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Psychic PaolaKnowshas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PaolaKnowshas recently helped 701members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PaolaKnows's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Relationship Expert Natural Born Psychic/Certified Tarot Card Reader tells only the truth. WEEKEND SPECIAL $2.99/min (Reg. per min price 3.99-4.99) Average reading time is 7 minutes, depending on how many q's you may have.

Note: Before you type in anything on the "freechat" board, understand that I do NOT answer any questions or pull a card here. All I offer in FreeChat is "connection time'" (validates what I can pick up with just names and date of birth of both the client and the person involved in their question in mind. It is NOT fair for the people I turned down before, myself and the website if I give out an answer here as Oranum is NOT free site. Questions will be answered in Private Chat Only.

My Name is Paola and I am a natural born psychic, gifted with Clairsentience, which is the ability to sense or feel the presence of invisible things, like spirits, energies or even thought forms of others which are not normally sensed by ordinary people and Clairvoyance, which is the ability to see visions of the past, present and future.

I have been doing psychic readings for over 12 years now and I have gained a handful of loyal clients, here in California and abroad AND ever since I chose to use the gift that God has given me to help others, My main goal in every session is to give each of my clients clarity and peace of mind. I always believe that "Seeing for Someone else is Always easier than seeing for yourself.", and thats why I'm here, ready to help you with that, whether what I see is positive or negative.

I am honest by the fault, I will tell you what I feel and what the cards or my guides tell me, but I am compassionate and inspirational as well. When I vowed and followed my great grandmothers path, as I mentioned before, my main goal is not only to give clarity but also direction in order to put your mind at ease. I will make sure that no matter how bad the situation may be, I will show you the light at the end of that dark tunnel you're currently in.

Because I am highly empathic (I am one of those who can feel what others feel/think strongly), my expertise is on relationships: romance, family, friendship and anything that has to do with someone in your life that concerns you. All I need is the First name by birth and Date of Birth (I only ask the DOB for timelines, when I need to use the vedic chart).

Now let me remind you this before you get a reading, not just from me but from other psychics: free-will (action) and most of all NEGATIVE energy can change outcomes. YOUR energy can change the outcome or the timing, creates delays... So try to think positive no matter how difficult your current state is! Our thoughts are very powerful! And keep in mind all the time, that energies around us, positive or negative, are very contagious. But the worst negative energy that one self can gather is the one that he/she created!

I am a believer of God, therefore I do NOT believe in spells, charms, chants or anything as such! So do not ask me about this matter... I see a "spell" of any kind, whatever it is, as one big ball of negative energy thrown at someone---Whether it's for love or hate, it creates nothing but negative energy... You don't need to do a spell in order to wish someone hurt, as I have mentioned above, our minds are very powerful, so by simply having that thought and feeling of hate can and will harm someone because the energy you created is thrown at them... You will just be wasting money and time to ask anyone for spells... So the only thing I will offer other than psychic reading is Energy and Aura Cleansing (Draining the negative energies and uplifting only the positive) and I only use a white candle (or beeswax) and of course, prayers, which is much much more powerful than any chants or spells out there. There are TWO kinds of cleansing that I do which is a Minor and a Major cleansing and even though I do NOT charge service fee, if MAJOR cleansing is needed I will need to use several pure blessed beeswax candles which are pricey and I do not offer that here YET... until Oranum works something with invoicing clients, then I will. Until then, all I can offer are minor cleansing and prayers.

Now if you're ready to hear the truth (and nothing but the truth!), to finally find that peace of mind, open to listen for advice that would only put you in a much healthier state (emotionally, spiritually and mentally), then I am ready to take you in as my client.

God Bless You and I hope to speak with you soon!

*Rating/Comment is greatly appreciated and always welcome but not mandatory. All I ask is that you rate me fairly. Thank You.*

*For Entertainment purposes only. Do not come to me for Medical and Mental Issues, though note that I have a bachelors degree in Healthcare Management and a few units away from becoming a licensed mental therapist*

*PLEASE: NEVER TYPE IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER, ON FREECHAT OR PRIVATE CHAT. English is my second language and when I speak fast, I may say the opposite by honest mistake and/or may sound that I do, but Take note that you can never give me your email address/phone number AT ANY COST. (Doing that, I will be forced to ban you from contacting me next time and I will immidiately report you to oranum).

*I don't have Myspace/Friendster/Blogspot Account. I do NOT add clients in Facebook because first of all, we experts are not allowed to contact anyone outside of the website and two, the Facebook account that I actually do have is now used by my daughter for games and the one under the name PAOLAKNOWS FACEBOOK is NOT me (I already send out a note to fb and I was told it will be taken out, if they haven't already). So please don't be offended once you see your invite is unaccepted or your fb message ignored. I don't give out freebie psychic readings here, not even a card pull, so what makes you think I would do it outside the site when its unsafe? Understand that it is NOT fair for me, Oranum and most of all, the valued, loyal and serious oranum members who spend to get what they pay for*

Thanks very much. You are great..." ... written by Dumbfounded
Paola is amazing...she was accurate abt everything! I highly recommend her..thank u for ur help!! xo" ... written by loveable1390
I had been to Paola twice and she was briliiant both times. Very accurate and good, honest advice. She also gave some very interesting information which I needed to hear... I feel Paola is a psychic that can be trusted." ... written by Plunkie
PaolaKnows is very accurate and provided me with an amazing reading. She is very caring, considerate and to the point. She does not mince words and tells it as it is. Her guidance is excellent and her reading is always on the spot!" ... written by Smitha
Very informative. Tapped right into the situation. So nice!" ... written by leelee26
I reviewed several psychic readers on Oranum including PaolaKnows. Paola," ... written by katdogkat
Paola is amazing...she was accurate abt everything! I highly recommend her..thank u for ur help!! xo" ... written by loveable1390
Thank u dear. Nice to talk to u. Give me lot's of hope ;))" ... written by Zaya21
Amazing... just for curiosity, i paid twice and get the same result. Her readings won't lie. " ... written by Ladyinred3
She is a beautiful spirit!!! Gave me great clarity and was right on about everything!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your gift!" ... written by HelenRod
Paoloknows was very helpful in reaffirming what I already know. I feel better, happier, and lighter after I listen to her reading. Thanks." ... written by Pockets98
Maximum 4000 characters..." ... written by KATEPILLAR7
She is very nice" ... written by Zaya21
She is great, and will tell you everything you need to know without hesitation. Paola is very nice, professional, and gets to the point. Thank you for all your help!" ... written by miracle06
She continues to keep me encouraged about things very honest she has been a real blessing to me. Thanks, Love" ... written by cadesgirl
Great!!! Kind, and straight to the point. Very good readings. Highly recommend." ... written by miracle06
Greetings :) First off I would like to say that Paola is not only a very friendly person, but but very polite and respectful to everyone in her free chat. I have had two private readings with Paola so far and both of them I had received the answers I needed, and she was very responsive while going through an exercise with me. Paola can pick up on anything you want to know about, and can figure out an aspect of your life that you haven't even explained (told me about family, and helped me with my immediate family's health, without even telling her something was wrong). So other than the fact that she has my back, you can tell that her abilities are sharp, in-tune and ready to help serve you, answer your questions and put your mind at ease. No matter how the day has gone on Paola is always cheerful, and welcomes me to the room with bright eyes. I highly recommend Paola to each and every one of you that are in need, or just want a friendly person to talk to, her Empathic ways will start to make you feel better instantaneously. Thank you Paola for being such an awesome help!" ... written by watergemini
A great, thorough reading! What I loved about her is that she gives you what she is picking up with no input from the client first. She does not want her reading to have any biases. And I must say she had a clear grasp of the situation. Excellent advice given as well! Thank you! " ... written by Nona29
Paola is amazing...she was accurate abt everything! I highly recommend her..thank u for ur help!! xo" ... written by loveable1390
Shes really amazing :) her advice are just so good. She knows straight away in the core of your problem. I recommend her to everyone." ... written by Teejay24
Wow shes amazing, glad i found her here,,, wonderful advice,, i love it" ... written by Teejay24
Amazing as always!" ... written by leelee26
Thanks Pao.. Things are better upon hearing your messages..All the best :)" ... written by tintin001
Not only accurate but gives great advice as well. She was blunt when she needed to be and has amazing foresight." ... written by guriwo
I love Paolaknows!!! She is understanding, caring, insightful, and to the point, and gave so much clarity to my confused situation that after the reading she gave me I feel better already and ready to move forward. I guarantee it that you will not be disappointed. All my questions were answered, concerns addressed. Most of my responses were "yes" because everything she said was right on target! Paola genuinely is here to help clarify and guide you in the most positive way. Did I say I love Paolaknows!!!? I do! And so will you! Thank you Paola!!" ... written by Athoj0583
amazing as always!" ... written by hxd181
Very much on point with everything..." ... written by sweetz6301
Awesome! Very Accurate about her details and extremely thorough! " ... written by foxysukh5
This Young Girl is Awesome!! You wouldn't believe the wisdom!" ... written by ffms02
always tells me what i need thanks love you truly are a gift from god" ... written by cadesgirl
Amazing, accurate, kind, sweet!!! " ... written by gizmo1028
This is a trustworthy site where I know I won't have to question or doubt anyone's abilities and that I will be receiving genuine insight from people who truly care about my well being and situation. My one reading with Paolaknows has given me the clarification I needed and the faith to keep believing in myself and all that is good in the world. I can now take what she has given me and move forward with hope, love, and faith that all that happens, happens for a purpose. She is caring, understanding, and so genuine. A beautiful soul. I will definitely come back to Paolaknows shall I need some clarity and guidance again. Thank you Oranum for creating such a wonderful community of souls who are genuinely here to help people like me find clarity in their lives, to believe in themselves, and to have hope again." ... written by Athoj0583
Just had an update with Paolaknows and once again I am not disappointed. She knew what I was feeling without me giving too much information. I feel better each time I talk to her! You will too! " ... written by Athoj0583
Thank you I will be back again. What you have said is all so true." ... written by Lorann23
really good reading without giving any info" ... written by jojolvcc
Again...awesome reading!!! Love, love, love!" ... written by Athoj0583
I just feel so much better and calmer after I've listened to Paola talk. Thanks!" ... written by Pockets98
Awesome as always! I love her, not only great guidance but I consider her as a good friend!" ... written by Athoj0583
ever good, always true ******" ... written by allyb5
Just had a past life regression done by Paolaknows. It just validates everything that is happening now in my present life. I am truly grateful and appreciative as always for Paola's concern and guidance! Thank you!!!" ... written by Athoj0583
PaolaKnows, is great I love this woman. She explain everything just the way I thought. And in 2 or 3 weeks I will contact her again. She is wonderful and worth the money. I will use her all the time for now on. Try her you will be please!!" ... written by luckygirl40
Accurate in everything she said. Thank you so much fo rthe confirmation and clarification." ... written by mylife123
I Loooove Paola. She is insightful and accommodating of your needs without sugar coating anything." ... written by smff01
She connects really fast I love it. She is very blunt and to the point and really tells you how things are. She's helped me feel better when I was at my lowest and now even though Iandamp;quot;m no longer sad...she still managed to make me feel more positive. Thanks so much again. You are awesome!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
WOW........................NO JOKE...........100% REAL DEAL...... THIS WOMEN IS A STAR !!!!!!! SHE IS AMAZING.....ive had so many readings. so many..." ... written by S12
She gives EXCELLENT ADVICE!! Highly recommend." ... written by jackid
thnak you for your help Paola.. talk soon x " ... written by sunny3107
Good read! :D" ... written by Girly521
She told me so much in short time and so accurate and detailed on what is happening. She is fast and to the point doesnt waste ur time or money. Ill come back. I highly recommend her - she is fantastic!" ... written by murdocca
She was excellent and picked up on many details I did not tell her about. She was fast and accurate and seemed to genuinely care. I highly recommend her." ... written by aaxilrod
Oh Paola, what I can say about her - she is perfect, on the point and she will give you right advice. Definitelyi will come back to her!" ... written by roop83
thank u Paola!" ... written by Zaya21
she is such a darling ..perfect reading god bless u xxxxxx" ... written by roop83
I love love love her!!!! She really connects with me every time I enter the room. She is sweet, kind, completely accurate!! Must get a reading from her - trust her - she is fantastic!" ... written by gizmo1028
Wonderful to talk too =)" ... written by lotusdreams
thank you for your insight to my situation...i will consult with you again..." ... written by ttgal50
Absolutely great!" ... written by okalulu
PAOLA IS AWESOME!!!!!! amazing women!!!!" ... written by LasWages
Very good reading, she is an excellent psychic and very much on point with everything! I didn't even ask her any questions and she already knew what was going on with me and my life! " ... written by textmonster
Everything that you said, was right on!!! You described my situation to the tee. Thank you for your service. " ... written by Angel168
Paola. my favorite... my golden favorite... so glad shes back. I missed her so much.. she is the BEST .. for a reading with cards you want PAOLA. trust me..shes just the best ever..... everyone else is ok..... but.. Paola is definatly the QUEEN around here thats for sure... she owns it...." ... written by AT
Paola nailed my situation on the head. The advice is solid and I will definitely move in the directions we discussed. I will come back to her. As well, I appreciate that she was direct and spoke quickly so as to not waste time." ... written by Jingles
This lady is amazing!!!... She really had powers to see thing through... She is very accurate, loving and nice person... I felt that she was really connected to me and she care about helping me to solve my issue. She is a really good psychic, and the money is worth. Don't deny yourself the opportunity of talking to her. She is the BEST!!!... I'll be back for a reading for sure!!!" ... written by rinagm
Paola is my favourite...she is the best! xooooxoxoo" ... written by roop83
Wonderful and very pleasant again and again each time we talk!" ... written by jostens
Very Good :)" ... written by textmonster
the best psychic on this site. VERY accurate and gifted. all i can say is wow!!" ... written by missred
FANTASTIC! Every comment was accurate, spot on!! Confirmed previous reader's insights. Totally comfortable with her and her style. She is direct and compassionate but tells it like it is. I would not hesitate to recommend her and I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Psychic6
Wow... she is excellent, she was on the point on everything she said to me. Thanks Paola" ... written by cinlorri
Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
She is amazing!!!...Paola remembered me and my issues since I did my last reading with her and she did a follow up and everything. She is a very kind person that really cares about her clients in here... I love her and she has helped me a lot... I recommend her 100%!" ... written by rinagm
She is very accurate, intuitive. Even if if u're not saying anything yet, she knows what's bothering you and she knows how to calm your mind. She send me peace with her wisdom... She taught me not to be judgmental instead I should open my heart and let go of d negativity... Keep things in balance and have an open mind... GOD BLESS! I do appreciate your help... Thank you so much!.... " ... written by babe28
Great reading!!!" ... written by MayGirl
You were wonderful as usual. Your insight and concern is phenominal and reassuring. You take care not to repeat information and continue to gather new info as the reading progresses. Accurate and clear...... you rock girl!!!!" ... written by Psychic6
She was great and caring and really seems like she cares about you as a person." ... written by apple12
Awesome reading. Thank you!" ... written by Scott369
I have watched in Paola's room a while now. I am glad that I have taken consultation with her and am looking forward to results." ... written by Jingles
they don't call her PaolKnows for nothing! She knows." ... written by LadyJ1966
Love her, absolutely love her, she is very helpful and deserves every penny you would spend on her!" ... written by fleurdesil
She is the best 1 on Oranum!!! Highly recommend!!!" ... written by Kevin
thanks love for your help. always very insightfull" ... written by cadesgirl
Excellent! she just needed my DOB" ... written by woodhaven
Very honest and genuinely wanting to help me out with my current situation. I really enjoyed the reading and she made a really good connection with me. Thank you!" ... written by chelcee
She was amazing... I did not even have to ask her any questions and she was right on point. Amazing, very blessed... I cannot wait to talk to her again. I am so intrigued and feel so much better about my life. Thank you soooo much Paola." ... written by answers28
She is phenomenal!" ... written by Zina0204
Simply amazing! " ... written by numerology
Great and nice as always." ... written by answers28
Truly amazing!" ... written by irinabrs
she is awsome....fantastic ...thanx" ... written by soosanmh59
Great!" ... written by nashy23
Thank you for your thoughts Paola. I visited you before and can't believe you remembered me. Great reading!" ... written by jackid
Paola really knows what is happening with me and my man. I would highly recommend her. Very helpful." ... written by SWA2709
Wow...awesome reading. Thank you so much. I feel so much better after talking to her." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
I don't know how can I thank you for all your help... You're right I need to keep my balance. You're so intuitive and I will follow your advice. Guys get a reading from her, she's really accurate and caring... GOD BLESS! " ... written by babe28
This woman is amazing! SHE'S THE BEST PSYCHIC ON THIS SITE!!! She's able to pick up things right away without me telling her. I RECOMMEND HER!! she will not disappoint you." ... written by shesayys
Highly recommend - Very accurate reading. I will be back for another. Thank you for your kindness and insights! God Bless.." ... written by Mozzy123
She is very intuitive. Very Good. Like her energy. God Bless you" ... written by geminineil2011
Absolutley amazing, told me what I knew deep down inside without me even having to say a word about me and the person we spoke about, your such a treasure thank you so much." ... written by Sharna100
Awesome!! I guess" ... written by Scott369
She has helped me alot in a small amount of time. to say she is awesome will be an understatement , if you want honesty and guidance seek Paola." ... written by Michael
Excellent reading, spot on accurate." ... written by coconut1980
She loves what she does and it shows. She tells you the truth and give you advise. She really has a gift and natural desire to help. " ... written by Mattyrodz
Unbelievable assertive as usual. She is awesome, as simple as that..." ... written by rinagm
Paolaknows confirmed what I have been feeling, she hit it nail on. Awesome reading. I will be back, thank you and God Bless" ... written by amr0268
Paola when will you be back online. Would like to do private reading." ... written by JD
Great" ... written by nena95690
one word...EXTRAORDINARY!! " ... written by jayr3264
Simply awesome and understanding!!" ... written by Lorann23
she described me very well i will be back " ... written by candym
I like her... quick to the point. " ... written by buzysignal
she was perfect and fast and completely got right to the point of the situation" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Thank you Paola, you have a true gift. I would recommend a reading with her. She gives good advice and is right on target every time. I only see Paola." ... written by Jacki
very good," ... written by chocolatecity
She is absolutely amazing. Right on the dot with a lot of things. She's more than dedicated and isn't in it for the money. Try her out." ... written by higa808
THANK YOU!!!!! Very wonderful! I will be back for sure. Gave her absolutely no info and she told me sooooo much! Thank you so much! Much love to you!" ... written by SAchick
She is worth every single penny!! Thank you!!" ... written by jayr3264
Very good reading. I will return for another reading from her." ... written by dlj
she was good, didn't waste time, told me what I needed to know.. good reading Thanx Paola God Bless :]" ... written by randumb
OMG she is real..." ... written by trusting2012
She was good wish had more time with her..." ... written by lushez26
ON THE BALL! perfect info on my situation, and a really fast typer :) will definately be back for more" ... written by crystalmarie86
She is so wonderful! I am so glad she was on tonight. I hope what she says is true. I will definitely be coming back. If you haven't, definitely do a reading with her. =)" ... written by katnguyen
Very good thank you " ... written by cindy46
Love her." ... written by Ontheblue
OMG!!!! Words can not describe how amazed I was with this reading...will DEFINITELY be my main person to go to on here, With just name and DOB, totally picked up on the situation, thoughts and personalities, I was shocked. It was like she was watching my situation on a big screen and she knew I was anxious and calmed my nerves even before the reading began. I completely feel like her predictions will happen because the way she picked up on energies and just went in on everything, I left literally stunned. ABSOLUTELY the BEST. Thank you so much!!!!!!" ... written by Angel
simply amazing .... !!! will be back ... thanks" ... written by sukychi
Straight forward. Tells u the truth - no lies!!! Thanks xx" ... written by scoops09
This girl does not even pause and wastes ur money. she just goes on and on and one...pretty sick. ill be back tomorrow. she helped me meditate...and i felt my body relax for once... thank u" ... written by daniellef12
She is so good and positive. Thank you for everything." ... written by luckygirl40
love you paola and your guides....thank you for helping me!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by divinegoodness
Wow! Very good." ... written by lia_11
She is worth her price :)" ... written by kelila
She goes right to the bone . the only things i can say is she is the real deal... you will NOT be dissapointed. :-) and she talks fast and the connetion is good. FIVE STARS" ... written by johnny be better
Five stars. She great. DEAD ON. She knew everything without me telling her. Made me feel alot better.. Thank you GOD BLESS" ... written by John1415
Paola knows what she is talking about. She doesn't mess around and gets straight to the point! She asks for all the vital info in free chat first so that she can prepare for private and save you time. " ... written by araketanara
It has been very helpful indeed. Very accurate and insightful. You are an honest person. Thank you a million times. Myriam" ... written by MyriamHGil
I wish I could afford more credits. Thank you so much Paolaknows. I am so relieved and grateful for what she said and, yes I will get back to Myself. Will be back for another reading too." ... written by Mellen
SHe was great...very fast and accurate.. thank you so m uch" ... written by answers28
So amazing.... " ... written by sukychi
5 stars" ... written by Mikotse
EXTRORDANARY" ... written by vc1976
Paola was very well connected and knew my situation before I said ANYTHING to her except names and DOB. She was very accurate and very honest. She also was very clear and to the point and not wasting any time or dragging things out. I can highly, highly recommend her. I feel a lot better now and know what I must do without a doubt." ... written by Plunkie
Absolutely the BEST on Oranum! Seriously... she's quick, spot on, and tells you exactly what you NEED to know... She's like nothing else here!" ... written by MissCB7
excellent." ... written by younglady
This was my 2nd reading with Paola and she was as amazing this time as she was the 1st time. You can TRULY trust what this woman tells you...she sees it all and doesnt require any information from you except ur name and DOB. WOW TY! " ... written by divinedaughter
brilliant, very precise" ... written by 6marchs
Paola is very well connected and as always clear and detailed. Some interesting information, thanks." ... written by Plunkie
Very good a always give me awesome information that actually came true...she is truly a awesome help and would recommend to anyone who seeks the truth and guidance. " ... written by buzysignal
BRILLIANT..." ... written by 6marchs
She was very kind to tell me the truth even though it wasn't what I was hoping to hear. But now I know she actually helped me so much, because I chose wisely thanks to her advice. Impressive!" ... written by MyriamHGil
Yes.. she does know so many things... " ... written by sary
Paola is direct and connects well." ... written by Mesmereyes65
I was astounded by her readings very accurate and she has" ... written by pipthagorian
PaolaKnows was a great help, thank you!" ... written by aguilera
Sorry the time ran out before I could thank you! Such an amazing truly bought a lot of clarity to this and now it all makes sense :) Can't wait for what's to come." ... written by iPreferMimi
Paola is very accurate, honest, caring, genuine andamp;amp; sincere, highly recommended!!! :)" ... written by rolinsand