About PsychicLa

Psychic PsychicLahas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicLahas recently helped 1422members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicLa's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

***Oranum's TOP 5 STAR PSYCHIC***
**PSYCHIC/EMPATH,** HONEST, ETHICAL!. Take Charge of your Life! Honest Readings without the Hype!**
La has been On Oranum since the Beginning . She reads Professionally on various other places and in person.
One of Oranum's 5 STAR PSYCHICS!
☆Love & relationship
☆Virtual relationship
☆Same sex relationship
☆Break ups/Reconcilliations
☆ Developing skills
☆Self Improvement
☆ Manifesting & Law of Attraction


© My belief is that a psychic should be AFFORDABLE to everyone; this is what I provide to you. For many years,She has helped all who come to her from all over the world with the hurdles that face them day to day. She truely cares about the souls who have chosen to share this realm with her, and wants to help all who come to her succeed in every aspect of life.. if you seek to know, she seeks to enlighten. With everyday life being so overwhelming, you do not have to do it alone. With her help you find answers.Honest, Caring, Compasionate Readings, each with loving energy, she is not here to judge you, but to empower and inspire you in all areas of your life! Psychic La™ is also a 5th Generation Psychic, that she can trace.
Whether its a question about a marriage, breakup, seperation, fight, or an unrequited love, Life Questions?
I can provide you with insight and answers to your most urgent questions.!!
Predictions of time frames given the current path of both you and the others involved in the situation. Freewill STILL does exist and should one of you deviate from your current path this can, and often does, alter the time frame.
In our session I will only tell you what I see as the truth, regardless if it is what you want to hear or not. At the end of the day I know I have given 100% in all my readings and to help you reach your highest good in life.
Psychic La ™ is a 5th Generation Psychic, She is also Empathic,Clairvoyant,Clairaudient,& Clairsentient, (which means she "See's,Hear's.Feel's),and a Medium

Experience & Qualifications:

• La is Empathic,
• Medium (not in a mainstream format)
• Tarot Reader
•Life Coach
• Psychic Reader 20 plus Years
• Consulted and still does consult for a Myriad of Psychic Lines and Websites • High-Number of Repeat Clients

***Disclaimer: The advisee is responsible for all of their own life choices and actions as part of free will. Fate and/or Destiny can be altered through your own actions or that of another individual. I will not be held liable, in any way, for any decisions you make based on any psychic reading or spiritual guidance you receive. I am here to help guide you and offer my support..***
***Psychic La ™ does not answer any medical or legal questions, she also does not do mediumship in a main stream format****©
***There are no Free Readings in the Free Chat Area,***

**DISCLAIMER: All readings are legally considered to be for entertainment purposes only. You are paying for my time and there is a strict no refund policy!**


•This was my second reading with La...and she is amazing!!! Thank you r wonderful!! I would highly recommend her!!

•Absolutely love La - she is happy, fun, wonderful energy, connects right away. She has a way that is so compassionate - always makes me feel better! Love her!!

•Wonderful experience as always. have logged many reading with her to the tune of about 1.3 hours... always a pleasure and very dead on the spot... peacefule and full of love... ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **

•LA is very helpful to me in understanding wht I need to change inorder to grow as a person. I will be coming to see her again.... You should too...

•FANTASTIC !!!!! I have been out of the norm lately this past week & so glad I came across PsychicLa ™. Had unanswered questions with distance involved. Something I am not use to & she has graciously guided me. The not knowing why something has changed has been bothering me tremendously but so glad she was able to tell me what was going on & how to handle it. Which makes me very happy. I can now go away on my vacation trip & enjoy without thinking or worrying. As I know there is nothing to worry about other then being patient. She is the best .... & honestly now know my future is looking up :) THANKS

•I am so glad that I found you again.....I wish we could speak on the phone! My typing sucks and you are so good..... I would have loved to chat longer. Thank you..... I will chat again! Julie

•So accurate, was told i would hear about a job shortly and i did the next kind and caring. She is absolutely wonderful!!

•Very good reading
•She was very on target in describing my situation. she was very positive and and to the point

•I had a reading from you in the past and you were very accurate. U predicted right!

•SHE IS awesome! I highly recomend her!

•This sweet soul truly has a natural gift. I recommend her highly. She has a God-given gift.

•WOW...She is outstanding...right on the nose.

•love you - love you - love you! Thanks for the help!

•Very impressed, excellent reading, good with details and very comforting.

•La is awesome! I am so glad I found you again! As always great reading and great advice. Very down to earth!

love my readings with La! she's great and been advising me for awhile now. glad to see things finally coming forward" ... written by m
You're right on the money, thanks for everything. I will touch base with you as time goes by. " ... written by lady0907
She's the truth. love her worth every penny." ... written by nbarnes2
Very very good psychic.. accurate, sees what is going on very clearly, in my opinion... Will be back for further updates.. Thanks so much PsychicLa... " ... written by Lynda22
She was just amazing. We connected she picked up stuff right away and helped me alot!!! My mind is at ease. Thank you so much" ... written by selvi3
PsychicLa really put me at ease. Her reading was very clear and she knew me better than I knew myself. I thank her so very much and I will definitely be back!!!" ... written by lucy9271
She was just amazing! she put my mind at ease and connected it so well :) Definitely going to consult her again. Thank you!!!!" ... written by selvi3
She was a tremendous help! She answered all my questions and concerns. She truly is an angel! Thank you so much La for the help!!! I will definitely be coming back! " ... written by cowboicasanova
Absolutely amazing! I was feeling down about a certain situation and psychicla pulled me out of my slump. Thank you so much you are so amazing! Tears of happiness are flowing and that is a big improvement " ... written by AlysiumDream
La was very sweet and did a wonderful reading. She was right on target about my situation! I'll be back for sure." ... written by maclen
Very Intuitive in her work. She knows the line of Psychic vision in all means and directions." ... written by vegabonded
She is always so wonderful and understanding! Talking to her always helps me and guides me the right way! " ... written by selvi3
La is the most caring person i have talked to she is real, honest caring funny .Try her she will astound you !" ... written by allyb5
Very well!! Confirmed everything for me!!!" ... written by psychicstudent
I just love her!! She has been so accurate so far and right about everything so far. She is just amazing! You definitely need to talk to her!!!!!" ... written by egg_nog
A very lovely reading, she made perfect sense!" ... written by Miroch
Thank you for a great reading PsychicLa! I was feeling very low and fearful....thank you for shining the light on my path ;o)" ... written by Phoxee
She was right on the dot! She helped me so much. Please, don't hesitate to get a Private from her." ... written by Irene7
She was accurate with what I was dealing with. Also very intuitive about things, I would recommend her for a reading." ... written by Treehinko
La was on point and accurate...will be back for another reading!!!!" ... written by blessed05
PsychicLa was right with everything she was saying. She knew exactly what I've been feeling and she described my situation with great detail. Definitely recommend her! :) Thanks La! Much love and blessings!" ... written by mattchoo
wow she is great, nice reading, clear all my questions i will be back thanks again" ... written by cinlorri
Right on point, very clear and focused. Enjoyed the reading." ... written by LadyL5
A great help to me and a lovely person! She has good insight too! She knows what's going on! I will be back to talk to her again :) Thank you La" ... written by pixie21xp
Lovely reader. Loved being able to see the deck and the steady flow of info coming from her. Very to the point. Thanks again!" ... written by fallingstarashes
La is AMAZING!! very in tune with me, sweet wonderful person who cares about what she says. Love ya La!!!! Thank you!" ... written by gizmo1028
She is wonderful!" ... written by mimosa33
WOW, LA was EXACTLY who I needed to chat with regarding my issues! Very genuine and insightful and comforting. I am certain that by changing certain patterns thru her guided direction, my outlook to my situation with only become positive! Hugs to LA! :) " ... written by mysticscorpion
She is amazing and very accurate...have spoken to many psychics in the past and she is the real thing. Do yourself a favor and get a private reading worth every cent. Thanks La" ... written by rcr646
I was having anxiety about some stuff and she really helped calm me down a bit. She also has been right about everything so far. I just love her!" ... written by egg_nog
I love readings with her...honest and to the point...very accurate!! I would recommend her to everyone!! Thank you :)" ... written by shancw69
Really able to connect and give you the answers to your quesitons. Very helkpful and kind as well :)" ... written by guriwo
very good reading. i recommend her :)" ... written by aisha
Just a wonderful little critter; makes you feel better about that certain someone you have questions about and can answer them without hesitation and you come out of private chat feeling amazing!" ... written by jostens
Pretty clear and accurate in her reading will recommend thank you LA." ... written by labebe1978
Great reading, very easy to talk to and gives off a very positive vibe. She's also very honest. I will definitely make sure I come back and let you know how things go! Thank you again PsychicLa!" ... written by chelcee
Very kind and sweet person. I thought I was going to be given the advice to let go, but she fueled me up with positive energy for the future! Highly recommended!" ... written by Miroch
She was great she was right on exactly about what I was feeling and wanting to know. I would recommend her." ... written by Diana6878
she is great, i like her ,,,she is so positive ,,,and nice ,i will back again soon..." ... written by soosanmh59
Good advice....... good reading" ... written by textmonster
This was my second reading with La...and she is amazing!!! Thank you r wonderful!! I would highly recommend her!!" ... written by shancw69
She was awsome, and told me everything that I wanted to here. She was like a mom to me. Love her Jason" ... written by kuehn23
She's awesome. I feel comfortable talking to her. She helps me sort out all my troubles and excitements. :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
PsychicLa was wonderful, knew my situation immediately and comfort me with outcome. I appreciate her guidance and I thank you, La." ... written by greekgoddess71
had fab reading, told me alot even tho i didnt have many credits/will use again xx god bless" ... written by tree68
La got into the facts right away. She is quick with information, and provided detailed visuals to my answers. Can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by fireopal77
I thought she was very kind and I am going to call her again I cant wait to see if her predictions come true!!" ... written by apple12
I felt she really gave me something to think about. She offered some insights on me that were pretty striking and some that were kind of obvious. Long Story short, I felt that she gave me some direction in how I am supposed to pursue my situations. " ... written by czehnder
this reading was amazingly on point and i think it was one of the best readings that i have gotten. I will be back for more :)" ... written by textmonster
She is so wonderful and has been right about everything so far!" ... written by egg_nog
thank you very much. i enjoyed this. speak to you soon." ... written by lachill120
La is simply the best I love her , she is keen and intuitive." ... written by Chellian
PsychicLa is one of my favourites to talk to on Oranum. I have spoken to her a couple of times now and every time she picks up on my situation and my emotions so quickly and is spot on every time. She is so easy and lovely to speak with. She gives you the truth and helps you see the positives. If you're unsure or confused about something La is definitely the person you want to speak with. I will be back! Thank you again La :)" ... written by chelcee
was very good, really on the money! very caring and was very accurate! will def do another reading" ... written by satt135
Very good" ... written by nicole004
She was wonderful. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone. on the mark. Greeeaat! Wow! Goos bumps. lol very COOL LADY!" ... written by swhope999
Very friendly confirmed alot of things I know to be true. Very accurate!" ... written by lotusdreams
=D La is wonderful!" ... written by momosugah
FANTASTIC !!!!! I have been out of the norm lately this past week andamp;amp; so glad I came across PsychicLA. Had unanswered questions with distance involved. Something I am not use to andamp;amp; she has graciously guided me. The not knowing why something has changed has been bothering me tremendously but so glad she was able to tell me what was going on andamp;amp; how to handle it. Which makes me very happy. I can now go away on my vacation trip andamp;amp; enjoy without thinking or worrying. As I know there is nothing to worry about other then being patient. She is the best .... andamp;amp; honestly now know my future is looking up :) THANKS" ... written by JoanMarieee
She is wonderful. She is a kind loving person. when you come in to her room she always has a smile and says hi. And asks how you are." ... written by StacyR
She is great and I hope all what she advised works for me ,all her advises are great and accurate." ... written by emanismaiel
helpful as always, really connected to me and helped me understand my situation and helped me to feel a lot better. thank you la, I will come and talk to you again. :)" ... written by chelcee
She is great..." ... written by genesis28
I am so glad that I found you again.....I wish we could speak on the phone! My typing sucks and you are so good..... I would have loved to chat longer." ... written by sparklejules
She was very comforting!" ... written by Kameika
She is just amazing, and is right about everything. andamp;lt;3 I love her! " ... written by egg_nog
Great Reading favorite psychic :)" ... written by textmonster
Very right on with things that I didn't tell her about myself!! Nice lady and great way of reading." ... written by leogirl
Awesome reading really good info and honest reading" ... written by jake1994
great reading! Very kind :)" ... written by love2smile29
awesome reading " ... written by jake1994
LA is very helpful to me in understanding wht I need to change inorder to grow as a person. I will be coming to see her again.... You should too..." ... written by friendlyuser
Fantastic, she tuned right in to what was going on with me and gave me the answers I was looking for. I will definitely use her again!" ... written by jssb78
I LOVE LA...... She is the greatest..." ... written by friendlyuser
thanks so much for your help.Now I guess to wait and se what happens thanks again" ... written by pyeager57
Absolutely love La - she is happy, fun, wonderful energy, connects right away. She has a way that is so compassionate - always makes me feel better! Love her!!" ... written by gizzie
Wonderful experience as always. have logged many reading with her to the tune of about 1.3 hours... alwasy a pleasure and very dead on the spot... peacefule and full of love..." ... written by jostens
She is amazing!!!!!! She always knows how to calm me down! " ... written by egg_nog
La is such a kind and caring reader. This was my second private chat with her and I certainly plan to consult with her again-soon!!!" ... written by leogirl
This is my second reading with La, her guidance helped me with my situation so much. She's truly gifted and I will surely do a private reading with her again! She's just a lovely person, thanks again La!" ... written by mattchoo
LA is very quick to pick up on what you need to know. She relies on her guide, but uses cards to verify her information. She has always been accurate in her readings...." ... written by friendlyuser
Very good to the point, coming out with info non stop:)" ... written by Redspice66
very sweet and trustworthy. Saved me from myself." ... written by xerox999
great reading thanks a lot!!!" ... written by liz
I love la she is the best!!!!!! Definitely will recommend her to everyone:)))" ... written by sexyegyptian2
La is awesome..... She is very fast and picks up right away...She def made me feel much better:))" ... written by sexyegyptian2
She is very sweet. Her prediction seemed true. Will just wait and see what happens. Thank you." ... written by Berkeley13
Thanks once again La! I always enjoy my readings withLla, she always has great advice :)" ... written by chelcee
shes great(:" ... written by victoria89
This was my fourth reading. she gave me clarity and was able to connect with me right away! Amazing reading!" ... written by pjazz86
Excellent reading, very personable and accurate...knew stuff before i had a chance to tell her lol. Hi'ghly recommended. Thank you Psychicla!!!!! I feel so much better and at ease about my situation now. Blessings!" ... written by starstruck11
You must have a reading wioth LA.. She is the best.. Worth every penny...." ... written by friendlyuser
Great advice :) Easy to talk to!" ... written by afw1808
She was so positive and on point with everything. It was an amazing reading and I recommend her highly. Just unbelievable with her insight of what I was going through. The best one yet and now my favorite. Thanks LA!!!" ... written by deelit47
Wow, she's amazing! xx" ... written by blackcat06
I thought LA was great, wish I hadn't run out of money, but will contact her again soon" ... written by lolamarie17
La is one of my favorites on this great site. On spot reading again!! Thanks La" ... written by leogirl
Thank u La ....very very wonderful...worth the wait:)" ... written by qndiva
La is the best!!! She is very good and accurate!! Thank you La for blessing my life, I feel very blessed to have met you. I Highly recommend La...worth every penny spent!!" ... written by shancw69
I felt so much better after my private session with PsychicLa. She answered my question about my career and was able to tap into how I felt about after recent interview. I will most definitely come back. She was awesome!" ... written by deeakram
La is one of my favourite to have readings with on Oranum. She's always so helpful and positive and gives me the truth. Definitely reccommend her every time! Thank you La!" ... written by chelcee
La just picked up on my mindset, the situation with my family and was so very helpful with advise. She is amazingly positive and reassuring and sooooo good!!!" ... written by leogirl
Once again a great reading my mind is at ease thanks again La for all your help" ... written by pjazz86
La is amazing. She made me feel so much better and got rid of the fog in my mind, and has given me confidence to do what I need to do! Thanks soo much La!" ... written by pumpkinpie
Love her! " ... written by dinagirl23
one of many readings several hours logged with her.. a true blessing in many forms..." ... written by jostens
Love her reading! very accurate! thank you so much!!!!" ... written by Onica86
Always a pleasure to talk to. Good advice too :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
excellent reading!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
ONE OF THE BEST!" ... written by dinagirl23
I always enjoy my readings with La. She's very in touch with her guide and always talks things through with me, giving me guidance and support. In many ways she is like a friend giving me guidance and is always so friendly and easy to talk with. Plus she always tells the truth. If you are considering having a reading with her, she is definitely worth it!" ... written by chelcee
I really love her. She's really awesome, and most of the time has been right with me! Check her out, please!" ... written by egg_nog
AMAZING" ... written by babylove84
She was great and right on!!!!! I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by LunaBear
Very accurate and recommended. Thanks so much psychicLa." ... written by vegabonded
Amazing. She is definetly a psychic she was on point with a lot." ... written by steph
A++" ... written by dinagirl23
She made me feel very comfortable and was bang on with everything! I will be back. She's awesome!" ... written by omenica
wow the best answer ever thank you so much, you make my day hun." ... written by TUSHAN
Cleared up my worry " ... written by gmarie
I needed that chat! She told me everything I needed to know...not just what i wanted to know...but what i needed to know. I love her!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
She is AWESOME!!!!! And really helpful!!! Highly recommended and 5 stars!" ... written by godlike69
Really good! Picked up a lot of things." ... written by gmarie
La is greatttt.... she is very accurate and a sweetheart!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
once again great reading confirm what i was thinking and put my mind at ease. she connected so quickly. she has helped me so much and has always been so nice. i high recommend her!" ... written by pjazz86
stopped my panic!!! lol " ... written by gmarie
My third reading with La, it was lovely as always! " ... written by mattchoo
Great! Focused on what i can do to help change my situation and reassured that I can do this." ... written by LunaSkye
sad i ran out of money... hope what she tells me will come true" ... written by blanca84
I love talking to la..she always so nice and picks up on things so quickly....:) She is awesome and caring and she is here to help...I look foward to talking to her again" ... written by Pjazz86
I love La... she is amazing!!! Another great reading!!! Thanks La!!" ... written by shancw69
Love her!" ... written by dinagirl23
Great reader,,,picking up quickly,,recommend !!!! Will not regret . Thank you Psy ;)x" ... written by Kumira
Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
Very quick reader, like her insight. Hope she is right." ... written by chris87571
She is amazing. She has helped me twice now and has given me a lot of insight! Highly recommended!" ... written by NiVanya
La is amazing! right on target with everything. Got straight into business. No fluff no runaround. If you have not had a session with her yet.. What are you waiting for?! " ... written by Jasmine1979
Very nice and helping to guide me. I will like to see her again." ... written by ChariceMichelle
She was right on point. Explained it all very well. Truly truly amazing. Thank you again La! :)" ... written by sweetstephy31
She was pretty spot on with me. Only time will tell if she is right, which I'm sure she is. :) " ... written by egg_nog
Great again, of course :)" ... written by fireopal77
It's always nice speaking with La..... I got all I asked just waiting to see how things will pan out. La ur ((((Awesome)))) ! Guys she is ! I will have to get more credits. Thnx La!" ... written by flava123
I so missed her!!!! Thanks a lot for the update La and will keep you posted." ... written by lnz
Very good. Inspirational and supportive. " ... written by dstufra1
That was intense.. major awakening. WOW!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!! oh did I say WOW!!!!!" ... written by katharazz
Im so glad i met la...she is so gifted but she is also an awesome friend love her!" ... written by pjazz86
I love la, she's an awesome reader....wish she was online so I can talk to her some more she's amazing:)" ... written by pjazz86
This woman is AMAZING!!! She has calmed my fears with certain people and circumstances. I HIGHLY recommend her. She will help you out in your time of need. I will most definately be back for more readings." ... written by lilmama86
PsychicLA really sees clearly, and she is supportive and upbeat. I love her energy. " ... written by tangerinedream
Truly amazing! Thank you! " ... written by chichi978
She's just amazing and very fast. I'm very at ease now thanks to this wonderful woman. Thank for the clarity." ... written by Delly23
straight to the point and clear" ... written by purplehaze76
AWSOME! TY LA! I KNEW WHAT U MEANT ON EVERYTHING! U ARE THE BEST!" ... written by dolphinprincess
She was very helpful and precise, wish i had more time. I will definitely have another reading! " ... written by karlabebe
EXCELLENT. WOW!!!!!" ... written by RadesGirl
Easy to talk to and get a read from. She is also open, honest and direct. Thank you !" ... written by Shea67
Thanks! La you made me feel better as you reassured a lot of things. You were spot on picking up how i was feeling about myself. I've faith that your predictions will come to pass!! xoxo!!" ... written by rach82
wonderful reading la was allsome spot on with her reading" ... written by murrymax
La is right to the point and very honest.. I wish I could of had more time with her.. but from the mins we did talk.. I understood what she was saying and could feel what she was talking about.. I will def be back for another reading! " ... written by Midnight0Star
Very accurate in her readings. Thanks so much." ... written by vegabonded
LA was awesome!!!!!! She took the time to make sure all my questions were answered..She was right on the spot with everything I was feeling and everything that has been going on!!!!! She is so Great!!!! I highly recommend this wonderful lady!!!! I will be back for more : )" ... written by lostpenny
You are a true inspiration to me .. thank you so much for all of your help.. you are a true angel La .. I so look forward to our talks and many more .. my friend.. straight , direct, honest answers.. you have a true gift.. and i am blessed with you.. much love to you sweetie :) " ... written by Aimee78
She is good and really helpful!" ... written by suga-slim
Very helpful with guidance. Answered questions. Let me know where I stand with things. Will let you know how it turns out. Grateful for her insight and guidance. Very direct and to the point. Thank you " ... written by shining4ALL2SEE
she was reallly good, went into details. Well I just need to be patient... thanks" ... written by ali23m
She is amazing. I love her advice and she even predicted something before I told her.... I love you, La!!! " ... written by egg_nog
She is so good and honest! Very fast. I was feeling so down and when her answers made me feel so good I was starting to think I was getting sugarcoated but that is NOT the case at all. She speaks the truth. I truly recommend, she is a must try. " ... written by katnguyen
Lovely lady. She understood my situation without many questions. Remarkable!" ... written by araketanara
I am so thankful, she is an Angel and have me believe in myself again. Flo" ... written by floflo73
La is reliable and accurate. She also answers questions quickly!" ... written by florwer85
Accurate and so helpful. Thank you Psychicla :)" ... written by mozzy123
I have spoken to La a lot, and every time she is so helpful and easy to talk too. She really picks up on the situation and gives great advice. Thank you :)" ... written by chelcee
Loved her..loved her reading..Thanks alot La!!" ... written by TrustGod
OMG...she is amazing..thank you so much...I have no words to discribe this reading..thank you, thank you, thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Right on point, focused and caring. She makes me feel at ease and gives good advice. She has been right on target. " ... written by LadyL5
Very insightful. Will do my best to follow her advice." ... written by User
I have been a client of La's since mid March. I can tell you she is the only one I will go to for advice. She has been accurate with everything she has told me so far. La has helped me to learn why I was going through all of the things that were affecting my life and how to change them. She will guide you on how you can change as a person to attract the things you want in life. THANKS LA...." ... written by friendlyuser
I think she is amazing. Very straight forward and gives clear readings. I definitely plan on talking to her again! " ... written by leapenn
I have had quite a few readings with La and she has always been right with my situations. She will tell you the truth always, in a very positive way. Love her!!!" ... written by leogirl
very good predictions love her she is very good and knows how to connect very well thank you so much you are awesome awesome lady be blessed" ... written by scorpionqueen
very nice and good but waiting to hear from my man" ... written by Lisa
LOVE HER LOVE HER LOVE HER!" ... written by tangerinedream
I've couple of readers on this site that are the best for me. La! is one of them. Thanks La giving me a positive boost and putting me back on track. I'm gonna try my best andamp; to be in the vortexandamp;, lol!! looking forward to your predictions, thank you!!" ... written by rach82
she was so helpfull and understanding she was right on point withwhat where my problems very kind i will defitnetly come back for more with no hesitations i recommend her to any one who having love problems thank you so much psychicla" ... written by velvia
excellent and honest. Several readings with La and highly recommend!" ... written by RadesGirl
Thanks for your help, LA! You were very kind and gave me great clarification on my questions. I will keep you posted on the outcome... highly recommend her for a reading. Great energy!!!" ... written by missgreeneyes
fantastic lovely kind lady very spot on and i hope it all comes true xx" ... written by anastasiaseal
wow!! she is such an angel..sent to genuinly help. Thank you so much. Flo" ... written by Florence
she's very accurate, she is an amazing woman ..thank you so much PsychicLa ,I totally love your reading." ... written by sassiie
Thank you for the reading! I love speaking to La, she has given me the peace of mind I need to stop worrying about things and to look forward to great things that are coming. :)" ... written by leapenn
Lovely sincere person, I really enjoyed the reading and I am looking forward to the good times ahead of me.....thanks again" ... written by claire1605
La!! one of my best readers on this site. She is very quick and positive. Always there for me and puts me back in my vortex. She has been very accurate for me so far!!" ... written by rach82
i found her reading 100% accurate on so many things that she mentioned. am excited to see them come true." ... written by lucy29
Wonderful reader! She did a great job into picking up on my complex situation. Will speak with her soon again" ... written by anyrainbows
She picks up on everything! She is super cool!! i recommend her for private for anyone!!!" ... written by jaybird1966
Great reading as always. She is very helpful and gives good advice. I highly recommend her." ... written by Missleo
great reading, very quick and picked up on my situation with detail, thanks for your help." ... written by chelle54
Thank you, I think your a genuine person. Good reading." ... written by ali23m
she was on point and she knew the details in my case. The time just flew and would have loved to hear more..." ... written by sevsev26
Good reading " ... written by MrsChung1
Fabulous as she always is." ... written by pumpkinpie
Thank you so much!" ... written by tenaye
Thank you so much very accurate and sweet :) She's fun! " ... written by AquariSun
just love this lady!!!" ... written by anastasiaseal
I came to this lovely lady, Everything she said came boyfriend did contact me the very next day, we talked and everything she said was right, i was having a halloween party...and yes he did come even though i thought he wouldnt this lady was 100 per cent right and she didnt give me half answers either............i trust her and value her input 100 per cent, she guided me in the right direction and i took her advice, i cant thank her enough and will always come back to her, wonderful lady i wish her all the love and luck in the world....... Anastasia xx" ... written by Anastasia
i love her she is awesome a great reader thanks again la God Bless You and Your Family" ... written by momskids
This is my second reading by La! I came back to her because one of things we spoke about in our first reading was that my ex would call me within a certain time-frame--and he did! :) La never disappoints me with her readings! She is always direct and on point with everything she has to say and I admire her honesty and her incredible accuracy. Thank you La. I will keep you up-to-date with how everything progresses; thanks for helping me keep on track with my goals. " ... written by leapenn
La is so gifted, and soo funny. Thanks for the help, as usual La!!!" ... written by dancing queen
very accurate - the real thing." ... written by queenvtaylor
This is my third reading. I love talking to La because she is really giving me the positive motivation to stop worrying about things and move forward in my life. " ... written by leapenn
La is the best,she is a wonderful person...thx la xxxxoxxoxx" ... written by frizzle441
Ty PsychicLa. Perfect helpful reading as always :)" ... written by mozzy123
sweet and straight forward" ... written by luvu
Wonderful reading! :) Put me right at ease. Will definitely be back for an update. Thank you! Love and light :) xx" ... written by GratefulOne14
She's was riiiiiggghhhhttt's crazy!!" ... written by Dana
Thank you La, I've missed you! so glad you're back,you are so great. I'll keep in touch when I can and do as you advise. Your reading always seem genuine and true." ... written by ali23m
OMG.......I was on the ledge and now Im back on earth......TY La for your loving words of encouragement.....U were there for me in my time of need and I am FOREVER grateful....TRY THIS WOMAN...SHE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! " ... written by divinedaughter
great. reassuring, totally connected. will be back (ran out of credits today....) thank you!!!!!!!!" ... written by mizbeez
She's awesome and accurate as always! Thanks!" ... written by Lea
Honest and accurate." ... written by orangepapaya
cant wait to see if what she told me happens" ... written by mmd1990
Lovely as always! Great reader! Thank you, La!" ... written by leapenn
Love La! Always makes light shine on the dark spots of your soul!" ... written by wendic
One of many readings I have had with La, and she is just amazing. Thanks tons La!!!" ... written by leogirl
Thanks La! you are the are there when i need you and you always help me calm down and reassure things." ... written by rach82
Ty :)" ... written by mozzy123
I enjoyed my reading with La very much. She was straight to the point and seemed to pick up on my situation very easily and gave me insightful answers that I hope to see come to pass. I would recommend a private with her anytime if you need right to the point answers. Thanks again." ... written by geoff007
La is amazing. She knows whats going on without you saying much. Always gives great advice!" ... written by florwer85
Very helpful. thank you" ... written by Enchantment
La was really on point today, but she has been for every reading I've had with her! I didn't even have to say anything and she was already tapping into everything that was bothering me lately. I absolutely adore this woman and her abilities. She's the genuine and honest deal, folks! Thank you once again, La! " ... written by Lea
great greating !!!!!! i so love her ///hope all prediction comes through" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
Extraordinary" ... written by vc1976
I've had many reading with La and I keep coming back because she is the real deal. No gimmicks or shows a true pro." ... written by florwer85
She really helped me... She made me feel so much better and she made A LOT of sense... THANK YOU" ... written by CupCake86
PsychicLa is my favourite on Oranum. She's the go-to woman is you want accuracy and helpful advice! haha. She's great to talk with, really connects and gives you a lot of guidance. Thank you!" ... written by chelcee
Amazing. La predicted somethings that I didn't think would take place. It took a while, but she was dead right. Thanks again La!!!" ... written by leogirl
love love love LAAAAA.. " ... written by csloveme2
La is a wonderful reader picks up on things before you open mouth to speak lol. She is a 5 star reader give her a go u wont be disappointed...." ... written by murdocca
La is the best for me when I am feeling my worst. When I start to doubt myself and the future. I needed peace of mind tonight and she gave it to me. Thank you La. " ... written by Lee
Thanks for the reassurance La! I'll pray that things pan out the way you see." ... written by rach82
LOVE LOVE LOVE our readings haha...Ty psychicla :)" ... written by mozzy123
Amaaaazing haha. She seemed right on it." ... written by higa808
Nice lady straight forward with her answers and accurate. She is right on the ball with what is happening around us. i recommend her very highly" ... written by murdocca
so accurate " ... written by scorpionsarita
La is one of the best on this website!; no gimmicks, just honest answers. Finally got to speak to her about the past few weeks, because her advice and predictions and time frames were all spot on!" ... written by Lee
Very nice and right on target. I will vistit her again. :)" ... written by Teardrops
WOW, I've talked to Psychic La in Free Chat but did my 1st private chat. I've wanted to take her to private so many times and I'm glad I finally did. She is so easy to talk to andamp;amp; picks up on the situation without having to say much andamp;amp; when more information is shared, the more detail she is able to provide. Thanks La! You're the best :)" ... written by jettagirl09
She gives really good advice. I will have to come back into her room again. Thank you!" ... written by luckygirl40
Amazing....ran out of credits but will be back :)" ... written by cleoham87
OMG, I can not believe how accurate PsychicLA was! She nailed everything on the head over and over and over again! She was right about EVERYTHING, and I can't wait for her predictions to come true. Oh wait, yes I can. Patience! LOL! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by wing-mei
La is great! She has a gift and can read people perfectly! She even knew how I was feeling!" ... written by florwer85
she is fantastic sees right thru things to the truth. I love her readings . I highly recommend her top reader." ... written by murdocca
Awsome awsome awsome!!!! :) " ... written by cleoham87
I just finished a reading with Psychicla and it was wonderful...She knew so much and gave me alot of hope for the future...Thank you!" ... written by victoriansunset
I love her! Very fast and accurate, She is very spot on " ... written by Beautykills
Thanks LA!!! She's the real deal!!!!" ... written by diane1964
very enlighten, will recconmend highly " ... written by CDMIXERS
Always feel happy and positive coming out of a reading with La even when its not what i want to hear.She is a marvelous positive reader ....." ... written by murdocca
very good " ... written by VivaLa__D
I love her bubbly personality and she tell u the truth before u even ask (LOL) she is a great reader one of oranums best. thank you for ur advice and council La. Everyone should give her a go fantastic" ... written by murdocca
She is very sweet and straight to the point... does not want to tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Wonderful to talk to... Say hello to Boop, her kitty :) I will be back to give her some updates A++" ... written by Jillian40
100000 million hugs and blessings to you for helping me understand the situation!!!!" ... written by babydoll7421
Thank you, you got things right on, without knowing the whole situation. Thank you I will be back! " ... written by faith4me
Thank you very much as always! Very sweet and fun :D " ... written by AquariSun
La is always great. She always has accurate info :)" ... written by florwer85
She is amazing, knows so much stuff.. even knew where my headache was in my head.. WOW.. go to her she is amazing.. sorry ran out of time :( " ... written by Jillian40
Love La!!!! She is great to talk with - spot on each time - have so much fun with her!!!! MUAH" ... written by gizzie
Was a pleasant reading, dhe was caring,understanding and complete." ... written by faith
This lady is wonderful 5 stars to making u feel positive and energized again. She is a 5 star reader and i take her advice and reading to heart and learn from each one. Thanks La....." ... written by murdocca
I love her to bits i enjoy all my readings with La. Thank you for keeping me on the straight road and keeping me focused. She is an awesome and fun reader." ... written by murdocca
So amazing! A couple months ago she gave me great advice and insight to help me get out of a emotionally and physically abusive relationship. Everything she told me that was going to happen did and she gave me courage to continue on and not go back to him!. I'm in a new relationship now and happier than ever. She continues to give me great insight and advice about my new relationship and confidence to not even go back and talk to the old guy. HIGHLY recommended! Much love! " ... written by NiVanya
I love La so much every time has reading with her felt so peaceful will come back see her again." ... written by TUSHAN
La is such a sweet person she has been working with me for months and has helped me through so much...things are looking up and i have her insight to thank. thanks la" ... written by pjazz86
great reading thanx good expert." ... written by zimerili1
thanks so mcuh for the clarification...really helped!" ... written by asdfsafdf
La, was very insightful. Answered all questions even before i asked them. Made sure that I understood was she was explaining to me. Thanks LA" ... written by Deme
Thank you so much dear - you put my mind at ease :-)" ... written by KittyCat000
La I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the help you have given me over the last year. I finally understand about the Law of Attraction, and the need to remain posative. I would not be the person I am today without your help. Again I thank you... PS 29 days and counting... :) " ... written by friendlyuser
PsychicLA is always amazing. She knows the very heart of my situation and confirms a lot of things for me. I always enjoy having readings with her, because she's always sweet and great. I'll definitely be back for another reading. Highly recommend! :)" ... written by wing-mei
Ha she is a great reader i have said it before and ill say it again., Marvellous.. Love ya La" ... written by murdocca
She is awsome!!!! i missed having a 5 hour convo with her in free chat! aw poo! haha but i love love talking to her! not just for readings but as a friend and advisor. she gives the best advice and if you follow it and believe in it, it turns out the way you want things to and how she sees. shes amazing!!!! i missed youuu!" ... written by monkies1
La you rock" ... written by pjazz86
Love her positive focus! she is the best!" ... written by wendic
Amazing amazing amazing love you La!!!" ... written by pjazz86
Absolutely wonderful! Always brings things into perspective and helps me put my feet back on the ground! Thank you LA, as usual you were fantastic :)" ... written by AlysiumDream
Love her...amazing " ... written by pjazz86
Very nice reading. Gave me better understanding to problems in my life and why I have the problems that I have. Felt so much better after. She knew everything about the people I was asking about without having to say anything. Very good at readings. Very honest and kind. I really enjoyed it. You won't be disappointed. Thank You La :)" ... written by livehappy70
I always enjoy coming and speaking with La. She is always very honest and has great advice to give. A wonderful reader :)" ... written by chelcee
She is awesome very nice and friendly i will def get her again." ... written by BAM4869
Was very helpful and hope to come back for more. " ... written by cristobal007
Excellent!!! i will b back!!" ... written by wingtip
Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!" ... written by tara
She is wonderful. I had my first private with her and she was spot on. What a wonderful private. I will be back." ... written by tara
La is the best! " ... written by divinedaughter
One word Awesome" ... written by pjazz86
She is a gem! Thank you very much. Fingers and toes crossed. xx" ... written by BarbaA
She always gets me back on the positive railway track thanks La... She is a super lady xxxx" ... written by murdocca
I am always happy to speak to La. She is always up front and very fast to focus on the issue at hand and gives me direct answers to my questions. You should ask her in private if you need help and guidence. Thanks again." ... written by geoff007
La is awesome....such a great help love her" ... written by pjazz86
Love love love la:)" ... written by pjazz86
Wonderful...been talking to La for a while and she is so encouraging, love ya!" ... written by pjazz86
She was nice :)" ... written by oxdancer
Thanks so much as always :D " ... written by AquariSun
I love love love her, awesome..." ... written by pjazz86
Very Accurate this is like my third reading with her, I love it! She is my regular psychic- Everyone should at least try her once you will love her, HANDS DOWN!! :)" ... written by SimplyMe24
Wonderful gift lovely lady great perception Ty xxx" ... written by katzhouse
Confirmed detail with both la and another psychic and both confirmed each other which has stoped me makin a mistake thank u" ... written by gmarie
La is the best, she gets straight to the point. My second reading....thx La " ... written by frizzle441
I love her, talk to her and see" ... written by pjazz86
Great awesome " ... written by holdfast59
Wow she knew me like a book and said so much about the situation! She was right on the mark bout it all and made me feel so much better. I definitely will come back. Thank you" ... written by dreamgirl30
I love La she always gives me a good wake up call on things in my life ...... thank you lady ur great " ... written by murdocca
She makes my heart smile. Thanks La!" ... written by tara
Love la... she's been working with me awhile and things are to her and see for yourself:)" ... written by pjazz86
LA is the best reader.. She knows my questions before I do." ... written by friendlyuser
Thanks so much " ... written by AquariSun
Awesome. Right on point! I would definitely recommend her!" ... written by kb1015
La is the talking to her! Will be back soon. She always sets me straight! Thanks La!" ... written by wendic
Thanks so much " ... written by AquariSun
She is great!!!" ... written by myselfndaughter
Very helpful. Good advice for how to handle the situation." ... written by usa
So very accurate. you nailed it on the head. i will use your service again. I feel much more happier after your reading. thank. you , you are awesome" ... written by patricia47
La, I cannot speak highly enough! As usual you are like the voice of reason in my crazy crazy mind. Thank you so very very very much! " ... written by AlysiumDream
Truly amazing. Right on with me. I would recommend this psychic. I felt like she knew me...." ... written by raventhrone1
I love talking to La. She makes me feel so comfortable and re-assured everytime we chat even if it's just in free session. Thank you for your advice and reminding me to listen to my own intuition. You are the best!! xoxo" ... written by jettagirl09
Great reading as always! thank you LA!" ... written by gatomata
Thanks La. You are great as always!" ... written by tara
Easy to talk to." ... written by skf271
Thanks as always :D " ... written by AquariSun
Thanks as always :D " ... written by AquariSun
I talk to la alot she is awesome...she never judges and gives great advice" ... written by pjazz86
She has given me hope for the future which is what I needed. Thank you so much." ... written by carolinagirl315
Happy to see La on-line tonight. Sometimes it's nice to have her reel me back in when I'm on the metaphorical ledge...she really is the best and knows how to pick up on people and their situations...give her a try!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Thanks so much :D " ... written by AquariSun
So warm, compassionate, and - most importantly - accurate. She picked up on my entire situation with very little information given. I would definitely recommend her!" ... written by Celia75
Awesome reader and friend, wish she was online now..." ... written by pjazz86
La tells it like it is and doesn't waste time. She connected quickly and was able to pick up on my situation and absolutely confirmed what I've been wondering about. She's so clear when addressing the situation and conversation flowed so quickly and easily after a long absence. Welcome back La! We missed you!!" ... written by Jettagirl
La's assessments have been on point the entire time I've been a client of hers. She clearly sees and identifies people and situations but particularly of myself and has helped guide me in the right direction to have a positive outcome. I love seeing her and hanging out in her room. She's so clear and easy to talk to and isn't here to waste time or money...." ... written by Jettagirl09
Soooo good to have you back, reconfirmed what I already knew." ... written by pjazz86
What an awesome reading, LA is outstanding!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Absolutely love this woman! So straight forward, no BS and gets right to the heart of the matter with no trouble at all! Will be back again for sure!!! Thanks La!!! " ... written by AlysiumDream
Happy to catch La online to clarify some things. She's always on point so I'll keep plugging away. Thanks La for always being there to listen..." ... written by Jettagirl09
Wow so in tune with everything!!! Pick up on my feelings and the other person! So glad she is back on ORANUM :)" ... written by pjazz86
La and I have talked on an off for 2 years and she's always pretty on point about what's going on in my life. She connects so quickly with whatever is going on and is so easy, clear and fun to talk to. I love visiting her when she's in free chat and is a true adviser and professional. Thank you again. I truly appreciate it!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
Thanks la" ... written by pjazz86
WOWSER...Psychic La is AMAZING...she picked up on my situation to the T...and it was the absolute most accurate I have had in a long time...I will definitely have another reading with her. The real deal!!! AWESOME!" ... written by angelloverose
Dynamite reading, connected so well very genuine and I look forward to her predictions~" ... written by Peter
thanks" ... written by catmando
Good advice from La, as always. Things that I definitely need to put into practice in my life...She was very quick and helpful and I trust her advice and have for the past several years. Thank you La for taking time to log in tonight. I really appreciate your help and advice!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
very wonderful reading" ... written by Stacy R
This psychic is the bomb. She tells you how you and everything else is ;)" ... written by a
So very happy that I got to see La online. She is one of the first psychics I ever met on Oranum and I still love getting to talk to her, even though it's not nearly as often as I would like ;) She connects quickly and always has good suggestions for me and I trust her skills so very much!! Thank you for taking the time with me, La....I appreciate it very much!! xoxo" ... written by Jettagirl09
really got a lot out of this reading!!! thanks" ... written by nat
super awesome so reassuring" ... written by dd
thank you so much...very good reading!!" ... written by missvika
I love her she connects so fast and is accurate its crazy its like she knows me!!" ... written by nikki
glad I had a reading with you - thanks for all words, advice and visions. thanks:)" ... written by intrig
Got a much needed, albeit silent kick in the pants from La as we couldn't get the sound to work in our session, but she keeps giving me positive, uplifting advice on changing my own thought patterns which I have to do a better job of putting into practice. Good to see you tonight La, and thank you, as always for all of the help..." ... written by Jettagirl09
she is pretty good. Very accurate so far. I can't wait to see what happens next." ... written by sunshine
Thank You La that was very much needed talk. You put me in a better direction. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Connects fast, very friendly, she gets it! No fairy, fluffy tales. Tells it how it is and I appreciate that. Straight up. She confirmed what I have thought and I hope what she says happens. I enjoyed talking with La. Blessings." ... written by P
She always has been right and things were on target. She is caring and tells it like she sees it. I am glad she is back." ... written by dcoventry
Very comforting....I pray that it comes true" ... written by itwillbeok
Great Lady! " ... written by Erikaafs
great reading." ... written by Lela
she's nice and answers all questions." ... written by earthlings
Highly recommended.genuine and gifted lady:)" ... written by mira1973
got my answer and i hope it will happen this way :)" ... written by jazzychic7
Wonderful! accurate as if she sees into my mind and the minds of others and reads their thoughts." ... written by Alexandra
She was great - and gave me very solid information on a cloudy situation. Very glad to get this reading." ... written by L
To the point - recommended! " ... written by gummigummi
First time having a reading with you and it was amazing i will definietly be back again :) She is great very caring, straight to the point! You should go to her!" ... written by Molly95
no tools is best! thank you for clarifying La! I will keep u posted:)" ... written by sweet
100% Accurate. 5 Star Rating" ... written by swiftcats64
very good!" ... written by jenny
Amazing. Very honest anf friendly choose her." ... written by Lateisha
Good, down to earth advice. Will call on again if I have a need." ... written by ChrissyB
She has always been right and very good reader. I RECOMMEND HER!! " ... written by denise
damn talk to La. She's amazing. absolutely amazing. no tools and knows!" ... written by m
thanks for your help i hope things will come to past and i hope it wasn't him as what you said." ... written by ma
She was amazing! I will call on her again. Very accurate." ... written by ChericeMichelle
Very good and honest. Thank you" ... written by Vivienne
<" ... written by
had to go back for more insight lol. awesome and gave me so much clarity" ... written by m
always grounding me and giving me awesome advice so i chill out haha" ... written by m
cool reading" ... written by mar
Wish I had more credits. No tools and seems to know a lot about the situation without you telling her. " ... written by Sarah
cool" ... written by mar
An amazingly accurate psychic. I am so glad I had a chance to speak with her. She absolutely nailed it, and I will be back." ... written by Sam603
I loved her reading so much she made my heart feel so much better. Always honest and accurate." ... written by 1l0ve
FANTASTIC! Great reader VERY accurate! Will be back :) " ... written by Taytay94
Gave me insight and was quick to the point. Very warm personality, and a good demo." ... written by Denny
great reading " ... written by Debbie
first reading with LA and I totally loved it… we've hit it off in free chat and I just knew we connected, she's not just a reader but she will give very thorough guidance based on what she sees which is great and ultimately what anyone should want from a reader" ... written by KG
She always helps me to feel better and calmer. Thank you." ... written by ali23m
Second reading. Went into full details; described what I am feeling to a t! Dug deep within. Great read." ... written by Dennyy
La goes in like a boxer, you don't even know the bell ring. She waste no time, she will even see what your not saying. She is gifted and a true gift. " ... written by Bronxie
la keeps me grounded. love her bc my thoughts are always keeping me anxious haha" ... written by m
Easy to talk to and is very accurate" ... written by ***
La always delivers a great reading I am So lucky to have shared tis experience with her, she amazes me everytime. or any new comers , la is the one to Hire, She has been giving me great messages for the longest" ... written by V
Very good reading and advice is very helpful. She has motherly love and gives good advice to take heed from as well. I really enjoyed my reading with La and she is honest as well straight forward..No guessing or asking a million questions.." ... written by Red Bug
had little credits thanks to but im glad i came in :) because she gave me good advie and is very well connected to my situtaion" ... written by miszy
Really SUPER!!!" ... written by J
Amazing" ... written by amrita
I think she is absolutely fantastic. She did not need any information besides my name and was able to pick up on my situation so quickly. She was fast and the things she said was just spot on. Definitely give her a try. " ... written by KL
I Loved Evvery reading ive had with her always to the point accurate and Fast," ... written by Vaneya
she has always been a great reader always on target and right. so loving and kind. she really does care...." ... written by dee
Such a kind person. I feel at ease. So glad I came in for a reading. Thank you so much. " ... written by mainstreem20
She was very accurate. Straight to the point and gave me specifics as to why and such about my concerns :)" ... written by Edna Pedraza
Amazing! Very extremely accurate! Worth taking into a consultation! Really really good!" ... written by GoldLove♥
Thank you la, I'm always happy to see you and get updates from you. You are straightforward and honest, not to mention fast." ... written by ali23m
good reading" ... written by chrissy
Truly connects:) Highly recommend a reading with Psychic La:)" ... written by LightofTruth
always good reading. always la is one of the best on here " ... written by m
She is the best! Absolutely LOVE doing privates with her! She is spot on accurate and such a gorgeous soul! HIGHLY recommended! ♥" ... written by Tay.