About PsychicMomo

Psychic PsychicMomohas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicMomohas recently helped 587members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicMomo's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

RULE #1 OF MY ROOM!!! NOT TALKING ABOUT OTHER MEMBERS IN MY ROOM! This will get you banned immediately!!!

TO ALL MY CLIENTS AND FANS~ I will only have classes on Wednesdays till February 20th. Thank you for your business as always! :)


I don't mind answering one or 2 yes or no questions BUT I WILL NOT TOLERATE
1. People who come straight in my room asking a question, without saying hello or hearing what the rules are.
2. People who make a habit out of it; I've had to get on afew people who would come in my room DAILY and do this all the time and never went private.
Like I said I don't mind helping people but it's starting to seem like when you give some people an inch they want a mile!

1. Demos are done randomly every half hour I have NO CONTROL over when my demo time is

2. Please do not ask to get the demo IF YOU ASK YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE!


(Sorry I have a low tolerance for rudeness it's all about empathy peoples, for example lets say you work at McDonald's and every half hour they gave away a free Big Mac to one random customer and I walked in without saying hello and asked you to get that free Big Mac, how would you feel?)

4. Sorry I am only aloud to pick ONE random person so please do not ask to get a demo after someone else has already been picked

5. The way I choose who gets the demo is by picking a random number whoever gets that number or closest to that number gets the demo




Sorry for the cyber yelling folks but this has been an issue in my room and I do not want to do away with demos all together because of rude people! :)

❤`•.¸¸.•´´¯`•• .¸¸.•´¯`•.•●•۰• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••
UPDATE!!! It has come to my attention that Oranum is offering the new option of adding a picture to your email reading for picture analysis!!! I am sooo excited because I have always been a pro at this so if you are interested in a photo analysis of you or anyone you know feel free to request an email reading from me anytime!!!

❤`•.¸¸.•´´¯`•• .¸¸.•´¯`•.•●•۰• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••
Ever since I was in grade school I have had a strong psychic ability. It stems from a family thing, most of the people in my family have a strong psychic ability. One of the weirdest abilities I have had since and early age is mind reading. I admit that I have yet to master this ability due to a lack of comfort of being in somebody else's head! It's like sneaking into someone's room and reading their diary to me. As soon as I was in Jr high school is when I started training in tarot cards. I've been giving readings since then and now I would love a chance to share my abilities with the world. I'm not trying to change my life or be the next Sylvia Browne but I would love to improve the lives of others.
❤`•.¸¸.•´´¯`•• .¸¸.•´¯`•.•●•۰• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••
As of now I am in school for my Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting which I will be finished with in March 2014. My dream is to own my own accounting and finance firm so that I could put my two loves together. Helping people make choices and finance. Oh and on a final note to ANYONE who gets psychic readings on here or anywhere else.....

❤`•.¸¸.•´´¯`•• .¸¸.•´¯`•.•●•۰• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••
❤`•.¸¸.•´´¯`•• .¸¸.•´¯`•.•●•۰• ••.•´¯`•.•• ••.•´¯`•.••
I NEVER claimed to be 100% accurate and anyone who does on here or anywhere else IS LYING!!!!
So basically what I am saying is YES I am a psychic but can I have an off day and be wrong sometimes YES does free will affect things YES! So here is a special for those who DO NOT COME IN MY ROOM BEING RUDE OR CUSSING ME OUT BECAUSE I MAY HAVE BEEN OFF ON SOMETHING!!! It is called the I'm sorry I messed up special which means you can come into my free chat anytime and get a free 7 card tarot spread and any specific question you want with it!

awsome" ... written by 1212flaming
Friendly, honest, and genuine is how I describe this psychic. I enjoyed her humor and the way she delivers her readings. I will be back for mor information later. Her information was extremely helpful." ... written by wee318
Positive, to the point, do not waste your time and credits. Try her out!" ... written by hugs2020
great communication and very factual...awesome..thank u so much" ... written by Redeye2610
Very nice and accurate!! Thank youuu!!!" ... written by guriwo
Momo is FANTASTIC! She's fast, doesn't beat around the bush, and she's accurate. You won't waste your credits talking to her! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
very friendly, nice energy, down to earth! thanks so much...." ... written by gigi2011
She is amazing I love Momo she has a nice personality " ... written by happyfriend123
Great lady! Fun reading! Very genuine and open hearted. Picked up on a lot of things I didn't even mention!" ... written by thewritegrl
She was so accurate and confident. I will re visit:)" ... written by niecym
She's very intuitive...and fun...I love her energy...will talk to her again!" ... written by sphinx777
Momo just connects with you...gets what you are saying..." ... written by fleurdesil
Hahaha loveee herrr!! " ... written by oxdancer
Love her, her chat room is fun and no holds barred...she is great and will keep comin back...." ... written by wendic
I like her a lot! She is really good and so nice!!! I like her energy too!! She sounds accurate too! Great private chat :)" ... written by oxdancer
I looooved her readings, she gave it to me straight and helped me out so much, I was really stressing but i feel so much better!! " ... written by marisa007
Thank u for answering my questions...U were very nice and straight to the point...thanks again!" ... written by boogiejo
Momo, Is great with time frames and very accurate with her readings. I'll look forward to more readings with her in the future." ... written by Lucy117
Awesome!! Sees situations with sense of clarity. Its good to be able to see a true psychic at work as far as whether or not they're for real. Definitely think Psychicmomo has a gift! :) Thanks again!! " ... written by mojo_jojo76
Nice reading, definitely recommend her!!!" ... written by taniatania
She is pretty good,she gives straight answers without a second thought,no cards! I think she is intelligent enough...I will wait for the results and I will visit her again! God bless you Momo.Thank you!" ... written by Indigo76
Momo is just great!" ... written by PurpleNight
This was my second reading and I enjoyed this just as much as the first time. She is down to earth and makes you relaxed. She is accurate and easy to talk to. I appreciate her guidance and will stay in touch." ... written by wee318
PsychicMomo is an excellent reader." ... written by Tanny6
Very helpful and a nice person!" ... written by mu3011
Thanks " ... written by Noosiekins
She's great!" ... written by singlerose86
u were sooooooooo awesome momo right on the money" ... written by ooopsi
Had some technical difficulty....will call her again 4 prvt reading!!" ... written by Susie27
she is super cool and understanding..and shes on point...will come back" ... written by tyesejoy
Thank you... good reading!" ... written by Boby32
brill thank you sosos much xxx" ... written by hazelhazel
Excellent reading. will definitely have one again xx" ... written by BondGirl
Thank you for the reading! Very easy to talk to and answered all my questions with honesty .... Cant wait to see what happens!" ... written by flower74
It was a real pleasure having a private reading session with Momo. I truly respect her style and will continue to come back for more readings. She is on point with her sessions and have a real connection to her members. Thank you again Momo, and I will be back." ... written by I_Love_Life
Thanks momo really needed that confirming xxxx" ... written by Greta
a friendly reader :)" ... written by naheedg
Momo has been really nice to me and tats why i put her in private, and she was accurate and nice love u so much momo, the things u have been told me was correct and real take care ,love ya xoxx" ... written by from_8mile
Ty Momo that gave me some insite on whats going on and whats to come. love ya" ... written by BlackopsMama
Psychic Momo did a wonderful job. She was spot on with her reading and confirmed many things that had already been said to me regarding my situation. I recommend her to anyone that needs honest, heartfelt answers." ... written by hinkled70
Momo is one of the best readers on the site - very accurate with her predictions - give this girl a five star rating" ... written by Nancycyd
right to the point " ... written by Harvey6972
Momo is one of the best on here, her kind gentle nature and sweetness helped me with my situation and she tells it like it is and makes you see light of the circumstance. Love you Peach" ... written by awakeinmysleep
momo, is truly amazing. she was able to answer all of my questions quickly and explained everything real well. 5 stars. Truly Outrageous momo" ... written by KungFuPony
I am so happy I finally got a private with Momo!!!!She is so detailed and very quick so you get your money's worth. I am so glad I came to her about two things that were really troubling me and she definitely gave me very good clarity! I cannot wait to get more privates with her because she is accurate, honest with a love-able spirit! It feels like you're talking to a sister or best friend." ... written by sweet81pea
Thank you so much! MOMO did a great job giving my husband and I answers about love, children, and money. She was very good, honest, and caring. Her ability seemed to be in tune with us. I would recommend anyone to her and I and we will be sure to use her again in the future. She really is out to help you. =)))) THANK YOU SO MUCH MOMO =)))" ... written by leslie5879
Great reading by momo. Straight to the point and she gave me some timeframes which is always helpful too. Thank you momo!" ... written by pixi78
Brill as usuall! Thank you sugar xxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by hazelhazel
Brilliant time frame, honest sweet kind and really got the situation down to detail" ... written by Bunnygirl1980
Wonderfully warm and caring individual who is obviously very experienced. Thank you momo for all the information. It has been a great reading. I'll be back!" ... written by justinsensei
Love Momo! She is quick, efficient, and always tells it like it is but in a good way!" ... written by wendic
Great help, working through some computer problems and willing to get me the information that I needed." ... written by Kjierstin
she is awesome - right on the money!" ... written by gemmie
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
This women is amazing i only had a short ammount of time but she was amazing!" ... written by EllieHill
Lovely reading as always. Thank you Momo. :)" ... written by Katherina
momo was right on target she knows what she is doing i will come again =)" ... written by candylove123
Shes so accurate and lovely great reading A++++++ thanks u Momo." ... written by Maritza Hernandez
Shes was right on point cleared a lot of things Love the reading very happy with the results will for sure get another reading from her she is such a lovely person :)" ... written by littlemari28
SPOT ON. So accurate. The first I had a reading with her, she did her tarot spread and she said my ex will contact me within a month and he did!! Thank you Momo." ... written by higa808
Thank you for your honesty Momo. I feel like I can confide in you and that you'll never tell me something that I don't need to hear. No matter how bad it is. I've found a person in Momo, who understands where I'm coming from and the situations that I've been dealing with lately. She has always helped me find solutions to my problems and has done it in a way where I feel like its the best option amongst all of the ones that I've been considering. Thanks as always Momo." ... written by gatorsd531
As cliche as this may sound, but in Momo I trust. She has never steered me wrong in any of the several privates that I've had with her. I can really tell that she wants nothing but the best for me. She's warned me about this person and the toxic relationship that we seem to have. I'm now free from that and I have to thank Momo for that. Thank you as always Momo." ... written by gatorsd531
Momo is just great,funny intelligent and right on spot. I recommend her highly. She is way cool and understanding and a very good psychic. Thank You Momo. I will be back. " ... written by juliahelen8918
Momo was great. She picked up on the situation and gave me good advice and straight talk! Thanks for a great reading" ... written by rebeccamorgana
Pretty good counselor/reader. VERY broad time frames. We will have to wait and see." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Momo, has always told me like it is and not how I would like it to be. Other people around me have given me overly optimistic advice instead of telling me what I need to hear, and that's not Momo. She makes sure that I know what's really going on and never sugar coats. She also has showed a strong belief in me accomplishing my dreams, which is something that I'm really thankful for. And last, but certain not least she always knows how to make me laugh, smile, and feel better. Thank you as always for everything Momo." ... written by bluedevilsd531
What a very patient and no suger coater...Love IT. Keep up the good WORK!!!" ... written by smff
she was right on about everything she said-great reading. love her energy too, she is very down to earth! wonderful reader and person!" ... written by gemmie
thanks Momo, you always give honest but empathetic answers..." ... written by wendic
She was fun and to the point! Thanks!" ... written by necklace15
OMG...... Momo is a lovely person and doesnt mess around, she was accurate and confirmed my suspicions 100%. I would definately go back for 2nd helpings. What a lovely psychic and was a pleasure having a pvt with her." ... written by mysterygal77
Just a real joy to talk to, your shining light and your insights were great and I enjoyed evey minute of the reading." ... written by Shazbutt
She was great..Thanks" ... written by brownsuga5964
Very good and acurate.....thanks momo" ... written by welobey1
Thank you for your lovely, honest reading." ... written by claire1605
A blessing this girl is, so nuturing and understanding and loves to help everyone no matter what their situation" ... written by awakeinmysleep
Thank you for your insight! Sorry, I got disconnected...going to fix my internet now. But everything was very accurate and to the point. I hope things will work out." ... written by tln292
she was great" ... written by qwenman
I love momo, she is awesome as always...." ... written by jamiejoe
Momo has helped given me the strength to leave a situation that I should have left earlier. She always tells me the truth and there's no sugar coating from her. I also feel like she genuinely cares about my happiness and well-being. I also love being in her chat room. She knows when to be serious and when its time to laugh. Thank you Momo for all of your advice and for easing my mind. " ... written by bluedevilsd531
Very accurate, and awesome. Made me feel a whole lot better about my relationship :)" ... written by russell29
right on point..shes kind-hearted. spoke the truth. i will consult again if i need any more help with anything! thank you momo, my shoulders are uplfted now. thank you xoxo" ... written by christine305
I'll wait and see , but she gave me the answer that i needed to hear !!!" ... written by beth
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Angel168
Momo never ceases to amaze me with her talents... she was spot on and confirmed what I felt... thanks hun! :)" ... written by BronxGal
shes accurate and very pleasant to work with.. " ... written by abby096911
excellent reader and a sweet person" ... written by purplehaze76
very insightful gave it straight with no beating around the bush " ... written by kass83
Very sweet and enthusiastic! Reading was actually fun while giving me valuable insights! : )" ... written by ginger1986
Not what I wanted to hear, but what she said makes a lot of sense. Will need to move forward. Thanks Momo!" ... written by ceffie
She was spot on with everything she told me. She reaffirmed what my heart and gut have been telling me to do for a long time. It made me realize that I'm following the path that I was supposed to follow. She also provided me with dates for these special events to occur for me. Thank you so much Momo. I really appreciate the reading Momo. You really helped me answer some of the questions that have been bothering me for awhile now. I feel a little more at ease now about where my life is going." ... written by bluedevilsd531
thank you momo for the honest truth reading. sorry such little credit. but i will talk to u soon again. thanks. you were very accurate! " ... written by findmytruelove
Excellent at what she does. She deserves five stars. Accurate and to the point. " ... written by higa808
The reader was quite good. Gave me some insight into my little dilema" ... written by shakerr
she was straight and direct to the point. no bullshit answers. " ... written by debbie0
Great reading...still hoping for the best outcome." ... written by yolanda78
PsychicMomo!" ... written by josh2588
Great i enjoyed it told me straight everything i wanted to know" ... written by VerysadJermaine
thank you very much:)" ... written by brian82
She is awesome ... right on" ... written by jessiehoney
I love this women right here she is very good and give great advice DONT HESITATE TO PULL HER IN GUYS :)" ... written by shahdee22
Enjoyed the reading...will contact her again" ... written by yolanda78
very well, will call again" ... written by Angela Starks
Accurate....She amazing i wish i had more time with her. Amazing personality. it was nice talking to her. I will definitely visit again" ... written by Faye81
Good reading!" ... written by wquestra
She's pretty good." ... written by chanel1609
great!" ... written by jessicar123
Great words cant explain" ... written by twhite13
Love her!" ... written by gemmie
She is a very nice, friendly and well-experienced Psychic. Recommend her!" ... written by jukala
She is really good and tells it like it is." ... written by jalanie26
she was very nice and fast" ... written by blueberrypigs
She was fun and to the point! Thanks!" ... written by necklace15
Quick. To the point. Didn't hesitate. Knew her stuff! Correct on everything!" ... written by kristi1265
Very good reading thanks momo xxx great as ever :)" ... written by springsunshine
Excellent reading very clear and helpful" ... written by maryannepav
Thank you very much!!!" ... written by Shadow_247
Will tell it like it is! " ... written by Writer888
Very clear and accurate, lovely :)" ... written by hope2321
Momo, you have become a close friend of mine and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being honest with me and for being there for me throughout all of the drama I've been going through lately. I know that you don't necessarily like being the bearer of bad news, but I really needed to hear the truth and while right now I may feel really bad, i know it's better for me to hear the truth than anything that's sugar coated." ... written by gatorsd531
Great work thanks for the reading xx" ... written by shortcake2012
Lovely lady. Quick to respond. Looking forward to her predictions.Thank you." ... written by av
She was right,, i knew it and so did she,, time will tell i suppose,, she was spot on recommend her :)" ... written by f999111
Love her, she's just a great psychic that's why I always keep coming back to her. :)" ... written by littlemari83
Loveee you momo!!!!!!!!!! Great private!!!!" ... written by oxdancer
Great!!!" ... written by jamira76
She is good. Very thorough reading :)" ... written by florwer85
Super quick and direct. Won't waste your time or your credits!" ... written by kanadiancutie
She is always on point and doesnt beat around the bush. Love every reading I get with her. You will not regret a reading with her. Trust me give her a try you will love it, love ya homie." ... written by BlackopsMama
She was fast and straight forward." ... written by jerzeyfinest08
Amazing reader and a very kind person will be back for sure!" ... written by purplehaze76
You are simply amazing :)" ... written by romero94086
Thank you very helpful... reassuring. " ... written by casper36
Great" ... written by jamira76
WOW Momo is amazing! She answers quick and fast, she is lovely to talk to.. I will be back... thank you momo xx" ... written by marion
Pretty good , waiting to see results!" ... written by loriarhi
Accurate and a genuine reader..." ... written by tanvii008
She offered good advice. Very supportive and positive. Thanks" ... written by Whisper217
Thank you for the insight Momo." ... written by Charlie0605
Thank you for helping me" ... written by Songbirdmedium
Spot on about my situation." ... written by iPreferMimi
She's quick and connects quickly. thanks for the reading psychicmomo" ... written by bluestar
Great psychic, tapped in quickly :)" ... written by moonstone2
PsychicMomo are very wonderful person ..the reading was wonderful and really clear my mind..and thank you for your honest 5 star" ... written by february72
Great read and wonderful." ... written by ronnie12398
Amazing as always." ... written by Sammyjoe02
Fast, friendly, very accurate! Great energy, warm personality, direct approach, great with cards. Highly recommended!" ... written by flotsamandjetsam
Wonderful and accurate psychic kind hearted person and very quick and honest" ... written by purplehaze76
Down to earth and quick with the information, PsychicMomo is the real deal. Professional and warm, I will certainly be a returning client!" ... written by JazLynne8848
Straight UP!" ... written by ariesdiva22
As always she has great insight, and is caring. And she always makes sure to understand what it is that you want to know. i will recommened her to everyone I know. Thanks Momo" ... written by ToastChee
I just want to say that she is real with it i feel so good about my reading she is a true gift to the world and oranum she gives the reading flavor and makes it fun i highly recommend her 100000000000 stars." ... written by DERBYWINNER
What and amazing lovely lady!!!! Very informative answered all my questions and will definately be back, great energy and uplifting. xxx" ... written by cb1987
PsychicMomo is fantastic, great straight to the point and precise. Give her a try she is amazing. Will be back x" ... written by Lorann23
Momo is one of the real deals and one of the best on here I strongly suggest to hire her to help you in any of your issues, I adore her. " ... written by onfiregirl
Awesome reading, hun!" ... written by Sammyjoe02
She is great! Fast and accurate. Helpful and kind!" ... written by jadensmamma09
Awesome!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Very nice lady." ... written by mimi
Very good" ... written by robinloveshim
Very honest and straight forward. " ... written by idk428
Great reading! Thank you very much!" ... written by sweetsx
Wow! She's great and very upfront! Love your style! Talk soon!" ... written by pinky55
Wonderful!" ... written by r
Omg.. She really does read mind. I thought she was just claiming it but she does do it very well and very often in our reading and I had to keep rehiring her ... So much to ask!! Omg... She is really amazing... I hope she is right about things being more stable in a few months" ... written by linn115
well had a great reading very intresting highly recommend u to have a readin with momo :) x" ... written by gemma26