About Rahbinah

Psychic Rahbinahhas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Rahbinahhas recently helped 179members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Rahbinah's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Make the most of your time upon this Earth. Know that you have been given the gift of free will which enables you to create your own reality. There is a spark of the Divine within each and every one of us. Use this to your advantage!

I am an Empath meaning I can tune into the vibrations and emotions of others and feel what they are feeling. I have also been blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance and precognition. Whatever your question or concern, I can provide guidance. Give me a try.

My Mission Statement

I strive to help my clients take charge of their circumstances and make informed decisions. I believe in empowering individuals to make decisions on their own instead of giving fatalistic readings. I provide the insight, the client ultimately has to make the decision once armed with this insight.

I specialize in Destiny/Life Paths and relationships, but I can provide guidance in any area of a client’s life. Upon seconds of speaking with me, clients discover that I am easy to talk to, down to Earth and that I get right to the point.

I have received professional training in the field of Astrology through the Astrology Career Institute and in the field of counseling through Grand Canyon University. I am currently an associate member of the American Federation of Astrologers and I belong to the Arizona Society of Astrologers community. My formal education combined with my knowledge of metaphysics and esoteric science demonstrates my ability to be both rational and mystical. I am efficient and thorough in my work, but also empathetic and compassionate. I will not waste your time. I get right down to the heart of the matter. I use psychic tools to back up and confirm what more often than not, I already feel. I also use psychic tools to paint a more vivid picture of your situation. My most favorite tools to work with in my readings are Astrology, Tarot and Runes. I practice the ancient art of horary (predictive) astrology and my accuracy rate is very high. Through horary astrology, I have helped clients find missing pets, lost objects, obtain answers to relationship issues, relocation questions and work/career concerns.

I believe that as a Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, I can help people become the creators of their own destiny. I help clients become empowered so that they can consciously shape their lives according to their desire. I don’t engage in selling false hopes, fatalistic predictions, or fear mongering. I keep it real, I keep it simple and my clients walk away armed with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

Please be aware that per administration's policy I am not able to give free readings in the chat room. The chat room is for getting acquainted and for general information about spirituality, metaphysics and the like.

Peace and Many Blessings,


She is amazing, and kind, and straight to the point... Very very good!" ... written by Annebb
very good card reading... enjoyed her reading..." ... written by sweetlymystic
She was very accurate. Confirmed some things that I have been thinking about. Will definitely call her again." ... written by MusicLover44
i feel better after my reading and i hope things play out well " ... written by julznycles
She was straight to the point, did not waste time. I will come back to her again and let her know how it goes. Thank you for the reading ." ... written by missmel2011
Excellent reading. She is very grounded, accurate , and positive." ... written by katehrine1965
She is wonderful...very bubbly personality. A real joy to talk to..I will be back again." ... written by oceansandjoy1
rabinah is great!!! she is very accurate….she is down to earth shows a lot of compassion for your situation, like a friend…I keep coming back to her!" ... written by deelove
Ty Rahbinah :) " ... written by mozzy123
Interesting!!!" ... written by Harvey6972
Thanks! Enjoyed my reading very much!" ... written by flammingstar
Wow! Where do I begin....She knows everything about my world .....the exact situation...I am not paranoid....I will definitely be talking with her more and add her to my favorites.....You must experience her to understand......its no hocus pocus crap....it real!! Again I says thanks and talk to you soon." ... written by marilyn67
She was awesome told me things that i had to hear will be doing more talking with her...." ... written by ohgirl1
Great insight! An awesome reading!Very accurate!Thank you so much!" ... written by rattail1
Words can't explain how accurate rahbinah has been. I didn't have to tell her anything she new exactly what was going on with my situation. Right on the money. Will be going back for another reading!" ... written by ooopsi
She was asolutley amazing. Right on point. And not to mention very concerned and caring and sweet. Thankyou again. I will visit soon! :)" ... written by sweetstephy31
Intriguing and believable. Rahbinah seems genuine and knows how to use a variety of tools.She is an honest reader and does not tell prokies. if it's a negative, she says it how it is. if it's a positive, like wise. Thank you! x" ... written by librabeauty
Thank you for the reading not actually what I wanted to hear but I am hopeful that everything will work out for me. Thanks again!" ... written by Chanej
Rahbinah is great! she helped so much I definitely recommend her and I will be back!" ... written by alihonjen
thank you! awesome readings,your very helpful and have a beautiful gift. couldnt have been more right !!! birth chart rocked" ... written by outpeace81
She is very down to earth and accurate...Thank you! :)" ... written by deelove
Rabinah is wonderful.....she is really tuned in .....D" ... written by dstufra1
I loved Rahbinah. She was very warm, friendly, just like an old friend from the very get go. She took her time and tuned in so attentively, I was amazed. She came with an absolutely accurate description of my situation and gave me details of the dynamic and events in my relationship that amazed me. Very deep analysis, very accurate assessment, very analytical in her approach. I was very happy and from now on it is Rahbinah that will be m psychic advisor, only her. I was very impressed. Thank you, I am very very greatful to you. " ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Excellent reading and very quick to tune into the situation. Strong advisor." ... written by VE
Wow!!! She was amazing, she knew me without me having to say much, made me feel so much better helped me see my purpose understood everything and explained me to me without me having to talk!!! So much love, def coming back and RECOMMEND!! " ... written by Sherry
Amazing" ... written by marion
loved talking to her-a wonderful reader--very enthusiastic, honest, helpful. I will talky o her again." ... written by pearl
told me its going to take some time, with the guy i'm talking to. months. friendship is going to go strong with a guy from my past. and job early feb. will comeback in march to see if predictions came true." ... written by armadillo
She is awesome!" ... written by Maria
AWESOME!!!!!!!! Rabinah is sensational and the real deal!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
GREAT READING!" ... written by mata
RAHBINAH is very accurate in what she says. She can completely understand what's going on your mind and heart. Thanks to her helpful and insightful advices, I felt encouraged to make a decision I was delaying for too long. Thank you!!!" ... written by atelmo
Absolutely amazing! She is MUCH MORE BETTER than anybody would think. She is accurate, honest, friendly Sagittarius and a very positive person. Thank you for your wonderful reading and good thoughts." ... written by marxis79
It was great to see you!! Welcome back!!! I will definitely be back for a more in-depth very soon! Thank you !!!" ... written by deelove
I had my reading done a few months ago. She was amazing and very accurate in her visions for my past, the descriptions of dynamic in my relationship and assessment of my current situation. Her predictions for my future sounded well grounded and it seems now a couple of months later that those are slowly starting to materialize. She is great, friendly, compassionate and very careful to explain things and confirm with different methods. Loved her and will return for another reading as soon as I can "catch" her on Oranum." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Thanks for your opinion. A little overbearing. definitely like to make my own decisions. Sorry this reading was so incredibly negative." ... written by EvaFarm
She is very compassionate about her readings. I highly recommend her." ... written by rebelgirl05
I enjoyed my reading with this psychic. She picked up on my situation quickly and gave solid advice as how to handle my issues. I enjoyed her positive attitude and her she delivered solid and honest answers. I will seek her again for guidance. " ... written by wee318
I got my reading a couple of weeks ago so I am late to post my opinion but never-the-less here it is; a great reading, great psychic, very very accurate in her visions and taking her time to confirm her predictions through different methods. Very clear in what she was doing and explaining every step of the process. Very optimistic and encouraging in her manner. Wish she was available 'live' more often as she is really very good." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
It has been so long, you gave me an awesome reading the last time we spoke. Down to earth and honest. Hope to see you back on at the end of the month." ... written by deelove
Beautiful Reading and very accurate! Ty Rahbinah :)" ... written by mozzy123
Interesting reading and great, accurate insight, credits ran out but really good! " ... written by Sherry
So much thanks! Spot on!!" ... written by Daisy