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Psychic SeeingForwardhas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SeeingForwardhas recently helped 33members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SeeingForward's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Wonderful reading, very accurate and doesn't waste time" ... written by sycsid82
So clear and VERY insightful in her readings! Highly recommended and definitely will be back. :-) Thanks for sharing your Grandpa too. XXOXXOO to you both." ... written by Canalgal
she is very quick and on point! will be back to let her know about prediction!!! :)" ... written by me
Great reader with good connections... I will be back..." ... written by Anniekins
Quick - funny and honest - looking forward to seeing if she had it right on or not " ... written by Lyne37
Very Nice reading, and very good advice, thank you!!:)" ... written by Aryastark
Straight forward tarot reading, she is intuitive and picked up on alot. Thanks and welcome to the site!" ... written by djordan6898
She confirmed what my gut already said. I sure hope what she saw on the horizon isn't a horizon far far away. Thank you!" ... written by Smiles1977
Thank you ! She is amazing and direct. No sugar coating." ... written by lyly_ia
She's amazing! She picked up a lot of things about my friends and family. She's very straightforward and has very good energy! Try her and you will not regret it = )" ... written by itsuramo
Truthful, but delicate, and sincere. You're amazing, and even if it's not what I want to hear, I appreciate your honesty. Thank you. " ... written by JJ
She's really great. I enjoyed her direct, and also kind manner." ... written by L
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Great reader. Picks up fast. and I definitely recommend her" ... written by Destiny_Love
This person is so nice, kind, thank you, Oranum, you found another great expert. I will come back again." ... written by bam486943
very good. looking forward to predictions :)" ... written by growfree
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Very articulate and nice, she gave a sound reading of the situation and offered sympathetic advice. Highly recommended." ... written by Haley
I came to Cinn to share some good news - prediction came true. Again. Big One! About a month and a half ago, she predicted contact, meeting, me traveling and some reconnection, in July. And it came true. At the time it seemed almost unrealistic and impossible. And then, end of July I got the most awaited phone call from someone special and dear to me. She was 100% accurate! Few more very interesting a certainly positive predictions from her to come true. She is absolutely wonderful, honest, no sugar coating and accurate." ... written by Zana
I have no doubts about your gift. The best on Oranum." ... written by mszkut29
No sugar coating, down to the point, very easy to talk and connect with (: " ... written by Sam_Hope2
Awesum reading.... just really nice energy! And hooray for crazy cat ladies.. hehe!" ... written by josession
She is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by moonchild7469
Seeingforward is a very sensitive person. I almost felt her feeling my worries. " ... written by viv1163
Lovely!!! Lovely!!! Lovely!!! Super accurate, very easy to talk to, will tell you so much without almost no information from you! Hightly recommend! ~~~ hugs ~~~" ... written by hugs2020
She has the ability to understand situations and picks up on accurate information by simply asking for your name and the year you were born. Definitely worth it." ... written by Stephany
Thanks for everything, your sweet." ... written by Pp
Thank you very much for your positive energy andamp; your great readings." ... written by Bey
FAst and to the point. No wasting time" ... written by Eva
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
vgood" ... written by ritesh
I love her so much !!! She is like a superhero sister of reason ,when in doubt!! Even for a quick question , i look to her for an honest answer andamp; she always gives it .. I love her for it ... thank you !!!" ... written by tamjones
Very good... and intuitive and sweet. " ... written by angelicnurse
Positive reading, a good connection. Will be back for more... thank you x" ... written by Layla
Love this woman, straight up, to the point, funny, no sugar coating, and makes u laugh , helps u look at the bright side of things ..thank you will be back very soon.loved the reading..:)" ... written by newhorizons12
I thought she was very accurate and liked her a lot. I felt a great connection with her." ... written by Ashleyba86
Excellent.. Very good." ... written by focusing
Spot on." ... written by Omeros
Good." ... written by druvina1973
She helped me with figuring out answers to the questions that has had me feeling down and for that I thank her. Once again she did not let me down. Thank you so much. " ... written by candcmom87
Nice reading, would strongly recommend." ... written by scorpio1117
She is very honest and gets to the point. Knew things it was amazing thank you so much!:)" ... written by ashley11100
Thank you for the reading." ... written by OpalPhoenix
connected very well again...she calms me down..awesome" ... written by someone
A very wonderful reader. " ... written by tc
China is consistent and accurate. She picked up the energy of who I was asking about right away and it makes a lot of sense. She also gave me the same prediction as last reading so I know she's the real deal. Another great reading, thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
She was really good and to the point!" ... written by amnarashid
She was nice." ... written by skf271
She was good, straightforward and to the point! Thanks so much dear!" ... written by scadoodle
Great!" ... written by annabel
Loved it" ... written by tarsha
She is like a friend you would chat with at a bar but has great insight and helpful!" ... written by ireland irish
Thorough and detailed reading. She made some predictions and I will see how everything will pan out. Thank you! " ... written by lightstreet
OMG! SeeingForward blew my socks off and is truly phenomenal. She picked up EVERYTHING I was thinking before I could even type. She kept me calm with my anxieties so I am truly looking forward to my future predictions. This was by far the BEST reading I have had in a long time. Her gift is absolutely remarkable and true. No tools used just straightforward answers, tell her a topic and she tunes in with info. She even knew my birth month and I didn't give her that info. She picked up personalities and so much info that literally all I did was confirm. I will most definitely be back for a future reading." ... written by angel
Good energy, really sweet and genuine person. " ... written by luxxicon
She was spot on with things she was saying" ... written by dahun001
Thanks for the private chat. She was on the dime about by relationship and other problems. I do recommended seeingforward to everybody! Great insight. What she tell you does come. I have experienced this with her. God Bless you!" ... written by oliverc
To the point, I am impressed. Thank you!" ... written by energytrip
Ty 4 a wonderful read! lol " ... written by unluckylove777
Accurate reading. Thanks a lot." ... written by silverrose
Very good reading! Will come again." ... written by goodkitty
Very straight forward and she will really guide you... thank you." ... written by maryjoy88
She was direct, efficient and honest. Gave me complete understanding and guidance, which I appreciate fully!!!! Really nice vibes here! Bless you!" ... written by puredevotion
Wonderful, wonderful reading. Very quick and honest. No sugar-coating. Really worth it. Can't wait to see her predictions come true. Thanks again. =)" ... written by yemoon910
This woman in a short time has become one of my closest friends. She is caring, loving and someone I will always cherish. Thank you for allowing me to take you to private Seeing." ... written by Zoltar
Awesome reader! She's honest!" ... written by hialex
Fast and accurate!" ... written by blackty100
Straight up! Honest. Not what I wanted to hear. No fairy tales, just what i needed to know to push myself forward. I would recommend this advisor, very honest. 5 Stars!" ... written by mslauren
I believe she is telling the truth ! which is not wat i wanna hear ! She is also very straight forward which every one wants the truth !" ... written by reicaa
I felt she was mostly accurate, but mistaken on one thing in particular. " ... written by SaintlyCat123
This reader gave some good information that was also confirmed by another psychic. She seems on top of things. " ... written by Lightstar
She was so right on so many levels and really helped me realize some of the things I've been missing. Thank you again for your insight! " ... written by jesspeachy
Good!" ... written by druvina1973
She just knew. I like her. She tells it how it is. Thank you so much!" ... written by Mollie
Very helpful." ... written by Peggy1554
I was a bit confuse at first, but she is just so direct to the point and honest about everything. Love her honesty!" ... written by stakiss
Lovely reading and will definitely keep updated!" ... written by tickleme2011
Shes really good and dead on, I enjoy my reading with her and she tells you how it is.. " ... written by nafayia1984
Completely awesome and so funny. Very clear in hear message will keep updated for sure!" ... written by brightsoul84
She was funny! She told me some things I already know about myself, but what I should do. I would definitely come see her again! Thank you!" ... written by Smiles1977
Her candor is superb!" ... written by Kekee9
Very good connection...appreciated her honesty!" ... written by wendic
Great reading..." ... written by Anniekins
Very intuitive reading, spot on thanks." ... written by joboluvz73
Great reading, cant wait to have another. Alot of details." ... written by Rilley
She was awesome, connected at once. She read my situation and was spot on. Recommend her highly. Love her, Seeing will become a good friend I feel it. Thank You so much!!!" ... written by Bubbles4me
Very quick and to the point. " ... written by d2k1000
Awesome as usual :)" ... written by danica8585
I never had a reading that was so detailed and spot on like this before, she was right about everything! I recommend her highly.. She is the best by far:) I will continue to touch basis with her. Thank you so much SeeingForward! " ... written by pearly2012
Straight forward and she gets to the point. Thanks!" ... written by RuinofDarkness
She is so real its like talking to your best friend. she knows what shes talking about." ... written by Sherroll08
thank you, a very good advice given!" ... written by dushka
Thank you, some of the stuff she had to say was unbelievable." ... written by eastcoast1
Quick...awesome accurate...wonderful...loved it!!" ... written by Neha
This young lady has given me sooo much hope! I am able to overcome my sadness and make something happen that I really want in my life...won't have to live my life saying what if I wont be back for awhile cause I am on a quest to make my dreams a reality god bless..." ... written by luckycharms312
Great person, very real!" ... written by Jennifer990
Amazing! Will keep you updated! Love the way she talks, made me feel like I was talking to a friend! Xx" ... written by Girlie152
Wonderful woman!! SO legit and honest, love her energy! I will be back to consult her later on! " ... written by katani
Thanks for another great reading :-)" ... written by Canalgal
Honest answers, love talking to her!" ... written by Rilley
Great!" ... written by deliliah15
You are amazing and knew things no one would know. Gentle and kind but tells the truth. Saw my cousin who had passed and called him by name. Thank you for helping me with your gift." ... written by molly2005
Great, to the point. Fantastic." ... written by andreabaker1223
She was great, very kind, spot on about many things!" ... written by beetlenut
Very fast! Really sweet." ... written by sparklejules
Straightforward, honest, and wise. I love her!" ... written by Mai
Helped me a lot... definitely what I need to get through this tough time." ... written by Kelly1321
Great reading!" ... written by lonelyhrt09
She was very nice and head on to my situation. I felt better after speaking with her. She gave very good and sound advice and I hope things do work out with me and him :) Thank you so much! xo" ... written by YAYA173
She was very caring and understanding and made me feel like she really wanted to help me with the problem I was having.Thank you and God bless you." ... written by candcmom87
She is very honest person. Thank you. I really love you. " ... written by Emily2012
Thank you for the reading! Honest, accurate and insightful! :)" ... written by Yoogii00
Thank you for the perspective! " ... written by altuna0
Very attentive and on point. Little to no info needed to let me know what she saw coming in my future. Great reading!" ... written by MVGlove
Very intuitive =)" ... written by wolfe685
Very kind and generous. Not what I wanted to hear but oh well." ... written by katie46
Did real good!!" ... written by Mississippimama
I cant give her more than 5 stars or I would. She was right on about everything. I know when I am talking to the real deal- and she was!Told me many things about my mom who passed, current issues I am experiencing- that only a truly gifted and talented person could. Best consultation I have had in a long time and I WILL be back!" ... written by sfm61350
Gave a lot of great advice was dead on about a lot of stuff, lovely reading !!" ... written by vvd450
Nice reading, straight to the point, no fluffing around, ultimatums and choices. Awesome." ... written by ikroyal
OMG! The whole experience was phenomenal! Right on point, very accurate. Thank you so much!" ... written by nikkigt06
Thank you very much." ... written by altuna0
My second reading with Seeingforward. Both excellent and very deep. First one I did not hear what I wanted to or wished for but I came for reading and to hear the truth not fibs. All she said a few weeks ago came true, all of it and I feared what she said would happen but now that it has, i am relieved. She told me every bit of what came to be so within just a few weeks of the reading. Today's reading, again, she was very much into the details of my life and the description of the people in my life just as i know them to be. Excellent psychic. Very much recommended her and a very very nice person, just like an old friend. I will be back." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Totally cool person, up front and to the point, and very accurate." ... written by nikkigt06
Very nice." ... written by SAchickie
She is great as always., connects with me very well! =) I'm very happy!" ... written by luckycharms312
Love her!" ... written by steffleblanc
A very informative and helpful reading. I got the clarity and guidance I really, really needed. She's very straight forward and feels like an old friend. Highly recommended! Especially now while her rate is so affordable." ... written by Palomina
She is a bit tuff but says the plain truth! Great psy and wants the best for us who are confused." ... written by luckycharms312
She told me that I would get a job by the 11th of December. Although I haven't got a job yet but right on the 11th, I got an interview call. I think that makes sense! :)" ... written by justjazz13
Great read..will see what happen :)" ... written by leebee4
Connect quick! lovely :) Will come back for updates!" ... written by lonely04
Unbelievable! Don't miss out on the best reader here!" ... written by acang221
Amazing!" ... written by CaseyN
She gave me some good advice and was easy to talk to. I hope her predictions come true. Thank you. " ... written by cammyboo
Great session, my roommate wants to talk to her next! " ... written by HopeAustin
Everything you told me is true but he starts putting me down first." ... written by ameliagarcia4
That was the best reading i have ever had " ... written by maynardtony
Great psychic. Not my first reading with SF but just as amazing. She connects immediately, very deeply and uses cards only at time for additional confirmation. All she ever said has always been dead on and her no nonsense. She gets to the bottom line, no stealing from your time. And the things she is able to see will leave you speechless. " ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Great, great reading as always. She is amazing, she is priceless." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Very good." ... written by Greg5811
Spot on!" ... written by CaseyN
Very good reading! Thanks! It was helpful!" ... written by maryannepav
She was excellent!" ... written by optimistic813
Gave honest and quick answers!" ... written by smiley2011
AMAZING. Incredible clarity. So real. Thank you so much." ... written by angelone44
Thank You!" ... written by jetpack2000
On spot!" ... written by nk
Really enjoyed my reading, I appreciate the straight forward messages from both SeeingForward and FliesWithEagle... very well done. I cannot wait to see how things work out :) Many blessing and many thanks!" ... written by Bonn1266
She did a great job and was a lot of help honest and straight forward but very nice and willing to help. I highly recommend her skills and kindness." ... written by seesee33
She knows my little secret. Unbelievable." ... written by mingminglee
She is funny and good pychic..enjoyed talking to her. " ... written by angelicnurse
Best there is. So accurate! And so very direct. She knows what she's talking about. It's not only the accurate readings that makes me recommend her, but the fact that with everything she says, she says with confidence. If you have a specific question, go to her. If you want a general reading, go to someone else." ... written by enterchange
SeeingForward is outstanding!!!!! Really precise, intelligent, brilliant reader - she was spot on, on exact information that I didn't need to tell her." ... written by improvknight
SeeingForward connected really fast. She didn't need any details to describe the situation. We mostly talked about what 'now' than 'than'. I like the way she delivers the message. She definitely sees forward. " ... written by susanna12345
I got SO many answers!" ... written by Complicated82
Honest and forthright." ... written by sleepysnugs
Seeing is great and truly gifted!!" ... written by marion
She was great!!" ... written by Angile509
Good!" ... written by tk40000
I got straightforward guidance. And good connection. I made a mistake and learned something from it, thanks to Seeing's patience with me. Got really sound advice. Thank you!" ... written by tellit2me
Thanks so much for the insight. Great reading!" ... written by md1990
Wow! Gave me hair color right away and I didn't even say anything! Very accurate and straight forward answers, definitely gonna keep coming back." ... written by emilyxrose
Awesome!! Very good, dead on." ... written by jamira76
Seeing Forward helped me with a relationship problem and told me what will be going on in my life in the next 6 months. Thank you." ... written by 3427n8qbb
Beautiful heart and straight to the point. Highly intuitive will back again.. Thanks so much SF.." ... written by poquette
Out of this world great!" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Very Good." ... written by maryjorunyan16
The best ever reading. Thanks!" ... written by nikkigt06
The B-O-M-B!! I love this woman. She is the best on the site! The real deal! Try her." ... written by nikkigt06
SeeingForward told me about my spirit guide, and she also saw my son who passed 2004 and she said things that no one new. I cried I was so happy." ... written by grandmom43rd
Very good reading and to the point. Thanks." ... written by Valerie71
Very accurate! All my questions answered. I will be coming back faithfully :) very satisfied!!!" ... written by tinkerbell51
Really interesting reading - she nailed lots of details with no input. Highly recommended." ... written by lotus71
She was on point..liked my reading and I was glad that she connected ..Thanks so much seeing .will keep in touch..:))" ... written by sunshinec
a wonderful reading, very precise with details andamp; told me the trust whether i liked it or not, what steps I should take to improve my life,... overall it was a pleasure to have had this reading with her andamp; I will definitely recommend her to others, who prefer a straight forward approach andamp; no tools psychic. " ... written by Ammer
Very good." ... written by shaw82
She's the best... Caring... And she takes her time to listen... She does not ask a lot of questions... You feel at home with her... God bless her... DO you want a good reading? She's the best... I will be back! :)" ... written by seeo007
Amazing amazing amazing!" ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Very helpful! " ... written by 2665TeaBirdy
good first reading with her and will update on future predictions" ... written by m
love love youu!!! I missed you and I'm so happy you're back. You're amazing as always and very quick with your answers. THANK YOUUUU" ... written by jj
I love this reader. Her guide is amazing and offers wonderful insights! She is generous with her gift and a must experience, Ill be back! Thanks Seeing!" ... written by liz
Always a pleasure with SeeingForward" ... written by shelle97
She was a sweetheart. Picked up on many things. " ... written by R
Really liked her reading with me.. her messages from her guide. Thanks so much! " ... written by Lynda22
She was absolutely amazing!!! Don't know what else to say but AMAZING!!!!!" ... written by rollanda
very accurate ! spot on :) thank you so much!" ... written by jasmine
wow, just wow!!!!" ... written by Melinda
She is awesome and connects with spirit quickly. i always look forward to her being on and appreciate her advice " ... written by Madam Fire
First time reading with this lovely lady. She accurately picked up details about my relationship and the questions I had. She gave me feedback, insight, and advice on things. All in all it was a thorough and informative reading and it put me more at ease as to the things coming up." ... written by Jennifer
Very clear and precise. Tapped into the situation really quick without any questions asked. Thanks for the help and I will be back for sure. " ... written by jessywhat
Wonderful reader gave great information" ... written by pinkpather30
Simply amazing" ... written by familyhelper
What can I say about SeeingForward, but that her words and messages are direct and to the point. She is one of the best of the best ! Love you Sweet keep up the good work." ... written by Thomas
great connect" ... written by s
Thanks SeeingForward! Appreciate your reading! Straight and concise! Thank you!" ... written by kingpi
SHE IS MY GO TO WOMAN! SHE AND I HAVE A REALLY STRONG CONNECTION SHE PICKS UP ON THINGS PRETTY EASILY... I am excited for whats to come in my near future. =) look forward for school and living with my love. 5 stars!!! Very recommended... she tells the truth which is nice not everything has been sweet news i have come along way. Very pleased. =)" ... written by luckycharms312
I like her, she's pretty accurate. She is very certain with her responses and very reassuring. I trust her, and I look forward to things she sees for me." ... written by Amy
Just great ones again. :) Love and light for you Seeingforward!" ... written by mszkut29
Great ...very direct. I like that" ... written by Nicole212
100% accuracy with my reading. Great details. Excellent insight and stellar advice about the choices I have before me. Thank you and your guide!" ... written by LeslieKay
Amazing. As always." ... written by CF
Thank you, awesome reading :)" ... written by Yoogii
this was a great reading. Had so many confirmations about the information given. A gifted and talented reader. I would recommend a reading with her. " ... written by kristina
Great as usual :)" ... written by dee89112
A great honest reading with a lot of insight!!!" ... written by janesi
she's good. gave me good insight. said a few things that weren't right but she knew a few things about my situation that were" ... written by m
always good as usual!!" ... written by shelle97
GREAT job, Seeingforward!" ... written by carandkenzee
Very honest and comforting" ... written by tiwababe
Love talking to her.... to the point and amazing... Accurate" ... written by myluvlyaly1
Great reading! She and her guide were able to hit on some characteristics and events very accurately. Good humor and great advice. Thank you!!" ... written by astarintheocean
First time with SeeingForward - Very solid connection and insights. Look forward to connecting with the outcomes...Bless xx." ... written by TwinSoul15
Very clear and accurate and always extremely helpful." ... written by vvd450
Very honest, caring and genuine. I love her!" ... written by Deshanique Williams
Beautiful reading, helped in ways others never have. " ... written by Erinn
Seeing is Seeing....lots! Love her to bits..she is very accurate on the hear and now. Looking forward to what is to come. Love hanging out in her room and chatting with her." ... written by Karen
Very quick reading, but good!" ... written by maryannepav
Thank you very much!" ... written by toybox23
She is very fast to answer. Doesn't waste your money. No sugar coat and she is honest with what she sees!" ... written by psymeow
This woman is amazing! And I mean really amazing! Looking forward to next time!" ... written by T
Thank you SeeingForward! You are great as usual!" ... written by kingpi
I just love her. And I trust her completely. She does see forward and beneath." ... written by evaclara
Great reading" ... written by theresa
I love this woman, she picks up on me very easily and is very accurate. Love her, very recommended!" ... written by luckycharms312
Went straight to the point, told me what I needed to hear to make a more grounded decision. Will definitely return." ... written by nikos0919
Hey SeeingForward :) You have an incredible gift... I am so shocked and amazed about our reading and for everything that has happened to me since our reading. I really feel like what we've talked about is actually beginning to come forward and into the light! So I can't wait for an update reading with you! Catch you soon!" ... written by Richard
Very quick very accurate." ... written by angela
Hey SF :) thank you again for the reading ! I'm glad I can talk to someone like you about my situation and for someone to clarify my dreams and visions :) I'll keep you up to date ! Take care !" ... written by Richard
Thank you for the reading. I was please with the first reading. Your prediction came true and it happened right on time. I'll keep you posted for the next coming big day for me. I hope you have a nice day." ... written by awareness123
SeeingForward was right on about the reason that caused my situation. She said my weakness and it was only me that knew what it is. She told me to be careful and try to work on that. I'm very happy about the reading. Thank you!" ... written by channy
You are amazing and thank you as always. " ... written by awareness
Amazing spot on reader! So accurate. Something she predicted happened as she said. And past predictions happened also! Totally on my top psychics list! Thanks hun xx" ... written by Lisa1775
She is amazing!! " ... written by Sare
Haven't had a reading like that in I don't know how long such insight amazing accuracy and right on point . A must see reader to all ." ... written by Thomas
She was so kind and thoughtful, got right to the point - accurate." ... written by beetlenut
Thanks for the reading! I hope there's positive news soon :)" ... written by luckystars
Awesome reading." ... written by Lauren
Great reading as always. I will stay positive and follow your advice. Thank you." ... written by awareness
She's great. Straight to the point. Answers in depth and doesn't sugar coat. I feel she's very honest and she's right on the money. Good reader. I'd come back again! :)" ... written by love
Top notch... The things she sees with no tools is unbelievable. My favorite by far!!!" ... written by angel
SeeingForward is always a great help to me! Very clear and very wise on the issues you speak with her about. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Great reading!" ... written by Adam
She's the real deal!!! No messing around, just straight to the point and saw it all very clearly. Very happy i decided to do this private, she set some things in perspective and helped me to look forward. Thank you!!! " ... written by Rocky!
She was great! Will keep posted on update of predictions" ... written by angelic03
Seeing is amazing...she sees everythng in great depth, offers solutions, and is realistic. Thank you Seeing! xx" ... written by GD
She is wonderfully compassionate, but very honest. Well worth it. She won't sugarcoat things." ... written by Michelle
SeeingForward is a great reader, and very caring, and accurate!" ... written by Patience29
Moving forward..." ... written by s
5 stars, fantastic!" ... written by Tiffany
Cinnamon is a great, gifted reader. She offers great intuitive insight into your situation and speaks to you like a friend giving quality, sound advice. I would definitely recommend to anyone needing clarity, support, and guidance." ... written by Christopher
Another great reading by a great psychic!" ... written by Adam
Quickly connect, great reader! Very intuitive....Highly recommend!" ... written by bruin19
This is my first reading with seeing and she was very accurate and picked up on alot without me having to say much at all. She tells you just like it is with no beating around the bush. She is a very caring person and gets straight to the point. Thanks so much seeing for telling me what i need to do and how to go about doing it. I will be back" ... written by uniquelele25
SeeingForward is fantastic... I love her!!!" ... written by angel
Thanks so much, let you know how it goes." ... written by S
Great, to the point, did it within 10 credits! Awesome SF, thank you!" ... written by love
Thank you for the honest answer. I was afraid to hear that. But I somehow assumed it will have to come to surface. I have no doubts acctually what you said is true ...its very real and I can see it, its just that hope was overcomeng the reality for a long time. Thank you" ... written by SH
Clear and helpful reading! Always insightful!" ... written by Adam
Very on point and accurate. :) She gave me advice in a very short amount of time! :)" ... written by Artisa
You are amazing!! You are like a friend who give it to you like it or not." ... written by shelle97
thanks are practical and helpfull" ... written by irelandirish
Beautiful Lady!! Very accurate and precise!! She used no tools just her psychic gifts and knowledge to guide you in the direction best for you. She gave time line dates on situations to come...which I appreciated very much as a precaution. Thumbs Up!!!!" ... written by Cordie167
Excellent reader, I would highly recommend her. Very in tune to my situation. Thank you." ... written by Regina
Thanks so much! Your time and help was much appreciated!" ... written by nva123
Lovely so accurate in picking up my situation. A must try!! Picked up on a major point that no on the reader has. Thank you doll :) I will be back xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Great reading. Tuned in right away, and gave good insight! Thank you!" ... written by Patience29
You are my fave lady!! Love your humor and your honesty!! Worth it everytime!!" ... written by shelle97
Thank you for all of your help tonight. You're great and I appreciate your friendship. Thank you so much!! ((((Hugs)))) andamp; Love " ... written by Lydia
I absolutely loved it!! Thank you so very much for the clarity." ... written by Brandy
OMG!!!! I love her already. She's real and she keeps it real." ... written by aphilli6
Enjoyed talking to her..feel she may be right on." ... written by cjderrick2014
Awesome, quick will let you know the outcome as soon as possible Namaste." ... written by Melissa
Very clear and helpful. Great advice and very insightful. Thanks a million for another great reading!" ... written by Adam
She is the best! Always picks up on my situation and the people around me, its truly amazing. She is better than a psychologist because she understands and there's no need to hide anything. " ... written by luckycharms312
Great reading! Picked up on everything without having to really ask much! Very caring, loving and dead on. Talking with Seeing is like talking to a friend! Love her! Thank you! An very generous with her time and gifts!" ... written by Patience29
Thanks so much! your help was much, much appreciated! " ... written by E
SeeingForward is just wonderful, so honest its amazing, thank you x" ... written by guidedbyabby
Another great reading! Seeing taps in to the situation very easily and give accurate and insightful insight!" ... written by Patience29
Another great reading with seeing! She not only is accurate and insightful, but also very caring!" ... written by Patience29
Thanks for your honesty! Will see what future brings." ... written by Destiny
Great reading, very insightful!" ... written by Patience29
Thanks soo much!!! You're were great!!" ... written by mysticmarzo
She is great, straight to the point and answered everything i needed confirmed. some which i already knew which was spot on.Thanks -T" ... written by Toron2
Excellent reading..Thank you so much." ... written by sweet
Great thank you so much. Lovely person to talk to. x" ... written by Patient
Thank you so much for all of your help this morning and thank you so much for confirming what I have been feeling for the last week. You are fantastic and such a great friend!! ((((Hugs))))" ... written by Lydia
Very warm, caring reader.... " ... written by spiderlilli
She predicted that my estranged husband was going to be returning home in April. I just got word from him today that he wants to come home and will be home in April. WOW!! I was so surprised how on point she was!! I am so impressed with her! She was the first person I met on here and she will probably be my friend for life. She is so caring and understanding! She really helped me throught this rough time. and I thank god he put her in my life!! She really deserves 20 stars!!" ... written by shelle97
Very intuitive, accurate, and kind. She picks up on the situation instantly. " ... written by Chelsey
All I can say as this woman is extremely gifted. I thank her and her guide. She knew I have been having some lab work done, which is interesting because the reading was not about that at all. She is very warm and intelligent. Please have her read for you." ... written by happy
Thank you for being honest! Seeing Forward seems to care about her clients. She was fast and answered all my questions. Thank you again." ... written by G
This lady is the real deal! Omg ans WOW as my nickname... before i could even speak she knew and described the situation. Highhhhly recommended if u want the best reading in town!! hehehe Thanks!" ... written by Wow
Seeing forward is very intoned with my situation and I am very intrigues. I will be in touch with her soon for an update! Thanks!" ... written by peach
This woman is very intriguing. She seems to be very intuitive, and I will definitely keep getting updates with her! She is very straight forward and clear. " ... written by peach
An excellent reading picked up on my studying straight away and tapped into my feelings and my partners" ... written by TraceyY
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)" ... written by Lisa
great reading!:) was my first time, and she opened my eyes to questions i had! will be back! thank you so much!" ... written by sarah
seemed good" ... written by Sparkle Pony
OMG she was the greatest. I did not have simple questions yet" ... written by esther landes
This lady is so understanding and intuitive at the same time. Saw details without me saying much, even when my situation is complicated. Great reading!" ... written by florwer85
She is spot on. I know what I need to do and she just tuned into it right away. I have big decisions to make and she saw it right away. I have had a few readings and she confirmed what I am scared to face, but gave me good advice on how to move forward and become un-stuck. Thanks, she is awesome." ... written by Madamfire
SeeingForward is very specific, clear and fast with her readings and predictions." ... written by Champers11
You're funny, so gifted, and such a pleasure to have a reading with. Truly enjoyed our readings and believe all you have to say. Wow." ... written by familyhelper
she is great. wow... right on the spot.... i definetly recomend her. lovely lady" ... written by gio
She was on point! Very fast and hit a lot of things going on now. Will wait to see how the rest unfolds." ... written by Mona
great session, she is so kind and nice, we were connected right away from start. highly recommended." ... written by 1feetlover1
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
its mt third time with her. she is a lovely lady. she is real, always right on the spot. all i have to say is thank you so very much your gift has helped me. i recomend" ... written by ro
Was a good and truthful reading thanks a lot hun!" ... written by Libra26
I just love you. THANK youuuuuu. It's been a while and it was nice to talk to you again. I love you and your gramps!" ... written by jj
Seeingforward goes way beyond amazing... Her insights and being able to tap in... Surpass there are few on Oranum that can do this... " ... written by Marlapalmer
Amazing as always, thank you!!! " ... written by s
You're amazing." ... written by familyhelper
quick to the point and very accurate" ... written by agablue
I had a reading with SeeingForward back in December 2012. I keep my word, because when I say I will be back with update on prediction (when one unfolds), I do come back. It took me a while, she described a person in my life was absolutely accurate and her prediction for contact did come true as well." ... written by Sanna
Seeing Forward is a good friend to have. This reading wasn't what I really wanted to hear, but I appreciate it. It will help me move forward." ... written by shelle97
She did very well in a short amount of time." ... written by Denise
Always amazing!!! " ... written by Sare
Great reading, fast answers with many details. I hope your predictions come true. Thank you!!!" ... written by edysica
Thanks SeeingForward!! I appreciate you and your friendship" ... written by shelle97
Wow! Great reading! She was on point and nailed a lot of details, one I was shocked over. Amazing!!!!!!" ... written by S
Good reading. spot on with observations. will see how predictions pan out. " ... written by tilthe
She was wonderful everything came directly from spirit. she shuffled her cards but never used them. I particular like that she didn't have to use tools! I recommend" ... written by na
So many details... WOW!! She is really on point, I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by S
Shes excellent, right on boom. What else do you need???" ... written by S
she was very accurate " ... written by chris
Cinnamon told me 3 years ago something that was coming, something that seemed impossible that it would take that long, well she was right and has been since, she is kind caring and EXTREMELY CONNECTED like really really!!!!!!! You could not find a more connected, accurate when it comes to time frames and HONEST reader. " ... written by Sarah
She is just awesome. Completely on point, and I know she is tuning directly into the person in question because I could feel it. She was totally right on the mark nailing personality traits and habits of the person and how he is doing . Timeframes were given, I will update accordingly. Shes the real deal, completely amazing." ... written by s
fast and accurate! :)" ... written by k
Wow!! She is amazing... Picked up on everything that I needed to know about (even if it might not have been what I wanted to hear). But I trust spirit and will take it to heart. Even though I didn't have many credits, she managed to get everything in. She was literally a godsend!! I felt like I needed to talk to somebody BAD, but one of my fav psychics was extremely busy so I came to Seeing instead. And I'm definitely glad I did!!!" ... written by AyaneVenusx3
First time reading and she was amazing :) thank u xoxox" ... written by Adis
I love her! SHE IS the best!!! She is so ACCURATE WITH THE DETAILS of PEOPLE AND SITUATIONS!! had me LITERallY LAUghing shE was SO DEAD ON!! xoxox" ... written by s
Thanks Cinnamon! I appreciate your help. She was really good. " ... written by DD
Connected to my situation very well and gave good advice. Thanks for your help " ... written by Soulguy
thank you for the wonderful, truthful reading -- sometimes you want to be told just want you are hoping to hear. Seeingfoward is very honest and straight forward, but in a kind way. I will be back to follow up. thanks!" ... written by lornalulu
She is really amazing. Accuracy is uncanny, HIGHLY recommended!" ... written by s
thank you for the reading dear" ... written by Ron
She is honestly the most connected, sincere, direct and real person that I've come into contact with on here. Really the best and most accurate, goes right into your situation instantly in private. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much as always, I feel lucky to have connected with you love!!! xoxo" ... written by S
Great a lot of clarity." ... written by cristian tejada
Excellent reading, very detailed, right on." ... written by Kate
great read, but im having comp issues" ... written by gregg
She's crazy crazy accurate!! Thank you for confirming everything. What you picked up on with no tools was astounding. Thank you!" ... written by M
Love how she doesn't need any tools to help with any situation. She just sees things happening and she's so accurate!" ... written by M
Phenomenal!!!! Absolutely the best!!! She picks up on everything before you even have a chance to type it! She was very accurate, fast and straight to the point. She doesn't try to drag it out or take ur time. She is just to the point and spot on!!!" ... written by linda
soooo goooood! thanx for the updates!" ... written by Karla
This is my second reading with Cinna and she is just great. She easily and accurately reads my energy and of those around me. She was accurate the last time and I feel she's on point again this time as well. She's super nice, fast, and doesn't sugar coat. She also provided good details and strong advice. Thanks so much!" ... written by Jennifer
Directly tuned in and was so informative. Thank you" ... written by s
Very good" ... written by Ray
Gave good insight into my situation and was accurate. Thanks for the help" ... written by soulguy
Ok Very intuitive..and very good...I will come to see her again when my funds will allowed me...Thank You" ... written by md
thank you for you predictions! I will be back soon. " ... written by la
Thank you again Seeing :) As Always You connected right away to me. I will definitely be back and keep you updated sweety! Glad I found you! You are a True Blessing!! Love you God Bless you and the great work you do to help others. Truly a blessing to us all out here! All of you out there you wont regret getting a reading from her. A million Stars + :)) hugsss" ... written by TammyDS
OMG!! She was so ACCURATE.. But More!! everything.. there wasn't any misdirection from Seeing. She knew everything about my life and I didn't tell her a thing. She was 100% connected to me and what is going on in my life and helped me immensely to understand everything around me! WOW! I give her 100+ Stars! I am very serious. She is worth every second you spend with her. Thank you a million times over , Seeing!! God Bless you hon." ... written by TammyDS
she is great....come with your questions" ... written by Siempre
I consider seeing a dear friend at this point. A real soul sister. Thank you for being here to help us all and give amazing guidance to me and others. Truly a divine gift! :) " ... written by s
Second reading with her and she's great. Tells it like it is which I appreciate." ... written by Fish
she is very accurate n her readings" ... written by san
She is very in tune, really direct connection to the situations you asked about. Extremely accurate. Thank you as always. " ... written by s
She was amazing!! :) Thanks!!" ... written by P
EXCELLENT!!! She is very fast and accurate. Straight to the point. No BS! She has been able to pick up on every subject easily and doesn't miss anything. Consistent!!! AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!" ... written by linda
She is a great reader. Understanding and honest. very accurate" ... written by dreamer
Very fast and good reading. I am gonna wait things to unfold. Thanks! 5 stars!" ... written by Nectar
Thanks again seeing you are the best!!! I will continue coming to you. You are positive, caring, uplifting and all around beautiful being. And I truly thank you for helping me and giving me the steps that I need to take within my life. I will definitely be following your advice. And keep you updated on the time frames that you gave. Talking with you is like talking to a relative or a friend that I have known for years. It's such a blessing for you to have the gifts that you do and thank God that he led me to come to you when i did. This will not be my last time coming to you I will definitely be coming back. People if you want someone straight forward, don't ask a lot of questions, tells you what the universe wants you to know then seeing is the person to come to. Trust me you will not be disappointed at all once you have a reading with her. She is well worth coming to and i can vouch for that. Once again thanks ever so much for your help and i will be back again. Love and light to you :)" ... written by uniquelele25
she was awesome...she didnt need any details..picked up on me n the other person accurately and quickly!! my first with her...and i loved it" ... written by m
Great readng" ... written by M
Highly impressed, you got the right descriptions of a certain person I asked you about. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
great as always" ... written by jasmine
She is great" ... written by Bey
Thank you and excited to see if your prediction will come true and will let you know :) " ... written by Kristal
She is on point love her and will come back" ... written by Dallas
Gave me the answers that I needed for my situation. Very thankful. " ... written by Sara
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
She is amazing and so informative. Very quick and to the point. Honest and doesn't pull any punches. Wonderful woman and reader." ... written by p
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Thank u so much. I really appreciate it." ... written by S
Love this straight talking woman. She gets right down to it. Very tuned in. Great reading." ... written by L
I enjoyed her honesty and straight forwardness. " ... written by Dove
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
She said offer October and something better in November! :)" ... written by tiff
Everything is set for the future, just keeping a wait and see attitude. For the other topics/readings, you gave me specifics which were accurate. Thank you...." ... written by Joseph
Thanks Cinn. Always good to get your insight and assurance. Thanks" ... written by irelandirish
so thankful and accurate thank you" ... written by Katrina
thanks for your patience!!" ... written by irelandirish
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp on...makes a fast connection and is accurate..." ... written by sabrinalove
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
she is awesome and tuned right into my situation! feels good to be on the right path! " ... written by md
Really detailed and straightforward reading !!!!" ... written by maria Elena flores
hello!!! she sees , she says , and speaks the truth!! no sugar coating andamp; certainly no BS!!! i love her andamp; will be back!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Shes so fast and sooo good! her prediction was on point! " ... written by md
she is the sweetest person on here!!! her readings are still consistent right from day1..amazing" ... written by m
amazing as usual !! I had a quick two questions and she was on it!! Love her honesty and swiftness !! Outstanding reader!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Amazing reading! She connected immediately and is extremely intuitive. She was spot on with her analysis of the situation without any information from me. She is the real deal!" ... written by Drohem
She was very blunt, straight forward. I enjoyed her quite a bit :)" ... written by Kayla
I freaking love her !!!!! SO GIFTED!!! Taps right in and gives it to you straight !! I love stopping by for and update or just a general reading!! She hits a home run everytime andamp; gives the best advice !! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! XOXO" ... written by tamjones
Omg i think shes great!" ... written by .
Very on point. I love the reading! " ... written by Gina
she is always wonderful, details accurate, honest, straight forward. Always great readings, my favorite psychic on the whole site." ... written by Carol
Honest, sweet, straight forward, communicated with my husband who had passed and was able to say things unique to him and I. And provide guidance in my present life in recreating a new future without him. Was able to see a new romance in the future and discuss the issues there. Wonderful and loving." ... written by BT
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
great " ... written by lynda
Great reading as usual! She doesn't just tell you what you want to hear....but tells you the truth as she sees it!" ... written by Ashworth311
Outstanding! " ... written by .
shes superfast and accurate...tells u like she sees sugarcoating...and most importantly shes consistent!!" ... written by me
Naturally in tune! very cool!" ... written by CREATIVE
excellent as usual .. had a quick question and she answered it and then some !!!! I freaking love her !! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Thank you so very much for my first reading with you. You did give me clarity I did not have. You did offer me ideas as to how I can help myself and my family beyond all we have. Furthermore, you gave me some peace of mind. I am very grateful for your time, efforts, and abilities. Bless you!" ... written by Kim
Fast connection, to point and insightful. Thank you " ... written by Pinklight
Lovely reading and so quick and to the point x great!!!" ... written by POP
She was awesome. I will return very soon. She is very accurate. I was very impressed with how easily she called the situation." ... written by debbie