Psychic RAZIEL2has 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic RAZIEL2has recently helped 67members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about RAZIEL2's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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hello, my name is Raziel 2, I am professional tarot reader, psychic birth, and ritualistic white magic. Leo the destination through the rider waite tarot cards, I use the pendulum and managing advanced knowledge of astrology and white magic.

I can help you solve your financial problems, love and health ... 'll answer any questions you ask first and correctly ... you will be surprise!

In this world so agitated by stress, complications and problems of daily life, we neglect our spiritual side, and we need to turn to our inner seeking spiritual guidance in all of us ...

through magical tools such as tarot, the pendulum, knowledge and magical practices I can help you decipher your destiny and solve all your doubts. the same way you find your inner self and with my help you will be full, full of well-being, prosperity and light!

Since the appearance of tarot throughout history, man has felt strongly attracted and influenced by the magic of the tarot. So much so that creates a common bond between people and the tarot. Its origin is unknown but is believed to come from ancient Egypt.

The tarot have a profound attraction to all those who watch and makes unforgettable the first time that you were cast does not matter that most people express a lack of evidence and their lack of faith in the prophecies of the cards.

When a deck of tarot appears, everyone around the soothsayer and everyone wants to be next in line for their fate.

"We are cosmic beings and respond to the laws governing the universe"

Thank you for the reading. He was very nice and informative and made me feel relaxed. I will take his advice and I know my guides are directing me in the right way as he stated. I will be in touch and felt very relaxed during my reading. Thanks again!" ... written by Chanej
He is very good, he made me really happy his reading is awesome I recommend to try him out, u will love it." ... written by TUSHAN
Didn't mean to cut you off. Thanks for your insights :D" ... written by girlytomboy3665
hes is good sometimes people take advantage of his kindness but he is soooooo nice and patient...he is a good help...he read my cards about my book and was a 100% correct...he has good strong energy and knows what he is talking about...i wish that people can see past he good looks and see that he is an awesome reader...his name means the messager and thats what he is...take a chance on him he can truly help1" ... written by tyesejoy
Thank you for your help!!!" ... written by Sirena22
I think he's pretty good please give him a chance you won't be disappointed. Thx again Raziel" ... written by Lucy117
Time will tell, but sounds great. Will let you know." ... written by delores
He was very helpfull, accurate, just what I needed. Will definitelly see him again." ... written by maryannepav
He was quick at questions, gave me answers.. now we will see whats gonna happen... i hope that what he told me about me and my bf will happen and i hope that everything he said it will come true.... " ... written by SandraBianca
Was ok.. not so much detail. But did give general prediction of future prospects and love life. Lol if they come true then i will be very happy :) " ... written by Scorpionessa
He was so supportive.The reading of the cards was like they were coming out my head. Every thought i was thinking the cards was coming like bang bang bang. It was unbelievible how cards were being pulled and it was what i was thinking. I didnt even ask a question. And he was paitent and to the point never wasting a min. Full of insight and goodwill. It was wonderful - you must give him a try, really!" ... written by tyesejoy
Very kind and a good reader...awesome...awesome" ... written by tyesejoy
very good reader, give him a chance he can help you very much.. god bless rahzeil" ... written by tyesejoy
I really had a very good session with him. He was fun, interactive and provide good advices - not to mention that he's good looking too...! ha2. Made the session much more fun... :)" ... written by SWA2709
very nice reading!! I had two strait forward love relationship questions and he answered them very precisely and in a reasonable amount of time. Very postive energy from him... and positive blessings at the closing, he did not ask for additional information as if searching for what i wanted to hear, which I have experienced before.. overall a great reading and I would recomend him. " ... written by crazypoetgirl
Was great at telling me my problems and what my best choices were to resolve them. A really accurate reader." ... written by edgar3107
Thanks Raziel, I hope your predictions hold true. They are what I hope and pray for." ... written by Lia
I love this guy he has been spot on about me getting a job, and has picked up about my personal relationship hes simply the best - i will definitely be having a second read with him!" ... written by Vicky11
Thanks Raziel :) You always have good insight into me and my life. You're a special guy with a very special gift and a lot to give. You also have a beautiful soul...takes one to know one ;) Love n' light my friend. xx" ... written by BeautifulSoul
He was accurate... did not have to tell him anything. Was comforting and reassuring. Did answer my questions quickly. Thank you again and God Bless you!" ... written by answers28
Very Honest gave me good advise Just have to be patient.. Needed Clarity on some things Thx You! Spot on." ... written by queenbee22
very good, on point with everything." ... written by pinchme909
Excellent Reading! Thank you Raziel2 :)" ... written by mozzy123
straight to the point !!!! no bull !! i love him - he is the best! " ... written by silliysally
Raziel he's so accurate and spoton, probably one of the best psychics on Oranum. I would rate him the full five stars." ... written by Vicky11