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Psychic Rosie76has 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Rosie76has recently helped 362members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Rosie76's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Born in Athens of Greece, as a charismatic born natural Psychic, feeling powerfully advanced Psychic talents from very early time, astral projection, precognition, Clair audience, Clair empathy, ESP. Interesting extremely in Tarot, developing my own powers to the maximum, Astrology and other forms of Divination I increased great experience as a Psychic Tarot- Reader and Astrologer too ( Mayo School ) .
Later, I graduated from Medical School of Athens(Psychology & Neuroscience ) traveled the world, as a volunteer therapist where I had the opportunity to heal sick people, and also using my psychic abilities .Later, I studied Psychology and Parapsychology in Koestler, developing and exploring my own Psychic abilities.
I’m not a practicing medicine anymore but two years ago, I could never thought that I will have the opportunity to become a DNA reconnection practitioner (restructuring of your DNA and your reconnection to the universe).I m a Crystal Dowser and Special Astrologer-Tarot Consultant since 1999.I have been mentored for many years and have worked with one of the greatest mentalists in the world. Through the time, I have enlightened, enchanted, informed and read for over 20,000 contented clients at special events and personal readings, including Political persons and Artists. I have also write articles and published my precise predictions in newspapers and magazines through the years in different countries of the world.
I will be very happy to have the chance to read for you, teach you not to be afraid seeking the truth for yourself. Self-Knowledge is real Power!
Here you can open your hearts and let me open the door for your Future! If you are ready to listen to the truth and change the outcomes by believing into your own powers and think positive! I’m not here to entertain you but help you, seriously.

I’m experienced in many Oracles. One of my Favorites is the Gypsy Oracle, the Turkish Deste, the Egyptian and the Golden Sybilla and these are the decks I’m going to use here to read your destiny, from time to time. Every week, you will get excited for what I know for you my goal is not to entertain you but to improve your lives, change them to the better.
If you are ready to change your Perception, then you can connect with me now!

*** Tarot Card Consultations-Private sessions- Full E-mail Analysis Tarot Readings (Free chat- 1 Demo card only)

***Astrology Reports/Consultations-E-mail consultations (provide me your accurate data,birth date,time of birth,birth place,name).I provide Transit Monthly Analysis,Transit Weekly Analysis,Yearly Transit Analysis,Natal Horoscopes and Charts,Relationship Analysis Compatibility,Inner Scopes & Personal Horoscopes).

***Pendulum Answers –Private sessions only.( Pendulum answers to your questions.Letting you know that if you need correct answers, you must have time ahead).

***Powerful Meditations-Healing Meditations (mediations will be provided to you only thorugh e-mail Consultations.You will send us your issue and we will consult you with the proper Healing Meditations).

***Rune Readings ( only through -email )-I use authentic runes for each one of you.

***Ask for your dream interpratations-Only E-mail Readings.



very good, clear and concise, I would choose to have a reading with you again. thank you so much." ... written by marigoldrose
very good, but will need to get a feel for you and needs you to ask questions to understand better. but highly favorable. i will return to talk with her. very pleasant" ... written by jostens
I received some good advice about my situation." ... written by Miroch
Thank you for your time. i will try to heed your advice. I 'll take my time to do what's best for me." ... written by nicoledee
beautiful reading again, marvelled at it and Good news too coming up...." ... written by dcnair
She was very detail and on target." ... written by angel927
I really enjoyed her reading...I ran out of credits but I will be back." ... written by Onica86
Oh - I really enjoyed this reading - she is lovely and she read only the truth and was very positive! I hope that things will work as she says :). Wonderful!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Thank you so much Rosie - both for the reading and for doing it under exceptional circumstances! :) The reading has helped me a lot. Thank you for your kindness!" ... written by Freya99
She is very sweet very understanding. She point out a lot of things and was detailed about certain situation." ... written by lilyforyou
Good reader." ... written by spiritualgirl1
great reading again. same card spread. i marvelled at the genuinity. am waiting for things to happen soon. will keep this place updated" ... written by dcnair
Rosie was pretty accurate and i was happy with the information she gave me." ... written by UKrose63
Thank you, love/ You were very caring, sincere and helpful." ... written by coconut1980
She is great and to the point she answers the questions precisely. I really like her and because of her I will be coming back to the webpage. She is very sincere." ... written by loops52
She was very insightful and knew the answers to my burning questions. She cared enough to go the extra mile and make sure I had all of my questions answered. Thank you again Rosie " ... written by Terre
thank you very much, it wasn't what I wanted to hear, but at least I know where I can stop wasting my time. " ... written by terresf
She is extremely nice and positive! She told me so many things about me, and everything was true! You have to give her a chance to help you - she is amazing! Thank you, Rosie! :)))" ... written by hugs2020
She gives u very good advice. She tells u what its really going on and she is very detailed..She wants the best for you and tells u to go froward.She is a sweet and caring Psychic." ... written by lilyforyou
I had a great reading with her. I told her I will let her know how everything goes. She is great!" ... written by luckygirl40
Wow, Rosie thank you I will get back to you. She is amazing and accurate and will give you the must have a reading with her she is great! " ... written by rcr646
Glad I had a chance to read with this psychic. She put my mind at ease and gave me clarity about my situation. She was extremely sharp and accurate in her reading. I will seek her again in the future. " ... written by wee318
I had a e-mail reading with Rosie. A lot of time and effort has been put into this reading. It was very thorough and detailed. Rosie has answered many of my questions through this reading. She is very talented and very kind - just watch the live chat and you will see how she helps all her clients for free and with great compassion." ... written by Freya99
She was very intuitive about my situation. she answers encouragingly...." ... written by Ninason
good reading" ... written by textmonster
She was genuine and really gave me sound advice about my situation. I am glad that I had a chance to read with her. I will come back again." ... written by wee318
Great connection and positive reading. I enjoyed her energy and she put me at ease. I am looking forward to her predictions as they were all on target with my deepest desires for my life." ... written by sparkly1
She is great reader honest and accurate I hope the dates she told me to be true or even earlier to get my wish happen , thanks to her again " ... written by ema
Great experience! I felt confident about Rosie's information, and it was so calming hearing her speak." ... written by fireopal77
Rosie, Thanks for your undivided attention. Thanks for getting to the bottom of matters that have been burning me for a great time. Your insight and guidance are humbly valued:)" ... written by Lia
she was great" ... written by eurbaez438
very good reading" ... written by cbrown4598
I think Rosie is awesome! She is very clear and knowledgeable. She is genuinely concerned with helping find the answers!! Thank you so much. I will be back. :) " ... written by ma_jestik
Lovely person. Very supportive and positive. Described the current situation as it is. Described my own actions exactly. Highly recommend!!" ... written by Elizabeth80
Thank you for your wonderful reading to us, there was absolutely a connection. Very accurate and right on the spot! Thank you also for all the positive advices. It helped us alot." ... written by kawasaki23
Love her!" ... written by lia_11
I enjoyed my reading and look forward to speaking with her again soon!" ... written by inlovewithhim
I'll check it back in 2 years for now I like her soft voice - nice conection." ... written by antonieta
thank you for your help, you gave me hope and comfort, I hope it comes true," ... written by canmore
she is good " ... written by luckygirl40
If what Rosie said, then yes, it is very exciting what will happen in my life. " ... written by fouzinabet
Thank you Rosie, you are a great person I hope all what you said will come true, I did a step in life that was very courageous and now I have to follow up with no fear." ... written by marmoura
Great. Thank you" ... written by sunshine
All I can say is wow!!! Wonderful reading I even had to add more time I was so involved in my reading. So kind and caring...I loved it, thank you SOOO much!" ... written by ethansmommy218
Rosie is very nice, sincere. Give me details, and good advice about my situation. Ty Rosie" ... written by cinlorri
Thank you very much Rosie. Will come back :)" ... written by sunny3107
Rosie a very good person and she told me exactly what she have seen in her cards. She was honest and made me believe in cards." ... written by Marco
she is simply great !!!!!!!!!! Always gives the right advices !!! and evreything she say it's correct and right !" ... written by Lory
She is awesome, totally right on ! i would recommend her." ... written by amazedbyrose
Thank you Rosie! Your comments about chocolate cake made me laugh! :) Your readings are just fabulous - very detailed, very interesting, and looooong. Worth every penny! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Freya99
Added more credits because it felt like a genuine connection. she is not saying what u want to hear, feels like shes telling the truth - but in a positive good way! :)" ... written by emotions
Great new everything" ... written by ve123456
I just had my 3rd reading, and I have also had 2-3 email readings and always come back for more. She is very good!" ... written by taniatania
She was good - made me think more positive and saw good things in my future :)" ... written by emotions
Thank you so much for the positive insights... I was so low but you lift me up... I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me today. GOD BLESS!" ... written by answers28
Thank you Rosie...appreciate your insight" ... written by wendic
Good advise for me,,,thanks" ... written by goddessaura
Simply put: she's the best!" ... written by lia_11
Excellent reader. Wouldn't even give time for questions......knew everything...Very vivid." ... written by dstufra1
thanks so much for your reading. Very positive!! :) " ... written by sunny3107
All she say it's correct and gives always the right advices.........very good and a very sweet woman !" ... written by Pennyone
Nice and pleasant lady!" ... written by skinnyminnie
Rosie76's tarot reading was almost accurate. In fact she described my past and present situation without flaws. I'm sure that what she indicated in my future will also come true. I actually had goosebumps when i was reading her interpretations. Thanks, Rosie. Thanks also from my sister Julie. i recommended you to her." ... written by melvil
had a great reading, we connected real well and coudl feel it too. I am awaiting her predictions to come true. will keep u all posted. " ... written by dcnair
Wonderful!" ... written by CarolynT