About PsychicFae

Psychic PsychicFaehas 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicFaehas recently helped 11932members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicFae's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Welcome I am PsychicFae. I primarily give live chat intuitive readings. All you need to begin your journey with me to enlightenment is your name. I can read for you with or without using any tools. On our journey to finding true happiness the readings I provide are done using a combination of my own psychic gift, tarot and communication from my spirit guides.

great readings always" ... written by mash
wonderful made you feel great... has a knack for pulling your concerns out and ppicking up on them and easing your worries. very highly recommended... will talk to her again and again" ... written by jostens
i had a reading by pschicfae and she helped me out tremendiously! I need to buy more credits so she can help me more :)" ... written by zobel1
she is great! very on point, i will come back for another reading :)" ... written by cinlorri
She is a very honest, warm hearted, Psychic adviser who gives swift accurate information that is easy to understand. She is by far my favorite Psychic and well worth a private reading!" ... written by standwhereIstood
She was pretty accurate, was able to describe this guy's appearance and personality without needing his dob. I really hope she is right, and I desperately hope her predictions come true. Thank you!" ... written by priyad88
great reading" ... written by Mash
great reading as usual !" ... written by Mash
great reading quick and to the point got all that i need " ... written by Mash
she was fantastic!!!!! totally accurate-she picked up on things i didn't even ask about!!!" ... written by gemmie
I think she was really good and she helps a lot in making you feel better, you should definitely pick her, I went through a lot of psychics, but she is the best one. :) " ... written by lauren28
She was great!!" ... written by Diflores75
She was comforting. I'm still not sure what will happen but I am comforted at least. " ... written by Jamerai22
Very helpful and accurate, picked up on many things without any information. Has a soothing and calming spirit and very easy to communicate with. Thank you dear heart." ... written by coconut1980
Fae was fantastic! Put my mind at ease and made me feel like everything was going to be ok. And I feel it! I'm going to do what she says to relax, and here's hoping her predictions are right! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
very intuitive...picked up on things I did not tell her about...knew things I didn't tell her...for real....this is a woman who is not a fake.....very good!!!!! Highly recommend her!!!" ... written by npacilli
so worth the money!! she is kind and really reassuring. I didn't feel like my questions were even remotely dumb and they were important. She felt like a good friend giving advice. I will talk to her again." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
thank u" ... written by cernieceg79
A lovely lady who seemed to genuinely care about what I was asking. Time will tell whether her prediction was accurate but I have faith. " ... written by Jimmydee74656
Yes ,she was great! everything was exactly on point and she gave time-frames. I would come back to her for more advice." ... written by tyesha_wht
PSYCHICFAE was so accurate that she almost made me cry! She could clearly see who I was and my grandmother trying to pass me a message. She was really, really good!" ... written by atelmo
20 million stars !!! she's amazing!! fantastic reading and well connected!!!" ... written by tamjones
Deva Fae is an absolute darling ! a very sweet caring person that connects instantly even before you tel her or ask her ... does not require any details , very accurate def top on my list and there are only very few i trust and go to ! love :) x" ... written by Annie
She did great! she got a lot right...I really hope what she said comes true. Thank u" ... written by hurtdeeply
Thank you for the reading, it was very helpful! " ... written by chelcee
Straight forward and to the point. Enjoyed reading." ... written by LadyL5
she was really good she told me things that i wanted to hear and i thin i would get back to her later :)" ... written by fatiimadw
Great energy, I enjoyed my reading with Psychic Fae. she picked up situation on life happening around me. accurate information given, will hope to come back in the future for more insight. :)" ... written by emperorking
She is great and right on target. You must try her." ... written by luckygirl40
Fae is an awesome person to speak with, very honest and possitive in all she says. Thanks so much for your help." ... written by vegabonded
Wonderful and complete doll... did past life and come to find out the girl im with now we have been searching for each other since the 11th century... and i come from a long line of past life nurses..." ... written by jostens
make that 6 hours" ... written by jostens
wonderful as usual. ive now logged 5 hours with her... " ... written by jostens
Awesome! Fae is great - fast and to the point give her a call!" ... written by dmariae
she is the best and her energy is great....thanks fae come back soon....." ... written by soosanmh59
every nice sweet n helpful love u" ... written by praywarrior
Nurturing, Considerate, and Honest all describe Psychicfae. She's goofy, personable, and able to connect with you instantly. Some psychics get annoyed or grow tired of petty questions but Fae doesnt care. Her main goal is to help you. What's important to or for you seems to be important to her as well. She's a wonderful lady who has great insight and gives great advice. She reminds me a lot of the cool aunt you'd rather spend time with lol" ... written by Mary
Fae is great, she's right on the mark and such a positive sweet person to talk to- really helps put your mind at ease, too! I will definitely come back and talk to you again :)" ... written by chelcee
She was honest and gave me a lot of info!! Didn't waste my time thanks!! :)" ... written by carmelluv5
This was fantastic. She was very accurate and helpful! Go into the private chat with will not regret it! Thankyou so much!" ... written by Stephie77
She was great and gave me hope about my current relationship troubles. It is worth talking to her!! Thanks for your help" ... written by ksaders
She is the best , this is my 4th reading and everything she has said to me is coming true. I started off really sad and now I'm really Happy! Thanks Fae!" ... written by ksaders
gooood reading ..i recommend fae! :) xo" ... written by loveable1390
she is fantastic ,i liked her reading ,so positive ......" ... written by soosanmh59
Thank you so much, you are funny .. you picked up everything without me even without me mentioning any ot the characters involved, i would make me really happy if he is really that far in his plans for the d.... and i am looking forward to my surprise...I will keep you posted...thank you again." ... written by Mailo000
I love her, she is my favorite psychic to talk to. She is so positive and gives me great feedback. I have gone to her i a private chat a few times. She is the Best! " ... written by ksaders
Thank You sooo much i feel soooo much better after talking to you!!! You gave me insite on what I need to with my love life!!! AMAZING Please get a reading with her she is AMAZING!!!" ... written by loveb1980
Was a wonderful reading. Told it like it was. Very funny too. Insight was right on. Answered questions before I asked. Will be back. Definately. :)" ... written by mwetherbee
i love Fae!!! she is such a sweetheart and is right on point!! she put my mind at ease!!:))" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Very accurate reading 100% right ." ... written by 1212flaming
Thank you PsychicFae... Great reading!!! I'm glad you were able to pick up things about my relationship and I hope everything turns out great ;o) " ... written by Phoxee
I was always skeptical about psychics but after this reading, and her saying things that i was thinking and feelings i was having and without me saying anything about it, i know that she is light. Fae helped me and my friend lindsay alot, and we will be talking regularly, shes amazing and there is no b***t involved. psychicfae is the best there is!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetvampirous
Feel so much better after reading with Fae. you give her the question, and she gets right to it. looking forward to things to come :). She read the personalities of myself and everyone concerned very well. " ... written by fireopal77
Had a wonderful reading! It was very insightful and she picked up on so much. I wish i couldn't had a longer reading!" ... written by Riggergirl17
As always Fae is fabulous and gives great insight. Her instincts are right on and she gives great advice." ... written by standwhereIstood
She has always been honest and up front. I think of her like a sister now and know I can trust her with anything. Great reading!!!!!:)" ... written by cabbyaj
i love her spirit...i can relate to her personality...pretty strong statements made...true and legit...will definately contact again in the near future :)" ... written by mscuervo808
Your great! Very encouraging andamp;amp; you hit situations that I have encountered as well as my daughter, nail on the spot! XO" ... written by Shea67
great like always love u fae" ... written by praywarrior
Wow she amazing reader . The reading was like talking to my best friend. I will be back next week to follow up. Wow...." ... written by daisydukie
Great accurate reading...very positive vibe." ... written by whitelightning4
She is awesome so wonderful loving and caring!!! love ya Fae" ... written by daisydukie
Made me feel sooo much better about my situation that Im in!! Thank You for everything! " ... written by loveb1980
Very positive reading " ... written by divinedaughter
Such a uplifting experience! It is always nice to talk to Fae, she has told me so many good things about my future that I always leave rejuvenated out of the session. Thank you, Fae!" ... written by jose
I just love Fae she is so Awsome, beautiful reading very accurate. If anyone needs a reding she is the person to go to. Very Sweet as well. Highly recommended." ... written by Lucy117
Great reading, lovely lady! Thank you!" ... written by Naseth
great reading!!! very nice person to chatt with.THANKS FAE" ... written by sxladyjade
Thank you for your reading made me feel better about my situation !!! I look forward to talking to you again in the near future ;o) " ... written by Phoxee
She's fast and gets right to the point! Love her! :) " ... written by AquariSun
Thank you Fae for being in this hard time in my life. Thank you to your guides for all confirmations." ... written by daisydukie
She is my favorite" ... written by ksaders
Fae, u r a amzing woman.. and a sweet person... u answered most of my questions ...and u were right on point on my reading ... u felt the same thing i was feeling.. thank you so much i'm so glad i met u ..blessings to u sweety..." ... written by gigi75
Love Fae! Had email reading with her, and had to come today for private....totally worth it....she always know exactly what to say to put a positive spin on everything she tells you...THANK you Fae!" ... written by wendic
I liked Fae she works very quickly... and answers all your questions I feel like she seems accurate and I liked the reading" ... written by loverpants
As usual fast and accurate , I hope to consult her more and more , very recommended " ... written by ema
fae is awesome!! she is so sweet and very helpfull" ... written by sexyegyptian2
As always one of the best!!!! Always honest!!!!!" ... written by cabbyaj
she is a nice and positive lady....i like her" ... written by soosanmh59
LOVE HER!! She's quick and fast and gets to your qs right away! Thanks :) " ... written by AquariSun
Fae is very lovely to speak with and very honest. She's also quick and picks up on the situtation straight away. Definitely reccommend her. :)" ... written by chelcee
Fae is great was very fast and spot on. Highly " ... written by lydia40
I lovveeeeeeee herr!! she is really great i m coming back to her againnnnn! :) " ... written by oxdancer
she is a lovely lady. I love her reading..she reassures you and give the reading with compassion and care. I will check back with her for more advice. She is amazing, that is all i can say..God Bless and Angel Care." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Great energy and so caring and sweet! I love Fae, I totally recommend her for a reading. You won't be disappointed! :)" ... written by missgreeneyes
Oh my god Fae is the best and I am so glad she is back. I will fill her in on all of my future predictions as soon as they happen. Love you fae and god bless!!" ... written by luckygirl40
She's fast and I hope that her predictions will come to pass!" ... written by slz0304
she is more than great , I love you PsychicFae, see you again , sure!!" ... written by emanismaiel
Fae is very helpful, she's up front and honest about things but at the same time is able to give a positive outlook. Very helpful. Thank you." ... written by chelcee
amazing thank u x" ... written by sweetpure
She was freakin' awesome!!!! I love her!! Thanks Fae!!" ... written by buzysignal
She is good and has given me good news!" ... written by luckygirl40
Quick with the info! And encouraging. Good advice. Thanks fae!" ... written by fireopal77
she was amazing with everything ....look forward for wat she say ......great psychic" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
Very Fast and Accurate! Ty PsychicFae :)" ... written by mozzy123
She was very accurate and fast, I loved her energy and made me feel reassuring and gave me the answers to all my questions. I will be coming back :)" ... written by Inlove49
thx she did well" ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
Wonderful, nice lady, worth talking to plus she was very accurate. :) I will be coming back to her" ... written by Inlove49
so very nice! really relaxed me. I chose her because of the other comments being so positive. I will return to her :)" ... written by SAchick
Well come back!" ... written by vegabonded
Psychicfae is the best psychic on here. She is always accurate and to the point. She has never given me wrong information and she is the only one I purchase private readings from." ... written by standwhereistood
Fae is kind and compassionate and very quick. She gets to the point and does not sugarcoat and yet remains uplifting. get a reading with Fae; you will not regret it!" ... written by Questionlove2
Wow! I think that was the best consultation I have had on Oranum. Fae is legitimately psychic and fun to talk too." ... written by lia_11
Fabulous!!! *****" ... written by bluesky10
Fae was great! I will definitely come back again!" ... written by gramirez
she was very good..Very quick in her readings.Will come back for another reading. " ... written by oceansandjoy1
Reads with amazing ease. Very accurate,caring and helpful" ... written by reginagrin
It's such a pleasure talking to Psychicfae. She always knows exactly what is going on and puts my mind at ease. She is very calming and soothing. She has this amazing ability to know exactly what is going on and connects very quickly." ... written by standwhereIstood
She gave me a wonderful reading. Answered my questions with details. I was mostly interested in a time frame and she was able to give me that. I will save her and get another reading from her again. " ... written by Kaleta88
I always wanted to talk with Fae and it was worth every penny and more this lady is good i wouldn't hesitate to talk to her again she is awesome." ... written by scorpionqueen
Awesome lady, such great energy. Doesnt sugar coat. Will be back when things happen as she said they would....thanks Fae for the boost..such an amazing and positive soul :) xo" ... written by tasha10111
Sweet lady. Thank you for the kind reading." ... written by Enchantment
She is GREAT! I loved the reading with her. She is very friendly and #1 adviser. Thank you." ... written by Marcus
Good reading. Lets see what happens. " ... written by Sugar-nSpice
PSYCHICFAE was right on the spot! I really enjoyed what she had to say. I sure hope that what she said will come true!! :) Although, I could not afford her, PSYCHICFAE was great and I wish I could of had more time." ... written by courtneybdraper
Definately saw me and the many people watching and guiding me. Fae shined a light on questions that have been on my mind." ... written by Montanay
Absolutely LOVE Fae! She hit it right on the money!! So helpful and sweet. I would definitely recommend her to everyone!" ... written by xAsteriax
Excellent. Picked up on everything very quickly" ... written by scorpiorising
PSYCHICFAE Was very concise and to the point. I can't wait for Christmas. I do feel that she was very on target with her pedictions. I will be back for more." ... written by snowitch17
Fae was on point with a lot of things happening in my life and really provided clarity in the best possible ways. The way I decided to go with Fae was by observing her in a Free Chat session and she was very kind and helpful to those who had questions, for me, this made the difference to go with her versus someone else. I highly recommend her. Good luck to you all in your quest for insight!" ... written by rp2483
STOP HERE PLP SHE IS #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by loveme28
This is my second time with Fae, and I was so happy to be able to communicate with her. She put me at ease and provided a lot of helpful answers to questions that I had searched for. Good luck on your journey and I recommend you chat with Fae!" ... written by rp2483
Very nice, motherly spirit... like her smile... very nice reading.. Thank you" ... written by answers28
Sweet and lovely and straight to the point! I definitely recommend a reading as she picked up on a lot of my key issues. Thank you, Fae! :) " ... written by leapenn
Lol definitely picked up on my situation" ... written by Jagur
God she just started answering my questions without me asking her any questions and lol she pleasantly shocked me, not to mention that she's accurate. Will be back for sure! Thanks a lot. You're an angel :)" ... written by bubbly
Psychicfae is the best. Always reassuring and right on target. She is very insightful and a pleasure to talk to." ... written by standwhereIstood
she was fantastic.. she picked up on alot in a short amount of time..def give her a try!! She was very accuarate in what she saw!" ... written by kimlexi
You are incredible." ... written by lia_11
Fun and comforting :) " ... written by AquariSun
Very the point...will take her advice" ... written by tiger5762
As always she is right on the money and great. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! lol you will be glad you had a reading from a expert........" ... written by cabbyaj
This is a very insightful and quick adviser. She's very caring and will answer all your questions. I hope things happen as you mentioned, but a little quicker for the big dream goals. I felt we connected well. Thanks so much and may God bless you! I will also follow your advice! Thanks!" ... written by odessa2012
Fae is great picks up on situations straight away!!! Thanks xx" ... written by scoops09
was really good, put my mind and heart at ease!!!!!!!! will be back soon, much love" ... written by sag_girl
Fae is miraculous!" ... written by Wonderwoman
picked up so much about ex relationshiplo lover her" ... written by mary558
Fae is a sweetheart who gave a quick and accurate reading :) loved it ty " ... written by mozzy123
as always 100 starts if possible. She will be my go-to psychic forever!" ... written by arghhh_luv
She was fantastic picked up things strait away and was spot on, thank you! :)" ... written by kjane3
Always very helpful and insightful. I feel like she senses exactly what I am feeling. I hope all of her predictions turn out, I'm counting on it. She helps me keep going." ... written by standwhereIstood
Word cant describe how I feel about her readings she is uplifting, resourceful and honest. If you want someone to blow smoke up your kester, then don't go to her. Otherwise one of the best on the site..." ... written by cabbyaj
My last review as suppose to say "if you want smoke blown up your keeter, then DON'T go to her because she always tells you the truth.. " Sorry about the mistype Fae, But she is also very understanding as well.....Again thanks love.." ... written by cabbyaj
Fast. Glad I did a reading with her!!! :)" ... written by BayAreaBabe
As always great reading she is the best!" ... written by standwhereIstood
She answered all my questions. Picked up quickly." ... written by vc1976
Fae is just amazing, she is confident and she makes you confident too. I love her." ... written by neethu7777
She was wonderful...everyone should have a private with her." ... written by monaverona
spot on and doesnt waste your time.. she is great :)" ... written by jessjess1
shes so cute and sweet..she was very quick and on point. go to her people u wont be disapointed. best on here" ... written by d
my 4th time with Fae? Awesome as always. Talk to you soon. " ... written by marshmallow
very direct and to the point .. :)" ... written by ashuae
Fae was very clear with what she saw for me...and very accurate without my saying too so glad I talked to her..gonna take her advice!" ... written by babette99
She makes me laugh.. she is GREAT!!! Honestly she is one of the best my favorite.. super detailed .. I will be back!! Thank you" ... written by 123lmr10
Wow, I was really impressed - Fae answered my question in chat with a time frame that makes complete sense. In pvt she was excellent and super connected. Picked up on the relationship right away, nailed the people involved in my life to a tee and made very encouraging predictions! Give her a try!" ... written by from_space
Amazing she is always the best!" ... written by cabbyaj
Very good warm hearted lady knows what she talking about. xx" ... written by starlight22
Put my mind at ease about my current situation. Very fast and hopeful reading. I hope what she said will come true." ... written by BayAreaBabe
Tks...Fae is the best...plz try a pvt with her" ... written by monaverona
Wonderful, picked up on everything b4 I even said n e thing." ... written by JSerrano0304
Thanks, Fae! Fae, was quick fast and fast. She did not beat around the bush. She was open and direct. Fae, was very pleasant!" ... written by Mesha11
I was feeling very low, she answered my questions with sincerity and heartfelt solutions. She was very on top of what I needed and how to fix what was happening. I will be back again." ... written by snowitch17
Fae is good and honest. I can't wait until her prediction comes true and it will come true." ... written by luckygirl40
She was wonderful. !! She picked up on so much of my life with out me saying anything !! She connected right off, and clarified answers with full detail. She is straight forward!! I recommend her and will be do privates more often !!" ... written by Darkdov
perfect" ... written by jpferreira51291
Really nice woman. Quick andamp;amp; doesn't sugar coat." ... written by wund
WOW! She hit it all right on the head - amazing how well she picks up on things! Truly incredible - what a gifted reader - take her private!!! You will be so glad you did :)." ... written by sacredlove71
she was fast and it was worth it,,shes kool" ... written by lory09
AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by LorenaAries
Her prediction are always right!!!!!!!! Don't miss out people..." ... written by cabbyaj
Amazing! Always uplifting." ... written by regina
Fae...She was great..I wil see what unfolds...always 5 stars" ... written by monaverona
the best!!!!! very helpfull....thanks alot.and verypolite too " ... written by jpferreira51291
You are so incredibly gifted ,honestly real right to the heart of the matter, will come back for more news ..Big hugs Thank you so much. for the reasurence !! :))" ... written by lolita99999
She picked up on things sooo fast! she was accurate to tell me about the situation i was in and offered very good advice. " ... written by Laprincess
fae is EXTREAMLY acurate!!!! love her energy, no need to look any furthur, shes the REAL DEAL!!!!! thank you fae, i will contact u again." ... written by wingtip
great" ... written by wendic
Fae is great and very very fast! She will give you a great insight into your current situation :))" ... written by irinairina
She is always so helpful. She sees everything right away and gives great advice!" ... written by sacredlove71
Very clear reading as always." ... written by standwhereIstood
Very good reading, thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
She's fast at typing and she gets to the point no beating around the bush. she is a very kind woman and inspires you to think positive. always happy to speak to her." ... written by tiny
This Lady is Accurate.I felt a connection with her in free chat and took her to private.Was not disappointed. Very down to earth and caring.Thanks so much.Highly recommend." ... written by tivabeth22
Wow....absolutely everything spot recommend her to others....the best on Oranum" ... written by 6marchs
Great reading she was right on in chat and i decided to go private for more. will visit again" ... written by missy1311
She made me feel good. thank you. if you haven't had a reading with her please do!!!" ... written by loveb1980
Perfect!!!!!!!!" ... written by jp ferreira
It is always a pleasure talking to Fae she is very insightful." ... written by standwhereIstood
very good reading. helped me alot " ... written by sunflower1989
Really like talking to her. she gave me a lot of insight on things in my life can't wait to talk to her again soon. Thanks Fae." ... written by Danyale0525
What an awesome, accurate reading from this beautiful soul... she is right on and i recommend her highly to anyone on this site, please go see Fae, you will not be disappointed" ... written by strangeimagery
Very good and she is fast also!" ... written by florwer85
Fae is great; excitying and positive. Really enjoyed her reading. D" ... written by dstufra1
Wow was amazed how fast she picked up on us and knew so much about my situation. I look forward to speaking again!" ... written by dreamgirl30
fae is BO$$ ..Shes the one im always gonna go to :) she connects fasr,,she knew about my issues just by my name and D.O.B. shes very awsome at her job LOVE U FAE!!!" ... written by IamSebastian530
Always great -picks up on everything. Her predictions have come true for me!" ... written by sacredlove71
Keeps helping me alot! Very accurate as usual." ... written by jp ferreira
Shes very acurate and knows how to calm you down..i already miss talking to her" ... written by jp ferreira
Fae is so on point as a fast talker so you get more out her readings than most readers on the site. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious! She deserves more followers than she currently has. Love and Light to you." ... written by OJD
Your fabulous :) you got right into my situation. thank you :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Thank you Fae! You were so fast and picked up on things, I will definitely be back and you've made me feel a whole lot better about everything!" ... written by chelcee
Fae is wonderful, had a very pleasant reading with her. I highly recommend her. She is honest, picks on the situation quick, and right on. " ... written by mashael
Looking for real answers? come to her.....clarity is here" ... written by jpferreira51291
Thank you, Thank you Fae, we had a very good reading answered all my questions quick and didn't sugar coat anything. To the point. Thank you again!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Quick and to the point. I dabble in tarot myself and she confirmed what the cards presented to me. Very honest and upfront" ... written by leti89
Psychicfae was right to point and understood where I needed help. She explained my problems and how to fix and go forward. She was very encouraging and vibrant in her explanations of what needed to be done and what could happen. I again will be in contact with her." ... written by snowitch17
Fast reading. LOTS of information in a short time. i hope it all comes true." ... written by agirl
Wonderful as usual. She calmed me down and helped me tremendously with my situation. LOVE U FAE :)" ... written by Mashael
Very Good and intune with my situation, very compassionate and uplifting, A joy to speak with, will use again. Take a private reading with her, she is fast and very informative, look forward to using her again." ... written by Jim
She is great the sound did mess up but i really like her." ... written by Danyale0525
Fae is great.Thanks so much sweetie " ... written by tivabeth22
WOW, starlight to the point and very accurate. She is genuine and has your best interests at heart." ... written by araketanara
Fe is awsome,,she gave me a grate meditation that worked,,i found where i went rong in my past life..and i know now wat to do :)" ... written by imsebastian530
Fae as always is wonderful. So helpful and sincere." ... written by gramirez
i love youu fae! fae is accurate and she is #1 in my book! mmwwaahh " ... written by IamSebastian530
FAE U ARE A BOSS!!!!! I LOVE U!!!!!!!" ... written by IamSebastian530
AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHES SOO RIGHT ABOUT IT ALL" ... written by sebastian14
shes awsome i love her,,grate reading makes me feel good" ... written by IamSebastian530
Great reading. she told me i had someone sitting next to me with dark short hair and tan skin and there was! extremely professional and to the point." ... written by Codyke1
You need to do a private reading with Fae! She's amazing." ... written by t_soul
Fae gave me a guided meditation and it worked..i saw where i went wrong in my past life and now i hav the power to fix it :) fae is a master at her work..THANK U!! " ... written by IamSebastian530
What an excellent reader...recommend" ... written by sapphiremoon
fae is awsome, she gave me a healing to fix my relationship (: i love you fae you are oranum's best" ... written by LorenaAries
Faee helped a lot" ... written by LorenaAries
I got all the answers i needed thank u :)" ... written by MariaL1970
Fae always givs me corect answers,,we conect very very welll :) thank u fae ill be shure to do that love candle tonight :)" ... written by LorenaAries
Very good" ... written by MariaL1970
Thanx fae ur the best! i love u! she rilly knows how to make my day,,shes always honest and shes perfect at wat she does,,i love her energy..thank u!" ... written by LorenaAries
Fae helped a lot ,,she hears the spirits and uses cards to confirm,,shes very accurate,thanx" ... written by LorenaAries
i LOVE FAE! she connected with me right away .She gave me a great andamp;quot;whit craftandamp;quot; to bring my soul mate to me..thank you FAE! I LOVE U" ... written by imsebastian530
She is very calm and reassuring. She has really good suggestions. " ... written by standwhereIstood
her predictions for me in previous reading are right on ... this time it was also a great reading, Fae got me back on the right track, guided me to what i want to achieve and calmed me down, she's the BEST :) Love u Fae .. Loveandamp;amp;Light Xx" ... written by mashael
PsychicFae was the nicest and best psychic I have ever talked to on here. She is sincere and directly to the point of what you asked. She has a strong connection to the spirits and great predictions. 5 out of 5 stars!" ... written by Codyke1
You are awesome, you are the best psychic on here everything you tell me comes true. I will always buy credits to give to you because you pick up on the right things without me having to tell you. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Bamababe16
Again what a lovely lady Fae is. Tonic for my soul. Thank you for a lovely reading, V quick and to the point.... I hope it all comes true. x" ... written by Nicole212
GREAT LIKE ALWAYS!!!" ... written by DARLING1
Thank you Fae, what a lovely lady. I hope you are right in all you said. Very accurate on personality's involved... lets keep my fingers crossed :)" ... written by Nicole212
Fae is awesome...she is fast and extremely accurate in her readings. I recommend her highly and think she is one of the best psychics on this site!" ... written by gemmie
She gave me a great charkra balancing, she gave me a healing spell that WORKED and she gave me all the info I needed to know..thank you fae, I love you! I highly recomend Psychicfae" ... written by LorenaAries
fae always helps me! she givs me all the info i need to know! i love u fae u help a lot and i recomend her" ... written by LorenaAries
I enjoyed Fae so much. I did hear what she said and what she told me I believe she is a good soul trying to help me out. thank you Fae. I will do what you said. sending love and blessings." ... written by angelica602001
She is always really positive and reassuring which helps. She is very quick and informative." ... written by standwhereIstood
Thank you! Did not realize my funds were that low. As always accurate, honest, and professional. " ... written by AName2
I think is one of the best and glad that she is back. I will always come back to her.. " ... written by angelica602001
Amazing! Direct to the point. Quick. I'll definitely tell her how things go (:" ... written by bri_22
Very to the point and honest!" ... written by Simondk
Great as always very insightful. Highly recommend." ... written by jnm098
Fae is exceptional in her readings, very comforting and upbeat a pure joy to chat with, very accurate in the details answered all my questions and encouraging. Tells it like it is and is refreshing to hear, thank you Fae. Highly recommend." ... written by jnm098
Super nice and accurate. " ... written by vjrei01
LOVE YOU!!!" ... written by loveb1980
She is great, always!!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Psychic Fae is fantastic. What a great reader!" ... written by Joanna93
Great - clarified things for me again :)" ... written by Nicole212
Lovely reading, wish we had longer. Will be back. Hope you are right.....I will defo send you a copy :) and if we get married in Vegas you are soooo invited lol x" ... written by Nicole212
I hope the predictions come true. I will keep you updated." ... written by jasminepapas
Good reading, right on almost all of it." ... written by swhope999
She is so helpful always!!! Give great advice and accurate predictions!" ... written by sacred
Optimistic and good energy. " ... written by Tauser
Great on the ball " ... written by jade6996
PsychicFae again was very comforting and quick with her reading and compassion for my situation. I felt as though she was talking to the person I needed help with and receiving his answers to help reassure and relieve my fears. She has continually been very accurate with her readings. I will be back." ... written by snowitch17
Very helpfull as usual :)" ... written by jpferreira51291
Saw things no one else saw that gave me a different perspective and new information to pursue." ... written by missy1311
Amazing, lovely, accurate, fast, go with her. " ... written by vjrei01
What A Sweetheart. Honest and Accurate. Straight to the point. WOW. 5 Star Rating" ... written by swiftcats64
Good as usual! 5 rating!" ... written by quaz15
Very assuring and to the point! I look forward to the results! 10 rating" ... written by quaz10
Just great!" ... written by vjrei01
She was right on target. she was great." ... written by jdlawson3
Always very reassuring." ... written by standwhereIstood
Fae is wonderful and great to listen to with her insight! shes brilliant and gives great detail! :) thank you fae!! xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Fae is so how she answers so quickly and doesn't waste time or money. Really tunes right in and gives it honestly! Excellent and lots of stars for her!!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is so cool. DIrect and to the point. She is fast and is accurate!" ... written by tara
Sometimes you have to remind Fea about what you were talking about but once she remembers she is extremely connected" ... written by courtneybdraper
She is always awesome! Very connected!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Great reading..." ... written by cabbyaj
She is sooting, she makes you feel she cares. I hope her predictions will work " ... written by Najoo123
Fae is wonderful! I love reading with her...she is accurate, quick, and gives great advice and provides bonus emails!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is great!" ... written by yas
Wow, amazing! Very spot on and picked up on things right away, I didn't even finish typing my question and she already knew! Thanks again and I'll be back!" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
Quick, accurate, and insightful, very very good ! recommended!" ... written by Mico_Napoli
Fae's always wonderful and gives great detail and puts you on the right path! thank you again fae! :) " ... written by Jodyleelee
The best in the west please pray for me" ... written by 1201steele
I love fae! shes the number 1 oranum psychic she's always my number 1 choice... I recomend you have a private with Fae...she is highly accurate and quik too :) This is my 10th reading with Fae in the past 6 months and each time she succeeds in telling me the accurate truth...thanks Fae take care, love you! Blessed be!" ... written by LorenaAries
She was AWESOME! Very clear!" ... written by jenniferford26
Thank you so much!!!! You did well! I know it was rushed, I will come back when I can have a reading that is not so rushed! haha. But thank you for allll the information in such a short time! I got what I asked for and MORE. You were so accurate with things I'm having problems with too! Thank you!" ... written by leowoman15
She is accurate and picks up on things you wouldn't think someone would pick up on. She not only reads your future but puts you on the right path to make your life better." ... written by Coolbreeze50
Fae is the best,she brings me up when i have to..thank u fae,i highly recommend fae" ... written by LorenaAries
Fae rockkkkkkksssss as always!" ... written by sugary
Always the best'" ... written by cabbyaj
Wow just for that short time she picked up on a lot of things. thank you fae" ... written by gwenhyvvier
She is always dead on!! Love her more than a lot of others on the site. She doesn't need tarot cards to get answers." ... written by courtneybdraper
As always she does a wonderful job and I don't trust anyone but her for a reading." ... written by standwhereIstood
Her energy is wonderful. she was right on the spot with things. " ... written by beetlenut
She's very direct...picks up details extremely quickly. Good read!" ... written by Nailsaz
Very good reading as always" ... written by standwhereIstood
She hit the nail right on the head. She got right down to the nitty gritty " ... written by tiffsmom
:) im always happy at the end of each reading with fae,,im always happy with an oranum reading buttttt FAE is the only one who gives me 100% satisfaction, i love u fae thank u" ... written by LorenaAries
Fae ur awsome i love u u make me feel soo good after each reading,,i promise to take ur advice and thank u ! :)" ... written by LorenaAries
Awesome" ... written by 1201steele
She was great! Very detailed and helpful. She was fast too! I could feel how genuine she was." ... written by sweetjanuary08
She hit alot of things right on the head and affirmmed what i felt." ... written by trina2498
Thank you very much again! appreciate it" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
Wow what can I say, amazing! so fast and accurate! Believe it or not this is my third reading with her, she never asks you questions in the private, and you don't have to wait for her to think, she just comes out with all the answers which are truthful and accurate, and she wants the best for her customers, what a lovely soul, she is a gift to this world. :)" ... written by andriy90
Spot on and accurate! Kind and caring, you don't have to wait for her to give you answers and she doesn't ask questions, she tells you everything straight away and it's always the truth! What a blessing she is to this world, hugs Fae." ... written by anonymous
Great as usual!" ... written by mashael
Spot on and accurate! Kind and caring, you don't have to wait for her to give you answers and she doesn't ask questions, she tells you everything straight away and it's always the truth! What a blessing she is to this world, hugs Fae." ... written by Anon
Thank you Fae! You are great! I appreciate your time." ... written by tara
Thanks fae ur awsome! i love u u always give me the truth and u help soo much " ... written by LorenaAries
Very fast and picks up on situation very fast" ... written by Simon
Thank you Fae! " ... written by LorenaAries
Fae is awesome I love you!" ... written by LorenaAries
Simply amazing and the best!" ... written by sweetjanuary08
I'm coming back to you now in the next 4 mins!!! You were so good!!!! I'm coming right back!" ... written by juttamch
Right on, really wanting to help." ... written by mfurney
Very fast and helpful, she is good!!!" ... written by mfurney
Thank you for you help" ... written by joey198402
Alway great!!" ... written by cabbyaj
Thanku fae great reading spot on with my life at the moment,,, things are looking up for me soon fae said so i look forward 2 that,,,,,, recommend fae shes good :)" ... written by f999111
Lovely - great to have you back fae." ... written by nicole
Lovely - great to have you back fae." ... written by nicole
Lovely kind hearted lady. Quickly gives you answers and doesn't waste time. Very positive. Love her!" ... written by nirvananyc
Always there for me, knew exactly what i was thinkng. luv you fae!" ... written by ellym3
I think she is great! The site sometimes freezes during the reading but she is very good. I like her advice." ... written by standwhereIstood
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Brilliant reader. You must try her, you will not regret it." ... written by sapphiremoon
She was wonderful, I went in there looking for one thing, and got a lot more out of it... she knew things about my mom and life that I didn't even talk about... was great, can't wait to see that happens." ... written by sullysim
Thank you for your help!" ... written by joey198402
Very personable and seems to pick up on things that I didn't even ask about yet, very relevant to my life. She did a great job :-)" ... written by Ladysoul4ever
Fae is back, yea!!! Always makes me feel better!" ... written by ellym3
She is so wonderful! Very fast, honest, loving and to the point! Great readings every time." ... written by gemmie
Always a winner!" ... written by ca
Yes very good!" ... written by scarlette1
Always awesome!" ... written by 1201steele
All I can say is that I have been mislead a lot by prior readers, but Fae is the best, she picked up on so many things that blew my mind! She is awsome - I will always confide in Fae from this point on!" ... written by stephanie
Psychicfae is a lovely person who I have grown quite fond of. She is very honest and to the point. She is the ONLY psychic on here that I trust." ... written by standwhereIstood
She is amazing!!! Reads me like an open book all the time! :)" ... written by courtneybdraper
Brilliant....always wanted to do a private with her. She's like an express and spot on. Fun and positive. Love you Fae, you got a smile back on my face. " ... written by beauti
I always love speaking to Fae. Incredibly accurate and fast." ... written by Nicole212
She's amazing!! I had a reading with her 2 days ago. The first thing she said to me was I should pay attention to my stomach. I didn't understand at first because I was perfectly fine. I woke up the next day and I had a tummy ache. I'm a bit sick now, but what was mind blowing is Fae predicted it before I got sick. " ... written by mashael
Very much to the point very quick and accurate. I will definitley get another reading from her!!" ... written by ang_evan
I love Fae. thank you so much." ... written by gramirez
Good reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Fae was amazing and so on the money and made me feel so much better. " ... written by scoot72
I had a reading with fae bout 2-3 weeks ago and she told me not to worry bout someone that she would become clingy and manipulitive and earlier this week i was told thats this person was becoming clingy and manipulitive the exact words fae had said I couldnt help but laugh :) " ... written by gmarie
Wow! wow! wow! word cannot say how wonderful she is! on the nose!!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
A pleasure to be with, thanks as always " ... written by AquariSun
Fae is a good psychic. I will let her know what happens in the future with her prediction." ... written by luckygirl40
Thanks for the insight fae! you made me see the light!" ... written by bella
Fae was awesome...she great reader and got real gift she good with advice and lifts your heart :)" ... written by marionlyttle
I need your help to know for that person" ... written by despina30
Just what I needed to hear and the advice was perfect! She amazing!" ... written by leebee4
Fae is a loving, warm and caring psychic. She is the only GENUINE person on this site. She is very intuitive and is 101% accurate. There are very few readers like her out there and so if you want the real deal you need to come to the one and only Fae. She is really amazing!!!!" ... written by nirvananyc
Simply love her! Like a friend. Very caring and powerful friend!" ... written by reginagrin
I'd give her a million stars... She is too gud! The best!!" ... written by luckygal12
PsychicFea was excellent as usual! :)" ... written by courtneybdraper
Very positive and uplifting. She is good." ... written by galia
Wow wow wow love this lady just love her!!! She was amazing!" ... written by kiki3070
20 STARS...ALWAYS,..... QUICK,FAST INSTANT, no wasting time.. SPOT ON, NO NONSENSE.. never get enough of her, as I run outa credits... SHE IS BRILLIANT AND VERY POWERFUL AND CONFIDENT!" ... written by beautifulmoi
I found fae picked up on the situation immediately and gave me a lot of clarity of what was going on with several of my situations..she was very fast, accurate and helped me immensly.. I would recommend her to anyone who has doubts and confusion and 5 stars really is not enough of a reward...Thank you hun :)" ... written by Teuchter
OMG... Fae was bang on... She knew exactly what he is like and what challenges surround us. I love her positive energy in the midst of the chaos of life... Blessings to you always." ... written by JacquiD
She was great.!!!! can't wait to talk to her some more!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
Dead smack on it's kinda scary, but cool! I can't wait for predictions to come true! I will definitely be back and tell her when they do. :) You rock Fae! " ... written by zzcat0404
First reading with her.. woww amazing dear . thank u so very much dear :) bless u" ... written by lovelove1234
I waited for her desperately..she gave me a new life..thnx fae i love u" ... written by beautifulmoi
Much love to you fae fae." ... written by ivana01
Best reader at oranum!!!!!" ... written by humii000
Wonderfully explained everything. Thank you so much." ... written by shinenew
Really good." ... written by nafayia1984
She was right about a lot of things! :o Connects fast and easy." ... written by Girly521
Very omg omg omg good!!" ... written by MyLove_
Shes accurate about the person i asked about - his personality and even guessed his job! :) I have good feelings about her predictions and cant wait to see if they come true soon! :)" ... written by linn115
Thank you for your help." ... written by joey198402
Thank you for your help." ... written by joey198402
Wonderful to the point and eased my mind. Thanks." ... written by dymond6897
Shes good lol and funny." ... written by purple20
Wow! Shes great! Direct,right on the money with everything and she didnt want to waste my money,, thats important. Do a reading with fae.. You wont regret it!!!" ... written by Stephie77
Fae is amazing we were cut short but she gave me courage to keep going.. i'm so happy i talk to you today. god bless you" ... written by Prettylightxoxo
PsyschicFae was great! Gave wonderful information. She was dead on with some of the things she said. I appreciate you and the information. " ... written by energy1010
Wow Fae open my eyes I needed that and she was quick and explain cards very good! Wow I am glad I got my reading with fae she was worth every dime love her so much and her advices! I highly recommend her she is worth it!!! thanks so much fae!! " ... written by goddess70
Good Reading." ... written by natei08
MAMA FAE .....:) love her.......she is FANTABULOUS ..ACCURATE " ... written by beautifulmoi
Wow,wow,wow... she was absolutely fabulous....this was the best reading i have ever received on this site. Thank you Fae" ... written by angel2926
She is just awesome- Every time!" ... written by tara
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
Love PsychicFae always! :)" ... written by courtneybdraper
Amazing reading so good with everything right on the money, thank you so much very gifted Psychic x" ... written by tonio73
Excellent as usual!" ... written by luckyanna
She is awesome, very to the point and fast. Got everything on me, will def come back. She gave me hope, thanks fae! :)" ... written by ashley11100
I RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY ....SHES A 100 ON 100......WONDERFUL LADY,ACCURATE,CALMING,ASSURING.....i cried in private...and she was there as my friend to her......" ... written by beautifulmoi
Thank you Fae! Always great!" ... written by tara_mcm
LOVE HER TO PIECES! Great always." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Great Reading ....amazing picked up on alot of what I as worried about ..." ... written by kiki228
She was speedy and great. Thanks Fae." ... written by shameless12
The greatest in Oranum!!!!!" ... written by lolypok
Great!" ... written by lolypok
L was in tears, she wiped them away..." ... written by luckyanna
Thank u fae amazingly picked up alot of things and gave me good guidance and im happy with this will keep her updated with everything and will be back. love u fae god bless u sweeety!!! mwah xoxoxoxoxox" ... written by man
Wow wonderful reading :) Thank you very true about all things you told me :)" ... written by funsun107
Fae is just fantastic, she tells it as it is. No sugar coating. I love her, she has fantastic insight. Will be back for an update. Thanks :-)" ... written by 6marchs
Put my mind at ease...thank you!" ... written by kgill1983
Fast and to point." ... written by dd41783
Thank you Fea. Amazing as usual!" ... written by courtneybdraper
I got kicked out of chat due to technical difficulties and wasn't able to finish it but Fae was great! She told me things I *needed* to know, not what I *wanted to. She's also really funny. I liked talking to her!" ... written by guri
Fae's so fast, I love her advice, she's very good!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by stebella009
Thank you for your are always uplifting to me and give me wonderful news!!!" ... written by bella
Very intuitive..." ... written by edelaine
Very insightful, straight to the point and covers your questions very fast!!!!" ... written by zoonieboomer
I have been looking for this wonderful woman from 3 days..finally got her...WORTH EVERY PENNY..HER LOVE HER CONCERN ,HER ACCURATE PREDICTIONS.......WHAT WUD I DO WITHOUT HER??? MY FAVORITE..AND I LOVE HER TO BITS.........." ... written by beautifulmoi
She's great ! she told me what i wanted to know and more!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
PsychicFea is great as usual...She reads me like an open book and always knows what she is talking about." ... written by courtneybdraper
Fantastic reader! I loved talking with her.. she is spot on! Love her :)" ... written by amidala
Psychicfae is great :) wish i could have more time with her though :(" ... written by thirstyhngrysoul
Fantastic Reader - I loved her. And spot on with the situation. Thank you Fae. Speak soon." ... written by myhappyplace
Fae is very fast. Gave predictions and they are consistent with what she has said before." ... written by anon
Thank you fae you always know how to perk me up and fill me with positivity! thank you again. take care xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Great as always!" ... written by ellym3
Accurate very wonderful she is sooooo sweet!! " ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Wow, she is the real thing and she said things to me without seeing me. I recommend a private with her as she is well worth the price." ... written by milona
Wow ..absolutely amazing ..picked up on stuff that she couldn't possibly know...answered all my questions and gave me great clarity.. If you want to do yourself a favour ..come see this amazing woman... 5 stars is not enough :)))" ... written by Teuchter
Loved Fae - not a lot of time, but the time I was excellent and she is very quick and accurate. Thanks, Fae." ... written by indigorayne
She was very kind and honest! I will def. speak to her again! :-)" ... written by deguitaranna
She is an awesome reader. Highly recommended." ... written by delighted2
She is so good, omg was telling everything like she is with me, thanks so much....Will be back." ... written by sabinaa
Thanks Fae great reading! 5 star!" ... written by myeyesee
Excellent reading as usual! love Fae! Thanks alot, will be back!" ... written by mini1214
What a wonderful woman. I feel so much better. A million thanks" ... written by katie46
She is very quick to pick up on things and is a truly warm hearted person." ... written by Proof_Of_You33
She gave me everything I needed..really great reading." ... written by sarahsellers1985
This woman is my final word apart from another psychic...i have spent so much money in an sos time..when fae aint there.......ONE READING FROM HER..AND I AM 10000000% ASSURED THAT IT IS THE TRUTH....I TRUST HER ...NOW AM HAPPY n i regret spending all that money in haste .....n frustration....WHEN FAE SAYS IT..THAT MEANS IT IS THE DAMN TRUTH.......all my confusions are gone.......she knows it all and explains it sooooo well...please come on more often matter how much money I spend here..... IN ONE READING FROM U.............ITS MAGIC OF PEACE N HAPPINESS" ... written by beautifulmoi
Theres only 3 psychics i trust on oranum and fae is one of them" ... written by thirstyhngrysoul
Very fast, to the point and kind. I felt she tapped in to my situation and I hope her predictions will come true!" ... written by Simon
Excellent reading. picked up well on everything, very enthusisatic and genuinely cares about you. felt very comfortable, didn't judge me, must have a reading with fae. Can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by mini1214
She is great as always!!!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Love ya....... she's the best!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to talk to her again!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
Brilliant as usual." ... written by 6marchs
She is good and very nice..she made me feel better about things." ... written by butterflies226
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
She nailed it. So many things she mentioned that nobody knew about not only about myself but another as well. Gave great advice and set my mind at ease." ... written by missy1311
Great reading! she is so upbeat and positive. I needed to hear what she had to say! Thanks! " ... written by joyce
SHE IS THERE FOR YOU!" ... written by mfurney
This woman is the one I TRULY TRUST WITH matter who else i read with....and now i believe IT ....fae please come on often on oranum.....or i waste alot of money else where n still am never satisfied " ... written by beautifulmoi
Excellent reading, loved loved it! fae always understands, and knows what shes talking about. thanks fae! will be back!" ... written by mini1214
Fae! I finally had a reading with you and I LOVED IT! People should get readings with fae she is fast, she doesn't waste your money, accurate and has very good energy! Looking forward to more readings and telling you my updates! thank you! :) " ... written by orlem123
Really GREAT reading helped out A LOT! I look forward to my future changes....thanx fae you are a gem :)" ... written by eleventwenty2
Was quick to the pointe and honest does not waiste your time, very appreciated " ... written by star0924
Fae is an amazing reader! I hadn't even told her what my concern was and she picked it up straight away! She covered all my concerns without me having to tell her anything apart from my name and date of birth. Will definitely come back for another reading! Thanks Fae :)" ... written by chelcee
Thank you for your help." ... written by joey198402
Was really nice, and caring. Mostly accurate about my situation." ... written by sagkgill1983
Fae is awesome. I love her! She is so funny and good spirited." ... written by marybeth1love
Great reading! no sugar coating, very inspiring! Thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by Ash
GREAT!!!!!!" ... written by lolypok
Continually one of my favorites, she is very fast and accurate. Thank you Fae!!!" ... written by In_Search33
She was great. Thank you. " ... written by delighted2
Awesome!!!! She picked up on everything!!! SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!! SHE IS A MUST!!!" ... written by kat620
Thank you for helping me feel better about this. :)" ... written by linn115
Thanks you so much. Wonderful reading. Very accurate, kind and encouraging!" ... written by katehrine1965
Fae is ultra quick and hits the situation right on the head. 5 stars!!" ... written by araketanara
As always that boost of confidence and hope she gives me with her accurate predictions.... Love her to bits." ... written by beautifulmoi
Brilliant lovely person and accurate predictions. Consistent since months." ... written by beautifulmoi
Very Insightful !!!! Thank you soooo much Fae !!!" ... written by jaykun
She is awesome, I didn't get a chance to ask anything, she just started right in. Answered all my questions without me having to say anything. Thank you!!!" ... written by scadoodle
She is AMAZING. knew everything before we could even speak. has the ability to make us feel more comfortable in our home than ever before. You truly are amazing and thank you SO MUCH!!!!! you really did such a great job," ... written by lindzeyy21
She was excellent!!!!" ... written by sarahsellers1985
Awesome" ... written by stacy8170
Love her...always accurate, understanding my situation with great advice...excellent new cards." ... written by beautifulmoi
Psychic Fae was very, very good and she was able to give me lots of information in a little period of time. Thank you so much Fae for your insight. " ... written by indigorayne
I need her always to confirm things... She has always been honest and her predictions are very accurate!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Oranums best psychic, she is fast, accurate and sweet! Thank you Fae!" ... written by In_Search33
Excellent as always!" ... written by luckyanna
Fae was dead on, she picked up on my situation and gave me hope that things will work out! I really got the sense that she was genuine and she was so generous to finish up the reading in free chat! Looking forward to her prediction to come true. :)" ... written by daniii43
She told me so much in just one minute - super fast and good.." ... written by delighted2
Fae is a very genuine person with great energy. Her readings are always accurate and supportive, she heals my feelings." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
Nice to have a reading with you Fae after so long! much love xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Thank you for the insight." ... written by user
Thank you for the help!" ... written by joey198402
She knew what exactly i was thinking and helped clear alot of confusion" ... written by humii000
Thanks Fae :) " ... written by AquariSun
A wonderful lady! Great adviser, awesome predictions, a dear friend... Don't miss her out guys!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Fae is amazing.. She helped me so much with everything. She really is awesome and sweet! Thank you so much Fae for everything.. I'll be back again!" ... written by SWEET84
She is the real deal. She knew exactly what was going on with everything. Thank you! " ... written by ScarletDvine
She could be on to something... Well anyway I sure hope so because if she is right I have nothing to worry about ." ... written by halovm
Five star she picked up on everything that is going on in my life at the moment, amazing!" ... written by gipsygirl
Love her! Shes compassionate and sees where your heart is at." ... written by gmachi16
Fae is a great seer and empath. She is able to view what is coming up and to understand the feelings of everyone involved. I have been a repeat client for over a year, I first read with Fae in the summer of 2011. I recommend her as one of the best on Oranum." ... written by Lia
Awesome reading! Worth it. " ... written by vjrei01
I've always wanted a reading with Fae and I must say she really made me feel better about my confusion. She's really quick, right when I got in the private, she started reading. Thank you soo much and she's blessing me with 5 cards after, cant get better than that!!" ... written by angelloverose
She is great. accurate, fast, and honest.thank u fae." ... written by delighted2
She is absolutely amazing!!!!" ... written by dominicanguy
Fae was fabulous! She tuned into everything and rattled it all off and it all made sense! Thanks so much! " ... written by ellewilla
She did a good job." ... written by joey198402
Great reading, lovely women. Honest reading. Something Fae told me a long time ago showed to be true. Really connected with me." ... written by wishingsmi
Fae is a very accurate and caring person I'm so happy to talk to her I feel like she understands my situation perfectly. I'll be back for more!" ... written by Prettylightxoxo
She is very very kind for letting me talking to her with her special rate because she is a genuine kind hearted person who would like to help any creatures on this earth. She knew that I had someone on my mind without me telling her. She is so caring for letting people who are really in need for a reading. God Bless You Fae." ... written by ling28
Ran out of time, but was a really good reading!! Fae knows it all! Thanks Fae!!:)" ... written by Melissa6767
Awesome!" ... written by mfurney
She was right on and so quick!! She is awesome and had great insight on my relationship and made me feel better about things I was worried about. Totally awesome. Will definitely have another reading with her." ... written by sparklehail
She made me feel better about myself and was tuned in completely. She had me right on. Loved it and will definitely have another reading with her again. She is Great!!!" ... written by sparklehail
Excellent reading one of the best." ... written by Flowers2012
Thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Awesome." ... written by delighted2
Good read." ... written by natei08
Amazing reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
Pinpoint accurate." ... written by zioness
Very specific and reading about what I didn't expect., but, good things... true reading about my current situation... I'll see how it goes.... I'll Recommend! " ... written by KS1986
Was a very good reading, right on with the situation and very positive. Made me feel so much better!" ... written by Shellokc
AMAZING!!! Fast and very informative.Thank you very very much" ... written by myluvlyaly1
Straight to the point, joyous, love the way she tells it as it is perfect! Thank you x" ... written by tickleme2011
Fantastic reading with Fae! She totally doesn't need the cards because she tells you everything faster than the cards can come up! Totally sweet person too! " ... written by ellewilla
The best yet! " ... written by scrumdiddly
Fae is great, sincere, and genuine. She definitely does connect with spirits :) Thank you." ... written by prismedwhole
PsychicFae was right on the point with my situation with someone and I will take on board all that she says." ... written by SCB4001
Wonderful!" ... written by StacyR
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
Excellent as usual!" ... written by luckyanna
She is amazing, really! Good! Love her!" ... written by millyloves22
Fae started right away reading before I posed a question. Was right on with everything." ... written by tmy0558
She is awesome! x" ... written by delighted2
Thank You. Very positive." ... written by reena2323
Excellent as usual." ... written by mini1214
Wonderful, quick and spot on. Loved her and her reading." ... written by katehrine1965
Thanks for the help" ... written by joey198402
Was terrific! Thank you so much Fae!" ... written by yashodhara20111
Absolutely great person. I have much respect for her work and who she is. " ... written by outlook2013
Thank you so much Fae. Amazing!!" ... written by delighted2
Thank you Fae, You always reveal the truth when times are hard:) Love her. " ... written by Melissa6767
She is wonderful...such a loving warm personality. Gave me hope. I look forward to seeing her made my day today :)" ... written by elledaly24
Excellent as always." ... written by mini1214
Love her" ... written by millyloves22
Good advice. Love her energy." ... written by demeterika
She amazing! Sooo true - what she said. Great reading." ... written by delighted2
Fae always puts me in such a great mood. She's very accurate its like she's there watching at that moment I highly recommend her." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Love her! She is always spot on..Very comforting and calming!.." ... written by elledaly24
Always able to hit the nail on the head so to speak. Never fails to pick up on exactly what is going on and calm my fears. Love and light 5+++" ... written by tivabeth22
She is an absolute joy to talk too... always makes me smile!" ... written by elledaly24
right when I came in... She knew before I even asked! Very funny and down to earth! I went to 5 different psychics/ tarot cards reader... 3 of them including PsychicFae mentioned or described the situation. on point! I will definitely come back to you, PSYCHICFAE!" ... written by tspeonie
Second reading... She's honest, straight to the point... Her prediction re: my need to watch for my money came true... I'm still waiting for the rest to happen!" ... written by KS1986
Right on point with everything you said.... I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow! Such a gifted woman!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
I really liked her. She answered my questions and she was able to know things. I will keep in touch with her. She seems to care too." ... written by skyrocket1959
So warm and friendly and accurate deff using her again." ... written by MandyBeex3
She is amazing, knew so much so fast thank you very much fae xoxo" ... written by ashley11100
She is amazingg 10 stars.Thats all I gotta say simply amazing.Thank you fae." ... written by SWEET84
WOW WOW WOW !!! WONDERFUL" ... written by kat620
Lovely!" ... written by millyloves22
She was excellent!!" ... written by sarahsellers1985
She is awesome, as always. Light in the darkness. Thanks Fae. xx" ... written by delighted2
Give her 5 stars for sure. She is awesome and right on. Must have reading with her." ... written by dcoventry
Great reading!! Thanks Fae :) I will be back for a follow up." ... written by yvettepandora
Awesome!! Let you know tomorrow, Fae..." ... written by lagirl
My old friend and adviser... A private after a long time... She is such a sweetheart so helpful and always consistent and awesome, bang on predictions... Thnx, Fae! " ... written by beautifulmoi
Positive reading. Definitely happy with this reading. Happy with all her readings actually! She's pretty damn accurate" ... written by jasminepapas
Wonderful reading!!!" ... written by Darkdov
Lovely update, thanks!" ... written by tickleme2011
Oh my god!!! I'm in shock. That reading was phenomenal and so much information was given to me for the future. I'm soooo excited right now!" ... written by jasminepapas
Gr8 reading, was spot on with the situation. Keeping my fingers crossed for her predictions to come true..:)" ... written by har
Great reading, she picked up on feelings and people real good!" ... written by Angel5996
Great reading!" ... written by Darkdov
She is amazing I love Fae she's fast accurate and tells how it is, I love you Fae. :)" ... written by ashley11100
Fae is so amazing, and her readings are so accurate. Picks up on things very quickly, doesn't waste time. Thanks so much Fae." ... written by delighted2
She is the best, you will ever have, 10 star." ... written by mayho1986
I LOVE FAE, SHE WAS GREAT WORTH IT EVERY TIME !!!!!!!!!! THANKS FAE !!!!!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
Had a lovely reading. she definitely connected with me." ... written by victoria111
She's so funny and honest :)" ... written by prismedwhole
She knows the situation and gets great connection with spirit. She is straight forward and doesn't sugar coat. " ... written by Darkdov
Amazingly accurate and a lovely warm person!" ... written by SNaomi
I love you, Fae!! Oh my god lol." ... written by jasminepapas
Absolutely great reading. So swift, thanks Fae. x" ... written by delighted2
This is the best reader ever! So accurate that it's almost scary! I recommend her highly! Thank you Faye!" ... written by pinky55
Thank you so much for your reading!) " ... written by rainbowspirit123
Consistent ,brilliant always .. Lovely lady with bang on predictions!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Extremely accurate and exciting! Fast and worth every penny!!! AMAZING!" ... written by love522
She is brill and lovely." ... written by charlie
Seemed to really pick up on things...was very quick and easy to talk to. Hope the predictions prove accurate! Left feeling much better about things!" ... written by lacossa
PslychicFae again has provided a great and in-depth reading on all my concerns. I have had her read before and will be back again." ... written by Sher
Ty Fae" ... written by mfurney
WOW! Fae has SO MUCH energy it's insane. She picked up on a lot of other things besides the main issue that I was interested in consulting her about w/out me having to say a word... She really is the real deal!!" ... written by jettagirl09
Very, very quick and very, very accurate with everything!!!!" ... written by damian1482
She is very fast and spot on about the situation." ... written by Darkdov
She is such a fast reader, accurate, and great as always, thank you Fae. x" ... written by delighted2
Just love her!!!! She is so Awesome just Amazing!!! She just knows, so, so, so, Accurate 100%! She is so wonderful!" ... written by kat620
Thank you for your help!" ... written by joey198402
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
Omg, she is so full of energy and with that, info just comes out so fast that it's hard to validate everything she says if you are slow in typing like me, lol. Will keep you updated. Thanks so much. Excellent reading!" ... written by P
Absolutely fabulous and accurate. Thanks, Fae." ... written by delighted2
Her energy and approach is the best and understands everyone's point of view in her chat room. each time i'm on uranum i only want her for my readings. Please all, use Fae you will be pleasantly surprised!!!" ... written by outlook2013
Far you're the best" ... written by mfurney
Super accurate and quick at the reading. thanks Fae" ... written by delighted2
Thank you, Fae!! Awesome readings all the time, thank you for your help! xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
She is kind and was very encouraging my situation. Gave me a lot of advises. She is positive and picked up really quickly. Thank you." ... written by nk063011
Wonderful woman! She clicked instantly with me gave me the guidance and knowledge that only a close friend of family member would do. I will get into contact with her soon. THANK YOU" ... written by rosieRN
Exellent." ... written by reginagrin
Once again thanks very much! Fae predictions came true and waiting for the rest to happen. I'll be back. :)" ... written by jimikuta
Thank you so much! She is amazing, point blank. " ... written by sheriniebeanie12
I LOVE U FAE !!!!!!! THANK U !!!!!!!!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
Awesome reading. I can't wait to see how it turns out. She's so sweet and honest. She calls it how she sees it. I will def be back!" ... written by adonnelly76
Great psychic! Spot on! Excellent reading!!" ... written by blackwidow2432
Fae connect with me and said everything as it is:-)! Thank you and I do recommend her!" ... written by katarzbl
Such an uplifting spirit... I enjoy my readings with her.. I will come back and chat again.. Always accurate, always honest.. And straight to the point.. Love you Fae!" ... written by elledaly24
Brilliant accurate each and every time... Lovely lady, wonderful friend and super fast in private " ... written by beautifulmoi
Wow! She is super cool and accurate. She was able to picked up things I didn't mention. Many thanks to you :) I will keep you updated. " ... written by jimikuta
Thank you for your energy and insights, will come back for sure." ... written by maithu
Fae was correct on what she told me, she cleared my doubts... and very friendly and helpful! I would recommend her!" ... written by janette5116
Thanks Fae. Wonderful reading. Wonderful lady" ... written by katie46
Thanks for easing my mind, Fae." ... written by tivabeth22
The real deal, was accurate and provided lots of info. Look forward for her predictions to come true." ... written by brownpanther1031
Its always good talking to u :)" ... written by G
I feel better after speaking with her! She is the best!!" ... written by CHayes2539
Fae was just amazing. Very fast and fabulous. I really enjoyed our reading, and she just is very on. Love her." ... written by silverfae
Very goood accurate" ... written by melaniescargone
Thank you for your help!" ... written by joey198402
Fabulous. Right on target. I can't wait to see the results." ... written by KitKat02
Really excellent psychic, understood and emphasized get details!" ... written by Angel
She seems really accurate and has good energy." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Great reading:)))))" ... written by Aryastark
She is absolutely accurate, compassionate and can offer real insight instead of telling you what you want to hear. She deals from a truthful spirit with lots of her love which is why i only seek her for advice. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by outlook2013
Fae was wonderful and already knew the issue before I began typing and asked me to only say yes or no as she was talking. She was direct, correct, accurate in everything she asked/told me. I felt better after our read - it was the information I needed. She's very sweet and very smart. Thank you Fae." ... written by starsandmoons
Fae was great, she provides a lot of information really quickly. I'll keep you posted as to whether the time frames she gave are accurate. I really enjoyed her reading. " ... written by curiosity24
Very straight forward. I love her" ... written by Emily
I love Fae...she always makes me laugh and makes me feel better after talking with her. she connected with me really fast and knew things I didn't tell her. have a private with her and you will not regret it. Love ya Fae." ... written by misspriss12
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
the best on oranum" ... written by luckyanna
Great! Love her she connects soo fast" ... written by starchild700
Thanks for the reading." ... written by TravlFunLove
Thank you for the help!" ... written by joey198402
Great!" ... written by mz
This is probably the most clear reading I've had with her. Phenomenal!" ... written by blackwidow2432
Great reading, Psychic Fae doesn't need anything from you to give you your reading. Ask a question and she let's it fly after that. Great readings every single time." ... written by Elle
She is awesome! swift." ... written by delighted2
Fae was really fast and I enjoyed speaking with her she really got into my situation and made me see it from a different perspective." ... written by resee057
Thank you Fae, you picked up that big question about cheating, straight away, and I knew it had come through from spirit. You are fantastic, and thank you soo sooo much for your wonderful reading." ... written by smoking68
Was right on with all that she said." ... written by Lisa
Thank you for your reading!" ... written by Sabina
Very fast and picked up on the situations before I even asked her anything! Brought up a lot of info that I know is correct and pointed to why things are happening the way they are. I highly recommend speaking with her!" ... written by HiJinks
She was great!...I'll be back for sure to update with everything that was said :) Thank you " ... written by leebee4
excellent as always. great insight!!" ... written by blackwidow2432
Thank you for all your help." ... written by joey198402
I love her readings!!! She remembers from the last time what was said!!!" ... written by carla
fae was able to key In on some important issues I had and guide me to my own solution. she was on target and accurate with what was happening in my life" ... written by GroovyGoddess
Amazing as always!! Will always be back to get updates :) Thanks!!" ... written by leebee4
Thank you for the help!" ... written by joey198402
shes amazing, very spot on. extremely kind and honest. deff get your money's worth. shes fantastic!!! cant wait for another reading!!!! so accurate!!!" ... written by nita
Fae always rocks. She is so fast, and lets you know exactly what you need to know right when you need it. Do take her to private, you will not regret it." ... written by silverfae
100% ACCURATE OMG!!! she is soooooo WONDERFUL!!!" ... written by kat620
OMG she is good. She doesn't even need your name ! " ... written by luckystar222
She is very straightforward and connected to very fast. She is very accurate and gave complete insight about my problems. She gave me clarity of mind. Thank you Fae. I highly recommend her to everyone!" ... written by umabalan
Really great reading remembers details!" ... written by Angel5996
Thank you for he help." ... written by joey198402
Thank you for your reading. I will go on and take care of myself as you suggested to me. Talk to you soon :)" ... written by chanski
Fae is really good she picked up what was going on with me why it was happening. I would recommend her any time ! I cant wait to get another reading from her. Fae is amazing !" ... written by Montaya
Thank you for the help!" ... written by joey198402
She was honest, and fun. I enjoyed it much! :)" ... written by somewhereintheus
Great Reading!!!" ... written by CHayes2539
She's fantastic! Thanks Fae!" ... written by delighted2
She is terrific and saw things the way they are and will be." ... written by DarkDov
She was right on with what she told me." ... written by Deligirl96
She picked up on everything! She named out where I'm moving - described it to a "t" and helped me feel better about the waiting game I'm having to play right now. Awesome - FIVE STARS!" ... written by alwayslovetrg
Amazing" ... written by luckyanna
She's awesome, always on spot." ... written by robin
Real deal. " ... written by jules
WOW, Fae was great and I love clarity from her and advice...Thank you my friend!" ... written by janetet
The most trusted psychic here... I am coming to her from a very long time...always brilliant in her insight..lovely lady,a darling friend." ... written by beautifulmoi
She is a really great reader! Was correct about predictions! I wish that I could have a in person reading. :) Try her! She is one of the best!!!" ... written by CHayes2539
She is great, thank you Fae !" ... written by helen
Fae is awesome. Great energy and awesome light within!!!" ... written by Linda
Amazing!" ... written by luckyanna
Absolutely wonderful. She knows She knows She knows. " ... written by Sandra
Thanks fea for giving me hope..." ... written by 2_peek
Probably the most helpful reading yet! 5 stars as always!" ... written by black widow
Before we even went into our private reading, PsychicFae was able to tell and describe things to me about my current situation. She was fast, and willing to make sure I felt connected before entering into the reading with her. Once in private, she wasted no time, just let me know what she saw/felt and we continued on... Very good, quick reading with a lot of detail." ... written by Heather
Very Good, Thank you!" ... written by LoveLife09
Quick fired answers, got the confirmation I was looking for happy!" ... written by Vanboom
Wooow, AMAZING. I have talked to PsychicFea very long ago and today she had chills running through my whole body. I asked her questions about work and she nailed it to a tee! I told her about my boss leaving the job and she goes..."Wow, looks like he is going to sue the company." That's exactly what is happening and I didn't say anything about that. Wish I had more time with her. Thank you so very much for your kind words of advice. Your the best and deserve much more that just 5 stars! :) xxo" ... written by Courtney
Fae was able to calm my insecurities and explain some things to me that I wasn't sure I was picking up on in my own situation. She was very quick, accurate and straight to the point... Something that was much needed right now!" ... written by Jettagirl
My trusted psychic/friend...always accurate and comforting." ... written by beautifulmoi
she is spot...clear...the best!!!thanx you." ... written by Gaby11
BEST PSYCHIC EVER! AMAZING READING!" ... written by black widow
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
She is an awesome reader. Well worth it. xx" ... written by delighted2
Fae is always great, she's very quick, very accurate, and very comforting... " ... written by sarah
Very Good:) Thank you Fae!" ... written by lovelife09
Thanks sooo much for clearing that up for me " ... written by 2_peek
Fae is always right on top of what I need to know. I always come away after a reading feeling much more in control of what I needed advise with. I will be back in the future for more guidance." ... written by Snowitch17
Thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
She is great !!" ... written by DarkDov
Always gives me hope! Love her confidence. Thank you for the updates. Will keep you posted." ... written by Mademoiselle1
Fae is the best ever, always puts my mind at ease and helps me see things from all angles..Love you Fae!" ... written by elledaly24
Good reading." ... written by philly
Very good, insightful, fast, honest. Fae is an angel and worth five stars." ... written by birdofparadise
Fae is the best - just love her! She is so good there isn't really more to say :)!" ... written by always
SHE IS SO ON SPOT, FAST GREAT DIRECT CLEAR...looove her." ... written by Gaby11
Amazing reader. So fast and to the point. Thank you Fae. " ... written by delighted2
She is awesome, awesome! Love her and she is always on track she sticks with her word doesn't change it up." ... written by denise
Thank you for the help :)" ... written by joey198402
She is amazing! All her answers are correct!" ... written by caron
She is the best, the very very very BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
I like this lady, she comes across as very genuine. She a quick reader. Lets see how the predictions go." ... written by sticky toffee
Very good reading." ... written by stickytoffee
She always comes thru with answers and solutions to my issues. Will consult with her again." ... written by snowitch17
Excellent reading. She got whole picture very quickly and gave dates and predictions. She is fun and easy to talk to! " ... written by psymeow
Very wonderful lady!" ... written by Camilla
Simply amazing, you know what's up will definitely come back for another reading! :)" ... written by babydoll
Was pretty spot on with my nan but not convinced with 2nd question. x " ... written by April
Thanks so much Fea! I really needed the advice. You always know what is best for me. You are really helpful! Thanks again!" ... written by Courtney
Damn, she hit everything on the money. Totally worth it, thank you confirmed and provided clarity on what I was looking for. YAY GOOD TIMES!" ... written by Vanboom
Excellent." ... written by luckyanna
Love her." ... written by skyrocket1959
Calmed my nerves... Gr8 Reading." ... written by Harsh
She was fabulous, so much energy, she picks up right away, love her!" ... written by michelle
Excellent!! 5 stars!" ... written by Coreen
Love fae she always makes me feel better when things are hard. Faes the best" ... written by .
fae got certain things right on, she was fast and easy to talk to, I really enjoyed my reading with her and I would recommend a reading with her anytime, I will defo be back. 5 stars for sure x" ... written by suzy
She was awesome, picked up on alot quickly and accurately! I'll definatly be back for more :)" ... written by Lauren
Fae is AMAZING!!! #1 reading I've had on Oranum and trust me, I've had LOTS!" ... written by Taylor
Lovin It! I have always found her gifted andamp; things have never changed! Hopefully she will be right about alot of things andamp; things will come into order!" ... written by Jamie Hancock
Very good." ... written by luckyanna
Mine was short but all positive info!" ... written by shane
She hit it right on the nose she was goood." ... written by Lisa
Just love her she is the best!! I have had other readings but!!!!!! she is so good 100% ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Awesome as always. xx" ... written by delighted2
Love this reader, she is always spot on!!" ... written by starchild700
She was quick and to the point !! She does not waste your money! She has been accurate in the past!!" ... written by carla
Wow she is so accurate. Shes the best I've ever seen seriously she told me things that no one knows about me. :) Very glad to talked with you. xxx" ... written by marie5290
You rock Fae! " ... written by heather
I went for an update with Fae I had a reading with her 6 weeks ago. She told me the very same as she did 6 weeks ago. I trust her. she is very kind and supportive. I wish I had more time with her. She is a good soul and cares about people. I look forward to what she is seeing coming to pass. Thank you Fae for putting my mind at rest. 10 stars!" ... written by Suzanna
Great update! Thanks for all your help!" ... written by BlueAngel
OMG Fae is very fast and dead on. She is really truly gifted. I felt a real real closet with her in this reading. It's like she saw through me. 200 % good. Wow!!!" ... written by Mechele
Good reading. Thank you fae" ... written by jp
Wonderful as always. xx" ... written by delighted2
This woman is spot on!!! Fantastic reader! Worth every penny!" ... written by nikki
She is great. Picked up on everything that I wanted to address. Upbeat and optimistic. She really has the gift and is connected. Will follow up with her in the future." ... written by Penny
WOW WOW WOW what else to say shes so amazing! :) " ... written by marie5290
Thanks for the update!" ... written by 2_peek
Thanks so, so, so much, I needed that!" ... written by mz
Thanks Fae!! Gave me a great read!" ... written by Nina
I did a follow-up reading with PsychicFae on an issue we discussed not long ago and she is still confirming the same things that she told me back in March. She is very quick and picks up on things w/out having to say anything. She also pulled 5 cards during the reading to support what she was picking up on. In 10 minutes, I got confirmation and reassurances to help me on my path. She was excellent, as always! 5 stars" ... written by Jettagirl09
AWESOME READING!Thank you so much for lifting my spirits and make me believe in myself!!!" ... written by aurelia
Very good." ... written by luckyanna
Outstanding and very clear THANK YOU!" ... written by courage22
This is my 2nd reading with Fae and she put me at ease. Peace and blessings to you!" ... written by IrisFlower
I felt good, Fae's bubbliness is soothing for what I'm going through... She has a kick rrrs manner that is real for me...Fast reply, fast connection. Thank you to her guides. " ... written by Janine61
Brilliant!!! So accurate even with things you don't want to hear but hell she is good recommend her every time!!! ur the best Fae." ... written by Teuchter
Was absolutely gutted when my session ended as my credits ran out, very good, got everything spot on! so happy with it!" ... written by Ellie Lewis
Upfront with what she gets." ... written by shilo
Aweeesome, brilliant reader. Thank you Fae." ... written by delighted2
She is great as usually on point anfast....grat be recommended...a true spirit lady" ... written by Gaby11
Wow! You will never be disappointed with Fae! Quick connection, straight to the point! Detailed and helpful advisor! Definitely recommend for private readings! I will come back again for sure! Ty! Peace and blessings!" ... written by DubbleDobby
Very fast on the uptake....Communicates similar to my way of sharing so a lot of meaning was transmuted without a lot of detail or description but with the same understanding.. I feel reassured. Could have been more clear on specific life choices (but then again I knew in vague what she meant) only wanted the praise verbalized to my ears ;O) I liked her energy. Enthusiastic, compassionate and ironical. There has to be a sense of humor that is congruent with reasoning and reality. She possesses it without malice or disrespect" ... written by akay01
The reading was very accurate. Fae is very honest and to the point. Appreciated the read!" ... written by Kerry
Fae is fast and on the money, amazing! She's a FIVE star in my Book.;]." ... written by Brenda
Amazingly on point, totally blew me away with her beautiful creative ability. Best money I have every spent! Fae is so connected to the spirit world more than anyone I have come across on Oranum, I didn't ask question, She totally new what was going on and my heart has truely been touched by a very gifted AMAZING person. Fae will be who I will seek advice from in the future and if I could give more than 5 stars I would. I was a skeptic but now, I really can say I AM A TRUE BELIEVER! Book her today! Seriously! Fae you are a true blessing in disguise thank you so much!" ... written by Healingwings
Wonderful insight !! I need to be patient something I don't have :( I know that that FAE will be happy when he finally commits !" ... written by carla
She was great. Thanks Fae, very to the point." ... written by laura
Thanks, hit things spot on! Will go back!" ... written by S
Fae is the most genuine, direct and honest adviser I have came across. She answered questions quickly NO HESITATION and gave good advice on current situations without having to give any information other than my name. She is truly AWESOME. She answered questions about my relationship, love, friends and finances. She was truly honest and has a real gift. Thank you so much Fae you gave my concerns clarity and rest." ... written by nekewoods
She was awesome like always!!She gets TEN STARS in my eyes. Always sticks to what she said before and she is always on track. Love her she is so caring." ... written by denise
Empathic and accurate. I have had several readings and never been disappointed." ... written by SNaomi
Thanks for the great reading hope all comes to pass as you say :)" ... written by steve
She was great and deserves her five star award she knew i was in my truck at the time. Thanks a bunch" ... written by Sandy
Oh my...she is right on...quick, to the point and 100% accurate. Will call again soon. She also cares a lot for her followers. She is genuine and honest. Thank you so much" ... written by Tami
Excelltent as always. She is awsome. Highly recommended. Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by Aurelia
Woww, wowww Fae you are truly amazing, spot on with everything, very gifted. She picks up on things without me saying anything or give her any info at all. She knows it all. She gives amazing advise and tells like it is, tells you the truth. Thank you so much Fae you are awesome. I'll be back for more reading." ... written by sweet84
Excellent and on point." ... written by nekewoods
Love you. Spot on!" ... written by QueenRochelle1
As always PsychicFae is rearing to go with her right on reading and encouraging news. I have complete faith in her and what she tells me for my readings. I will continue to return for ongoing guidance." ... written by Snowitch
Very spot on..... We connected from the very start. Gave so much valuable information. Knew all my fears and worries. She even knew about my 2 girls and how they are everyday! She is definitely worth the time spent. I was worried about some things, which is why I had the private chat with her, She rest assured me about a few things and now I am ALL TO THE GOOD. I don't have much to spend trying to find the right psychic so I say, money well spent. Thank you Fae. Helping me with my children is in itself worth it cause they drive me looney sometimes lol. Much love from the QUEEN" ... written by QueenRochelle1
Awesome reading! She knows exactly whats going on without having to tell her!" ... written by AngieAces
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
I really like Fae. She is so sure of herself. Very gifted. She sees things" ... written by skyrocket1959
wow! Very amazing as usual. :)" ... written by marie5290
She is so good always accurate. I will be back for sure she is the real thing. I have been getting readings for 30 years and I will say she is one of the best I have been too." ... written by denise
I love my Fae :)) And gigi and of course Aiko... Omg love her forever..." ... written by karen
Great reading, lot of info, thank you, does not waste time, will be back again." ... written by kathy
Awesomeee!!!!" ... written by nita
Very accurate ." ... written by nekewoods
OMG i love Fae. She is amazing very accurate with everything, gives very good advise and put my mind at ease i love you Fae. Thank you so much you're amazing." ... written by sweet84
She was good, very bubbly. I think we had a connection to a certain point. A lot of insight was general though.. worth a go. Thank-you" ... written by Angela
She is sooooooooooo good! My last reading all came true!! She is AWESOME!!! SO SO ACCURATE!! GET A READING SHE IS FAST AND GOOD!!!" ... written by kat620
Fantastic as always. :)" ... written by bwidow
She was amazing! Picked up on many things without any tools and knew my situation so well. Thank you so much! highly recommended." ... written by kdoll
Fae, is very accurate and helpful. Appreciate her insights." ... written by Kerry
She is #1 on here ! absolutely great!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
Love her!!!!!!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
Thank you for the help!" ... written by joey198402
5 star. She was great." ... written by mzkiyan2u
Accurate as usual she picked up the situation very fast :) " ... written by marie5290
Very quick and accurate reader ! :)" ... written by carla
Psychicfae is so incredible!!!! She is so on target and fast with her readings as well. I will continue to go to Psychicfae for all my readings. Thanks Fae you are amazing!!!!" ... written by Michelle7117
She picked up on my situation very quickly and without tools! I was very impressed and will definitely call again. She picked up on things that no one else has picked up on. I was so grateful that Spirit/Source got the" ... written by Patres
I hope her prediction comes true. I'll be back to let you guys know on the 12th tho. she was very accurate however. she knew what I was talking about even tho i called it a "situation"" ... written by ameaningfulmazee
So so Accurate!!!!! So awesome as always!!!! Everything has happened! Now waiting on the new that she told me! can't wait!!!!" ... written by kat620
Thanks so much, Fae!" ... written by SS
Fae was wonderful, honest, and on point, Give her a try, quick clear and concise! Perfect! Thank you for your reassurance!" ... written by firefly1969
Fae is an amazing woman with a fantastic spirit. Her energy is contagious! Aside from all that, she is a phenomenal reader and medium! i will always return to her! " ... written by nikki
Brilliant as always. x" ... written by delighted2
Fae is a great reader always accurate and on target. She reads quick and you hardly have to say a word. Love her and she is always there in free chat for me..." ... written by dcoventry
She's wonderful and very fast to answer all your questions. A five star reader, I recommend her!" ... written by Rene067
Lovely lady - thank you. " ... written by Patient Libra
Fae was an awesome lady to talk to! She gave me a lot of ideas that can help in my situation! Nice psychic to connect with for sure! :)" ... written by Rana
Thanks fae" ... written by SS
Awesome!!!" ... written by Shira
I love Fae! Omg, should have been going to her." ... written by virgobaby920
Thank you very much, Fae! I hope it will come true." ... written by TreeofLife12
She was very good and right on the mark." ... written by Lisa
Great :)" ... written by virgobaby920
Outstanding! Picked up what's going on in my situation right away... described everything to a T! Money and time well spent with Fae. Really hope what she predicted comes to pass. Thank you! " ... written by stephanie
FAE really truly and soo oquickly connects with my energy and really relieves my anxiety about things going on... Thank you so much dear Fae!!! " ... written by elizabeth
I really enjoyed my reading. Thank you very much!" ... written by Pam
Thanks, very enlightening!" ... written by SS
Really good reading, connected with a lot of current thoughts and feelings." ... written by ggmarie
Lady with integrity." ... written by iconnect2
Amazing" ... written by kika
Very in tune with the situation and person I was inquiring about, put my mind at ease. Thanks Fae" ... written by Jim
She is great--fast--as her---clear connect... And go go go:) thanx hun" ... written by Gaby11
I think i'm in " ... written by love
Amazing!!! Every reading Fae out does herself! She is so accurate and direct too. I am always pleased with how she does her readings. " ... written by dawn
Finished up with a follow up question and was very pleased as I always am with Fae." ... written by Jnm098
Great reading as always." ... written by Jnm098
She is awesome! Love her and her personality!" ... written by ComplexVirgoO9
Picked up really fast! Great reading!" ... written by humi
She is wonderful, you must try! :)" ... written by bird of paradise
Oh my gosh you are WONDERFUL. Knew exactly what my question was, who it was about and answered all of my other questions without me asking. Excellent!!! Will be back!" ... written by Bethany
Thanks Fae, always great!" ... written by SS
Awesome Thanks a thousand thanks Fae." ... written by Jim
Just love her! I had an update because everything else came true already!! I KNOW FOR SURE THE NEW UPDATE WILL!!!!! She is so ACCURATE!!!! just AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
Fae is always on point with whatever I'm dealing with at a given time... She's always such a pleasure to talk to in a private session or in free chat." ... written by Jettagirl09
Again!!!! She had the answers and solutions I was looking for, my cards wrer exactlly on target. Fae is the one...." ... written by Snowitch
Very Good as usual. Thanks Fae!!" ... written by Jim
She is absolutely wonderful. Thanks Fae. xx" ... written by delighted2
Accurate as usual. Thank you for all!:)" ... written by marie5290
fae is great!" ... written by SHERRY
Love her " ... written by mzkiyan
Fae was really nice to talk to. She gave me great insight and advice and time frames!!! :)" ... written by Mimi
Always to the point and fast" ... written by Jim
Nice chatting with you... Fae... Wish all the things will come true in the near future." ... written by nk
PsychicFae is the best ever!!!!!!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
she was absolutely fabulous. FABULOUS." ... written by michelle
She's always great!!!!!!!!!!! I needed that FAE! Real and honest!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
She is sweet, easy to talk to, peaceful, cheerful, supportive, funny, very calming, accurate, and fast. Recommended." ... written by OndeMystere
Follow up questions, Great as always fae" ... written by jnm098
Thanks Fae relaxed me a little.. lol" ... written by jnm089
Thanks so much, Fae, very helpful!" ... written by SS
Very good" ... written by StacyR
Excellent - fast!" ... written by Flowers
Awesome, ready, always recommended, connects well, 5 stars! ;)" ... written by ay
Great :)" ... written by virgobaby920
Very helpful. Very accurate. Very caring. Gave me hope and the faith in myself to take the steps to restore my relationship. Lovely woman. " ... written by Christine
She was amazing! Very honest and Positive! Love my reading, she read me and my situation like a book!" ... written by Alicia
She is so good always right on target with my situation. She is more like ten stars... She is awesome!!" ... written by dcoventry
Honestly so amazing!!! Spot on with everything she said. It was unbelievable. Thank you so much and we will see what happens! Thank you!" ... written by vine
Great insight and info as always." ... written by Jim
Amazing and accurate, and so direct!" ... written by dmw4300
Amazing reading so fast and accurate. God bless you!" ... written by PB1923
Like always psychic fae is always on point. She the best I give her 10 stars she keeps me positive and I always look forward to the future. Thanks so much for the advice. Lots of blessings to you fae." ... written by marybeth1love
She is wonderful reader very straight forward and to the point. No sugarcoating." ... written by DarkDov
She is funny." ... written by olivia
Thanks for updates there!" ... written by SS
Very good please send cards to email" ... written by felisha
She is the bomb!! Awesome 5 stars." ... written by dcoventry
Straight to the point and honest." ... written by Jim
She was very accurate and insightful. She predicted my pregnancy and she said I would be having a boy. I can't wait. I strongly recommend a reading from Fae. Very on point." ... written by Rose
Very fast does not use your time. Very accurate answers. " ... written by hisgirl...
Thanks Fae for the help, I appreciate it!" ... written by Cosmo
fae is the greatest" ... written by sherry underwood
Greattt :))" ... written by virgobaby920
Amazing as always! Right on!" ... written by lovebug
Wonderful once again. She has helped talk sense into me and realize in order to improve my situation, I must first improve myself and my energy. Thank you so much for your comfort!" ... written by Christine
I love her so much always good with her readings!" ... written by virgobaby
Great!!" ... written by S
Fae is 20 stars!!! She is always there for everyone! And gives do much good advice! LOVE HER! " ... written by nikki
Great reading!!! Very fast answers!! :)" ... written by Krissy
Wow, wow, wow! Very accurate like always, tells me always the same each time. :) Guess I'm too anxious loll! Thanks Fae! :)" ... written by marie5290
GREAT! She was dead on!" ... written by Alicia
Fae gave me a really good reading. She was spot on and insightful. Very healing!" ... written by Dorothy
Awesome! She's really gd n fast! Spot on and precise with all ques asked. Gonna put her in my little pocket for sure. Hehehe. You really made my day, Fae!!! Hugs!" ... written by Sexaymom
wow she's great. I saw her in free chat giving true answers. Awesome. She talks so quickly to not waste your money I like her alot :)" ... written by cathy
Fae is always accurate always nice and blunt she doesn't sugar coat and she'll tell you what you need to know!" ... written by Silentlurker
Always a pleasure to talk to you. :) Thanks so much." ... written by Courtney
Very informative, gave me hope at a difficult time. Knew things about me most don't know." ... written by pinkpather30
She was great!! I would recommend her to everyone and she answered everything I needed to know!! I will be using her again soon!! Thanks Fae you were fast and great.!!" ... written by amedley
She was spot on with finances and job. Thanks Fae. You are fast and great! I recommend her to everyone.She really good! " ... written by amedley
Just a fun and positive lady!!!!" ... written by Sunana
She is so so so so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ciana
Very good!!!! She picked up on everything." ... written by Ruchipatel
Wow, very quick andamp; so spot on accurate! I will definitely be back for more :) Blessings to you xoxo" ... written by Mona
Very accurate, it's my second reading and I felt some clarity and will definitely listen to fae because she is always right." ... written by rose
Good reading as always. " ... written by rei
Fae's reading was straight to a point and addressed the exact questions I had. Even without having to ask in detail. She passes messages that are most relevant at this point in life, which I think really helps to focus on best potentials out there." ... written by Alfiya
Fae, is an honest reader one of the best on here." ... written by angel
Awseome !" ... written by dre
AWESOME!!!! very accurate !" ... written by Dre
The reading was GREAT, and very accurate!!!!!! Thank you Fae!!!!!!" ... written by Yuliya Morgan
Always wonderful to get a reading with fae ! My most favorite psychic on here she tells it how it is!" ... written by Silentlurker3
Wow, you read me on point!" ... written by ghostface1983
Great reading, glad you could help me" ... written by linda
I looooveee her! Very talkative tones of info and accurate!" ... written by catpearl
Fae's reading was amazing. She got straight to the point can't wait to see her for another private." ... written by maria0982
Excellent." ... written by Shira
So direct and so accurate Fae always is honest and straight forward will all her readings." ... written by dmw4300
Wow so accurate like usual...thank you fae. xxx" ... written by marie5290
She was great!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Melissa
Awesome she hit everything on point! I gained so much clarity from this, I feel so much better words cannot even explain she gave me good advice that I sure can count on! I love coming back to her one of my favorite psychics on here! Thank you Fae! xo" ... written by aj
Excellent psychic! Absolutely love her!" ... written by bella
Great reading as always. very fast to the point. Thank you Fae!" ... written by sweet84
Fae is awesome as always and a great reader." ... written by Silentlurker3
5 starzzzz" ... written by aj
Thank you Fae. Loved my very first demo with you. You were bang-on the money! At your personal request =*Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel, so eat beans for every meal!* :))))))" ... written by BEANS4876
Love her too real" ... written by quinisha
Sweet and quick...just love fae.. she is helpful ... so helpful. Get a reading with her.... Wish I had more credits... Just loved it!" ... written by TaraL
Always good" ... written by jnm098
Another great reading, having a difficult time and she helped clear my mind." ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful psychic." ... written by DarkDov
Cleared lo f things up thank you Fae." ... written by gmarie
Thank you very much on helping me with a problem. Right on the spot. But thank you very much on answering me and giving me some relief. " ... written by maria0982
Wow, amazing as always! Very accurate and I feel much better after that reading with you Fae! You never disappoint me... many thanks :)" ... written by Mona
WOW, very nice private as usually. Thank you Fae... can't wait to see what happens." ... written by marie5290
Thank you so much, she is dead on and nothing needed just tell you everything to the T. Awesome." ... written by Tamika36
this was actually my third reading with Fae, she is so spot on with things. she seen the situation for what it is. I trust what she says and will let you know how it turns out. She is definitely worth the money for you." ... written by julie
It was short, just definately what was needed. I felt like she was able to grasp the situation and we will see what will happen :)" ... written by Jessica
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
i adore her" ... written by kika
Awesome reading and very accurate" ... written by danny
Great reading and guidance, had a few other readings no one could give me a time frame but she gave me one, gave me clarity." ... written by pinkpather30
Accurate as usual. Thanks Fae xxx:)" ... written by marie5290
Very good!" ... written by luckyanna
Nice reading !!!!" ... written by lalal
She's the best, 100 stars." ... written by mz
very good" ... written by luckystar222
She is very good, always accurate." ... written by dcoventry
Fae doesn't waste time, gets right to the point. Was right on with almost everything. Gave me confirmation on several areas. Would recommend her to anyone." ... written by kcw
Always honest and up front! Always a 5 star lady. :)" ... written by Nikki
5 stars very insightful picked up on what was happening immediately" ... written by Beverly419
Fast and accurate!" ... written by Lisa M
Thanks for the fast and accurate reading Fae. It sounds right. I'll be back soon. Thank you!" ... written by Quisait
Excellent as always. Answered my questions accurately." ... written by Christine
Great, thank you. 5 stars" ... written by nicky
She is so awesome, will do another reading. I did not have to mention anything, she picked it up." ... written by elaine
Fast and accurate - a real joy!" ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Fae is always awesome and every time she reads for me she makes me feel so much better..... Thank you so much Fae always on point and dead ya" ... written by Tamika36
She was a 5. So cute and quick to answer. Did not waste my time in and out answers. She was very sweet and caring and I know she can help anyone. Great reading. Thank you." ... written by Edna
I love her...she is quick, direct and pretty funny too! Very nice...." ... written by Colleen
Fae is always accurate and always direct but compassionate at the same time! I trust Fae in guiding me to do the right thing and I feel her predictions always happen!!!! Fae is more than a 5 star psychic she should be rated at a 10 star psychic instead!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dmw4300
Loved my reading but then I always do with PsychicFae. She's always chiming right in on the question at hand and has great focus. She's able to connect very quickly and her readings are always on point. " ... written by Elle
I have consulted Fae several times. She speaks with confidence, is warm and empathic. Past readings have turned out true. I would recomend Fae to anyone." ... written by SNiomi
Very fast and concise! Really great!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Absolutely amazing!! Fae is the best! Super fast and extremely accurate, highly recommended! " ... written by karlabebe
She's awesome. Right on and extremely helpful, honest, kind, fast and accurate! Deff coming back!! She knew a lot!" ... written by nita
5 stars!" ... written by Beverly419
Fae always has been 100% accurate and makes the time for readings even on a busy schedule. She is honest and always gives excellent feedback on a situation. 3rd reading. She's the best!" ... written by Christine
Pricey but worth it because shes on point and accurate. Other psychics told me a variety of stories but Fae set it straight for me! Fae is the real deal" ... written by Lauren
Love her! She's always on point, and very honest! Will definitely continue to come back." ... written by Alicia
she is very good always accurate.luv her topiecs" ... written by dcoventry
2nd reading with Fae. She's fast, accurate and awesome!" ... written by Lauren
Fae, whoa you are so fast! Nice first reading with you! You get a lot of details so quickly. I don't think I could keep up with you LOL. All my questions answered quickly. She picks up on little details fast. Definitely recommended. Thanks, Fae!" ... written by georgia
Fae has become my go-to psychic because she's the only one I trust!" ... written by Wisheshopes
Great as always." ... written by gmarie
fae is the best ... so many gifts. Love her" ... written by kathy seakat
Very enjoyable reading from her as always." ... written by korrena
"Fae is always brilliant and makes the reading really fun too, love her sense of humor. she really makes you feel better and tells you how it is and what to do! she's always been a favorite of mine!:) Love her!! Thanks Fae! " ... written by Jodyleelee
I so enjoyed my reading with Fae, can't wait to see what happens!!" ... written by Chrissy
She s an angel sent to me by heaven at the right time and moment." ... written by Charlotte
Amazing and super fast read. Thank you Fae for everything and all your confirmations." ... written by Heather
She is great and fun to get a reading from. Definitely worth five stars." ... written by korrena
5 star reading as always! Always accurate, always helpful, always on point!" ... written by Christine
I love Fae! She's funny, honest, accurate, speaks clearly, fast and just a great, genuine woman! I trust her with all my issues and take her advice seriously :) Thanks Fae!" ... written by Wisheshopes
Love her!!!" ... written by colleen
She's great keeps me focused. Very accurate and loving. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER" ... written by dcoventry
enjoyed my reading from her and all the information i got from her today. a lot more calmer as a result. Less worried" ... written by korrena
I LOVE FAE!!!! OMG she is amazing and I wish I could take her everywhere I go. She tells you just how it is and no one here has ever made me feel more in control. She was so spot on. I love you miss Fae. You are a blessing!!!" ... written by joanna
Wonderful and extremely accurate!!!" ... written by nita
Best reading as always. Love Fae. Honest, truthful, and to the point. Doesn't waste time. Always there even when she's busy. She's like a friend! 5 stars for this woman!" ... written by Christine
Fae is very helpful, caring, and understanding. Love her. Always accurate!" ... written by Christine
Wonderful Psychic spot on!!!!!!!!! " ... written by Darkdov
Another wonderful reading from Fae. She gives me accurate information all the time about my situation and hope to work towards my goals. Always there for me. Love her!" ... written by Christine
Very good quick and spot on with dates and time. She got him to a tee in one go very good she is the real deal." ... written by paula
Fae is always there for me. I always go to her for guidance. I trust her advice. She has never failed me. She is awesome!" ... written by Christine
Awesome as usual. Fae is always there to listen and give helpful advice! Can't wait to see what happens. But I feel confident and excited for what is coming up in the future!" ... written by Christine
AWESOME!!! She hit everything on point! It's amazing even knew everything down to their height differences and hair colour!!! So glad I tried her out :) " ... written by Senem
Fast and accurate as usual... many thanks Fae.... will be back soon! Dominique (Quisait)" ... written by Quisait
Wow, she really does have great details and works quickly! Will be back." ... written by kendra
Ty Fae always there for me when i need it:)" ... written by marie
I love Ms. Fae. A billion stars for this lovely woman of truth. Thank you for your guidance Ms. Fae." ... written by joanna
Fae always speaks the truth." ... written by melissa
She's great!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by mzkiyan2u
calmed me down when i needed it. love talking with her and getting a reading. will be back for sure" ... written by korrena
Fae described guy I was asking about to a tee! So quick, was giving me info before questions were even asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)" ... written by stacey
Awesome as always... Very calming and honest! Helped me though a very rough time and reassured me of my outcome. Will keep you posted as thing progress. Worth one million stars!" ... written by Tanya
she is awesome....5 stars" ... written by dcoventry
She is wonderful. I was confused and she helped clarify my situation. She was honest and very easy going, making me feel comfortable. She didn't skip around anything. She was very direct. I appreciated it greatly. Thank you. " ... written by tanum
5 stars as always. Fae is like a friend who helps me when I'm stuck or have lost my way. I always feel like I'm back on track when I talk to her. Best reading I have ever gotten. Most honest psychic I've met. Won't waste your time/money and will always be honest." ... written by Christine
Thanks Fae!!!!!!! :)" ... written by shira
Fae is always helpful and always knows exactly whats going on. She helps give me better insight to a problem which I feel like I have a solution to. She knew exactly what was going on in my situation. Best psychic on here. Love her!" ... written by Christine
I've been getting reading from Fae for 6 months now. All of her predictions have come true. More recently she has predicted an emotional breakthrough with Joel (the person whom which I want to be involved with). He emailed me tonight, and is finally starting to open up. I can only see things getting better in the future. I owe it to Fae for giving me the clarity, confidence, and advice I need to help my relationship progress. She is the best! Won't waste your time, won't waste your money, and is honest. She can pick up energy in a heartbeat. Trustworthy and caring. She is a friend to me." ... written by Christine
the best of the best mwah love. you give me a pill can rest in peace now. lol . " ... written by sai .
Quick update with Fae. She's quick and right on point..I swear. " ... written by Wisheshopes
She connects quickly and answers good questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kendra
Had a quick reading and people are right she is fast. She connected well with my current situation. She tells it like it is good or bad. She remains true to her gifts ; )" ... written by godsangels
Fae always helps me when I feel stuck. I have nothing but confidence in my current situation to improve. I just have to follow what she tells me and believe in myself and my decisions. She's the best! Been getting readings from her for about 6 months. I trust her 100%." ... written by Christine
A+ Reading, I love Fae, she is very gifted. " ... written by michelle
Omg,omg,omg PsychicFae is absolutely amazingly gifted!!!! I have seen a glimpse of her gifts in free chat before and always wanted a reading with her but her private readings are where you see the masterpiece come out. Her other testimonials are so true everyone because she will blow you away how spot on she is about you and the whole situation. She even gave me some great tips to help and exciting predictions that I am anxious to see happen. She connects so fast and is very detailed and friendly. Her whole aura is just full of love and honesty!Totally worth every penny!!!! Thanks so much PsychicFae." ... written by sweet81pea
Fae was an awesome read!!! She was right to the point!! She went right to the heart of the matter. Will definitely do this again with her!" ... written by shelle97
She is amazing and great to get advice from!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Korrena
Thank you Fae!!! Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Always amazing! :) Always make me chuckle!!!!! lol xxxx" ... written by Jody
I love regular readings. It always seems like I can't have enough. Fae just always relaxes me, and helps put my mind in a better place! 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
Great reading as always. Fae always restores faith in me when I feel stuck or lose my way. Very accurate and trustworthy! 5 stars all the way." ... written by Christine
Thank you so much Fae. I needed some reassuring. :)" ... written by Kathy
An amazing reading with Fae. Always appreciate her and now I know for sure that Fae is extremely gifted and " ... written by L D
Fae always puts hope in my heart. Everything she has predicted has come true. I just have to accept it in small increments. She's very truthful and accurate. She has perception into a situation without asking questions. Has a very good heart. Readings with her always calm me down and make me look forward to the future." ... written by Christine
fae is awesome!!" ... written by shelle97
Excellent as always." ... written by gmarie23
thanks fae appreciate it" ... written by mel
Very good reader, very clear, tells the truth with compassion does not sugarcoat but also gives advice on how to move things on." ... written by cream
I love PsychicFae, she is just brilliant. I always enjoy my readings with her, she's just a joy to talk to and her predictions always come out. I look forward to having more readings with her in the future, thanks so much Fae, many blessings to you. Kisses. " ... written by marybeth1love
Wow! What a great read. Fae was quick, to the point, and so much fun. lol. Would definitely recommend a reading with her. Thanks hun." ... written by Gzelle1
Thanks Fae!" ... written by gmarie
Fae's the best. Always gives the best insight, and advice into specific situations. I always feel confident and refreshed after a reading. 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
She gave me relief with problems in my life. thank you" ... written by Angela
She's very good. Help me with a solution I couldn't figure out. thank you fae" ... written by Maria
She is very good and accutarate" ... written by maria
She was wonderful and extremely accurate, honest, and nice. She was right on!!" ... written by nita
Very good reading, very accurate, thanks Fae!" ... written by ashley
5 stars as always! Fae always gives excellent advice and insight. I can never get enough readings. I just feel like I gain more knowledge and confidence to improve myself and my situation in each reading. Best, accurate, and she has always been correct in her predictions so I have no doubt in my mind that what she says will come true and I can't wait to experience it happen!" ... written by Christine
She seems very accure of what she sad and the way she describe everything. Thank you very much Fae and I hope it will come true. " ... written by Bebee26
Wow seriously wow! the moment I gave Fae my name and the other person's name, she described our situation straight away! She was on point totally mind-blowing. This is my first reading with her so I will get back to her again in the future. Try her and you will be as amazed as I am right now. " ... written by casualcolor
Fae is a outstanding reader. Tells it like it is!! 5 stars!!" ... written by shelle97
Awesome reading once again. Always accurate. Can't wait to see what happens! 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
Awesome reading as usual. I feel like I'm on the right path. It's just a matter of things falling into place. I can't wait until things finally happen. It's only a matter of time. Fae has never failed me with her predictions, always accurate, always honest, always upfront about what needs to be done. Very caring! 5 stars as always!" ... written by Christine
Fae is so awesome!! She's very honest!" ... written by shelle97
Five stars, love her on point and to the point, real tell it like it is, feeling better about the future. " ... written by loving_myskin84
Love talking to her and she is amazing and very gifted. Looking forward to her predictions coming true. She gives great advice. " ... written by Korrena
Thank u Fae so much." ... written by shelle97
Thanks, Fae!" ... written by Melissa
Amazing fast spotted on reading as usually. She is amazing and can go so deep in little details. Will return... as many times... Thanx so much dear Fae for some more clarity and encouragement! LOVE... and cards per email." ... written by Gaby11
She was terrific! Said things nobody else would know. Very accurate and fast. Love her! 5 stars!" ... written by swiftcats64
Excellent as always! 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
She is spot on with her reading and gives straightforward messages. " ... written by Darkdov
5 stars as always! Never fails to help me relax andamp; gives me a clearer mind!" ... written by Christine
She's so great!!! She's the Best On Oranum! The others can't compare to her! 10 stars....1000 stars!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
Love readings with Fae. She gave me insight into my sister and her energy. Gave me 100% accurate information on my sister's personality very well. I know exactly what kind of relationship her and I have now. I am thankful that Fae can confirm my suspicions and intuition. She always gives accurate information on everything going on in my life. She's the best!" ... written by Christine
very helpful and calming to talk to. " ... written by korrena
Fae is awesome. Just always reassures me when I lose faith in myself. I just need to think positive thoughts to attract positive energy and positive outcomes in my situation. I have no doubt that what she says is true and accurate. She has always been accurate in my past and I feel ready and excited for the future and what is to come. 5 stars! Moves along fast andamp; won't waste your time! Very caring andamp; funny!" ... written by Christine
My mind is feeling clear again! I always have a sense of empowerment after a reading and clarity to do what it takes to achieve my goals. Thankful that Fae is on nights. She's the best! Accurate, won't waste your time, and moves through topics quickly. Very caring. Much like a friend. I hope karma rewards here for being so kind. Always the best readings. She will never fail you! " ... written by Christine
Love her! Always to the point and honest!" ... written by Alicia
My first private with Fae and I can say she was quick, honest, and accurate with her information. I can only hope and pray that what she says come true, but I feel that things will improve over time. Good things are coming my way and I have to believe in that. Thank you for your time Fae and I would like to do another private with you soon. :)" ... written by Tooker
Always the most informative readings. I feel on the path that I should be and more confident. Won't waste your time, always has been accurate, and honest. I hope Karma rewards her in a large way. She deserves nothing but good things. I appreciate the time and care she puts into the readings. She is very wise and informative. 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
fae is just amazing. always like my readings with her:) ty faexxx" ... written by marie5290
Fae made some predictions before and they all happened just they way she said it. Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first but soon everything panned out the way she told me it would… I am not talking about general or vague prediction here… she was specific about two events and yes they all came to pass. 5* all the way for you Fae… you have such a caring soul too :) thank you. " ... written by casualcolor
Great as usual! 5 stars. I feel more aware of what's to come and how to prepare for it. " ... written by Christine
Wonderful read gave me helpful advise" ... written by pinkpather30
she is the best . i m so shock that she can see my two main spiritual guide figure that i already know . she is the best of the best . i love her so much . " ... written by sai
Glad Fae is on tonight. I can sleep in peace tonight. 5 stars. She always let me feel at ease and less stressed. Very caring, always accurate, always gives good advice!" ... written by Christine
Thank you for the help!" ... written by joey198402
Third time reading with her because she is the best. " ... written by sai .
Fae is amazing! She's been spot on with everything I always go to her for readings! " ... written by Silentlurker3
Excellent read. Thank you so much!" ... written by Courtney
So far in the last two months that I have been speaking to Fae about my issue with my current love interest, all of her predictions have come true, and I am finally beginning to get closer to my honey. She's very honest and won't lie. A few months ago I wouldn't have seen things progressing the way that they have from he and I were at. I can't wait for the rest of her predictions to come true. 5 star reading- Always accurate, always fast, honest and won't waste your time or money. I always feel at ease and relaxed after a reading! Very much worth every penny! Fae is the best!" ... written by Christine
PsychicFae connects so fast and always amazes me!It always feels like talking to a family member even when you're in her free chat. Her last predictions came true and she gave me more to look forward to.I like that she's honest and gives you so much info as soon as it comes in.She already knows what you're gonna ask!" ... written by sweet81pea
Awesome as always" ... written by jnm098
Fae is the best ! 10 stars !!! " ... written by mzkiyan2u
Very good and great feader." ... written by apple
thank you! fae!you was great you told me the truth!" ... written by monica
All of Fae's predictions have come true. In the past (October) she predicted I would get back with an ex boyfriend, which did happen. In February a new person sparked my interest and Fae has so far been correct in every prediction she has told me. I just need to relax and not think so much. She is very good at reading energy. She doesn't need your birthdate, or the other persons birthdate that you are interested in. She just simply knows. Truly gifted. 5 stars! Won't waste your money and always accurate. She gives nice detailed and quick readings so you really get your money's worth. Best psychic on Oranum in my opinion!" ... written by Christine
Psychic Fae is so wonderful... So accurate and helping me to trust myself.. . Keeping me sane love you." ... written by seakat
I came back for the second time because Fae is realllllly good. She instills faiths back in me and she is out here to genuinely help people not to earn money. 5* without a doubt! " ... written by woondecloud
Fae delivered another outstanding reading. Fast and accurate. Her last predictions all happened. Thank you Fae!!!" ... written by woodencloud
Thank you fae! your the best as always, so honest and right to it. can always count on you for the truth and make me feel a whole lot more clear and calm!" ... written by Jody
fae is fast and accurate. she doesn't mess with your time and credits:) ty fae xxx" ... written by marie5290
most accurate, fast reader! really spot on" ... written by maria
I always feel more clarity in Fae's readings. She's so helpful, on point, and knows exactly what to say to help me feel at ease at approaching my relationship, and my well being. 5 stars! Always accurate, very caring, and won't waste money. She's the best! Well worth the money! " ... written by Christine
Wow excellent! Straight to the point - kind hearted energy...Love her...I will be back w predictions ...God bless you Fae...xx" ... written by Globe
Detailed and good advice... will update once predictions happen. But very happy with reading" ... written by T.
As always fae is always RIGHT ON :)" ... written by Jody
5 stars. Fae always makes my mind feel more clear. I feel more confident and ready to go to bed. Always accurate, very caring, won't waste your time and money. A 5 minute reading is sufficient, but the higher package deals are well worth it too! My favorite psychic on here. I hope karma rewards her in a large way. I trust her with my issues and feel more in tune after a reading." ... written by Christine
Yet another outstanding reading delivered by Fae!! She's always great and bang on! " ... written by woodencloud
love her she is the best nothing but the truth love, love, love her" ... written by quinisha84
Fae is wonderful...will let her know in 10 days when prediction happens :))" ... written by GD
fae is so fast and accurate i love her. try her you'll never go with someone else:P" ... written by marie5290
FINALLY. Thank God I found you." ... written by Sandra
Great reading with her, accurate, fast and to the point and gave some helpful advice on what to do. totally recommend her for a reading." ... written by Korrena
Thanks for your prayer. love and light" ... written by madhu_thomass
great reading" ... written by apple
She is very accurate and i am looking forward to all she had predicted," ... written by may
Fae is toooooooo good!!! Always love her readings. " ... written by casulcolor
she is the best and on the point. i love her. " ... written by sai .
I've been talking to Fae since February when I started talking to my potential love interest and so far it's developed dramatically. I would say March is when things picked up and as predicted she said I would have an emotional breakthrough with him. Since then he has opened up more with expressing his emotions and how he feels. Fae predicted that in April to May I would meet Joel, and we are scheduled to meet up this Thursday. She is on point about everything she has said. Her cards are very accurate. I think I knew in the beginning that he was my soul mate, but she has on several occasions pulled her violet flame cards which confirm everything. I feel so much closer to him than I have felt possible. Fae has helped me be patient in the process, and helped me back off and give him space so he could open up. I can't wait to update when her other predictions come true! 5 stars! Always accurate, won't waste your time and money. I always feel at ease and more confident after a reading. Worth every penny!" ... written by Christine
Wow simply amazing. Picked on me very well. Will come back. Thanks Fae Fae." ... written by iquestionlife
she is on the sport. i always come to her. the best. " ... written by sai
She is by far the best! I love her so much! Very fast and accurate. Spot on! 5 Stars" ... written by lori
Fae was great! She spoke continuously and didn't waste any time. She was also very encouraging which I appreciated a lot! Will visit again!" ... written by Sharlene
5 star reading as always. Everything is going well. I can't wait to see things develop even further in the future. Fae is excellent! Always accurate, won't waste time or money, and quickly covers topics. A 5 minute reading is adequate. Very sweet, funny, and encouraging. Worth every penny! She has always been correct in the time frames she has given me for events to occur. Love her readings!" ... written by Christine
Fae is quick, doesnt waste your time, and she just "knows" ...feel so positive after talking with this golden woman. Im hoping her predictions come true. She will be the 1st to know...Love xx" ... written by GD
Another lovely confirmation. Just what I needed to move forward and make some good things happen;)" ... written by Sandra
Wish I had a lot of time to hear what she has to say. Very good advice as always." ... written by Iquestionlife
great reading and will look forward to hearing from you. been stressed out a lot about this and ready for happiness with him once again." ... written by sissy2373
This is my first reading with Fae and she seemed to know everything even before I told her! She's so kind and quick and doesnt waste any time in delivering answers. I also feel she is very genuine, compassionate and non-judgemental. She has confirmed what another 2 of my trusted psychics here have mentioned. I will definitely have another reading with her. Very sweet lady :) Thank you Fae for calming my fears :)" ... written by Priscilla
Thanks once again Fae! Fast and extremely informative in very short time. Thanks also for the balance." ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you very much for the reading you helped me a lot and I hope all your predications came true for me. I really need them right now. " ... written by sissy2373
Fae always makes me feel more at ease when I over think things. 5 stars for accuracy! She will never waste your time and money. She keeps the conversation flowing so a 5 minute reading is adequate and will have all your questions answered. My favorite psychic on here! Very caring, intuitive and can read energy without the need of birthdates. Very caring andamp; compassionate. Gives excellent advice! Highly recommend her. Worth every penny!" ... written by Christine
Fae always gives info out b4 she gets it which shows she is a true psychic" ... written by gmarie23
Thank you! So on point with the situation! love ya fae fae! :)" ... written by iquestionlife
she is amazing and love her readings. she is very caring and would totally get another reading from her again" ... written by kr
She is the best 1000 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sai you hun...I will let you know how it goes..but thanks for reassuring me and for noticing that I feel much better with my energy. God bless you sweetheart ....xxxxxx" ... written by Globe
Fae is more than amazing!! She is extremely accurate, quick, honest, and direct!!" ... written by Etta
Oh my gosh, she sent tingles all up and down my head and thighs! The info she was getting was so accurate and out of nowhere . Well probably the Great Void ;). Amazing! Just what others say and more. 5++++ stars. WOW yay :)" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Psychicfae is just superb, wow! I give her 5 stars. She can really tap into your energy and read you well. I just love her thanks so much for the reading fae xoxoxox God bless you :)" ... written by marybeth1love
Fae is very kind and straight to the point. She tells you like it is NO sugar coating. She helped me find out who my spirit guides were and I will take their advice on what i need to do. Fae also told me that money is coming my way so I can't wait until her prediction comes true. Fae is the REAL deal you guys. She will not waste your money or your time. I will keep her updated once her prediction comes to pass. I would recommend anyone to get a reading with her trust me you will not be disappointed. I thank you very much for your time and help. I will be back for more readings." ... written by Gorgeous33
Fae is very honest, direct, and she knows what she's talking about. I trust her advice because she's always shown to be true to her word. I guess I just need to let things fall into place naturally instead of trying to force them to happen. I'm going to play it by ear." ... written by Christine
I definitely feel more at ease after a reading with Fae. Things in my life will just take time to fall into place but I firmly believe they will get better. 5 stars! Always accurate, always moves through topics quickly and never will waste time. I highly recommend her! Worth every penny! " ... written by Christine
she is very good always on target. 5 stars for sure. she cares about her clients. ty fae" ... written by dcoventry
Soo fast as usual thank you fae bless you you're one of the best here. xxx" ... written by marie5290
she knew exactly where I was in life." ... written by amalyah
Great reader very clear same time frames every time i speak to her She is the real deal not bull**** just on point with everything she see. She will tell you how it is the truth and gives cards to confirm the reading " ... written by paula
I came back for more, and it was even more awesome. She is the fastest and most accurate reader when it comes to questions. And WOW does she pick up info fast and accurately. I definitely wanted to tell her I love her, she is just such a helpful guide. I am so energized now!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
PsychicFae is awesome! Very gifted." ... written by aldavis1
Fae is always a great reader for me! She tunes into my questions before i ask them and lets it rip! One of the best readers on this entire site!!! " ... written by Elle
Thanks for all that u do! " ... written by Iquestionlife
WOW, Fae hit it right on! Fantastic. She knew without me saying anything that I wanted to know about the man in my life and love. Yes, I wear the pants right! He is the first one in 12 years I said I love you to. She is right, I need to keep on track and take it slow and things will happen. Thank you so much Fae. I will be back!" ... written by TB
great great i cant wait to see the time pass, she sound very genuine person :) i recommend her :)" ... written by Alex
Fae is always fast and concise…She sees things through and I believe in her. She is always able to lift me up and restore my faith. Everyone should get a reading from you, fae! " ... written by Stephanie
Thanks soo much fae!! You are amazing!! Wish i had more credits to chat with you more. Will definitly come back for an update!!" ... written by mysticmarzo
Thanks fae, you were really good!! glad i came to your room!! have to go to another one" ... written by mysticmarzo
she is amazing and i had a great reading from her that left me feeling uplifted and at peace. Looking forward to see what she said will happen come true." ... written by kr
right on fae as usual.... very fast, accurate and deep insight..." ... written by quisait
great reading" ... written by apple
i love her to the max! she is the best! 5 zillion stars!" ... written by swift
thanks you . you are spot on . she is the best" ... written by sai
5 star reading as always. Fae always calms my mind and puts me at ease. I just need to let go and let the Spirits do their work. I can already feel things falling into place. Part of it is prayer and part is her guidance. I definitely feel prepared after a reading for what is to come. I highly recommend her. Worth every penny. Won't waste your time and money and always accurate!" ... written by Christine
She is great, she made feel very comfortable and she sound genuine!" ... written by Rita
Excellent, wow tuned in to the whole situation, with no prompting, thank you, will let you know the outcome!!!!" ... written by gipsygirl
wow amazing told me exactly what i need to know and i am so thankful made my life easier thank u fae much love...very fast and to the point " ... written by EMMA
Thank for you the advice. Brings tears to my eyes." ... written by Iquestionlife
the best!! great person! love her! 5 stars!" ... written by swift
Thank you, I got to learn to be patient and listen to the spirits." ... written by Iquestionlife
first time reading with her and she was excellent!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you Ms. Fae for being a light in my life. She is absolutely amazing at what she does. She is so accurate and she makes me feel good about myself. A million stars for this wonderful glorious woman. You rock!" ... written by Joanna
Awesome reader, picked up on my problem really fast. She was very straight on and didn't even ask for a lot of information. I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by Sw
She is always consistent in her readings from month to month, and works very quickly" ... written by missannie
awesome!! 5 stars" ... written by swift
5 star reading! Fae always puts me on the right path! Always accurate, will never waste money, and funny! Well worth the money and then some! She is awesome! I have nothing but faith in her advice. I always feel relaxed after a reading. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Christine
Not sure about the contents but will have to wait and see, thanks" ... written by Rose
Just have to wait and see if her predictions come true nice lady made a lot of sense" ... written by Cheryl
Thank you Fae will be waiting for things to happen!! I will definitely let you know." ... written by michelle
Awesome!! Very good...." ... written by Zorro500
she will blow ur mind worth all ur money i buy credits twice and went back in for my total reading shes so worth it, will be back love u soooo much and ty for all ur help and info so much million stars 4 u!!!" ... written by SASKIA82
10 stars !!!!! 1000 stars she's the best on Oranum! " ... written by mzkiyan2u
Wow. I am floored. I don't know what to say other than wow! She is amazing!" ... written by Joyce
I love Fae!!! She's so open and honest with all she says and does. So much positive energy all the time! Right on target with what she sees" ... written by Brenda
She is so much fun to get a reading from, highly recommend her to anyone who needs a reading. she is very accurate and makes it fun to have a reading with her." ... written by Korrea
thank you that was amazing ... I really needed that " ... written by angeleyes
Reitterated a lot of things that she said the other day without me having to say anything. She is very highly recommended by her peers. Fae=Fun!" ... written by Joyce
Very good" ... written by Krista Elliott
Fae is accurate, honest, and direct!! I love her and ALL her predictions come to pass!" ... written by Etta
Thanks for the help. Will see how things turn out." ... written by iquestionlife
She is amazing and love talking with her and getting readings from her. She is fun and accurate. " ... written by cory
Oh, FAE is one of a kind!" ... written by happiness
Thank you fae.." ... written by Globe
Very good :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
Very Accurate. 1000% accurate" ... written by LaShanna Brooks
She is very accurate in her description, very good reader!" ... written by petal
She is very accurate and her prediction do come true, they have for me. highly recommend her to everyone. thank you Fae" ... written by Korrena
Fae is WONDERFUL she got everything down pact and hits everything on point. I will definatley stay in contact with her." ... written by LaShanna Brooks
5 star reading! Fae always puts me at ease. Always accurately reads energies and gives sound advice to a situation. I feel more calm now and will let things pan out normally." ... written by Christine
AWESOME!!! always awesome readings from Fae! Concise and fast and to the point! Love it~" ... written by Steph
5 star reading! Been coming to Fae since October of last year. She knows her cards well and can accurately read energies! She's always been accurate which is why I always come back for more readings. Won't waste your time and money! I highly recommend her." ... written by Christine
brilliant reading. I pray all will come true. thank you so every much" ... written by erini
nice chat. She is so much fun to chat with.. love you" ... written by sylvia
she is always so freaking awesome! how does she do it!?!?!?!? shes always so accurate she just knows! AS SOON AS I HIT START SHE JUST STARTS ROLLING !!!! SHES GREAT ! FABULOUS! iM STILL FREAKING STUNNED BY HOW MUCH SHE KNEW!!! " ... written by MICHELLE
alway a pleasure talking to her and getting advice from her. she is amazing." ... written by korre
ty fae for your help your so fast and so accurate :)" ... written by marie5290
Great reading, Fae is super sweet and caring! Great reading!" ... written by Patience29
Awesome reading Fae! Really tuned in right away, and you always know what seems to be going on! Wish things were not the way they are now, but I plan to overcome all the problems and fix the issues once and for all. Thanks again Fae~" ... written by Tooker_B
FAE is AWESOME..! She clicked right back into everything. Even remembered the month. I did not have to tell her. Will sit back and let everything transpire now. 10 Stars!!" ... written by Tricia
The best on oranum. 5 stars! I trust her completely. She always tells the honest truth." ... written by Christine
Always amazing and accurate. Knows EVERYTHING, if you're shy you can't hide much from her lol! She has times down to the minute, who does that? Who?? Fae does!! Very sweet, empathetic, caring woman, very motherly and sisterly to all, and loads of fun. So expressive too, her eyes lol, I love her!! Thanks Fae, can't wait til your predictions see the light of day THANKS!! XOXO" ... written by Pickletini
Fae is the best on Oranum. 100 stars." ... written by mzkiyan2u
Absolutely awesome....was fast, quick and blunt. No sugar-coating. Knew so much and was so open with it. She left my mouth wide-open in shock. I am so grateful to have spoken to her 100 stars!!!!!!" ... written by Lisa
Always feel better after talking to fae..She is gd at what she does and always seems to know.." ... written by Priscilla
wow, she was able to connect quickly and be bang on about the two guys I was asked up front and she told me exactly how they were and she is right!! When she told me about one's love for things, bang on!! I defo recommend her :) Plus the guidance I got is what I've been telling myself but i just needed someone to tell me that I was right in trusting my intuition " ... written by Autumne
5 stars! Fae helps put things in perspective to make sure I'm on the right path. She gives great readings and excellent advice! I highly recommend her and trust her advice." ... written by Christine
Great as always!!!!!!!!!!!!! She never wastes your time!!!! Right to the point and 100%!!!" ... written by Yuliya Morgan
I love Fae. She sees so much without me having to say anything. She is truely gifted, and a laugh riot. I feel an instant connection with her. She is just amazing." ... written by Joyce Alman
Fae is Great !! 10 stars ! " ... written by mzkiyan2u
she is the best a million stars . her guide pick up alot of stuff that i dont mention . about i m being bad and not eating right . lol. thanks you . " ... written by sai
awesome! she is the best! love her! 5 stars!" ... written by swift
5 stars! Fae is always accurate and knows what's on my mind before I say anything. Always accurate, won't waste time and money, and her heart is in the right place. Very caring person. I'm thankful to have met her. I love her readings which is why I keep coming back for more! I highly recommend her!" ... written by Christine
she picked up on things pretty quickly, and told me what i needed to hear. she's fast and straight to the point. hopefully what she told me will come to fruition!" ... written by ash
Fae, I can now sleep well tonight because of you :) Thank you so much for always patiently assuring me and effacing my doubts. You have been accurate with me so far and I know I should trust you on this one too. Love you :) " ... written by Stephanie
PsychicFae always makes me feel calm and tells me what I need to hear good or bad. She is very in tune with me and even her guides were so on point, amazing. Her predictions came to pass last time and she gives excellent advice on steps to take to get to where you're suppose to be. I was laughing so much in her free chat and in private. It's so amazing how spot on she is with me about everything and so so so detailed. I love the way she gives you information quick, loving, honest and so clear." ... written by sweet81pea
Psychic Fae is really good at what she does. And she answered a very important question for me. Knew what i was coming to talk about before i even mentioned it. lol. You have to give this psychic a try. Thanks Fae." ... written by Gzelle1
As good as it will ever get!! I really trust Fae so much since her predictions for me came to fruition last time. Love this psychic!! " ... written by Steph
once again picked up the situation straight away. thanks will let you know." ... written by gipsygirl
As usual Fae puts me at ease! She always reads energies so accurately!" ... written by Christine
Very funny and picked up on my situation." ... written by xLostinEchox
Amazing! very quick! knew exactly what I came to her for!" ... written by De
SHE IS ACCURATE. " ... written by JOHN
5 star reading, very accurate, always on point." ... written by Give_Me_Love
Quick and straight to the point. Looking forward to see how the issue unfolds. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Fae is an awesome reader clear and up front.. She gives everything as she see's it. Honest and ethical. :-) I'm a reader and I use Fae!" ... written by Michele
First time reading with Fae and absolutely loved her! She is spot on with everything that she says and the answers that she gives. Anyone who has not read with Fae, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her!! She is fantastic and very accurate with her connections and abilities to see a situation for exactly what it is! She is a sweet heart too, might I add. Kind, caring, but very truthful and honest! If you are looking to consult with someone, look no further, than Psychic Fae! You will not regret it! Best on Oranum, by far! xx :) A MILLION STARS FOR HER!" ... written by Taytay94
thank you fae for the reading" ... written by joey198402
Very accurate as always! The internet kept cutting off on me though! Ughhh ! I will be back for another reading though! Thankyou fae love you lots !" ... written by Silentlurker 3
thank you so much so fast so awesome very caring picks up a lot like woah !!! you can trust her she wont steer you wrong said so many things that relate to me and my situation " ... written by adriane
5 stars! She always accurately gives information! Amazing readings, great advice and such a caring person! I highly recommend her. She's like talking to a friend!" ... written by Christine
thank you Fae for the help" ... written by joey198402
Very 100% Accurate" ... written by LaShanna Brooks
Thank youuuuuu very much Fae ! :) you are amazing as always! always right on, can always depend on you :) xxx" ... written by Jody
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Awesome very in tune andamp; accurate!" ... written by Jean
Fae you are amazing! Everyday I come to your room to say hi and listening to your music which I enjoy very much it helps me to relax! :) Thanks so much for your help!! God bless!!" ... written by prettyeyez64
she was very her" ... written by lovely11
fae is my guiding light she isalways there is give me the clarity I need. Fae has helped me through a lot of rough times and I count on her guidance and amazing psychic abilities to do this for me." ... written by dmw4300
very good" ... written by luckyanna
100% VERY ACCURATE" ... written by LaShanna Brooks
She was amazing, picked up on my situation immediately. Love her" ... written by bmm
fae, is amazingly accurate. she is the best. she helps me get thru my tough times, is very caring and loving. 5 stars." ... written by swift
5 stars! Always accurately reads energies. She's also funny and knows how to make me feel better. I'm just going to wait it out and be patient. I know good things will come!" ... written by Christine
I Loved it :) Very good. " ... written by KLOVE
Fae put my wondering mind at ease. Have been worried over lots of things. She even mentioned my money and moving which is true. Thanks a lot, I highly recommend!!" ... written by Tricia
Always accurately picks up energies. She always knows what is going to happen and when precisely it will happen. 5 star reading! I have been coming to Fae since October for readings. I trust her intuition and advice completely. I highly recommend her for readings because her heart is in the right place, she is honest, and cares about her clients like they are her friends. She won't waste your time and money and goes through topics quickly!" ... written by Christine
the best! she is mind blowing. look no further! 5 stars." ... written by swift
ACCURATE VERY VERY ACCURATE 100% ACCURATE" ... written by LaShanna Brooks
1000% accurate" ... written by LaShanna Brooks
Fae was very accurate even focused on a disagreement I had just had. She gave me directives about how to handle the situation. SHE WAS FULL OF CLARITY. Thank you Fae.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Thank you. this will be continued" ... written by Iquestionlife
She is the Great !!! 10 stars " ... written by mzkiyan2u
Fae's second prediction came true!! Love this lady so much :) " ... written by woodencloud
Absolutely awesome!!!" ... written by love
She's so accurate! Her predictions always seem to come true for me, even when it was a prediction from a long time ago LOL! Thanks Fae, for your accuracy and hard work with me, you're amazing!! XO" ... written by FaeFan
I love this lady. She is fast and straight forward. Love love love her. I will come back! Thank you so much Fae!" ... written by b
1000% Accurate" ... written by LaShanna Brooks
Wonderful!" ... written by delight17
Awesome reading!!!!! I love this woman. Fast, accurate. love love love her!" ... written by b
5 stars! Best readings as always! Highly recommend her!" ... written by Always Awesome!
amazing reder she is very accurate 5 stars for this lady" ... written by sam
Awesome :)" ... written by xLostinEchox
She was amazing! She connected quickly. I appreciate her honesty. She is truly one of the best on Oranum." ... written by Cheryl
She's a great reader. Very accurate, fast, connects very fast. I highly recommend her." ... written by b
Thanks for the reading and what you see on the situation thats been on my mind. Enjoy your personality too in the chat - makes me laugh. Thank you" ... written by cestlavie24
She's good. She's really good! Highly recommend her!" ... written by b
Thanks as always for the advice! She is too good. The last thing she said was also very spot on. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
she is just amazing. loved it," ... written by christy
SHE is on point I love it!!!!! THank you" ... written by brittney
Great connection. Very easy to talk to! Can't wait to see results :)" ... written by Jean2014
Thanks fae for everything once again! " ... written by Iquestionlife
She's always spot on. I must listen to her now . Thanks fae" ... written by Iquestionlife
always my best angel to guide me through dark times. Thank you" ... written by mt
5 stars! As usual she can tell exactly what I'm feeling without me speaking a word. I highly recommend her. Very kind and caring. It's like talking with a friend." ... written by Christine
She is so easy to talk to!" ... written by Kaitlin
Superstar...Excellent reader....very very good. 5 stars...I look forward to her many predictions and will see her many times in the future for sure... Very fast reader too..." ... written by Focusing
Thank you Fae! Always will help me when I need you." ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you Fae… you and your gift are always wonderful! Great reading as usual :) " ... written by Stephanie
thank you!" ... written by b
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Quick, deep insights. Really clear answers!" ... written by Iris
All I can say is I just have to keep waiting to see what happens! She was very accurate in picking up how I feel about this guy at work who I have a crush on. Just have to wait and see what happens! I just hope it all comes true!" ... written by Kaitlin
10 stars to Fae!!!! shes so great shes so fast shes so accurate!!! ty Fae i love ya xxx" ... written by marie5290
I love Fae, she knew what I wanted b4 I ask my question, she is nice and I feel she gets to the root. gave me some great advice and something to really work on and look forward to. I pray she is right I will keep her updated. but all in all I loved my reading time well spent!" ... written by S.L.
Thanks. The spirits made her be norty :) lol Thanks for the laugh! " ... written by Iquestionlife
Fae is wonderful. She's a great reader. Connects fast, and so positive. Love her." ... written by b
Thanks fae. You always keep me on track and make me feel positive. " ... written by Nikky
Thank you Fae!!" ... written by b
Amazing!! Definitely worth it." ... written by Diana
She understands situation and reminds you of yourself and ways. She gives great advice and on the point, and she doesn't ask any questions she tells you what she hear from spirits. " ... written by Darkdov
She is so awesome and calm me down. She confirmed my feelings and was able to clarify a lot of things. Plus she is funny as all hell!! 100 stars" ... written by Lisa
Thank you so much Fae! You connected so well with me and said something that surprised me so much that you were able to pick up about me! (seriously had me laughing and blushing). I can only hope and wait for all you said to come true but you are absolutely terrific! Love to you Fae" ... written by Brenda
There are simply not enough words to be able to sum up Fae, her accuracy, gifts and abilities to read! She is absolutely terrific and cannot fault her! This is my second read with Fae and rest assured, I will continue to consult her in the near future, should any questionable circumstances, arise. Fae is truly gifted and spot on at what she does, the answers she gives and her ability to connect to the situation and energies of all, involved. I feel Fae is gods gift to Oranum!!! Her fun, kind hearted, loving, sincere, genuine and bubbly personality, makes her very easy to connect with, and therefore, I don't have to second guess where I choose to invest my money, on this site, any longer! :) If you want the accurate truth, I would highly recommend Fae! There is NO ONE else, like her, on Oranum. I feel confident in my readings with Fae, and the answers she gives me, which I have been unable to really feel with a vast majority, of the other experts, on this site! I am very proud, pleased and happy to be able to have come to the point, where I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that I trust in Fae, completely! A MILLION, TRILLION STARS FOR FAE!!!!! Don't waste your money with anyone else. Fae is THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!! :) :) Thank you so much, Fae, from the bottom of my heart. You are absolutely, 100%, wonderful!!!!!! xx :)" ... written by taytay94
Thank you Fae!!" ... written by b
Thanks alot fae!!! Love andamp; Light to you!!" ... written by mysticmarzo
She was great, straight to it, and relieved my anxieties. Thanks Fae, always wanted a reading from you and glad I finally got the chance!" ... written by Christy
Fae was great. she is spot on perfect and gives great advice. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Now lets just see what happens! love you fae" ... written by Ari
I love fae. She is such a real deal that I can always come to her when Im feeling so scattered and all over the place. She is good and does not waste time or money. I love love love her! A million stars." ... written by joanna
i seriously dont know what i would do without fae...she sees it and tells it like it is. amen" ... written by Melissa
PsychicFae is a fantastic reader. She is so full of positive energy and connects with your situation very fast. She is very skillful at her psychic abilities and is so passionate about her work. I definitely recommend her, she is the best. :)" ... written by Elizabeth
fae is always helpful. i have read with her before which has been accurate but today i noticed she didnt use her cards andamp; the messages just flowed!" ... written by stacey
Great Reading- Thank you fae for your great insight as always." ... written by Reggie
Great as always gave me advise on where to start." ... written by pinkpather30
thank you!" ... written by b
Fae is great. predictions came true!" ... written by b
Very good andamp; accurate!" ... written by Jean
Always right. I need to listen more. " ... written by Iquestionlife
The best psychic I have talked to. Very quick, responsive to the question and right to the point. Thank you." ... written by Yuliya Morgan
Great, how does she do it, really picks up on everything amazing, wish i could give more than five stars. bless you lol" ... written by gipsygirl
She's is on point andamp; very good. The real deal:)" ... written by Jean
Thank you Fae. I always can come to you. " ... written by Iquestionlife
Fae is so special and honest and lovely she makes things seem so much more positive and is so completely honest ! I love her reading she just gave me and I am 100 percent coming back to her, getting to know her I can feel her warmth and her honestly and love is such a plus. Bless you Fae !" ... written by Brianna Toth
Thanks for all your help as always!" ... written by Iquestionlife
5 stars! Always feel more at ease after talking to her." ... written by Christine
Fae is excellent!! She's fast and accurate." ... written by b
thank you!" ... written by b
Amazng!" ... written by Jean
Excellent reading with Fae. She has been accurate mostly in the past. She gets lots of detail and uses no tools. Look forward to her next predictions. I will let her know ...she is very caring and kind ...says it as it is and gives super advice ...quick and xxx" ... written by G
she is a lovely lady. right on spot. will definetly come back for another reading." ... written by gioconda
Excellent psychic...extremely fast reader too. I believe her predictions will come true soon. 5 stars" ... written by focusing
Thank you Fae! Always spot on and so quick. If I could give you more than 5 stars I would! Those mantras that you have posted on your wall have been very uplifting and help me to re-focus my energy and heal myself as well as the other in my life. I send you much love! HUGS!! " ... written by Aries
faes a real deal awesome like always xxxx" ... written by marie5290
Fae is great!!! She's accurate, fast, and so kind and loving." ... written by bd
she is sport on every things . she is the best . her guide is very powerful . " ... written by sai
Very quick iM floored Thanks Fae gives a lot of information!! She describes us accurately and especially his personality. Thanks Fae you were worth it will be back!!" ... written by Karleighs Mom83
Great with the present and spot on :) let's see if predictions pans out. I'll be back" ... written by J
ty fae for the great reading" ... written by nathan
Thanks as always. Says what is needed to be said. " ... written by Iquestionlife
wow fae is amazing always right on and very fast i shall come back again soon thanks again)" ... written by Amy258
Fae is awesome. Connected quick. I will definitly come back. She knew things that others would not have been able to know. 5 stars" ... written by L
Thanks again Fae! :)" ... written by christian
Excellent reader... love her she still did excellent!!! love fae" ... written by smc325
she was really good... very on point " ... written by Lovely111
She is the BOMB.COM....calms me down, keeps me centered and reads quick....a million stars" ... written by Colleen
I really like Fae....she remembers my situation, talks quick and puts you at ease. She is one of the best on this site. I give her ALOT of wont be disappointed. Love her." ... written by Coco
Great!!" ... written by Karleighs Mom 83
Wow ... I was impressed ... 5 stars!!! Thank you." ... written by ann
5 stars... Extremely accurate with all her predictions.... I look forward to all she said would take place... Very fast reader too." ... written by Focusing
Wow, Fae was very informative and very quick. She alleviated my fears on something in particular and I needed to hear what she had to say. Waiting to see how things pan out, but would definitely recommend." ... written by Fiyyah
she was good, i liked her , she was fast and to the point. thank you" ... written by lolypok first reading with Fae and i'm very impressed...Fae was extremely fast and accurate without any tools, she reassured me as best as she could...very nice reading" ... written by Lefleur5
I love reading with Fae . She is very accurate and doesn't need any tools . She gives very detailed information and is very compassionate I had a reading and decided togo back for another. I am so amazed by her gift you can feel her spirit of wanting to help others and that she is a pro at what she does. Kudos to you Fae and many blessings.!!!" ... written by Karleighsmom83
Fantastic... Spot on .... I believe her predictions will come true very very soon.... Psychic Fae is definitely 5 stars... Fae is a world class psychic !!" ... written by Focusing
She is a beautiful soul. honest, accurate and caring about your needs. she is always spot on. In a class by herself. No one can compare. Thank you for helping me and being a part of my life. 1 zillion stars." ... written by swift
thank you Fae!!!!" ... written by b
Wow is all I can say!!! Worth the money and a LOT of info given. This was my first reading and I will come back always. No need for many readers. Fae is as awesome as I have heard and read. xoxoxxo thank you Fae. She only got names and new right away all about him and what I am thinking and feeling. " ... written by LL1971
fae is amaziing 10 stars xxx" ... written by marie5290
1000% accurate. She hit everything on the head. I'm going to remain in contact with her. Her spirit was right on the money" ... written by LaShanna Brooks
She is always spot on and then the cards confirm it! :) Thanks." ... written by iquestionlife
Honestly...she just let me breath again....she is a life saver! I really really really trust her.....she is awesome. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Coco
Very accurate!" ... written by Jean
she is great always right and accurate. 5 stars plus....She is the real thing ." ... written by dcoventry
Great reading.....she seemed to have a pulse on whats going on. I am looking forward to good things." ... written by itwillbeok
Very accurate reading! I felt much better after our reading! She has really cool cards and good messages! Thank you" ... written by Brianne
She's quick and totally accurate. another great reading. 5 stars. " ... written by Tess
Very good, detailed reading from Fae as always. doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to know!" ... written by chrissymarie
She's a great reader! Always energetic and down to earth! She tells me the truth, and I appreciate that about her. Thank you Fae!~" ... written by Tooker_B
Great reading, very insightful and informative. Very fast connections." ... written by Patience29
Fae is always amazing I always come to her for a reading , ive bene a client with her for about a year or so now and shes never stirred me wrong. Her predictions are accurate and really on the money !!!!" ... written by Silentlurker3
Very fast...Excellent reader and Fae is very accurate too with all she tells me... A true super star.... 5 stars" ... written by Focusing
Fae gave the absolute best reading. So right on. Left me hopeful and more focused. Thanks so much FAE!! " ... written by Lisa
She is fantastic. Connects immediatly. Very understanding and non judgemental. Great reading. " ... written by Sasha
Absolutely love fae to pieces! So spot on accurate with her work and the answers and guidance that she gives. I feel so much comfort and ease doing consultations with Fae, because I know that I will get the truth and nothing short of the truth, every time! Fae is definitely worth the 5.99 spent! She takes her work very seriously and is very passionate and driven towards helping her clients live life to their fullest potential and with a smile on their faces! She WONT feed you any bullshit! What you see, is what you get! 100% spot on ACCURACY! Fae is the BEST on Oranum and such a blessing to have on this site. For this reason, I will continue to consult with Fae, in the future, should I need to, at any given time. No one beats Fae! If you are looking to have a reading but you are unsure of who to choose, my advice would be Fae, straight up as your first port of call!!! She connects very quickly to the situation and the feelings/energies of anyone involved. So precise, accurate, funny, honest, truthful and helpful. LOOK NO FURTHER. NEVER FEAR FAE IS HERE!!!!! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER TO ANYONE looking for guidance, help and clarity. God sent angel! Love her to bits!! xxx :) " ... written by Taytay94
Very good. Stays consistent. Easy to talk too. Real deal." ... written by Jean
Thank you as usual. Always picking up everything on me! Love Ya Fae! :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Thanks for the advice and always right on! :D" ... written by Iquestionlife
thank you for the reading" ... written by joey198402
Great reading helped calm my nerves" ... written by pinkpather30
Fae is awesome. connects quickly and is accurate. Helps guide you to your own solutions. She picked up on the name I wanted to talk about before I told her :-) " ... written by michele
She was really good, thanks!" ... written by Clover711
Fae you are fabulous! Your positive energy and love shine thru always! I love how quickly you can get to the heart of the matter and reassure me. The caring that you show us all in your room continues to spill over and fill us with joy. Your readings are always so spot on and full of information that is truthful and honest which is appreciated! Kudos and zillions of stars for lovely Fae!" ... written by Aries
Thanks for another spot on reading. Always picks up on the situation and gives me the information I need to keep trouble away from me. Love ya Fae! :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
10000 stars to fae :) always spot on:)" ... written by marie5290
Very good reading....comforting. Thank you so much" ... written by itwillbeok
fae's the best! 5 stars. she's honest and accurate. she has an amazing gift. highly recommended! seek no further! if your looking for clarity and want a mind blowing experience see fae. " ... written by swift
Thanks Fae...keep my from going crzy, my mind goes out of control and you keep me sane. I saw my man again just like she said I be continued and I will be back. a million stars for fae." ... written by Ray Girl
I love ms fae. She is amazing at what she does and I love her so so so much. HEr energy is great and her honestly is best. Please read with her. " ... written by joanna
Awsome Job" ... written by Mike0825
5 stars....One of the great psychics of the world I believe. Very fast reader with all the answers... Everyone should have a reading from Fae !! A real superstar !!!" ... written by Focusing
a very good reader, what she saw about me fits the profile very well, now lets see about good predictions she made.... time will tel, thank you very much you are a kind and compassionate woman." ... written by zimerili1
she's very good and cares about us always trying to help. She is more then 5 stars....awesome" ... written by dcoventry
She is fantastic! One of the best on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Amanda
thanks Fae always pick up what i need to know. " ... written by Iquestionlife
Million stars for Fae!!!! She is so on and so easy to talk to good or bad. In my case Great!!! Says the same prediction as before. Thank you Fae your abilities really help my future and what I need to do. xoxox Your the best." ... written by LL
I love you Fae! You get to the root of things so quickly and easily! Its so wonderful that you can reassure me on all the issues so well even before I ask! If I could give you all the stars in the sky I would! Your love and caring always s through ...not only in your private readings but also in your free chat! Love you!" ... written by Aries
Miss Fae is so kind and sweet. She got straight to the point and was able to reassure me of what it is that I was seeking to know!" ... written by Kris
great as always thank you fae....." ... written by nathan
fae is great. She is a good friend. Very well in tune" ... written by joanna
Fae is as good as a psychic can be. She is always concise and she cuts to the chase. I always get my answers in a short time span. " ... written by Steph
Fae is so wonderful ! So dead on I love this woman her insight is unreal. Cant wait to have another reading. I am sending her love xoxo " ... written by Brianna Toth
Very good reading. She seems to get it. I just need to focus. Thank you Fae." ... written by itwillbeok
Thanks Fae. Shes great at picking up my gifts. Also tells me what I need to know so I can calm down and breathe. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
5 stars, very fast, too the point, connects, real deal, real talent, no fakeness here!" ... written by miami_doc
PsychicFae is awesome. Very informative and straight to the point. She speaks only the truth. I would definitely get another reading from her. Thank you for the great reading and being honest. " ... written by girly2197
Thanks once again! Always calming and picks up everything quick and fast. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
she is amazing ...amazing energy...great cards..great validation and at ease now" ... written by danidani
Thank you so much, you were really accurate!" ... written by clover434
I was certainly impressed! I look forward to a good and happy future :) Thank you" ... written by fragrant
she's goooooood!!!" ... written by wren1414
she's awesomely wickedly intune!!!" ... written by wren1414
Great psychic to the point no sugarcoating and fast typer. She connects fast and is direct. Thank you Fae" ... written by Darkdov
fae is amazing deff clears my mind!!! love her to bits!!" ... written by ari
fae has been giving me a lot confirmation. i am putting a lot of faith on her.. kissy kissy" ... written by nk
Psychic fae was absolutely amazing. Her reading was very to the point and direct. The best reading I have ever received. If you're looking for answers she's the one to go to. Fae, thank you for everything. See you soon- vanessa" ... written by vanessaxoxo7
As Always, there to calm me down. Let me know what i need to do. " ... written by Iquestionlife
Good!" ... written by Amanda
Always a pleasure talking to this lady… you need to get a reading with her at least once to understand what I mean :) " ... written by Stef
Great really picks up on whats going on, without any prompting." ... written by gipsygirl
She always tells me what I need to hear. Has my best interest in her heart. Very genuine and keeps me on track." ... written by ariberry
Fae is absolutely terrific at what she does. Very genuine, very accurate, honest and truthful. She takes her work very seriously as well as helping her clients, so that they are able to have insight, clarity, and guidance into making further decisions, as to which path would be more affective, happy, and appropriate to take. Fae is able to connect to my energy and the energy of the person or people involved, in a matter of seconds. I love faes enthusiasm, accuracy, honesty, warm hearted and kind nature and I feel very comfortable and at ease, with the information, that she is able to present to me, using her abilities. For anyone searching for a reader to take to private, but are unsure of just who to go with, I would highly suggest and recommend Fae. You will not regret it or be disappointed. Fae is unique, real and does not waste your time feeding you with information that you only wish to hear. She will be straightforward and upfront, with you. I have had many readings on Oranum, and continue to come back to Fae, as my NUMBER ONE choice of preference! I trust her and I most certainly trust what she has to say. Fae is a god sent angel, and we are so incredibly lucky to have her to be able to guide us, on Oranum. Out of everyone else, fae is REAL! No bullshit! She uses both your time and money wisely, and is fast and to the point, in a consultation. She is definitely worth spending the 5.99 on, for the insight that you are able to receive from her! I will continue to read with Fae, in the future, as I have much respect for her and trust in the advice that she gives me. Thank you so so very much, Fae, for all that you do, and the many people that you are able to help! You are a gem!!! 5 stars certainly doesn't cut it, Fae is more like a trillion stars and more! :) #Amazing" ... written by Taytay94
Accurate she predicted something would happen mths ago andamp; indeed it did!" ... written by Jean
Picked up how I was feeling. Always has good advice from the spirits. Helps to calm you down and make you feel better. Thanks Fae. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
thanks a lot" ... written by ddd
Ohhhh she is good, she said somethings that was just no one knows. she menchined my immune system not being up to par and i have had a stuffy nose and sore throat the past couple days. I am soo looking forward to seeing everything happen. :) And for things to happen with me and (hopefully my guy) I will keep coming back for updates and keep her informed!! :)" ... written by Raechel
Thanks Fae you always pick up on everything and tell me what i should do and what to avoid. " ... written by Iquestionlife
fae is really on point and clear :) thanks so much" ... written by madi
wonderful! picked up quickly and was straight to the point!" ... written by amy
she is so quick, and sweet. Comforting. Let's see if her predictions are accurate but they totally felt spot on. :)" ... written by ne
fae is fantastic 100000 stars xxx" ... written by marie5290
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Picked up a lot and reminded me that i should come first. Thanks :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Wonderful reader as always, Have been coming to Fae for quite awhial now never disapoint in readings, Always answers questions that give me guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
1000% Accurate she hit the nail in the head" ... written by LaShanna Brooks
Thanks for always getting on to me. I can be stubborn at times. Always telling me the truth even if it hurts and trying to make things better for me. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
thanks gave me some solid advice" ... written by gipsygirl
Fae is her." ... written by ray girl
fast and accurate as usual... spot on..... many thanks fae, will be back...." ... written by quisait
She's quick and spot on! Makes the negative seem positive. Great lady. Thank you. " ... written by Phyllis
Love this lady. I only go to her now. Absolutely no one else. You wont need any other psychics when you give Fae a try. She is AWESOME!!!! I am telling you straight to the point and up front. Says relax, balance everything is great give time, which we all know is hard. Stop worrying do my thing and it will happen. I feels so great right now and can go on with my day feeling wonderful. Seriously give her a try she will never steer you wrong. Love" ... written by LL
Excellent reader...extremely fast and extremely accurate too. Fae is a true superstar and is definitely 5 stars...God Bless her." ... written by FOCUSING
thanks" ... written by frag
Love this lady no matter what anyone else says she knows it all. I only listen to her!!! Need to relax and balance myself and get back on track. Then it will fall into place,not easy but will try. xoxox" ... written by LL
She is incredible and very friendly and accurate. Love talking with her and getting a reading. " ... written by Korrena
Very nice reading. Thank you." ... written by it
wow:)" ... written by marie5290
Thanks as always Fae. Always tells me what i need to hear and not sugarcoating anything." ... written by Iquestionlife
Fae was very insightful, positive, and direct. She had a lot of intuition into my situation and was very helpful. Thank you!" ... written by Megan
Thanks Fae once again. Hopefully everything will get better." ... written by Iquestionlife
Fae is amazing, made me beel much better after the reading" ... written by luckyanna
Fae, knows me best! She's so honest, accurate and quick with her answers to your questions. Thank you, for helping me through my life's journey. You are amazingly gifted and talented. Always spot on! I adore you and I'm proud to know you! 1 zillion stars!" ... written by swift
Thank you Fae;) Hope it will turn to be truth;)" ... written by Safari
Fae was very good and reassuring. I truly appreciate her." ... written by it
I loved Fae. She is so much fun to talk to and she is EXTREMELY accurate. Without any information other than our names, she was able to describe myself and my partner accurately. Her advice was much needed and appreciated. I would recommend her to anyone, definitely. " ... written by Jayna
SO ACCURATE! didnt have to tell her anything and she picked up my energy reaaaal quick. wonderful reading." ... written by tk
always great, always up lifting, always a joy. Cant get enough. and I look forward to her latest predictions. Love you lots fae!" ... written by Ari
Fae was spot on once again. She is invaluable to me and our family. She has been accurate. She continues to give me such insight and clarity. Thank you so very much Fae hun.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
She is awesome...I have not talked to her in a awhile..she picked right where we left off. She's right on the money with my situation and remembered things from our last conversations of over 3 months ago.. AMAZING.. Plus she is so caring and loving about her clients. THANK YOU!!! Give her a call " ... written by Tammyeb44
Shes great. ! Picks up on stuff that you wouldn't think of. Thanks Fae! :D" ... written by Iquestionlife
Fae is the real thing. She reads me like the book. I trust her predictions. :)" ... written by lovesthesun
Thanks Fae, when your good your really good!!!!! spot on as usual thanks Fae" ... written by gipsygirl
Thanks Fae for the informative reading. " ... written by Iquestionlife
Thanks Fae Fae! Always knows me best. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Thanks Fae. I really needed this to re-focus. I will do what is said." ... written by Iquestionlife
Great reading very insightful and accurate!" ... written by Patience29
fae is amazing like always :) xxx ty hun" ... written by marie5290
very good thank you so much" ... written by jana
Thanks Fae for all your help. Picking up the situation and telling me whats best for me at the time. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Great reading as always. Love her new cards! Very accurate reader all the time! Thanks! " ... written by ELLE
Excellent reader....,very fast and accurate .... Fae knows what you are thinking before you ask the question. 5 stars " ... written by Focusing
I love her a lot though our time short" ... written by Missy4eva
This woman is simply awesome, awesome, awesome!" ... written by Rosie
very good read, I love you psychic fae!!!" ... written by jana
Thanks for everything! You're the best and will always help and ask the spirits for more clarification. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Fae is honest and caring. Always nice to chat with her. She gives me a lot of confident. Honest person. like her" ... written by sylvia
5 Stars....Excellent class psychic.... very accurate psychic too...Very fast with answers too" ... written by Focusing
She's wonderful - a wealth of information. Quick. Great energy and I just had so much fun ! Thanks bunches Fae :)" ... written by Ahz
I always feel better after speaking with you. You really have great clarity, which is greatly needed at this time, Thank you. And thank you for the advice, wow, you really pick up on things alot of people miss.Will have to chat again soon. Now that my head is on straight, I will take care of those things which need to be addressed. Highly recommend.Thank you Fae!" ... written by Gzelle1
Thanks Fae. Always putting up with me and picking up the situation on point! I feel better thanks :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
" ... written by Rosie
Thanks for the reading. The information I got is good. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
she was very amazing very detailed loved her passion five stars" ... written by andrea
Well, she's sticking with it! So I guess I will too." ... written by frag
Oh my gosh, so awesome and so fast, and really knows what's going on, pretty unbelievable! So nice to come back for her awesome updates like I did today!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
great as usual x" ... written by gipsygirl
Great reading!" ... written by coco
Thank you Fae for always listening to me and telling me what i need to focus on whats important. " ... written by Iquestionlife
Super Star...5 stars.....very very fast reader.....her predictions come true too" ... written by Focusing
Wow so relieved that you are on point and always tell me the real truth. I love you fae!!!! You have said before great things are coming and you said it again. I will relax and be patient and wait. I love this man!!!! Everyone read Fae's results she is THE BEST on here and worth using your hard earned money on her and only her.." ... written by LL
excellent" ... written by smc325
Thanks Fae. You always know whats best, even when im impatient. :)" ... written by iquestionlife
fae is wonderful always makes me happy and believe in the best things possible" ... written by ari
I thank you for putting my mind at rest on many issues and for telling me how I do have to handle things from now on. Thanks for making me believe in me. you are one of the best xxxx" ... written by Charlotte Crane
very fast" ... written by ...
So everyone Fae told me something that came true!!!! :). Also she picks up spot on with your emotions. Tells you what you need to do to be your best. Thanks Fae :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Good Reading as always." ... written by itwillbeok
Thanks Fae, you just pick up on everything straight away with no prompting amazing!!! THANK YOU." ... written by gipsygirl
thank you very positive =)" ... written by adraine
Excellent psychic...A true superstar...Very fast with answers...She will not waste your time...One of the top psychics on Oranum...World Class psychic " ... written by Focusing
I have tears in my eyes.. Faye is an angel, a protector; God sent her to me .. The very best" ... written by seakat
Thanks Fae Your picking up that something big is going on. Also telling me what i need to do for myself. Thanks for everything. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
connected so fast and just nailed it! she's great!" ... written by sylvia812
Thanks Fae always give so much information and I love our time together. Million stars for this lady!!!!! " ... written by LL
LOVE LOVDE LOVE, TRUST HER . She is SOOOO Accurate i love it." ... written by DAZE
best reader at oranum!!" ... written by humi
Super duper love her. She is amazing. Sees everything so clearly, and is very fast. Highly recommend her. " ... written by Ahz
Absolutely wonderful and right on as always!" ... written by Alicia
Thank you so much Fae for the private reading, I've been so stressed out and doubting myself and everything for a bit. Ugh, I think my emotions actually made me a bit physically sick. Which I really didn't need at all :(. The business and love which had my head spinning out of control. I'm just glad that it isn't all in my head and that i can breath a bit now. " ... written by Chyree
Fae is wonderful. I wish I were clever enough to write an ode to her. That's how much I like her. She's super quick and very definite in what she relates. Highly recommend her." ... written by Ahz
She picked up that the dream I had was weird. Shes always there to calm you down when you feel as unease. Thanks Fae :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
10 stars.Fae is fabulous!" ... written by gemmie
Thanks Fae. You were absolutely calm with me. It somehow calmed me. Thanks for all your advice." ... written by Iquestionlife
Good reading as always" ... written by itwillbeok
Fae has never been wrong about anything. A few months back I lost my check book and it was right where she told me it was. I was shocked! In the beginning I was very skeptical but she has told me things that she could of not known just by guessing. I believe that god gave her the gift in order to help people. She never stears me in the wrong direction. The things that she has told me have come true in the past!" ... written by Kaitlin
Fae, is such a great reader, she is fast and compassionate, she is serious in private chat and means business. She has your best interest in mind and she is honest. I always go back to Fae for a good solid reading. Love Fae and highly recommended." ... written by Greek
Great, psychic reading. She was spot on my personality and provided great advice...def would recommend her to others!" ... written by Arana
She was very quick and too the point. Seemed to pick up on my situation well but only time will tell if her predictions ring true :) " ... written by Sparkle Pony
wonderful lady. Just incredible" ... written by kd
shes very fast, and tells me exactly what it is im asking. " ... written by jenna
Wonderful reader I come to her alot, she always gives me straight, honest and helpful guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
fae is always helpful" ... written by stacey
I love Fae! She's so reassuring, honest and accurate. She also cracks me up and brings up my mood in private. She's so addicting, this is my 3rd private reading with her today! " ... written by Lauren
She is a 5 STARS!!! Wow! Amazing reader. Fast connection, straight to the point. Very intuitive and positive. Gifted woman. Highly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
She is incredible and great to talk to and get a reading from." ... written by Korrena
Very fast and she did all the talking. Just asked a question and she told me a lot of details. I hope her nice predictions will come to pass." ... written by JC
She is great always on point." ... written by boo
i hope they come true " ... written by lekha Chopra
Fae helps me a l lot. need some last min advise and confirmation.. to the point...xoxxo" ... written by sylvia
Thanks Fae! You picked up on stuff I didnt even have to tell you about.!" ... written by Iquestionlife
wow!! picked up on so much waiting on contact in 1 month for commitment that I need thanks so much..." ... written by lovelylady
Cut off but I am coming in for more. I've been going to Fae for about 2-3 years now..obviously she is a very trusted psychic :)" ... written by Lauren
Thank you Fae. You are so great at picking up stuff. Thanks. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
She's a hoot and a holler, and tells it like it is. Wonderful psychic." ... written by Ahz
Whoa~! She was so fast and went on and on with the information. She flowed information like a rapid stream! Her reading was all very accurate. She knew the situations, people in the picture, characters, emotions, events, and then told me the future predictions with time frames. She also answered all the questions I had. The reading was absolutely beautiful!!" ... written by p
She was really fast and accurate" ... written by eyekona
she is real fast......and so concern of her client...I hope her predictions come true...wili come and inform her when predictions came true" ... written by ling28
am an old client of hers....shes always been bang on accurate...very efficient and honest with super insight" ... written by bmm
Fae's always great. " ... written by Ahz
We connected very well and she was very nice and very fast!" ... written by Muse
Grrrreat!!!" ... written by Nag
very fast very accurate will come back soon very nice person!:) thanks Diva :* xoxo" ... written by moonlight81
Always have a great reading with Fae. She's the real deal." ... written by L
Always a great reading...she calms me down. And she remembers what she said from previous readings!! Amazing...give her a try." ... written by Tammyeb44
She is soooo honest! I was skeptical when I first started using this website but when she told me where my lost credit card was at I was astounded. She was also very accurate on my grandmother who passed away many years ago. I trust her a lot! I feel as if god gave her the gift so she can help people." ... written by Kaitlin
Excellent" ... written by Tabitha1611
nice women" ... written by preeti
Hi Fea- thanks a million for all your help this evening. Sorry I ran out of funds. You were 100% accurate on everything in this stage in my life- down to the finest detail. I'm looking forward to the future now- which I wasn't lately to be honest. I will remember your words and chat to you again soon. Plus your room is fab- really good energy and positivity all the best." ... written by NorthernSunrise
Thank you Fae :) Always straight to the point. Not a time waster at all. Love her :)" ... written by Shira
Thanks Fae. You're always looking out for me. Thanks for protecting me." ... written by Iquestionlife
perfecto!" ... written by roseta
She is great! Thank you so much!!" ... written by Ant
excellent as always..." ... written by rosita
excellent, fast, very much connected.... i highly recommend her...." ... written by rose
This lady is awesome. I never had to say anything to her, she started on with whatever issues i had in mind. Deserves 5 stars. strongly recommend her. " ... written by humility
great reading, very fast pick up" ... written by veezee
5 stars....Very fast with all the answers...Fae knows what you will ask before you even ask the questions....World class psychic too.." ... written by Focusing
she is so spot on!!! told me so so much in few minutes,she picked up that we havent spoken some time,how can she know that without me telling her anything? TY FAE :-)" ... written by absfab
she is great, she did pick up on my current situation. will wait for predictions ten stars" ... written by bem
She is a 5 STARS!!! OMG!! Superb! she is 98% accurate. Quick connection. Doesn't waste your time. She is a gem. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Thanks Fae. You simply are the best. You pick up on me and others very well. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
She is wonderful psychic and tells it like it is .. fast and straight forward. She connects well with the situation and your energy she never judges situations ,, and has a wonderful loving heart to help others. " ... written by Darkdov
LOL omg this woman is amazing!! The last thing she said cracked me up... she told me to start eating better, no soda pops.. lol she said that right after I had my first Mcdonalds meal in a long time. Very accurate and insightful for sure." ... written by Mimi
Fae is awesome. She's super quick, and I can always count on her to tell me what's happening. " ... written by Ahz
Was very good time went so quick " ... written by psychicsec
Thanks as always! You pick up on stuff that's going on that we ourselves might not see. You guide people in the right direction." ... written by Iquestionlife
Thanks fae love talking to you everytime. Still seeing same thing and sounds very promising. He is slow and scared. I have to keep my patience and it will come. xoxoxo" ... written by LL
Fae, is the best!!!!" ... written by Etta
Thank you so much PsychicFae! I had just 13 credits and you answered so fast and you were so confident!! I feel so excited now! I will let you know about your prediction" ... written by Lulu
Good positive reading as always" ... written by itwillbeok
very confident, quick, offers a tone of info, very good, would highly recommend, hope her predictions are accurate" ... written by liz
Excellent and spot on.... will update soon.... looking forward to all the good things happening" ... written by smc325
She is a 5 STARS!!! Always, Brilliant, Excellent and Gifted woman. No tools needed. Very fast connected and spot on. The Best on Oranum. She is a natural experience psychic." ... written by Oolong
five stars. could be 100 or infinite" ... written by john
Love her shes so great and so honest and always right shes been such a good friend and a great person xoxox you rock fae!" ... written by Brianna Toth
Super good. super quick. always great." ... written by Ahz
Fast, kind and excellent! I give 100 stars...." ... written by Roseta
she is awesome and she gave me something that i wanted to hear im gonna put faith in what she told me but awesome" ... written by eteve
I LOVE Fae. She's hilarious, but so professional and serious during her readings. She's accurate as heck so don't ask if you don't want to know the TRUTH!! She channels the living and dead so well it's scary. She is never wrong about her predictions but I am praying that one of her predictions does not come true for me haha - nobody would want this prediction to happen LOL! Thanks Fae, for everything, you're a sweetie pie, so maternal yet your best friend as well. Can't ask for more from such an amazingly accurate psychic!! XOXO" ... written by Fae Fan
Thanks for telling me everything I need to know. What I need to avoid and what I need to do. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you so much fae for that stellar reading, you had put me at a ease. I mean, I just felt besides myself for the whole entire summer. With work, my start-up business and of course love. So now that things are somewhat in a rut, yes I've been in a rut lately. So I will take your advice and do this to improve my chances." ... written by Chyree
Fae was so on the mark. She knew right what answers I needed even before I asked the questions, She gave me clarity and insight I so desperately needed for the upcoming selling of our property. Thank you so very much Fae. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Straight to the point and right on point. Love Her!" ... written by Trinity91_1
fae is very fast and honest. talented" ... written by charlotte k bupp
She is amazing and very accurate, very caring as well. Enjoy talking with her." ... written by Korrena
loved her!!!" ... written by Courtney
Fae's always great. And she gives tons of information in a short amount of time. She doesn't hold back. " ... written by L
i enjoy readings with fae she is accurate. she had a prediction come true the next day. she is very gifted." ... written by lavelle
Excellent and really informative.... " ... written by smc325
Always a good reading." ... written by itwillbeok
Thanks Fae for all your help. You pick up on what I need to know so that I'm going on the right path and/or I'm protected." ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you a lot PsychicFae!! I can not wait until September to see your predictions!! I will let you know!!" ... written by Lulu
excellent and awesome" ... written by smc325
Thanks Fae for informing me of possible trouble coming my way. Thanks for always putting me in the right direction in general and for myself. " ... written by Iquestionlife
fae is always a great friend to talk to. i don't even have to ask her any questions she just knows exactly what I'm thinking about and what i need to hear, good and bad." ... written by Ari
Fae Is very nice, very kind. She has been the only person who has given me hope in my situation. I pray everyday that he prediction will come true and either way I will let her know what happens. I do not feel alone or unheard for the first time, I feel that someone hears me and it is her. Thank you." ... written by MsXris
She is always right with what she picks up! She mentioned that school was going to be starting soon again for me and it is in a couple of weeks. I'm still amazed by her amazing gift and ability. SHES THE REAL DEAL!" ... written by Kaitlin
Great, great, great! Fae is so tuned in to what's going on, I love it! Her updates are consistent, and you can tell she is really well connected and in-tune. Her updates really help to keep me going. She is a true marvel, excellent psychic!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
A wonderful woman who connected me with my son though" ... written by Missy4eva
Fae is always awesome. She is super quick, and tunes right in. Excellent reader." ... written by Ahz
Fae is always amazing. I love this lady! I have my own abilities but she confirms everything I see without me having to say a word. She is a confort" ... written by Joyce Alman
Fae, is the best! I adore her. Always an amazing, honest and accurate reading. Spot on! 5 stars." ... written by swift
Thank you so much! I am in tears I am so so so happy with my reading, Thank you so much You are the best!!!!" ... written by Kimberly
ALWAYS ON POINT, SHE not only tells me things i ask questions to but tells me things she feels i need to know, THANK YOU FAE." ... written by DAZE
Thanks Fae..I can breath again..I needed to hear what you had to say...oxo" ... written by COlleen
Fae's always great. " ... written by L
fae always helps and she is very accurate " ... written by lavelle
Very fast." ... written by Light
Love Love love fae spot on with everything!!!!!" ... written by Christy
I love fae so much shes amazing a dead on she can tell me things that I am thinking even before I say it xoxoxo your my girl fae! " ... written by Brianna
Wow, I literally didn't have to tell her a single word (not that i could get one in edgewise, shes so chatty, haha!). That's a good thing though, because she wastes ZERO time giving you answers, which makes her worth her price without a single doubt. I will absolutely be back to read with her. Thanks!!! " ... written by JellyBell
WOW...WOW...I am info given and she told me everything...Try won;t be disappointed..." ... written by tasha_j
Great reader, she is very fast with a lot of info for your time, I will know soon how her prediction turns out, praying all goes well. Thank you." ... written by Jena
She is a 5 STARS!!! Excellent!" ... written by Oolong
picks up very well on the situation will see" ... written by gipsygirl
Always wonderful to talk with her and she keeps saying same things. Just need to be patient and then I will be yelling from the roof tops when we are together again. Its coming real close and she says good things are here and coming and early Oct even better. xoxoxo" ... written by LL
she is one amazing woman who taps in so quickly and so spot on. i just love her and she doesnt waste time. thank u so much fae u are just so gifted " ... written by jr
thank you for my reading! she was incredibly helpful!" ... written by needfaith1
wow! Picked up on everything" ... written by Angela
Psychic Fae ... Was right on point with her reading !! awesome !!!!! 5 stars please post " ... written by mzkiyan2u
a thousand stars...xxxxxooooo love her" ... written by CP
Very good" ... written by itwillbeok
she is one amazing woman so spot on and so caring. tells it as it is and omg i am speechless" ... written by jr
Very strong connection... great advice... thank you!" ... written by T
I like that she talks very fast tells, shes accurate, she knows what your feeling. " ... written by latina
Wow, you are quick and I needed this consultation, thank you so much. Thanks for the advice, I will be taking it . Will keep u posted." ... written by exoticbird
Five star again....She's the best and FASTEST!! I hope and pray that what she is saying comes true. She did tell me I should redecorate my house....I met with someone last week to do JUST THAT! AMAZING!! CALL HER..!!" ... written by Tammyeb44
I. Love. Her! So precise, so accurate, she even proves herself totally accurate in the middle of the reading and she doesn't even know it! She basically channels what my dog had just done in the middle of the reading-she thought she was just telling me something funny but she was really channeling my puppy!! She's so humble, and funny, down to earth, and truly cares about you. Wants to help you at all times, and has this crazy ability to cheer you up and give you hope when all else seems hopeless-she truly is an earth angel and earth fairy! Love you Fae " ... written by Amazeballs As Always
Good reading as always" ... written by itwillbeok
this women is amazing , she knows her stuff and is always accurate and spot on . her predications are always coming true . she never fails to amaze me always helping me when I can . top psychic 10.0000 stars .. no1 on oranum . she is crazy and fun ... very caring too love her room its always booming with people ... love her so much " ... written by madmomo
I always enjoy talking to fae she is always a mood booster!!! " ... written by Raechel
Thank you Fae. Always there to help me when you can. " ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank You Fae........I appreciate the advice and incite. I pray things work out for the best. Thank you again." ... written by itwillbeok
She always knows what kind of attitude to use to make me feel better, weather its compassionate and reassuring, or funny and joyous. It was great reading tonight :)" ... written by JellyBell
Amazing as always. I cant even describe how much her readings mean to me. Even if you are unsure about her, give her readings a try. You will be brilliantly surprised to see how quick she is at giving answers, which is great, and she is so down to earth. I will be back, as always. She made me very happy tonight :)" ... written by JellyBell
I had to go back i ran out of coins i had to get a couple more quesitons asked, she gives wonderful straight to the point advice and i can't wait to see how her predicitons come and to notify her about it!!! Thank you!!:) love her" ... written by Raechel
Quick and knows what you want before you ask. She blows my mind every time. love her more and more" ... written by A on...she is really fast and accurate..I love her xx" ... written by tasha_j
Always clear. Hopefully things come to pass" ... written by itwillbeok
Thank you for the reading. Let's see if the prediction happens. Nice reading. " ... written by lightstreet
Thanks Fae for everything. You always pick up what needs to be known." ... written by Iquestionlife
great in my oppinion" ... written by jake austin
great" ... written by Angela
Fae is great - always sees through the BS and gets down to the truth of the matter. " ... written by L
Fantastic. Mind blowing accuracy. " ... written by Anne
Wonderful reader always gives clear advise. Fae always knows what I'm feeling and gives me hope at the end of my tunnel. In my line of work I always have to be there for my clients and sometimes I need someone there for me she's the one I come to for guidance and postive energy." ... written by pinkpather30
excellent and very very good. Plenty of details" ... written by eva
Great great reading ! 5 stars " ... written by mzkiyan2u
Once again....she walked me off the ledge (lol) just kidding!! Only a figure of speech....BUT she knows exactly what is going on and what to say to bring me back to reality and CALM DOWN." ... written by Tammye
Thanks Fae! I know I'm a worry wort. I do need to keep my focus on work. Thanks for guiding me. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
She's really accurate! I was shocked." ... written by jand777
Great. She is very reassuring that everything is going to be okay, and gives advice on what to do in the meantime. My reading was excellent" ... written by JellyBell
she is amazing and someone you can count on to calm you down when you need it" ... written by korre
Wonderful as always, have had her predictions come to pass and trust her predictions and guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you so much Fae, I totally trust what you see and what spirits tell you. I miss him already and I feel so much more confident that he is coming back within a month and we will be together again. Your the best and I will follow up within 5 days to see how he is feeling. xoxoxo " ... written by LL
spot on as always! gotta wit for predictions now! :-)" ... written by abs fab!
dead on and amazing! will come back to her! she might be pricey but dam is she right on!" ... written by someone
One of her predictions came true. Thanks as always for helping me. To make sure my eyes are wide open to everything. " ... written by Iquestionlife
She was really easy to connect with... I think she has a good heart. Hope things work out!" ... written by 180walnut
Always a good reading with Fae.....very comforting" ... written by itwillbeok
Thanks Fae for always making me laugh when I feel sad. Thanks for looking out for me, letting me know when someone isn't good for me. Thank you truly." ... written by Iquestionlife
a wonderful lady a great expert lots and lots of detail in the reading she knows what she is talking about she is quick and sharp and extremely positive, everything one would expect from a great psychic, thanx." ... written by zimerili1
its always a great reading with Fae...she is accurate and her predictions have came to pass each time in my life. if i have anymore concerns i will return. thanks again Fae." ... written by lavelle
Five stars every time " ... written by Christy
the best!5 Stars" ... written by swift
Psychic Fae definitely deserves 5 stars. She is the best. Her readings are always on point and she completely understands your situation. She of all times is the best psychic I have ever met. to all who want straight forward answers go to psychic Fae. Trust me you will not regret it. You'll be like OMG she's the best. Love you lots Fae. Thank you for everything. " ... written by vanessaxoxo7
Thank you Fae. You're the best. Im always keeping a watchful eye. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you Fae for always telling me how it is. What is going on and what is to come." ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you fae for being here in my time of need. I really needed your advice and guidance and honesty on how to handle this situation. I'm scared and worried. I hope it will go okay like you said. " ... written by greek
She is great, its like talking to a friend I've had all my life. definitely clears my mind and gives me hope after i have lost it. " ... written by A
Wonderful reader, I trust her readings and guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
5 stars. She was was on point and ver in tune with my situation. I cannot wait for her predictions to come to pass. Namaste!!!" ... written by rose np
Thanks Fae. I know you're in pain. Your advice is always good for me and calms me down. " ... written by Iquestionlife
Great reading as always. Hopefully everything comes to pass." ... written by itwillbeok
5 star reading very straight forward and very detailed, looking forward to my end of the week prediction! she has always done me right and has always been accurate in her readings no sugar coating either !!!" ... written by gr8tday
shes the best... so accurate and honest!!! 5 stars" ... written by jana
Fae is one of the BEST on here..." ... written by t
Thanks Fae for everything! " ... written by Iquestionlife
I always enjoy my readings with Fae. She does have a positive outlook no matter the situation. " ... written by itwillbeok
Thank you fae for your insight. great reading....." ... written by Reggie
amazing , quick to the point... and accurate... thanks again as always" ... written by Danny
Great as Always!!!!!" ... written by JellyBell
Fae told me some things i will just sit back and wait for them to happen. her predictions always come true. i give her 12 stars. she has a bright personality love visiting with her. if have any concerns in the future i know where to come." ... written by lavelle
Thanks Fae for making me realize some things. I really needed that clarity. " ... written by Iquestionlife
Thanks Fae. You're The Best. Picking up on all that has been going on, all that will go on. Most importantly what to watch out for." ... written by Iquestionlife
Wonderful reader gave me hope in a bad sitution" ... written by pinkpather30
fae is always on point thank you for your help it means alot to me " ... written by adriane
i hadnt come to fae for ages....and started back again and i realized how damn accurate she is......from time frames to insight....always bang on always right and super fast " ... written by bm
She is always positive and fast..I only she continues to be correct and accurate. Always a joy...give her a try." ... written by TbD
She's always great. And fun too." ... written by L
Thanks Fae You're awesome. You always tell me whats going to happen and what I need to watch out for. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Always seems to know what's going on! Will wait and see what happens, her past predictions have come true." ... written by Kaitlin
Thanks Fae. You keep on giving me news that I need to know. " ... written by Iquestionlife
She was just as quick as ever. Very kind, and comforting as well" ... written by jellybell
Thanks Fae. I know it was kind of a norty convo but you were great. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Excellent." ... written by jana
Very good reading i will read again soon. She is the best on this site. Thanks Fae!" ... written by Sweet Bunnz
Love love Fae and will be back. She's funny and accurate and no tools no questions, she just tells you what she sees. No BS. Real deal! Blessings to you." ... written by sunflowerfairy
Thanks Fae always honest and tell it straight up!!" ... written by KarleighsMom83
excellent" ... written by jana
wonderful quick and i love how she says things straight up!!!!" ... written by jazzy
Wonderful as always " ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful as always" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you faeeeee your always on target ! love you!! xx" ... written by Jodz
I love fae. my second reading. so good!" ... written by erica
Thanks Fae. You tell it how it is. You also tell me what is coming and where my focus should be." ... written by Iquestionlife
I absolutely adore her...she super brilliant.." ... written by t
very good" ... written by jana
Great reading" ... written by Sweetness
Thank You Fae. Always there to help calm me down and tell me what will happen. Thanks." ... written by Iquestionlife
thanks so much fae!!" ... written by pearlp
Thank you so much, Fae, for your honesty and clarity. I feel you were right on point, with my current situation, and very in tune. I will keep you updated, on what happens, and may do a private with you again, in the near future. Thank you, for your time. :)" ... written by Tay.
She's a blast. And always quick and detailed. " ... written by Ahz
Thanks Fae, for always being someone that will tell me the truth and set me straight. " ... written by Iquestionlife
talks really fast and detailed and hit the points." ... written by pretty girl
Very her." ... written by CP
10000 stars" ... written by coco
She was able to pick up on an exact date in Oct so I can't wait to see what happens on this day!" ... written by Kaitlin
Excellent, very fast, and very accurate too. 5 stars" ... written by Focusing
Good reading, sweet. " ... written by vjrei01
fae always brings clarity to a situation. thanks so much again " ... written by lavelle
she is amazing and enjoy talking with her everytime. what a gift to have her to talk to" ... written by Korrena
She's always able to ease my mind and keeps telling me the same things and to stop worrying. LOVE HER!" ... written by Kaitlin
She picked up on my ex very well, It was a little surprising" ... written by MickeyMay
Thanks Fae for telling me what I really need to do. For making sure I understand. " ... written by Iquestionlife
fae is always constant in her readings she keeps telling me the same ty fae for ur help xxx" ... written by marie5290
Nice information as always" ... written by itwillbeok
was a great reading . can't wait to get another reading with her" ... written by michele gould
She is a 5 STARS!!! Her predictions are on the money. This lady doesn't waste your time. She is spot on with her readings. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Thanks Fae!!! Sorry I woke you lmbo. Always there when I need you most. Thanks." ... written by Iquestionlife
Good Reading" ... written by itwillbeok
Thank you Fae. You're the best, and some of your predictions are coming true. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
5 Stars!!!! Amazing reading. Thank you Fae" ... written by np
Thank You Fae! She's always watching out for me. Hopefully what she is saying about my job comes true!" ... written by Iquestionlife
Good reading as always" ... written by itwillbeok
She was so right on and very fast. Thank you!" ... written by Anny
awesome" ... written by Ann
Wonderful as always helps give me hope in a difficult situation" ... written by pinkpather30
So one of her predictions looks like it's coming true! Thank You Fae. Also I'll let those girls go and give the one I've been wanting some more time." ... written by Iquestionlife
Love, Love, love her!!!!!!! Great spirit!!! Quick!!!! Detailed!!!!!!!!" ... written by Yuliya Morgan
Thank You Fae. You always know what to say to make me feel better. Thanks for giving me the heads up on everything. " ... written by Iquestionlife
very comforting" ... written by itwillbeok
She talked me off my ledge!!" ... written by Courtney
Fae is always great" ... written by L
She is so lovely. I feel so blessed every time i read with her, and she always helps to soothe my concerns. She is very accurate with her predictions as well" ... written by jellybell
Super fast!! Won't waste your time or money. Gave some dates and I look forward to what's to come! Very on point with my issues and was right on with the person I asked about. Thank you!" ... written by Anny
Thank you fae, I will do those prayers you talked about" ... written by Courtney
Loved her!! She was super honest and everything was as accurate as can be!!! I will be back for more sessions in the future for sure!" ... written by Mao2111
she was awesome I hope everything happens like she says" ... written by lori
love fae , she is honest and good , quick and reliable. totally recommend her. " ... written by good girl here
psychic fae is amazing such a sweet lady she great cant wait for her perditions to come out thanks so much " ... written by marybeth1love
Great reading" ... written by Kenya
Once again great reading!! Give her a call!!" ... written by TbD
Wonderful reader gave me clear advise" ... written by pinkpather30
5 Stars all the way. Her predictions came to pass. Excited for the new ones to come to pass. Thank you so much Fae. Light and Love." ... written by rp
She is perfection. Simple as that" ... written by jellybell
Thank u soooo much U still see before the end of year and that is what I believe too. Same reading and same feeling as before. Love talking to her. Very fast and to the point. " ... written by LL
love fae always a good reader and accurate. very to the point." ... written by dcoventry
OMG! She is a 5 STARS!!! Always Excellent with her predictions. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Very good reading. =) and fast damn!" ... written by vjrei01
Thanks Fae. You're the best as for the child in two years no I'll make sure that doesnt happen. " ... written by Iquestionlife
She is always terrific and spot on .. very detail accurate and to the point .. never sugar coats and tells it like it is .. you want the truth chat with her .." ... written by Darkdov
always so fast. great." ... written by prismedwhole
shes right on with her predictions she listens she has good insight on individual reading try her out!!" ... written by snoopydog
omg she was so intune with me holly shit .......... i love fae omg she is the bomb she will tell you like it is omgosh fae you hit everything you said to me on the head with a nail right on girl wow she is the real deal stop fucking with all thoes other readers am ck out fae wow ...... omgosh you will be amazed what she has to tell you ......... love an light thank you som much 4 the reading an may god bless you ..... i will say readers are very far an in between but when you find a gd 1 an honest 1 u want 2 lkeep coming bac 4 more an more love ya take care love an light xxoooooo" ... written by faith......
Thanks Fae. Thank you for letting me know things and making sure I understand if i do this, if i do that kind of stuff." ... written by Iquestionlife
She always calms me down, and not in a way that just tells me what I want to hear. Its like talking with your funniest, coolest girl friend. Thank you fae " ... written by jellybell
Thank you so much! you gave me a lot of hope!!! I my god! You are amazing" ... written by j
She was able to pick up on what I'm majoring in and she still keeps telling me that the 26th of october will be a special day for me. Can't wait to see what happens" ... written by Kaitlin
Fae's always great." ... written by L
Thank you Fae. I like the news I received, as far as having a baby Im not sure Im willing to do that even if my mama says. Im ready to take on the world." ... written by Iquestionlife
shes so spot on! she tells it on the T how i am thinking and feeling! been awhile since last reading,and shes telling me the same she told me last time!: -)" ... written by abs fab!
Well she was right about something happening on the 26th, I was very shocked but her prediction about something taking place at work on the 26th came true" ... written by Kaitlin
Thanks Fae will do what you said. Hopefully all will go well." ... written by Iquestionlife
Another great reading....ALWAYS The beST" ... written by TbD
Very fast and connected right on with my issue. Always positive and helpful with great advice. Super friendly." ... written by Anny
Wonderful reader, always gives me a heads upon what's to come" ... written by pinkpather30
she is great I hope everything happens" ... written by lori
Great reading with on!" ... written by bythesea
ShE IS GREEEAAT. Calming and her" ... written by CP
fae is so funny. totally lifts your mood ! shes so right with everything and gets right on point , direct and honest! love her :) been coming to her since I came on Oranum which was round about the time it first started up .. a good few years ago! shes always a favourite of mine! love you fae :) xxx" ... written by Jody
Always love Fae. She is rarely ever wrong. Awesome lady!" ... written by Joyce Alman
This lady is just awesome. Happy, accurate and straight forward talking. Very, very quick - got through a lot of questions. Will not disappoint you. " ... written by R
Super star...5 stars....very fast reader and a very accurate reader too !!" ... written by Focusing
Thank you Fae. You're always calming me and helping me stay sane. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Love you Fae!! Came in for an update sounds the same. Been great news for a while and still is, She keeps sayin hes moving back with in the next couple months. I truly believe her and I can't wait. Thanks for putting up with me always asking. I'm ready for my life with him everyday. Luv ya Fae" ... written by ll
Reassuring as always. I appreciate my readings with her every time" ... written by jellybell
She is fabulous. " ... written by Blessings
Fae is always awsome and I always go to her for advice and comfort ! She does not sugar coat she tells it how it is and is always lovely to be around her ! She is like a second mother to me !!!" ... written by Silentlurker3
Thanks Fae. I will most def look forward to changes coming." ... written by Iquestionlife
I love Fae always honest and truthful, she always tells me the truth no sugar coating anything. fae is an excellent reader I would give her 10 stars if I could but she knows her stuff , so if honesty is what your seeking get a reading with her." ... written by gr8tday
LOVE FAE she is so sweet and awesome and has been on point from day one def will have another soon xoxox" ... written by Brianna
:-)" ... written by honeybee430
She is so fast and definitely tunes right in. Great advice and I look forward to the predictions. Love her energy." ... written by Anny
She is very good. Things she was forseeing are coming to fruition. Good feeling." ... written by itwillbeok
fae always has great info and things to look forward to. i give her 5 stars " ... written by lavelle
Thanks Fae, you always know whats going on and what to watch out for." ... written by Iquestionlife
As always Fae is amazing right on every time she picks up on things i didn't even know about. I for sure keep you updated!" ... written by Amy258
WOW...just WOW, i didn't have to say ANYTHING! she just started telling me right away things about my situation i was blown away!" ... written by nutty00bunny
Wonderful reader gave me alot of advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Right on the money, she was amazing!" ... written by Courtney_1983
Thank You Fae, you're the best and hopefully all is going to come true! :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Omg!!!!!!! I'm amazed!!! She was so intuitive, she knew things about my life that NOBODY else could have known. Its crazy!!!!! Gave me a very good description about everything! And she even told me how I feel and what was to come! Seriously Amazed!!!! :)" ... written by Gabriela
I do have faith in this women so will keep my fingers cross and pray Ty :) hugs" ... written by jason andcat
i just had to go for a second reading. i just love her and she is so detailed i don't need to say much at all she was doing all the talking even before i gave her my name...but once i did she got into even more details. i just love her :)" ... written by nutty00bunny
Thanks Fae. I hope all is will come to fruition." ... written by iquestionlife
On point, connected really fast andamp; is accurate!" ... written by Dee
very comforting...." ... written by cp
Thank You Fae. I'll do my best." ... written by Iquestionlife
Sadly I ran out of time. thank you so much fea. you always help me." ... written by erica
Wonderful reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Thanks Fae and what you said about the one across the street is accurate. You were also correct about my job. Thank you again. :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Awesome as always...and so fast. You get an answer in 5 seconds flat, none of this name birthday SIN number and everything else before you read. I've given her so little info she honestly might not even know my name after all these readings. But she treats me like a friend, and I come back all the time." ... written by jellybell
Amazing!!!! On point! and was very descriptive like before!!! :)" ... written by Gabriela
psychic fae is the bomb wow just love my readings with her she superb thanks again cant wait for the perditions to come out " ... written by marybeth1love
Thank You Fae. You always know whats going on :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Thanks Fae. You're a sweetheart and thanks for the good energy. I'll let you know what happens in a few months. I had one more question, but Ill come back another time." ... written by Sunnie
loved how fast and clear she was. i believer her predictions will come true. i'll be back in 5months" ... written by sunny
Vary honest forth coming and on point I recommend Fae for any and all reasons that u may need a reading for !!! " ... written by "Wolfie"
Excellent psychic,,,5 class psychic..... very fast reader too" ... written by Focusing
always fast and very direct. Love fae she is so honest and tells you like it is. She is very accurate and quick to connect to the situation." ... written by georgia
AMAZING! As always! I love the way she connects and she's honest and diligent!" ... written by Gabriela
thnx again fae as always been great help put my mind at rest u kno me im always worryin lol) i b bk again soon for another update with u " ... written by Amy258
she is very very good she knew what i want to ask her...superb" ... written by soonu
she is good. had a great reading with her. very straight forward and to the point" ... written by Korrena
She is beyond awesome! Thank you so much :) Cant wait for your predications to get unfold! will surely come back to you .... xoxox" ... written by Rk
Thank You Fae. I hope all this comes true in time. Everything is happening that you said." ... written by Iquestionlife
awesome as usual" ... written by jellybell
Great- see her! Wonderful!!!!!!" ... written by Sylvia812
Yesterday she told me i would rekindle with a guy from my past. And less than 24 hours later i have reconnected. Freaking cool." ... written by jellybell
she's such a wonderful person. she connects even before i can give her my details and tell her anything......and wow she is so ACCURATE!!!" ... written by nutty00bunny
man she's amazing lots of info in a short time ~~~ ! answered all question with out me typing anything for her !! i now have 3 ppl i will go to for answers ! also great loving vibes from her ! high price but very worth it ! " ... written by Summer
Thanks Fae. Yes i need to keep the past in the past and focus on my present for a great future." ... written by Iquestionlife
Thanks Fae. I now know what I need to do. Thanks." ... written by Iquestionlife
She is truly amazing! As Always!!!! :)" ... written by Gabriela
afe she is always awesome and she makes me feel so good" ... written by lori
fae is the best at what she does . amazing readings and amazing results" ... written by goodgirlhere
Fae has been reading me for 2 years now! She is a great woman ! Chat room is always uplifting ! All the mantras are excellent !! Readings are always right on point ! She deserves 10 stars !! Thank you also for being your 3500 reading! Love Light Blessings to this great Lady ! Hugs and Love F " ... written by Mz2u
Thank You Fae! I'll try not to worry so much." ... written by Iquestionlife
Always on point. i love Faes readings. shes honest and true. her predictions have shown itself over and over. Shes the best!" ... written by Kenya
Thanks Fae. You always know whats really going on so that I can relax. " ... written by Iquestionlife
Always on point! She seems to really know what she's talking about and how things really are at the present moment and in the future. I really love Fae and recommend her to anybody! She's really good! :)" ... written by Gabriela
she is very sweet i am waiting to things come true" ... written by soonu
Always on point! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Always go to for readings" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank You Fae and I'll give things some time." ... written by Iquestionlife
lovely lady..... " ... written by soonu
Thank You Fae always. " ... written by Iquestionlife
Good reading as always." ... written by itwillbeok
She is always on point! She even knows things that no one else knows and its crazy! Seriously a huge fan of her work! :)" ... written by Gabriela
I've been in PsychicFae's chat room a couple times and finally got my private. I knew it would be well worth the money! She responds so quickly and has a great personality. It's very easy to ask her anything. She understood my relationship immediately and answered honestly. I'll def be back. She's awesome." ... written by lynndavis
She was right about me getting to spend thanksgiving with my family and not having to work" ... written by Kaitlin
good " ... written by jana
really needed to talk to her and see what she had to say about my situation and she quickly calmed me down and helped me through a rough moment. she is awesome. Such a gift to be able to talk with her" ... written by Korrena
She's always so on point with everything it amazes me! She knows exactly what she's talking about. And is so in sync with everything. Thank you! definitely made me a regular costumer" ... written by Gabriela
She is always on point and knows exactly what to say! :)" ... written by Gabriela
love to talk to her she is very very good and helpfull" ... written by soonu
always on point! :)" ... written by gabriela
she is a great psychic very caring. always been on track." ... written by dc
thank u fae u are so sweet an amzeing as always u are honest careing an such a sweet heart i am telling u i give u a million stars she knows her crap love an light 2 u blessing god bless u fae thank u som much ... watch out all u readers fae will be on top be 4 u know it ahahahh shes the bomb man " ... written by ANGEL
Thank you Fae for always picking up everything and leading me in the right direction! :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
thanks FAE..I am feeling so much better after talking to are the best..xoxox" ... written by crazyinlove
Love her super helpful cant wait to have another reading shes very on par with everything I am thinking or saying thanks fae!" ... written by Brianna
She always finds the right words to say! She is very on point with everything! And it eases my mind every time i talk to her :)" ... written by Gabriela
Great as always, can't wait to see her predictions unfold!!! " ... written by Fairy Queen
Wonderful lady! I have to try to calculate the time difference to where she lives with me living in London but it is soo worth it! She is great she won't sugar coat itfor you and she will tell you how it is. One of the best ladys here." ... written by Aishtair
Thank you Fae. I will do what you say." ... written by Iquestionlife
Fae has great insights, I'm a returning client and she is always full of wisdom and joy." ... written by l
Fae is so fabulous she tells me all my predictions and is very quick on the pvt. no sugar coating and honest answers for sure love you fae!!!" ... written by gr8tday
She definitely calms me down! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Thank god she is on this site! I am so happy to talk to her and know what is going to happen. " ... written by Gabriela
Great advice..knows situation and acts quick.....100 stars..." ... written by CP
Fae is amazing person and I really love her.... thank you so much for the reading :)" ... written by Rone
clear and to the point....yet to see if her predictions are true :) time will tell..." ... written by klove
She is amazing! She knows everything about my situation!!! I love her" ... written by g
She is always on point! Like always! I can always count on Fae! :)" ... written by Gabriela
Always straight on the nose no bull gives u the truth and fills me with hope and light " ... written by "Wolfie"
Thanks fae you even said exact words that he has said to me already. You know what your saying and seeing for sure. I know he is coming I just wish it was sooner. Thanks again and feel better. xoxoxo" ... written by ll
she is amazing and so fast. i feel the real deal is her. she doesnt take your money and provides the most honest answers." ... written by d
I love her. she is a positive soul and she tell you everything and even give you advice. The way she does her free chat is amazing and she give you the opportunity to get ask one question for a yes or no answer. I'm happy i found her " ... written by leila
Thank You Fae! You r awesome hopefully all this will come true :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Excellent...5 stars....very fast reader" ... written by Focusing
The best always seems to calm me down when stressed over the littlest things . lift my spirits when down . Always recommend her. " ... written by Wolfy
Thank you Fae. I'll take your advice." ... written by Iquestionlife
Very good reading. i hope things continue to move in the direction that Fae sees." ... written by itwillbeok
Thank You Fae always great." ... written by Iquestionlife
Highly detailed reading....with-out even presenting facts to Fae.....she just knew. Very amazing, fast, helpful, and presented in a professional and compassionate manner, " ... written by LD
good" ... written by Patricia Loucas
Thank you Fae. I will do as told." ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you right on!" ... written by ghost
Thank you Fae! Hopefully everything goes right for me." ... written by Iquestionlife
She's high energy insightful, and very helpful!" ... written by Melissa
Thank You Fae. One on your predictions just came true a few minutes ago lol. You're the best :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Fae is amazing person, she is very quick reader and very accurate, I love to have the reading with her, Light and blessings to you dear fae.... :)" ... written by Ron
Thank you Fae. You always give the heads up on things." ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you FAe for the reading you make me feel much better!" ... written by m
She still keeps saying that she sees this guy that I really like asking me out around the holidays so we will wait and see." ... written by Kaitlin
Thank you Fae for always listening to me. :)" ... written by iquestionlife
Fae is amazing as usual.... just enjoy the moments with her, Thank you fae :)" ... written by Ron
Amazing !!!!! i never have to say 1 word she always tells me my answers before i ever ask !!!! " ... written by summer
As always Fae was great !!!10 plus stars" ... written by Christy
Fae hit the nail on the head! Very accurate! I kind of looked around to see if there was some cameras! great! Highly recommended!" ... written by NADY
Thank you Fae. Always there to answer me." ... written by Iquestionlife
calm me down some" ... written by crazy
wonderful as usual and right on the money " ... written by Wolfy
She has been right about everything so far!" ... written by Kaitlin
Fae has been such a great help- no fooling around- she gets right to the point, is fast and clear- totally recommend!" ... written by Sylvia812
fabULOUS READING SHE IS AMAZING!!!" ... written by brownie
Thank You Fae. Always funny." ... written by Iquestionlife
fae is very well connected. She is fast and accurate without a doubt spot on. She also picked up on things about me without my saying anything ..excellent" ... written by greek07chick7
Great reading clarified a lot. " ... written by pinkpather30
As always Fantastic " ... written by Wolfy
love her she is so real and thanks for the help." ... written by quinisha84
always great readings always" ... written by zimerili1
She is wonder psychic fast and to the point -- thank you fae" ... written by Darkdov
THANK YOU SO MUCH FAE! I appreciate the answers that you were able to provide, in regards to my current situation. :) ♥" ... written by Tay♥
All smiles !!!!!!!!!!!!! couldn't be happier" ... written by Wolfy
what a powerful lifeforce.. such a nice person.. positive energy all the way... the best reader on oranum... u cant go wrong here...i have been to many... she is the best!!!!" ... written by donna
calm me again" ... written by crazy
Thank You Fae, one of your predictions came true i got the day off that i needed. Also thanks for always letting me know what i need to do to get a better life." ... written by Iquestionlife
Good Reading....very calming" ... written by itwillbeok
great reading! on point and thanks for helping me dodge that bullet!!" ... written by Gzelle2
She was right about me getting a lot of money for x-mas. She even said she saw me having a sore throat one day and I woke up the other day with one. Weird." ... written by Kaitlin
NEVER wrong !!! i always come to her when i need piece of mind on something ! she always leads me in the right direction !!! " ... written by summer
Amazing reader! She connected very quickly with my situation! Very detailed! Thank you! A+++++" ... written by bruin19
always on point and accurate" ... written by Kenya
Excellent... 5 stars" ... written by Focusing
Thanks for everything Fae. You always pick up everything spot on." ... written by Iquestionlife
Good reading as always." ... written by itwillbeok
Thanks Fae for just talking to me lol" ... written by iquestionlife
she calms me down....." ... written by lady in waiting
Superb, connects very well to the situation. She is also great with her cards and interpreting the messages. I am so thankful to fae for being here when I needed her." ... written by georgia
Excellent psychic and 5 stars....very fast and extremely accurate too. She is world class.." ... written by Focusing
Excellent, fast, on point!!! Would recommend and would see again!! Thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by Nicole
Thank You you are always willing to listen and help figure things out. You also pick up on things very well." ... written by Iquestionlife
Very Accurate right on point" ... written by LaShanna Brooks
Thank you always! :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
I was amazed by the things she picked up about me! She was very detailed and so nice and lovely through the whole reading. Her advice was extremely helpful to me and I also feel a lot better and hopeful from what she picked up on and told me. Definitely worth the private reading! Thank you again! I will be back :)" ... written by chelcee
Thank you." ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you for the reading! Great experience overall, very accurate. I will return for more advice in the future. " ... written by Tony
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Fae is great- she is fast,does not drag our time and waste money-totally wholeheartedly recommend!" ... written by Sylvia812
Thank you and I'm glad you're getting better from being sick." ... written by Iquestionlife
I was crying and very upset and Fae helped me out of my situation. Shes the best! Thanks" ... written by Kenya
Wonderful as always spot on!!!" ... written by Wolfy
SHE WAS SO RIGHT! She saw me getting a promotion at work soon and I got one today!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Wonderful reader, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank You! You are just great :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you Fae for everything as always!" ... written by Iquestionlife
Quick and straight to the point." ... written by empressleonora
Thank You so very much! Hopefully all will continue to go well." ... written by iquestionlife
So she said she saw me making more money after the first of the year and I will be going to a new department at my job with more pay" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you Fae for everything. I hope its right." ... written by Iquestionlife
She is always so reassuring and calming. I love her!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She was amazing! She was able to go into detail about not only my personal preferences but she was able to verify details that could only have been known through conversation with myself or through a true psychic ability. Definitely one of my favorites so far! :)" ... written by Sarah
Thank You Fae. You're always understanding." ... written by iquestionlife
psychic fae is superb she accurate and on point. I always enjoy my readings with her and I cant wait for her perditions to come true thanks so much Fae :)" ... written by marybeth1love
5 stars" ... written by lavelle
Thank you Fae! Although you're a bit ill. You still can pick up everything." ... written by Iquestionlife
I loved her!" ... written by Sierra
Thank you Fae. You're Great!" ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you Fae for everything! :)" ... written by Iquestionlife
Thank you Fae. " ... written by iquestionlife
Always super fast super awesome and just great. I highly recommend her to anyone for guidance quick honest to the point. 5 stars all the way!!!" ... written by greek
always very wonderful, honest reading with fae. She is quick to the point picks up very well on the small details." ... written by greek
5 stars....very accurate....very fast reader too... has a big heart and tries to help you and all...Fae is a true superstar psychic" ... written by Focusing
Thanks Fae, you're awesome sorry about my energy. " ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you Fae :)" ... written by iquestionlife
Fae is very very accurate, she started describing the person i like with great detail it was amazing. she knew exactly what i'm going through and it felt great that someone understood me." ... written by nutty00bunny
lovely lady to talk .. perfect...i love her" ... written by Soonu Vasudeva
I really enjoyed psychicfae readings. she was right on the dot about everything. she picked up things without even mentioning the whole detail. she is really fast and accurate, she doesn't use any tools and she is so awesome and caring. She doesn't waste your money, she does what she says. Her predictions were very accurate about my situation that has been going on. I am looking forward for her future predictions and plan to come back for a reading later on. I really highly recommend Psychicfae, give her a try and you wont regret it.." ... written by waterluva
Thank you Fae! I feel better now." ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you!" ... written by Dani
whoo! she works fast! answers before i asked the question :) always a great reading!" ... written by Krissy
Very good reading..very direct..loved it!" ... written by Frgreat
Very good reading as always" ... written by itwillbeok
Can you say super sweet? and talented? Those are the two words that sum this amazing woman up. Her energy was so light and her readings flowed so easily. I am 100 percent confident in her predictions, as they made sense, no fluff, no rainbows, and saw each issue I had without me saying anything. Highly recommended. A "readers" reader!" ... written by HK
Thank you Fae Fae. Awesome cards as well they were spot on!" ... written by iquestionlife
point on always right !!! come on march !!!!!" ... written by summer
She's SO QUICK! :) " ... written by Cheerysunshine
Wonderful, Excellent psychic, 5 stars...A true world class psychic and superstar... Her predictions come true!!!" ... written by Focusing
Fae is awesome, I love her readings.. I can connect with her instantly and she knows what is going around me and other parts of my life. I would recommend psychicfae. Will be back soon..." ... written by waterluva
Thanks Fae now I know who my guide is my abuelita. Always thanks for everything else." ... written by iquestionlife
She saw that I need to clean things up and she could not have been more accurate because my room and car are a mess! LOL" ... written by GeminiGirl08
very clairvoyant! informative without getting any information about me except my name! exceptional. will visit again " ... written by Anupama
great lady" ... written by sheryl
very accurate" ... written by mz
I enjoy my reading with Fae, she is always a sweet heart warm felt Diva, her room is also an enjoyable experience to be in. In private she is real quick and straight to the point, you don't really need to ask a whole bunch of questions nor she waste your time.. Click the "Magic" button and have an enjoyable experience for yourself.. She is worth every credit as well. You gotta love Fae!!!!!xoxoxoxo" ... written by Birthday Girl Red Bug
Excellent! Knew what my problem was before I told her. Would see again!" ... written by Nicole
It was a good reading. I pray the things she sees works to my favor. " ... written by itwillbeok
I LOVVVVVVVE HER SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY TRUE!!!! THE BEST ON ORANUM" ... written by Starzz29
Thank you for everything!" ... written by iquestionlife
Love her!!! Confirmation!!" ... written by Chrissy
She said someone from my past was going to pop up and they did. It was this guy I dated a while back. I love how she's on point with everything" ... written by GeminiGirl08
I really enjoy fae's reading, she is awesome, and waiting for her predictions to happen. I really enjoy her readings, and will be back for more when things come true.... " ... written by waterluva
her cards are not only powerful but full of wisdom and extremely accurate. i recommend Fae to everyone! she's magical" ... written by a
She was correct on everything that she picked up on right from before I even asked anything great lady. Thanks so much." ... written by han
Thanks once again Fae. Always helpful." ... written by iquestionlife
She saw this guy that I really like flirting with me at work yesterday and he did!!!!!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
fae always gives me great reading. she is accurate to " ... written by lavelle
shes a sweetheart as always accurate " ... written by bm
well really believe you in what u say " ... written by Jason andcat
omg, this divine soul is brilliant......................... so warm in her readings but absoulutely amazing and spot on.........u guys must try her tools too" ... written by charlie
Wonderful as always, very clear advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Thanks Fae I will relax and get my energy back. I am very confident it will all happen and I hope the move is with him in June. You predicted he would leave where he was living an he DID!!!! Last month he moved. Time predicts all that u say. Thank you lovey.. I will be back for follow up next week. Big Hug!!!!!" ... written by ll
she's great. LOL! awesome" ... written by b
great reader. fast, detailed." ... written by b
Thank you Fae! I guess i need to get rid of my past and quick!" ... written by iquestionlife
great reader, everyone must try at least once, honest and accurate" ... written by charlie
terrific reading and i have to add this in here, you said bf was going to get a great job and he did the month you said and he told me tell tell you you are good at what you do. He didn't beleive me when I told him that you said he would, he was hopeful and you made his dream come true, so we both thank you so very much." ... written by linda
Fae is sincere, heartfelt, spot on and so real. I can't wait for her predictions to come to past because I know they will. She reads me like an open book!" ... written by Sheena
Love her. " ... written by KLOVE94
very good" ... written by luckyanna
Wonderful as always great spot on had a reading with her last night she was spot on with my grandmother I didn't have to give any hints and she was spot on today .Always able to talk me down a cliff when I feel like going over the cliff .if you want answers go to She the one that you want. " ... written by Wolfy
great reader " ... written by charlie
Fae is wonderful, so fast and right on the money!! Tells the truth and does not waste your time. Great!" ... written by Sylvia812
Thank you always.!" ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you Fae. You r the one i go to." ... written by iquestionlife
Absolutelyyy wonderful person inside andamp; out...I love her!!! Very gifted, I hope for everything she said 2 happen...can't wait!!! (((hugs))) ♥ Fae" ... written by xJENNiFERx
She is very understanding. I need to be patient." ... written by itwillbeok
JUST LOVE HER. EVERYTHING ALWAYS COMES TRUE!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Thank you Fae for the reading . You usually read the situation very well. I wish the situation was more clear cut. Lots of love x" ... written by G
love her consistent to the core. read with her a month back gave me the same exact info and didnt even remember who iw as, now that is accuracy, true authentic psychic, saw family members exact health issues and knew exactly what i was doing after my reading. 5 stars, absolutely wonderful " ... written by MW
What can I say; outstanding! enjoyed every minute with Fae; funny clarity and hit everything. Will always come back. " ... written by Jimmy
5 Stars!!!!!!. Looking forward for predictions to come to pass. Great readings and lots of information. Thank you so much. Blessings and Love." ... written by rosen
Excellent psychic... 5 Stars... Very fast...very accurate too" ... written by Focusing
fae is always spectacular and is worth more than everything. she's a great woman and always has me laughing. her endings are always full and ready before i even ask/" ... written by A
One of the best readers on Oranum, she is consistent clear and fast! Most of all she genuinely cares about her clients. I trust her more than any other reader here!" ... written by Chrissy
very good reading ... LOVE Fae ... she's so funny too" ... written by brownie
Thank you fae! lots of laughs" ... written by iquestionlife
lov goin to fae thnx so much been while, Wonderful reading Very helpful and kind:)" ... written by Amy258
Always has the ability to calm me down and always right no the noise about everything.You want answer Fae is ur gifted reader . " ... written by Wolfy
thank you!" ... written by b
she seemed pretty spot on with what she was saying, her energy is great I can't wait to see if what she says actually happens, something told me to really trust her and i do. Not regretting this reading one bit." ... written by Brianna
Great reading gave me alot of inspiration" ... written by pinkpather30
She is awesome! She is fast, doesn't waste your time or money, gets accurate answers quick! Highly recommend her!" ... written by Atlantis111
Always a great reader. Fae is consistent and accurate, very connected to her cards. She picks up little details and very fast to answer many questions, love her!" ... written by greek
fae i love her ! straight forward and to the point no sugar coating anything . witch is what i love . she picks up on what u want to know before u say anything at all !! and i will say tha cards she used tonight where so awesome !! " ... written by summer
Fae is awesome she seen right into the matter and the circumstance , also my grandmother that just passed came thru on the reading as well. fae tells me its gonna take some time for the man in my life to come around but he will. Fae is well worth the money spent , thanks fae you rock!!!" ... written by GR8TDAY
Thank you bunches! Really cool and good cards" ... written by iquestionlife
Thanks for everything!" ... written by iquestionlife
well this women is 100% if had more money would stay for long reading , she is on the ball it takes time but every think FAE say has come true Ty a milllion and hugs x" ... written by Jason and cat
fae always has great readings. her predictions always come true. i give her 5 stars." ... written by lavelle
You are so good, I'm laughing, you have my people down to a tee. I will certainly take your advice starting right now. Love and light. Many blessings." ... written by Gzelle2
Awesome" ... written by Tiff
Thank you Fae, Always!" ... written by iquestionlife
She has been so right about everything! She's amazzzzing!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you always great." ... written by iquestionlife
she is the best always! I come to her always! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
She's vet honest and accurate, well definitely come back" ... written by antonia
She is wonderful and amazing! when have questions I come to her because, everything she says happens and she gives such great advice THE TRUTH! I have had many readings with her and everything happen. so if you want the truth she is a amazing!!! thanks FAE YOUR THE BEST lots of love" ... written by kat620
Fae is one of the best going she on the ballwith it lol" ... written by jasonand cat
she was great, cant wait for her predictions to come true." ... written by palmtrees1
Following a demo reading, I decided to have a private reading with PsychicFae and was not disappointed. She's given me great guidance on a situation surrounding my love life. Will be back to update :)" ... written by GratefulOne14
thank you for the follow up, i really needed it. you are so sweet and spot on with my situation, its kind of scary lol . thank you for everything i will be back to give you a update." ... written by antonia
Thank you!" ... written by iquestionlife
another great reading with Deva; she gives me amazing light and hope for the things coming my way; and always spot on; love her" ... written by Jimmy
I love her she hit things on the nose" ... written by candy
She could not have been more right about everything!!!! She's truly an amazing woman!!!! Yesterday this guy at work who I really like starting flirting with me more out of the blew just like she said he would. I couldn't have been more happy yesterday!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
always great sessions always" ... written by zimerili1
Thanks for everything!" ... written by iquestionlife
well Fae has never being wrong in wants she say have 100% faith in this women :)" ... written by Jason and cat
Thank you Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
I spoke with Fae about 6 months ago and she informed me that my job would be reorganizing in Feb.....She was right... it happened a few weeks ago :(.... So, now I'm in the process of looking for another job. The good news is... she said I would find another job in the next few months. I'm praying for a good outcome. Fae thanks for being so sweet and making me smile. You are very delightful and I really appreciate your help :)" ... written by Sunnie
great reading very sweet thanks!!!" ... written by apple
5 stars....very fast...and very very accurate too" ... written by Focusing
she was very sweet and caring. was really acurate with the readings i love coming to her." ... written by ashley
Thank you Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you Fae! You are too funny!" ... written by iquestionlife
amazing.. on point actually." ... written by Leena
She is great, sooo perfect as always! Can't get much better than Fae, thanks!! XOXO " ... written by Perfection
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
Amazing Experience!!!" ... written by amrita singh
Very pleased. Thank you for all your help!!" ... written by Nicole
Thanks for everything as usual. Always great advice." ... written by iquestionlife
was very good reading " ... written by Lisa
psychicfae is like my best friend she keeps me sane and grounded and doesnt sugarcode anything. she keeps my spirits high and my hopes up. i love her =)" ... written by antonia
Very funny character. No tools just her guides." ... written by Sparkle Pony
thank you so much!" ... written by b
omg fae one of the best, always on right on with timein. Gives the best advice, her predictions always come true! take fae to private to get the answers you seek, you will not be disappointed:)and thnx again for everythin been great help" ... written by Amy258
thank you so much you were great" ... written by natasha
Answered all my questions and was very honest. Would see again!! Thank you!!" ... written by Nicole
thanks so much lov fae" ... written by Amy258
lol lov fae so funny Excellent detailed and quick! Thanks for great reading as usual. Very insightful predictions have come to pass.:)" ... written by Amy258
Thanks Fae You're the best.!" ... written by iquestionlife
Very good reading and I feel so much better since i had a reading with Fae as well.. She is always on point!! Awesomeness can't describe her at all 5++++++++++ indeed!!! " ... written by Tina
Fae is the bomb!!!! always on top of her game and always on target!" ... written by gr8
thanks fae great follow up and look forward to more of the predictions coming:)" ... written by A
thanks fae great follow up and look forward to more of the predictions coming:)" ... written by Amy258
Fae is very quick and always assuring :)" ... written by Sheena
thank you will see what happens =)" ... written by adriane
Ty know you right xx" ... written by jason and cat
thank you fae, you have been a great help your so right " ... written by natasha
loved the reading honest and fast" ... written by humi
Fae is awesome 10 starzs hands down the best she is the real deal and so quick!!! so love her...." ... written by gr8tday
Absolutely amazing!!!! Picked up on everything very quickly. Amazing details. Will be back for another. Love andamp; Light" ... written by Asia
She gave me so much clarity! I'm so happy with her reading!" ... written by Taylor
Thank you Fae always!" ... written by iquestionlife
went very well im excited" ... written by lisa
Thank you Fae. Gives me more to think about." ... written by iquestionlife
she is awesome I love her" ... written by lori
I love talking to her haha " ... written by toni
So she said that money would be getting better and it already has!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
thank you Fae! " ... written by iquestionlife
always a great reader, just great thanx" ... written by zimerili1
thank you fae - whtever you have predicted has been true till now thank you so much" ... written by natasha
confirmed my questions, and made me feel better thank you so much" ... written by Natasha
the best she is still saying the same she is spot on and the detail is great. she is go good i did not have to say anything. She is also great a reading my bad spelling " ... written by cream
Thank you." ... written by iquestionlife
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Thanks a lot! :)" ... written by iquestionlife
She is awesome! Everyone should contact her!" ... written by ocampo
Wonderful! Straight to the point!" ... written by ocampo
what ever you have predicted has been true yet the millionth time... i love you " ... written by natasha
She has always eased my mind about things and gives me the comfort that I need!!!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
thanks fae u answered all my questions that i was burning to be answered. love u bunches" ... written by lavelle
16 stars is her rating... love me some fae" ... written by lavelle
This women is worth all the money. Very honest and intuitive, very EXACT. amazing. " ... written by ND
So glad I saw you today. I wrote down your advice, and I'm going for it. Love and light. 5 stars definitely" ... written by Gzelle2
fae is awesome so energetic gets right into my situation nailed the whole thing to the t hope this happens for me thank you so much xoxo" ... written by ashey
Thank you!" ... written by iquestionlife
great reader very clear i just love her reading so suportive" ... written by cream
good reading" ... written by apple
Answered every question fast! I am happy. Thank you!" ... written by Nicole
fae was awesome! first time reading with her and i decided to read after she picked me in a demo and did a yes/no question. everything she said resonated and was spot on. shes worth the money and suuuuuper fast" ... written by m
Wonderful as always " ... written by Wolfy
Fae is right on the money.....excellent better equipped for the situation now....." ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
Thank you bunches!" ... written by Iquestionlife
5 stars" ... written by jozefina
She is amazing!!! She was able to tell me all the details surrounding my questions and then her predictions of what is to come!! I was blown away at the amount of details!" ... written by Ashley
She's so quick and on point :)" ... written by angie
awesome...right on about everything...shes the real deal!!" ... written by jaelyn
Thanks spot on !" ... written by iquestionlife
Wonderful as always .keeps calm cool and collected when I cant myself and has been spot on since I started consulting with Fae" ... written by Wolfy
Awesome!! I will never go to anyone else!! She knew everything" ... written by Julie
Thank you Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
Well she's right again! Something that she predicted that she said would happened in one week did! I'm so happy!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
well have faith 100%" ... written by jason
Awesome reading!" ... written by b
She is fast, she is fun! I enjoyed our chat. I think things will be okay and turn out good. Thank you. You definitely helped to make me feel more uplifted." ... written by ali23m
Thanks a lot!" ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you!!!!" ... written by b
Very her..shes been very accurate many many times" ... written by beany
She has been right on everything that she said would happen! You have to give her a try!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
1000000% accurate" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Wow that was much needed !! she's always point on with every thing ! massive refresh of energy ! great amazing lady . u won't ever regret a reading with her !" ... written by Summer
Thanks Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
She was right about not getting in trouble today at work." ... written by GeminiGirl08
great!!" ... written by KLOVE
Always to the point and very accurate. Helped me out so much again today. 5 stars as always." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is amazing!!! Very quick to answer and was able to tell me all the details surrounding my issues." ... written by Ashley
great reading" ... written by SR
fae is very accurate on my situation picks up very fast " ... written by ashley
Thanks Always Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you!" ... written by iquestionlife
God bless Fae if she is correct, but I will have to wait to see" ... written by Feniks
Fae is extremely quick. She reads my mind, energies and waste no time. She;s very detailed too. A good read!!!" ... written by Sheena
i just had to go back and see what else she had to tell me!!! Nothing but good news!!!! quick and straight to the her!" ... written by Kasherr
I loved Ms Fae she was spot on and very informative!!!" ... written by Kasherr
5 STAR RATING! She's wonderful! Very honest and direct no matter what." ... written by Alicia
Love her so honest! Thanks Fae" ... written by Starzz29
Thank you Fae! " ... written by iquestionlife
Answered all my questions. Thank you!" ... written by Nicole
She gives me peace of mind all the time!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Excellent excellent excellent. she has lots of detailed info to give you, very insightful straightforward. DOES NOT WASTE ANY TIME " ... written by ND
She said that one of the department managers at work was going to make a huge mistake and they did. WOW!!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
she's straightforward and precise as always, thank u fae" ... written by nutty00bunny
She was right again about somethings that happened at work today! " ... written by GeminiGirl08
As always; the bomb; dead on with all going on in my life; sweet and honest; straight forward; up front" ... written by Jimmy
Thank you always Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you Fae. Whatever you can tell me was what i needed." ... written by iquestionlife
She is such a wonderful person!!!!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She is awesome! Always knows all the details of the situation!" ... written by Ashley
VERY accurate. She used no tools and was able to quickly look into seeing a job come my way. very accurate. great reading from her. she picked up on jobs in my past too." ... written by Mike
She was right about me passing my test!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
great update as alwyas" ... written by cream
She answered my questions. Will be back soon!! Thank you!!" ... written by Nicole
Thanks for those cards, they meant alot!" ... written by iquestionlife
Fae is amazing reader, and I liked to do reading with her.... thank you so much fae ." ... written by Ron
always knows how to calm me down." ... written by Wolfy
Fae connected very quickly with my situation. She even told me some things I didn't ask about which were on point. Fae is for real. Excellent! :)" ... written by nina
Fae Picked up on what was going on really well. Amazing personality and great energy." ... written by Tricey
Great reading and so accurate!!! I am thankful that ask you to read me tonight! I needed this words!! 5 stars !!!!" ... written by Jina66
Thank you Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
She tuned in very quick to what was going on with my girlfriend and I. Very straight forward and honest. I would do another reading for sure." ... written by Rebel
I am speechless. She picked right up on my situation." ... written by Knowing2013
She was absolutely spot on and amazingly correct with my I was able to take her advice and will be able to use it wisely. FUNNY, QUICK and really really worth the time private!!!" ... written by B
an excellent reading, instant understanding of the situation, provided hope and clarity, " ... written by LD
SO accurate hahah like dead accurate " ... written by ND
only the best of the best !!!!!" ... written by ND
she is absolutely amazing- so accurate" ... written by michelle
Fae is such a bright, bubbly, friendly, and amazing reader! She is funny and loves a good joke, yet she is quick to answer your questions with a level of accuracy and speed. She is worth taking into private, and I appreciate her, as a reader. She had been a guiding light and I have had a previous prediction come to pass, from her. I believe those considering PsychicFae for a reading, should definitely take her into private chat! She is probably the fastest reader that I have been too, here, on Oranum! 5 out of 5 stars, for sure! As a matter of fact, she's worth more! Genuine, compassionate, in tune, reader! Worthy of spending 5.99 credits on! ♥" ... written by T
thanks" ... written by iquestionlife
She is awesome! Quick to the point! Honest and fast!" ... written by anocampo
She always calms me down and is so right about everything!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Quick honest connection! Really has a connection with guides and gets answers quickly. Love her energy ....and she's funny too : )" ... written by B
Thanks the things you say are coming true slowly but surely!" ... written by iquestionlife
I did not even have to tell her she knew what was going on. Wow. " ... written by knowing2013
my Fae; always gives me guidance; always my bestie" ... written by jimmy
tHANK YOU SO MUCH FAE, your awesome!!!! so far iam hanging in there and I noe you are right in every way, thank you so much !" ... written by Natasha
I hope everything she saw happens! " ... written by GeminiGirl08
She's always right about everything!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you Fae always here when i need you" ... written by iquestionlife
Very good... 5 on predictions" ... written by Focusing
Great as always!!!" ... written by Jina66
I love her positive upbeat tone! :) Great reading! " ... written by MJ
Always the best " ... written by Wolfy
Thank you Fae.!" ... written by iquestionlife
best bets best best best best readings ever" ... written by n
i always need my fix :)" ... written by nd
Great psychic straight forward !!" ... written by Darkdov
great as always! and shes so quick with all her answers !! wowo :)" ... written by Krissy
So she said that she saw some things changing in the next few months, so I will wait and see what happens. I hope things work out and get back on track come june" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
great" ... written by ashley
fast, thank you so much" ... written by c.
Thank you!" ... written by b
She was right again!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Quick, fast, amazingly accurate. Fae is the real deal, she uncovers things that many won't, but its always the stuff you need to know that will benefit you. Love and light always Fae." ... written by Gzelle2
Fae is such an amazing psychic. she confirmed things i was unsure about and put me on the right track. she has wonderful energy and is a great person. 5 stars all the way :)" ... written by Liz
thanks fae" ... written by lavelle
Thanks Fae! You're Awesome!" ... written by iquestionlife
Wonderful as always spot on with everything " ... written by Wolfy
the best guidance " ... written by noor
Thanks Fae!" ... written by Iquestionlife
So everything that she saw happening at work has taken place so far!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
she is the best love her so to the point and such a great reader with good prediction " ... written by cream
fae is always so good and accurate and there for us. not just for a reading and that's it. luv her" ... written by dcoventry
great readin g same as before she is spot on with what will happen and how things are moving on she is a very good reader and not BS straight to the point " ... written by cea
wonderful I found someone that is great!!!! try her she wont fail ya!!!" ... written by illeanna Pick
I enjoyed her. She was great and down to earth!! Very relatable" ... written by Shawn
She has been right about everything! Will keep her posted" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Truly a good spirit " ... written by n
Fantastic. Recommended." ... written by T
She always gives me peace of mind and has been accurate on everything! Can't wait to see what else unfolds in these next 2 months" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thanks hopefully something will come through" ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you Fae. I'm not sure what to do but I will live on." ... written by Iquestionlife
She is very quick, to the point, and she tells you everything that she sees." ... written by EmpressLeonora
love you fae you confirm all i think and it´s very cool to have u with me..tanks a lot" ... written by sofia
Thank you Fae! You are great!" ... written by iquestionlife
Wonderful great communication customer service beyond stellar five stars always spot on." ... written by Wolfy
so everything that she saw happening has come true so far!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
So every thing she saw she has been right about so far!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Oh my Fabie; she is awesome as ever; has told me patience on my situation and it will move forward; it has and all she has said has come forward. Love her" ... written by Jimmy
Fae you are so right always. Thank you" ... written by Jina66
wonderful as always always knows howto calm me down and always on " ... written by Wolfy
She said that someone would appear in my dreams and they have" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Excellent psychic...5 stars... very accurate reader and also very fast too" ... written by Focusing
Thank you Fae. you were great." ... written by iquestionlife
5 stars!!!!!!! Great insight and lots of details. Fast typing. Thank you so much Fae." ... written by rose np.
I love her cards because they are always so accurate" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you Fae. I wish these blessings will come soon." ... written by iquestionlife
She was right about something that took place at work" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She's great!!" ... written by b
She's great!!!" ... written by b
she was so sweet and funny. I hope her predictions come true..have heard lots of good things about her :)" ... written by erica
Thank you Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
She's always reassuring!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thanks Fae as always!" ... written by iquestionlife
Always soooo quick to connect. I met her on a DEMO and I am so glad that I did. She is ABSOLUTELY amazing. Honest, quick, smart, understanding and ACCURATE!!!" ... written by B
I really love talking to her " ... written by ND
She was able to connect very well with my grandmother" ... written by GeminiGirl08
So a while back she said that someone in my family would be sick but it was not any thing serious and she was right" ... written by GeminiGirl08
I have been going to fae for years and she has NEVER stirred me wrong with my intuition and goals ! And has always been spot on in every session she is truly like a second mother to me! Love you fae !!!" ... written by Silentlurker3
In tune. A must read." ... written by SR
I have the most amazing readings with her. She really is accurate. " ... written by ND
Awesome! Excellent accuracy..." ... written by Jean
Very accurate....explains situations well!" ... written by Jean
She was right about the flirting getting more intense with someone had it has!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
really sweet " ... written by nv
good reading about new career change " ... written by Lisa
Everything that she said would happen so far has" ... written by GeminiGirl08
MY fabie; is awesome. She is so just spot on as always. love her big time. Pure honest, clarity is amazing. My girl" ... written by jimmy
Thanks Fae. Reading was good." ... written by iquestionlife
spot on and very accurate, I am very happy with this reading thank you" ... written by sangeeta
Fae has always been there for me regardless of what situation im in thankyou again will be back for results." ... written by Silentlurker3
Keeps seeing the same things" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thanks Fae. Always there." ... written by iquestionlife
She is awesome! She is quick and honest! She provides accurate answers and definitely cares!" ... written by anoc
Lovely and wonderful as always " ... written by Wolfy
so fun! read my grandmother and those passed on. Very accurate and fun" ... written by chait
thank you so much fae i love you to the moon and back your fast and awesome" ... written by Natasha
Thank you Fae. You're awesome!" ... written by iquestionlife
5 stars,,,very fast and very accurate too...Fae is a true super star!!" ... written by Focusing
She is good, she started to talk to me about a girl I didn't mention to her. " ... written by vjrei01
thank u awesome" ... written by judith
thank u :)" ... written by judith
thank you so much fae - you have relli helped me in everything all the time - and have allways been right and accurate - your the best " ... written by Natasha
Always a pleasure. Love this lady.. so delightful and fun. She told me last year that my job would be reorganizing in FEB of this year (2015) And sure enough , Feb 27th of this year it happened. She also, told me to be careful with my health (nothing serious) , and told me exactly what it was...and just recently I've been having little bouts here an there. Faye is definitely the real deal and she makes it so easy and fun to talk to her. Thanks again Faye....Love and Light... Sunnie :)" ... written by Sunnie
Very good. lots of information. 100% genuine. picks up on everything. lovely energy too. Thank you so much!!" ... written by londonlady
felt very relieved after talking to psychic fae! amazing woman :)" ... written by meera
I love that she reassure me of my situations without me having to tell her!Then gives me all the details!!!" ... written by Ashley
So far everything that she has told me has happened" ... written by GeminiGirl08
It was very reassuring for me. I just needed to hear that advice so much. Thank you your a blessing and I will contact you again for advice. Felicia" ... written by Felicia
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Fast reader without tools. " ... written by Serenity
great and accurate. Very caring :)" ... written by cbt
Fae, you are awesome as always " ... written by Ron
Precise reading as always thanks Fae" ... written by Jean
Her readings are quick and to the point, she has never been off the mark in anything she has told me. Love you, Fae." ... written by Sylvia812
She has been right all along" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Great reading Fae as usual. straight to the point" ... written by shelle97
Vary understanding " ... written by Wolfy
Wonderful as always knows how to get to me to calm down. down to earth and advise is always spot on!!! " ... written by Wolfy
She has been right about everything that has taken place at work" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She's very good at what she does!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
OhhhhFae! the best! always gives me amazing guidance and predictions. Love her" ... written by Jimmy
fast connection... seemed really positive... no doubt! I hope!!!!" ... written by JK
AMAZING !!!!!!!! always always always! she should be the highest payed psychic on here!! no bullshit! she tells you what u need to hear no matter what i would never put my trust into any other person on here the way i do for her! LOVE YOU FAE!!!!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by brianna
Wonderful as always " ... written by Wolfy
Thank you Fae. Always." ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
She was very nice and sweet and letting me know things will be okay. she was very fast." ... written by skylovelly
All that Fae has predicted has happened." ... written by jean
Fae is amazing - 10/10 perfect! Connected sooo fast. My mind was blown. Thank you!!!" ... written by K
Fae blew me away with her speed, accuracy, detailed info and seemed right on the point with all the stuff she was telling me. I know her predictions will come to pass. She is amazing at what she does and everything was without using any tools, she is truly gifted and a pleasure to have on this site. Always helping, and gave me a tremendous boost tonight. You deserve a hundred stars :)))" ... written by Andrew
She keeps saying that I am going to have to speak the truth at work and I already have so far." ... written by GeminiGirl08
WONDERFUL !!!! SUPER STARDOM " ... written by Wolfy
She does not waste your time and money. She told me that my boss would be terminated, and it came true. She deserves more than five stars" ... written by genuineone
Very in tune. " ... written by Anne
Straight to the point! Accurate predictions!" ... written by genuine one
thanks fae u r the best u r spot on for everything and i am relieved with the info u gave me bless u girl xoxo" ... written by barbara39
5 stars!!! She doesn't waste any time, she is fast ! She gets right to the point andamp; makes everything clear. i'll wait for her prediction to come true." ... written by love
fae has always been there when I need her and always encourages me to be happy no matter what. Great psychic and person" ... written by greek
Psychicfae always connects with my situation immediately. She gives great guidance and is FUNNY too : ) She is VERY gifted and can help you!!!" ... written by B
She is FUN and definitely on point!!! She quickly sees the situation and gives you helpful guidance. She has even known what questions I was going to ask before I ask them." ... written by B
Another one of her predictions came true!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She's always right about everything!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
The was short and to the point!" ... written by sweet_k
She's been right about everything so far" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She's been accurate about everything!" ... written by Kaitlin
great! quick and to the point" ... written by genineone
She was right about me going on a vacation in july!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you Fae." ... written by iquestionlife
That was a fast reading, I hope everything works as she mentioned. " ... written by vjrei01
she's awesome" ... written by Cristina
Thank you Fae!" ... written by Iquestionlife
Something happened at work again just like she predicted" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Precise reading, very in tune to my situation" ... written by Jean
Thank you Fae! Always understanding." ... written by iquestionlife
She's awesome! Give her a try!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you Fae! Hopefully I'll from this place soon!" ... written by iquestionlife
Thank you Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
fae is really good " ... written by mz
Thank you Fae! Always telling it how it is." ... written by iquestionlife
she's so fun and fast! And knows before I ask what I need" ... written by Chaitprice
Fae 5000 stars! Always spot on; perfect reads; never negatives; amazng" ... written by Jmmy
I can't wait to see what happens in aug and sept" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Wonderful a thousand stars" ... written by Wolfy
She is awesome!!Able to tell me what I need to kno and the situation around it!!" ... written by Ashley
shis saving my life each and every time puting me in the right direction, such an inspiration so nice so swet and accurate always and forever i will talk to her" ... written by illeanna
just love her she tell you the truth about everything. when confused she will tell you the truth if its bad or good. she is AMAZING!" ... written by katie
I had a reading with Fae in Feburary and she said iwould be dating a 6 foot tall male of a certain nationality and a few more thins. Prediction happened. Fae is always kind considerate and accurate. Please do try her." ... written by G
Thanks again fae for making me feel comfortable and keeping me at ease!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
5 stars....fantastic reader...." ... written by Focusing
Im grateful to Fae and posting a testimonial here long overdue: everything she has told me in the past year has turned out to be accurate. This includes most recently in February 2 predictions that came to pass (with lots of accurate details on top!) 1. a job issue that came to pass, and 2. she predicted that a man of a specific nationality she mentioned with exteme precision and super tall over 6 foot would be pursuing me. Incredible details, incredible accuracy, and all this delivered with care and compassion typically of Fae with her big heart and honesty and ethics. I recommend with a lot of caution but you wl not regret reading with Fae. She will give you her 10000%. Love x" ... written by G
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
She was dead on...knew why I needed her and gave me a helpful reading." ... written by Cathy
Thank you Fae! " ... written by iquestionlife
Blunt... honest... and awesome! :)" ... written by Drohem
Excellent!!!!" ... written by Jean
Thank you Fae! " ... written by iquestionlife
Love her! up for asking one or tow questions in private - she is careful with my money (which I greatly appreciate) and absolutely spot on!" ... written by Sylvia812
amazing.. accurate with everything.. amazing " ... written by diana
Great as always gave me clarity" ... written by pinkpather30
love her!" ... written by chaitprice
Fae is ALWAYS ON POINT and honest...AND QUICK. So glad I found her!!!!!" ... written by B
Her cards are always accurate!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you Fae! " ... written by iquestionlife
She is quick with answers to my worries. " ... written by Michele
Thank you Fae." ... written by iquestionlife
She said she saw me getting a new position at work so we will wait and see" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She had some very surprising news for me! I'm a little scared but happy and excited at the same time" ... written by GeminiGirl08
so I hope everything that she saw taking place in the next two months happens!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you Fae." ... written by iquestionlife
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Woah, you accurately saw some things you couldn't have possibly known about. It left me both speechless and flabbergasted at the same time. And your personality rocks! I left your session laughing my behind off, haha. You are great. Thanks a ton." ... written by Lana
Very quick! Amazing on what she picked up on!" ... written by Lisa
She always knows what to say to calm me down" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Quick reading, good. " ... written by vjrei01
My Fae; always spot on as always to the tee. Stars don't even list here; above all stars. Amazing lady I will say. My go to" ... written by Jimmy
Incredibly accurate about my career / relationships :) Incredibly empathetic and non-judgemental, really positive and truthful reading. Feeling very excited for the future andamp; present I will be back! :)" ... written by Kitkat
Wonderful calming grounding always knows what I need " ... written by Wolfy
She is fast and straight to the point!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Thank you Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
So she said that It's possible that I could get pregnant in October so we will wait and see what happens" ... written by GeminiGirl08
On point and fast. Thank you" ... written by NMA
She always knows what to say to calm me down" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Very sweet, so quick to connect. we will see what happens, I am very hopeful. " ... written by M.
Wonderful amazing Awesome " ... written by Wolfy
So something that she said would happen at work did. I had to file a complaint against someone. Wow, she is really good." ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you Fae!" ... written by iquestionlife
She said good thins are coming and to be patient so we will wait and see" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Very good...cant wait to see the outcome! " ... written by Jean
5 stars as always...Fae is a great lady and psychic...." ... written by Focusing
She sees me getting a new position at work between one to two months!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Thank you Fae. " ... written by iquestionlife
she is fast and can be very certain to give you a concrete answer" ... written by michelelee
Fast and very down to earth. Easy to speak to, and great energy " ... written by Shell
very good reading i came back after her last prediction came to pass and i now have an date for the next few months" ... written by cream cake
She saw me getting a new car in Sept" ... written by GeminiGirl08
thank you for your help" ... written by joey198402
Awesome! Love her energy!" ... written by Serene
very fast and nice ." ... written by sherrie
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy she picked up on almost everything yaya =] new guide about to help me and I do really need to choose what I want" ... written by Lisa
great reading" ... written by cream
Fae is always amazing; my go to; above all star ratings; guidance and the truth prevails. love her" ... written by Jimmy
Thank you Fae. Always." ... written by iquestionlife
she's very accurate" ... written by chaitprice
Thanks Fae for your insight, and for reassuring me on some things. Feeling much better now. I pray for a speedy recovery for you too. God Bless!" ... written by Gzelle2
Fae is awesome. She is always on target and doesn't need any info. She's helped me through a lot of situations and always gives me tools to guide me to my own path. She is very caring and upfront even when she delivers info that might not be what you want to hear. She has your best interest at heart. xoxox" ... written by Michele
Thank you Fae." ... written by iquestionlife
she gave me some hope. I love her spirit." ... written by spn
Thank you Fae." ... written by iquestionlife
W0NDERFUL" ... written by Wolfy
Lovely nice and in answering questions.very accurate,would highly recommend her.she is great.thank you Fae." ... written by :)
first time getting a reading from Fae.... she gave me some predictions which I shall wait for 1 week. overall, a good experience as she was quick to answer. " ... written by lightstreet
she was amazing, always connected with me and my spirits. thank you" ... written by erica
5 stars...very very good,,,I would recommend her to all" ... written by Focusing
I tried to come back to her with the same question each time she gave the same confident answer. " ... written by Michele
I enjoyed the reading, and planning to go back to fae, see you soon.. loves and hugs.. will wait for predictions. Thank you, fae" ... written by waterluva
Great as usual!!!!!!!" ... written by Jean
As always her insight...what she sees about my situation (without me telling her) is always right and she gives me the courage to do what needs to be done and the advice I need to get there : )" ... written by B
Love ya Fae!! Thanks again!!" ... written by shelle97
Five stars and planet " ... written by Wolfy
thank you for all your help" ... written by joey198402
thank you fae" ... written by joey198402
Very accurate!" ... written by Jean
yay!! fae!! she's the best!!" ... written by shelle97
great reading as always!!" ... written by shelle97
I hope things will get better in october in the love department like she said" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
5 stars.Excellent reader...I would recommend Fae to everyone..." ... written by Focusing
Wonderful as always knows how to calm me down. it may take awhile but she things will happens they usually does happens we just have to be patient. " ... written by Wolfy
Awesome as usual" ... written by Kelly
Awesome. right on target" ... written by Jean
great reader" ... written by apple
fae always makes me laugh no matter, what type of questions I ask during our Pvt sessions. She always puts me at ease I love her " ... written by toni
She said that the person that she saw me marrying I have already met so I hope she's right!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
she quick n fast reader" ... written by apple
She told me yesterday that I would not get written up at work for missing so many days and she was soooo right!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Amazing as always!!! she knew exactly what was happening before i finished typing it out!!! I wish I could give her more than 5 stars!!! " ... written by Daniella
She said that I would start getting messages in my dreams and I already am!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
love her! she is so honest and tells you like it is! everything happens! when I have questions I run to FAE! because I know its the truth! thank you FAE your AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by katie
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
good straight answers" ... written by norcal
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
She is awesome!!!" ... written by Ashley
She is awesome!!Picked up on my situation, and was able to tell me a physical description!" ... written by Ashley
she's great" ... written by cristina
good reading, straightforward" ... written by noral
So she said that my boss would misplace some inventory in our department and this happened today. Don't know if it's the same situation she saw but we will see" ... written by GeminiGirl08
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
She's so calming and she said that she saw an employee that I work with leaving and she is leaving within the next couple of weeks" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She told me that this guy who I really like and care about is missing me a lot so that made me really happy!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
5 stars...very fast and very good...i recommend her to all" ... written by focusing
Wonderful as always" ... written by Wolfy
Accurate" ... written by Jean
Thanks Fae! So helpful, once again. :) Can't wait to be healthier and better from here on out." ... written by Lana
Fae always my girl; awesome awesome; accurate as hell. Fun too. Love her" ... written by Jimmy
Wonderful as always a dozen stars and planet of two " ... written by Wolfy
Wonderful as always !!!! " ... written by Wolfy
great reading fae ur always a joy to read with. " ... written by lavelle
5 stars.....very fast and very accurate....I recommend Fae to everyone....she is fantastic" ... written by Focusing
Just love her!!! So confident!!!!" ... written by 180
Thank you for the reading! you are the best!" ... written by shanil kumar
thanks again Fae!!" ... written by shelle97
Always the best; !0 stars and more" ... written by Jimmy
5 stars...i recommend Fae to everyone....very good" ... written by Focusing
Well everything that Fae said came true within about 2 hours of talking to her lol she was very on point with everything..." ... written by M
fae is amazing picks up on things very quickly and doesn't waste any time" ... written by A
Its has been a long while since the last reading but you gave me deep insight and advice Wonderful! connects fast, very honest " ... written by A
she's awesome always " ... written by CRistina
Very fast and to the point. She is really gifted! " ... written by M
fae is wonderful shes always been right on with everything" ... written by a
so quick to connect great reader" ... written by apple
Fae is amazing!! love her!!!" ... written by KARLA
update all what fae told me last time" ... written by A
So she has been right about a lot so far. She said that she saw this black woman who's an employee leaving and she is and she also said that she saw two guys being interested in me and the second guy that she was talking about has already been flirting with me" ... written by GeminiGirl08
So she said that she saw me getting financial aid for school and she was right" ... written by GeminiGirl08
quick n to the point" ... written by applle
Always on target with me it may take time but things always work out after I take to fae !!!!" ... written by Wolfy
She said I should start seeing changes with this guy between oct and nov so I hope she's right!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She is amazing! She always gives me a blunt answer wether I want to hear it or not ." ... written by Ashley
quick to connecr good reader" ... written by apple
She is always Amazing!!!!!! she is to go person! things happen!" ... written by sweetangle3
She said she saw me out on a date between now and 1 month" ... written by GeminiGirl08
she is really fabulous! I love her!" ... written by chaitprice
An amazing reading, PsychicFae is so lovely and connected so well. Reading so accurate! I would recommend to anyone who wants a clear, honest and insightful reading. Cannot recommend more highly!!! :)" ... written by Kitkat
She said that she saw things moving forward with this guy, just maybe not as fast as I want them to so I will wait and see" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She always seems to calm me down" ... written by GeminiGirl08
quick, to the point!!! detailed!!!" ... written by genuine one
time ran out... Love her!!!!" ... written by J
She always gives me hope!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Good as always " ... written by Wolfy
So she was right about what my new market manager for walmart would look like. SHE'S REALLY GOOD!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
Great reading, her energy is off the charts, i love her. She gives you the blunt truth, and she's just awesome. 5 star for sure. " ... written by AMAZING POWER OF THE PSYCHIC
Great Reading, great ansewrs and insight. She is da" ... written by goldneaura
she's so funny and to the point. Good reader!" ... written by chaitprice
Great reading, very informative. Didn't have many credits but she is always fast and accurate " ... written by pinkpather30
I had a great reading with psychicfae. I didn't have to say anything and she knew why I was here. She answered all my questions before I even got a chance to ask her anything and she was kind and warm the whole time. I am very happy I spoke with psychicfae and will definitely come back in the future, although I doubt I will even have to say anything to get the answers I need. " ... written by shasha
she's fantastic! to the point!" ... written by tpm
She's always so reassuring" ... written by GeminiGirl08
5 stars....Spot on with predictions....I recommend Fae to everyone for accurate reading...Fae is very fast and uses NO tools..." ... written by Focusing
thnx fae good to catch up with u i wil for sure come back again" ... written by Amy
She is quick to give you a good comment and kind of seeing through things. thank you so much for giving me a relief every time" ... written by Me
I always ask details about physical apperance to ensure I'm getting the right energy connected and she can always answer the questions with great accuracy!" ... written by Ashley
amazing as always; reads me perfect; spot on with everything" ... written by Jmmy
She said she saw me getting a management position and she was right!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She is Amazing!!! NEVER HAVE TO SAY A WORD SHE ALREADY KNOWS!! WOW ! WOW! WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
wonderful reading and quick to connect" ... written by apple
She is amazing! She can always tell my entire situation without me saying anything!!" ... written by Ashley
she is very good." ... written by michele
shesgreat" ... written by tpm
Fae is always great, straight to the point, lol, tells it like she sees it. Thank you Fae, needed the confirmation. Love and light." ... written by whiteflowers 1
She's always on target!" ... written by GeminiGirl08
She is amazing! I love when she can tell me all the detals about mysituation as confirmation" ... written by Ashley
Thank you Sir! I appricate your help " ... written by shanil kumar
very good excellent" ... written by jana
she is quite true to the fact." ... written by michele
Haha.. Fae was off the hook today.. She's great!!" ... written by shelle97
you have made me very happy today! you are wonderful thank you! god bless" ... written by shanil kumar
Wonderful! She was honest, direct, and was spot on with my situation. She's definitely worth it!!!" ... written by Alicia
Fae is wonderful! she knows everything before you say a word!" ... written by sweetangle3
excellent as usual" ... written by jana
LOve my girl amazing as always; the best!!!!11" ... written by Jimy
Fae is always amazing. Best psychic on this site" ... written by KARLA
Fae gives me the most information in the shortest time- I love her for that!" ... written by Sylvia812
thanks Fae, i like how u connect so quickly with not many information, good advises given. thanks for the guidance" ... written by dakota
very good 5 stars" ... written by jana
Fantastic. Knew what I needed before I even began speaking. Absolutely wonderful. Gave me wonderful advice and put my mind at ease. I will definitely be back to visit her more often!" ... written by sweetcurls
excellent very good spot on" ... written by jana
Great fun and fast" ... written by Lisa
I LOVE HER!!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
5 stars....great psychic ability....Recommend her to all....very fast reader...have questions ready for her....Vry nice lady too with great sense of humor..." ... written by Focusing
So shes been right about everything so far!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Always accurate and FUNNY!! Gives me the guidance I need to be able to figure out choices I need to make." ... written by B
shes so up and always good" ... written by dc
great reading !!" ... written by mashael
very good thank you" ... written by jana
very good excellent 5 stars" ... written by jana
straight to the point" ... written by p
She is awesome!" ... written by AShley
Superstar...5 stars" ... written by Focusing
She's amazing!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
thank you fae for the excellent reading " ... written by papa
I click on the 5 stars lol , not spoke too Fae in while and she still 100% right lol fingers cross" ... written by jasonand cat
Thank you so much for her reading. always always very precise." ... written by Michele
Wonderful! Always upfront and honest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by Alicia
She was right about me having a lot of guys interested in me!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
excellent as usual" ... written by jana
Very good. " ... written by michelelee
great reader no tools " ... written by charlie
excellent!!!" ... written by genuione one
I just love her!! she's crazy fun and truthful!" ... written by tcp
great as always!" ... written by mashael
fae is awesome.. the best 5 stars" ... written by W
good as always, thank you" ... written by jana
hey I love fae she is the real deal and tells it like it is just stop by to tell her what has been going on and the mane mane oh mane can't wait all smiles over here" ... written by harl84
I hope everything she saw happens! She's never been wrong b4" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's wonderful!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
thank u always the best" ... written by jana
She's Amazing!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Wonderful as always always brings me back down to earth " ... written by Wolfy
great reading !" ... written by mashael
5stars,,,,a world class psychic she on" ... written by Focusing
5 on every time she is...." ... written by Focusing
Hey, this woman is the bomb! Give her a try and you will see everything she says will happen!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
LOVE HER! Give her a try!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Shes been accurate on everything!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
AMAZING! as always. she is such a wonderful person. tell you the truth! If you want a answer and the truth she is the person to see! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by katie
great reading !" ... written by mashael
She always tells the truth!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
specific, quick, and to the point!!!" ... written by genuione one
I LOVE HER!!!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She said that I would be given more responsibility at work and she was right!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
great as usual !!!" ... written by mashael
she is so insightful.. So interesting to hear her reads! She is on target" ... written by tp
Great and honest reading!" ... written by Alicia
i love that she doesn't read from cards and is fast. to know what it is you want to ask and be specific. gave a timeframe but too early to tell at this stage" ... written by cranberry
Perfect timing!!!!!! I knew I was going to meet the right person today. Yeah for Fae!!!!!!!! Much Happiness to you. We shall sing together sooooon." ... written by Lanell
i love you" ... written by tom hearty
Love love love love love love her so much, she was spot on!!!!!!!!! Everything she said went perfectly with what I felt in my heart. She's the real deal and I cannot wait to take her advice. It feels so good to be guided in the right direction. LOOOOOOOVEEEE HER!" ... written by Golden
Another one of her predictions came true!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Awesome! accurate" ... written by jean
she gave me some great advice ! i am goin to try what she said and she how it works !!! always amazing she gets what i need to know with out me saying anything !!" ... written by Summer
consistent and helpful" ... written by michele
5 stars....a great psychic and spot on with her predictions...recommend her to everyone for truth and answers" ... written by Focusing
5 starst thank u good read" ... written by angel
very good ty" ... written by jana
She has always been right about everything and she tells the truth!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Excellent - worth it, fast and accurate." ... written by Onslow_Cracker
She's always so reassuring " ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She said that I will see things change with a certain guy between now and march so I will have to wait and see" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She always gives me hope that everything will work out in the end" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
wonderful, fun, quick and amazingly accurate details!!" ... written by nicole
You have to give her a try!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She says that I will see things change between feb and march, she is the real deal!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's always honest!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's always honest even if the truth is not what you want to hear sometimes" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
I hope she was right when she said that she saw this guy asking me out" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She always tells the truth!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Accurate" ... written by Jean
She's always there when I need her" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She helps me lot to clear the queries. from Job to love. Thank you so much. " ... written by michele
I was going to hire a new staff. I have not noticed that the one finally hire is the one she predicted. awesome." ... written by Michele
thanks Fae always so honest about everything! your so wonderful!" ... written by kat620
she said that she saw me dating this guy from work between march and april. I hope it happens" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She always calms me down!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She always knows what do say" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
always guide me the direction. Thank you so much." ... written by michelelee
She said everything will be ok and work out so that makes me feel a lot better" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Super quick, ALWAYS right - Love Fae, she is the one I go to for my important questions, she has never been wrong!" ... written by Sylvia812
funny and strait up as always, she's quick and accurate" ... written by nicole
very good excellent" ... written by jana
She always knows what to say!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Fae is awesome, give her a try, excellent reading." ... written by wt
She said that this guy I like at work will flirt with me more between now and the end of the month" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
I love her so much!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
great advisor ;) thank you fae " ... written by pa
love talking to her" ... written by candy
I love her!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Shes always honest" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
she has good energy. never really sat in her free chat or seen a demo of hers and went off by what I read on her bio. she picked up on somethings that was in tune with my question. She also gave me some time frame of things...we will see how it goes." ... written by cittylove
very informative and great guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
5 stars....excellent psychic...." ... written by Focusing
very good and consistent for what she has predicted. " ... written by michelelee
love her n such a great reader great spirit !" ... written by apple
5 stars...very good'" ... written by Focusing
always a good consultant" ... written by michelelee
She's Amazing!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She always makes me happy!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
LOVE HER!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's Amazing!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
very good " ... written by michele
fingers crossed what was said comes true but great reader very fast and straight forward " ... written by sweet
she's fun" ... written by tp
5 stars excellent" ... written by Focusing
She's Great!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She always puts my mind at ease" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She eases my mind!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's really good at what she does, give her a try!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Fae is amazing, love her, shes always spot on w everything. She neva wastes your credits, to the point, very gifted. Thanks for everything Fae!! ox" ... written by w
She always calms me down and keeps me thinking positive!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She is the best of all. always" ... written by michele
She's amazing!!!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's always on track with what she says, hope things come to pass!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Amazingly fast and spot on. She picked up on everything very well." ... written by V
She is excellent. thank you so much for clearing my worries." ... written by Michele
something that she said would happen came to pass!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Good reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
great reading !" ... written by mash
5 stars...very on" ... written by Focusing
She said that I will be asked out by someone this summer, I hope she's right and will wait and see what happens!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
5 on ....excellent psychic" ... written by Focusing
Fae is amazing, she is so quick to connect, is so respectful of my time and money. She has never been wrong, Highly recommend. " ... written by Sylvia812
Give her a try!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's Great!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She was right about me doing well on my test that I thought I failed, but I got a B on it!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Fae is the real deal Hands down,it was very positive reading,Fae is very honest won't tell you what you want to hear,if its something you need to know she will tell you,whether it be good or bad,looking forward to the predictions coming up from her,spot on accurate,I love her energy,and of course her sense of humour,she well worth reading with a true gem to oranum,One of a kind,spot on accurate.Thank you fae,love and light xoxoxo" ... written by Jennie
great reading !!" ... written by mash
She's always on target!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
she's so energetic" ... written by traci
She was very good accurate and made total sense!! It was a very good reading!!" ... written by Me
SHES AMAZING!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
great reading !!" ... written by mash
She's really good, give her a try!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
she is always great. " ... written by michelelee
She's Amazing!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She saw me seeing a certain guy within one to two weeks and she was right!!!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
I have been coming to this girl for 3 years and she's never been wrong about anything" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's good!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Awesome reading!!!" ... written by V
Give her a try!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
This woman has never steered me in the wrong direction. She's truly an amazing woman with an amazing gift." ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Love her!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
LOVE HER!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
thanks for the reading Fae! she's a wonderful listener and advisor! " ... written by papa
So something that she told me would happen a while ago happened a few weeks ago" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
something that she said was right" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's great!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
she always tells the truth!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's very comforting" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
she said something will happen between now and 1 week" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's always honest!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She always makes me feel better and calms me down!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She is perfect. she won't make things up to scare you and have you to pay more to cleanse this and that . " ... written by Michele
excellent, quick and to the point" ... written by genuineone
Fae is absolutely amazing in accuracy. " ... written by L
So she said that she saw someone close to me dying and she's right, since my grandma is not doing that well" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
She's always right!!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
SHe has been my reader for awhile and is very accurate and fast ,, thank you for always being there !" ... written by Darkdov
She is so amazing and spot on! She's extremely accurate and works fast!! She's always giving the right clarity in times of need. Thanks! " ... written by Ann
Great reading very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Fae is wonderful and fast!! She taps into you really quickly and she is right on th money. I will go see her again sometime soon. :)" ... written by Terri
She's amazing!" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
awesomely great !" ... written by mz
great!! so sweet , accurate and helpful" ... written by a
love talking to her! best one here!" ... written by humiii
Fast and furious! Kept reading while I added credits. Appreciated that. Ty!" ... written by Aye
good reading" ... written by n
Deva Fae is the real deal- quick, honest, calls it as she sees it- highly recommend - 5 stars!" ... written by SYLVIA812
She said that this guy matt at work will like me, I hope she's right! She's never been wrong" ... written by GeminiGirl1989
Nice and calming..." ... written by Karen
She such sweetheart and she is amazing she really quick and she keeps it real. She tells you the truth weather you want to hear it or not. Thank you soo much for the private reading!! have nice night....!" ... written by Genan
Great reading! She's very upfront, direct, and honest! NO BS with her.. Will keep her updated on how everything goes!!! Love her, highly recommended!" ... written by Alicia
She's always spot on and completely accurate! Always so helpful when I need some clarity and guidance! " ... written by Sophia
5 stars...." ... written by Focusig
Great guidance, very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
The best reading ever! FAST! To the point!" ... written by Yuliya
she was awesome" ... written by neveah11
she was awesome" ... written by neveah11
Love Fae! She is always accurate in her prognosis and always to the point! " ... written by Yuliya
Amazing read and it is my first time...definitely 5 stars :-)" ... written by Gina
She is good" ... written by Mike
still one of the very best. faye is amazing as always!!!love the way she see peoples thoughts so accurately, and tells it just like it is.xoxo love ya." ... written by kake
FAe is quick and honest and predictions come true" ... written by lexusgal
Fae was right on point with her spirits, she even brought some things up that I didn't mention to her, which took me by surprise. Detailed, really quick, accurate, and in-tuned. She has a cheerful energy about her as well as being understanding and insightful. My mind was put at ease and I was relieved. I recommend her and will be back for future readings. =) " ... written by Nikki
She is able to give me physical descriptions and it amazes me!" ... written by Ashley
She's very helpful and surprising intuitive! She has been very accurate when she gives tips during chat time. THank you!" ... written by CosmosLove
Fae is so awesome, she is quick, honest, and very in-tune. She picked up immediately on how I was feeling personally without me saying anything. I look forward to coming back to follow up soon :) " ... written by Makeup Maven