About SonnyPsychic

Psychic SonnyPsychichas 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SonnyPsychichas recently helped 11969members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SonnyPsychic's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I have been a psychic reader for over 30 years. I have done readings for movie stars, rock stars and many more. I also predicted many big news events over that last 30 years. I have studied tarot reading for 15 years and been doing readings online for 15 years. I can help by coaching and telling the future . I am great at telling your position and what to do to fix your troubles.

thank you much." ... written by Lenard
he is very good at tuning into what's going on." ... written by wren1414
picks up on a lot, thank you !" ... written by mljryan9
nice reading" ... written by amalia
fast exact timelines very to the point" ... written by christine
Good reading very repetitions and confusing, ha said the same thing over and over and over." ... written by Henri
hi thank you " ... written by meg471rs
very good reading, accurate " ... written by Lynda22
AMAZING! Very accurate and fast! Although it wasn't what I WANTED to hear it was absolutely the truth and great advice. 100% recommend him!" ... written by Meaghan
Great!" ... written by P
Spot on all the things I have knwn long time ago.Nailed everything abt the future as well,very gifted reader!!!Tysom for all the comfirmations~~:)" ... written by Sexaymom
very fast answered mt questains accurately" ... written by angela
Very helpful. I hope I can work on my situation as you say. Thanks!" ... written by Mona
Many questions I had for him and many answers too...very good psychic too" ... written by Focusing
Loved my reading with him! hope what he predicts for next 3-6weeks happens" ... written by marion lyttle
thank you" ... written by clover434
I was really low on min.but literally in 1 1/2 min he answered so accurately good reading will return when I get more credits" ... written by B
Thank you. Very Good.. .Wastes no Time and Picks up correctly... Wonderful Reading..." ... written by tochoose
Yes he is good but just too much i hear i felt negative abt my life...ill be fine anyway..Thanks Sonny" ... written by Fe
says some good things but sometimes i wasn't able to hear. good reader though!" ... written by hilly
interesting, general love reading..." ... written by jc
Good reading lots of info." ... written by Chantal
Quick, accurate, honest and excellent adviser how to deal with any situation that is in question. I recommend this great psychic." ... written by wightfox
Did a general reading. Great reading =)" ... written by Mary
He was great!" ... written by Amber
HE IS GREAT... faster than I am.. and right on!!!!" ... written by tochoose
Good" ... written by Hanna
Very understanding and I loved, the way he took his time to answer my questions and concerns. Great advisor and I defiantly recommend him to anyone. Thank you and Blessings to you always. " ... written by godgirl
Thanks Sonny will let you know on these future predictions x" ... written by Nina
thanks for your insight!" ... written by Felicia
Love this guy!Went straight to the point and very detailed!" ... written by Jennifer
he has told me what i got out of my card readings for myself. i am thankful for more information. " ... written by skippingsoul1
Excellent " ... written by Leona
He talks too much about past and negative things. I already know the past - hindsight is 20/20. J Hardly had anything positive. He claims it's more helpful but I would hope he learns to find a balance with his readings. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I notice this even in his demos. He hardy says anything negative. I don't trust readers that start saying bad luck, bad energy. I'm sure he was going to try to convince me I needed a spell or something. I was just unimpressed. " ... written by Rox
I couldnt belive it... everything was answered spot on!!! was like he was in my head.... Very good reading..." ... written by armyof 2
Completely lost after this reading made no sense at all disappointed after reading good reviews" ... written by Greenteaforme
Good!" ... written by Hanna
Sonny is great.. answered my questions honestly. No sugar coating at all. Thank u :)" ... written by nina
Excellent and fast reader with only few credits left. definitely a psychic who knows how to help with all matters of life. I had a great reading. Thanks!" ... written by Dreamz25
really good reading!" ... written by laura
Wonderful... can help you to see that which you have not and will affirm things you did know. Wonderful reader, wastes no time... on the ball and accurate too." ... written by tochoose
another great reading from sonnypsychic" ... written by vic
he was all over the place, uses cards, but has good reviews" ... written by f
thank you." ... written by nard
such a truly really nice guy.. what a sweetheart.. :) and very great reading !!!! Hit the nail on the head!!!!!" ... written by donna
Thank you much. Great reading and 5 star psychic" ... written by myeyesee
nice reading " ... written by cur2818
SonnyPsychic was very spot on. His connection was strong and believe in his words and his guidance. What a great reader!" ... written by Carrie
i liked him.gave me a private reading for my query of my recent relationship...only had a short reading as i had little credits, but will have him do a longer reading when i get my account w/ credits. thanks sonny!" ... written by caseylee104
THank you" ... written by melinawai
Very detailed and quick. Lots of info to take in but he was accurate and I only told him my gender." ... written by Jen
good reader, a lot of negative, good things possible in future " ... written by Lex
Great, and to the point :) Hope all he saw comes true :)" ... written by Jennifer
Beautiful reading on my job and some personal life. Something things I knew was going to be and that was good to know that he was spot on." ... written by zina
Very very very good 1 million stars " ... written by Virgo1985x
Wonderful reading - very quick and to the point. Will return for an update :) Thanks Sonny !!!" ... written by shawna10
lots of info, thanks" ... written by Sin
typing is not your strenth in communicating.." ... written by MMarmalade
Really excellent reading, very thorough, Sonny is top notch, " ... written by A
He gives short truthful accurate readings, i can definitely recommend!" ... written by Jonathan
Sonny is on point! He has such a gift, and knows what he is talking about! I highly recommend him! " ... written by lewsunshine
thanks" ... written by Trish
Good reading." ... written by Rui Jorge
informative but i will see if what he has read to me will come out to be true." ... written by Itapeus
great reading, thankyou sonny " ... written by RD
great help, accurate and compassionate detailed information, thankyou" ... written by D
very spot on and quick. I got a lot of information for my time and money. will be back!" ... written by Chelcie
good fast reader" ... written by aa
your pretty good!" ... written by MMarmalade
good" ... written by devisri
great read.." ... written by davyboii
wow! thank you so much! everything you said was dead on! your a very good reader! very talented! no info needed and you picked up on things right away. thank you! i will be back!" ... written by jess
thank you so much" ... written by melinawai
Great reading! Very fast and to the point. Gave fantastic advice on what steps I need to take in the future. Thanks!" ... written by Brianne
I got some bad news but he was quick and very detailed. Thank you" ... written by Tierra
absolutely speechless... 100% dead on accurate without requesting any well spent" ... written by alotlikedorothy
nice reading, good predictions, just waiting for it to happen." ... written by cur828
good reader but at time i could not understand well the whole " ... written by maria
great reading he read what he saw.. appreciative" ... written by brightsoul84
he was really good with my reading. I highly recommend" ... written by ritu
He was an ok read, I'll check out what is to come." ... written by nbarnes2
great " ... written by david
Excellent detail and true care. I recommend Sonny. Thank you." ... written by RuinofDarkness
He's a really good reader." ... written by Monroe
Great and quick with his answers. He gave me a time line. I ll just wait." ... written by kary
thank you" ... written by ness
Great quick and gives timelines." ... written by kary
greart" ... written by gj
thank you good reading" ... written by cuteface1972
Great he tells you like it is." ... written by kary
Sonny is Amazing!!! He's spot on through and through. He says as it is, a very humble person and blessed. Looking forward to see what happens in the next 6 weeks and I will get back to let you know." ... written by Zuzu
Sonny really picked up on situations...personalities....quite awesome!" ... written by Larry
very quick delieberate, tres to help, very consoling snd sweet" ... written by bnjpangels
Very Accurate and straightforward with a sense of humor in being descriptive about his visions. Very detailed guidance along with reasoning and explanation of why or why not. Excellent! Highly recommended!!" ... written by Bakula Gaana
He was very quick and to the point. He was also able to confirm info that I already was aware of and provide some insight to upcoming events. I will come back and update once things come to pass. Thank you for your guidance!" ... written by Kimberly
Very quick reader, accurate to my situation, thanks again" ... written by Dakota
He was right on. My feelings , my bf feelings the situation, everything....thanks Sonny" ... written by krissy
always on the mark! spot on! THANK YOU for the answers and advice as well!!!" ... written by tochoose
He was on point, and very intuitive....i would definitely recommend him.." ... written by mason3735
WONDERFUL" ... written by P
Excellent! " ... written by Tony
He was very quick honest no frills, no tools. Honest insight with time frames. Excellent on the spot reading." ... written by Cordie167
Slight contradiction in reading" ... written by Tony
quickly connects to my situation, fast reader, thanks" ... written by dakota
Sonny is so great ... He picked up on everything going on in my life instantly, and he is fast! Will be returning." ... written by Rebecca
good reader" ... written by abby
seemed unsure" ... written by susanne
Gawesome:)" ... written by Sunday
Fast, accurate reading. Sonny provided a solution to my issue as well :)" ... written by Unlocked
Did great picking up on my current situation with my guy. Now I know what to do and move forward from here on out! Thanks for the help Sonny" ... written by Melissa
great reading and insight, spot on!" ... written by Emily
FAST and lots of information!" ... written by TT
Quick, thorough, accurate, to the point. He will answer as many questions as he can. Loved him!" ... written by Mary
thanks" ... written by MMarmalade
He is good he talk fast and seem to know a lot about the past and the what is to come so give him a try " ... written by Chris
4 stars only because the future isn't here just yet...Very good reader. Doesn't gyp the time, does full reading." ... written by Al
Nice guy, connects quickly! Should not be missed." ... written by Kathy
no sugar coating.thats what i love about him,and he was so spot on.will come back for sure.thank you sonny" ... written by viendax
wonderful!" ... written by maria
very spot on and very fast. confirmed everything from my past without asking any questions. incroyable." ... written by lilly
Very honest. Got what I wanted in minutes." ... written by Melanie
Absolutely on the spot. Very quick connection. Very honest. Does not sugar coat anything. Highly recommend." ... written by PaleNative
Hit some aspects of my issue right on the head. He's also fast and clear, gives definite answers. I will come back." ... written by Imanix
awesome I got tons of information in a short time" ... written by miko
It was ok somethings he picked on and some he did not but overall reading was ok." ... written by sdumel
Very helpful...seemed to see the future and past for me. " ... written by Nona
very fast connecting" ... written by Mila
Wonderful reader, I only had a few credits but he gave me a lot of advise. " ... written by pinkpather30
Nice reading thanks very informative" ... written by Dorothy
great read" ... written by davyboii
v nice guy" ... written by Leebeetee
good reading he doesn't need any info" ... written by T
Thank you!" ... written by Lady
Sonnypsychic was fast, gave lots of details about my love interest's character, gave insight on a recurring vision I keep having and picked up on things that happened in the past and emotions. Shared what he saw about future. I'm looking forward to my loved one calling this week. Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by Kamilah
There was a lot to take in, but everything made sense. Good reading." ... written by loveornolove
I was given so much more information than I thought that I would ever get....Sonny is very much worth checking into....thank you Sonny" ... written by Kimberly
hes great !! definately come back! Thank you ! " ... written by nancy
He was so accurate! didnt even need any info! I will be back!" ... written by Corina
Good reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Was really really accurate on the situation, gives great advice as well and knew what was happening without saying much really glad i did a reading with Sonny:) highly recommend " ... written by katie
very good" ... written by lorna
He's very nice, good honest read" ... written by moonlight
Very truthful, very direct, no sugar coating!!! It pinched me a bit but I know it was the truth of the heart of my matters. He didn't need names, dob, etc. just a pure psychic at his best gift. Thumbs Up!!!" ... written by Cordie167
very eye opening" ... written by Ava
100% honest and helpful. Very gifted." ... written by Marsha
Thank you for the reading, I will come back when I get more credits. " ... written by Jen
very good reader :)" ... written by katie
Great Psychic, quick and accurate, highly recommended!!" ... written by Runa
A helpful reading, interesting and insiteful methods. Helped me see some hidden dynamics" ... written by Granville Crenwick
Damn good. starting to see his message." ... written by Peaceandcalm23
good, fast reading... honest and open!" ... written by SamSam
He was honest and straight forward. i would come back. " ... written by eishat
Great reading" ... written by Lou
He hit on a lot of important topics and gave good advice" ... written by Erica
He is a good reader and needs specific questions ! but he tells it like it is!" ... written by Sophhia
fast reader, lots of information given , lots of specific details, thanks" ... written by dakota
very good even though I didnt like what I heard. He was quick and didnt waste minutes. I would refer him to a friend" ... written by michele
he's very fast and clear with his reading. very in-tune and tells you whatever he sees." ... written by x
good reading. thanks" ... written by edy
Great reading a ton of info " ... written by Sam7530
very fast! Awesome reader!! Def hit things on the money!!" ... written by Jnaujo00
Sonny is right on target. He is also honest, doesn't sugar-coat. I really feel like he is completely in tune and has a wonderful gift. I ask God to bless him with good health and lots of love!" ... written by Terri Maguire
nice person! gave good advice thank you!" ... written by kat
very good and fast made me feel very at ease" ... written by Leah
Sonny was detailed and quick. saw my situation clearly with any explanation form me. Has given me the confidence to forge ahead with my plans in the face of negativity " ... written by Whalecall
He is the Guy!" ... written by oraclehoroscope
Thanks" ... written by miko
good " ... written by laura
Amazing reading. Really worth to visit and listen. What I enjoyed, he sees everything without DOB, like others ask. He is super great" ... written by Tamara100
It's all over my head. But he does talk fast and says a lot you just have to really stay a close listen and try to decipher what he is trying to tell you. " ... written by cutiepatoottie
best and coolest :)" ... written by ud
Sonny's reading was very helpful...I appreciate his insight. I look forward to seeing what happens. Great reader..." ... written by Carrie
I have a prediction of 3-6 weeks. I will update" ... written by The Zodiac Girl
good short answers. " ... written by kary
Very good and concrete on details" ... written by Tamara100
coool " ... written by ud
Very accurate" ... written by Alyssa
very good and accurate" ... written by genesis
this was very help full thankyou" ... written by Kelly
very different esoteric messages but i will think on it, thank you sonny" ... written by sparrow
Thank you" ... written by Taylor Watkins
Great Help!" ... written by D
Gives a lot of advise in a short amount of time. Able to explain whats to come in the future. " ... written by pinkpather30
good " ... written by v
Quick with answers and definitely continues to go into detail to keep you in private. We will see if things come to pass." ... written by Safiya
Absolutely amazing" ... written by punk
Way too all over the place but some answers seemed accurate. Definitely doesn't read as though he is sure of the information he is giving out. He is fast though with answers but does beat around the bush with providing the direct answer. " ... written by Safiya
nice general reading, thanks" ... written by sr828
I would recommend talking to SonnyPsychic if you are looking for someone whom is highly-detailed with answers, can take the time and answer your questions, and can aid you even if you don't know where to begin. " ... written by KizzXxX08
Sonny is great and direct. Gave me lots to think about. Helped me to look at things in a different way then I am used to. Great reading Thank you" ... written by Annette Jemiolo
He was quick, honest and patient with me. I am thankful :)" ... written by StarMoon5
Good reading! Thank you Sonny!" ... written by Isabelle
The reading addressed my burning question regarding a recent situation. It helped me see things in a different perspective. Good reading." ... written by -
thanks " ... written by ness
thanks" ... written by mwisteria
great; fast; tunes in." ... written by jm88
Excellent. Sorry it ended when I tried to add funds." ... written by Rosie133
Very helpful. Did not have to give any info other than my gender. Gave lots of relevant advice that I feel will be useful. " ... written by Hanna
great and honest and fast reading" ... written by Adryen9
great, very fast accurate; tunes in right away" ... written by Joann
connects very quickly, is very good, recommend highly" ... written by Diana
Not the greatest news but he was on point with the past, lets hope my free will and the benefit of having this knowledge can help me change my future prediction for the better. Thank you" ... written by Tiarra
Sonny is good." ... written by sometimes4321
Thank you so much! you have been really accurate. I will come back soon. " ... written by Sharon Teo
v nice guy straight accurate direct" ... written by Leebeetee
he was soooo accurate and straightforward. he didn't waste any time and he got straight to the point, and everything he said in my present was very accurate. i appreciated this!" ... written by christina le
He is very intuitive and has a caring and realistic style" ... written by sonja
Thank you for the fast reading. On point!" ... written by Alabama girl
Thank you! Good Reading." ... written by tochoose
Good Reading, Let's see if it happens" ... written by Henri
good n dquick" ... written by cindy
Not bad (:" ... written by julie
Wonderful reading! Gives timelines and what is meant to be..." ... written by JJ
OK" ... written by Gandalf
Thank you!" ... written by RAM
Very concise. I initially went in with a troubled heart, but he put me at ease and was very informative. I left the reading feeling like a lightweight was lifted! Thanx Sonny!" ... written by ARIES4LYFE
very very honest. will wait for predictions. thanks Sonny! Be well :)" ... written by Awakenningbloom
he was great" ... written by kelly
good" ... written by sangeeta
thank you , very quick and helpful" ... written by mm
Sonny Psychics, he is the best, very humble , direct to the point and accurate. I recommend him hightly! Hie is here to help people and I trust him!" ... written by LinPearl0429