more info on the issues God Bless" ... written by queenbee22
Excellent answered all my question highly recommended gave time frames and was very on point ." ... written by vc1976
Amazing as always. She is one of my favorite and she always puts a smile on my face. Thanks again :)" ... written by delly23
Always wonderful as always " ... written by angelface
Wonderful as usual! Fast and sweet! Thank you!" ... written by answers28
She`s quick and straight to the point. Thanks for your lovely insights" ... written by delly23
All i can say is wow what a reading starlight gave!you have to take her private i promise you won't be disappointed!!!!!" ... written by marsylyttle
She`s just amzaing and she`s straight up with what she sees..Loved it" ... written by delly23
She was so fast and I loved talking to her. Thanks Star :) xoxoxox" ... written by delly23
Fantastic as always, very quick and accurate" ... written by 6marchs
She is one of my favourite on here :) Very blunt about everything she sees and I was amazed at what she saw" ... written by delly23
Amazing and super fast, love talking to her :). Always so positive!" ... written by delly23
Thank you again for your wonderful reading. You didn't hold anything back you answered all my questions and gave me clarity. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Love Stacey, really genuine and accurate. Hope her predictions come true." ... written by 6marchs
Very compassionate! Accuracy is top notch! One of my favs on the site! God bless" ... written by ary112
I loved my reading with Stacey, she was so sweet and helpful! she gave me all the answers to my questions and time frames for all of my future events. i will come back and update (" ... written by Misspriss12
The most excellent psychic with an unpretentious attitude! I have been acquainted with metaphysics for 30 years and she is one of the FINEST!" ... written by Angel5996
She told me that my future husband's name starts with an L. I'm going to wait and see when this man comes. She says he's coming in my life very soon. I can't wait." ... written by lovelytipp
Very accurate consultant! Dates and details are on point! One of my top 5 for sure!!!! Hugs I'll be sure to leave more feedback and update you. Bug hugs to you!!!! Thanks so much for all your support!" ... written by ary112
She`s always been my go to person and I love her advice and her insights, she is truly the best on here!" ... written by delly23
Wonderful sweet-spirit and strong reader. Empathic to my situation and picked up details immediately. I will be calling back xoxo" ... written by Freespirit02
Love her!!" ... written by Melissa6767
She is awesome!" ... written by sarah04
Omg. your prediction came true. my friend jake is back in my life. thank you so much. and let serena know that I said thank you as well." ... written by lovelytipp
Thanks for the reading. Sorry I got confused every time my screen was acting up. Highly recommended :)" ... written by Delly23
Quick and fun as always..." ... written by pixiegirl
She told me the guy i'm supposed to be with in the future is a guy named drek. i like a guy named drake and we're friends. i always hoped me and him would be together. can't wait." ... written by lovelytipp
Ilove her messages always! " ... written by pixiegirl
Thank you so much for your help dear,You are so amazing .I thank your spirit guide Serina too for helping me out in my situation.Blessings in love and light to you Starlight22 Sandra-xo :)" ... written by Sandra-xo
She's always correct with her insights and she put all my worries to rest, I can finally real at ease" ... written by delly23
Fantastic as always, predictions accurate, she is awesome. thanks" ... written by 6marchs
Had to came back for a quick session so I hope that everything works out with me. I meant to put feel at ease instead of real at ease on my previous feedback. Lol session was good that I mixed up my words. Thanks again Star you are truly a life saver for me :)" ... written by delly23
I didn't have to say anything at all. :) She picked everything for me :) Thank you for all the insights and help. I'm glad I was able to talk to you dear. :)" ... written by heart divine (myangelheart)
I love her!Talk to Starlight and you will feel lighter!" ... written by lilliableu
Fast and accurate connection. She really works fast for you. Supportive, encouraging - highly recommended if you need someone to talk to." ... written by lilliableu
She has put my mind at ease, she picked up my issue very fast thank you, definitively recommend a reading with her " ... written by mimi0129
Amazing reading... I have always come back to her and everytime she gives me confidence and boosts me up. Certain things she told me really put me in a daze...she described one of the functions that would happen in november to the tee...simply gr8 is wat I can say!! Thank you so much!! :)" ... written by harsha
Excells...... amazing, very gifted!!! ...oxox Thank you. Star." ... written by wingtip
She`s just unbelievable with his insights, like they were right on. Exactly word from word." ... written by delly23
Great reading, picked up on the situation perfectly and gave me accurate, honest advice. Hope I can use it and move forward." ... written by warrenkitty83
Thanks star ur the best..ill give u an update!!!" ... written by victoria1204
She`s great and it`s always a pleasure talking with her and frankly i hope everyone gives her a try." ... written by delly23
She`s always amazing to talk with and her insights are always on point. Thanks again, I will update you next week :)" ... written by delly23
Stacey and her guide Serena are amazing. They have helped me more than they can possibly know. Thanks again!" ... written by pixiegirl
God i just love her and Serena. They're the best. Try them out you wont regret it." ... written by pixiegirl
She`s always the best to talk too, seriously she`s just that amazing." ... written by delly23
Thanks Star for clarifying everything and helping thru my rough patch and of course, always gives me a sense of relief." ... written by delly23
She is great, fast , honest, right to the point weather you like the truth or not you are going to get it. Shes awesome. Thank you , you gave me such a smile..:)" ... written by newhorizons12
She is awesome and her abilities amazed me. She's is extremely quick and you need to have a private session with her if you want exact dates and straight answers! " ... written by fairchildlaw
I am going to give her advice and insights a try. I hope everything works out well. Oh, yeah.. you cannot doubt her abilities - it's all real and genuine. I would say among everyone in Oranum, I could feel her the most genuine of all.) Thank you! I highly recommend her. :)" ... written by Heart Divine (myangelheart)
She knew before I typed it like I'm so amazed at her abilities and I seriously recommend a private session with her :)" ... written by delly23
One of the best on here - no doubt she makes me feel better after every session!" ... written by delly23
I finally got a chance to talk to her and what she predicted came true but I'm still undecided on what I should do but let's see what happens." ... written by delly23
5 stars..always appreciate her energy." ... written by lilliableu
Thank you so much :) hehehe I really appreciate your insights and help all the time! I will update you to what happens next hehe, thanks! " ... written by myangelheart
She always makes me feel better about my situation so lets hope things work out." ... written by delly23
Right away she just picked up my energy and from their she knew what was wrong. She always sticks to her insight and of course her guides and she's been right. Highly recommended :)" ... written by delly23
Excellent reading, picked up on the situation perfectly and confirmed what I thought. Gave me accurate and honest answers. Really nice to talk to." ... written by warrenkitty83
Star is one of the finest!! she has taught me about love and how to remain true to who i am, while others have judged. ALWAYS on target and accurate, she guides with love, she is truly and earth angel, here to help all from a place of love. i so recommend her in all areas of concern, she is nothing but truth......might i say she is one of the best, can i give her 100 stars??? Love you star, ty soo soo much!!!" ... written by wingtip
Soo sweet, and very quick and intuitive.. She is really amazing.. can not wait for the Big prediction to happen... I will shout from the rooftops when it does... :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Been to stacey for many readings and she inincredibly gifted. Even in the beg before I told her details she just knew before I said anything. This ladies ability to pick up on the smallest of details is out of this world. I highly recmmend her. Time frames amazing too x" ... written by SarahA
Stacey is always right. :) Thank you again stacey. This lady is dead on with her time frames and details." ... written by SarahA
As always,very caring and helpful. I love her and Serena. Messengers from God. x" ... written by pixiegirl
Had another reading with Stacey and she still every bit as awesome as usual!!! just love her ..and highly recommend you take her pvt she is the real deal!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Good reading! Thank you!" ... written by marina
Great as always" ... written by pixiegirl
Always wonderful, consistenly spot on. She gave a date previously and i did get communication on the date! Stacy is truly wonderful!" ... written by lilliableu
Always insightful and attune with my situation . Thank you stacey." ... written by pixiegirl
I was waiting on a timeframe prediction before I left feedback. I had not heard from the guy in a few weeks and; haven't seen him in a month and a half. She said he would call me on Tuesday and we would see each other the coming weekend and it looks like Saturday. Well, he called out of the blue at 11 pm Monday night and he thought it was already Tuesday lol. He made plans with me for the weekend on Saturday. So, I will be back! I have never had a timeframe be true from a psychic before. I am hoping it is not a flukeeverything else is true as well! :) Thanks! You are amazing!" ... written by spiritflower79
Very good in tuning in with me!" ... written by lilliableu
He's being very flirtatious over message, like you said he would be! x" ... written by SarahA
Great reading... She always calms my nerves and guides me through. She is the best out here!! Thank you once again.. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the predictions to come true..." ... written by harsh
She always picks up what's going on! I love her!" ... written by Melissa6767
She was clear and fast, gave me good advice and time frames, I will come back to write after it if all comes to pass, thank you!" ... written by fishyone
You were right :)" ... written by SarahA
Really like the reading, and her delivery - worth a try, definitely!" ... written by mandari
Thank you again for your insight! I will let you know in 5 days what he decides." ... written by jazolvera01
Very very positive reading! Very uplifting! Glad to hear theres been lots of progress! Thanks Stace!" ... written by Melissa6767
Received confirmation from her guides on my current situation. Needed clarity and received it quickly." ... written by dallascowboys8
I had a reading previously. It was an awesome experience. She's very confidence and in tune! I will be back when the predictions come true. Very nice room atmosphere as well, with the meditation sessions." ... written by yvettepandora
Great reading..full of positivity. will wait for predictions to come to pass" ... written by lilliableu
Wonderful, immediate connection!" ... written by lilliableu
I waited after a prediction was made for today before i would leave some feedback even though i know Stacey is good. i had asked her if my daughter would do good in her pageant, she said she would receive a blue sash, my daughter got a white sash with blue writing on it. more predictions were made for later, i will come back and update again (:" ... written by Misspriss12
She is very sweet, honest, no sugar coating, very precise with details. Highly recommended to others." ... written by sycammer781
Shes awesome!! :) Very accurate!!" ... written by Melissa6767
Thank you for the reading, and the email. I also want to thank Serena. I enjoyed the cards you pulled for me. I will be back to see you. I am keeping my fingers crossed for right now on what the outcome will be :)" ... written by jazolvera01
Thank you Thank you. As always you are wonderful. xxx" ... written by SarahA
Her prediction was spot on and they came to pass last week up. Thank you so very much once again :)" ... written by v
She is one of the few psychics who I felt made a real connection. She has made a few predictions, now I need to wait and watch for them :)" ... written by windinpath
She is really good!!!!" ... written by DNR2529
She was able to pick up things very fast." ... written by resee057
Truly excellent reading, wonderfully gifted with details. Great Reader!" ... written by Angel
Thank you again stacey...I will let you know what happens. xx" ... written by SarahA
Wonderful lady, tells it as it is, no sugar coating at all." ... written by Ammer
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Thanks for the reading. Sorry I ran out of time and didn't get to say thanks. I really appreciate it, hope what you said happens! Great reading!" ... written by zephyr1983
Stacey is awesome! She is absolutely lovely in pvt and I recommend totally that you have pvt with her... i will be back for more." ... written by marionlyttle
She is a wonderful uplifting psychic healer. Picked up my situation and I wish I had more time with her because she is that good! Thank you Starlight, I'm grateful to Spirit for leading me to you." ... written by Tricia
Love her! She is the only one I trust!!" ... written by Melissa6767
Picked up a tattoo on someones body in the exact spot! She's awesome!" ... written by Melissa6767
I love talking to Stacey! She is very accurate and to the point. Doesn't waste any time. I will definitely keep seeing her for insight! Thanks again and I will keep in touch." ... written by jazolvera01
Thank you stacey. She gives lots of hope and predictions often happen. Big love x" ... written by SarahA
Very down to earth! Very accurate readings.... All the protection and guidance she's given me has been helpful. :)" ... written by jaz
Really kind and compassionate, she is really easy to talk to like a girlfriend, I wish I had more time to spend with her. She got some things spot on, I hope her predictions come true I would highly recommend starlight. She was very comforting." ... written by suzanna
Stacey was very on point and accurate, she gave me a good reading, picked up fast on my situation. I come back to her and cant wait for things to come true." ... written by Fishyone
Very spectacular psychic 5 stars all the way!!!!! Details time frames the best." ... written by Angel
Excellent as always, on point, clears the fog, straight forward and to the point, honest, no hesitation." ... written by vc1976
Quick answers. Predicted day, friend will call." ... written by axia100
Absolutely fantastic reading!! She did some meditation for me and this person that i had totally given up on contacted me after a very long time!! owe it to her... always calming and predictions coming true!! Thank you so much once again!!" ... written by Hars
Excellent!" ... written by PM
Very interesting reading thanks will come again" ... written by SS
Gave names... wow, great reading!" ... written by mariekat72
She is truly a genuine person! Love her to pieces! Lets hope and pray everything works itself out :)))))" ... written by jaz
Awesome reading! She was very quick and detailed. Very positive reading and I can't wait for more in the future :)" ... written by Lauren
Great advice." ... written by s
She picks up very quickly and is right on!" ... written by vayunu
Amazing quick connection. Lots of info given and not what I expected to hear. Pleasantly surprised though. Would recommend because she tells you what she sees/hears and not what you are expecting to hear, good or bad." ... written by angelszone
She's incredible! Oh my goodness she even picked up on a check im supposed to get!" ... written by peachy
Without any information of what is going on, she made many predictions that goes along the story line. See what will happen. If they turn out to be true, I'll come back and tell you!" ... written by PM
Uncannily right with one or two facts. Amazing." ... written by kam
Okay thanks... Will keep you posted what happens in 4 days... Hoping this time it comes... :))" ... written by S
Great and very very informative. I'm very happy with this reading because with no tools she was able to tune in to me and my circumstances. Asked very little questions and I was just amazed at the reading. She is phenomenal and I am so thankful for her help. i am so thankful for her insight and I am glad I had this session." ... written by lovebugshay
Awesome as usual!:) She made my day, so much better with her insight." ... written by .
I love Starlight22! She is soooo connected with higher beings (her guides) and is such a blessing by sharing her light and shedding light on my situation with consistent readings and great details. I wish had more time with her! She's also a great teacher. Who wouldn't want a reading with her? She's the real deal. " ... written by Tricia
Accurate, quick read. Caring and compassionate guidance. Uplifting, empowering and enlightening advice. Understanding and patient. A gifted person andamp; a pleasant experience. Thank You, Starlight22 :-)" ... written by sk
Excellent reading Starlight is by far the best reader i've seen in around 20 years and im 50 so that's saying something." ... written by Angel
Very understanding and compassionate reader. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
She was excellent as always. Gives times and dates too. I am always so happy to see her online. Starlight, you're the best!" ... written by Angel
Starlight was really good, she picked up something about my brother that I hadn't even brought up that was so specific. Was very clear and quick in her guidance. Thanks!!" ... written by user8628
Her and Serena are great!" ... written by j
Stacey is consistent with her predictions for my situation, she is quick to connect and gives details without asking anything!!!" ... written by marion
Quick connection... She looked deep into the matter... Nice and sweet lady. Thank you!" ... written by woodencloud
As usual she knows best." ... written by Melissa6767
Thanks so much" ... written by SS
You were spot on!" ... written by Hilde
She is truly awesome fast and to the point hope her prediction comes true." ... written by blackcat06
I had a reading with starlight22 a couple of years ago and everything was completely spot on. what an angel, a very generous soul. she is wise beyond her years and very very evolved." ... written by freespiritwave
amazing! So sweet, quick, and to the point." ... written by ahsley
Always the best! Highest accuracy!" ... written by Angel
Great reading! Time frames and all!" ... written by Angel
Thank you very much for your time and for doing a reading for me. It really helped put things into perspective for me as well as provided me with much needed direction for which I am very grateful. Many blessings!" ... written by Tree Of Life
Thank you Starlight22, you gave me a ray of "knowing' and peace. We will talk soon and I appreciate everything you have shared. May you have good things and love in these holidays. Be good my friend, I will cherish our reading. And await the wonderful things. " ... written by jillian5
Thank you Starlight! Wish I could do longer but will wait for email reading later. I will stay focused. Thank you" ... written by jillian5
thank you!" ... written by lala
She made some pretty bold predictions! We will see what happens." ... written by h
Starlight22 is AMAZING!! Straight to the point...saw immediately the truth regarding my past relationship. Cleared up a lot of confusion about my current situation, and CONFIRMED events for my future. Compassionately honest! Very spiritual. Waiting to see the results. I will definitely stay in touch. XOXO" ... written by Linda
Wow. I was BLOWN AWAY at the understanding she had for what both my love and I are going through at this very minute. I didn't have to "say" anything. She already knew what was going on in my life and my love's life. Amazing. I will wait, but continue to move forward. Praying for him and leaning on God and Archangel Gabriel... My helper. My guide. :) Thank you!!" ... written by Amy FoxMLeod
Very accurate and quick reader" ... written by kika22
Excellent reader! So fast and so true!" ... written by Angel
Accurate to the situation, really insightful and gave a detailed prediction. Lovely woman, I'm so glad I met her and will definitely be back :) " ... written by M
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))" ... written by tiff
had a reading with Starlight a year or so ago and it was on the money. she gave me prediction today also , hoping it comes true." ... written by A
I found Star very insightful and everything she saw made a lot of sense .. I hope what she saw for February comes to be :-)" ... written by d
i didnt get quiet detailed like i did when she connected in free but it was alright for the first reading.." ... written by lucky
great reading, she is 1 of the best on this site." ... written by Ammer
Star was very accurate and compassionate, She zeroed right in on my situation. I would highly recommend her and will come again." ... written by Maryann
Excellent as always! Details and timeframes are always spot on! Starlight is a true gift of psychic." ... written by Angel
Very good reading indeed... picks up quickly... highly recommended" ... written by Rosy
can't believe how accurate she is. Hits every subject without me saying anything. Very quick, kind and professional. Predictions are always right. Will be back!" ... written by Lauren19p1
A while back I came into Star's room and received a free question - I chose to ask when my ex will contact me. She said i'm sorry but not until the end of the year (it was February). Nevertheless, no word from my ex all year ... until the end of November. Out of the complete blue. She was so right. So again, I am at another crossroads and needed her help. I NEEDED to come back and get another reading. She is so spot on it is scary. Got names correct, gives timeframes. She is amazing. So happy I was able to connect with her again." ... written by Lauren
Thank-you Starlight :) I will keep you updated on the results. Awesome reading!!" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
very amazing reader i will recommend her any one not a waste of money" ... written by sam
I had a reading with starlight22 she's a warm person a blessing to talk to." ... written by sweet461
Amazing reading as always. She is always so accurate, detailed and compassionate. Highly recommend her. Thanks Stacey! XOXO" ... written by Maryann
Excellent as always. Highly recommend! THank you!" ... written by Maryann
thank u stacey your the best" ... written by Mm
Always so extremely detailed answers.....correlates exactly to other readings that ive had.....HIGHLY RECOMMEND." ... written by GreenAsh
I really trust this girl - always very tuned in to the situations. And I think I just figured out who P is :) thanks again Satcey! " ... written by M
star is wonderful i love her insight and i thank you! :) u cleared some things for me :p will be back " ... written by orlem
awesome" ... written by tiff
love her to death ! :) predicts so spot on" ... written by alex
wow i was blown away, she is the real deal!!!" ... written by soulconnection
So incredible always exact and detailed. Recommend her as the best!" ... written by Angel
She is GOOD!!! SOOOOO SOOOO SOOO good!!" ... written by Miszy
WOW!!! She is SPOT ON!!! HOLY! I am super impressed!! WOW WOW WOW WOW!" ... written by Miszy
LOOOOOVE HER READINGS " ... written by orlem
LOVEEE the reading" ... written by orlem
great as always :) " ... written by orlem123
Excellent as always!" ... written by Miszy
She is AMAZING!!! really and truly on!!!" ... written by Miszy
Thank you so much Starlight. I've been to you before and you are always spot on with your readings. Everything you said in the past has come to pass and I trust you and your guides this time. Thank you again!" ... written by Moonshine
She is soooooo outstanding!!! WOW! Every time she is so spot on!" ... written by Miszy
Wonderful...she is very very good...worth every penny" ... written by Miszy
Just an excellent reader! I recommend her very highly!" ... written by Angel
great reading as always " ... written by orlem123
Always so accurate. Thank you starlight for an amazing reading." ... written by Moonshine
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She is absolutely of my favorite's for gifted, smart and talented!! THANK YOU! 5 stars isn't enough!" ... written by M
She's fast and detailed. Very gifted and real. I am very weary of who I read with. There are a lot of fakes on this site and I found her. I know probably only 4 or 5 that are genuine and the real deal. But she's amazing and very good" ... written by she-RA
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I just love her....she is fantastic!!! Really wonderful!" ... written by Miszy