About Resmyrranda

Psychic Resmyrrandahas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Resmyrrandahas recently helped 23members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Resmyrranda's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Trusted online since 1999, Master Tarologist, Certifications in Life Coaching, Numerology, NLP, Relationship Coaching, Past Life Regression, & Hypnotherapy.

She was super. A very very insightful and on point reading. Wonderful. And a kind soul as well." ... written by L
Res is absolutely amazing. I have been having readings with her for some time now and she never ceases to amaze me. She is my rock. Her intuitiveness is incredible and she is an extremely genuine person. I luv ya Res." ... written by Stangguy73
If I had to summarize my experience with Resmyrranda in one word, it would be “extraordinary.” I’m not saying that because this site specializes in such things. I am saying it because Resmyrranda is everything I could possibly want in a consultant of ANY kind. She was very sweet, understanding, and patient, yet, she made sure not to waste any time. She was incredibly accurate in her readings and gave clear, earnest answers to all of my concerns, effectively clearing out any trace of doubt in my mind. I have no need to look for anyone else on here; she was simply incredible. She is THE hidden gem on this site. 6/5 rating." ... written by Magiedemots
Res knocked it out of the park again. Luv YA TP." ... written by stangguy73
Awesome, awesome. That's all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by riley777
This girl is incredible. couldn't make it without her" ... written by raynorum
Very honest and patient" ... written by seekintruth0802
She's awesome, really honest and up front and SPOT ON! I would DEFINITELY see her again! I didn't have to tell her much to know about me!" ... written by midnightdistract
Very thorough and informative. Gets right to the bottom of what you are wanting to know. If you want the truth, she is the one to go to for your answers. Very friendly and caring. Has helped me over the yrs and I will continue to trust her and go to her for guidance and answers." ... written by kte123
Resmyrranda is an awesome reader and psychic! She is lovely and gives great advice as well as information. She is definitely a 5star reader!!!" ... written by marion
Clear insight!! Highly recommended!!!Thank you sooo mcuh :)" ... written by rattail1
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
OMG. I am so impressed with this woman. She has given me such peace of mind, she was kind and straight to the point and didn t waste my time. She picked up on my situation extremely well and is very accurate. I had been feeling sick because of anxiety all day and now my anxiety is almost gone. Also she tries to help you a little bit with some kind words and general advice before you come into private and she is not pushy about one doing a private, which is nice as well. You are so awesome and I'm so happy you are on oranum. I will be back for another prvt ASAP. xoxo" ... written by missy123
she was able to connect quickly with my situation she answered all my questions highly recoomended she cleared the fog ...." ... written by vc1976
this lady is really good reader she give me the detail of job and the time frame too, cool." ... written by TUSHAN
res was awesome....i really enjoyed my reading with her....pls give her a try...very very intuitive...ty so much res:)" ... written by qndiva
she is a wonderful person...she was so rite on she really wowed me...." ... written by lissa30
Caring, understanding, and straight to the point. She has a sweet and calming attitude andamp; I really enjoyed my reading with her. i will definitely come back again." ... written by mary
Very thorough reader clear fast excellent thank you" ... written by dymonds47
very nice sweet compassionate and helpful" ... written by suga-slim
Resmyrranda is a very sweet person, she is accurate in her readings. Looking forward to more readings with her in the future. I highly recommend her." ... written by Lucy117
All I can say is WOW. What an amazing reading. Once again Res hit the nail on the head. It was so accurate it was almost scary. Res is an amazing reader and her interpretation of the cards is second to none. If you haven't had a reading from her, get one. Trust me you won't be sorry. Luv YA TP." ... written by stangguy73
Res always puts my mind at ease. She is the best. I luv ya TP" ... written by stangguy73
I love my reading with Res! I would love to have another whenever i get credits again! Cheers!" ... written by xjessicaheartx
had a wonderful encouraging reading with Resmyrranda! She was to the point,her accuracy of my situation overwhelmed me to tears of joy. Very graceful and caring. Truly blessed to have found her here tonight. Nothing in the universe is a coincidence..we found what we need..and it blew me away. Thank You!" ... written by Caro77
thats auntee res, she is such a reliable reader and her advice is septacular. it always works for sure. i highly recommend her" ... written by lavelle
Amazing, made me feel so much better. :)" ... written by Samantha
Love this girl. She is the best. My rock." ... written by Rayzor
Resmyrranda is great! She gives you insight on how the other person is feeling that can help to understand situations in life... Thanks." ... written by sweetpea333
Res rocks!" ... written by Stangguy73
She seems very nice and connected. I am glad she is back. " ... written by leelee32384
Res is truly gifted. She is so in tune to my situation it is almost scary. I am always in awe as I see the things she says in a reading manifest in real life. I luv ya Res." ... written by stangguy73
Very kind and understanding. Explains the cards clearly and honestly so you know what to look out for and what path to take." ... written by angelszone
Great reading. Love her energy and her gentle manner. Described the person I was asking about to a "t". " ... written by Ahz
thank you res :)" ... written by cottoncandy85
Fantastic. Nailed it!" ... written by sy
Res is truly gifted. She is my rock and my inspiration. I am so thankful I found her. I truly don't know what I would do without her. I luv Ya Res!!" ... written by Ed
Intuitive, connected beautifully, highly recommend!" ... written by BK
She is absolutely wonderful and very accurate !" ... written by Yellowlily79
Res is great! Clear calm and professional ...the info is always accurate and she says what she sees not what you may want to hear! That is important for me. You will not regret a reading with Res. " ... written by michele
OMG she is the best. She connected fast, and was so kind and caring. The way she talks is so calming. She also was on the mark. I will come back for updates. She is an asset to Oranum." ... written by LB
I love her readings very up front and straight to the point." ... written by lavelle
Res is absolutely incredible. She always lifts my spirits and always has the answers. She is my rock. You Rock TP. Luv Ya" ... written by stangguy73
thank you res, you're amazing. " ... written by Tashina
Res is astonishing. Her brilliance and abilities are second to none. She is the real deal. I luv ya TP." ... written by stangguy73
Great readings... Quick, clear, andamp; sincere. Thank you. " ... written by Happy
Res is absolutely amazing. She is always spot on. She is my rock and my guiding light. Luv YA TP!!" ... written by stangguy73
very pleasant, came across as very sincere, would go to her again in a heartbeat!" ... written by sarah
Res is always there when I need her. She is absolutely amazing. I always feel better after talking to her. You are my rock TP." ... written by stangguy73
Res is my rock. She is always there for me no matter what. If you haven't had a reading with her get one. Trust me you won't be sorry She has completely changed my life. Luv Ya TP" ... written by stangguy73
Another awesome reading. Once again my questions were answered and my mind put at ease. You are the best Res. I luv ya to pieces" ... written by stangguy73
she was kind and generous pulled 3 cards and exspained them and they fight in and gave me hope." ... written by luvuchaluka
She was clear and honest with everything. I will def use Ms. Resmyrranda once again...she is perfect and a must try! :)" ... written by Ashlee
Thank you res - ur always the best and so accurate" ... written by NK
Res is truly amazing. I have never known another person like her. Her abilities never cease to amaze me. Because of her my life has changed so much for the better. I luv Ya TP" ... written by stangguy73
Awesome reading from Resmyranda///clarified my issues and provided some peace." ... written by Sidney Greenstreet
res was wonderful and soothing she read the cards and laid out my plan and I liked what I heard. very nice reader I will be back!" ... written by julie
Res is the best reader I have ever read with. She is continually correct with everything from people's intentions to time frames, and I come to read with her regularly. Maybe too often lol, but that's because she is so good. Reading with her is not just getting answers, it is life coaching. She gives you the tools to stay out of your own way and let your life unfold as it is supposed to. A reading with her is worth every penny. I am truly lucky to have found her." ... written by jellybell
The reading was fantastic! I love working with Res" ... written by Astron07 Mara
Great reading today. Looking forward to the predictions that she gave." ... written by Oranum User
Res is incredible. She always lifts my spirits. Her wisdom and knowledge are incredible. Luv Ta bunches TP." ... written by stangguy73
Res readings are always accurate. They give me a peace of mind and the forage to go on if I feel sad or disappointed. She is Higly intuitive and her energy his very high. " ... written by Mara Mazzarotto
Thanks" ... written by Oranum User
Res is great, saw my issues very clearly. I would recommend her for any of your needs. Thank you!!" ... written by Lynda22
Thanks for the great reading?" ... written by Oranum User
she was really good. we will see if it comes true." ... written by Jnaujo00
Great reading. Thanks" ... written by Oranum User
Thanks for the great reading. I think it will help me for sure" ... written by Oranum User
good reading, She wasted no time in answering all of my questions and giving me a broad understanding to whats ahead." ... written by pinkpather30
such a good reading! ill be back for sure!:)" ... written by Tori M
Once again Res put me at ease. She always has the answers and the guidance I need. I luv Ya TP." ... written by stangguy73
my connection was off" ... written by gregg
Resmyrranda is a great reader and person. she is so kind and very good with the tarot. she is also detailed in her readings and has a great energy about her. i definitely recommend her and she is one of the best on oranum. 5 stars :)" ... written by faerieLovee
she's right on" ... written by Cristina
Amazing! If I had more credits I would have gone longer" ... written by Ulva Mazzone
Nice reading.. Accurate." ... written by Amanda
Res was amazing! Knew the situation well - 10/10 thank you so much, accurate psychic.!!!!! REAL DEAL." ... written by K
thanks auntee res ...ur always so much help. love and hugs" ... written by lavelle
Res is awesome! TY." ... written by calichica
Encouraging, always gives great advise. " ... written by pinkpather30
All I can say is amazing. I have done may reading with Res and she always has the answers. She is truly gifted and has helped me become a better person. Luv Ya TP" ... written by stangguy73
Res is an amazing reader. Her interpretation of the cards is outstanding. Her readings just get more amazing every time. She is truly gifted and such a truly all around exceptional person. " ... written by stangguy73
Res is the best! I come to her often, and she always gives the best readings and advice. Love her. " ... written by Stephanie
Absolutely amazing. Res's reading was dead on as usual. She is truly gifted. Luv Ya TP" ... written by stangguy73
She was just as comforting, assuring, and quick as ever in our reading today. I'm excited to update her, as her insight always comes to pass :) " ... written by jellybell
What an informational reading. Res is an incredible reader. The things she sees in the cards is astonishing. She is definitely one of a kind. I luv ya TP xoxoxo" ... written by stangguy73
Once again Res clarified things for me. She is utterly amazing. She is a truly gifted reader and person. Luv ya TP" ... written by stangguy73
Awesome" ... written by ritesh
Wonderful reading. And lovely woman." ... written by L
Amazing as usual. I have learned so much from Res, She is my rock and guiding light. Luv Ya TP" ... written by stangguy73
Awesome" ... written by ritesh
thanks auntee res ...awesome insight as always." ... written by lavelle
Very good, awesome" ... written by ritesh
Sleeping with a smile on my face, because Res constantly reminds me that everything is going to work out. With only a few credits spent, I had an entire handful of concerns addressed. She is excellent. Thanks so much!" ... written by jellybell
LOVE Res!!!!! thank you goddesss" ... written by samantha
Brilliant update!!!" ... written by marion
Wow!!!!! She has this presence about her that is very calming. I liked her, she was easy to talk to, showed the cards as she pulled them and told me what they meant to my situation. I would for sure come back for updates. " ... written by L
Amazing and insiteful as usual. Awesome reading. Luv Ya TP!!" ... written by stangguy73
Res is always sweet, insightful and accurate! I won't go to anyone else!" ... written by Jeff Silvestri
Thank you Resmyrranda I really enjoyed the reading and hope to talk longer with you next time. You were very, kind, honest, and caring, You were really accurate as well, I felt like you were picking my mind. I also appreciate the solutions that you offered too. I will be back." ... written by ladyofstandards