About Spiritualdee

Psychic Spiritualdeehas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Spiritualdeehas recently helped 11994members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Spiritualdee's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello I am Spiritual Dee and my intuition is what anchors me and causes me to be especially sensitive to the spirit realm, and to be guided by spirit when I am using the Tarot. I am a Clairvoyant, which means that I can see visions from spirits involved in your situation. I am also a Clairsentience, meaning that I am able to feel your issues, and and Clairaudient, which means that I can hear what

She is amazing. She really helped me understand how to deal with the difficulties in my life and l combat the negative with positive forces. I will be returning for another reading." ... written by delia83
Truly loved my time with Ms. Dee. What a great time me had. She helped me with my situation and gave me great insight on what to do. Thank you again-God Bless!" ... written by Happy74
Very good advice I will keep in contact." ... written by luckygirl40
She tells it like it is! Loved her and I'll be back! " ... written by Dream1012
i think could be great, but i could not have all my answers coz ended very quiq. " ... written by cristina972ro
Great Advice she gave. I did enjoyed having a reading with her. God bless you Dee." ... written by jenfitz
I Love her...she's a Diva...too accurate and very helpful in guiding with one's situations...Has helped me focus...Awesome is the word!" ... written by ts1981
I really enjoy talking to you and you really open up my eyes that i already knew. thank you for your help." ... written by charleeo
I enjoyed talking to her. She was wonderful..And i will contact her again" ... written by brownsuga1971
Very positive and insightful, will defo come back." ... written by irinabrs
Thank you so much Dee for your reasurance and insight into what's the underlying problem and for encouraging me that life is getting better and for leading me down a more positive road for myself and my happiness. I knew you had a real gift the first time we spoke and you confirmed things that you could not have known. I appreciate that God has used you to do his work." ... written by celticfreckles
Amazing reading." ... written by fleurdesil
Great as always." ... written by irinabrs
An amazing reading...will be back for more." ... written by fleurdesil
Good reading!" ... written by irinabrs
Very nice reader. Thanks for your advices." ... written by ErnestoGuzo
Dee has wonderful energy, and I felt so reassured by her reading. She saw right into the heart of the matter." ... written by tangerinedream
Thank you!" ... written by katfive5
very up front and she flowed with her answers. I would talk to her again" ... written by ladyinwaiting
horrible reader, she is just guessing. Give me my money back. " ... written by vjrei01
Great Advice, I will be back again!" ... written by ElatedHeart
Than you for the GREAT reading!!! I will do it again for sure!" ... written by Fairytale
I'm glad that i visit her chat. She has positive energy and gave me exact answer. Thank you." ... written by kosmosss