About SpiritVision

Psychic SpiritVisionhas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SpiritVisionhas recently helped 448members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SpiritVision's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Knowledge Gives Us The Power To Change! Call Now so I can open the door to your destiny & happiness. And finally put your mind at ease.IF YOU NEED CLARITY! I CONNECT!!!
Please read my profile and testimonials.-DO NOT come to my room demanding connection OR attention-
My chat room is a place for you to come and enjoy peace, wisdom and healing. Meditations are often a part of my chat room offering. In a private reading i channel your energy and your situation to provide you with answers you seek. I may not always tell you what you want to hear but i do tell you what you need to hear. I am compassionate but truthful in my psychic readings. Take a moment to review my testimonials for further insight into my gifts from fellow Oranum members.

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher ( HEALER) so i am able to realign any blocks in your energy field and vortex center. I would be honoured to awaken you to the REIKI healing energy where you can heal yourself, family, pets, plants, community etc...


Very accurate and helpfull reading. i surely come back later for more. Thanks" ... written by patrick_be
She is AMAZING! Saw my current work exactly as it is. Told me about my ideas, business plans, EVERYTHING. I'll come back to her. For sure!" ... written by marxis79
5 STARS!!!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!! 3 days ago I had quite a shocking reading about my work situation and I did not believe that.. Well, yesterday it ALL CAME TRUE!!!!! I was so shocked! I had a reading today as well, and I will come back every week now for updates.. This expert has amazingly clear vision about everything! THANKS FOR THE CLARITY!!! Thank you!!!!" ... written by emmascorpio
SpiritVision sees the light in me; that is just wonderful. I'll have to think about this experience about my email reading, and I'll get back to her later for further insight.Thanks very much, 102 milkyway" ... written by 102milkyway
Thank you for the wonderful healing :) I felt better immediately! You have great energy and are doing excellent job for world and people!! many kisses and blessings :)" ... written by Sirena22
very helpful! " ... written by Bellyrox
Totally agree with everything she said! very encouraging :) and precise! loved the way she did a reading - very easy to follow :) Thanks! definitely coming back! " ... written by thetruthseeker
WoW She was really connected with me through the cards or feelings i dont know but She is GOOD! It was a pleasure to speak with You!! :)" ... written by Kevin2585
She was accurate, straight to the point. I love the reading. Thank you!" ... written by a girl
I always feel relieved after talking to SpiritVision :))) thanks for advices :) " ... written by thetruthseeker
She is very pleasant and she was very accurate with me. I can only hope what she says comes to pass. I would recommend her very highly. She's quite excellent. " ... written by johnmike59
Spiritvision has been helping me through difficult times in a relationship for a long time now. I just came back to say, that, AGAIN, more things have come to pass that she has predicted. Even when i can't believe, I am shown again that I need to trust in Spiritvision's channeling. :)" ... written by fireopal77
Lovely Lady...picked up several times on my current thoughts through free chat and really helpful in helping me to stream those through the free chat. Entered into private chat and it continued right away. Was able to pick up, very quickly on all aspects of my life that I was worried about and was able to guide me through what is to happen in relation to each aspect. Highly recommended :)" ... written by Justmebeingme
hit the nail on the head everytime :)" ... written by gmarie
Gave me a lot I needed to know thank you!" ... written by gmarie
Thank you for your magic and help! You are a wonderful person! What you told me was complitely true I will come back again! kisses " ... written by Sirena22
PREDICTION FULFILLED: I am writing this because I know this is what many of you are looking for in testimonials. It is not always the most important, but I wanted to share my experience. Spiritvision predicted i would find a place/move on Nov. 1. Although I wanted to believe it, I was not sure if I would find a place by then. Then, a few days before I found a place i loved. I thought for sure it was it, then the evening of Oct. 31 it fell through. I had no other prospects of a place, and was sure there was NO way I was going to find a place by the next day. Nov. 1 I wasn't even looking for a place, I was so busy with school. Then, my Mom called me and said she had found a place on Craigslist. I called the owner, and went to see it the say day (Nov 1.) I loved it! It was perfect. It was on the same block my son goes to school and had everything we needed. By that evening (Nov. 1) I was told the place was mine to rent. The owner had had it up for sale, but assured me he would take it off the market and i could stay and lease as long as I needed it. The next day, my step dad called and said "I hear you found a place to rent that you really like." I told him, yes. Then, he told me he BOUGHT the place. No joke. He had looked at the pictures online, saw that it had been for sale, called the owner, and bought it. I don't think you can get a stronger confirmation than that of a person's gifts." ... written by fireopal77
FANTASTIC...knew things before I sd anything. She knew the sign of the previous boyfriends..very healing" ... written by parkernin
Was an amazing reading and lovely woman! Didn't even need to ask a question and picked up on everything happening in my life right now! Will for sure be back to check up on things! Recommend Highly!" ... written by Kebe76
A very sweet lady and straight to the point. WoW! I got both what I didn't want to hear mixed with what I need to hear and what I do want as well, all at the same time. Also a prediction I hope happens. Thank You" ... written by angel_hugs
Really fast and accurate. Pretty amazing. " ... written by spiritualgirl1
Thank you Spirit for the additional clarity I needed to the questions I have. Wonderful reading and you again confirmed that things are coming my way. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
but my soul and heart at ease. blessings to you Spirit. This lady knows!" ... written by klementine
She tells it like it is..no sugar coating. Not good news this time, but honest and with lots of advice on what paths could be ahead of me depending on my reactions." ... written by fireopal77
Have no doubts about Spiritvision's insight, for she is accurate, proven, passionate about all members journey on their way to a successful life. Best Regards, 102Milkyway" ... written by 102milkyway CH
I have done readings with her before this, and in all honesty she is a really amazing psychic. She is straight to the point and will tell you things that will happen. She cares for her customers- and will give advice on the issue that is spot on. Spirit thank you! " ... written by Sasha
Thankyou sooo much! Im glad I got good news:)" ... written by rattail1
Wonderful reader. Honest, accurate, friendly and great. I know she is one of the best on Oranum!" ... written by Daniel79
Best reading ever!" ... written by okalulu
I got an email reading from Spiritvision. I asked a simple question, but her response was full of depth and detail! She mentioned things that are currently happening and she was right about all of it! She predicted things that would happen in the future and advice on how best to navigate the situation for the most positive outcome. She knew so much! " ... written by Elle
amazing reader! wish i could talk to her forver. will def be back real soon," ... written by Danny
she is great! always on point" ... written by Danyale0525
extremely accurate - there are good psychics here - this to me is the best reader - she clear and im blown away she what she knew - ive only met one other psychic who totally accurately knew an impossible to know fact" ... written by a
Spiritvision is amazing! She will pick up your discussion where you had left off previously, even if it was a months before! Providing clear details that are delivered with explanation is highly appreciated, Speak to Spiritvision if you are looking for truth and guidance, both can be found here. Thank you!!! " ... written by Mylife123
Absolutely amazing! Really! She knows things she shouldn't and tells it like it is. Very honest. I really appreciate the honesty and great advice. Definitely the real thing, no question in my mind (and I question EVERYTHING)!" ... written by SAchick
I really like her...She helped me to understand some of my innate abilities and how to work with them..she was very explanitory of some skills to learning. Compassionate and understanding in her reading for me..Thank you and God Bless." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Wonderful reading. SpiritVision is amazing, instantly picked up on what is going around me right now and gave me insight of what is to be expected. No Worries! Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Amazing!!!!" ... written by SAchick
A++++++++" ... written by waterball
WOW mind blowing thank you so much .........xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by firefly12
The best reading I ever had! Will be back with the results soon. I know everything will be just like you have said... and I am so happy, calm and sure about it. And I feel the energy you are sending right now in this moment. Thank you!" ... written by waterlover
Thank you :)" ... written by vegabonded
excellent " ... written by gmarie
really great reading. Seemed in tune to my situation instantly before I even asked my question! Felt like she described my situation almost perfectly! Very encouraging but also offering very helpful guidance on most important issues and salient points. " ... written by ginger1986
Thank you Angel:) So good... You calmed me." ... written by milona
She is AMAZING!! She is truly gifted, accurate, caring, and helpful! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! A++++" ... written by decemberdreams
My go-to girl. She is with you all the way. Spiritvision is a TRULY GIFTED soul. when you open up to her, she knows what is up before you get to her, and she will give her all to help you. MUST TRY SPIRITVISION!" ... written by fireopal77
she was very helpful and insightful. Def will come back again" ... written by aimalie
AMAZING! Spiritvision is truly gifted. I have felt called to her for two days now but was not able to come until today. Sure enough she had a message waiting for me. Gave me the tools I need and the information I need about the situation. Thank you so much Spiritvision. {hugs}" ... written by fireopal77
and again....thank you so much spiritvision. this is such a tough time for me right now. thank you for making things clear as you can for the paths that i have to choose from." ... written by fireopal77
i think this is the roughest time ive been in for along time - and i rarely visit a psychic until recently when i decided enough waiting for my life to start moving forward shes helped me before and its given me confidence to push through this challenge and that peace of mind is what is worth seeing her for. i really appreciate someone like this because its rare to get a good psychic. My return visit is my testimonial to it being worth it. thanks. " ... written by andrew
Thank you I really enjoy my readings with spirit she can guess how my day has gone as soon as i enter which shows she is no fake she gives as much info as poss to help u make a choice and even advise the path u would be best to take even tho its still ur choice she is my go 2 girl wen i need that extra insight she has helped me get clarity thru some cloudy weeks thank you spirit xxx" ... written by gmarie
Another worthwhile reading by SpiritVision. As no time was wasted and all questions were answered quick and to the point. I always find clarity where I need it. Thank you" ... written by greekgoddess71
truly amazing..." ... written by parkernin
This is my second reading with SpiritVision and I genuinely trust the things she says... everything both times have been accurate and assisted me in making valuable and positive changes in my life. Thank you so much! :)" ... written by rolinsand
great and really nice" ... written by Danyale0525
Picked up on things before I sad them like always :)" ... written by gmarie
She is very good telling u things without u asking very honest and direct." ... written by simsima
She is really excellent! I recommend her. :)" ... written by snowmoon
She was fantastic! Very intuitive and empathic soul. Would definitely go back for another reading with her!" ... written by gemmie
Great reading! Thank you very much." ... written by coolio
Cannot believe she picked up my back injury and was able to giv me things that would improve my life only time will tell but I will definitely be trying it!!!!" ... written by gmarie
fantastic energy, spot on with everything , sorry was cut short , ran out of funds " ... written by joanne
Spiritvision is very easy to talk with. She is intuitive and positive. I reccommend her, lovely reading. Thank you. :)" ... written by chelcee
cant wait to talk to her again." ... written by Danny0525
Brillant! Thank you!" ... written by gmarie
Love talking to her every time!" ... written by Danyale0525
She is RIGHT ON THE SPOT ALWAYS. An incredible good reader. Thank you!" ... written by Markus
Not always the rosey picture I want to hear about, but honest and true and keeps me on track during this difficult time." ... written by fireopal77
She is amazing and wonderful. I will be talking to her again soon." ... written by blessed4alltime
amazing reader! very helpful and can answer your questions. very patient and caring!" ... written by swtprncss
Absolutely amazing" ... written by FrankJ
WOW! Very, very good! Did not expect to hear that but glad that she told me about it! Recommended!" ... written by kosmosss
Okay, she is the Real Deal" ... written by FrankJ
thank you so much xxx" ... written by gmarie
It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Spirit Vision. She is a wonderful, genuine, clear and very gifted psychic and channel, not to mention a super advanced spirit. I feel blessed to have connected with her and will be back for sure. Everything she picked up on was completely accurate including the health of one of the people involved in my situation and dreams that I have had. She has given me much hope for the future. I'm blown away, try her you will NOT regret it. " ... written by from_space
Fabulous again. Working on my chakras. Full of advice, wisdom, encouragement, and healing." ... written by fireopal77
This girl has got it...the REAL DEAL. Each time you come to her she has usually sensed something that has transpired in your life since you last spoke with her. She is honest (will tell you if she can't see something yet). Her email readings are DETAILED and full of layers...you will refer to them again and again as you work through your problem. " ... written by ***
love her she is the best. could talk to her all day long" ... written by Danyale0525
Lovee her. i went back to her over and over again. very helpful, very accurate and cheers you up. i strongly recommend her." ... written by swtprncss
SpiritiVision Thank you again for your wonderful reading! You confirmed what I was feeling and told me what I was to look forward to. Happier times ahead. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
brillant thank you am so much happier wen I speak to spirit i can look forward to the things to come :)" ... written by gmarie
Perfect! Fast, meaningfull, accurate... = Perfect!!! " ... written by future_renter
love her!" ... written by Danyale0525
This wonderful lady was great very detailed in her reading. Loved her and will go back for more readings with her. Thank you for all your wisdom" ... written by lovinglifalone
Spiritvision is wonderful! Gives a lot of detail and insight. Very intuitive and gifted. Thank you for everything!!! " ... written by Mylife123
stright to the answers !!" ... written by gmarie
Absolutely amazing - she is always on the spot. I can tell for sure: she is ONE of the best Psychic on this site!" ... written by novforsic
Amazing !!! no BS straight to the point love her !!!!" ... written by kambygurl1213
very detailed. wish rate was lower soo i could have more time to chat with her. she picks up on everything and is always correct! love her!" ... written by Danyale
Super - again - can always rely on Spirit..." ... written by Justmebeingme
Thank you, that was wonderful!! " ... written by Great
amazing reading! she covered a lot of important ideas very clearly and quickly. what a gift and bright light she is! thank you so much spiritvison. you are a great blessing!!!!!!! " ... written by puredevotion
WOW! She picked up on everything without me telling her! Amazing - hope that I see her predictions come true :)... FIVE STARS!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Well folks she did it again. everything she told me in my first reading came true. the Angel sent is the real deal. she is very connected and know what she talking about with the help of her spirits. She the best on Oranum that I have found. I will keep coming back to this wonderful sweet lady." ... written by lovinglifalone
Thanks again!" ... written by AName12
Wow! She is the real deal! Other customers were not making this up in their testimonials. Before I said anything, she began to share details about a current situation. I am very impressed with her gift. Her delivery was quick, honest, accurate, and professional. I recommend that you give her a try because you will not be disappointed." ... written by AName12
Such a caring and soul and thank you for all your words of hope i really needed to hear it from you will see you in a week Thank you again !! " ... written by lolita99999
thankyou so very much..i was advised to come and see you and you were fantastic....thankyou so very much xoxoxo" ... written by babay88
She is absolutely amazing... her visions seem so clear andamp; are definitely accurate. She confirms things and every time I've had a reading (either in private or e-mail)... she has mentioned something true that no one else has. Her advice is so pertinent andamp; I've followed it each time with a positive outcome. Thank you!" ... written by rolinsand
Spiritvision told me I would hear from him Saturday or Sunday, and I did! Thank you thank you!" ... written by fireopal77
I enjoyed, thank you. " ... written by bailey1983
I was advised to come and see you and i must say you were fantastic...thank u...i am looking forward to the email you will be sending for me now..thank u xoxoxox" ... written by babay88
Oops sorry for cutting you short :) but what a wonderful reading! You are spot on and thank you for being so patient with me. I appreciate your guidance." ... written by iPreferMimi
she is superb! take her to private chat and find out!" ... written by puredevotion
She is the best, as always :) " ... written by sunshine82
Spiritvision gives details and timelines, and she tells it how it is, so that you can make the RIGHT choices. She cares, and you can trust her visions." ... written by Seeker
What a long and complicated journey this has been, and Spirit has been there from the beginning. She really sees deep into the matter. ALWAYS the truth, and you will see that every reading has so many layers of information that give so many confirmations. Thank You. " ... written by fireopal77
Wow, she was a sweetheart. I almost didn't have to say anything. She worked out the complicated situation and gave good direction on what outcomes she saw. I was very impressed. You can tell her anything, without judgment. " ... written by VV
Thank You so much for the good advice,,,you speak softly and explain everything in possitive way..i will get back on yOU...tHANKYOU SO MUCH" ... written by yanna_punzalan
Ummm... where was the countdown?! She was FANTASTIC! I went to bed crying, and I felt sooo much better after her reading! I'm definitely going to add her to my favourites, because she really helped me a lot! I will also look for her again and go back for another reading! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by wing-mei
Excellent...spirit vision put my mind at ease and is showing me the right way to act with my life...get advise and will come back for sure THANK YOU XOXOXO" ... written by babay88
Accurate as always. Full of confirmation of things that I already currently see (confirmations), and full of advice for future events." ... written by fireopal77
I always do email reading with her she has never been wrong she is always right i love her she is a good person and friend. i am soo grateful i have found her on this site. thank you soo much. everyone please give her a try u wont be disapointed at all. trust her word she will lead you in the right direction!!!" ... written by Danyale0525
Another great reading every time I finish my reading I am left with a smile and happiness in my heart. " ... written by greekgoddess71
SpiritVision is THE BEST on this site. You can TRUST her. You are safe in her care, and everything she has said has come true for me (good or bad). She will not just give you predictions, but teach you how to overcome yourself." ... written by happy client
Thank you" ... written by dreamer65
I can't believe the details she knew about my son. Blown away...again. She gave very specific and accurate details about the actions and people involved in my situation. Please, put your trust in Spiritvision, you will not be disappointed." ... written by fireopal77
I just had to come back and share that this weekend several of Spiritvisions predictions were confirmed regarding my relationship. So many things she said my partner was thinking came right out of his mouth. " ... written by a girl
Very nice lady. She saw alot of things that were true.. I hope that what she predicted will happen.Time will tell. Thank you" ... written by sunshine44
Absolutely awesome!!!!" ... written by faith4me777
Such a beautiful spirt!!! Great card reader and very detailed!! i also loved the deck she choose to do my reading. I don't feel so apprehensive anymore. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Nona29
Very good reader, she knows a lot of what is going on around me.. def will come back :)" ... written by butterflywings10
She confirmed me lot of things what i have got as a andamp;quot; thoughtandamp;quot; coming in. What i should do and is the things i do are right. Thank You Spiritvision and i keep you updated. Also about me and him, ooohh thank you!!!! I will do my part to be as i am and i will pursue the path now. It did confirm my own answers what i got when working with pendulum, so i am right , even if the mind do not believe it!!! Thank You once more!!" ... written by liiloolii
Again, full of guidance and accuracy about the situation. Sometimes she is so spot on, it is like she is a fly on the wall watching things happen. It is always helpful to get that extra help in a situation when you need objective, accurate understanding of the other person outside yourself. We've come a long way! Thanks for holding my hand through it all :)" ... written by fireopal77
You were very inspiring to me and full of wisdom" ... written by rainbowspark
Another wonderful reading. Needed a follow-up from our previous reading and was confirmed of many changes in my life. Thank you as always!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Amazing, as always. " ... written by pices_zodiac
Great. very sweet " ... written by ivanamasha
Looking for an email reading that contains DETAILED, ACCURATE, RELEVANT information? Look no further! Spiritvision's readings are always full of relevant information (NOT just general news that anyone could say about you). You will be surprised how well she can tap in, and you will continue reading them for months to come because they remain pertinent and helpful." ... written by fireopal77
Just wonderful as always :D" ... written by Justmebeingme
You ask Spiritvision for an inch, and she gives you a mile (or 1000 miles). Not only will you get insight into what your future will bring, but advice on how to handle it. Hindsight has shown more than once that Spirit can see what you can't, and even if it is hard to believe, time and time again what she sees has come to light in the end (good or bad). She won't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. She truly wants to help you have the best life you can." ... written by fireopal77
new generation SUPER PSYCHIC. Fast, to the point, sharp, professional, lovely mannerism. I am very impressed and would WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND her. all the best..." ... written by belladonna8
It has been a long time since my last reading with spiritvision, but even still now, things are coming to pass as she said. She is fabulous." ... written by fireopal77
Very much to the point, thanks:)" ... written by petalouditsa
OMG! 20-minute reading with SpiritVision is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me! Everything SO EXACT!!! did not ask any questions, but right away I started getting answers! THANK YOU!!!!" ... written by ScorpioGirl
My trusted advisor. As usual I read her email reading about 5 times to soak in everything it contained. Full of advice, and spot on as usual. Love you girl." ... written by fireopal77