About PsychicZubi

Psychic PsychicZubihas 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicZubihas recently helped 32members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicZubi's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi I am Psychic Zubi. I love to help and serve people around me. Whatever you are going through I can help you. I am having ability to understand situation and can easily guide you to get a clear vision at various situations in life. I am having spiritual and scientific way to understand others and guide you. Join me for best results.

Really great and caring. " ... written by Anna
was skeptical because of such low prices lol but she was good and to the point" ... written by ladiinatasha
brilliant and accurate very honest" ... written by katie
first time having a reading with her and she connected to me very fast an the sitution i was in. she answered all questions fast and positive and i look forward to what she has told me to come about in my future. i will return again soon" ... written by amedley
I love her! She is pretty much accurate and on the ball about everything that was happening. I will come back and definitely give updates. " ... written by KL
lovely talking to you zubi, you made me feel much better about my situation and not to give up!! very friendly reader, takes her time to tell you what she sees and has such a good insight into what ur future holds." ... written by emy
she is amazing! it was like she knew exactly everything going amazing. and she very very helpful. thank you so so much Psychic Zubi!!" ... written by rose
Picked up on a lot of info very helpful" ... written by smiles
she was spot on!" ... written by humility
I was happy that she connected quickly. No sugar coating for sure but life is not all rainbows. thank you for the honesty" ... written by tiffny
IT was a GREAT reading and I believe it to be true! Thank you!" ... written by Sumer
PsychicZubi is very experienced, smart, and kind with very good energy. She connects to you very well with just her spirit and mind. Very professional and courteous and does not judge. Thank you! " ... written by Ben
I thank you so much your work and blessings 100 stars for being so kind i have tried but i cant thank you so much" ... written by sandy
ohhhh wow she is great!!" ... written by Katie
sohonest and accurate, i really like her!" ... written by katie
i had lots of questions and she answered all of them honestly and accurately. truly amazing!" ... written by Katie
She is quick, honest and true. she gives out every detail and explains it very well about my situation. " ... written by ritika
She was upront no sugar coating. I hope her predictions come true :)" ... written by lyly
Great Reading!" ... written by J
Zubi was a very accurate in her reading gave me alot of info i will be back to follow up with her." ... written by rosei64
precise " ... written by Ask Tareen
super reader always there to help and advise :)" ... written by xxx
Very clear and honest. Saw EVERYTHING that was going on and gave me much relief and clarity. Really looked in depth to the situation and gave me a lot of details and a different outlook on the situation. I am very pleased and relieved to have met her. " ... written by Courtney
Very informative read who explains everything in detail. Zubi put my mind at ease and give great recommendations to assist with my situation. Two Thumbs Up" ... written by LB
Excellent as always! Told me the truth and confirmed what i was feeling! Will wait till nov for predication" ... written by Jaysa
ok" ... written by jp
she's a nice mature psychic reader with an amazing grasp at the psychic world. some things she told me very shockingly accurate to the core. i never believed in this practice much. but after consulting her it totally chnaged my outlook." ... written by arun
thank you gave me some insight" ... written by kuvu
Another great reading from psychiczubi. So calm, understanding, very intuitive, can read you very well and give you what you need. " ... written by Ben
Took a while to get started, but seemed to understand the situation. Will be back for update." ... written by angelszone
Hope her predictions will come true !!" ... written by Vivek
Zubi sets you at ease and allows you to be honest with yourself and her without concern. Zubi is very good with managing energy and is able to connect to yours very well. Always helpful and reassuring. " ... written by Ben
you are amazing spot on the situation you are quick" ... written by m
Excellent reading, made me think. Very honest. I trust her" ... written by evaclara
Had 2 sessions in a row and went back because I felt she knew what she was talking about." ... written by angelszone
Very nice to talk to. As with all predictions, will have to wait and see if they come true." ... written by la
She was wonderful in how she knew what was going on and helping me to grieve in piece and that the love of my life is missing me and soon will be at peace" ... written by SJ Johnson
very helpful, thank you. explained well. would see you again" ... written by Alli
Perceptive. Solid reading." ... written by Sarah Hubbard
super reader giving very good details on your situation" ... written by emy
Fantastic genuine reading, she is great and spot on." ... written by Lorna
Ms zubi is the best at readings. She is very insightful and empathetic in every reading." ... written by Prmz2001
Best reading I have ever gotten. She was deeply understanding to my questions, and answered them with such accuracy that it creeped me out. lol" ... written by Gary
I have seen her efforts and i have seen what she is capable of saying the truth and its fabulous. I cant believe that there can be so much accuracy ever. Shes a true light." ... written by shane
Third time, i just could not get enough. Simply, awesome." ... written by Gary
great for clarifying wats going on in your life, thank you zubi" ... written by emy
I had about 6 1/2 mins, I am still a little confused, but have more clarity then when I first entered her private session. She gave a time frame, I will update mid to late Aug." ... written by Mandakay
spot. on. so good" ... written by -
thank you great reading will be back soon" ... written by rosie64
Thank you for a another wonderful, relaxing reading. I felt very settled afterwards and ready to move forward. Very good skills. " ... written by Ben
great reading, fast typer and straight to the point, 5 stars" ... written by emy
She was very honest andamp; turthful reading with pros andamp; cons with much details for all involved. GOD BLESS YOU" ... written by queenbee22
she is nice, I believe what she has to say..." ... written by MaryAnn
calm reader who understands what you are going through and talks you through it in a friendly manner, everyone should give her a try" ... written by emy
Quick reading, quite detailed." ... written by Tiffany
Zubi gave a very detailed reading, thank you :)" ... written by Saloni
Zubi was willing to give me a reading with the limited credits i had and I'm thankful for that :)" ... written by Saloni
she's awesome and helpful to your problem and i will be back another reading" ... written by confusedlove16l
she most defiantly helped me see a lot in the future and she helped think things differently and thank you sooo much!" ... written by Thresa wilson
fast reader who gives accurate details worth every credit, thank you" ... written by emy
zubi is my angel she helps me alot and cant wait to see all her predictions coming to pass :)" ... written by emy
Thank you so much Zubi!!" ... written by Apoorva
such a nice friendly reader, u can ask her anything and i mean anything and she will help u, give her a try u wont be disappointed." ... written by emy
She told me a few things I already knew" ... written by Luella63
Seems on point with everything,, will see if her timeframe comes true :))" ... written by ellena
came in for an update. the same outcome came up a second time. she is very consistent and honest. she is a great soul. must read with her." ... written by JJ
she was stunning, i loved her reading.. gave me great insight." ... written by alicia
warm and caring..nice..we will see what transpires after this month" ... written by Sparkly1
always great to get updates and answer any questions you need to know, super psychic" ... written by emy
Zubi!! you are just amazing. Your readings are spot on and give me strength." ... written by Apoorva
truly wonderful accurate on the ball reading! thank you" ... written by katie
Quick to pick up your energy. I have faith in what she told me had to end reading to go to work. will come back to finish." ... written by jem
zubi, is a very quick and caring reader, she can tell you anything and everything to the finest detail that you need to know about without you even having to ask. Also gives excellent advice to make your dreams and destiny come true. " ... written by emy
she was very detailed and a fast typer. she was amazing and I would definitely go back to her" ... written by Z
she is nice and she knows what she is doing i had a good readings with her :-) god bless you " ... written by dood
She was great. Accurate sense of what was going on ." ... written by Diana
awesome reader dunno what i would do without her, really helps you clarify things and excellent rate." ... written by thank you
she's ACE!!!" ... written by katie
excellent reader :)" ... written by emy
Great reading! I like her! Thank you!!!" ... written by Mariela
she was great made sense in what she said understood perfectly tku so much i wish i had more funds to be able to ask more questions but tku" ... written by charlee819
wonderful reading!! very accurate and quick " ... written by katie
She seemed legit. I hope her predictions come true. I am very hopeful that they will.... I will keep you updated. Here is a toast to Dec 2015!!!!! " ... written by Ann
I was amazed by what she told me. She was telling me what was going to happen in my life this Fall. She was GREAT!" ... written by Jeff MacDonald
zubi is excellent" ... written by MEMOONA BILAL
zubi is brilliant, highly recommended, lots and lots of information. thanks" ... written by m
Zubi, picked up on a lot in my situation and she see's hope. Predictions that I hope come to pass and I will be back for sure. Great advice and calmed me down. she picks up on people and how they are greatly. Nice calm soul, who also gives good advice." ... written by K
100 stars. " ... written by m
She is so truly honest and talented. I was amazed by what she can see happening in my near future. I am so lucky to have found her. She is one of my favorites." ... written by Jeff MacDonald
Detailed and direct and authentic reading given" ... written by DianeGrace
5 stars! " ... written by thefinalstrike
Very good honest and accurate reading. She is a very kind and offers good advice - very gifted. I would recommend her to anyone and have much gratitude for such a lovely reading. Many thanks Zubi!!" ... written by Kelly
just finished my 3rd reading from her... things she said really happens...for $ 1.49 .... highly recommend her A+++++++ " ... written by Karla mercado
really like my private with Zubi very helpful n see what going on thx you so much 5 stars God Bless!!will gv it time " ... written by queenbee22
Awesome psychic! Predictions with guidance and details. Would totally recommend Zubi to anyone will questions about future. Thank you Zubi! :)" ... written by Jaya
PsychicZubi provided efficient and fast feedback and was on point with everything going on with my life. I appreciate her honesty." ... written by jlcalixto1
She is so honest and real. I am so lucky to have found her. I highly recommend her." ... written by Jeff MacDonald
Appreciate the advise and honesty! i really like my reading. " ... written by BianaB
receptive. she was caring. and i have to read becasue i was too excited and i was talking too much. but she was great. thank you " ... written by cami
She was very nice and I hope she is right." ... written by Sibbie
excellent updates and advice, 5stars" ... written by super
She is my favorite psychic. She is so honest and real. Her readings are life changing. I am so lucky to have found her. She has made such a difference in my life. Thank you!" ... written by Jeff MacDonald
great for updates and advice, really cares about your problems" ... written by super
Thank you so much you gave me an amazikng reading looking forward to your predictions!!" ... written by chistin
zubi is the real deal. her connection is quick. her readings are detailed.her assessment accurate. and i am really looking forward to her predictions. this is my third reading with her and i will be back for more updates. all the stars in the sky for zubi !!!" ... written by maria
Thank you for your reading!! I will keep you posted and I will let you know what happens!!" ... written by DukePrincess21
Great reading!" ... written by Tony Alexander
Zubi brought a lot of predictions to me and picked up on alot on my situation a wonderful reader thanks!!" ... written by rosie64
Great reading again! Always on the mark. Thank you! " ... written by Ben
She listened and gave me an honest reading. Now for the waiting for what happens next. She gave me some peace of mind" ... written by catwoman140
Best above all the fake promises i have had. She is friendly and supportive. She does not only give u her predictions but also tells the cure if there should be any. She is intelligent and seems me genuine helper." ... written by Prachi Jain
ZUBI IS EXCELLENT" ... written by MAHA
she is gifted. comes up with many details.she is a gr8 help! highly recommended.5 stars." ... written by jenne
very detailed answers regarding my love life i loved it thanks so much :)" ... written by renae
Very honest and precise" ... written by JJ
Geat reading, hope it comes to pass" ... written by Danielle
very good amazing persoon thank you " ... written by hannah
very good lady and reading. Will contact her again. I tried to add more credits to continue, but the connection failed. She is lovely." ... written by cary
zubi is a very helpful psychic. lots of clarity .5 stars.thank you . " ... written by maryann
She gave me an advice, I really could use. Now I know where I'm standing and she really helped me to clear up my mind. She didn't need much time to think about the answers. I am rating her with 5 stars, because she seems to be very serious. She isn't doing it for money, but to help people. Thank you so much" ... written by Wesley
Very descriptive, seems to be very on point and sure of her predictions, I will wait and see if things come true in December, I sure am hopeful :)" ... written by Tierra
Psychic is very honest in gv details that's been on going also appreciate, the extra message you send me, very positive info" ... written by queenbee22
awesome accurate reader.... :)" ... written by Karla mercado
great updates and insights, 5 stars" ... written by thank you
Compassionate reader that really does see the truth. You cannot hide anything from her million stars" ... written by ah
Seems to be very honest and insightful. I guess only time will tell though." ... written by Mimi
Zubi is an excellent psychic and her reading was to the point and very good. Give her a try!" ... written by CockieJan
Thanks for the reading." ... written by d2k1000
Very good, quick connection and accurate :) " ... written by Adis
Zubi is great...she's tapped into some cosmic information portal because she gave some very true advice and visions. I appreciate her style and honesty. five stars!" ... written by Senator Alan Cranston
great reading" ... written by Lorann
zubi is so supportive and honest. i vote her as best psychic here. she tells what she sees. she has a gift from god.her kind words are honest and supportive." ... written by MEMOONA BILAL
She is brilliant and gifted . She knows he work well.Today as well she was awesome ! Thanks " ... written by shell
zubi knows her work. she has command on her knowledge.i think she is the best psychci on this site. i dont goto anyone else but her ." ... written by MEMOONA BILAL
awesome reader as always... very attentive to details" ... written by Karla mercado
Great and honest Reading! i recommend everyone to get a Reading With her:)" ... written by Lise
She is very good. " ... written by L
very good update thx you so much for positive happenings look forward to this l" ... written by queenbee22
She is really great! She knew the situation and gave some good advice" ... written by Toby
Thank you for another wonderful reading. Kind, forthright, and accurate. Also very smart. I am fortunate. " ... written by Ben
She is by far the most accurate and she has amazing insight. I will definitely be chatting with her again anytime!" ... written by Corina
zubi is super. she comes up with many details.she is always insightful. she is my guide and counselor.wonderful as always!! " ... written by sam
Thanks so much for the update." ... written by Paula
she is good and accurate " ... written by ohood
She gave me a good and fast reading." ... written by Laks
very quick to tune into my question, and accurate, insight was very helpful. thank u " ... written by rainy1962
awesome reader! nailed it! everything she said had happened.. recommends her A+++++++" ... written by Karla mercado
Thank you for the update!" ... written by Tony
thanks for the clarity :)" ... written by Karla mercado
Right on, got the text like she said i would. " ... written by Anne
Very accurate and supportive." ... written by Annie
great insight! very truthful and honest, very happy with reading" ... written by Maria
I will wait for zubi's predictions because she was right to the true points about my life. I really enjoyed her readings, and hope to see her predictions." ... written by water
thx" ... written by Sonicclub
zubi is a very kind psychic.No sugar coating at all. She made things easier for me to understand .she helped and guided me. looking forward to her predictions. previous ones came to pass. recommended. thanks a lot" ... written by dabaang
Zubi has read a card for me and emailed an advice which matched with my state of mind perfectly. I came in to her free chat to thank her for the reading because it was so precise. Then I had a question for her but before I could ask she knew what I was going to and provided me with an answer. I am sure her predictions will come true and I am very excited. Don't hesitate to ask her whatever that is troubling you." ... written by J
hopes are given ..lets c if it happens" ... written by Anonymous
really see things going in good way. God is able to do what man cannot do, Thx you 4 your emails, cards that always show positive messages.. God Bless You Always!!" ... written by queenbee22
She is very accurate with her readings and some things said you might want to hear but it's real.I will be coming to hear a reading again" ... written by confusedlove16
Zubi is very empathetic and tunes into the situation immediately and provides her guidance with clarity. Waiting for the positive outcome she predicted. " ... written by J
It says psychic has left before entering the chatroom :(" ... written by siesta
direct honest answers to all quesitons. good reading nd ingihst" ... written by goldn
good answers, advice, initials of people, she knew outcome, she was great. " ... written by goldn
Great reading as always!" ... written by Tony
she was a good reader" ... written by mpooook
honest answers to questions" ... written by goldn
I have had the longest reading ever with Zubi ma'am and I must say she is one of the sweetest and most patient readers I've come across. She answered all my queries on career and love life very elaborately and made me hopeful for the future. I am looking forward to the predictions to pass. She picked up on a lot of information without me having to prod. I will definitely be coming back for more answers. She is one sweet lady and I appreciate her time. She knew my innermost concerns and hopes and fears and I am glad to have had a reading with her. I encourage everyone to give her a try. She will not dissapoint. Blessed be. Much love." ... written by siesta fiesta
Great reading as always. On point, very thoughtful. TY! " ... written by Ben
Good reading. Thanks!" ... written by Zeigen
She is wonderful and honest person. GIFTED INSIGHT. LOVE HER!!!!!!" ... written by Great Psychic Expert
great" ... written by --
Zubi is AMAZING andamp; GIFTED expert on this site. Do not hesitate to consult her. She has answers to your questions and no tools. She gives you the truth. " ... written by Gifted Psychic
Great insight and details. I felt she connected well and gave good advice. thanks" ... written by Muhsybean
Psychic Zubi is most kind, patient and logical psychic on Oranum. She gives good advice as well as accurate readings. I highly recommend her as I have seen the result of her readings." ... written by chocolate33
I've been impressed w Zubi. very connected, no tools, went right there and saw what was going on...i appreciate her counsel a lot, its shown to be accurate. Nice caring person too." ... written by Eldon Landwick
Very good reader, what she predicted came true for me and I look forward to seeing what happens next. I have had two readings with her, she is kind and gentle and honest. I appreciate that! Thank you for your time and help Zubi! :)" ... written by chocolate33
quick to connect and read" ... written by apple
Zubi is a nice person and a genuine reader. Shes seen into several important situations in my life and offered some sage counsel. Do check her out if you want some quality adivces and visions." ... written by Khayyam OMar Khayyam
Reading was good, will be back when predictions happen. " ... written by water
found Zubi to be very helpful and accurate" ... written by d
Connected immediately -- no extra talking to earn more time -- straight to the point and great insight! Thanks Zubi!" ... written by Shadow
very good and fast" ... written by sky
Very good. Does not sugar coat things. Very fast to connect. Appreciate her using her gifts. She will tell you exactly what she sees. Thank you so much, love , and light to you my friend." ... written by oreocookies37
zubi is the bestest :) 100 stars" ... written by mf
I enjoyed Zubi's readings, and felt she is a great reader on here. I felt she is very compassionate and a true psychic. I will wait for her predictions to happen. Thank you for the truth.. I like the way Zubi tells the reality, and does not sugar coat anything in order to make someone feel happy. Thank you, Zubi, have a blessed day." ... written by water
She is absolutely amazing and spot on i will definitely come back to her." ... written by Sky
She is very clear and straight to the point. No sugar coating. very kind and patient" ... written by chiara
good answers, good insight, she digs deep and finds things hidden, good expert on here. thank you" ... written by Awesome Reading
She was wonderful I wish she could talk to me instead of typing but other than that I had a great reading" ... written by Katie
My favorite here. I trust her completely.Great clarity. Good explanations.Highly Recommended." ... written by JAM
She is an excellent psychic.If you want want fast and accurate predictions than Zubi is the one for you.Thank you for a very honest reading. All the stars :)" ... written by kathy
Little dissapointing that the typing sometimes took a little while. overall good reading though. " ... written by Danielle
I have had readings with psychic zubi and waiting for predictions. I will let you know if the predictions come true. thank you, will wait for short time and see what happens. thank you" ... written by water
Zubi is a kind hearted soul who is able to read your energies and bring clarity to your issues. I would not have see through my current situation without her guidance. All of us are lights but we need another light to guide us from time to time. She is your best bet!!" ... written by JJ
wonderful lady... sensitive and kind words... but direct to the point and will never tell lies... as she would tell you things that you must know.. thanx for another good update !" ... written by Karla mercado
Thank you for confirming things for me" ... written by Paula
Zubi is fast, direct to the point, no frills, no tools. I especially liked her giving details in her answer rather than general yes / no! Absolutely amazing...I will consult her again! Thumbs Up and 10 Stars lady!!!!!!!" ... written by cordie167
She was very nice. Her answer was very odd, but it might come true." ... written by ElfLover
Fantastic reading! Thank you so much! I highly recommend PsychiZubi if you have questions about love and relationships." ... written by Tony
has alot to offer" ... written by Makeo
PsychicZubi is a wonderful psychic!! She very quickly tuned into my situation and I believe what she has told me is the truth. She has a sweet way about her and is very kind and very very smart! Thank you, Zubi!!! xoxooxoxoxx" ... written by Terri
A+ reading tonight (as usual). Setting the rest of my week up very well. " ... written by Ben
I am waiting for her predictions to happen, and hoping everything falls into place. thank you zubi" ... written by water
Kind and honest answers and predictions of situation. good reading. " ... written by goldenrainbows
She is spot on, connects deeply to your situation and pulls out facts and details that pertain and gives you insight to help your current issue. She is quite sincere and compassionate. I trust her. I'd even invite her over if I could. lol." ... written by Amazing Reading
Ms. Zubi is the real deal. She's so nice and calming as she gives you the answers you seek. She tells you the truth and that is what we pay for. Her insight is impeccable. You will not be disappointed. " ... written by Great Expert
Wonderful and all seeing. She knows the answers to all your questions and gives more insight to steer you through your current life challenge. I highly recommend her to help you through to best outcome!" ... written by Magnificent
Zubi is great, ive had a few readings w her and shes always on point, and i feel she really cares. What she had intuited, has shown to be true, later, thru experience." ... written by Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
She is so caring and looks deep into your case to get the real facts. It's startling to hear the verbatim conversations that she has knowledge of. Amazing Psychic!!!!!!!" ... written by Cosmic Child
Good positive energy, accurate reading, waiting for it all to happen, thank you" ... written by N
Went back for updates today, it turned out awesome and accurate. I admire the clarity she brings to the situation" ... written by JJ
Very, very helpful and thorough. I would definitely recommend her! " ... written by mefly
zubi is a topnotch psychic . her explanations are precise and correct. will keep coming to her for insights. thanks ." ... written by mona
Zubi is amazing. 100%. A great investment. She said things I had never mentioned and pulled them right out. She is quick and accurate. I can't wait for her predictions!!!" ... written by Vicky
Clear and concise insight and guidance! She is excellent reader who gives you counseling to best outcome. Highly recommended!" ... written by Great Expert!!!
Was so impressed with her demo, I came back for a private. She's clear and fast. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but we come here looking for truth, don't we?:-)" ... written by Imanix
very insightful. she guides you through your situation. :)" ... written by Eileen
she is very precise and gives u the right answer . gifted psychic " ... written by priyani
clear, precise and no wastage of time! very gifted reader." ... written by JJ
zubi is insightful and God has given her a gift . she doesn't waste ur time and money, sinks deep into situation and explains well. 100 stars " ... written by sidra
She gets specific details of questions when she delves deeper. I love how she reads, it's very specific if you need it to be. " ... written by Let the Truth be known
Zubi has always given good intuition into the situation. Shes genuine and a true intuitive. Always enjoy my talks w her and her helpful counsel. " ... written by Hafiz Kabir
Thank you much for our chat. It was a pleasure talking to you and thank you for your honest and offering me suggestions to change the outcome." ... written by Ladyofstandards
She was very helpful. I would definitely be coming back :)" ... written by Rachel
Zubi is a natural psychic who pinpoints the facts of a situation to help you make best decisions in your life. She is amazing and you will not be disappointed. *****5 star" ... written by Golden Girl
Amazing reading as ever! If you are having a problem please do not wait or hesitate, because just one reading will tell you how clear Zubi is about your situation. That clarity will guide lead a better and positive life! God bless." ... written by JJ
on" ... written by -
she is truly amazing i turn to her when i don't know what to do and she gets it right every time time!! " ... written by katie
Zubi is a very good psychic advisor and is confident with her predictions. You should give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Talk about startling and stunning!! Zubi has shocked me with her insight about my life and my current challenge. Honest to the bone and ACCURATE. She is my go to girl!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!" ... written by Astounding Expert Reader
Excellent! Spot on read of me and the people i asked about!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
She is accurate and right on with the readings. In which I asked about all she knew everything. Highly i would recommend her, helped me so much in many ways" ... written by April
Thank you so much for everything! Great as usual!" ... written by Tony
Psychic Zubi is very sound psychic, she gives good advice and is kind and patient. She has made prediction which have come to pass and I look forward to seeing her new predictions come to pass. Thank you" ... written by chocolate33
Very helpful. I will follow what is suggested . " ... written by reshma chandra
she was quick with answers did not give much information on her own just answered my questions, she gave predictions and timeframes big one for oct 2016 and November of this year as well as for next week. Will see if it happens and come back and tell." ... written by 88
zubi is excellent. she has indepth insight. she is willing to share all that she knows. 5 stars" ... written by mf
PSYCHICZUBI was wonderful, she put my mind at ease, bc i am such a worrier. she guided me through my family stresses, health, and finances. She is a beautiful soul and so empathetic." ... written by dolphins28
honest and fair reading. Very helpful. Thank you " ... written by reshma chandra
Zubi is absolutely AMAZING. Her predictions quickly came to pass. She knows things , deep things, it's as if she is playing a movie into your life. It's amazing. She is honest, truthful, compassionate and tells you the answers to your questions. I know if I want an accurate answer and an accurate prediction I go straight to her. YOU WILL LOVE HER. No time or money wasted. Like it or not she is THE REAL DEAL. Thank you Zubi! " ... written by Vicky
zubi does read like a book. a movie. she is god gifted. try her !!!!!" ... written by zubi fan
Great insight into unknown situations. Zubi knows the answers to all my questions and the situation. She is great and I will consult her again definitely. " ... written by Golden Reading
100 Stars!" ... written by
Excellent insight that is unmatchable!!!! Try her and you will want to consult her on all your problems b/c she helps withe honest truth of situation and FACTS !!!!!!!" ... written by Magnificent Zubi
Zubi is the BOMB!! You want answers, Zubi tells you the down and dirty truth of the situation and the players. Her spirit guided insight is honest and helpful to you making the enlightened decisions in your life!!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!" ... written by PHENOMENAL PSYCHIC!!!!!!
She is a great intuitive guidance counselor. Honest, quick and insightful information for your best outcome of your current challenge. TRUST HER!!!!!" ... written by ZUBI IS THE REAL DEAL
Zubi was quick to connect and I can always ask her about anything and she has the answer for everything! :)" ... written by Sal
Zubi was awesome as usual :)" ... written by Sal
She is amazing and compassionate. She delivers the honest truth to the situation. You won't be disappointed. " ... written by Great Expert Reading
Loved her style. No predictions but provided tools to move forward. An invaluable reading!" ... written by gingerbetty
Thank you again again Zubi for your insight, I will continue to stay postive and keep you updated." ... written by Ladyofsstandards
Supreme among intuitives, sterling insight, wonderful. warm, caring avatar of clairvoyance and practical life wisdom. Do try Zubi, she picks up on what's really going on." ... written by Hercules Rostropovich
zubi is an excellent psychic. always has detailed information about the issue, person or situation one asks for. my go to person here .always. ***** 5 stars" ... written by xyz
She is pretty amazing. Her level of insight and details is very good. Clear answers and fast!" ... written by sally
thank you zubi for the clarity and being honest i had a great reading with u ur the best and very accurate " ... written by marina
Knows her stuff, she delivers honest insight to me every time, she sees into situation and gives me truth of all parties. " ... written by ABSOLUTE BEST ON ORANUM
zubi reads everything like a book. right on ! superb ." ... written by myst
Another Great Prediction andamp; Answers from the Other Realms of the Universe. Zubi knows all and probably knows the color of your underwear. DO NOT HESITATE as SHE IS ALL KNOWING!!!!! You will be amazed and the predictions happen as she says!!!!" ... written by Magnificent Madame ZUBI!!!!
good reading, honest, good insight, she is nice and helps you " ... written by Insightful andamp; Truthful
Zubi gives you direct and honest answers to your questions. She delivers insight that allows one to make best decision. Truthful andamp; all seeing. U MUST SEE ZUBI, TODAY!!!!!! " ... written by PSYCHIC EXTRAORDINAIRE
She knows all about the situation in your life. Ask her anything and she will give you the truth of the matter to make the best decision. GO WITH ZUBI AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU DID. " ... written by Real Expert REader
Zubi answers questions directly with her insight, She uses no tools and tells you honesty what she sees. 5 stars for her!!!!! " ... written by Amazing Reading
awesome accurate updates !! recommended to everyone who wants the real deal!" ... written by K
Her reading really resonated with the current things in my life, and also gave me a sense of hope for what's next. Thank you!" ... written by Caitlin
excellent as always :)" ... written by laila
Spot on with the situation i am in and makes me feel better knowing i made the right decision in all 3 areas. Thank you so much" ... written by April
Was able to gv me lots of important details about " ... written by queenbee22
I got all the answers I needed to help me proceed in my situation. She is honest and tells you all about situation. I trust her and continue to consult her!!!! U should, you'll be glad u did." ... written by Revealing Reading
I have to wait and see if anything comes true in October, thank you..." ... written by water
She is calming and truthful with her delivery of insight. thank you zubi, i will be back" ... written by Great REading
she's awesome and great! go for it! you'll love her. " ... written by good reader
Great Lady!!!" ... written by
Zubi is so Great!!! Her abilities are out of this world!!! Honesty, insight, remote viewing, you name it......" ... written by She is the MACK DADDY READER ON HERE
everything she said is straight up truth...sad but true:) very fast typer and quick connection" ... written by eireen
She knows secrets and answers without tools, guides to best outcome. She is trusted gem on this site. " ... written by Tantalizingly Truthful Reader
Amazing reading again, and as usually. A gifted psychic!" ... written by Tony
Zubi is always there to help clarify. thanks zubi" ... written by JJ
Zubi is outstanding! Great reading so worth it overtime. So very very accurate. " ... written by Vikki
she is the most helpful and kindest psychic around. always has some information to help u in the situation. thanks a lot. 5 stars" ... written by xyz
very good detailed reading. will need to see how things go, as it was first time. thank you!" ... written by jc
this lady is all wat u nid to know everything u nid to know...if u want clarity ...definitely choose her!" ... written by K
great, quick to the point!" ... written by j
Zubi is a great counselor with great insight. Go for her, you'll love your reading!" ... written by Great Teacher
She is so great, her insight is perfect, knows answers, remote viewing. " ... written by MAGNIFICENT
She is awesome and so great! Go with zubi and you will be thankful. " ... written by Great REading
She was wonderful. Connected right away. Beautiful spirit." ... written by CarrieJane
without my even telling her she knew and remembered my details! Spot on and very very accurate!!! amazing woman and tells the truth not just what you want to hear. x x " ... written by katie
She is the greatest ever on this site. You will not be disappointed in your reading. HOnest and revealing and no tools. " ... written by gREAT rEADING
she is a quick typer and quick to connect. very good i will definitely recommend her" ... written by amanda
Thank You for the information. Really surprised about this one !! 5 stars" ... written by queenbee22
best in biz here. delightful. " ... written by rxr
Very good!" ... written by Maya
Very gifted and in touch. Fast and strong connection. Honest and straight forward. If you want a true reading Zubi is the one to come to." ... written by PaleNative
She is so perfectly honest with insight, no tools used, she sees the situation and gives you great guidance. " ... written by FANTASTIC PSYCHIC
Tonight was a followup reading, it was awesome and provides clarity. Waiting for things to come true. Thanks Zubi, you are an amazing reader as usual." ... written by JJ
Beautiful and amazing reading with zubi, She sees truth and honest with insight. No tools, zubi is the best. 100 Stars" ... written by BRILLIANT READER
No tools used, she answers questions directly and honestly, no sugar coating. Her insight has been totally correct so far. 10 STARS**********" ... written by Astounding Accuracy
I love her readings, gives me peace of mind." ... written by eireen
She is Amazing! Every time I come to see her I get all of my answers. She is the only psychic I use on this site!:D" ... written by Corina
Zubi was accurate, thorough and kind. Thank you Zubi" ... written by Nicole
Insight is amazing, no tools used, Compassion with honesty, guides you to best outcome to situation. I am a return customer over and over. You Will get BEST ADVICE/INFO!!!!!!!" ... written by Divine Insight
didnt have enough time but she's good" ... written by jj
Subi was on point with identifying the depth, and cause of my relationship questions. She looked into several housing, business, and educational issues and provided me with answers to my specific questions. The lady was fast and picked up on energies and questions not asked. Thumbs Up...10 Stars!!!!" ... written by Cordie167
good reader" ... written by mike
Zubi was very helpful as usual! you can ask her anything and she has the answer to it! :)" ... written by Sal
Good reading Zubi. Thanks as always!" ... written by JJ
Excellent and very detailed!" ... written by J
always accurate and making sense .she is one of the best" ... written by myst
honest, no tools, will give you insight into sitiuation. go for it" ... written by great psychic
Zubi has always been the person I come back to again and again! " ... written by Tony
In a middle of a reading and it froze going back to finish" ... written by FAith
Superb, really. Zubi is like a brook, a bubbling stream of wisdom and insight, flowing into the parched desert of my limited underdstanding. I've always found her counsel to be helpful and spiritually nutritious." ... written by Fernando Vallenzuela
She is very good at her insight. I trust her honesty and messages. You will not be disappointed. " ... written by Trusted Psychic
Great. Very very detailed reading. Lots of helpful information. Quick too." ... written by L
she is precise and accurate " ... written by myst
Very Help and Inciteful helped be get a clearer picture my sistutation " ... written by Simone
good reading , quickly answered my question , and gave me really good advice on my job situation " ... written by nat
That was great talking to Zubi, now we'll just have to wait and see if the things she said come true! Thank you!" ... written by Chol
She is really good " ... written by sharon
shes good right on the money!!" ... written by someone
An excellent reader with accurate understanding of situation and great advice. thanks so much!!" ... written by beathive
she picked up so right, very good reading " ... written by julie
VERY GOOD" ... written by KEITH
THANKYOU! I HOPE IT WORKS OUT!!!!! Great aura! quick, direct and no BS! " ... written by Natalie
A+++ Zubi is amazing. She is very very good! Ask her anything and she will help you ! She is quick and accurate!! Love her!" ... written by Seesmile
one more reading follow up. great insight what to expect and advice how to manage things. very down to earth andamp; practical advice that helps." ... written by jc
great prediction came true about job and she's one of the best psychics I came accross on this website -trusting her words." ... written by jc
lovely lady. excellent psychic. great counselor.5 stars" ... written by abc
Good Reading, very honest and straight forward." ... written by Nona
bloody awesome... very spot on.. " ... written by car
Zubi is a fantastic psychic reader and a very good advisor. Fast and detailed. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
she is one of the best" ... written by julie
I would recommend Zubi. shes always been a helpful advisor to me and has a good vision of whats going on." ... written by Giuseppe Granfalloon
Very helpful...I was feeling panicked and she helped me feel better and gave me an understanding to the situation. " ... written by Nona
she is quick, consistent and very helpful. i am coming to her for some months now . thank you." ... written by liza
A genius with the reading....good insight, saw the true character of the people and events....freindly and caring person. I felt her guidance has been correct in the past too." ... written by Reverend Ernesto Flores
Very quick answers to all my questions." ... written by ZZ
wont know if it is accurate yet. only time will tell...but she was quick and to the point" ... written by yawndoe
well...she has tht warmth which makes u connect so well...her face divine nd u feel all the comfort talking to her.She good wid her work as well." ... written by siya
A very detailed, calm and reassuring reading. Very impressive for a first session as well! Many thanks!" ... written by Charlie
She is very as always! Thanks so much Zubi! Very good insight and spot-on!" ... written by Kosmo
one of my new favs after prediction happened. she's really good and gives great advice." ... written by jc
she is very intuitive and amazing at remembering details. I have receive great wisdom from her. Highly recommend!" ... written by beathive
fantastic reading detailed and accurate thank you" ... written by Lorann23
good" ... written by d
Very good" ... written by Rebecca Hawthorne
thanks zobi u put me at ease" ... written by hannah
wonderful advisor - I listened to her advice before an important action and im glad I did speak to her before. I think things could have turned much different if I didnt keep calm like she adviced me to. Still need to wait for final outcome but I trust her and will follow advice as her previous prediction came true. thank you!" ... written by jazzychic
Wow, she is absolutely on point with her readings. She knew things about me without me even telling her. She is definitely a psychic i would recommend." ... written by Hope
Zubi is awesome, she always answers my questions and is so very accurate. Never a minute wasted and always ready to help. LOVE HER!!" ... written by Vicky
PsychicZubi was absolutely fantastic. She was very insightful and helped my quite a lot. I loved speaking with her and I feel much better for it." ... written by Hannah
zubi is a super psychic, always in tune with her clients, she remembers stuff and gives good advice. thank u" ... written by peach
Zubi is a wonderful psychic, she not only see the future and explains what is to come but offers solutions and a way forward. She is kindhearted, and her predictions have fulfilled themselves so far for me. " ... written by chocolate33
On point and excellent!" ... written by Zubi
Quick and to the point. She really tries to be helpful. Very kind and sweet. " ... written by vicky
She is fantastic! She was able to read deeply into the future. " ... written by Natasha
I really thank zubi for been there when I need support and advice. she has helped me a lot. zubi is fast , detailed and accurate. zubi rocks." ... written by queen
excellent" ... written by cindy
thanks zubi an amazing reading again " ... written by hannah
details, details and more details.she is the trusted psychic. thank you" ... written by v
thank you for the reading. she made me feel better. def will come back for another reading " ... written by nat
Given good sugar coating...hopefully things get better as predicted..." ... written by aaa
Thank you for your kinds words, and positive energy!" ... written by Faith
She was a great help. Thank you for the advice" ... written by dinhv005
She was right about my past and the now. She was specific about what will happen in the future, when it will happen and what to look out for. I'm excited about my future, if she's right :-)" ... written by sander75
Excellent. Honest. Answered all of my questions and concerns. Thank you so much. " ... written by swtone71
very nice sweet and honest. would love to speak to her again" ... written by lusinezei
she was very accurate in reading my past. I will be in touch and I'll be waiting to see the future." ... written by cittylove
Excellent reading as always! " ... written by Tony
Always detailed, appreciate her readings :)" ... written by S
Thanks for the reading xxx.. will keep you update " ... written by Adel
zubi is a trusted guide and psychic. i have been coming to her for months and she has always been helpful. her predictions do happen. strongly recommended." ... written by mf
Very straightforward and to the point. A pleasurable experience! " ... written by T
excellent" ... written by seema
5 stars thanks for the details on these issues but I no this wont last 4 ever.. God is able to shake up the situation stop it when he ready " ... written by queenbee22
great reading fast and to the point don't waste anytime to connect" ... written by hope
I logged on as i was so anxious, she straight away remembered me and my date of birth, my children's names the lot and i not been on for over a month!! she is soooooo accurate and TRUTHFUL!! amazing thank you x x x x x" ... written by Katie
she's great, very honest, very descriptive and good advice.. one of the best readers i have readings with. thank you so much!" ... written by jazzychic
She is insightful, intuitive, kind, sympathetic and what she has said has happened. She is a guide as well as a gifted psychic with vision to see reality of tomorrow. I have seen what she said has happened according to the timelines she has given , trust in her and let the universe do it's work." ... written by chocolate33
psychic Zubi is wonderful and picks up quickly on the situation at hand, she has predicted most things that have come to pass, she is wise and gives advise accordingly . I highly recommend her , she is a sound reader" ... written by chocolate33
zubi is such a genuine psychic, so spot on and real. 100 stars" ... written by myst
always consistently amazing so truthful x x x" ... written by katie
Very well done" ... written by Sally
Very intuitive types quickly and answers your questions. She made predictions and I will confirm once it happens. " ... written by ENA
very good insight into someone elses intention... prediction stays the same so hopefully it will develop more. thanks." ... written by jc
Great reading....just waiting for predictions to come through." ... written by anonymous
good" ... written by soemone
good reading not what i really wanted to hear but I'm glad i know" ... written by faith
She is straight to the point. Love her reading" ... written by Angela
I had a great reading, she was very good and precise, also fast and didnt waste time, i got all my questions answered! very good" ... written by c
sweet person" ... written by shelly3559
Thank you for another enjoyable reading with great insight and perspective. I highly recommend." ... written by Ben
zubi is wise and insightful . she gives quality information. details and time frames . she makes you comfortable. Highly recommended " ... written by mh
EXCELLENT! SHE picks up great detail and confirmed things that I already know. I would highly recommend her! she does not give a generic or basic reading. she will pick up the smaller details" ... written by linda
zubi is a great reader. taps into energy very well, quick typer,answers questions precisely. 5 stars." ... written by someone
very helpful to me thank you very much" ... written by lucy spano
Thank you Zubi I really enjoyed our chat again. I really appreciate that you are honest, kind, and caring, but most of all you offer helpful solutions if the person's situation isn't where you want it to be. I will follow your instructions and update you on how it goes. Thank you for giving me the heads up that he may not be able to go, that way if he doesn't I wont be extremely upset but I will know its because he has plans with his family and not because he doesn't want to go with me. I like that you don't give false hope but the truth." ... written by ladyofstandards
Amazing clear reading!" ... written by Zoozanne
thanks for your guidance today" ... written by j
zubi is awesome. right on the money.highly recommended. 5 stars." ... written by lady
she was very helpful. I hope everything comes to fruition. first time i had her read for me and thought she was awesome." ... written by Moll
great reading as always" ... written by JJ
zubi is a great and trustworthy psychic .superstar." ... written by cat
hope what she told comes true soon" ... written by aaa
She was great! Cleared my mind allot! " ... written by Stephanie
Thank you again Zubi for your guidance, I will stay calm." ... written by ladyofstandards
great reading I can't wait for him to be back home" ... written by fluffy
she has all the answers. amazing." ... written by abc
she is an exceptional psychic. she is my go to person here.highly recommended. 5 stars." ... written by mh
Subi is a great reader!" ... written by Lise
I am impressed with Zubi's insight and her ability to foresee events and issues in my life. I appreciate her helpful attitude and humor and genuine caring. I hope to work more w this intuitive in the future." ... written by Sri Sri Sri Balagangadaranathaswami
zubi can explain the reasons ,causes and impact of all events and situations.she gives all the details.thank you.5 stars." ... written by gurl
thanks, i just need a talk about it. " ... written by MMarmalade
Zubi has always been there for me when I needed her. She really can read and understand the situation clearly and I appreciate her being there for me these last 9 months." ... written by Tony
Thank you very accurate.x" ... written by lovemez12
she is a great help." ... written by gurl
Zubi was accurate with her reading. She confirmed what I already knew about the person without me giving any clues. Zubi only asked for the dates of birth. I was satisfied with her answers to my questions. She gave me clarity. I am looking forward to her positive predictions. Thank you, Zubi! I will keep you updated." ... written by Moonchild59
PyschicZubi has a deep understanding of love and relationships. She didnt talk and just asked for birth dates so I was a little skeptical. But as the reading went forward she gave me answers to everything that I had questions about. She gave it in detail on a very deep level. She was well worth the money." ... written by wdanield
5 stars" ... written by gurl
She's good at what she tells." ... written by nbarnes2
i take updates from her regularly, she remembers the previous chats and sessions.and her predictions are always consistent.thank u again :) " ... written by abc
Zubi is honest, kind , and non judgemental reader, who is always looking out the best for her clients. She is logical, wonderful, and intelligent psychic whose abilitiy and brain give you a sound advice to follow. I highly recommend her " ... written by chocolate33
excellent " ... written by linda
zubi can be counted upon to give minutest of details for situations and problems. she has been a great help and comforter for me. highly recommended." ... written by mf
Love love talking to this woman she's worth every penny and very calming." ... written by PeaceandCalm23
She's a reliable and lovely woman who really helped me out and tells things like it is." ... written by PeaceandCalm23
she is my trustworthy psychic here. thank you." ... written by abc
Awesome reading. Was spot on with everything. Thank you! " ... written by Ben
she was good." ... written by jennifer
She is amazing and accurate very very accurate." ... written by Peaceandcalm23
She predicted that my ex would come back before xmas and he did :) " ... written by
She's so helpful and insightful." ... written by PeaceandCalm23
interesting... we shall see" ... written by real love
details details and details. she is a gifted one. thank you so much" ... written by emma
you can ask her anything and she has the answer, the advice , the alternative. she is more than a good psychic- an adviser and counselor, thank u so much." ... written by ...
Very accurate and compelling......patient......right on the mark. " ... written by Judith
Shes very in tune with the current situation and describes it well. I asked for a time frame prediction and will update with its accuracy. Very sweet and honest. " ... written by Dee
she is exceptional.5 stars. highly recommended." ... written by mf
5 stars !! really looking forward to the outcome of these issues" ... written by queenbee22
excellent" ... written by mf
always good" ... written by gurl
wonderful lady, very detailed, will wait for predictions to pass, but i do believe she goes by what she sees and she sees well... ty again :)" ... written by ylang
Was helpful and gave me answers I needed. Thanks" ... written by Victoria
Most accurate reading yet. I love her. " ... written by Krista
zubi is a kind and helpful ,patient, kind psychic and gives me a lots of information. thank you" ... written by sara
she is the best" ... written by sharon
great reader!" ... written by universal
She is Absolutely wonderful!!! Spot, amazing connection with me and all of my situations and she is kind. You can ask her anything. I really enjoy her and trust what she says. I recommend her to everyone for a reading. She is a WOW!!!!! So much gratitude Zubi!" ... written by Kelly
good" ... written by g
Thank you for your help. " ... written by Victoria
Thank you for your answers and guidance. Zubi has got a clear picture of everything! " ... written by Victoria
very accurate reader !" ... written by lopezina1
excellent reading !!!" ... written by lopezina1
good" ... written by m
Very good reading :)" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Its simply amazing the details she can tell you. She clears the vision for you. Thank you so much Zubi. 5 stars." ... written by laila
thank you very much. zubi is a kind and understanding reader. " ... written by Monica
ZUBI is the best reader what i ever had. Thank you i'll invite her to my wedding. Thank you very much ;]" ... written by hadice1985
Zubi is amazing and spot on! She did a great job and I will contact her again. Thank you Zubi!" ... written by Gloria Stephens Ramirez
It was good talking to her again. she was good." ... written by PeaceandCalm23
A little confusing but she is a very gifted reader. thank you" ... written by Flee
Zubi gave me a VERY informed and accurate reading of my relationshhip issue. So glad I came in for a reading! You saw right into his personality and character. Highly recommend you to everyone! thanks so much! " ... written by Lynda22
She is so easy to talk with , predicts with confidence and is accurate. Thanks : )" ... written by Melissa
Great reading and picked up on the other person before I said anything!!" ... written by Angel
She was so amazing. So honest and so nice. I am definitely gonna chat with her again. " ... written by Chelsey
I admire persons with such a talent! Thank You, Zubi! x" ... written by Ely
very sweet lady gave me dates and actual details definitely worth a try , I will see if these things come true " ... written by srani
Had a followup after a while. Wonderful reading!" ... written by JJ
super work" ... written by ...
she is my trusted psychic here. 5 stars." ... written by mf
Seriously do a reading, you are missing out if you do not. Best person, no BS, straight to the point, you wont be wasting your time. " ... written by choco
Zubi was very on point for my first reading with her.. She gave me clear and concise things to look for and do this year... She was quick and detailed. I look forward to seeing what happens and how this all plays out on my life's pathway.. Much luv dear Zubi.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
wonderful reader, to the point, tells you full details even if they make your cheeks red! " ... written by chocolate33
Zubi is an insightful psychic, who had told me my future a long time back. I was impatient and sad because I didn't see how it would be possible, but Zubi time and again told me to be patient. What she had predicted is coming forth, and its very exciting to see. I have no doubt that she knows what she is talking about, that small little but of anxiety of "what if" does not exist when getting a ready from Zubi, because it is 100% accurate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." ... written by chocolate33
Another Powerful reading !!!" ... written by lopezina1
PsychicZubi is very easy to talk to andamp; confide with. She's non- judgemental, accurate in picking things, gives predictions with confidence. I highly recommend her ...she's definitely worth taking a read from. " ... written by Melissa
She was actually very good. I was impressed. I think she connected perfectly with the situation and gave accurate information. Awesome" ... written by Ang
She was very nice and clear in her readings. I felt very comfortable asking my questions and will definitely go back to her " ... written by Leena
GOOD" ... written by RAM
very fast and very detailed. thank you. i await your predictions to come true" ... written by christine
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
She was very thorough and extremely fast. " ... written by Kayla
lovely reading...connected well..thank you very much!!" ... written by mv
thank you for the awesome updates" ... written by Karla
I valued her insight and I will have to wait to see what happens. Thanks!" ... written by flowerlotus
always honest readings and will give you truthful answers. i always come back to her for updates and quick reads. recommend her " ... written by jd
Wonderful Reading! Psychi Zubi was great, very informative, genuine and sincere. Will definitely come again! " ... written by Stephanie
Shes great :] " ... written by dawn
Zubi was fenominal! I appreciate her honesty even with the not so great news. Shows she is real. I definitely recommend you invest in her. She's caring and easy to communicate with. " ... written by bellalife2016
Really detailed and very accurately connects. Top notch reader." ... written by Angel
excellent reader, quick and accurate" ... written by gingerbetty
Great insight into my situation. Very detailed reader. Really great!" ... written by Angel
zubi is fantaboulous." ... written by sen
GREAT !!" ... written by manal
Awesome reader" ... written by Angel
very insightful gets too the point. Zubi was there at my lowest when i really didnt still kinda dont know what to do.. only because i am impatient... i need things to be as they were and i now know and ralise the pattern.. thank you x " ... written by SH
amazing reading...very sweet and accurate while providing much clarity...thank you so much!!! will def be back again ...thank you!!" ... written by hua
I like Zubi's readings shes easy to talk to and has proven to be accurate and helpful every time. " ... written by Hiram Bingham
excellent,detailed,amazing and unbelievably good!" ... written by mmm
Connects fast and accurately. Is very detailed and really sees the heart of the matter. Awesome!" ... written by Angel
Amazing!" ... written by b
Great reader - thanks for the details!" ... written by p
PsychicZubi is absolutely amazing!!! I was automatically drawn to her and so glad I entered her room. I been worried about a career but Im no longer going to worry..because Zubi picked up on my situation very fast and accurately and gave me a full reading without wasting my time. God bless her ...Im ready to take on my new life it is time..No more time for worrying!!! Thanks Zubi" ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
she is truly one of the very best!" ... written by katie
she has so much information that one can continue for hours, thank you." ... written by mmm
She is a wonderful, kind hearted psychic, she tells you the truth. She tells you what is happening, and gives you help in keeping the right attitude to allow positive things enter your life. God bless you Zubi, so far all her predictions come true, but it takes time and it unfolds according to nature. Sometimes it doesn't happen the way we expect, but it happens through the way its meant to so dont be anxious. x " ... written by choco
wonderful insightful reading as usual!" ... written by JJ
perfect" ... written by frun
Psychic Zubi has provided me insight into my situation, and given me a clear idea of what is to happen. She is to the point, clear and concise. I would recommend her as she seemed to know little details, and major events that would occur and have already existed in my situation. I was recommended to read with her, and I am very satisfied. Thank you. " ... written by Souldier77
Wonderful, insightful, logical. :) Accurate as always , thank you Zubs." ... written by Choco
i love her! i bug her with the same questions and shes consistent and honest. and gives me insight that no one else would know. i'll always be back. " ... written by thanks!
She is always there for me, and im getting to know myway after meeting her. after meeting her , im dicovering my self, very accurate her readings. will always be with her." ... written by david
wonderful reader, person and soul, has helped me so much she has no idea , God Bless you Zubi " ... written by ylang
good reader but oranum always cuts and freezes" ... written by ylang
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
thanks for accurate information, you have given , always right in everything. somethings have no words to express, but im always happy for your readings. they are soo acurate." ... written by david
Zubi is kind, clear accurate and gives you logical advice on how to proceed. She won't tell you things to make you happy but the reality of it. Happiness is knowing things aren't always right but handling them anyways. She is smart, gentle, true, and dedicated to her clients... God bless zubi as always x " ... written by C
very good i came to update " ... written by ylang
good" ... written by abc
very clear and concise- she even gave me next steps to follow!" ... written by brandy
Great insight. Informative. Great reader" ... written by Angel
excellent reading" ... written by Ben
Amazing reading...Zubi is extremely good at what she does..and can see the very specific details of any situation...provided much clarity...very honest, helpful and a pleasure to speak with...will def return again and light" ... written by mv
she did a wonderful job channeling and very consistent with predictions. this is my third reading with her and i will continue coming back. linh" ... written by linnyle
Happy to get always her guidance, her readings are so true, and always direct" ... written by david
She was very helpful! She sounded like she knew quite a bit about what i was feeling. She seems genuine and I would definitely ask her for help if you need help. " ... written by TigaLili18
so wonderful- nice detailed information!" ... written by brandy
Very consistent reader. To the point and does not waste time. Fast and honest. Great!" ... written by Angel
she is a very kind and compassionate person. to the point and very accurate. give the truth as it is, and always provides suggestion. 5 stars." ... written by neon
Never had such a relaxing conversation with a psychic before. Surrender to love. " ... written by Richard
Really Good reading! Very straight forward and to the point. A lot of information was provided. Psychi Zubi was very informative and insightful. Will definitely visit her again. Wonderful Reading!" ... written by Stephanie
Wow, told me things I had no idea" ... written by ANdrea
shes not only psychic but my mentor through tough thinking and helping me see right. thanks so much" ... written by thank you
So very helpful :) Thank you very much!" ... written by pat
your awesome I thank you for your insites" ... written by lori
Very accurate and sincere. I am more than convinced, this is coming from a person who refuses to acknowledge any spirits or superior beings prior to the private reading. I have now realized my arrogance, can't prove everything with facts and science. So I choose faith. Thanks, PsychicZubi! :) " ... written by here4you
Good information. Thank u" ... written by Ang
love her!!" ... written by life
Zubi was great! She knew my problem exactly. Gave me great advice and clarity! Thank you!" ... written by justme0234
Zubi is a psychic that really cares about everyone. Treat her with respect and kindness. She is a human after all, just like anyone of us. She is making the world a better place for us, so in return, appreciate her effort...Blessing to Zubi! Love. :) " ... written by Richard
always insightful. i always come back to her" ... written by thank you
Very truthful and quick!" ... written by brandy
this is going to be interesting...watching the timeline unfold. will keep updated." ... written by beautifulwisdom
Excellent! PsychicZubi does not waste time...she connected quickly and was very accurate about the situation. I definitely recommend." ... written by nina
Zubi was very straight forward and didn't sugarcoat. she really knew the situation and myself so well. I will see if what she says comes to fruition " ... written by Z
Nice person and helpful" ... written by P
good" ... written by m
Great reading, thanks!" ... written by b
READ THIS!!!!" ... written by Girly521
Awesome reading...She confirmed something that has been mentioned to me before..When I revisit a previous question, her answer didn't changed..I knew she was the real deal. She will be my go to person when it comes to my careeer, my passion and general life. i really liked her free demo she gave and I was amazed how she worked...I am still amazed..namaste" ... written by SFEarthAngel
I had to continue....needed clarification." ... written by me
very good...i am eager to see things come to pass" ... written by me
She was on point very good about all the questions I asked her." ... written by Catgirl80
Great short session cleared so much up very satisfied." ... written by Justin
wow! This gal knows her stuff. Highly recommend." ... written by Diana
Excellent read! knew what is going on and i hope that it come true in nov" ... written by Jaysa
very good" ... written by teresa
she is one of the BEST truly amazing she is, I'm so happy now I've spoken to her. will def be back!! x x x x" ... written by Katie
Zubi is an amazing reader. She is always so accurate with her readings. I have always turned to her for insight and she has always been right. " ... written by Prmz2001
so sweet, always a pleasure. insightful" ... written by kris
Good reading :)" ... written by Adis
Thank you very very much." ... written by teresa
Had such an amazing reading! So many things have come true." ... written by Prmz2001
Had an amazing reading. Ms zubi definitely confirmed my situation and what will was truly amazing" ... written by Prmz2001
Excellent!! Very on point and accurate - I asked one question and didn't give any background info at all and she nailed the situation exactly! She was extremely honest and direct with no sugar coating and I really appreciated that. Highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Had an amazing reading! Ms zubi is always great!" ... written by Prmz2001
" ... written by Prmz2001
Had an amazing experience with MS zubis reading! She is so insightful and always so patient and kind. She has an incredible gift for insight. And always empathetic. Love her " ... written by Prmz2001
I want to say that Zubi has changed my life" ... written by shamanofsexy
Ms. Zubi is an amazing psychic! She had always been on point about everything going on in my life. She is so worth every penny and always so empathetic and has good advice. Love her " ... written by Prmz2001
Ms. Zubi is always so insightful and on point! Can't wait to have a next reading!" ... written by Prmz2001
she answer all my question and gave me great advice. I could have chatted with Zubi all night. She was calm and peaceful, fast typist and fast with connections." ... written by gemini
Ms such an amazing person! Her readings are so insightful and very true. " ... written by Prmz2001
Had an amazing reading with MS. Zubi! She is always on point!" ... written by Prmz2001
a truly gifted and talented reader, right every time xx" ... written by katie
She was truly a gift that has been waiting for me to open. Thank you, God for these people they give us so much relief and ease. I am restored at once again and until i com across something else in life that is not right to me I will return" ... written by SydneytheRebel
Ms zubi is always amazing! Great insight" ... written by Prmz2001
a very deep intuitive reader with a lot of practical advice." ... written by beathive
very good reading...thank you very much" ... written by me
Ms zubi has an incredible intuition! She is amazing in all my readings and there always so on point" ... written by Prmz2001
She is amazing. Everytime i do sessions with her she only tells me the truth and no sugar coating. Shes been very accurate that words cant describe. Shes has done prayers for me and i'm so glad and grateful for every ounce of help. Thank you. Please always keep her. shes as asset." ... written by ash
she is very precise and accurate. Amazingly helpful and caring. Shes been very gifted with her analysis. Always go to her if u want clarity. Thank you." ... written by ash
She is great!!! Very much on point." ... written by Keya H
Ms zubi gives the best readings! Always very accurate." ... written by Prmz2001
This had to be THE MOST AMAZING READING EVER!!! Zubi uses no tools...just channeling... She was able to see accurate visions of people in my life with names andamp; dates. I am COMPLETELY ASTONISHED... NEVER have I had a reading with anyone who could tell me THE NAMES andamp; DATES WHEN THINGS HAPPENED SOOO ACCURATELY WITHOUT ANY INFO FROM ME AT ALL.... I WILL ALWAYS COME TO ZUBI!! I'M SOOO GLAD I WAS DRAWN TO HER ROOM. I was chosen for the 1st. demo... I was sooo amazed I went in for a reading.... She gave me even more amazing details about my life... Zubi is AMAZING!!! " ... written by Nini52
zubi is full of information, advice and guidance. 5 stars" ... written by ...
This is my first time with Zubi, and I really liked her style. She connects quick and doesn't play around. So far, I think she's on point...she gave some timelines -so I'll be back with an update :)" ... written by Bronxie
Zubi explained everything so well and gave accurate timelines. She is fabulous with minute details and she knows almost everything through her psychic abilities!" ... written by Trish
quci and accurate ...vry fast" ... written by Shubh18
accurate on my career and straight to the point. will look forwards to her prediction in the timeline to come to pass." ... written by littlebudy1
Zubi is so amazing! I trust her fully. I am having some issues currently and I am really grateful to have her as my guide and see things for me. She is a true advisor, guide and friend. You can always rely on her. " ... written by Trish
Thank you for the reading. really useful. " ... written by Kshama
best psychic i have ever spoken to gave predictions very precisely and am looking forward to that, she connected quickly and was very helpful 5 stars for her" ... written by Andaleeb00
Zubi is always right on the problem..she's so amazing" ... written by Prmz2001
Zubi is an amazing psychic always so helpful" ... written by Prmz2001
full of information and advice. thank u so much." ... written by abc
PsychicZubi is absolutely phenomenal! She is extremely tuned in and accurate. I will be getting many more private readings to ensure that I get real answers. She did not waste any time discussing unnecessary topics. She is precise and has strong energy! She is wonderful!!!!!" ... written by Cynthia Grymes
Very detailed and with lots of advice! She is very good!" ... written by Trish
Ms Zibo is an amazing reader! She is phenomenal!" ... written by Prmz2001
GREAT!!!" ... written by Keya H
Ms Zibo has a great gift! Always right on everything that shes told me .." ... written by Prmz2001
The word to describe Zubi is AWESOME... she is truly amzing the way she is soooooo detailed andamp; precise with her READINGS. We have had several readings andamp; she has "hit the nail on the head"every time... She uses no tools... just guides... Zubi is able to see CLEARLY ALL ASPECTS OF SITUATIONS regarding the issueandamp; pick up on those not mentioned.... STRAIGHT and to the point... totally on TARGET!!! " ... written by Nini52
Great work!!" ... written by Lexie
She was great. Straight to the point. Answered questions quickly." ... written by Joshea
wish i had more time with her " ... written by Kshama
Great reading. Very honest and to the point!" ... written by maria
great advisor of business in a critical time for me as I work to grow and expand. I have received wise advisement and great reading. Highly recommend!" ... written by beathive
Great reading, as always. Tells the truth." ... written by Keya H
Zubi is really clear in her readings. Very consistent and she puts your mind at ease with any questions you have. I love her." ... written by Trish
Zubi is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Everything she tells in a reading is sooooo accurate. She is never wrong... all comes true. Will not just tell you everything "sweet andamp; syrupy"... she is honest with what she sees without any cards/etc... and explains the circumstances for now andamp; later. Zubi gives time frames andamp; also tells you that you have choices... Some free will will possible alter outcomes... others will have no effect on outcome... it is meant to happen no matter what we might like. Zubi is kind andamp; generous with her readings andamp; time with you after in chat for anything necessary to understand. Will always stay with Zubi... There are some things I am not so happy about andamp; others I am TOTALLY EXCITED andamp; ECSTATIC to see come to fruition... I am a realist...want to know the reality... not something someone wants me to hear that sounds good. God is our guide andamp; what we ask for "we will receive"... even then it may not be what we really want... Life is WONDERFUL andamp; DIFFICULT as well. We "go with the flow" andamp; let our SPIRITS GUIDE US!!! ZUBI is an ANGEL!! LOVE YOU ZUBI... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH ONCE AGAIN FOR AN AWESOME READING..." ... written by Nini52
thank you " ... written by me
The most awesome reader on Oranum... Zubi is fast... sees so much more than what you could imagine... Can handle all issues with clarity andamp; confidence... She is smooth andamp; elegant with her responses..She remembers past readings andamp; can pick up where u left off, not "missing a beat"... Zubi remembers better than I do the details of my situation andamp; does not change what she has already told you to suit your desires..."It is what it is".... Zubi is reliable, caring, consistent andamp; considerate of your feelings... Totally targets exactly what the issues are with resolve andamp; timelines to depend on... Great guidance to keep you on track when u feel a little weak or stressed waiting for things to happen... Updates are superb... She's definitely the best andamp; her rates are extremely fair. She's not in it just for the money... Zubi truly is here to help those in need of secure, private guidance... She uses no tools... I LOVE Zubi... She is always there for everyone in need and goes out of her way to help in every way she can to guide you in the right direction... Some things are hard to hear, but it is better to know the truth andamp; follow the RIGHT PATH... Zubi is with you ALL THE WAY WITH HER GUIDANCE... Get a private reading with Zubi... You will be AS AMAZED AS I HAVE BEEN AND STILL AM!!!" ... written by Nini52
Awesome Reading!" ... written by JJ
zubi is great .lots of details and accurate information. she is the real deal. highly recommend her. able to answer any difficult questions" ... written by kay
She is wonderful person, spiritual soul and accurate advice and readings. Thank you Zubs. " ... written by C.H
truth spoken, and predicted. Helped connect with all areas of life... hope the predictions happen" ... written by anonymous
Thank you so much Zubi, you were amazing accurate and thank you for the confirmation. I am so blessed to have connected with you today. xx" ... written by Chrissy
Thank you very much. was a nice reading. " ... written by cksharmila44
She is very helpful, very insightful :) go to her and she will help you " ... written by Tesla
reads people and situations quickly and very accurately. I'm grateful for the honest information and clarification. I needed truth and got precisely that. thank you." ... written by m
Zubi is a great and true psychic. It was a great reading. Very accurate. You can trust her with your problems. She answerd very honestly and quick." ... written by kaya
Zubi has been accurate about most all things I ask her about, esp. if it's about someone else. She is also very quick to connect. Highly recommend her !! Thank you Zubi! " ... written by Lynda22
she really is very talented and on point!!!!!!" ... written by growfree
Good and straight forward.. Tells like it is. " ... written by Ang
very sincere, altough wouldnt know if her own judgments got in the way of my situation (has happened before with other readers)... if im wrong, then she is very good and ill find out some day. " ... written by s
I have had a few demos with Zubi and she has been correct on a few of the questions I had with her. She is very straightforward and to the point and does not want to sugar coat at all!!!" ... written by kelly
Thank you dear Zubi! 10 Stars for you! Thank you for the honest reading. Very clear and concise! Heartfelt thanks. We will definitely chat from time to time. You are awesome! The best is wished for you always!" ... written by A
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
thanks for helping me tonight you are to good to be true" ... written by shamanofsexy
your reading today made me feel more secure with my decisions" ... written by shamanofsexy
baby z really came through for me today and I'm so thankful to have met her" ... written by shamanofsexy
Great updates and guidance as ever. Please see previous testimonials and her prophecies come true." ... written by JJ
Great Reading" ... written by Angela
brilliant and amazing" ... written by katie
Calming and evident. gives the best answers." ... written by Peaceandcalm23
I really enjoy Psychic Zubi readings. She seems to be spot on with my situation. She doesn't sugar coat and she remembers what you said in previous conversations-which is good because it a person does not have to repeat themselves. " ... written by kelly
I love love love her - very accurate and to the point. She's straightforward, welcoming and very caring. She clarified some things for me and I will take her advice. Will definitely be hearing from me again soon in the near future." ... written by Sonja
She's accurate and precise with details. Even the smallest details." ... written by ashylove2
quick to connect andamp; provide direct answers" ... written by stacey
As usual very empathetic and accurate " ... written by Andaleeb
thanks for the update and reassurance!" ... written by JM
thanks for the wonderful reading" ... written by JM
She is very helpful. Simple and honest. I'll tell you that. Her predictions came true. Will see whether these will come true." ... written by K
Zubi is 5 STARS... Accurate , Caring andamp; "Sees well beyond what is in front of us" ... Tells it like it is with extreme accuracy!!! " ... written by Nini52
As Always, really good reading! Very informative and precise, PsychicZubi is Awesome!" ... written by Stephanie
She is the most amazing and accurate! I will alwasy come to her for everything." ... written by Ash
She is accurate and amazing. thank you for this." ... written by ash
Always the person I would go to when in doubt. She is like the base camp of my life with essential supplies to ascend to newer heights in life. Thanks Zubi." ... written by JJ
She is the most amazing soul and she helped me so much. I have never been happier than this ever. Amazingly accurate and please come to her. Ill vouch for her. anytime." ... written by ashy
She's great... will come back for more" ... written by coolGirl65
She nailed everything very professional" ... written by Jennylortiz
She is accurate, caring and she picks up from where she leaves from. You don't have to tell her dobs or details after once. " ... written by ashylove2
She is amazingly accurate and does what is best for you. I ask of everyone to go to her as she's damn good at what she does. She's very precise and sensitive. She speaks the truth only. If truth is what is wanted then please go to her! Thank you for always helping me with everything. Her insights are spot on." ... written by ashylove2
I had very little time. she was super quick. thanks." ... written by sara
She is amazing and i always come to her. Very reasonable price and always helpful and to the point. If accurate reading is wanted then please come to her. Shes a gem of a person and her insights are what you want to have. Shes a real deal dont miss it." ... written by ash
great reading...thank you very much!" ... written by me
Thank you so much for your wonderful reading always. Thank u that ur prediction came true about me getting a better job offer. Ur very kind always. God bless." ... written by angl00777
I love her!, she gives great advice andamp; is so understanding. thanks! :)" ... written by b
your guidance is always appreciated. it seems that i saved a lot of trouble and potential for hurt because of one important advise you gave me. thank you very much." ... written by JJ
great reading" ... written by pearlp
Shes a delight to have on every reading. I always feel that she is amazingly accurate with the smaller details we are looking for as humans. No sugar coating of scenarios. Shes an asset." ... written by ash
I had a telepathy session and it was amazing. i teared for this and its an experience i cannot express. Please try it out and youll know what I'm talking about. I have no words to express how i feel. Thank you for being an angel or the best guide i could ever ask for in my life." ... written by ash
She is really good at what she does. Her readings are accurate and i cant ask for more. If accurate reading are what you are looking for, come to her. god bless." ... written by shane
OMG! Zubi is fantastic!! I can't believe the things she said, its like exactly what he would say. GOSHHH. I love her and shes damn good. " ... written by grace
Had a reading and telepathy session with her. BOTH WERE DAMN GOOD. I have never come across a person like that who can be this accurate. Have a reading with her and youll know what I mean." ... written by Sam
She is accurate and caring. Shes always a pleasure and shes the REAL DEAL." ... written by Hema
thank you for the update and reassurance" ... written by JJ
Most accurate psychic on this sugar coating.. she knows what she talks about and is so far the most truthful and genuine... I will definitely go back to her..she helped me taking a lifetime decision and could understand my mind... Thanks a lot xx" ... written by Shabana
She's accurate and her updates are spot on as always. Pleasure is mine:) " ... written by ashylove2
Shes very humble and sincere with her work and she stays true to her clients. Shes amazing at telepathic sessios, no doubt about that at all. " ... written by Emily
Shes the most caring and straight to the point psychic ive ever known in my life. she always does good for me and my family. I appreciate all her efforst, cause theres so much of genuiness and love and accuracy. Shes the best I have and i can vouch on that. " ... written by Daisy
She's helping me with my updates regularly and her reading are spot on. I don't even have to specify, she knows when and what. The most amazing thing is that she warns me of what's happening. And going to happen and how to be safe or handle that scenario which is the best quality of her. Thank you. " ... written by ashylove2
She is spot on with my scenarios and i will only come to her for readings. Her telepathy session was so good to be true and yes its true. " ... written by Gary
Absolutely wonderful reading. It was thorough, honest, not sugarcoated. " ... written by Vanessa
she's like family who's caring and supportive in every positive way always shedding light for us who needs it most. I appreciate her efforts and love heaps and I can't explain my gratitude. " ... written by ashylove2
she is very on point and always positive and caring. She's knows the right thing to do for her clients and people always. " ... written by ashylove2
She is amazing and accurate in her updates and reading as always. Shes tells me what to do to improve my body health and im happy that i have a good soul like her to keep me posted and taking care of me. " ... written by Benny
Thanks for the reading" ... written by JJ
good very good" ... written by Dim
Wonderful reading. Thank you for the updates." ... written by JJ
Thanks for the update" ... written by JJ
Zubi is an amazing help. She always has good insight on situations!" ... written by Prmz2001
Had an amazing prediction made by zubi! She said my partner and I would get back together after almost a year from being apart! And as she predicted we did. Thanks Zubi many blessings" ... written by Prmz2001
because of you I have ultimate clarity thank you so much keep up the good work" ... written by shamanofsexy
great reading today your skills are unmatched definitely" ... written by shamanofsexy
Shes the BESTTTT. Her readings are accurate and fabulous and her insights as well. " ... written by Benny
Awesome reading! Thank you!" ... written by JJ
Thank you Zubi for the honest reading.. not exactly what i wanted to hear, but what i needed to hear. Time will tell and i will look forward to better days to come :) ty 5 stars" ... written by s
Zubi is REMARKABLE. I have been guided by Zubi for a long time. Her ACCURACY is AMAZING! Zubi can "see" the issues/events that are happening andamp; will happen with time frames. Zubi is BRILLIANT!! Always able to explain clearly and concisely what she "sees".... never leaving a reading wondering or questioning anything she has told me. Zubi is AWESOME !!!! " ... written by Nini52
awesome!" ... written by chin
I'm amazed at how she tells me things that I can prevent or make better in my future to avoid any sort of bad circumstance and not everyone has the kind heart to do that. " ... written by ashylove2
her updates are spot on and she's the most caring person I've ever seen. She looks deep into issues and tells us solutions as well. Her insights have helped me a great deal. " ... written by ashylove2
nice reading " ... written by chi
Thank you. she seems to have nailed the situation but still we have to see things which she has told me. Thank you Zubi. " ... written by anne
Amazing reading...when Zubi connects she is an amazing reader. Much appreciated." ... written by Bronxie
very good" ... written by Sri Divya
Zubi is very quick and detailed. I enjoyed her style of reading." ... written by StarrVision
Shes is amazingly accurate and she has done so much good for me. i dont have enough words to thank her enough in my life." ... written by ashylove2
She's accurate and fast with her readings and she heals the aspect of you life which is needed. If truth and clarity is needed then she's the one. Thank you." ... written by ashylove2
Zubi's reviews are beyond fabulous and i am amazed at how much she could tell me about whats going on to the smallest,finest details. She's an assets as always and a pleasure and blessing to know. Thank you." ... written by ashylove2
The information was SPOT ON. Couldnt ask for more. Thank you for this beautifu insight. " ... written by amelia
Shes damn good at what she does and shes the REAL deal for SUREEEEEEEEE." ... written by Lui
Shes been a delight. I CANT BELIEVE SHE SAID THE EXACT TING HE SAID OR HE WOULD SAY. Its fab. Thank you for the reading. Defnitely coming back for more only with her. " ... written by Jack
good" ... written by n
Good reading" ... written by pearlp
TOO GOOD. Absolutely accurate. I'm beyond words. Thank you for this wonderful insight." ... written by angel
Shes absolutely fabulous and i love her readings!!!!" ... written by Grace
She is very fast, quick and to the point " ... written by Paulette
Zubi connected very well with my loved one who had passed and provided me a confirmation about what I have been thinking of doing. I thank her for her mediumship skills." ... written by JeromeMarcel
I actually know whats happening at least now. Thank you for that. This was an eye-opener." ... written by Kathy
Worth my time and readings. Shes very detailed to the finest things. There no one quite like her before. Very caring too." ... written by Daisy
GREAT!!!" ... written by MissKeya
she is very kind." ... written by abc
Thanks for the reading" ... written by JJ
supportive" ... written by abc
zubi is a genuine guide and psychic. 5 stars" ... written by ItGurl
Thank you so much for confirmation. xoxo" ... written by Tina
Great Reader!!! Awesome insight." ... written by MissKeya
helpful" ... written by m
Zubi has been a good friend,confident, guide, and a true caring soul who only speaks the truth. Whether you like it or not. But thats the best part cause that way youre not given any false hope. Shes extremely accurate with whats she says, havent seen better." ... written by Sham
She did not tell what i wanted to hear...but what fact is. I am grateful. Plus, she predicted something 3 months back to happen in aug16....that has came to pass...much luv. Tina" ... written by Tina
I'm mind blown. Amazing very accurate reading I just had with Zubi" ... written by Dorcey
Zubi is a wonderful psychic. She gave me a great reading. She mentioned dates and things that are related to my situation. She predicted things that I true when I asked her. You can trust you problems with Zubi. She is here to help you. Thank you Zubi." ... written by kaya
great reading!!" ... written by star
A very considerate and nice lady with precise understanding and knowledge. will like to consult her in future." ... written by MUHAMMAD USMAN GHANI
Her predictions come true! one of the best on here!! you have to try her she is soo good with guidance and really the things she predicts come true when you think there is no chance of it!! amazing!" ... written by L
Thank you so much for a real good update :) :)" ... written by Karla
Wonderful person and all she has said has come true so far.. look forward to the rest as Im sure it will... she is amazing!" ... written by LS
PsychicZubl was very honest in a caring manner. I felt completely comfortable with her. She is genuine." ... written by Rita
She is soo lovely and has soo much insight to offer and what she says does actualy happen always xxx" ... written by L
good and supportive" ... written by 123
very good reading truth hurts but very good thank you so much xox" ... written by libsta
Enjoyable to talk to, what she said seemed interesting although have to wait to see if prediction comes through. " ... written by nic
Excellent and very detailed reading with Psychic Zubi. She nailed this person of interest to me." ... written by Charlie0901
She such a wellwisher and good angel soul with actions, thoughts and mind. Shes on point with details and i only come to her for insights." ... written by Lisa
Wonderful to have her back and get some insight, update and clarity xx much love xx" ... written by LW
she is fast connected and very clear in her visions!" ... written by HELLEN
TENS STARS FOR HER !!!" ... written by KAMILLA
Had a reading with Zubi and she gave me great details !! she connects very quickly and gives details immediately! I enjoyed mt reading with her !! 5 stars !!" ... written by Krishna
Fairly straightforward reading. She knew about me and today had a brief reading. She said my dreams will come true in December. I am so happy because I trust her and the way she reads. Thanks Zubi. " ... written by Lakcha
Amazing person, clear and true.! thanks you so much for helping and guiding in right way. much appreciated and much love" ... written by Ritika