About Poet301

Psychic Poet301has 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Poet301has recently helped 262members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Poet301's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Every Hour on the hour for the next 4 hours one meber will be picked for afree demo so why not come and see for yourself xxx Poet



What to expect:

Unlike Tarot Cards where predictions and current situations are dealt with, A Medium will connect with the dead, usually family members, relatives or possibly friends of your life. Even generations past that you may not know personally.

For the first while, loved ones will try and validate past memories of life so that a true connection can be made knowing you have someone that has meaning in your life.

Please only answer questions from Paul with "Yes" and "No" as he does not want you to help him unless asked.

Have some questions ready prior to the reading so that once a connection is made, possible help may come from whom has connected for you.

Mediums do predict the future and help with guidance on situations from loved ones that have passed. However when spirits give advice on path choices the decision is yours and yours alone.

Probably the most impactful meaning that comes from a reading is the validation that loved ones are on the other side, and that they are truly always there and possibly helpful for guidance on personal issues.

Hello Everyone

My name is Paul Anthony Mc Vicker i am an international medium psychic i have been comunicating with those who have past over for 20 years ever since i lost my dear grandfather at the age of 11

I have worked with people from all over the world giving them peace of mind and uplifting there spirit knowing that i can talk to there departed love ones. I hole great respect for those who have past on and for those who feel there loss thats why i an humbled daily by this amazing gift

I am called poet on here simply because poetry comes from the soul and since i comunicate with souls the name poetic psychic seemed fitting it was given to me by my late granmother who always encouaged me to be thankfull and use my gift in the need for others

so please come into the room and check me out you will not be dissapointed as the testomonals will be the poof of the pudding as they say i am looking forward to make new clients and experiencing all that our dearly parted have to show

Sincerly Yours
Paul Anthony

poet301 is the best he is awesome and right on im come to his site just to see him" ... written by idamae
I was a bit skeptical about psychic readings before I decided to do a private reading with Paul. It was amazing! I had to tell him very little information and he was able to contact many people close to me who have passed. He is truly a gifted psychic with a strong connection to the spirit world. A reading with him is well worth the money if you want to contact someone who has passed and get advice about the present. Thanks Paul! You Rock!" ... written by KMP12345
I would like to tell everyone how wonderful Poet301 is...he is just awesome !!!! I was able to connect with my family and he was right on with communicating between us...I would recommend him to my friends and anyone wanting to connect with someone that has passed. After having a private reading with him I felt very uplifted and had such good feelings with my reading...Thanks you Poet301 " ... written by Terri
Poet is always direct, sincere and correct...thank you" ... written by ffms01
He's awsomee ! Love him, thanks !" ... written by jello2852
I recently had a reading with Poet301 and he is truly Amazing! He is such a genuine person and was 100% right with everything! I will be back often!" ... written by Christina
She was quick, and honest. Great reading!" ... written by layla401
WOW Poet!!......What a really nice genuine guy..He is very caring andamp; a great person to talk too,. He was spot on with everything he told me, He couldnt of got it more accurate. I come on here each evening just to listen to him as i think he is amazing. I have recommended Poet to all my friends andamp;amp;amp; Family. He is just FAB xXxXx" ... written by mam190809
I had a wonderful reading with Poet. He is very kind. Wish I could have purchased more time. I hope to return soon!" ... written by maclen
Awesome reading.thank you poet! " ... written by mylife123
All I can say is OMG.. He is really good!!!" ... written by annslife
thanks so much" ... written by godess01
THANK YOU POET!!!!!!!! I have no words to describe how i feel now.... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Emma
very interesting experience :) it was nice to hear from my grandparents :) and Poet is a very genuine person :) enjoyed the private reading a lot! will come back for sure :))) Thanks!!!" ... written by thetruthseeker
The REAL deal!! WOW, so amazed.I am truly speechless. He is a true medium. Thank you so much Paul!!" ... written by ezangel
THANK YOU POET!!!!!!!! I have no words to describe how i feel now.... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Emma
He was absolutely nice, I loved the reading. Thank you." ... written by Olga
wow...AMAZING..... i will be back....he is just wonderful...very happy i discoverd his room !!! he is the first person i have EVER had an online reading with and the first medium i've spoken to... hes just wonderful !!! you must have a private with him !!!!" ... written by Spare2012
Poet was wonderful in his connection... I spoke with family I miss and love..." ... written by psychicstudent
He was wonderful, just as he is everytime I speak with him! Would love more readings with him!!" ... written by Fullmoonrising
HE IS VERY NICE AND HELPED ME A LOT THANK U SOO MUCH PAUL!!!!" ... written by happyfriend123
Ahh such a great man, good energy. I would suggest anyone wanting to contact the spirit world should get a reading with Poet301, I haven't tried other mediums out here on oranum yet, but he is indeed one of the best on here." ... written by Cryptids
Absolutely incredible, every single time. Without a doubt, the BEST psychic in town. :-)" ... written by chelliesally
Amazing all I can say at the moment...I'm in a shock.....I've waited long to get a reading from him and I cant overemphasize how right i was on him and he's worth the wait !!!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
The best reader I've ever consulted!!!" ... written by berkovala
omg! ive waited so long to speak to my loved one who passsed. and poet i can not thank you enough. you are so wonderful. wish i had more time with you. i will be back to see you again. everyone who wants to contact there loved one. poet is the guy!!! once again thankyou so so much. jo scotland. " ... written by justweemejo
Poet is Amazing..what a wonderful gift!! This was my second reading and I was able to connect with 2 people that I loved dearly...thank you so very much!!! God Bless you!!" ... written by shancw69
Amazing, absolutely spot on with the connection with my mom. He relayed messages from her that made me have no doubt he was communicating with her. Thank you so much for giving me her for Memorial Day." ... written by Catrina77
Excellent, and tons of fun. Really connected with my mom who passed on. Great heart and spirit" ... written by Belle1
Poet301 did a demo for me was lucky to win and what he told me was really true and amazing! I really like the demo he did for me very accurate! Highly recommend him!!!" ... written by goddess70
Poet is the best medium on here. He blew me away with my reading and the things he says he couldnt have knew without my loved one telling him the info. I will never go too any other. " ... written by justweemejo
Marvellous! Picked up on so many things very well. I am actually astonished at how many things he got correct. Poet you are amazing." ... written by justinsensei
FANTASTIC." ... written by MALEX3007
GREAT." ... written by MALEX3007
Omg I had been waiting for ever to have a reading with poet again and finally I did ! And once again he was great" ... written by godess01
He is amazing. He told me things that no one would ever know but me. He truly has a gift...." ... written by crystals52
Poet is not only a legitimate reader but he has heart...there is no reason why you shouldn't take him to private...amazing!!!" ... written by kaprikornunikorn
Amazing reader and medium. Helps a lot. Definitely one of the best around. I recommend him very much." ... written by SilentShout
OOH BOY, POET HAS IT GOING ON! HE IS ACCURATE, QUICK AND FUNNY! Plus he won't waste your money. He will connect with you before you have a reading just to make sure he has connected with you. And the super thing about that, is you can see how he works. Recommend him 110% - he is fabulous." ... written by BraunWynn
Really spot on with reading and a lovely person and will defintly get more readings iin the future a" ... written by kathy54
This man is quite interesting I hope he is right about what he told me. I can't wait for prediction to come true woho!!!" ... written by Katja87
One of the best on Oranum I would def recommend him! He was spot on and does not waste your creds :) " ... written by Wolfspirit85
After watching a fantastic demo, I decided to try. I was amazed by the experience. I walked away with a sense of comfort. " ... written by twizzles
By far the best I've ever had, my God blown my mind with connecting with my dad, unreal and has taken my breath away. Thank you so much for connecting with my dad. 10/10" ... written by tonio73
Truly amazing, I would recommend to anyone." ... written by tonio73
Awesome reading...Paul is saying true." ... written by maria12111
Thanks so much i will back xxxxx" ... written by ale510
Unreal made me cry..spot on! " ... written by AmandaG21
Great reading ! " ... written by sillygirl1198
WOw, great reading. A real connection and quite helpful" ... written by crystalrei
He was very in-tuned with my past loved ones! I was amazed at how well he connected with them! He was correct about everything he said, and I was very impressed! Very good reading. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Found him excellent..was really spot on what he said! could not get over how good he is. " ... written by nighthalk
Hey is soooo darn good, I don't even know what to say, he said things that I knew he was talking about my grandparents... do have a private with him he is amazing... beware though make sure you have plenty of credits... Thanks little brother... xx" ... written by butterflywings10
He was so good, I had to go back for more! He was so brilliant, he nailed everything about my past and present! OMG, absolutely brilliant! I recommend people give him a try! You won't be disappointed. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
I found it very good, was very pleased! Answered my questions I have had for so long about a loved one! so happy, would highly recommend him to everyone. " ... written by kev169
Was very good that i got to hear from my grandparents and how grateful they were. " ... written by melg19
WoW" ... written by Angelwingss7
I have to admit I went into this reading skeptical but came out pleasantly surprised! He picked up many details no one could have known about my family. Connected well." ... written by truthyone
Thank you for an amazing reading, the first reading i have ever had that was very warm and truthfull, i would deffinatly recomend Poet301, he is a very caring and amazing person and i will deffinatly be comming back soon for an outher reading, once again thank you so much you made my day x" ... written by sharon1111688
The best!" ... written by 0Marissacre0
Great reading as always....Poet is just the best....! " ... written by Terri1321
Omg!!!!!!!!!!!! wonderful! I swear." ... written by purple20
Amazing reader!!!!!!!! on the button!!" ... written by cleoham87
He has been the best so far for me on this site.. hes very in tune with who hes talking too on the other side.. hes worth the money!!" ... written by Korbyl
Very good reading. He told me something about my husband I have wanting to know since his passing. " ... written by cat20122013
Just had a reading with Paul and it was excellent, I related to alot of what he told me , it was great , cant wait to go back for another reading . nice guy :) " ... written by denideni63
Oh my god i finally manged to spoke to my father oh my god !!!!!!!!so many details !he also described him physically and also some other relatives ..thank you so much !" ... written by heaventime
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! you are kind and direct and you deserve more than 5 stars!" ... written by tatianasmile
Wow amazing man true to his words I'll be back again sometime xx everything was so true xx" ... written by benji37
Love the way he connects with the other side.. very laidback!" ... written by Korbyl
Amazing reader. Try him." ... written by natei08
He is a nice man,I had a great reading ! will have more readings in the furture..." ... written by watercolors68
What an AMAZING guy!! Paul is totally gifted!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Wowowowo he is so accurate he knows what is going on... I am in shock with what he knew... " ... written by butterflywings10
He has got many details and i need more time with him he is extremely good :-)" ... written by heaventime
Love Poet301. Very good reading thanks." ... written by tash1921
My 2nd private reading with poet..truly amazing! spot on with everything he says! would highly recommend to get a reading with him and i will def be back for another reading with him! " ... written by kathy54
Thank you thank you god bless you!" ... written by tatianasmile
Im crying of joy right now....Paul is amazing...finally reconnected with my dad who passed away years ago." ... written by 3louise3
He was right on and very good!" ... written by triggs45
STRONG ENERGY!!! I am sorry, had to stop the chat midway but it was 100% accurate." ... written by tasha_j
Very good on picking up on pass relatives... GREAT READING!" ... written by mariekat72
Amazing man amazing gift. He saw my grandfather hunting rabbits which he loved to do. He's been gone for many many years. It was so nice to hear from him. Poet was amazing very gifted man. Thank you." ... written by slkyslky