Psychic PEACELOVELIGHThas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PEACELOVELIGHThas recently helped 696members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PEACELOVELIGHT's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a 2nd generation psychic reader . I am clairvoyant , a spell caster, and emphatic . I am very much fortunate to be able to help others with my abilities and I will never take it for granted. I love reaching out to the many members who come into my room with every log in. I feel for everyone involved in my readings. I have two spirit guides who work with me during each reading. I love being there to help people understand there true purpose and give them more clarity on each and every situation they may have. I specialize in love , online love , sexual encounters , broken relationships , career choices , financial questions , and relocation . I am one of the many few who actually care about the clients Oranum brings here to us. I truly care about all of my clients and future clients I wouldn't be me If it wasn't for you ! So with that being said please do not hesitate to come on in my free chat area and get to know me and If you feel comfortable go ahead and pull me into a PRIVATE chat where we are one on one working through any situation you are questioning. Nothing is too much for my ears AND I TELL IT LIKE IT IS ! I am a very honest reader and I do not tell you what you want to hear I TELL YOU WHAT I HEAR AND SEE FOR YOU ! I love what I do ! I also do spells if you would like me to work on a situation for you over a period of time nothing is too much for me so just ASK ! Get the right help that you deserve !

Once I start pulling your spread my guides interpret what i see on the spread ! My guides are deceased loved ones ! COME ON IN FOR A PRIVATE READING IM HERE AND READY TO SERVE YOU !

★ Need truly honest and blunt guidance? Contact me.

★ Does he/she love you? Does he think of you? Is his love deep? My reading will reveal his heart.

★ Are you happy in your career? Is it time to find a new job? .

I am here to make a difference, to listen and to guide. There are no wrong questions or avenues for hope. Whatever it is that you need, I will listen and offer my great insight into your future

Does he/she love me ?
Is he/she being faithful to me ?
will I get married ? when ?
should I stay at this job ?
will I get a raise ?
should I get a divorce ?
should I stay in this major ?
do you see my business going further ?
will my child's father come back around ?
should I just move on ?
do you see someone better coming along ?
do you see me moving ?
Will things get better at home for me and my family ?
Whats holding me back from a better future ?
why doesn't he love me anymore ?
what are some things i can do at home to cleanse myself ?
what can I do to bring money to myself ?
how to I get rid of negativity ?
should I trust this person ?


Such great energy, she's Amazing! Pretty accurate too... definitely worth it" ... written by steffleblanc
Wooow she is so so honest and straight up! No bs for sure and I appreciate that she tells you what it is how she sees it!! I loved our reading and will be coming to talk to her again. Thank you so much you def became one of my favs ;) lol " ... written by A
She is very cool, and got connected to me right away. Very accurate :) and positive :) easy to talk to. Highly recommend! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
She is great! Give her a chance she is amazing. Looks like my son will be improving glad she picked that up makes my life a lot easier. TY girl Love ya!!!!" ... written by SwtWhiteNectar
Once again... an excellent reading. She does not miss a beat. So on point. Thanks PeaceLoveLight" ... written by Shanshine
Amazing reading! deserves more than 5 stars! millions stars are the real deal to judge Nicole's skillz!" ... written by max
Peace is just phenomenal. so fast andamp; accurate is unreal. super stuff for sure. ok thanks peace , andamp; catch up later. " ... written by batdancer
Very insightful... she has a great energy and i really enjoyed the reading.. great advice..ty" ... written by ellasmom34
Amazing!...thats all I can get down in writing, I'm too blown out of my mind for words, were right about her...she's one of my new favs" ... written by hxd181
She helped and told me I needed to relax. I love this psychic, she always makes me feel better and me and her really relate. Thank you so much, Peace. Much love. " ... written by staystronglove
shes my girl - had so much time to get my answers- and she pinned my feelins down to a tee! shes amazin and i honestly feel like she is a friend i can relate and she is halerioussss! love her." ... written by luckylibra
what a sweetheart!! her guidance helped me a lot this last few weeks and have been able to get to a good plc due to it!" ... written by fleurdesil
I like her vibe, she picked up a few things that only I know of. Pleasantly surprised, and a very positive reading :)" ... written by TM
He is going to leave me for her and I am hurting so bad right now. I thought he was it and now I know that it was never meant for us to be together. Thanks for your time and good job with your accuracy, I appreciate it. " ... written by Antoinette
Very honest reading. Tough to hear, but honest. So I can move on with my life. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
that was an awesome reading!!! speed connection, very much on point, positive. I will keep you posted. Peace!" ... written by jazzychic
She is so awesome. She picked up on everything going on with him. She was so right. I will definitely be back for sure." ... written by Janice
I don't know what I'd do without PeaceLoveLight sometimes." ... written by Shanshine
she was very good help confirm what i was feeling " ... written by cletrel
wow - very good, is a natural i think. very intuitive for sure. ok cheers again." ... written by batdancer
wonderful connection and details.i am happy to have connected with this soul." ... written by beauty
she's very right on the point, tells you things as they are and is very quick. Thank you." ... written by Bibi123
great" ... written by gregg
She was extremely accurate and she is very quick and to the point" ... written by Michelle
I swear I love PeaceLoveLight!!! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HER.... She is gifted." ... written by Shanshine
This is my first reading with PEACE and she is beyond amazing. She answered my questions very fast and was straight to the point with no sugar coating. She told me things that were dead on. PEACE is the real deal. I highly recommend her. I will be back." ... written by uniquelele25
What a lovely, kind, helpful person! Her reading was great and very accurate and she really helped me. I would definitely go to her again." ... written by Katherine88
PEACELOVELIGHT is the real deal. I am astonished and amazed. I felt 1000x better after speaking with her. She has genuine love and compassion for her clients and she is very very accurate, one of the best readings i have ever had. I highly recommend her, you will not be sorry!" ... written by thewritegrl
She was very helpful...thanks again" ... written by jayr3264
Shahdee is an excellent reader with good insight. She enjoys what she does. She really has a sweet spirit and wont tell you any lies. She was on point and very connected to me. I would recommend her to anybody. She really cares for the people she helps and not mean and nasty or fake like most Psychics who are on this website. Check Peace out you will feel so much better when talk to her" ... written by kprattis
great reading truly blessed ! " ... written by Andy
She is awesome! This is my second reading with her...The first time was about a man I was dating and she flat out told me he wasnt for me, not to trust him, and that it would end in heartbreak...she was sooo right. I trust her advice." ... written by leahmya
Waited soooo long for this angel to come back online! Thank you for the update, love love love!!!" ... written by rattail1
She gave me real answers. I am going to try to take her advise because she seemed true to self. No cut cards. " ... written by waterchild
she was to the piont" ... written by the4marys
Very sociable and easy to talk to..very accurate and sympathetic. recommend 100%. thanks so much" ... written by tivabeth22
Accurate reading! Ty Peacelovelight :)" ... written by mozzy123
Lively young lady, she does need the date of birth, only names, and she uses the pendulum and the cards she was pretty much on point! Thx u and God Bless!" ... written by queenbee22
very warm and sociable. gave clear and real answers in alignment with what my guides had said before." ... written by fairlyonhip
understanding kind lady was very accurate thank you." ... written by pocahuntas
Loved my reading it was so indepth as to what the other person character is like and soooooooooo accurate in all what's happened and going on,she is such a lovely caring lady and I will return!" ... written by marion
She started right away and told me what she needed to, no sugar coating or anything like that. She was down to earth and kept it real. I definitely recommend getting a reading from her. :)" ... written by sfathizadeh
She was great, had an awesome reading and so quick to connect!! Was accurate with my present situation" ... written by l
Was pretty much on the money honest and trusting on a 5 min reading very prompt and and accurate :) thank u so much" ... written by mlevergne
Tell you this, not to berate anyone else, but I've read with higher ranked, in the top ten, psychics on this site and she gave me a more accurate reading. She gave a bigger view of the entire picture and the cold, nasty truth that was difficult. The others gave me what I wanted to hear - the short term good stuff possibilities. She is no. one out of the 3 psychics I've read with on Oranum" ... written by fairyonhip
It was a good reading!" ... written by heather7
OMG what a great reading, very accurate. I look forward to the follow up and I will take your advise." ... written by corvettime02
She is awesome.....she picks up on things without me telling her anything...." ... written by chalere
Excellent reading. She s sooo worth it, she s very sweet, honest and just great to talk to. I will definitely come and see her again. She s the real deal" ... written by mimatisse
Waited on her for months. tried many other psychics on different sites who said the same thing she said last year. Everything she said came through. As painful as that is she kept it real and was encouraging." ... written by iamterrypeterson
Wow another great reading. OMG she is so accurate. Take her advise, I did and its wonderful." ... written by corvettime02
Was great talking to you. Very accurate." ... written by druvina1973
She is very pretty inside out. Trust me you will love a private with her. As soon as you enter the room , she starts reading you like an open book with no information at all..Just a name...She even reads personalities and she is very very accurate and honest. No sugar coat and absolutely no BS at all...Wonderful women.Take care...Lots of love.." ... written by nv
Very nice, great advice, patient, smart! Thanks! " ... written by dle55555
Wow, another remarkable experience, she is true psychic. Thank you for a great reading." ... written by corvettime02
She was awesome! I run across many different advisors on this site and I must say she is genuinely awesome! She has helped today with her beautiful spirit and kind words of spiritual encouragement! I would definitely recommend her! She is accurate and great! :-)" ... written by Tishiab
Her reading was spot on and accurate! Definitely will come back to her in the future!" ... written by Nina_Lovely
Absolutely amazing!!!I have had many readings and this women is phenomenal!!! Rated my top three on this website!!She was so accurate even by using the exact words the person involved in my reading would use!!! Highly recommended!!!Try her you wont be disappointed!!!" ... written by rattail1
Thank you for the clarity and accurate reading, very very fast connection with my situation." ... written by ikroyalal
Another wonderful reading, and thank you for the advice." ... written by corvettime02
Enjoyed my 2nd reading with Peacelovelight. As others said she was really warm, straight to the point and did not need to know the birth dates of loved ones. Amazing how she told me something I must do that I already know I have to. I look forward to my next convo with her. Highly recommend. " ... written by united4life
Thank you for the private, she was very fast and spot on!! Never regrettable!" ... written by sweetally
Very good, accurate reading! I certainly recommend, thank you! :) " ... written by Joy99123
Had another great reading with peacelovelight she is totally awesome and i will return!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Very accurate and helped me settle a few things and see them more clearly. Also very nice. Thanks! I highly recommend. " ... written by dle55555
Shes a doll. Shes helpful and she helped me out with all my questions. :)" ... written by beverly
She is so sweet as always." ... written by BlackopsMama
OmG!! had a great reading! I gained a lot of clarity on my situation. Now I know how to proceed with things. Thank you so much for your time,. I will be back again." ... written by Godsangels
I just had a good reading with peacelovelight im sorry to say that this will be my last reading with oranum i want to thank her for for giving me the courage to do what it is to do what in my heart i already knew was true but still couldn't accept i thank you for your honesty girl and clearing my head and trust me i feel everything you said." ... written by cadesgirl
I liked it, down to earth easy to talk to. She had some messages for me and my questions, gave me a lot to think about! " ... written by THEBLACKSHIP!!!!!
Great and right on with everything I asked." ... written by kathy
Very quick connection. Guessed age and everything. I'm impressed! Thank you for your insight." ... written by Jocelyn
she's good" ... written by starzz
Beautiful person...very good reader." ... written by Bria
She is wonderful really honest and straight forward she gives it to you how she sees it. I am happy with my reading and i will honestly be back try her to see what I am talking about love her:)" ... written by Cache23
A strange and good reading, thank you kindly" ... written by zimerili1
Had good reading and got enlightened about things!" ... written by marion
She was nice to chat with and right on point... I will definitively come back!" ... written by joey
She's the best reader on here. Tells the truth to the point! The best reader, don't go to anyone else, but her!" ... written by joey
the best ultimate healer on the site " ... written by joey
Peace was fast and accurate...she was such a pleasure to have a reading with and look forward to visiting with her again soon!" ... written by missvika
Very good reading, she is cool and down to earth and tell you straight up no sugar coating at all. I will come back for another reading for an update." ... written by TJ
I enjoyed the reading it was fast and accurate, she did a great job on my reading. I will be back for more :)" ... written by Vaneya
Shes great read everything into my situation and called it what it is. Awesome!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Excellent. She doesn't prolong unnecessarily. She understand the problem and tension of the customer and answer to that straight and fast. Bravo. Keep it up. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
she hit the nail on the head , shes great " ... written by luckylibra
she is fast and direct " ... written by Nidal
Straight to the point, caring, encouraging." ... written by She
I enjoyed the reading, interesting aspects were brought up, I will definitely return for a follow up" ... written by Monica
She was great and gave me an awesome reading" ... written by markhenry668
She s very good. very quick and to the point. Very nice and honest. Thank you." ... written by Cheryl
AWESOME!" ... written by liz
she was very fast she answered my ????? 5 stars " ... written by QUEENBEE22
She is good." ... written by ninadorw2
I thought she was really positive and honest. She put everything into perspective for me. I got a really good vibe from the start. " ... written by Bianca
Im so happy to have Peacelovelight back, her readings are just amazing and she does bring so much light to the room. I do look forward to the next follow up." ... written by Tom
Great reading !!" ... written by rapper
She seemed very connected to the situation now. We will see what the future holds." ... written by Lucidity954
Wonderful and extremely accurate." ... written by nita
Very good advice, will have to wait and see for predictions to come true." ... written by smiley2011
amazing and extremely helpful and accurate " ... written by nita
just had my first reading and peacelovelight was very accurate! i look forward to seeing you again soon!! blessings" ... written by DENISE
the best reader I've ever met in here at Oranum. She saw so accurate and clearly, can't wait to be back :)" ... written by jola
Answered my question quickly Thank You" ... written by Angelwingss7
very fast and to the point she gave me another look on things and I'm overall happy with this reading" ... written by Annie
Good reading... She picked up on some details like our age, physical trait, etc. " ... written by light street
Nice reading" ... written by LaShanna Brooks
OMG okay I am really done! I found "The ONE" LOL she confirmed everything others have told me and even told me things I never mentioned to her she is GREAT!!!" ... written by Faith
shes sweet and right on!!! Going back to pvt!" ... written by Kiss
She is a Great reader and is fast with the keys..Spot on with info given ..Will take advice Thanks again Peace love and light." ... written by sunshinec
Awesome...and Accurate...just what I am looking for....Highly recommend her." ... written by TRuelove_68
Very good reading" ... written by michelle
i thank u for being so honest and straight to the point!! " ... written by malika
Very honest and very accurate. She was fast as well. Recommend her! thank you again. " ... written by Thuy
Very sweet and nice." ... written by midnightrose777
The Lady is great, accurate and on point! Thimbs Up" ... written by Cordie167
Great reader!!!" ... written by ta1
Very accurate reader, highly recommend! Authentic!" ... written by atlantis111
Shes on point and fast...helped me through a difficult spot! She's on my trusted reader list!" ... written by Cordie167
Very quick to pick up on the situation. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
good fast" ... written by crystal
Great reader! Right on point about everything." ... written by tina
She is a very special reader. I liked consulting her! Very nice and accurate." ... written by Saqquara
Gives great clarity a sweet spirirt and great energy!" ... written by Ashley
She is definitely good and was picking up on my situations" ... written by Luella63
I had a great reading with Peacelovelight. Will return soon!" ... written by Butterflower
wow epic reading she confirmed everything i have never told anyone about prior a reading i had a while ago! she was correct every detail she retold as the other reading i had she blew me away do not miss a chance w her shes amazing" ... written by luckylibra
awesome!!!" ... written by sky
dead on accurate! talk to her. you wont regret it. i didnt tell her anything and she didnt use any tools. she just picked up everything" ... written by m
Wonderful reading. She was quick and honest and gave clear and concise answers. i'm really happy with my reading. " ... written by determinedSoul
Always a pleasure... and a great sense of calm after speaking with PeaceLoveLight. Thanks for everything xoxoxoxoxo" ... written by Shanshine
Thanks for all the updates. Lots of information in short amount of time. Thanks for all your help hun! :)" ... written by VM
thanks for the updates hun! :)" ... written by Vas
Very good reading,and honest lady,doesn't sugarcoat,very genuine,and was pleased with the reading overall,will update when predictions come to pass.Thank you and blessings to you xoxo" ... written by J