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Psychic Soulinsighthas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Soulinsighthas recently helped 305members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Soulinsight's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Aug 15, 2012


I am a self taught Astrologer/COMZOPHYZIXIAN and Life Coach. I read and interpret planetary energy and give you guidance, instruction, correction and inspiration and motivation as you deal with everyday life. I want to help you become WHO and WHAT you are!

The free chat is for general astrology discussions and to get to know me. Actual readings will not be performed in free chat except for PAYING MEMBERS ONLY (see below). On occasion I will address certain issues in free chat as my intuition moves me. Please do not ask for a reading in free chat. Your request will be ignored.

*****I will choose two members per hour to receive a demo reading of their birthchart. This demo may run as long as 15 minutes and will show and prove what REAL ASTROLOGY is all about.


At times my demo's can get lengthy because I like to engage the members in dialogue. If you have a pressing issue and you cannot wait or I cannot get to you during a particular chat session, you can order a ONE QUESTION READING. This is your best value ($14.99) and I give great detail in these reports. For a RELATIONSHIP ISSUE, you MUST order the HOROSCOPE READING ($24.99). This reading offers excellent insight into relationship issues and give clues how to solve your problems.

For insight on how you may be feeling today, please read ASTROCAST below.

=================RULES FOR MY ROOM==================

1) Demo readings will only be given to MEMBERS WHO HAVE PAID FOR A READING on Oranum in the past. Those looking for freebies but have never purchased a reading do not qualify.

2) Do not ask if you can ask me a question, that request will be ignored.

3) Please wait until I call on you before you enter a birth date.

4) Demos will consist of ONE QUESTION. I have no time restraints on how long I will spend on a demo. Additional questions must be answered in PRIVATE CHAT or through a paid email reading.

Lastly, I am not predicting the future, I am only interpreting planetary energy and how that energy can help you manifest things into YOUR REALITY. The planets only INDICATE what might occur, not necessarily what WILL HAPPEN.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::DO NOT ASK FOR A DEMO READING:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

ASTROCAST TODAY:The Moon is in Gemini

The Sun effects us on a deeply personal level and solar flares may serve as a "high tide" for the suns energy in Cancer, perhaps heightening the Cancerian energy in our charts on a profound level. Short tempers, mood swings, major concerns regarding domestic issues and issues or conflicts with mothers, aunts women in general could come into play with this solar flare during the Cardinal Cross.

We do know that this intensely emotional aspect will spur many into action through frustrations, transformations, sudden events, issues with women, issues with the law, relationship issues, tensions, conflicts with police and much more. The potential for accidents, violence, and aggressive behavior are all likely to occur on some level particularly to those with personal planets posited at or near 6-10 degrees of the Cardinal signs (ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA, CAPRICORN).

The sun will be in a square with Saturn and will oppose Pluto by sign. Sun square Saturn indicates limitations of the ego, bad luck, difficulty with older men and authority figures. Barriers will need to be overcome in order to break out of a rut and patience and perseverance is the lesson of this transit.

Add Pluto into this mix and we get more conflicts with authority (Sun/pluto opposition), the breakdown of emotional structures or will, machinery could breakdown and require immediate repair, encounters with dominate or overbearing personalities connected with Corporations, Government entities or others places of business.

On a positive side, the sun/pluto transit can stir the ambitions which serve to force creative change or transformation in our personal or professional lives. The aware among us can make major changes in areas where they did not have the power to do so in times past.

These transits aren't all bad if we work within the constraints of the energies at play. Squares and oppositions represent opportunities for growth however, if we allow these energies to activate without a plan, we will fail to see the positive impact they bring.

WOOOW this reading was Excellent!!! you really can see things in my chart!!!! If you want to know your good and bad sides you will get the answer how to improve what you need to improve and stress out what you are good at! Highly recommend :)" ... written by Sirena22
This is my second reading with soulinsight and I must say that his readings are detailed and full of clarification :) I can now make wiser decisions with the information provided. Bless your heart! I will keep you posted xxx" ... written by MMaria
loved the reading...highly recommended !!" ... written by LittleStar5
He is very pragmatic and personable! Not to mention easy to talk to and empowering! " ... written by joyjrnys
Wow he hit things right on the head! we will talk soon!" ... written by jen1210
Excellent" ... written by sexyvirgo
He is amazingly accurate. I listened to his demo at first and realized just how exact with his timing. I went ahead and got a reading. Soul's lst prediction came exactly on the date he gave and he was 100% accurate. My best Bevery was a world renowned astologer who did charts for President Ronald Reagan when he was the governor of Californa. Soulinsight is the only astrologer I have found that is equal to Beverly and I have been looking forf 12 years." ... written by privatel(Stephanie)
Good reading, astrology charts are very accurate. definitely recommended." ... written by textmonster
Wow was very inspiring and came accros me very well, i listened to soul for a few days in the room and hes totally hit my questions asked. Very nice guy and will be back for me ty :)" ... written by jackie33
Im sorry i forgot to say 5 STARS!!!! a must go!!!!!" ... written by michele
Excellent Info, very accurate reader," ... written by gypsygirl
The best of the bestest. He really helped me. " ... written by tachita
Well Esther has a new man in her life called Soul - Love this guy. Greater astrologer and worth his weight in gold. " ... written by estabiz
He was SSOO helpful and amazing!" ... written by nickgirl2889
I am about to reccommend him to my command , prepare to be busy " ... written by VAit2014
GREAT WILL ADVISE " ... written by VAit2014
AMAZING READING!" ... written by MyStars
He is so good! Very-very good astrologer! He knows a lot and can give you the best answers! Thank you." ... written by novforsic
SoulInsight is not just the best astrologer on Oranum, but anywhere! Definitely consult him when you have big decisions to make or big life changes arrive." ... written by tangerinedream
Soulinsight seems to have an instant connection..he vibrates good energy and clocked some of my traits very quickly... will be keeping in contact thru oranum chat rooms and will let u know what happens..." ... written by lovnlight
Soul is the best with astrology!!!! gave me a great forecast!!! easy to talk to and really knows his stuff!!!! thank u soul" ... written by michele
Had a great private reading with Soulinsight. I have been waiting for this opportunity for quite some time, but I could not catch up with him on the days I could purchase credits. Today, that window of opportunity opened up, and I took it without hesitation. Thank you so much Soul! I will most definitely be back for another reading." ... written by I_Love_Life
nice reading. this guy is a great astrologer. really knows his stuff!" ... written by ssg
he is simpely the best=D" ... written by tachita
Nice insightful reading made me more at peace w everything. told me what i needed to hear. what lessons there is for me to learn. thanks :)" ... written by emotions
Excellent astrologer. Highly recommended." ... written by coconut1980
He is definitely spot on with the charts! Knows his stuff for real. Pulls all the data and interprets it with great guidance. Get a private reading - you will be glad you did!" ... written by scaredtolose
excellent psychic and too a point answer directs and dont beat around the bush. good job!" ... written by happi18
This guy is the best! my new favourite go to guy, not going to see any other psychic ever this is my man, trust me this guy is good! soulinsight if u reading this im coming back bro! ur my no1 psychic from now on! you keep doing what u do man- you've got talent! respect!" ... written by wabbit1988
Actually I just wish I was Soulinsights friend! All the time I seek for opinions and wanting to get answers from friends, but it's good to talk to soul he seems like a friend but that can give me more answers that I need." ... written by sdh
He was very good and although I didn't want to hear what he had to say, he was very accurate. I would recommend him to read your charts." ... written by BEllyup
Had a great reading.. Coming from a skeptic be ready to hear the truth because that is what you are going to get. Keep up the good works SOUL!!" ... written by Waterlover246
Very professional reader who gave a very remarkable consultation sorry i got cut off was back for more but he went offline i will most definitely return very soon thank you ,you are amazing 100/100" ... written by Believeinme
I really loved my reading with Soul he is what I call a real psychic... I didn't have to give him what I call baiting questions he was on point right from the beginning to the end...Soul has a very good spirit and he seems to care about you as a person. His reading was 100% accurate about me and my mate. He gave me hope for a very bright and prosperous future with my mate...I will definitely read with Soul again... Thanks Soul" ... written by budha121
Amazing , right on the money about the ex" ... written by brownjacob
Excellent! One of the BEST on Oranum." ... written by MorningStar8
he was awesome!! i will be insight i've ever had!!!" ... written by Shaniece2011
Very good information, will ctc him again as soon as things materialized. Fast telling you his predictions" ... written by MV1021
Five stars all the way thank you ." ... written by Believeinme
very accurate..and soooo friendly...he knows his stuff, honest and pleasant" ... written by babette99
Very Good" ... written by xjessicaheartx
very interesting reading...and very helpful...I found him to be accurate, and easy to talk to " ... written by babette99
Once he has your details like an astrologist would need, he really starts to kick in and gives you the information you need." ... written by Agent49
Great reading. Life is looking better all the time!! Thank you...will be back :)" ... written by pambdr123
He was great!" ... written by RaeAri
Very accurate and to the point :) sorry I did not continue due to lack of funds but will come back :) Bless U" ... written by MMaria
Thank you! I feel fired up about my new friend, And I still get emotional about my ex, but the curiosity with my new friend has kept me grounded thus far. I will keep the faith! Talk again soon :) " ... written by miasha
OMG such a lovely man and very stright to the point , I like that .. I would say give him a try really down to earth . thank you for putting my mind at ease . xxx 10 stars ********** " ... written by dannygirl23
He is great reader, gave me the information that I needed to hear.. " ... written by Darkdov
I wont bore you with a long post, but this guy is PHENOMENAL!!! " ... written by Drewhitt
Very nice, humble and kind hearted man, feels like a big brother giving me advices as a younger brother. He is very much in control of himself and confident about what he does. Recommendation to everbody !!! Cheers!" ... written by Collin
I really like this guys energy. I saw him last night while I was on line and watched him a little while. His attitude is very genuine and down to earth. Like I said GREAT ENERGY!! Very helpful, my reading was very positive. I feel he is straight forward and gives an honest answer to your question. I will use him again. Before my reading I was watching him speak to a woman and he ask her if she had a temper,she said she didn't think she did, but I believe she did and he hit the nail on the head with her, I knew he would give me straight answers. I firmly believe that woman really did have anger issues. :) and he didn't mind confronting her with that. Sometimes we need to hear the thinks we need to fix in our lives. I am all for being whole and healthy in my body and in my mind and soul. " ... written by deborah
he is wonderful!" ... written by gemmie
Once again, awesome! you will not be sorry if you choose him! I will see him again!" ... written by Deborah
Soul is the BEST! He is spot on always! So appreciate him and his gift." ... written by ritab33
Simply Amazing!!! " ... written by ritab33
OMG.....terrific! Loved my reading... I will return..." ... written by sparklejules
He is great, will stay in contact with him." ... written by myteewog
Great job!" ... written by Milanc21
He is outstanding! I have had a number of readings with him and will continue to come back for more!!!!" ... written by gemmie
Awesome, compassionate right on the spot... May God Bless you and keep you .....ty again" ... written by Springswinds017
Lovely man, will have to keep you posted as to future predictions but spot on with other areas of my life with out me saying anything :-) x" ... written by sarah
GOOD READING" ... written by FRANCIS27
Very intriging....great read will be back for more" ... written by GenuinelyThe1
Thank you for your help and insight!" ... written by sandrao9651
Had an email astrocartography reading with explains a lot! I have a trip coming up and he explained in detail why I love my favorite vacation spot so much, and why my birthplace makes me so antsy...he made a LOT of sense! Thank you so much Soul! I will definitely come back for more intuitive astrological guidance :)" ... written by miasha
Thanks again for your help. You are a very well versed astrologer. Oranum is fortunate to have you. Will be back." ... written by coconut1980
I love this man...he is so specific and so insightful...his name suits him perfectly!" ... written by gemmie
Awesome!! I love this guy :)" ... written by deborah
He was interesting... wish i had more time " ... written by javawriter001
Very insightful" ... written by 1979aet
Very detailed, and very clear. Explained everything so very well. If you want an astrological reading, Soulinsight is fantastic!! Highly recommended. " ... written by Penelope2
Very good and accurate..thank you wish I had more time " ... written by dreamer65
Right on point !" ... written by viola17
Awesome reading and a generous man too. A genious :)" ... written by MMaria
A genious :)" ... written by MMaria
He was really great, definitely worth a try! Thanks!" ... written by cammyboo
Amaaaazing!! Very down to earth, funny, straight-forward! Knows how to speak to you in a manner that is not only insightful but constructive. I feel much better and motivated to continue the path that I'm on! Can't wait to see what's in store :)) I highly recommend Soulinsight!!! :))" ... written by meanderingmind
As always, your awesome!" ... written by deborah
Your information is precise and your time frames give me the shivers lol. Thank you for helping me find closure to a situation that was paralyzing my every move. I see the light now. You are a genious :) God Bless you my friend!" ... written by MMaria
Thanks so much Soul for the email reading and the short private. You are so spot on and good it is spooky man!! Loved it , fabulous wish I had more time! Until we meet again. :) xx" ... written by WhitePearl70
The best!!!!" ... written by GenuinelyThe1
Excellent Astrologer, Great Reading, I will be back for another reading." ... written by MorningStar8
Best ever " ... written by tachita
He is so spot on with the charts! Amazing accuracy on the timing of things...really good stuff!!" ... written by sacredlove71
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Was very good hope to see the out come." ... written by dcoventry
He is full of such fun and interesting information. It was amazing how dead on he was with dates and events. I cant wait until April 10...I will be back!" ... written by tara_mcm
He was very good! My reading was awesome! Choppy but he was still very good! :)" ... written by Tishiab
What a cool guy Soulinsight is, and what a lovely smile! Great insight and perspective." ... written by LondonMermaid
Always great... Thanks." ... written by Deborah
Love this guy, always so positive, I am always glad I talk to him. Great evergy!! :)" ... written by Deborah
I love this man, he is the best!" ... written by gemmie