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Psychic StardawnnSunhas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic StardawnnSunhas recently helped 189members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about StardawnnSun's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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LIfe Coach-Reader WITH A MASTERS DEGREE FROM AN IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL IN PSYCHOLOGY. In a private reading you get divine messages, black angel cards, and therapy. I believe it is important to help you cope with the divine messages that you are receiving, rather than just telling you what you want to hear.

Life Coach and Reader

I graduated from The Cleveland School of the Arts. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Bowling Green State University. I also have a Master of Arts degree in Psychological Counseling from the Ivy Leage Columbia University.

I also am a gifted reader. Reading abilities run in my family. My grandmother was a dreamer, my mother is intuitive and then there is me a Life Coach-Reader.

While attending Columbia University, I learned that Western Psychology and Colonialism bands any mystical or metaphysical practices because it could not be scientifically proven. It typically seperates the mind, body and spirit consequentally causing the Therapist to focus only on the mind. In Eastern Psychology mysticism and metaphysics is practiced. This is to help heal the mind, body and spirit treating them as one entity.

I take my skills from both Western and Eastern Psychology which is why I label myself as a Life Coach and a Reader.

In addition to being a LifeCoach-Reader, I am a Jewelry Designer for my company. I have been notarized in several magazines and blogs such as Essence Magazine, New Taste Magazine, Black Girl Long Hair Blog and others. I am also a freelance Model. I have walked in several New York City fashion shows and have done photoshoots. I am at your service;)

You can chat me to be a client or customer of my Life Coaching and Reading.

Cleveland School of Arts-Graduate
Bowling Green State University-Graduate
Columbia University-Graduate
Harlems Fashion Row- Designer & PR Coordinator
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority-Member

Although I am pursuing my degrees to become a therapist, I am not a doctor. Please seek consultation elsewhere for medical and legal advice. ***This site is intended for entertainment purposes only***.

I love you for what you done for me and i thank god for your love." ... written by tyeshia
Great reading, thank you so much so much clarity...I hope karma comes those who are evil...hahaha" ... written by kristalmagic26
Very very sweet, will be back, and she is def recommended." ... written by julznycles
Stardawnsun is of the newer readers on this site but also one of the better readers too. If you take time to listen to what she has to say she has wonderful advice to give you. Her card readings were accurate and her empathic abilities are spot on. Don't worry about asking er to clarify or to talk about another subject. She is a very kind woman, understanding, and definitely wants to help those around her. Giver her a chance and you'll come out learning more about yourself :)" ... written by guriwo
She is very good, she helped me so much..thank you again:)" ... written by pepita24
No words - only emotions! She is absolutely amazing! WOW! she picked up on my path right away, and was 100% accurate. She is the Psychic you must take to Private! Strongly recommend: 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
She was amazing and a great empath. She felt my feeling well." ... written by florwer85
Very Inspiring!" ... written by Milanc21
Great reading! Found her delivery to be very accurate, honest, and professional. Sorry, I was so into the reading and did not realize the funds were low. I will contact you again. :-)" ... written by AName2
STARDAWNNSUN is a very nice young woman. She is clear, accurate and gave me some cool tips and advices about how to run my love life, etc. She definately helped me, and she tried to be sure of that, by asking me. God bless!" ... written by atelmo
Thank you for your time and I enjoyed the reading." ... written by ChrisP1
Thank you!!! :)" ... written by deelove
She is real deal, she give me advice is so helpful, and i will come back to update with her.Awesome reading with her." ... written by TUSHAN
awesome" ... written by youcantaffordme
I thought that Stardawnnsun was awesome! She was very sincere, caring, positive and explosive with information. She was right on target with assisting me with issues concerning my family and I truly enjoyed my private reading! I would definitely recommend her to anyone! With her credentials and level of expertise combined with psychic abilities she is definitely a top notch psychic! :-) Thank you! :-)" ... written by Tishiab
she was great " ... written by qwenman
She is very-very good. Thank you very much! Accurate, friendly and nice. Definitely recommend her." ... written by novforsic
Advice was strong and realistic. She takes real world advice and relates to mine. It gives me so much hope and FAITH! " ... written by pxiong0121
StarDawnSun was very accurate when pin pointing my potential. I already have feelings inside abut my truth and she was able to pull that out without me giving detail. She was able to pull my personality traits out to verify that I am on the right path to my chosen destiny. " ... written by niecym
She has just found my weak point and now I know how to continue my life to make it better! Thank you!" ... written by mimizi
Stardawnnsun was straight to the point and her words were true...her advice make so many sense and i will surely keep to them. i will surely read with you again. Thanks." ... written by Bolley
very accurate, very sweet, very intuitive." ... written by peachybeez
Very insightful. gave advise on how to make what i want come true." ... written by aisha
Very sweet, helpful and accurate. Thank you for answering my questions Stardawnnsun! God bless" ... written by mozzy123
What a great spirit! she knows what she's saying :)" ... written by roses
She's really great. She knows what she's talking about and she is very helpful. Thank you so much Star!! Try her." ... written by crstsy021204
shes is very helpful and has very impowering insight. the second i saw her i new that i would feel impowered by her words. thank you star." ... written by bailey_00015
An amazing insightful and understanding person, gives you a new perspective on things. She pointed out stuff which hadn't occurred to me before. Hope to talk to her more, soon." ... written by hxd181
I enjoyed the reading. She was right on. She used tarot cards and her spirit guide to tell me what I needed to know." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
She gave me many tips and advice, how to atract a woman - love atraction. She was really awesome, I know it'll work! Thanks again!" ... written by Johnny
Love her, she really puts you thoughts to rest" ... written by bubblesblue
StardawnSun is a powerful intuitive. She is honest, an empath and certainly has clairvoyant abilities. When she felt a presence around me, I too felt the presence like a huge wave of energy through my body it was exhilarating. Our encounter was brief but insightful and I will remember it for the rest of my life. I highly recommend StarDawnSun." ... written by Joseph Robinson
Very good reading. She is very accurate and gets to the point quickly. I appreciate her honesty, compassion, and sound advice. She is a genuine psychic that will not waste your time. If you have not tried her, you should. " ... written by wee318
This lady is very kind, caring and compassionate in her readings. She helps you to find yourself and gives you tools for your path. She has great insight. I would recommend her to everyone, if you want to truly want to find a way to help yourself. She is the messenger. I would recommend her to everyone.God Bless and Angel Care" ... written by oceansandjoy1
She is full of positive emotions!! Liked the reading! Will come back. Thank you!" ... written by kosmosss
She was great had to cut the reading short, but overall i will b back Thanx a million" ... written by 1Nation
She's very good honest real and intuitive...will talk to her again!" ... written by sphinx777
Good :)" ... written by Agent49
Very sweet and helpful!!! Fast in reading and will gladly assist you!" ... written by Sirena22
Lovely lady with a golden heart!" ... written by estabiz
Stardawnnsun is an excellent reader, and connected very well with me. She was able to tell me a lot of things I needed to know that were very helpful.. She is a five star reader, and i would highly recommend her to everyone." ... written by Tanny6
Woman, you are the S***!!!!" ... written by Lia
Thanks for the encouragement. It was a positive reading." ... written by gullatrj
I really felt relaxed and comfortable i chose her because i felt she would not judge me but help me and i was right. she is a delightful soul and leaves you with positive vibes around you. I will definitely come back to her again." ... written by sheresearache
This woman is phenomenal!!! I truly enjoyed my reading today. I will definitely consult with Star again. Thank you!!" ... written by Lovepassenger
sweet and caring!" ... written by RadesGirl
I love this woman. She's an earth angel." ... written by lia_11
She is! Great reading. Very real." ... written by MythicDann
She was very genuine and friendly... " ... written by darkangel1992
She is very nice person with good insight, and gave me great ideas!" ... written by Amy
Very nice reading! She was honest and straightforward abouit all my questions. I left her private room feeling really relieved." ... written by funchallady
She was really good and I will contact her again and i will recommend people to her." ... written by Chants71
Very good!" ... written by sweetlymystic
She's lovely, great energy, non judgmental, and tries to relate as much as possible. makes you feel at ease!" ... written by steffleblanc
Love, hugs and kisses to the coolest oranum kid!" ... written by lia_11
gave me some helpful techniques" ... written by anonymous
SHE IS AMAZING! MUST TRY!" ... written by around here
AMAZING! So helpful, and very kind and soft. Exactly what I needed to experience." ... written by livelaughlove88
She is AWESOME! really! she was able to describe what was going on with me with 2 cards only - and her cards, I just love them! She is the Reader you WANT to take to Private! Highly recommend! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Very helpful and dead on." ... written by Crystal
wow:)" ... written by kalais75
Stardawnnsun, was wounderful in the short time we had, she picked up on things that only i knew, love you for this thanks again!" ... written by chocolatecity
As always, Stardawnnsun is very sincere when giving a reading. Helps me to see all sides, and every piece to the puzzle. Great reader!" ... written by livelaughlove88
Excellent!!" ... written by Dee
very good dead on very accurate... told me what i needed to know and not wat i wanted to hear.. i love her !!!!!! great!!!!" ... written by PassionLover2012
i loved my wee bit of a reading with stardawnnsun. sorry my credit ran out at the end. thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by justweemejo
She gave me some good advice !!!" ... written by queenmarge