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Psychic PersianPrincezzhas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PersianPrincezzhas recently helped 291members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PersianPrincezz's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Aloha- and Welcome to miss Persian Princezz chatroom. I greet you all and welcome you to join me in my Free psychic chat-room to take part of getting to know me better, asking me personal questions and learning more about my traits, skills and psychic abilities. I am a clairvoyant clairaudient clairsentient and claircognizant psychic which means I have visions, premonitions, hear, and feel Spirit around me as well as know things before they occur in time. My mediumship abilities kicked in from my teenage years. I was able to predict and dream things that happened within 6 months ahead of time. I also was able to see not only events, but places and people that i would interact with and become friends with at a later time, never having met them before. I have honed these skills from when little, but of course worked on them more and more as I grew older. My interest in the metaphysics started when I was 17 years old studying my first subjects in Philosophy, Psychology, Communications and Linguistics major in high school. I have been creative since I was very little as 5, always drawing, painting, sowing, and writing since I was a child. My dream always was to be working with people in the health science and branch, and today I am moving on to graduate level of studying after going through 5 years of spiritual growth and really difficult circumstances in life. I am capable of helping in all areas pertaining to family, child upbringing, pregnancy, marriage, divorce, friendships, work relations, change of job, financial increase/decrease, moving and traveling, what he/she feels or thinks about you etc. Things that I will not predict is anything to do with 3rd parties that you have no involvement with, meaning trying to find out what the neighbors do or when someone you don't like at work is going to quit, or when a happy relationship is going to end (with the help of me & you interfering). I will tell the truth of what I see and if some relationship is on its way of ending on its own natural force I will be telling you this. Also I do not bias my readings, I am not interested in putting judgement on anyone's life nor am I interested in comparing my services to any of my fellow coworkers on this site. I do not like drama and I have seen a lot of it on this site. Keep me out of it, and if you do get readings about my life as an individual i will be reporting you to Oranum as it is a violation of employers privacy. We are not allowed to defame our fellow coworkers or give out any personal information such as Skype, Facebook, Admin and/or policy information and we are not allowed to give out real name, number, location or address to clients so please be courteous of the Oranum rules. I will also not be giving Free readings in my room, however as a new or returning registered member I may pull one card or answer a simple yes or no question if I find it that simple to answer and it doesn't need to be looked into properly. Also avoid arguments or foul language in my room as we are monitored 24/7 and anything/everything you may say can be recorded and reported at any time. If something highly sensitive needs to be discussed; please click Private and you will have my undivided attention. Mahalo

Great reading." ... written by MayGirl
Her readings are amazing and precise. Awesome person and very affordable and generous!" ... written by Crunchmuch
She was very fast i think she connected with me will see what happens " ... written by julznycles
Sooo sweet andamp; nice.very insightful felt more like I was talking to a friend super nice would talk to here again!" ... written by Anchal91
She is an amazing psychic. I loved conversing with her. I definitely do recommend her for an insightful reading. Do not miss your chance it is worth the money." ... written by shaki1991
Great reading, very insightful. ty Princezz" ... written by damaria34
WENT BACK SHE VERY HONEST andamp;amp; GAVE ME THE TRUTH GOD BLESS TTU AGAIN" ... written by queenbee22
OMG what a great reading. I value and will treasure your advise, thank you so much. Looking forward to getting more in depth with this next time. " ... written by corvettime02
She is truthful and honest. " ... written by iSpiderman
Ok, I was sceptical going into this reading but I was pleasantly surprised. once she connects she is on point. Also had some practical life advice to share as well. she's worth your time :)" ... written by TrueSpirit
She' s great." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Great - direct and to the point. V Good" ... written by Nicole212
She was great, can really pick up on a situation.." ... written by luckycharms312
Stunning god bless her. she had me in tears afterwards" ... written by danielgemini1
Amazing reading! Very true and accurate. :)" ... written by femme77
Spot on with most things but consult ended and I still have credits x." ... written by bbwardle
This was actually my 2nd reading and I must say that her predictions a month ago in my 1st reading came true! She had very good insights into my situation from the tarot cards and practical life advice to apply as well which was great! You won't be disappointed :)" ... written by Boggle
PersianPrincezz is amazing with the cards....was totally spot on with my situation and hope her predictions for next month come true!" ... written by marionlyttle
She's awesome!!" ... written by smtamondong
Very quick and good with reading. Very nice person to speak to. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
Great reading... Enjoyed it very much." ... written by gemmie
Very accurate lady :) Very quick typist and lovely person." ... written by kellygal77
Thank You very accuerate" ... written by alexandra11
Thank you soooo much, great reading. x" ... written by bbwardle
She is a very sweet lady I enjoyed the reading" ... written by DNR2529
Felt her connection was spot on... good understanding of my situation and the person in question. i will come back!" ... written by lilliableu
She was awesome, one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dramatic023
Good reading ....I am looking forward to September .... :) Thanks." ... written by SweetAuraGal
She's really really in tune and spot on! " ... written by thefrancislee
The best one I have spoken to thus far. So accurate , so amazingly sweet, you can tell she is genuine. She gave me much needed advice. I couldn't believe how much she could read about myself and my concerns. Truly amazing you will not be disappointed." ... written by punkqueen_13
Quite insightful. :)" ... written by Omeros
Very fast; great advice. " ... written by mimatisse
Great reading!" ... written by heather7
She has given me great details on my case will come back in Sept to give her the update, things should be much better.. God Bless" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you for the clarity! " ... written by luv2much310
Loved her reading style :) Spot on with descriptions. very accurate :)" ... written by Summaluv8
She has helped me on so many levels." ... written by stephany
PersianPrincezz picked up on alot of things , I will definitely be back for more readings she is great." ... written by victoria111
Was really good!" ... written by kgill1983
Best here so far. Tried all of them here. She saw i was pregnant and many other things. " ... written by lisa
Very good reading! She is so kind and really takes time to understand and explain what the cards say. Great advice and insight!" ... written by lydialyon
Have had 2 readings with her, she is wonderful and honest. She cares because she will take the time with you to really explain what is going on. Will be checking back in a few weeks with an update." ... written by j_manthey
Very very very good lol." ... written by Klaudyna27
Very very very very good." ... written by Klaudyna27
PersianPrincezz! As the tarot card reader. From my past she is accurate and gets straight to the point and very good reader. See what the future holds?" ... written by CUTnDRY
Awesome reading thank you for the advise." ... written by corvettime02
NIce accurate reading. " ... written by Mike
She was amazing. She knew my ex-boyfriend had dark hair and dark eyes and said his personal traits to the T! Amazing girl. Will be coming back!! She seems real and not a fake at all!" ... written by Ivana
Great reading will def, come back :)" ... written by astridzinha
She's Awseome, picks up quickly, will most defineitly have more pvt with her in the near future." ... written by Lucy117
Very accurate and honnest reader. I would recomment her to anyone. Thanks for the awesome reading!!!! " ... written by geminigoddess
Very quick and detailed with information she received. Helpful to understand my situation and make appropriate decisions. Thank You." ... written by penny
No sugar coating, excellent so honest, very accurate and fast, u want an excellent reading and only the truth she is the one...Thank u ..i will be back.." ... written by newhorizons12
Shes sweet honest and truthful. If you do not want to hear the truth then just dont come to her. Sometimes the truth hurts but at times you just need to take it in. She is TRUTHFUL." ... written by iSpiderman
Direct and upfront. told it like it is. " ... written by moosuga
She is awesome and sooo sweet! She is quick. Her cards tell it all. " ... written by Jazzylady155
She is wonderful, honest and compassionate." ... written by Jazzylady155
She was good." ... written by Jazzylady155
Great reading, hit on the key points of what I was asking." ... written by rkahnee4
Very nice and thorough!" ... written by focusing
Lovely person, great, in depth reading, pros con of my situation, greatly appreciate your input, thx you!" ... written by queenbee22
She is a great reader and told me everything before I asked. " ... written by sprathap10
Great !! right on with stuff " ... written by Mcra7x
Awesome and truthful reader. Thank you!" ... written by jwlipscomb
She's honest, easygoing, and very accurate. Great reading :-)" ... written by bellacasa
Great insight! She is quick and very friendly. Worth a private reading." ... written by yvettepandora
Loved her, she really focuses and is very kind. Good insights, very honest." ... written by Radiant
Thank you so much for the great reading! She really went into great detail with time frames and people in my life!! She's really good!!" ... written by md
Very sweet girl. She is not judgmental and patient. Her reading was a bit different than others. Only future can tell for that... " ... written by psymeow
AWESOME!!!!!! Princezz is simply wonderful, I was sooo impressed by her connection with me, inside of the situation, people around me, my thinking and plans, moves.....Unbelievable! Everything so accurate, every single word. Hope that what she saw coming in my future come to pass too....A lot of hard work to do but worth the effort. Thank you so much Princezz!" ... written by nathalie
Great reading... so much info to process but grateful for the info. Thanks!" ... written by Jocelyn
Thanks for read. Keeping fingers crossed and praying!" ... written by d2k1000
Persia your reading were awesome, You HIT it on the spot." ... written by coco_love
Nice and strong reading" ... written by Ceaser
Princezz got down to the details and was very accurate for me." ... written by Virgo
Spot on! I got a free demo and she was so amazingly accurate I had to get a private. I highly recommend her. She is very talented!!! " ... written by michelle
Amazing, knows exactly what's going on. " ... written by regina
I feel there could have been a connection there. Time will tell. " ... written by halovm
she really amazing, you gatta try her.." ... written by onlygal22
She is VERY accurate and exact! I've got exact answers on all my questions!! She even could see things about which i didnt even mentioned. Recommended! 5*" ... written by kosmosss