About PsychicMave

Psychic PsychicMavehas 30-years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicMavehas recently helped 62members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicMave's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I have many years working as a psychic,I have my own development group, and support group for healing and meditation, I am a natural psychic i will help you move forward in your life as i have helped other, i will help you over come anything that blocking your progress in your life, I will you's my gifts to guide you through any situation, I will help you find your true passion in life, if you live your passion this will help you to live your life with ease.
I am a natural healer also a Reiki master teacher, I work with the Louise L Hay theory, on the inner child, and how to Love your self, and heal your life, I also do distant healing,
I love to work with coulour I love the energy of colour and crystals it give me a clearer picture of your energy it give me a chance to feel your energy, to help you with any situation that holding you back,
My guides will connect me to the right spirit that will connect me to you to help with any situation that concerning you.
I work with universal energy, colour, angels, and most of all with spirit.
I do every thing with LOVE

Wow, absolutely spot on with alot of things I didn't even tell her. went into great detail. Thank you so much!" ... written by chelle54
very laidback and honest. " ... written by rmelitza
Very quick and very positive.... Ill definately be back" ... written by kellourex
she was very kind and understanding and gave good advice" ... written by tstewar23
Thank you for an excellent helpful reading and tips on how to help with meditation! God Bless" ... written by mozzy123
excellent lady, reading, helped me allot thank you.." ... written by newhorizons12
brilliant thank you" ... written by firefly12
shes very nice and friendly and so rite in everything she said....i recomend her to everybody..fantastic" ... written by amberdee
great reading , very positive , lovely lady , thanks so much xx" ... written by jojo20652003
She is very helpful and caring. Could see my weak points clearly and immediatley, and gave clear advices how to make my life better! Thank you!" ... written by waterlover
very quick and to the point" ... written by jayr3264
A very nice lady. I recommend her for a chat. It feels like talking to a mother instead of a stranger. Soothing and encouraging at the same time. Talk to her. " ... written by strength
aww lovely reading ty so much was nice, very caring lady whos helped me think positive not negative, quick to :))" ... written by jackie
She picked up on things as they are and gave some very solid advice for us. Excellent and caring reader!" ... written by sacredlove71
Very very good reading. Had a few credits but she was worth it. Answered all questions that were asked quick and to the point. Very nice and kind person. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Very kind, and wise person. Gave me a lot of good advise and encouragement. Thank you Mave and God bless you!" ... written by Mylife123
She was very intuitive and helpful of my life. Mave put my life into perspective of what I should be doing in my life in order to be truly satisfied and release all negative energy and people in my life. I will be starting off the New Year with a fresh new start. Thank you Mave" ... written by kprattis
Very nice reading...and guidance. Enjoyed it!" ... written by dstufra1
Super fast help and positive vision for my future! She does not waste any time :)!!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is extremely caring, understanding and insightful - offers amazing advice andamp; guidance... I strongly recommend :)" ... written by rolinsand
I was amazed by her predictions they were very true about me and very honest i highly highly recommend her thank so much psychicmave i will be back (she is amazing) " ... written by vrinda113
STRAIGHT FORWARD AND TO THE POINT!!!" ... written by jayr3264