About PsychicSerenity

Psychic PsychicSerenityhas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicSerenityhas recently helped 152members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicSerenity's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a gifted Empath, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, I connect with my guide Jasmine and with your loved ones who have crossed over. My readings are Spirit led , the information comes in as your loved ones and guides give messages to help me connect to you and your situation.

I also do Angel Card readings and this too is guided by spirit and my guide Jasmine. In my readings we will focus on those areas of concern that you have including : Love and Relationships, Finances, Career and Career direction, Pets , Family members both here and those who have crossed over and may have messages for you. I have been reading for over 20 yrs using both my spirit led gifts as well as the Tarot and Angel Cards , and I am truly blessed to be able to share these gifts with others to help them with the questions and concerns that they may have . I also help to find closure in the lost of a loved one including our dear furry pets. As a Empath and Psychic I work to assist with empowerment and positive thought and action. OUR THOUGHTS DO CREATE OUR REALITY. Please join me for a informative and insightful reading. Blessings in love and light . Serenity

Please Note there are No free readings in the Free Chat area, If you need assistance you are most welcome to take me to a private reading or to send a email reading request.

Enjoyed the reading." ... written by Cari1961
She was really good thank you soooooo much !!" ... written by loveable7
A truly lovely lady who really connects with you i think she is great! Top marks!" ... written by hellzbellz
Great reading! :) Thank you!" ... written by altuna0
Wonderful, caring, right on target. Will definately speak with again! Thank you for your time and sharing your gifts! You make one feel at ease with their situation." ... written by Kayla39
I knew it when I came into her room, her energy felt real and very connected to mines.. If you are in need of Clarity!! This is the very person you should speak with. The questions that I had, did not go void she answered with CLEAR clarity, and explained each detail. I have never felt such a real connection. Many thanks to Serenity for all she has done for me giving me the push I needed to get started. Thank you! Much love, peace and happiness to you Luscious Lioness!!!!" ... written by LusciousLioness
Great reading, she's very kind and made me feel good inside :)" ... written by textmonster
She was wonderful, caring, brought me alot of peace. I loved interacting with her, she is definitely the real thing! I will be coming back to her. Very kind soul, very intutive. Blessings to you Serenity! " ... written by karlabebe
Fantastic! Wish my credits didn't run out :(" ... written by jannine87
PsychicSerenity shed light on a situation I didn't fully understand. She was able to give me critism in a constructive manner and without much background information could accurately describe the situation. She was also able to connect in no time at all and seems to truly care about the people that she helps. Definitely suggest using her! Won't be a waste of credits :)" ... written by Noel
Great reading, very detailed, can pick up on energy and situation very well" ... written by olivia811
HIghly would recommend this lady. Many thanks for your advice and guidance." ... written by sulu75
AWESOME!!!! Very in tune with your spirit and just right on point. She new things before you could ask the question. I will come back and get spiritual advice from Serenity again. " ... written by Happy74
Very nice lady. Quick and to the point, and extremely accurate. I look forward to speaking with you again. " ... written by brazilgirl1
Very nice and direct. I liked her." ... written by seekingawayout
Serenity was wonderful. Serenity picked up on my situation and helped me tremendous on what direction to take in my life which I will take. Thank you for my reading and I will be back for another." ... written by greekgoddess71
She is very much in tune with energies that guide our lives. She is caring and sincere and has the light about her, that you will not easily forget your reading. The read and her guidance are powerful, yet gentle! She is worth your credits." ... written by 07061963
Very nice lady! She was great! I would recommend her. " ... written by missgreeneyes
Good :)" ... written by Lifeg0eson
great communicator..excellent connection..told me alot with out me saying anything..very genuiine and very quick to respond..awesome iwill surely come back for more" ... written by Redeye2610
She is so wonderful and empathetic to your situation." ... written by gatomata
She is soooo nice and kind as well as truthful.. Made me reassured. I will follow her instructions and stay positve. Wonderful reading. I cannot wait to talk to her again. Thank very much" ... written by answers28
I love her energy and totally recommend her for a reading. She so sincere and know what she is talking about... " ... written by missgreeneyes
SERENITY THANK YOU!!! U make me feel so calm and understood :) U reinforce the things that I already now but a little encouragement goes a LONG WAY!!! HUGGS TO YOU!!! " ... written by divinedaughter
Hauntingly accurate. The real deal, Knew my situation before I even typed anything." ... written by evolve
Great reading. She picked up on the person in question very accurately. Look forward to speaking with her again very soon." ... written by aboutus216