About SpiritualMaria

Psychic SpiritualMariahas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SpiritualMariahas recently helped 358members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SpiritualMaria's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

New feature, When you order an email reading you get to attach your photo unto your email. THAT IS SOOO AWESOME!! What Maria does now that we have this amazing feature for the members that buy a email reading, she will first give you a picture reading along with the question you have asked !! ISN'T THAT SOOOO AMAZING?!!!!! Remember, Email Readings are $14.99 and is a 2000 character email, but Mara's email readings are very long more than 2000 characters . She normally writes to 10000 + character emails!! Maria love to give you every detail in your readings, and make sure they are perfect, and accurate in every way. Your Angels, and Maria are happy to assist you in any way possible.. If you do not see Maria online/free chat, and need answers right away please get a Email Reading, they're just amazing as Maria's Privates!! Also with the new picture attachment she does allow you to send a picture of your deceased loved ones, so she can read their picture, and give your messages from them!!! Also goes with the Hair, Lip Readings. and more!!!! Maria gives you more than you pay for!!!! This feature is truly amazing!!!! Remember when buying a email reading it takes 48 hours for Maria to respond to your email. But she usually does it before 48 hours depending on how many emails she receives. So be the first to get the Fastest, Guidance, Positive, Accurate Answers You DESERVE!!




1.Communicating with God,

2.All Angels & Archangels.

3. Channeling Deceased Loves Ones..

4. Automatic Writing

5. Lip Readings- - You are probably thinking how this is possible, but it truly is! See for yourself!

6.Hair Readings - You are probably thinking how this is possible, but it truly is! See for yourself!

7.Picture Readings

8:Meditation & Prayers

9,Oracle Readings

10.Past Life Regression Readings

11.Candle Readings

She also uses Clairvoyance, Clairsentience Clairaudience,and Claircognizance. She also has amazing abilities to manifest great things to happen for you with her power of prayer, far as "Healing, Love, Money, Career, & Protection".. Maria gives the most amazingly accurate oracle readings you will "EVER" witness! Along with her incredible gifts she also will teach you how to connect with your Angels through meditation, and helping you find your spiritual path/gifts! Once you speak with Maria you will instantly feel a connection, a very strong bond that is your intuition which is also a great sign from your Angels speaking, and guiding you! "You have come to the right place for Love, Guidance, Support, & Answers! I Will give you all that and more! I am not someone you first meet, and never see again. I will be walking along aside you through your life's long journey! You were meant to view our site for a reason, connect with me now to see what your Angels have in store for you!"-Maria


Maria realized she had her abilities the day her grandmother was buried! Even though Maria has always had these abilities her grandmother had passed more of her abilities unto her! Maria calls herself naturally gifted due to the more she learns and picks up very fast! So things come easily to her from the Spiritual World!
"I didn't have anyone to teach me how to learn more of my abilities on Earth., My teachers have always been
my Angels! i FEEL REALLY BLESSED to really have these gifts, i truly do, it has changed my life in so many ways, and I have helped so many people around the world, and want to do more of that in the future as well! I could really see myself doing this for the rest of my life, i feel this is the path God has always wanted me to be on, but I never did see this due to me being so young!! I thought it was a curse, until an Angel came to me and helped me see what blessing this is! I thank my godmother for giving me her gifts, i feel so close to her. Wasn't really close at all to her, but she has changed my life, and brings me closer to who I am today!! Each day is a blessing, and I feel God is right beside working with me as well!!! I know that I have so many other abilities from what God has told me! And I am ready to learn more, and seek more! I am not afraid, cause I know God & My Angels are protecting me! "

Please note Maria doesn't normally get time frames unless it is given to her by her Angels or Guides!

If Maria gives you a time frame it means this will def. happen, and there is no way of changing it!! If she doesn't give you a time frame which means that this what she, and the Angels sees, however means it is up in the air due to possibility of the persons can change their future. To keep this change from happening and you want the out come They see, Please follow Maria's instruction, and it WILL DEF HAPPEN!!


Why is it important to be positive,honest, and open minded in a reading? Well if you do not have all these things for a reading then Maria is not helping you, and you aren't helping yourself. Maria has help so many people better their lives and wants to seriously help you change yours for the better! She can not read you if you are negative, closed minded, and dishonest due to that is a block for her, and it's hard for her to get through.. To make your reading carefree, fun, with accurate messages you must have all three positivity, honesty, and open mind! If you want Maria to help you, you must open yourself up to her world of Spirituality!

What is Clairvoyance? (clear hearing) – hearing a strong voice in the mind warning of danger, the familiar unexpected notes of a loved one’s favorite song when thinking of them, or hearing a song or overhearing a conversation which gives you exactly what you need to hear. The angels are letting you know that they are around and protecting you. You may also hear angel messages outside your mind just as you were talking to someone directly in front of you.

What is Clairsentience? (clear feeling) – intuiting things that are coming, getting gut feelings about situations, perhaps preceded by or accompanied with goosebumps, chills, nausea, heat. An empathic person can literally feel the emotions of others.

What is Clairaudience? (clear hearing) – hearing a strong voice in the mind warning of danger, the familiar unexpected notes of a loved one’s favorite song when thinking of them, or hearing a song or overhearing a conversation which gives you exactly what you need to hear.

What is Claircognizance? (clear knowing) – knowing information with no idea how or why you know, information given to you in your mind just exactly when you need it.

What are Lip Readings? Normally people read the lines of the lips when Maria does not. You can describe your lips to her, or send her a picture of your lips. This comes very naturally to her, and she is amazing at it. She uses Clairsentience with this reading...

What are hair readings? Your hair has been with you since birth, and all through your entire life!! Your hair is very unique and tells a story. Maria needs every detail of your hair, and she reads from that. Every hair texture is different, and even though someone may have the same color of hair, doesn't mean that they will get the same reading, they won't!! Everyone is different, and as for the hair is as well.. Maria will ask these questions if she is giving you a reading in the free chat lounge,How long is your hair? Is it str8, curly, wavy etc? Do you have bangs? How many times have you dyed your hair? Do you have little baby hairs? If so are they in the front,back, or sides? if you want to do an email reading about your hair, please send a picture of your hair. Maria would need one front photo of you, and one back photo of your head. Don't worry if you are bald Maria could still read your head.If you do not have a picture just describe your hair,.. Maria needs to know every detail, it is important. Maria does Love, Money, and Questions with hair readings. ( Meaning you can ask Maria a Question and she will read your hair for the answer!!!! The hair reading is basically like a palm reading, or a lip reading etc, tells you about yourself, and it will reveal more than you even know!!! Get A READING NOW!!

What an awesome lady and an awesome reading!! She really connected with me and helped me feel better about my situation and put me at ease. She is very honest and kind and her compassionate manner makes her readings a joy. I highly recommend her!" ... written by thewritegrl
SpiritualMaria is AMAZING!!! She is the real deal and your site is going to go Far with this woman. She is AMAZING. Very respectful. I did a reading with her cause I needed answers I am so impressed! I will be sending my best friends!" ... written by greeneyedgirl
she was good" ... written by mason0173
Have to admit, I've seen some pretty positive things happen in my life since talking with Maria. Besides being fantastic at what she does, Maria is prone to positivity and really shows you how you can also achieve that---whether it be through prayer or otherwise. I've recommended her to friends and highly recommend her to first timers coming here. Thanks again for all that which you do, Maria! " ... written by TheMaskedRider
I enjoyed my reading with Maria. She is very spot on and gifted and gave me a sense of peace. She also connected to my mother whom passed away in 87. I highly recommend her. She is about helping, not taking money, she showed me that very clearly in the private room. I will be back for you, chulita. You were wonderful." ... written by coconut1980
all i can say is she is good...i will be back for more reading..." ... written by FOILOLE11
Very Helpfull :)" ... written by unique2011
Maria was very relaxed and connects with her almost immediately...she was straight forward and compasionate. i will be taking your advice and will keep you posted." ... written by Bolley
thanks maria for your awesome reading and talking to me about my mom and with her also!!! it was great to connect with her and you at the same time!!" ... written by kresh43181
very good reading xx" ... written by gemma26
She was very nice and answered all my questions." ... written by Kameika
she was very good and detailed and to the point very positive energy will be back again mohamad " ... written by boltonlit
She is an amazing psychic. I really enjoyed my reading with her. She was able to pick up on people in my life. She even gave me my daughter's name. I did not tell her this information. Her advice and guidance was extremely helpful. I will definitely return for further guidance. She is truly one of the best psychics I have spoken with in a while. If anyone doubts, you should try for yourself. " ... written by wee318
ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS READER..great connection really quick and spot on...such a bubbly person and i felt really positive after talking to her...MAY THE BLESSINGS BE!!!!" ... written by Redeye2610
She was very helpful and very nice, I was able to get the answers i needed. Thank you Maria!" ... written by jose
Excellent reader and a kind and loving spirit. Will come again." ... written by coconut1980
Maria is sweet and understanding. I look forward to working with her again." ... written by srpotter
Maria has a huge heart and a connection with the angels and God. You can't help but feel it when you are reading with her. She really nailed specific details of my situation without any clues or hints from me. She cares so much and I really appreciated her assistance tonight. I know I sound like I am gushing, but really you should chat with her in private and attend one of her fun games to win a free reading! Don't miss a chance to get to know her and let her help guide you to a more positive outlook and successful life." ... written by sparkly1
Awesome spirit! Her reading will give you peace and comfort!" ... written by jmeed77
Excellent advisor, kind heart and pure spirit." ... written by coconut1980
I felt so happy when she spoke to me.......... everything she said it was true and everything... i really recommend her " ... written by labella
She was comforting, honesty and very helpful. I felt secure and relieved about my situation. I cannot wait to come back and reinforce her blessings." ... written by answers28
very fast....thank you" ... written by scorpioness
Shes very comforting, i can easily open up to her, made me feel very welcomed, helped me so i thank you SpiritualMaria your very sweet, kind and helpful thanks again!!!" ... written by psychic81
She is fun lol, she is good!" ... written by Cryptids
Wonderful, excellent, accurate, considerate and all the above i holly suggest you give her some time of yours its worth it all the way." ... written by 1Nation
She did a wonderful job, brought tears to my eyes..." ... written by maybecharmed
I truly enjoyed my reading with SPIRITUALMARIA. She has given me one of the best reading I've gotten so far on this site. I very much recommend her." ... written by Riggergirl17
u can't ask for better she is the best love u" ... written by mohamed
This reader is very unique... in touch with the angels...and you just cant beat or compete with that... she is the tops... and the way she treats her freechat.. she deserves the most respect... much love andamp; blessings maria .. :) " ... written by Trujillo
I have the highest respect for this reader.... Maria is truly gifted....she stands out from the rest....much like a shining star that is the brightest...She has such amazing integrity... and a REAL connection to the spirits and angels...how can anything or anyone compete with that.... I must admit I have had tons of readings on here... but never have I walked away feeling an euphoric floating feeling.. and this was off a prayer from her that she relayed to me that was very personal and so meaningful....Maria will be a featured psychic in no time... :) She deserves it....she CARES....it took me some time to get her off into a private reading because she was genuinely helping someone the night before..and cared deeply to finish helping them... she has true integrity....I was honored to finally get her off into personal reading :)... Ty Maria..the best to you... Blessings..." ... written by Trujillo
Very down-to-earth, kind, sweet, and accurate. Hang out in her chat just for a little while and you'll see that pretty instantaneously. I'll definitely be coming back---highly recommended. Thanks again, SpiritualMaria. " ... written by TheMaskedRider
I had a fantastic reading with SpiritualMaria her spiritual knowledge help to solve my late husbands issues of my next suiter he actually felt no one was good enough for me only him and he had strong feelings about it, those feelings of love and compassion will always linger on even in passing. Let SpirtualMaria help you, with a loving prayer, which I will keep in my heart as i continue on my journey." ... written by formyeyesonly
she was accurate and very nice i def will see her again soon" ... written by julznycles
She was amazing! and gave an amazing reading.. I'm so glad, that i got the chance to go private with her...Definitely will be back..." ... written by Jessica
Maria is the best.......She always comforts me when I am in need. The angels speak through her to deliver YOUR PERSONAL MESSAGE. Try her and you will not be disappointed!!!" ... written by divinedaughter
It was very calming and she helped me in a trial I have to overcome...Thank-you" ... written by calypso12345
Very honest really good reading gave me insight to my situation thanx and God bless her do a reading i recommend highly !!!" ... written by blessings121
SpiritualMaria is so Amazing!!!!! She has touch my life and many others. She is a true blessing from God and the angels. Her reading is so accurate it shocks me!!!!! I will recommend her to anybody. She is the Best!!!!" ... written by Libra032
She was positive and encouraging, I hope she is right in what she said, will let you know, ty Maria!" ... written by sarajo1
Awesome reading!!!Highly recommended!" ... written by rattail1
Yup...she's truly amazing... so gifted and saw so much about me with my lips!!! try her...you won't be disappointed....! Sorry i couldn't continue but i would love to help women who are looking for fresh starts... you are right! blessings to you! :)" ... written by gigi2011
She's very fun...honest and true...very helpful" ... written by sphinx777
She is good and sooo much fun, and sooo clear, I highly recommend her! Thank you soo much." ... written by Aliyah1955
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
Maria is connected, not only have I done a private reading with her where she was connected with me, I have seen her do past life regression, lip and hair readings all of which have been excellent! She has a high energy around her that comes thru when she is online too. Out of the psychics i have seen on Oranum she is 1 of 3 that I would recommend highly. " ... written by lovnlight
Very caring, honest and straight forward. I enjoyed my reading. She was right on point. " ... written by LadyL5
This girl is the real deal. You will not regret one single moment you spend with her." ... written by FishOutOfWater
Spiritual Maria has become my designated go-to psychic on Oranum. Never really having done this before, Maria made a positive impact with me right away with her kindness, friendliness, and spirituality. You CANNOT get better than this, folks. Having had the opportunity to listen to her in her chats and privileged enough to have a couple of private readings with her, I can easily say that she's one of a kind. Worth every penny. Thanks for everything you do, Maria. You're making a very positive impact in many people's lives. " ... written by TheMaskedRider
Well needed Maria was able to bring closure to the passing of my mother and grandmother. She affirmed that they are still with me protecting me and my children. I was able send out my last goodbyes and see ya later. alwaysmarsha" ... written by alwaysmarsha01
this is my 2nd/3rd reading, and Maria is by far, my favorite!! and the only one i visit on Oranum. she is my reason for being on here. She has helped me ALOT! andamp;amp; i'm truly blessed to have found her on here ! Get a reading with her! promiseee you wont regret it ! she is A M A Z I N G ! andamp;lt;3" ... written by Jessica
SpiritualMaria is great! I love her energy and her gifts are amazing! Thanks for the help Maria! Namaste!" ... written by Dumbfounded
I enjoyed my reading with this psychic. She is funny and makes you relax while giving you honest and accurate answers to your problems. I appreciate her gift and may the angels continue to be on your side." ... written by wee318
Wow! she is so gifted. Amazing reading, worth every penny. Have given me an insight and guidance to my situation. thank you Maria" ... written by irinabrs
You are very gifted and blessed too have angels surround you to help people and I pray to ALLAH (GOD) to continue showering you with blessings and insight AHMEEN!! :)" ... written by nuriddinrashed
She is amazing. Will come back to her. Thank you again..:)" ... written by LittleStar5
Very insightfull honest and a nice person." ... written by purplehaze76
FABULOUS!!!" ... written by bluesky10
Another reading, another great experience. Thanks Maria, you're one of a kind. :) " ... written by TheMaskedRider
Thank you Maria for helping me. May Angels surround you every day so that all of us who need help can be helped. " ... written by lia_11
Words can not express how much she is right! She is awesome!! Very truthful and knows what she sees.. very on point and she is number 1 in my book... Check her out for yourself!!! Love her!!! xoxox" ... written by adorangel
she is awesome! very to the point! and spoke the same words as i was typing them to her which was totally insane!! MARIA! YOU ARE AWESOME!! THANK YOU!! XOXOX" ... written by adorangel
SpiritualMaria was so perceptive, she started telling me specific things about my life right away with very little information from me. I ended up buying more and more credits until we had been in private for over an hour because everything she was bringing up was very precise and important. She had lot of good news for me (thank goodness) but she also had some excellent advice for me to avoid pitfalls. Extremely helpful and very personable. I will DEFINITELY be visiting with her in the future!" ... written by ActivSeeker
Very helpful told everything I need to know, told me things I already knew, I would highly recommend her , I will be doing more reading with her! " ... written by juicyred47
Was very accurate with the things she said no sugar coating want the truth get ur reading today u will be very happy that u did just as i am very" ... written by ooopsi
Great reading! Thank you so much! Will wait for all the good things that are to happen! x" ... written by PixieWithAWand1
She picked up on things I didn't have to tell her anything, AWESOME reading. Too bad my minutes were up. I will be back very soon!" ... written by amr0268
Wow! She is crazy good at this! ha ha. She can read everything accurately! Very amazing! thank you!" ... written by niddamit
Maria was Amazing..so positive. i would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you Maria, so glad we finally connected. God Bless you .I look forward to the future and I will keep u posted :)" ... written by shancw69
First reading. A little over an hour. Very pleasant wonderful direct with past as present. apparently, I walked with Jesus which was fun. I m one of two she has ever picked up on. ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **" ... written by jostens
Awesome read!! very great and loved the hair reading! she is fun to talk to and great adviser! thanks maria!!xoxox" ... written by adorangel
Good reading, she was very up front and assertive. She also gave me good advises and she always showed that she was very interested on helping me. Thank you Maria" ... written by rinagm
Fabulous!" ... written by irinabrs
Relieved my mind about concern i had...very kind and genuine..thank you!" ... written by wendic
Maria is the one and only, great talk and very calming and understanding" ... written by awakeinmysleep
Ive had plenty of readings with Maria.. and each time they are absolutely wonderful. I'm very greatful to have found her. She has helped me through a very hard time. And got me onto the right path. I highly recommend her if you need help with ANYTHING !! .. She is the reason why I get on here. Thanks for everything Maria !" ... written by Jessica
I felt a connection with Maria and she knew what I am going through since she's experienced the same thing first hand. She was able to give me valuable information that will help me deal with this situation and have hope for the future! Thank you :)" ... written by Seeing2Geminis
Maria connected with me very well. Once she started the reading, the info seems to just pour out. She gives lots of details and also answer straight to the point. An excellent 5 star reader. " ... written by Tanny6
She is amazing!" ... written by olipeno
Awesome read! Love her xoxo" ... written by adorangel
OMG!! Maria is one of the best here on this site. Loved the way she told me things. It was like chating with an old friend. And she is a great Spiritual Advisor. Felt so at peace after her reading. Definetly going to come back. Thank You so much Maria you are awesome.... God Bless" ... written by Gretchen71
She is truly amazing, everyone should try her out!" ... written by RestoSham
OMG I dont know what i would do without this girl. She has helped me sooooo much. A lifelong friend I hope!!" ... written by FishOutOfWater
Maria is an angel ! I love her.. i really enjoyed the reading with her... she was so much fun.. i went in all bummed out and crazy in the head with stress... but she pulled me right out of that funk and by the end of the show i was laughing and joking and thinking positive......I am a HUGE fan of maria ! And yes she was able to read right into my questions without me even having to give her much info.. she picked up on the situation and ready it very well... MARIA ROCKS ORANUM" ... written by Amanda
Maria i a good person right on point awesome thanks Maria " ... written by harriet19
SpiritualMaria is Awesome! Very accurate psychic, and it makes me have faith in trusting. Can't wait to get another private reading from her. Thank you SpiritualMaria!" ... written by I_Love_Life
Another reading down. Another happy customer. Maria is the best bar none. A++ " ... written by TheMaskedRider
Maria is the best, were very good friends and she is so funny!" ... written by awakeinmysleep
just awesome! she tells you as it is, no sugar coating. gave me great advice and am anxious to see results. God bless!!" ... written by enterchange
She is gooood! I enjoyed the reading ;) BRB" ... written by JoeytheOne
A great inspiration. I felt her pwerful connection to my situation." ... written by beautywithinone
OMG so funny... but she was right on the money... i will come back for more when i get the credits!!! :-)" ... written by drasims
Maria is a total gift from god! I love her she knew everything ! " ... written by cindascrazy
Always a pleasure! She always has plenty of meaningful and helpful insight. Highly recommended. " ... written by TheMaskedRider
She was right on! " ... written by Zina0204
yes! I FEEL RELIEVE! THANK YOU SO MUCH CLEARING UP THINGS!" ... written by sweetrose2685
Thank you soo much!!! Your insight is incredible and it made my day!!! I totaly feel everything you told me to be true for me!!! BIG SUGGEST! to have reading with Maria!!!" ... written by Sirena22
TOO CHEAP FOR HER WORTH!" ... written by from_8mile
Totally Awesome as usual thats why I keep coming back." ... written by FishOutOfWater
Loved her reading1" ... written by from_8mile
i love the reading. she is good everthing she told me help me out......" ... written by rosi256
Thank You!!! You were absolutely right with everything you said. I am amazed at how well you knew everyone around me and what they were doing..." ... written by justicenow
thanks maria u were great im so happy with what u told me i will be coming back soon." ... written by Diana941
This is my girl. She is real, earthy, hilarious, and charming. Not to mention she's very honest. As a professional myself, I recommend her: for e-mail OR live. " ... written by MythicDann
very gud reading ty xx" ... written by blackcat06
I love Maria soo much! She is just so positive and incredibly gifted. I'm blessed to have met her and wish her much success and happiness in her life. Please have a chat with her! You won't regret it!" ... written by sweet_jesse
Thanks!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
nice girl good reader thanku Maria" ... written by purplehaze76
Excellent reading....Very on point. Best on Oranum! :) Fast, Accurate and pleasant!" ... written by kilarenee
Thanks for being honest Maria!! i'll see you soon :)" ... written by rach82
She is amazing and insightful ...love her as a friend and as an adviser...thanks I will be back!" ... written by TaraTheWitch
Another great reading. Thanks Maria" ... written by justin54l
very interesting and friendly. she was fun :)" ... written by noelani
Great reading!! In tune the situation I asked about!! HIGHLY recommended!! you WON'T be dissapointed!!! :)" ... written by aabyqf
As always, great!" ... written by MythicDann
Great spirit, great soul,great Reader! God bless you!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you xxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Kumira
Maria is amazing! I'm speechless! she feels and she tells you what she feels and what the angels tell her...she doesn't need much details to start feeling. she's real. if you're prepared to hear the truth, go to her. I'll be back!" ... written by VictoriaC
My second reading with SpiritualMaria was just as helpful as the first! Maria gives very specific advice and is always kind and friendly. I would definitely recommend her if you need help figuring out your life's path. :-) " ... written by ActivSeeker
Thanks for the positive energy Maria!" ... written by justin54l
Wow...I was surprised at how accurate she was. I was never sure if I wanted to pay for a private session but I'm glad I did and that it was with her." ... written by justin54l
Highly Recommend Maria! She has a great personality, always dead on and worth it!! made me cry with certain things. Wish I could've talked longer. Thanks Maria for everything!" ... written by Bennysgurl82
Maria is one of the most gifted psychics I ever met and I have been to them all. She nailed and confirmed all the specific details in my life without me giving an ounce of info. She is a true psychic with real abilities and I recommend her to anyone who is looking to delve into the realms of the unseen. " ... written by Mclaughlintravis
Very helpful for the time that we had. If yu do get her listen to her advice and follw it t a T. She has been right ...at least for me . I would come back to her. FIVE stars all the way" ... written by erika
confirmed a lot of things" ... written by anonymous
Very good:)" ... written by tchave11
honest, caring, and STRAIGHT to the point.. u wont be dissapointed!" ... written by aabyqf