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Welcome to my page, you can call me ebi love ;) ever since I can remember Ive been awake, even before I knew what being awake was. My life has been filled with a whole lot of magical, wonderful and sometimes scary things that VERY few get to witness let alone experience , which leads me to believe that my purpose is to teach, help and guide others to their own truths. Ever since I can remember I questioned everything around me and after my family, church, nor friends could provide me with the answers seek I decided to embark on my own quest for knowledge. Can you guess where I ended up, right back to myself. Knowledge of self is key to understanding the universe, anything else creates endless loops and cycles of paradoxes, the creator is pretty witty aye hehehe. Know thy self to know everything which is an extension of yourself. If you ever get stuck the answer is always love. There is no such thing as coincidences, even you reading this is exactly what you were supposed to do at this moment in time within this infinite universe, pretty cool huh? Earth is in the middle of the dimensions of heaven and hell. Live in the physical you die, for everything physical is only temporary and subjective and living in the spirit is objective thus eternal. Now you know, which do you choose?? As far as my beliefs, I don't hold onto one particular belief or thought, I learn from all and take in what best resonates. To sum it all up, I believe in the most high, a full circle omnipresence being that is the alpha and omega. At this present state we can not even begin to fully comprehend who/what he is entirely or what the ultimate plan is. So focusing and living in the moment here and now is imperative. Jesus Christ, the Roman translation for him grrrr, (his real name is yeshua) is the Savior who came down into this earthly dimension to be an example of what the most high intended us to be. Perfect, Godlike, without limitation nor sin. The time is now, and just like promised, christ consciousness is seeping through as the process of transformation of many levels holographic ally begins Many are called but few chose to accept it. Learn, grow and love.
Ebi ^_^
Come Join me as I help you in your growth and soul journey :)

" ... written by B.B