About Rondell

Psychic Rondellhas 30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Rondellhas recently helped 838members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Rondell's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Blessings! I am here to tell you what is blocking you from receiving what you really want in life and help you know what you can do to see POSITIVE RESULTS!

*~Modern Day Mystic and Emotional Healer~*
I have the ability to see deep into the mind, heart and spirit so that you can get the clarity you need in order to get what you want out of your life or what you need from others!

1. Please be patient.
2. In free chat I cannot give you a reading but I will be more than happy to see if we are connected so that you can make a decision for a private reading.
3. Please do not be rude to me or others!

Blessings my name is Rondell, and I consider myself a mystic. A mystic is a person who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension. If you are a follower of the bible there were many people that during biblical times could hear God and speak to God. These people were considered prophets. I have the ability to hear God in my mind and I also speak to God in my mind. No, I cannot see God, but I can hear and feel God in myself and others.

I know that you think I am crazy when I said that I hear God in my mind. I guess I am like a schizophrenic except what I hear in my mind is far more intelligent and knows way more about other people and sometimes even myself than I would ever know as a mere human being. This is how I know that I am connected to a Higher Power that is helping me to help myself and others.

I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio in the USA. I was born into a family where psychic abilities have been passed on from generation to generation. I was never told that I had an imaginary friend or told not to share my gift with others. It was explained to me, that being psychic is a gift from God and I should be proud of whom I am and my gift is so that I can live a life guided by God. I was never told that I should hide my gift or deny it. I was told that I am blessed and highly favored!

Most people lose their God given gift once they become school age, because they are being taught morals and values of society and no longer have a need for their spiritual or God connection. Yes I was taught moral values of the physical world but I was also taught by my family the ways of the spiritual world. This is how my family keeps the gift going from generation to generation. Currently I have two children in their early twenties and three grandchildren. As a family we all work together to keep the gift active so that it can continue to the next generation.

Currently you can find me on several websites. When I first started doing readings over the internet I was under the impression that you were not suppose to use your real name, so I used the name “Priestess Star”. This name was also revealed to me by God to give me clarity of who I am as a psychic reader.
If you know about tarot cards, the High Priestess card represents mystery, secrets and higher knowledge and wisdom. A priestess would be a woman that you would go to for divine answers and directions. If you read Proverbs 8 in the bible this chapter gives a full description of the High Priestess, yes tarot cards are based on the bible.

The name “Star” is based on stars in the sky and the Disney song. “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference where you are, everything your heart desires will come to you.” This song is in my opinion is what everyone is seeking, faith and hope in the future. It is my job to assist and guide you in the direction that will assist you in getting the best results in your life, of course with God using me as a medium 

The Disney song is also about dreams and I have the ability to help you make your dreams come true or give you the secret wisdom that your dreams are revealing. I do not believe in nightmares and I can honestly say that I have never had a nightmare. Usually nightmares are about something that you have repressed that needs to be made aware to you so that you can feel better. The reason I love dream interpretations is although your dream may be symbolic there is wisdom being revealed to you in your sleep. Your dream is your connection to God and by decoding your dream you can then know the message that God is revealing to you or the direction your life is going.

If you are having a reoccurring dream or a dream that you need clarity on please click the “email reading” link on my page. Please include as much detail about your dream and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Due to me being spiritual but living in a physical world some of my credential include….
*Ordained Minister/Universal Life Church
*Doctor of Metaphysics
*Member of International Association of Coaching specializing in Spiritual Awareness Coaching

Here is a sample of what others have said about my readings….
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Spiritual Readings 1/26/2012 marilyn93 Can calm you down she will tell you what you do need to know!

I am currently married to the man that was revealed to me at the age of six as my soul mate. I love romantic comedies, detective shows and playing Cafe World and The Sims on my computer. I love my family with all my heart and their love is what I need in order to be who I am.

God Bless!

Rondel hit more things than the others on this site did." ... written by kpjetri
Its amazing how she can connect. I've had a few reading with Rondell and she is good!" ... written by florwer85
thanks Rondell for calming me down. I am praying for this maze to be over soon. It's always a pleasure talking with you.Ur the best! " ... written by dotbarr01
You are so good. Will call back..." ... written by LanelleM100
Great talking to you as always. You made me laugh and I appreciate the truth. Thanks for always being there to help guide me through some of my difficult times. I keep you posted on how things are going. Please have a wonderful and bless New Year! " ... written by faith65
Great, ty so much!" ... written by stephany1588
Rondell is the best!" ... written by gemmie
Wonderful as always! " ... written by gemmie
I love her! She was great, thank you!" ... written by DNR2529
This is my first time calling her. Very professional and friendly. She blew me out of the waters with what she said to me, no one knew what I was going through but me and God. She hit everything on the head about me and whats going on in my life. She is truly a blessing. This advisor is so gifted until its scary for someone to know so much about you than yourself only. She is a angel. I will be calling her back. If you are down when you call her, she will pick you right back up. She is awesome when I say awesome she is. She is only one call away that's all. I wish I could give her a trillion stars cause this advisor deserve it very much so. She is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by natalian davis
WOW amazing! i never thought i would have an experience like that!!!" ... written by Tifinie
totally unbelievable and exciting experience! Rondell is absolutely amazing! I felt this powerful energy connection with her throughout private reading. And she read me as an open book :) amazing. highly recommended! looking forward for another reading :))" ... written by thetruthseeker
You have never been wrong and I want to thank you so much for your insights!! I do love him and will wait! I'm so Glad to know he's the one! You really just confirmed what my heart told me... " ... written by fattam
Helped me contact my Dad and it had me laughing. She was direct and compassionate with this emotional request. It left me with great comfort. Many thanks!!!" ... written by lena17
Fabulous, without info nailed my health issues, describe my ex as if she's known him for years, and brought up work future that completely matches where it looks like its going in reality. Excellently honest and very gifted reader" ... written by phoenix burning
It was my best experience ever. Thanks Rondell! You are fantastic!" ... written by Claudia1387
Simply the strongest psychic I've ever been to! Definitely coming back again and again... SIMPLY WOW!!!!!!!" ... written by Emma
This woman has the gift of total clarity and can see right through to the core of the sitatuion very fast and give accurate response immediately. Definitely highly recommended - THANK YOU xx " ... written by debstar
OMG! Rondell, thank you so much, you are amazing! Got everything right, I am still amazed! Now waiting what's next..." ... written by Leslie
Thank you Rondell" ... written by Laith04
Very intuitive and read my situation clearly and accurately! She had a great handle on the situation and she was very direct, but compassionate. I would definitely recommend her!" ... written by Nona29
always nice to talk to Rondell :))) she is an amazing Psychic - sincere and always ready to help! I will definitely come back for another reading! Thanks!" ... written by thetruthseeker
rondell is on point. genuine, sweet, hilarious-and gets right down to it. felt like i was talking to an older sister. thanks rondell. " ... written by jstro78
Shes amazing. Right on point. She's sweet. She's very straight to the point." ... written by Cynsupernova
you are an amazing psychic Rondell....i was so confused..but you opened my eyes,so now i have an idea about what i should focus on the most in my life...May God bless you!!!" ... written by sassie
Thanks Rondell for your honest reading abut my crazy BF or ex now :)" ... written by layla401
nice information......" ... written by daddy2086
WOW!!!! she really connected with my bf...and I just couldn't stop crying ;o) " ... written by Phoxee
she was on point.." ... written by runawaygirl83
thank you so much, Rondell !!" ... written by joanna-2
Lovely person, and kind." ... written by Mandy59
she is platinum" ... written by smff01
Rondell is amazing, she was spot on without me saying anything at all to her, she was kind and very caring and I am greatful for her time and gift. " ... written by MzViv87
She is a gem! Straight to the point no detours. Love you Rondell.xoxoxo" ... written by tash1921
wow she is great 5 star thanks Rondell" ... written by cinlorri
I liked the consultation with Rondell. She was straightforward and clear. And didnt try to keep me long in the Private consultation. She told me everything she picked up about me in a short time, and this was more than enough! :) So I would recommend Rondell to everybody without any hesitation! Thanks! " ... written by hugs2020
greatt reading!!" ... written by rodroc
Rondell helped me a lot... simple as it is..." ... written by genesis28
Godd reading that assured me of my direction. She was very confident in her comments and answers. I appreciated her calm method of delivering the reading. I read with her again soon." ... written by wee318
thank you very much rondell:)" ... written by brian82
What a wonderful private session! Had such a good time with Rondell! Everyone should try a session with her, she's accurate and honest. Thank you, Rondell :)" ... written by funchallady
great very good will come back after work" ... written by praywarrior
I love her, she always tells me the truth, even if I don't want to hear it. I have been calling her for the last 6 or 7 years and she has been on point every time. Call her, you won't regret it!" ... written by MusicLover44
very very good" ... written by skamal
Good, helped me and keep on helping me. A blessed spiritual woman! I was drawn to her by GOD to confirm my sistuation. Thank You Rondell for helping me!!" ... written by Blessed32
She has helped me a lot abou what I need to do.Very helpful and on the money." ... written by tilly40218
She was very helpful..And she knew what she was talking about.I will be talking with her again..Thank you Rondell for everything..." ... written by cece121
Miss Rondell picked up on my situation right away. She was able to see the personality characteristics of both my partner and I. While describing how my significant other felt about something, she even said the EXACT sentence he had said to me the night before. I am confident in the information she gave me and feel much better after speaking with her :)." ... written by fireopal77
Another wonderful reading with Rondell, help me ease my pain andamp;amp; feelings through my current situation. That is why I come back to her. Thank you Rondell" ... written by greekgoddess71
She is really good and right on point. You have to try her she is wonderful." ... written by luckygirl40
SHE THE BEST AND STRAIGHT UP about the outcomes" ... written by ffms01
Wow!!!! The connection was great!!! This is like my 3rd reading with her...! Rondell was most definately on point with reading my situation ;o) I will most definately be back to have another!" ... written by Phoxee
Rondell's insight is second to none. Absolutely 100% spot on with my situation. I will definitely come back and consult. She has helped me alot." ... written by Louise1234
This woman is amazing, well worth the money. She calms my doubts or confirms them. Either way i get the truth from Rondell." ... written by Simundo
Rondell is a great blessing to Oranum. She is very precise and patient...Very candid. She reads with compassion..i would recommend her to all." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Picked up on the situation. Had a unique take on what was going on. Ran out of time." ... written by Armande
OMG!!!! I love Rondell and she is the best. I needed something to make me smile and uplift my spirit and she was exactly what I needed." ... written by deelit47
Rondell is very good on picking up on the situation and letting you know what is going on. She is very good and I highly recommend her." ... written by friendlyuser
She was a great help...I couldn't have asked for a better reading. She doesn't sugar coat things or just tell you what you want to hear. She is very honest. Highly recommended!! " ... written by beautiful8911
Amazing! Spot on things! Will come back again. " ... written by irinabrs
She was very very nice. I'm not sure whether her predictions will come true, but I will have to come back and update. :) " ... written by egg_nog
She told me the things I need to be prepared for.. and I think she is right! " ... written by egg_nog
Wow. Is all I have to say. This woman is gifted!" ... written by coconut1980
Thank you!" ... written by oflight2011
She gives you a sense of peace and provides you guidance to continue to move forward. Thanks again Rondell." ... written by vegabonded
Good reading--she was helpful! " ... written by Ladonnalove1
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! You helped me once again :-) GOD Bless U Rondell" ... written by Blessed32
THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH..............:-)" ... written by Blessed32
Great Reading! Received plenty of positive energy and good advice. Look forward to the future with a smile." ... written by Layla
Very good !! Def recommend!" ... written by JANI1201
Very good she gave great advice. Will call on her again." ... written by marie21
RONDELL IS AMAZING!!! Always gets to the heart of the matter and knows EXACTLY what to say! MUUUAHH RONDELL :) " ... written by divinedaughter
Very accurate reading. She was right on with my situation. Rondell is amazing. I highly recommend her." ... written by Missleo
As usual a great reading...THNX FROM THE HEART RONDELL! " ... written by divinedaughter
My first private session with Rondell. I have been waiting for this moment, and I was very excited. Rondell did not let me down either. She was great, and focused right on my problem; so much so, that it truly shocked me with what she picked up about my background. I will be returning for more sessions. Thank you Rondell!!!" ... written by I_Love_Life
This woman is spot on! She is friendly and fun!" ... written by thewritegrl
AWESOME!" ... written by dinagirl23
:)" ... written by Blessed32
Amazing woman spot on and confirmed what I was feeling. God bless you Rondell and much love to you. " ... written by mylife123
She is wonderful!" ... written by MILA249
It was a WOW experience talking to her. Will coom again :)" ... written by beenag
She is amazing, She pin pointed what was going on in my life.. everyone should try u, and thanks for the wonderful advice, i'll be back to u!!!!" ... written by Paradise_Island
She knew exactly everything that was going on in my life. she was very caring and loving and gave me great advices.she was quick with the information that i asked her. i will be going to her on my next private chat.. i recommend her to any one who is skeptical about psychics or just need help answering questions about anything..give her a try =) !!" ... written by Paradise_Island
Hey rondell! Thank you so much... She is very gifted and a beautiful lady." ... written by sexyegyptian2
Very caring and good reading:)" ... written by cca0393
OMG.......she is so awesome i didn't have to tell her much at all i will be back.....Believe me when i say it shes really good and thanks Rondell you rock!!!!LOL I will be back." ... written by welobey1
She was awesome. I suggest anyone who wants a personal reading to pick her. She hit everything to a andamp;quot;Tandamp;quot;. Thank-you" ... written by ka03107223
rondell is awesome thank youuu" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Really great advice, knows what she is talking about, great insight" ... written by littlemouse05
thank you so much rondell" ... written by sasssiie
So right on the money! She picks right up and she tells it like it is...and she gives good guidance. Helpful and peaceful. i will be back!" ... written by scaredtolose
Thank you again Rondell for your wonderful words and insightful reading. That is why I come back you tell it as you hear it. Thank you again" ... written by greekgoddess71
This Lady was right on. I love her attitude, she's so sweet." ... written by lovinglifalone
she was on point love love her!" ... written by fierygoddess1
Rondell, is honest and truthful! She is precise and will not sugarcoat things for you! If you are seeking an accurate honest answer...go to private now!" ... written by Mesha11
Rondell is such a remarkably kind soul. She is caring and loving, and always truthful! Such an enormous comfort always. Rondell truly cares about her clients and is always a peaceful calm in turbulent waters. " ... written by Mylife123
Another great private session. Prior to my sessions, I am very stressed; however, I am very calm when I finished talking to Rondell. I am still amazed at how she taps into your energy. I never said anything about headaches I have been experiencing, but she defintely mentioned it. I am so impressed with her talent, that I am speechless. Thank you Rondell!" ... written by I_Love_Life
loved her she was awesome!!" ... written by jabled62
very, very good. Very honest and fast reader. Can tell she knows exactly what she is talking about. I would definitely recommend her" ... written by olivia811
She is amazing" ... written by teko123
Thanks for putting me on your prayers Rondell. Thanks for the readings and thanks for Everything!" ... written by genesis28
As usual, Rondell is great, accurate and gives great advice. " ... written by littlemouse05
Ms. Rondell is very smooth and on point with answers. I will be back" ... written by deneyah
Thank you i will be back in touch soon and i will do as you say." ... written by sheilafoye
great reading i will be calling back" ... written by racriv
I will be contacting you soon for your help! im glad i contacted her.THANKS!" ... written by sheila foye
she is great!!! i will listen to the advice that she has giving to me. Thank you so much." ... written by love4u4eva23
She was awesome!!!" ... written by brownsuga5964
Another successful reading with Rondell. I always come back to find my clarity and she says it like it is. Kudos to you Rondell! Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Thank you so much." ... written by Alexsheart
great and to the point! useful with the time!" ... written by deelove
i just love everything about her!!!!! she is wonderful in her readings and as a person too!" ... written by gemmie
Straight from the soul with it" ... written by Dee3
She is spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe what she knew about me and my situation. I was seriously impressed and I walked away feeling confident and much better. Only time will tel but I believe everything she said will happen. Thanks and you're the best!" ... written by jacanba77
Rondell you are such a blessed lady. I really loved the reading with you. Thank you so much, XOXO" ... written by Nughadiba
Right on the spot! As always! I love Rondell!" ... written by Paul Molina
Do i still have to write a comment if it was EXCELLENT?! Thank you, will be back!" ... written by Futuremanager
Thanks God that I met Rondell on this site. She is really great!" ... written by gzuloka
Rondell was fabulous. She picked up particulars of my relationship situation before even going to private - very impressive and everything she said in the reading was dead on and confirmed something I had even been told in a dream that I did not mention to her. She's wonderful - give her a try." ... written by from_space
Ty for an excellent reading :)" ... written by mozzy123
Rhondell is extremely accurate. She was able to pick up on the people in my life precisely. She helped me confirm the ideas I had for resolution in the situations in my life and then gave me great insight in other ways of looking at them. Very clarvoiyant. She is very frugal with the credits so I felt the time was well worth it. " ... written by ravendeel
Rondell is a wonderful bless woman, that is using her GOD given talent. " ... written by Blessed32
Thank you so much for all your wonder work Rondell. Your reading always gives me boost to continue to move forward. Thanks again." ... written by Alexsheart
She's great and funny! Good reading!" ... written by Poundcake45
Great psychic, very accurate, she can tell you how you're feeling." ... written by lavendergirl
I love her!" ... written by Lizzydabadazz
She is always FANTASTIC!" ... written by ffms01
What a way to start the year 2012! My mind is much clearer, and I am more focused than ever. Rondell definitely put everything into perspective for me. I will see you again in another private reading session!" ... written by I_Love_Life
good!" ... written by adele2
Rondell never sees to amaze me....always spot on. .5 Stars and many many more.God bless you and Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!! " ... written by mylife123
Really Good !!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Thanks again Rondell A+++++" ... written by teko123
it is always great speaking with rondell…she is very honest and shows you your real position in a situation…It was great to have her help!" ... written by deelove
Rondell is amazing. She is dead on accuate as a psychic and has a great sense of humour. She'll tell you what she sees and make you laugh while doing it!" ... written by from_space
She really hits the mark. Knows the situation without you telling." ... written by Karen
Thank you Rondell. Great help again, see you soon." ... written by teko123
Bonzer!" ... written by gavanbernard
Great again. Thanks a lot." ... written by teko123
Rondell ...... I am speechless in a very beyond positive way .... thank Youu" ... written by thankxx
As always, Rondell is spot on, she sees deeply into situations and speaks from the heart. I love her, she is truly wonderful!" ... written by gemmie
Luv her to bits very spot on and a lovely personality" ... written by misjayde87
I liked her reading. She was sweet, and very humble. She was right on point, and made me laugh about my boyfriend's sister comment. andamp;quot;She's a total beech.andamp;quot; that made me LOL because it's true. Thank you. If you want a good reading, she is a godly loving woman to come to. God bless you, Mrs. Rondell. " ... written by Meo_5411
Picked up immediately on my situation. Not at all what I wanted to hear but the things she saw were true. thank you!" ... written by Aphradize
She is the best, I´m telling you. Very very sensitive and accurate. Almost makes me cry because it seems like she knew me from a log time ago. Excellent connection every time. God Bless you Rondell. " ... written by gridin82
Reading was great..Thanks" ... written by brownsuga5964
Great reading and she gives awesome advice." ... written by lavendergirl
Thank you Rondell for your reading. Always looking to have questions answered. You truly are wonderful. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Wonderful woman. Great reading. She knew exactly what was going on and helped me to understand my situation. She helped me relax and gave me clear and honest advice to move forward in a positive direction." ... written by Lauren
I love Rondell, she does not just tell you what you want to hear but she tells you the TRUTH! This lady is absolutely great. I have tried other physics and they DO NOT compare to her! " ... written by peachez88
WooHoo!!!!" ... written by friendlyuser
WOW!! She was so on point thanks for that reading..felt more like girl talk but so informative and on point with my situation!!" ... written by Great time
She is phenomenal. Picked up on so many details. " ... written by A
thank u" ... written by judith
Very accurate, i was blown away. Very good advice that i know will help fix my relationship!!" ... written by Elizabeth
Amazing!" ... written by florwer85
She is amazing as always :)" ... written by genesis28
She is amizing" ... written by tenaye
Amazing and light hearted, very very straight and to the point but kind and helpful too. 100 stars!!" ... written by ikroyalakr
I love her she was right on the money. I would LOVE to chat with her over and over. What are the times she is online?" ... written by peachez88
Rondell is so spot on asks no questions, uses no tools and gives details like she living your situation totally amazingly gifted lady!" ... written by marion
Rondell was funny and accurate. Will be chatting with her again!!!" ... written by archangelguided
Very accurate!!!" ... written by ladytaurus1
Terrific as usual, gave me very valuable advice...wonderful woman...highly recommend her" ... written by gemmie
Great!!" ... written by ladytaurus1
I love Rondell she is so REAL and the way she can pick up on me and my life without giving her any information blew me away. 5 stars from me, love her!" ... written by mj1963
I LOVE HER " ... written by superwoman86
God bless this woman, I was always scared of going private with her because of her being so damn blunt. I thought she would just walk over a persons heart. But to be honest with you she is the REAL DEAL. No sugar coating, no false hopes, no making up lies to make money out of you just take a damn look at her rate she is AFFORDABLE and most importantly of all, she was humble she told me the truth about my abilities and my life and gave me confidence. Honestly I'll never go to another psychic again I've found THE ONE. There said it!" ... written by Katja87
I love Rondell... She is the best!" ... written by gemmie
THANK U!! You are truly a blessing to me. I will talk with you again." ... written by whiteangle81
If you are having a bad day you must take Rondell to private, she is wonderful, she has awesome words of wisdom and she can help you out of your funk. Thank you, Rondell! XO " ... written by mj1963
Wow! Getting a reading from Rondell was like having an Angel on speed dial. You have now become my bff! All of your information and connections were dead on as if we've conversed before and we haven't. I am super happy as I am on my way to get my hunny back. " ... written by tblove1
Rondell was so cool, confident and sweet spirited! I forgot I was on a psychic website because of our connection. I came back to reality when my minutes were counting down. I appreciate you and am grateful for your insight. Will definitely be taking your guidance...TONIGHT! You gave me a new wave of hope and I am in tears as I type this because I really felt lost as to what to do to get my man back. Thank you, thank you, thank you and God Bless you!" ... written by tblove1
Wonderful, very in tunes 5 stars" ... written by arlinruth
She is amazing. Picks up on situations and people like she is in them herself. She is always worth a private. She also gives great advice. Ty Rondell :)" ... written by florwer85
She is awesome!!!!" ... written by Agapelove7
Great connection! Picked up on so many things in free chat and then even more in private. Saw a lot of the issues and situation at hand! And she gave me reassurance with my faith. I am very grateful for that!! So blessed! I really really loved my reading!" ... written by Nona29
I thank GOD for leading me to Mrs. Rondell she let me know a lot and helped me spiritual... answered everything. I have no more questions and my faith with GOD is that much stronger." ... written by Blessed32
Over the moon! She made me feel confident in my decisions and just a voice of clarity I was looking for. Thank you Rondell!" ... written by chaos815
WOWO how amazing" ... written by Tiffany
I love her. She is spot on! HIGLY recommended. I will most certainly be back for more readings. She is amazingly accurate and honest. Hilarious and sweet too. Truly cares about you and your situations. Gives loads of detailed information with only your first name and location." ... written by The8th_Wonder
Rondell is awesome and funny!! Thank you" ... written by Sue
Sincere and to the point!" ... written by gummigummi
Awesome reading and it's a pleasure having a reading with her. She picks up fast when connecting and offer advice. Very accurate!!!!! Her testimonials speak for itself. She even picked up on things I was going through and never mentioned to anyone. I look forward to speaking with her again.. She is " ... written by Tina
thanks so much, I needed to hear from him." ... written by lisa
Rondell is amazing, a spirit led insight, compassionate, cares about the situation. I enjoyed our reading ." ... written by Rance Allen
very objective with analysis. gave a few predictions. diplomatic with delivery. thank you." ... written by starfish57
omg, Rondell just blows me away very reading we have! Thank you sweetie." ... written by gemmie
omg, Rondell is just the best!!!! I am so happy she is back on here, she is a trusted friend and a gifted reader. Thank you so much for your wisdom and a phenomenal reading as always Rondell-missed you a lot!" ... written by gemmie
Rondell is just amazing. She has great intuition and picks up on your energy. Shes very caring sympathetic and nurturing, Thank you so much for the long term advice. I will keep you posted on all my good news" ... written by Julisa Soriano
Her reading was on point! I feel like she picked up on a lot and was very accurate and clear." ... written by Mimi
she was awesome" ... written by loveboo314
she is beautifull person,and reading went perfectly awesome.thx rondell" ... written by viendax
love this woman TO LIFE!!!!!!!! thank you Rondell for another fabulous and spot on reading :)" ... written by gemmie
Thank you thank you thank you!!! I have a religious background and many say that this is wrong and all but I feel that this woman is blessed and I thank you very much for all your help! I will def be talking to you again!" ... written by BrazilianGoddess
connected very well and fast, loved loved loved speaking with ms rondell :)" ... written by Sweety