About PsychicJasmine

Psychic PsychicJasminehas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicJasminehas recently helped 1252members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicJasmine's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

About me : It all started when I was 3 years old, my grandmother found me in the middle of the floor "talking" to her tarot cards. She sat me down and asked, "what are they saying to you?" From that moment on, I was to begin my journey in understanding my natural gifts and talents. I honed my skills with my grand mother till I was 17 years old. By this point I have already been reading others professionally for 5 years in grand ma's shop and attending private and public events with her. On my 17th birthday her final gift to me was her opening my own shop in Los Angeles California. I am a natural born 4th generation psychic/empathic reader with over 20 years experience. I am also a master Tarot reader able to give time frames. I do not sugarcoat anything. So if you are not ready to hear the truth do not proceed.

The free chat area is strictly to ask about the services I provide. Also, I can not speak for other readers on this or any other site. If you have a question about a reading you have had with someone else, please kindly refer back to the original reader. My room is not a "hang out" so please kindly do not loiter in my room. I am here to work, not make friends.

If you want to know whats really going on, look no further.
Be advised that you may hear things that you just don't want to believe to be true about your own self.
So sugar coating, no run around, no staged persona.
Services I provide:
Palm reading
Tarot reading
Psychic reading
Energy balancing
Chakra realignment/balancing
curse/hex/spell removal

Are you tired of others standing in the way of your happiness?
Do you wish he/she would open up and stop acting like a fool?
Trouble sleeping?
Tired of running around in circles?
I can and will help you overcome all obstacles that stand between you and your desires. Not only are my readings accurate about current situations, but you will see with your own two eyes that what I say does indeed happen.
Rituals are not for everyone. I am honest about what can and can not be done. Remember, you are paying for supplies as well as my time. There is a set fee for all rituals. You can combine rituals for a lesser fee.

Rituals that I offer:
*Come to me/return to me
*My money, my pocket
*Outta my hair/ take your drama and go
*I don't love you anymore

Any advice given should not take the place of a medical or legal professional. If you require medical or legal advice please seek the advice of a professional within that field. No reader by law is able to give medical (unless holistic with documents to prove they are certified in the field) or legal advice.
Activities that are NOT allowed in FREE Chat:

Discussing sensitive information – the Free Chat area is an accessible substance for everyone around the globe; if Members and Experts engage in conversations that contain personal information (such as date of birth, full name, email address, detailed personal life problems, too detailed questions) it can easily lead to harm.

-Giving information about the future in any form with any kind of tools – any information like this is private and only concerns the Client and the Expert, thus it has no place in Free Chat which is public.

-Answering concrete Yes/No questions concerning the future – we sincerely believe that only answering with a 'yes' or 'no' can be misleading as it is not a complete answer thus it can give a distorted or oversimplified picture.

-Giving solution with one card – the situation is the same than with the 'Yes/No' case; it is not conclusive as one card cannot describe the full situation thus in will not help the Client.

-Providing vast, detailed or full information about the Members' personality – again, it violates the Members' privacy plus not interesting to the other Clients and gives a too private atmosphere to the public chatroom.

-Conducting Mediumship – it can be dangerous among so many Members plus it is a very personal activity.

-Targeted individual healings/prayers – as every person has different problems and the energies can easily get mixed up among the many visitors in the room, they are not advised.

-Follow-up reading after a Private Consultation – the Free Chat room is for everyone to get to know the Expert, not to further discuss the private case of one Member

Thanks soo much for your time!! She was right on point with everything. I will get credits and be back!!! She is wonderful right to the point and very nice!" ... written by latashiaj89
Thanks you for your reading...she is very good an has a great personality and i would recommend any one to have a private reading with her..." ... written by Terri1321
Jasmine is amazing! She is very direct and very honest. She tells it like it is, and does not waste any your time! She even knew certain things before I told her or the situation! I will Def. Come back to her!!! " ... written by LLP001
I had a reading with Jasmine and she was really hitting things right on" ... written by Ray
She's in depth and great to talk to. You won't regret giving her a chance." ... written by b-lizabeth
I experienced a live chat with jasmine and it was accurate and sincere. she was real and really Good" ... written by REXTO5555
The best, most thorough reading I've ever had. She accurately touched on so many things in my life and relationships. She confirmed so many things that I needed to hear and pointed me in the right direction. This lady has a beautiful spirit. And the best part, is that she will only tell you what she truly feels. Please give her a try! " ... written by ezangel
She tells you what you need to hear!! Thank you again!" ... written by ezangel
Jasmine picked up on what I needed to know today, she was very helpful and gave me the guidance I needed..." ... written by sgarton
She is very helpful and good. I enjoy talking to her.." ... written by ELiZa7812
Excellent connection.... Picked up on a lot of things about me and my personality. Picked up well on details of job that i'm looking at." ... written by enzyte_bob
She's AMAZINGGG...amazing reading!!!" ... written by loveable1390
Did my second reading with her! Very honest! Thanks a lot!!!! Very funny, and laid back! " ... written by LLP001
She was really accurate!! and straight-up!" ... written by foxynav7
Wow! She was a wonderful and sweet lady! She really is relaxing, and very helpful! I would definitely recommend a private session with her if you feel like your down, sad, anything! She knows how to bring your spirits up! " ... written by cowboicasanova
Jasmine was great!! She really caught both of our energies and I feel relieved after speaking with her ;o) Thanks!!!!" ... written by Phoxee
Comforting, knowledgable, ACCURATE, straight to the point. I loved your reading!" ... written by coconut1980
Lets put its like this - she was RIGHT ON TARGET without me telling her a single drop of info much to the point that ii am going to get more credits right now and pop back in.. just so we can finish up our definitely recommend her... shes really right on with her readings....for the first time in a long time i walked away with clarity on the situation..." ... written by Amanda
Thank you for all of your help JAsmine... Look forward to talking to you tomorrow..." ... written by psychicstudent
Best psychic I've ever spoken to. She didn't need to know anything. I believe she is right on point and legit. I appreciate your help very much. Thank you for being so open and honest. I felt very comfortable. She read me like a book." ... written by Cynsupernova
Very helpful and inspiring. I will definitely do another reading soon." ... written by Kay9821
glad i got the 2nd show to finish up our chat....when someone is good they are good.... and she is beyond good. shes great...i've had a lot of readings on here... but she is the ONLY ONE that hit the nail on the head..(often times i left nice feedback for the others that read for me.. and it was not genuine feelings that i wrote for them... i did it because i didn't want to be nasty) feedback for her is 100% GENUINE... i cant believe how she tapped in without me telling her anything... :) you're great jasmine... " ... written by Amanda
Jasmine is the best ..i had 2 readings and looking forward for more. Not only a great spychic but a great person to talk to. ORANUM BEST!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sxladyjade
I want to thank you. I cry all the time and hoping he will come back to me. " ... written by emonte43
Jasmine is excellent. She picks up on things perfectly and hits the nail on the head! Very intuitive. I recommend her highly." ... written by npacilli
she was amazing, thanks a lot Jasmine!!!" ... written by sassiie
Amazing soo helpful, wonderful woman clearly a master at tarot cards and so kind and sweet" ... written by totaly_random15
Thank you Jasmine for an amazing reading!! You gave me hope and strength to move forward. I look forward to a better future." ... written by mylife123
Really good." ... written by sarahjane35
I was so excited to get my reading with Jasmine, that I've forgotten to plug-in my earphones... Silly of Me!!! However, the reading with Jasmine was amazing; she knew exactly what I’m going through and how I felt about myself, whom nobody would know except ME, just incredible!!! She gave me some good advice and predicted my future, and I just can’t wait for it to happen! Jasmine is direct and accurate and I’m SO glad that I had my first reading with her…. What else can I say? “She’s Wonderful!” " ... written by standardguy09
Jas was great this is my second reading and i have honestly tried a few others but i will always come back to her she will tell you the truth and sometimes we don't always want to hear the truth but that s the only way to heal yourself. Jas is well worth it. Thanks" ... written by raym57
She was beyond amazing! She told me things i needed to know and i didn't even have to ask! It was just great. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PsychicJasmine. Thank you for all your input and advice." ... written by selvi3
Thank you so much for a wonderful advice!" ... written by imothy
Very good and honest reading." ... written by npacilli
I felt very touched by her words, and had a connection with her instantly. She has an amazing gift and I want others to experience this as well. I believe that if there were any negative energies that she would have been straight and thorough with her answers. And fortunately what she had to say was what I wanted to hear. I now feel a sense of comfort in which I haven't had in quite sometime. I feel content and I really respect her honesty. Her ways of caring for others like me is something I can't put into words. But I rate her at 5 stars, because she is that wonderful. Thanks, I will wait for the day your vision of us reuniting manifests. God Bless." ... written by tony8701
Shes realy good, she told me everything i had to know without asking anything.....thanks" ... written by spain246
amazing" ... written by totaly_random15
She was right on target! She new what I was going to ask before I asked. Wow!" ... written by Flower775
I love this lady! The most beautiful person I have met in a long time. I cant express how helpful she was....So worth the reading....just lost for words....makes you feel calm and makes you realise things are not as bad as you think....xx" ... written by CrownChakra
She is great. she said a lot of things that are true that are happening in my life going on in my life right know. Im looking forward to my next couple of weeks. Ill be taking her advice." ... written by coorsmann
great reading. always satisfied with her words." ... written by tony8701
accurate helped me out :)" ... written by shesayys
thanks for the great reading! accurate, straight to the point. definitely 5 stars. :)" ... written by aisha
thank you jasmine....definitely will come back" ... written by scorpio1980
great reading, touched on alot of things that apply to me right now, some past and future. Gave a good timeline..confirmed alot of what i already knew. Thankful" ... written by adep12
Very caring reader, full of advice for the situation." ... written by fireopal77
Wow, that was fantastic scary ,accurate, so spot on with everything,about my ex fiance, and what he's like, and about i need time for myself as he's drained all my energy,,that how im feeling,,wow.. worth every penny,, and more,, absolutly brilliant, im shocked with what was told to me... ty ty so so much.. youve helped me such alot.. ty again" ... written by debs1962
I just had consult wit Jasmine! She was right on and compassionate! Hopeful things will turn around for me as a result!" ... written by mysticscorpion
I enjoyed my reading and she was very quick to answer my questions and very professional, I am just waiting for what she said to come true, I will recommend her and be calling her again." ... written by apple12
Fantastic! would definitely recommend!" ... written by Wowzers1
Very on the point. Worth the money for sure." ... written by kenny47s
Wonderful to meet Ms. Jasmine. Very receptive to my problems and my two email readings were excellent. Highly suggest her for a reading. A+++" ... written by Nancycyd
She was so wonderfull gave me such happy news" ... written by Imasurvivor
i hope whatever she told me .. comes true :) " ... written by queenE22
Thanks much you are great Jasmine " ... written by mylife123
I love Jasmine she is awsome so helpfull" ... written by Imasurvivor
Thank you Jasmine, always acurate and give me hope. Godbless " ... written by mylife123
Aww thanks Jasmine your great. She is very insightful and knows what she is talking about. I will take heed to what you have said. It makes alot of sense to me and I will no longer worry. Thank you!!!!!!!!!" ... written by pollyblueeyes
Very good reading, she totally knew my situation, I will come back!" ... written by Miroch
enjoyed the reading...." ... written by sweetlymystic
very good reader" ... written by 1212flaming
I really like Jasmine she has been the best reader I have spoken with and she has really helped me on my love quest." ... written by poet222
Thanks so much Jasmine. :) Your amazing. " ... written by pollyblueeyes
She is the most on point person I have spoken with thus far. Things that she told me actually happened just as she said they would. She has become my absolute favorite..I give her ten stars.." ... written by anamaria_marrero
I love talking to her. she is very empathic and very knowledgeable in what is going on in my life. she gave really good advice! So far she has been spot on...worth the money!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Scary Accurate and Incredibly Kind. Jasmine is the real deal. period." ... written by rosesandcandles
AWESOME!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
GREAT as usual..." ... written by anamaria_marrero
Jasmine helped me a lot definitely recommend her!!:))" ... written by sexyegyptian2
This is my 4th private session with Jasmine and each time it is better and better. She is so kind and listens to you and gives you real honest answers." ... written by Imasurvivor
GREAT!!!" ... written by pollyblueeyes
She lets you know what you need to hear. Very straightforward!" ... written by slz0304
Very on key about everything about me that she talked about. I would recommend her to anyone I came across. " ... written by tequiliasunrise1
WOW! She was amazing, I truly felt she was not a fake. I believed everything she said." ... written by luvisnot27
You were exactly right! the company is global and he is great! ty!" ... written by joyful1959
Great reading!!! A+ I love her to death she keep it real!!!!" ... written by cabbyaj
GREAT as usual...everything Jasmine has told me has happened...I love her!! She is the real thing..." ... written by anamaria_marrero
Wow, she confirmed all that I had known deep inside, but was nervous about knowing. She was good! Highly recommend!" ... written by Aliyah1955
she is one of my favorite psychics. She doesn't need any info and just starts talking about your situation, etc. I love her!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Thank you again Jasmine! This is my 3rd reading with Jasmine and she was one of the first readers I consulted on this site back in April/May where she gave me a thorough reading that started to come to pass in mid-June and has been progressing nicely since then. She made a big prediction back then (while several others told me the exact opposite) and I can honestly say that Jasmine's insight came to pass and her other predictions are continuing to develop as we speak. Jasmine is honest and will not feed you a fantasy story. She gives a lot of information in a short time. She is definitely worth consulting! Highly recommended! " ... written by ezangel
excellent- very clear and provides real direct answers no interpretation needed - would strongly recommend." ... written by jpatzleiner
Jasmine Has been so great everything she told me was 100% true. I personally recommend her to anyone that needs help.Trust me you won't go wrong she's a sweet heart and helps people that needs help." ... written by josh2588
Once again Jasmine has done it again the information she gives you is so so accurate. I'm just so addicted to her readings and predictions so far she has rite on everything. Anybody that needs help please feel free to go to Jasmine you won't go wrong instead you will be very well please." ... written by josh2588
Very thorough reading with of the best yet!!! I will wait and see if it comes true. As a person very kind and gentle and clear and fast so no time was wasted. I am glad to have a reading with Jasmine GOD BLESS HER. xx " ... written by glamour11
wonderful x" ... written by ctrhw6110
She was really lovely! Thank you for all your insight Jasmine!" ... written by eloquent31
Jamine was so lovely, she described my cicrumstances and personality very well. I felt she really connected with me. I got some nice news and I look forward to the future unfolding for me. I will be back to talk to Jasmine again as I really did feel she knew me.... " ... written by claire1605
Jasmine Has been great once again very accurate information. Again I recommend her to anybody that needs help." ... written by josh2588
She's very honest, I truly enjoyed reading with her... and will come back again and again!" ... written by blanca84
AMAZING!" ... written by ctrhw6110
Jasmine she has done it again she always give me accurate informations. I trust her so much because she has never failed me she is very gifted. Please anybody that needs help feel free to go to Jasmine she is wonderful. So don't think twice about it just go for it you won't go wrong. " ... written by josh2588
Jasmine was so wonderful as always she has giving me so much accurate information and has help me through out my problems. She is a sweetheart and knows what she is doing. I have been with her ever since my problems started and she was able to help me. So therefor anybody that needs help Jasmine is the one for you believe me when i say you won't go wrong." ... written by josh2588
Great as always!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
My private with Jasmine was very uplifting. She knew exactly what was going on in my relationship with my boyfriend and why he was doing the things he is doing. She gave me hope that the situation will turn around and we will get things back on track. I was feeling really down and stressed out about the whole situation and she gave me a sense of calm, and reassurance that everything will be okay. Definitely worth the money. I will definitely do it again. I had to thank her for clearing up some of the issues that I couldn't see that were around him. She is SUPER AWESOME!!! Private her even if for a short time because she still provides clarity." ... written by sparklehail
Many times in our life...we feel lost..we feel we need answers to many questions..." ... written by dewdrops007
Jasmine is so awesome (as always)! I have been to her repeatedly for accurate, sensitive and insightful advice. She is very intuned, genuine and continues to direct me in a positive light. Jasmine will help you focus on your life goals and give you some helpful tools in turning them become a reality! Just give her chance, you'll be glad you did! " ... written by mysticscorpion
Jasmine is the best!!! She is honest, caring, helpful I have been dealing with her for weeks and weeks..and I will always speak with her...she is bright on the money and a wonderful person to talk with. Best one on this site. " ... written by dee1953
Very accurate. Thank you for your guidance." ... written by eloquent31
Thank you for helping us, back to you soon, Gabe and Nury" ... written by canary30
she is very good...and positive i had a good reading with her...thanks jasmine" ... written by soosanmh59
The reading was great!" ... written by luckygirl40
Jasmine was WONDERFUL.......VERY REASSURING. She knew exactly what was happening and didnt need a lot of info from me. THANKS GIRL!!! " ... written by divinedaughter
I love Jasmine's energy. She is so kind and caring." ... written by missgreeneyes
Great reading. Very precise with timeline predictions. I recommend her for a private reading." ... written by snoopy87
5 STARS" ... written by anamaria_marrero
Jasmine is awesome she hit the nail on the head. I take her readings very seriously. Highly recommend you check her out. Very accurate!!" ... written by luella05
Amazing reading...Jasmine is very sensitive and picked up on a lot of things. She will not beat around the bush or just say things to make you happy, absolutely worth your time and money" ... written by fleurdesil
i like her!! she made me reallly happpy!!! she put a smile on my face!!! :)))) she really did! she so accurate :) " ... written by oxdancer
OMG!I love you!!!I only had 3mins credit and she laid the whole situation out for me!!!fast and effective!!!Thank you soooo much!!!Highly recommended!!!5 * :)" ... written by rattail1
Absolutely amazing, you helped me so much! Thank you!" ... written by dmc121808
jasss is awesome!!!!!! love her..... great reading" ... written by sexyegyptian2
She was really great! So sweet and compassionate. I would definitely recommend you get a reading from her. Got straight to the point with complete honesty ." ... written by flower74
Great Reading, gave me a better outlook on my situation. Very honest and compassionate reader. " ... written by flower74
Awesome!" ... written by chunsie00
great meditation... she is awesome" ... written by sexyegyptian2
She was very accurate and understanding,,,,We will see what she advised comes true...:-)" ... written by Cheliese
As usual Jasmine saves my days when life has me going stir crazy. I love Jasmine she worth every penny." ... written by luella05
love jasmine n art:)) very accuarate .... The best!" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Jasmine as usual a very accurate reading she was spot on with everything. Also she is very accurate with time frames everytime she tells me something its on point. I will definitely will be comming back to her for more readings,so anybody that needs help feel free to go to Jasmine. Awsome Readings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by josh2588
Amazing reading! Detailed...totally blew my mind! Will use her again." ... written by Ladonnalove1
Jasmine is such a wonderful reader and everything she has said has come true. When you've found a reader like Jasmine, it's really hard to go elsewhere. I really appreciate everything she's done for me and all the insights she has given me and I'll be back to talk to you again. Thank you so much" ... written by delly23
I love this woman...she always gives me the confidence to keep holding on just when I am ready to give up...LOVE YOU MS. JASMINE!!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
She give me great and clear details about my relationship.She is very positive and she gave me much confidence.She was very calm and lovely person willing to help and give wonderful advise.I recommend her.Certainly,I will come back to her ,for another consultation.Her information was valuable!thank you,dear!" ... written by Indigo76
I've been talking to Jasmine for over a year now and all her predictions have come true, I really hope that others try for a private session cause she is really spot on with everything she sees " ... written by Delly23
lov jasmine always great reading...." ... written by sexyegyptian2
I really like this lady. She was very caring and loving in the way she shares what abilities she has. I found her reading very compassionate.And she helped to unravel things. I will be back. Blessings and angelcare my dear. " ... written by oceansandjoy1
She was GREAT..accurate and rite on...will definitely return..and recommend her..Thank You" ... written by silverstarr
This woman is truly truly amazing! She is a gifted seer. Request her if you have any questions about your man or woman. I will always request this woman whenever I have any questions about my life. May God bless you!" ... written by MaryBrown25
THOROUGH and does NOT WASTE TIME! Answers all questions and really lays it out for you. Told me what I CAN DO to help my situation improve and reassured me that things will work out! Highly recommended!" ... written by LunaSkye
Fast read, gets to the point and very sweet thanks! :D" ... written by AquariSun
She is wonderful and too the point! Right on target!" ... written by Teardrops
LOVE!!!!!! Confirmed a lot!" ... written by SAchick
Jasmine was awesome as usual. I will just have to wait and see now! But I know her readings are reliable. Thanx Oranum for the credits. Thanx Jasmine, I let u know in due time !" ... written by flava123
Thanks so much! Wish I could afford more time, will come again! Very inspirational.Love Ya Jas!! :)" ... written by Tamara_Rivera
LOVE LOVE LOVE JASMINE......Amazing woman in and out, she lays everything on the Line and doesnt sugar coat anything.... I will be coming back to talk to you again girl....xoxoxox" ... written by greeneyedgirl
Jasmine is wonderful and gave me great advice and i will be back to let her know how things turn out with her predictions." ... written by luckygirl40
Psychic Jasmine was extremely nice, very detailed with her readings, and very honest. She is professional and friendly, which made my experience unique!!! Highly recommend. Thanks so much Jasmine!!! :-)" ... written by miracle06
Thank you Jasmine very much:)" ... written by brian82
Wonderful reading with her every single time!! She is the best on Oranum!! Love you Jasmine" ... written by topcop14
very reassuring, i love her so much, i was always drawn to her. thankyou, i'll wait for your predictions to come true. " ... written by Evilpigeonn
She's such a warm soul to chat with and her predictions are always right now so I'm confident about what she sees and I def. recommend her for a private reading " ... written by Delly23
Jasmine was GREAT..loved speaking with her,she is kind as well as VERY accurate...I will return to her and also recommend her..." ... written by Silverstarr
She's just to amazing in my eyes and I really hope everything works out and i''ll be back to update you some time next week :)" ... written by Delly23
Very kind.. enjoyed the first private chat. Really hope it is accurate.. i'll be back after November to let you know. ;) Thanks Jasmine! " ... written by mrngglry926
very accurate and awesome! will come back again!!!" ... written by chunsie00
She's so amazing to speak with her. Please give her a try !!!" ... written by delly23
Absolutely wonderful reading. Very detailed and to the point. I would read with her again! " ... written by Riggergirl17
Tnx Jasmine. ;D" ... written by Scorpionessa
Jasmine is so awesome! She gave me a fantastic reading, and she was honest with what she told me. She even mentioned a sprain, and I had sprained my wrist before! It still hurts! How amazing is that?! I was so impressed with her! I'll be sure to have another reading with her. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
She is awesome! I just gave her a name and she gave me all the details!!!!!! She hit the nail right on the head! :P I love her! " ... written by PeaceLoveLight
Excellent as always! I will definitely come back for another reading in the near future.. Thanks Jasmine for all of your help. You are an Angel! Will keep you posted on the outcome!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Jasmine is great!! She always gives me piece of mind and knows exactly what she is talking about. And when my situation changes she will be the first person I contact. Thank you!" ... written by luckygirl40
Wonderful as always!! Highly recommend." ... written by topcop14
Jasmine's personality is humble and caring. As a professional, she is very reliable and I think she's the most accurate reader I have had so far on Oranum. I am left very impressed." ... written by lia_11
I love speaking with Jasmine and she's very quick and doesn't waste time or money, i'll be back for updates" ... written by delly23
As usual reading experience is always awesome with her I am recommending her to all my friends and to you. She the best reader!!" ... written by luella05
Always the best!" ... written by cabbyaj
As always she was the best reading I had in a long time...." ... written by cabbyaj
thank you jasmine i will take your advice. thank you for everything and i will see you soon. Your the best!!! " ... written by luckygirl40
I feel so connected to her. She is such a kind person and she knows just what to say to help." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Very good and very positive. I really appreciated that she didn't try to waste my time and my money. She was really really fast. I enjoyed my reading very much with Jasmine" ... written by taniatania
As usual I am greatful and will always recommend her. She is my favorite and I value her feedback." ... written by luella05
Thank you, dear friend. " ... written by evolve
She is amazing, she picked up on my situation immediately. Thanks a lot, will be back again!" ... written by julznycles
Fabulous!!! I love Jasmine.... detailed readings, professional, friendly, and to the point. Thank you!" ... written by miracle06
Greta reading. You guys have no idea the way I feel at this moment. All I can say is looking forward to this month of oct. Hopefully it's the end of my cycle. Its been a rough 6 month for me. THANK YOU JASMINE." ... written by coorsmann
I had another reading with someone else that just confused me, so I thought I would try another. I'm so glad I did. It was very to the point and concise. I will let you know how it all turns out." ... written by dragonfly8022
Jasmine, She is always on target and she knows what I'm going to asked before I ask. She is my favorite psychic and I will always come to her for my readings. Thank you Jasmine. You do my heart good!" ... written by Teardrops
Excellent reading with Jasmine! We connected really well and all I gave her was my name. Thank you for your incredible insight. " ... written by Mylife123
She was great, I didn't have much time, but she answered my questions quickly. I will definitely be back, she is worth the money. Anyone would be happy with her ability, try her out today!" ... written by ManBearPig
Well I have been with Jas for quite a while and she had everything nailed to a T all it took was time and everything started to unfold and everything she told me is now coming true. Thank you Jas" ... written by raym57
Wow amazing. Love her. She was so connected with me from the beginning. i will definetly keep her posted. Loved her reading. People get a reading with her. She is worth every penny. Will keep you posted. Blessing for you and your family." ... written by Gretchen71
Didn't have much time last session but I came to talk to her longer and trust me it was well worth it. Thanks Jasmine xoxoxox" ... written by Delly23
Thanks so much for the reading, I loved it. She's very quick and I highly recommended her a reading !!! " ... written by delly23
This is my girl..... Love her to the fullest. She is always on the money. No sugarcoating!!! If you have not had a reading with Jasmine you need to! I talk with Jasmine at least once a week and my readings have always been accurate... Thanks Jasmine." ... written by topcop14
she tells the truth----take it or leave it---the truth is the best gift someone can give you!!!" ... written by bluesky10
She's awesome. Glad I had a reading with her." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Very sweet, comforting, and helpful. Thanks :) " ... written by AquariSun
She was wonderful! Enjoyed the reading." ... written by Teardrops
She was great! I only had to tell her my name and she gave me all the information I wanted without asking me any question!!! I will def be back for a reading!! THANK YOU very much!!!" ... written by Onica86
fantastic reading, accurate and fast. hope everything she told me will come true...definately recommend her A+++++++++++" ... written by taniatania
Great reading! :)" ... written by jayr3264
Jasmine is wonderful she told me when I was going to get my new job and when I was going to start and she was ritght on. Also regarding my love life she told me details about the man I love that only I would know. I have found my favorite psychic and we have a great connection. Thank you Jasmine!!" ... written by Teardrops
THANK YOU SO MUCH JASMINE...." ... written by sassiie
EXCELLENT READING, THANK YOU!" ... written by kelleess
brilliant ..................... thank you Jasmine .................. very clear and fast reading xxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by firef12
Jasmine you always know what I'm thinking before I ask. Wow! Thank you for your help." ... written by Teardrops
amazing..does not waste your time and gets to the issue quickly." ... written by parkernin
Phenomenal positive reading. Love her!" ... written by Ladonnalove1
Jasmine awesome as usual. Just waiting for things to work out as said. Thanx Jas!" ... written by flava123
Jasmine is excellent. She is fast and straight to the point. No sugar coating. She is always on target and she knows what is going on in my life with every situation. I enjoy my readings with Jasmine even when she tells me what I don't want hear. She tells you the truth. I will always come back to her for a reading. " ... written by Missleo
Awesome, thanks :D" ... written by girlytomboy3665
I love her. she is my main psychic. when i get famous she will continue to be my psychic advisor." ... written by bluesky10
Once again, honesty, intuition, integrity and a lovely manner. You are the best!" ... written by araketanara
She's so great and I always love to talk to her, she doesn't give you false hope and she tells you like it is. Thank you so much :)" ... written by delly23
Brilliant thank you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by firefire12
Thanks so much, it's been a while since we spoke, and things are definitely getting so much better, so i'll update you in the later half of the month. You're still my favourite expert here :) " ... written by delly23
She was right, on the money. She told me exactly how i was feeling and thinking. I will take the advice. " ... written by MrsChung1
jasmine was wonderful! I truly enjoyed the experience." ... written by gramirez
I love have a reading with :)" ... written by simsima
jasmine is awesome as usual.. best reader as well as being very accurate." ... written by sexyegyptian2
As usual always on point... I will be looking to see if her predictions are gonna be on the money!! Love her to the fullest!! will be back and thanks Jasmine! " ... written by topcop14
The very best seer on this website bar none." ... written by Ken
Very comforting, honest and sweet :) " ... written by AquariSun
she is my personal psychic...when I get famous I will continue to consult her...she is such a her.." ... written by bluesky10
Very Honest Person And I Hope That Everyone Gives Her A Try. Trust Me." ... written by Delly23
She's the only one I consult with cause she's so fast and she's always dedicated to her clients no matter what. Hands down one of the BEST experts I've ever talk and I will always talk to her for a long time :)" ... written by Delly23
Always uplifting and positive. Thank you for all of your help!" ... written by Teardrops
Wow, simply amazing. She is so in tune with the situation, that is mind blowing. Thank you so much Jazmine for all your support and great advise. Hope to keep you posted on everything. God Bless" ... written by Gretchen71
She's definitely one of the best on this site. " ... written by Delly23
She is wonderful. Reminds me to keep positive and not to lose hope. Thank you, for the great reading." ... written by Teardrops
Jasmine was the very first psychic I contacted since joining Oranum. She has been through my journey of ups and downs. She is honest and caring." ... written by Carolyn
She is wonderful..... It was a truly amazing experience..... Thankyou Jasmine" ... written by Bren963
Thanks Jasmine, you rock and I appreciate your insight. Always a pleasure to speak to you. YOu're very kind." ... written by lia_11
YOU ARE GREAT THANKS!" ... written by simsima
Jasmine thank you as always for your wonderful reading you don't hesitate to give me all the information that you pick up on me. You are honest and to the point. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
wow the things that were picked up on that are going on in my life was amazing.highly recommended and would love another reading. thanks" ... written by chelle54
Thank you very much Jasmine, you were great!" ... written by novforsic
You da bomb!" ... written by lia_11
She is the best! " ... written by kotshy
awesome reading but i ran out of credits :( i will definitely be back , she was right on about everything! Thank you!!!!" ... written by Onica86
Love her..try her...unbelievable" ... written by bluesky10
Brilliant once again xxxxxxx" ... written by pain in the bum
Jasmine says things that are true and could never be guessed, you would do well to have a reading with in what she says. there will be no sugar coating...truth only and great guidance and advice as right thing to do next. shes right on the money!! x" ... written by sapphiremoon
Great reading.......will wait for prediction" ... written by amr0268
Wow...I am speechless...All I can say is I almost cried after a private session with Jasmine...very honest tells you what you need to hear and things you have a hard time even admitting to will not regret her she is by far the MOST talented and sincere person on this site!" ... written by LoveWarrior
She is great i like that she made me feel like she really cares and pays attention. didnt talk much but thats because i ran out of minutes and could not add more because i had to go to work. I will be back tonight if she available ." ... written by juanslife
Love her, always a pleasure to talk to her. She knew the state I was in without telling her anything. Try her!" ... written by taniatania
great reading. Helped me a lot!! and picked up on the other person. Brilliant thank you!!!" ... written by sunny3107
first class!!! have a reading with jasmine. a star" ... written by sapphiremoon
Very comforting, sweet, down to earth, honest and fun! She's a great reader and fun to have a private with! :) Plus she's a good friend. " ... written by AquariSun
Second reading with her. She always reassures me that everything will be okay and she is really quick and to the point. She explained into detail about how my situation was and how I'm feeling without me telling her. I really recommend her. Thanks again!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Brill yet again thank you so much Jasmine xxxxxxxxx" ... written by homebird
brill yet again thank you so much Jasmine xxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by homebird
Really great, specific reading. Thx!" ... written by Ladonnalove1
She is kind and to the point. My first Psychic top of the list. This was my second reading with her ,the first one gave me light. prediction she gave me was very very good news and what i want in the future. We'll see when it happens though i keep putting doubts that it will not due to some things that are going on right now but we'll see. I'm being more optimistic as the days goes by. " ... written by juan
Wonderful as always. Right as always. I will keep coming back....;)" ... written by Teardrops
She's so fast and accurate. Even though we dont talk very often she's always been accurate no matter what" ... written by Delly23
direct and to the point...very sweet." ... written by parkernin
Thank you Jasmine for your continued help. I don't know what I would do without you. Sending you God's Blessings.... ;)" ... written by Teardrops
good as always!" ... written by Ladonnalove1
Thnks again! Your truly amaaaaazzing!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
She was very helpful! Tells what she sees not what you want to hear!" ... written by LoveWarrior
Thank you! Jasmine can pickup on so much it is amazing.. Thank You! Great Readings!" ... written by Teardrops
Wonderful, quick, and very informative! Thank you!" ... written by Naseth
She's my fav psychic! My #1. When I am famous she will be my spiritual advisor." ... written by bluesky10
She is really calibrated and gives a nice read. I double checked readings from my two favs and it was worded differently, but very similar in outcome." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Jasmine has the ability to see what is going on around you. She is always very helpful and honest. I hope all her predictions will come true soon. With the predictions she made in the past they all came true. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed." ... written by Missleo
Very intuitive and helpful as always!" ... written by LoveWarrior
Always....always a pleasure chatting with her..she is always really quick and to the point.....she def put my mind at ease and I'm def looking forward to a better new year...thanks again..." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
It was awesome and sooooo worth it. The conformation that I received about my relationship and how it would get better was priceless. She was very genuine and open and explained things in a way that was easy for me to understand. She also gave me great tips to be able to handle things that I normally have trouble dealing with. Now I realize what I have to do and she made me feel so much more confident about doing it and continuing to do it. She is incredible and awesome and definitely my favorite. Now I have no more questions about my relationship and I will just let it happen and realize only good things are coming for me. Definitely give her a try. I woke up feeling stressed and worried about my relationship and now I feel confident. SO awesome!" ... written by sparklehail
Jasmine is wonderful! She was the first psychic I contacted after joining Oranum...and has been there for me ever since. She is warm kind and caring...she is the real deal...if you want answers and the truth look no further Jasmine is the one." ... written by Imasurvivor
Jasmine is fantastic! Quick and intuitive. Avery switched on lady:-) " ... written by araketanara
Wow such a positive reading, thank you so much x" ... written by chelle54
Jasmine is truly a God sent. She is very positive and uplifting...." ... written by Teardrops
Brill made me smile. laugh and cry thank you xxxxxxxx" ... written by firef
That was a very positive reading when I needed good news. Jasmine really understood my situation." ... written by luckygoat
She was VERY quick and VERY honest. Reading left me uplifted and seeing more clearly. Honesty is sometimes not easy to hear, but its always appreciated. Good session." ... written by jazzyme
Nice Read...she never diappoints." ... written by Anonymous
Encouraging and explained my current situation to me.......will wait to see the outcome......always a good friend!!!! " ... written by Laplusbelle
She just connected so quickly. She`s one of my main experts I talk to and I really hope that others try for. I feel so confident about myself now. It`s time to focus on me now." ... written by Delly23
She knew EVERYTHING without any information from me! ASTOUNDING! I would def come to her again and recommend her to anyone who needs help" ... written by jessicar123
She's always picking up on everything so quickly. Thanks for everything :)" ... written by Delly23
What a wonderful lady and reader!!! It was such a pleasure to finally speak with Jasmine and I am so comforted and calm after this reading. Thank you!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Wonderful - picked up on everything and gave a great reading! She is really fantastic :)!!" ... written by sacredlove71
What can I say about Jasmine, like she's so quick that she doesn't even waste your money, she's accurate. I love coming to her from everything because she already knows my issues. Now i`m feeling more better about myself. Thank you!" ... written by delly23
Yasmin is very good and gifted." ... written by Kotshy
Disconnected but she relayed enough messages in short time. I got what I needed. Thank you" ... written by Ken1027
love u! she answered my q before me even asking me she is so caring love u jasmine will def come back!" ... written by simsima88
She's very acurate, friendly and warm hearted. I recommend to get a reading with her :)" ... written by lavendergirl
She's just my favorite. She feels when you are down and he cheers me up. Her reading are so fast and accurate. She's always there for her clients and she's a well respected woman who's dedicated to her job. Thank you so much :)" ... written by delly23
Great reading, very kind and helpful. " ... written by Sarah
Really insightful and accurate. Love her!" ... written by Galia
I feel she answers my questions without me asking them, so scary!!! She is great!" ... written by k.
A great reader, I barely had to say anything without her picking up on it. Thank you so much! " ... written by chelcee
She's just a lovable person to talk you and I love to talk to her everything. I'll be back with updates soon." ... written by Delly23
THIS WOMAN IS ONE OF THE BEST ON ORANUM!!! I'm not joking! Well worth the money! I'm very impressed- I had to take notes for future reassurance. Information just flows from Spirit/Universe to Jasmine and then in turn it flows out of her like running water! :) Way awesome. THANK YOU and I will most def. come again." ... written by OCgirl521
Thanks Jasmine, you are so good !" ... written by kotshy
Thanks again for the lovely reading. Things are going good so far so lets hope it conutines like this :)" ... written by delly23
She`s really good. Love talking to her anything :)" ... written by delly23
Great reading!" ... written by Ladonnalove1
She's quick and gets straight to the point. Love talking to Jasmine, feel a sense of relieve after every session." ... written by delly23
Love talking with her, she is fast accurate." ... written by simsima88
Jasmine is lovely, honest, intuitive, and to the point." ... written by araketanara
She`s fast and doesn`t waste any time, like when i talk to her i feel a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders completely and now i`m taking her advice and improve my situation." ... written by delly23
She`s amazing and her insights are awesome. Highly recommended !!!" ... written by delly23
Aw sorry ran out of credits before I could thank you! You are super wonderful! Very confident with predictions and accurate in your descriptions. Thanks again for an excellent reading." ... written by iPreferMimi
I can talk to her hours on end.Trust me she`s worth it" ... written by delly23
I really recommend her, what can i say more.. " ... written by kotshy
She is very good and calms me everytime! Thank you!" ... written by k
So nice to catch up with Jasmine again. She is such a great reader, no tools used, just her psychic ability. One of the best at Oranum. Thanks again Jas!!!" ... written by leogirl
Time was up before I could copy/paste this for later...she's just awesome!" ... written by Krissy1210
Thx Jas.! Love u!" ... written by k.
Brilliant would recommend her she is great thanku xx" ... written by f999111
Wow she was right on about my situation now and hopefully i can change whats in my future with her reading. im new to the readings and i am amazed. thank u ms jasmine" ... written by henaats2000
A wonderful person and she is very good at what she does .She is AMAZING " ... written by unique2011
She`s one of the best on her, she sees things that others don't see, love talking to Jasmine cause she`s just accurate with her readings and she never lets me down :) xoxox" ... written by delly23
Great Reading!" ... written by lavendergirl
She's wonderful and I missed talking to her :) Will be back for updates." ... written by delly23
She's just amazing and fast with her insights I hope that everyone tries her:)" ... written by delly23
Wow good spot on andamp; gave warning I should know about. " ... written by jswede805
What an amazing reader, one of the best thanks so much Jasmine for the reading it was an amazing experience!!" ... written by faith4me777
Thanks Jasmine great reading!" ... written by Theresa123
Thanks for the update jasmine. Hoping that all this works out :) Keep you posted!!" ... written by faith4me777
I love her, she is GREAT!" ... written by unique2011
I always LOVE talking to Jasmine, she gives me a peace of mind!" ... written by delly23
Thanks Jasmine, we are going to talk very soon yet again :)" ... written by delly23
Straight forward with everything. Thanks Jasmine :)" ... written by delly23
She`s just the best and she also warned me about things that were going to happen. Let`s hope everything works out for the best." ... written by delly23
Thanks for the reading. Hope we can talk more soon :)" ... written by delly23
Wow! So much info! And she is spot on.. she was consistent with our previous reading and she's quick and accurate with her insights. Lovely talking to her :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
Picked up very well ..." ... written by bonnielynn
Very self-assured, positive and quick. i will return for an update and see if indeed what she told me occurs... although, I too feel like it will... i highly recommend her. " ... written by leti8989
GREAT need I say more ." ... written by unique2011
She is kind, nice, honest and accurate. Will use he again." ... written by Sarah
I realized I hadnt left feedback from a few days ago ... wow, lots of information and really great insight. Jasmine picked up on the situation clearly and quickly ... gets right to the matter, she is outstanding." ... written by bonnielynn
Nice person ...Hope her prediction will come true" ... written by Tabita
Wow! She makes me feel so at ease. I pray what she tells me comes true, Sending God's blessings." ... written by Tinydrops
VERY GOOD. A lovely connected and gifted reader. Tuned in and told me lots of information and confirmed a lot for me. Thank you - you have a positive uplifting way about you, you don't waste any time and ask for very little info. 100% worth 5 stars and I will be back. One of Oranums' best :)" ... written by Nicole212
Very interesting reading, thank you for helping me with my decisions today" ... written by glendie
Fast, to the point and great! Have been meaning to do this for ages and it was definitely worth it :) Really really great jas, thank you ! " ... written by AlysiumDream
She is AMAZING :)" ... written by unique2011
Fantastic reader, tuned in perfectly with me, and connected well with the love question. Thank you, you really helped me, the validations were spot on to, thank you x x" ... written by aleera
Good person ." ... written by unique2011
Great person!" ... written by Hims
Wonderful. She helps me with my relationship troubles." ... written by jerzeyfinest08
GREAT!" ... written by unique2011
THE BEST!" ... written by unique2011
Such an amazing reading with so much detail, thank you!" ... written by chelle54
One of the very first psychics I have talked with." ... written by Imasurvivor
Thank you for the clarity! I have now found peace!" ... written by 1972cristina
Fast, to the point!" ... written by dd41783
Nice to see Jas again. She is totally honest, and will tell you what she sees, even if its not what you want to hear. Good outcome anyway, but thanks for the clarity Jas" ... written by leogirl
She is awesome! Need to hear the truth even if it isn't pleasant. Honest and caring. Look forward to chatting soon." ... written by Vacation2
She was great!!! Thank you so much for clarifying everything. You are so sweet and honest. Thats what I needed!" ... written by nytango1234
She was great" ... written by StacyR
She gave me great in sights in I love how show explain to me clearing in explain things to me I dearly will be back again " ... written by lisha11
Wow she was amazing!!! Right on. will be back to get more readings. " ... written by lizgon1986
Have no words to describe Jasmine! she is amazing and sees right through the pther person and sees your personality and deeper issues! i love her! :)" ... written by emotions
Psychic Jasmine's predictions have come true- time and time again for me. She has said things that on one can possibly know. She's down to earth, doesn't waste time and gets to the point. Did i mention reasonably priced?! I've seen many, many psychics on here....she is by far one of the MOST COMPREHENSIVE. PLEASE do try her before WASTING money elsewhere, like I did...100 STARS. THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED.." ... written by belladonna8
Very Insightful! Will be back for more!" ... written by SMFleming
Like it very much give her a 5 star." ... written by ninagirl
She is the best. i had readings with her and never get it wrong as well as timing. she is accurate all the times. " ... written by happy20
Really good, fabulous. Thank you." ... written by smiley2011
Has a great rhythm, moves fast and with confidence." ... written by summerfield
Very honest and caring! Needed no tools and quick to answer. Explained with detail. Thank you Jasmine!" ... written by nytango1234
Truly amazing! Right on picked up on everything. I am in awe. What a beautiful spirit! " ... written by love522
Jasmine is my Angel and provides a great deal of comfort." ... written by Montice
GREAT READING." ... written by humii000
Definitely my favorite reader on Oranum! She is so accurate and such a beautiful spirit. I feel like Im talking to a friend when I talk to her. She gave me some great advice on how to nurture myself along with some great insights on my relationship. I was very lucky to get a reading with her today." ... written by iPreferMimi
I was only able to have a rading with her in for a few mins (internet connection failed) but in that few mins she conencted well without me even having to ask. She discussed all the issues and concerns I had,have currently, and will liekly have in the future. She left no rock unturned. She's definitely talented and I am greatful for her help. She delievers informaiton in a clear and consise way and is respectful of the users time as well. If you have the credits, I recommend a reading with her. It wont be a waste of money!" ... written by daydreamer246
I absolutely love Jasmine, she gives you everything she can without inhaling, very expressive and caring." ... written by Montice
Jasmine is so amazing! Very detailed, fast and uplifting." ... written by Montice
She is amazing, i totally enjoyed talking to her, she knew just what to say. i think i'll be coming back quite often." ... written by meralla
Jasmine is wonderful! Worth every penny. Get a reading with you, you won't regret it!" ... written by benkepsychic
So helpful, lovely women. So glad I spoke to you." ... written by wishingsmi
As always she's my Rock and really look out for you!" ... written by Montice
Whenever I need someone to turn to...Jasmine is so comforting." ... written by Montice
Excellent reader!! she is fast, accurate, and on point. excellent, excellent, excellent!" ... written by benkepsychic
Helped guide me through a meditation to clear negativity.Despite being in a position of vunerability, she didnt take advantage of my situaiton and was honest about what she saw. She not only guided me through a meditaitonwith he rbut gave me things to help the meditation along outside of her care. I'm really greatful to her!" ... written by daydreamer246
She cleared work thing out for me!! She is so great!!! Thanks for the reading!!!! Amazing..." ... written by gerritmarx
She is amazing. :) she sees details in everything and seems so sure of the things she says. i know already that some of her predictions came true. she is friendly and wise and seems to have a beautiful gift! recommend her as always! :)" ... written by emotions
Fast. Awesome. Very helpful. Accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Wow.... is all i can say..... very accurate, to the point and reassuring. definately will be back!" ... written by mini1214
Good reading. very helpful and effective" ... written by druvina1973
Very calm, very very reassuring. need to get back for more reading!!!! xxx" ... written by numberthree3
Very kind compassionate and understanding. Worth talking to and hearing what she has to say :)" ... written by kavintee
Excellent reader. Spot on." ... written by benkepsychic
Well, im speechless. loads of details, confident and fast. Thank you dear." ... written by Minnie12
Was really good!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sagkgill1983
Thank you so much...this really helped" ... written by duffy89
I have no words to thank her. She gave me my life back. I am the most peaceful and happy person with the help of Jasmin rituals. Thanks again!!!!!!!" ... written by happy20
Here is another of my favorite, first reading and will definitely not be the last. I really enjoyed the reading. I love her energy and is so positive. I will be back in very soon" ... written by mimatisse
Honest and kind and helpful." ... written by kavintee
Excellent reader!" ... written by benkepsychic
I just got update on my situation will see what happens." ... written by duffy89
Had another reading same information i was given last time about the one coming this time i was given more details i am waiting for him :)" ... written by smiley2011
She rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sagkgill1983
The true psychic period." ... written by Ken1027
Very very very detailed and calming reading. Jasmine gives you maximum info and insight with little to no info from you." ... written by LoveWarrior
I love Jasmine! She rocks!!! So accurate and to the point. Excellent reading!!" ... written by benkepsychic
Simply wonderful." ... written by 1994cristina
Excellent reading as always, loved it, on point, and informative. thanks jasmine!" ... written by mini1214
She has been right on so many things...months in advance...WOW..." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Always perfectly in tune with your life and situation." ... written by Montice
Did some work for me so we shall see." ... written by shaz77
Made some interesting observations." ... written by shaz77
Thanks!" ... written by happy20
I had to go. Be back for more :) Great." ... written by smiley2011
Great I love to come to jasmin when I need help." ... written by smiley2011
PsychicJasmine is sooo amazing! She instantly knew what is going on with me. She speaks with the confidence and strength that only comes when one is really connected to knowledge and wisdom. So she has helped me to keep up hope and know that what I think and feel is valid. Thanks Jasmine!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Was a great meditative experience..Was great...A must do to cleanse the soul and body of all evils!" ... written by joeymas343
Great " ... written by chandragomes3
She is the best here... Shes fantastic... Wonderful woman..." ... written by gerritmarx
Great update thank u" ... written by smiley2011
It's been awhile since we have spoken, but Jasmine is always so on point with me. Thanks again for the update and will be back." ... written by leogirl
Very quick thanks for a great reading!" ... written by mancrm
She is amazing and very fast.... Thanks a million!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Good" ... written by druvina1973
She is good ~~ very fast and clear!!!" ... written by gm
Thank you! " ... written by unique2011
Thank you so so much!" ... written by happy20
I loved her." ... written by Ddani10671
Jasmine is a friend and a counselor." ... written by summerfield
Brilliant energy and support. Recommend 120% :)" ... written by Mara88
Thank you :) It`s really helped being able to talk after so long :) Thank you so much! xx" ... written by numberthree3
WOW Jasmine is real deal!!!!!!!" ... written by marion
She is 100% real! She knew that I want private before I asked. She speaks the truth, I swear by it!" ... written by chandragomes3
The greatest!" ... written by unique2011
Thanks so much!" ... written by mmd1990
Great... She says it as she sees it!" ... written by smiley2011
Excellent reader. Always clear and straight forward!" ... written by benkepsychic
Always a pleasure and always on point!" ... written by mini1214
She tells it like it hold barred, brutal honestly and I love her for it! It was good to see you today Jas andamp; I appreciate all your help!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Tells the truth." ... written by cg4
Thank you so much, Jasmine, for calming my fears... I almost gave up something I had cherished for a long time." ... written by Montice
Very quick, accurate, provided a lot of details and information to questions. Hope her predictions come to pass." ... written by bp
So connected, honest and gets to the point. I thank you so much." ... written by ladyl5
Good read... Hope it is right." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Always a pleasure to see Jasmine. She says it like she sees it warts and all. Genuine andamp; definitely psychic. Recommend her." ... written by belladonna8
THANK YOU! =) Appreciate your reading and I caught you online." ... written by kingpi
Very informative and detailed with all that I was asking. Really quick to pick up the situation and straight honesty. Looking forward to her predictions and will definitley be back for an update. Thank you." ... written by angelloverose
All I can say is she is so spot on! Best advise received about love/relationship potential and what's coming up. " ... written by moongale
Definitely not what I expected to hear. But thanks for being honest. " ... written by steph
Fanatastically great . God bless you jasmine the greattttttttttt." ... written by remedio
I'm amazed and truly truly blessed. Fabulous reading no tools exact and detailed connection and no hesitation just straight answers with no sugar coating. 5000 stars!" ... written by ikroyal
Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Kelly1321
I feel relieved and content with the honest reading I received :)" ... written by feathers8
Thanks Jasmine for your kind guidance and help. I look forward to coming back again for more!" ... written by ikroyal
Very fast and accurate reading! I was blown away when she mentioned my current hard work to move away from the BS (I hadn't shared any of that with her). She answered many of my questions before I could even type them. Wow! I was quite pleased with the reading and accuracy of the info. " ... written by JazzyME!
Good reading." ... written by Lauren
Great reading!!!" ... written by sunny0day
She's amazing. very detailed... to the point and honest. She's awesome. Answers quickly and in-depth... will answer as in depth as possible. Honest and sweet. " ... written by love
THANK YOU Jasmine and Arthur! you two are fab! =) Great reading and wonderful people! =)" ... written by kingpi
Awesome reading I got from Jasmine and James. I had reading with James before and this time too he was consistent with time frames. Guys give them a try you will love them. I feel they are super psychic. Million stars!" ... written by monisha
I needed clarity and got just that, and great advice" ... written by Monica
She is a diamond as always and fantabolous reading like her husband arthur james , highly recomended both of them. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH" ... written by remedio
She is phenomenal...she shared the key word in the title of the job i applied for. Amazing reader." ... written by bluesky
My girl shoots from the hip NO BS no cards just me and her... If you like it real and raw but NOT rude and disrespectful link her!" ... written by javawriter
Great woman. We will see what comes to pass. I appreciate it." ... written by sweetea
Thanks again for the wonderful help and advice, awesome I can feel the changes occurring already!" ... written by ikroyala
Thanks for your help! Really validated what I knew but never really wanted to come to terms with." ... written by Lucinda
She's always a major help and one of the few I can trust to give accurate information. Thank you for settling a whirly mind. :D" ... written by Girly521
Thank you Jas! you have been excelllent. Thank you for ur advice! appreciate your reading!" ... written by kingpi
Great psychic!" ... written by starchild700
Thanks so much for your kind and sensitive reading. Amazing work!!!" ... written by ikroyala
My first reading with her. She told me things about stuff I had going on without me saying anything. I will be back to let you know how everything works out. Thanks Jasmine" ... written by desire2succeed
Wow what a great reading im blown away ! so accurate and precise ! Thank you" ... written by Lorna
Great!! Accurate!" ... written by t
LOVE" ... written by Tiffany
GREAT READING " ... written by PREETI
Simply the best on Oranum!!!!" ... written by ikroyal
Very connected, accurate reading and patient." ... written by ladyl5
Awesome reading as always. no matter how much time passes and I don't see or talk to jasmine she still remains accurate. straight to the point and always tunes in well." ... written by mini
Top notch reading! Very fast, articulate, accurate, on the point and professional. She read fast, and type very fast and clean. She is very resourceful, down to the earth and can give accurate right advise. Very very good!" ... written by psymeow
Thanks again for the amazing reading, fast reliable and accurate." ... written by ikroyalal
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
wow great expert just great" ... written by zimerili1
An excellent reading very satisfied, thanx very much." ... written by zimerili1
Lovely to have you back on Oranum Jas. I have so much confidence now I have spoken to you. Thanks so much for your guidance. I don't know what I would do without it." ... written by ikroyalakr