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Psychic RelaxAdjustZonehas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic RelaxAdjustZonehas recently helped 17members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about RelaxAdjustZone's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Every Tues - Noon - 1 EST

YOUR LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER... Does the same situation keep happening? Are you in action?

"Messages from the other side" have been with me all my life. Over the last 12 years I have practiced
many methods to increase my awareness and tap into the energetic grid that we live in.

Empower yourself
Release old belief systems
Cut the cords of old relationships
Put the body and mind in regeneration mode
Learn new tools to get in touch with your guidance

I specialize in helping people get in touch with their own guidance and release what is holding them back. We all have access to answers and the capability to shift. I directly communicate with and probe the subconscious mind to find a probable cause for a person's unhealthy state, be it physical, mental or emotional. You draw situations, people, & experiences into your life. Subtle changes can be made to draw in what you want. Get in the driver's seat!

I access the energy (energetic blueprint) & guide you step by step to open your awareness and allow. If you are a person that seeks to enhance your intuitive and energetic abilities, book a “super intelligence” session.

Weekly I lead viewers on:

Brainwave Therapy Session using your imagination. - open your awareness!
Movement Sessions - move and process
State of Mind Sessions - recognizing your emotions -
Human Energy 101 - feel it - use it!

The brain is the central command for all of the body. It communicates by sending electro/chemical messages throughout the body. These pathways are called meridians. When the correct signals cannot be sent or not travel throughout the body correctly, it results in malfunction. Brainwave Therapy exercises the signaling in the brain through sound, visualization, emotion, perspective and body awareness. Your brain becomes balanced and stronger, just as a muscle becomes stronger when you use focused exercise.

How is this helpful? The body's automatic functioning gets back on track physically, mentally, & energeticly. Your body heals itself. Your mind becomes clearer, focus is stronger and you feel tuned in on a more consistent basis. This activates purpose, passion, creativity and what we all want..... Happiness. In this state of mind and being... unwanted behaviors are eliminated effortlessly and new positive ways of thinking are easily added and integrated.

Email readings: I will send a personalized visualization that is designed for you intuitively addressing your intention for the reading. This visualization will adjust your energetic pattern.

I have studied “energy work” and spirituality from many culture’s & modalities. It is a passion. We are exchanging energy all the time. It fascinates me so much, that I found myself reading all the time. From ancient ways to the latest greatest discovery or “modality”. SO into it! Spent a lot of time by myself. I felt with every fiber of my soul… that all the answers… and extraordinary traits were waiting to be discovered. The happiness, the contentment, the talents, the fun, THE LOVE. This is a never ending quest. I found myself trying to get there as fast as I could, and then to realize it is in every moment.

I have a Bachelor degree in Metaphysics. Trained in Reiki, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, Hypnotherapy, Dance, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Essential oils, Meditation, & Cultivating Spirituality.

Excellent!!" ... written by mariabeingmaria
Very good, sorry I ran out of credits, yes, she is amazing!" ... written by starlight22
She really made me feel good and I felt a shift really fast tyvm blessings 2 u!" ... written by gigi75
She is a real helper! If you really want to change the things in your life just ask her help :)" ... written by papaya4