About Naomi2

Psychic Naomi2has 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Naomi2has recently helped 10323members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Naomi2's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Karma is a serious thing. If you visit me, I can give you higher purposes to life for and tell you the rules of having good karma.

she talks to angels and they are very accurate.... wow.. now i have to follow the angels instructions :)" ... written by pepestone1
She connects very well and passes on messages clearly. " ... written by Fish
Thank you!!" ... written by Laith04
just had reading with naomi was very honest told me the truth on somethings i didnt want to admit but yet truthful about things i thank her for the clarity cant wait for next reading a very bleesed and wise woman!!!" ... written by cadesgirl
Amazing..beautiful...dpoken GOds words...." ... written by Gaby11
Naomi, thank you for helping to clarify my concerns, you really helped" ... written by stargaze82
She told me a lot in a short amount of time. Great reader and is really clear with her messages from the angels." ... written by Fish
Thank you so much Naomi for your help and assistance. I really appreciate having had a reading with you today for the first time. I felt relieved during and after the reading. I appreciate your helping with the rate. I look forward to all things being resolved and appreciate continued prayers. Thanks for the instructions as well in helping me through difficult time." ... written by Majesty
just had reading with naomi was very honest told me the truth on somethings i didnt want to admit but yet truthful about things i thank her for the clarity cant wait for next reading a very bleesed and wise woman!!!" ... written by cadesgirl
I loved the reading and the fact that she provided time frames. I would get another one." ... written by tyesha_wht
Wow she told me what I pretty much already knew and verified it all. I was amazed. Thank you so much." ... written by Aliyah1955
She's really a woman of God! Phenomenal!" ... written by Zina0204
Sweet and nice. Trust what she saw. Gave good advice" ... written by Melanie
She was right trust and letting go of fear is what I need to do. " ... written by knowing2013
a good reading, you picked up on my husband" ... written by julie
Very Good! I highly recommend!!!!!" ... written by TaurusGal
friendly and connected with me. saw where I was failing and helped me know what to do to fix it." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
thank u very kind and i recmmend her" ... written by julznycles
Wonderful person to talk to and get insight. I like the fact that she is god driven with the angels. Thank you so much for everything. " ... written by Aliyah1955
She was very inspiring and compassionate. She was able to tell how to release my stress and let things fall into place. I am happy that i was able to read her and will seek her for advice in the future. Truly, a genuine and caring psychic. " ... written by wee318
Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for your help." ... written by mommypoo
I am very please with Naomi: she is accurate, can communicate very easily and she is a sensitive, helping humane being." ... written by Daniel79
She was very kind,loving accurate and supportive and very helpful xo" ... written by maryannepav
great" ... written by sphinx777
Good reading." ... written by deelit47
She is a gift from heaven! She has given me many answers I need to hear. I would have a reading again. I would be happy to recommend her. Bless Her!" ... written by PXC330
way better than talking over the phone. " ... written by piscesgirl89
Thank you so much!" ... written by deafcristy
I sure hope the angels are right :) Thank you very much :)" ... written by rattail1
it was great to have this reading with her...It totally is worth it!!" ... written by TrustGod
I really liked her, very good." ... written by roxieraynor
This woman was amazing. She spoke of God and my spirituality on so many levels. She picked up on things that some others did not. I am so grateful to have her in my network now. I love this woman. Very underrated. Not your traditional psychic she won't guess. She will ask...then his things dead on. I love that. SHe was awesome" ... written by kdeitz
Naomi is amazingly accurate. She is caring and considerate. She's gifted, her connection with angels gives you the most profound and clear answers. Amazing!" ... written by mercury_003
very good and put a smile back on my face." ... written by serena21
I think that in life certain people are placed in your lifes walk to guide and help you. This would be true for naomi in yur heart you just feel when you've met the right person to connect are treated loveingly/kindly/with grace and gods light emminenates from her.she takes her time and listens and sometimes thats all a person needs. naomi you truley have a place in heaven''''" ... written by ella
Thank you. :)" ... written by oceanazure
enjoyed , I will be back " ... written by lespaullygirl
great as usual" ... written by beautywithinone
Very courteous :) Thanks! " ... written by dalilahflores
very good she is very peacefull" ... written by LauLou
Thanks for your help!" ... written by Jdhova3659
she was amazing. i will be back to talk to her again. thank you soo much for the clarity " ... written by prettygurl75
Very good advice. " ... written by crstsy021204
Great! very honest happiness surrounds her tell u honest and truthful answers :)" ... written by beautiful28
Naomi was absolutely awesome!! I will be contacting her again really soon!!! She is truly blessed! and I am truly blessed to have met her!! " ... written by JB21166
Naomi was awesome!! " ... written by June
A very nice experience! And she has connected very well to the angels! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Archeia
Love her and shes so sweet!" ... written by Jdhova3659
Thank you very much for such a lovely reading. The angels came with a warning as well as advice and I intend to act on it. Thank you! B xxx" ... written by beccixy
Accurate, very nice" ... written by deedee88
Loved it!" ... written by MALKIA75
I felt good at the end of reading. The future looks a little less cloudy." ... written by rainbow51
Good guidance and advice. She gives positive healing messages and methods to use for healing. Very good and I will be back!" ... written by scaredtolose
love her , always come back to her" ... written by Jdhova3659
Great Lady, interesting reading was very honest andamp; was very helpful God Bless " ... written by queenbee16
Thanks that helped me out alot.. God bless" ... written by shortyperry
Very spiritual and in-tune with the angels and spirit guides. Awesome reading with great advice" ... written by kprattis
Naomi is a connected to the Angels and will guide you into the right path. You must be able to relax yourself and breathe easy in order for the connection to occur? Great Reading" ... written by kprattis
Great spiritual reading, was very insightful. She definitely helped me and I would recommend her to anyone that is troubled." ... written by calabash
I loved her reading very comnpassionate accurate and to the point!" ... written by nicole
I was so excited about this reading. Naomi is such a heartfelt reader and she is fast. She is accurate and warm and spiritual. I was so glad I found her ." ... written by choxie1
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
She was great, I love her energy, so in with words!" ... written by angel
She was sweet and kind. answered all of my questions. Thanks for making me feel at ease." ... written by T.M
Oh my goodness i enjoyed every minute of our convo she really had a lot of insight on my situation. if i need any more guidance i will have to come and talk to naomi2" ... written by dette3140
Thank you!" ... written by OverJoyed
Very good" ... written by dorispatton
She was amazing and seem so sincere. I would chat with her again soon...." ... written by sweetlo4701
She moved me in just two seconds... down to earth and compassion ... very accurate loved ever.ymintue " ... written by clearblu
Cool" ... written by jmMitch
Great and informative!" ... written by stellarexpress
Very open and honest connection. Able to connect me and let me know my situation is quite fixable. I will try as she suggests and await the results. :) " ... written by crzdnem
She did good :)" ... written by kayy02
Wonderful person, beautiful spirit and on point." ... written by SAMARIA77
Good! " ... written by laasitu1
She is great :)" ... written by gaydream
I was very please of how she can communicate with archangel chamual and helped me alot to open my mind to spirit.thankyou naomi2" ... written by lilac1973
I will have to say, I loved her energy. She gave me hope, and I appreciate what she had done for me. Though it was short, it was worth it to hear her giving me words of wisdom. Thank you, and I can't wait for another reading from you! " ... written by Meo_5411
Thank you for your help" ... written by joey198402
Wow! Bang on!" ... written by patch12
What a happy cheery lady!" ... written by LondonMermaid
Naomi2 is wonderful!" ... written by daffodil71
She is pretty cool i loved her reading very truthful " ... written by tazz65
Love Naomi! Very loving!" ... written by kmachado
Very very sweet lady. thank you... " ... written by kmachado
God is realy useing you" ... written by datt10
She is great!!!" ... written by AthenaV
Naomi is lovely and totally amazing!" ... written by marionlyttle
Very insightful.. look forward to hearing from you again somehow..." ... written by lynsi81
It took too long, but she was personable and honest. Reminded me of talking to a good friend. Help me to realize some things. I would use her again. " ... written by diamond_princess
Wow, she is so connected " ... written by yellowsky
She was wonderful" ... written by jerzeyfinest08
Thank you very good." ... written by jamira76
Thank you. Very reassuring" ... written by Aphradize
Great reading! Thank you!" ... written by yellowsky
Thank you and God Bless You!!! Good night...I will have pleasant dreams now." ... written by AthenaV
She made me feel better about my situation" ... written by AthenaV
Naomi was soo helpful and she really changed my world with one card reading. I really recommend her and her guidance was reaaally helpful. Thank you so much Naomi =)" ... written by Belindabelinda
Thank you very mush for your message :-) I feel your love and it's beautiful ." ... written by Gebcie
First experience. Private reading was good. Would come back." ... written by CristinaLynn1
Touched my heart, ty and will be back. God bless you xxx" ... written by mari
Enjoyed my reading, Naomi is great!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Sweet lady, very accurate reader. Blessings to her." ... written by arlinruth
She was great ill be back!" ... written by leebee4
Wow..... shes good... so kind and u can feel her energy and religion so much... shes gr8!!" ... written by gerritmarx
She is the best, bless her! I will be back for her she's worth it." ... written by Cache23
Naomi is a great psychic. She was very informative, gave me great advice and knew everything that is going on in my life." ... written by myeyesee
Naomi gave a great reading. She was informative and knew everything that was going on. Also some new information that I didn't know." ... written by myeyesee
Accurate reading. She was wonderful to speak with. She has such a warm and beautiful aura. I will be definitely do a private reading with her again. " ... written by Unique1here
Good reading!" ... written by sweetsx
It is hard to express just what happened to me today. I was really down and decided to just see what every one was doing in the chat rooms and Naomi was about to do a demo. I thought I would just watch and when I logged on she asked if anyone in the chat room was a singer and it was me. She told me things that no one would have ever guessed and when I went to private she was unbelieveable. I can't express enough how it really saved me today and that is not a joke. I look forward to my next reading with her and to let her know again how thankful I am that she picked me today." ... written by fairchildlaw
She was interesting." ... written by d2k1000
Thank you for your help" ... written by joey198402
Thank you for your help " ... written by joey198402
Great reader and energy!" ... written by arlinruth
Awesome!!!" ... written by folololo
Great reading, and accurate! " ... written by smithchrissy
Great reading" ... written by KALEOOOO
Thank you for your help." ... written by joey198402
Thank you for your help." ... written by joey198402
She’s great, gives great advice." ... written by cupkatie
It was a very beautiful reading and made a lot of sense. Naomi is so lovely. I shall be consulting her again!Thank you and God bless!" ... written by turley2
SHE'S GREAT! I ran out of time! " ... written by Gm1987
Great.. Coming back." ... written by hoping2351518
Awsome and encouraging. Amen." ... written by manystars
Very spiritual. I enjoyed the intake" ... written by Sunshine10601
Very incite !" ... written by aleece
Very compassionate and in tuned. Her archangels read my mind...amazing. Thanks so much Naomi!" ... written by somethinglost888
God is definitely using Naomi , I really enjoyed my reading and I will be back ." ... written by victoria111
Thank you for your help dear!" ... written by joey198402
Wow long time, thank you for the wonderful Prayer for my friend. Love the messages from the angels. God Bless YOU!" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you, thank you, thank you, she is amazing. God bless you and lots of love !" ... written by tatianasmile
Thank you for your help" ... written by joey198402
I am @ a loss for words right now, Naomi was so on the mark with the negetive words I have been using lately...she is truely amazing. Naomi I will be back :)" ... written by manystars
I just had my second reading done with Naomi! She is a very very very nice person and I enjoyed my reading! I do highly recommend her; She is sincere! " ... written by michelle128
My reading with Naomi was extremely uplifting. If you want a message from God then I strongly recommend her. You will be amazed at how fast, clear and strong she is. She will not waste your time or money. I feel loved - what can I say. Thanks Naomi" ... written by leanne120957
Excellent reading. Will definitely come back again. She picked up on my way of thinking. I reccomend her. Thank you again Naomi. " ... written by SweetMissK
Thank you :D" ... written by vighnesh
She was spot on to several things and she helped me sort out the things that I have been feeling" ... written by dreamer0918
Naomi is a very, very, very kind spirit. It is the reason why I chose her for my reading. She told me directly what my spirit guides were trying to tell me and I am excited I got to have a reading with her! " ... written by michelle128
Such a bright and happy person that helps sort out clarity for you" ... written by rivalry
Shes great really liked her.:) " ... written by Beccaboo72
Wish the delay wasn't so bad so I could gt more answers.... but Naomi was spot on with several things." ... written by Lori2910
She is wonderful naomi naomi i love that woman" ... written by whilemma8
SHE'S AWESOME!!!!!!" ... written by favored10
Very good, clear and direct!" ... written by nalej2
She is such an inspiration. I wish our time was longer." ... written by Stayc55
She is amazing!!!!!!" ... written by angie8604
Lovely reading very insightful." ... written by sweetsx
She was pretty nice... Sorry we couldn't finish the reading." ... written by rainfallmagic
Very calming and intuitive." ... written by sky456
Naomi was very honest an understanding of my situation an helped me to feel better!" ... written by as338maira12
Great reading." ... written by madwillow
God Bless you Naomi for your generosity and honesty. Thank you for telling me and encouraging me." ... written by eldora_7
She is very kind. A little slower than I'm used to but maybe that's her style." ... written by myojin
Very nice lady! Very positive and upbeat!" ... written by SANTALOVESU
She is super good, my inspiration!" ... written by underthesun
She is super-good!! Pure light!" ... written by underthesun
WHAT SHE TOLD ME WAS VERY INSPIRING." ... written by Millie260
Happy New year and Blessings to you." ... written by ellabea
Thanks!" ... written by trmills928
Accurate :)" ... written by priyaahitan
Thanks again Naomi. Thanks for your prayers. I'll keep you posted." ... written by kmwren66
She is such a sweet lady!!!!! Shame the time ran out I feel a lot better and will definitely come back again when I get more money for credits! 5 stars!" ... written by Caramcaz
She is great!! Hit home with everything and gave me info how to make changes for the better." ... written by kmwren66
Thank you for your kind works. God bless you always." ... written by yellowbear777
Thank you for the reading" ... written by joey198402
Thank you Naomi much love to you.. I'm going to be still... " ... written by aimee78
Wonderful... Pure love!" ... written by underthesun
Very uplifting" ... written by cd4
Very nice." ... written by cg4
Very nice and up lifting" ... written by cg4
Very insightful, confirmed lots of things I knew but didn't take heed to...THANK YOU!" ... written by kwanckitty
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
Thank you so much for your kind words, bless you :)" ... written by kathymac
I loved her! She was such a great help. She offered accurate predictions and loving advice." ... written by kitty476
Naomi is very sweet and very good, she is the best Clairvoyant I have been to, I deeply recomend her. I keep comming back to Naomi, even if I come from another country she is very easy to understand. From my heart, thank you so much Naomi" ... written by flouriit
WOW, totally in tune with everything. Thank you!" ... written by Thebewls
Great" ... written by tildyluv
She is good." ... written by purpleiris1215
Good advice!" ... written by mi
She keeps you right with god!" ... written by cg4
Warm and caring advice when I explained my situation.. Encouraging and uplifting.. Keep on keeping on.. " ... written by ozgurl7
Such a sweet, sweet spirit and very intuitive. If you want clarity on where you are in your life, check out Naomi! :)" ... written by bequestions
Thank you for good advices!" ... written by tanya
I have had many general readings on this site, but I felt Naomi focused on what was truly important - piercing the heart of the matter. She is a gifted insightful woman." ... written by zahrah
She's great! I thank her and joy." ... written by christine
She helped me get some peace of mind and I want to thank for her insight!" ... written by william
She is the real Oracle, I think she has always been an oracle, even in ancient time! :) Much Love to you, Naomi!" ... written by underthesun
Super good, the voice of God, the best, as always. :)" ... written by underthesun
Very good." ... written by Denise O' Neill
Very accurate." ... written by Serene
Thank you as always dear Naomi, I'll use your words like a tresure! " ... written by underthesun
Excellent." ... written by hoping
She was great and always will be give her a double try." ... written by hoping2351
Great! Brought me comfort and intuitively know shes truly gifted." ... written by loveangels
Naomi2 was very friendly. Very reassuring. Enjoyed her positive energy." ... written by OS
Thank you very uplifting reading." ... written by termo
Thanks so much! I've had plenty of readings but I'm Christian and I'm glad to have ran into another believer. Now I have hope." ... written by rudexlove
I enjoyed my reading with Naomi. She was friendly and was in tune with everything and everyone in my situation. Thanks again!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Amazing angelic guidance from this special lady! I am grateful God sent me to her!" ... written by sara
Great read. Angel cards are great!! Very nice person. 5 stars." ... written by Martank
Love and light to this beautiful angel. No power is greater then the lord almighty God and no blood thicker then the lord Jesus Christ!!! Amen!!!" ... written by rattail1
Very informative." ... written by harlem
A whole totally different perspective. And i like it. Thanks. Sometimes we have to go through to get to... A good read. Peace and blessings!" ... written by newness
Naomi is so great, she gives you so much energy and her readings are fantastic. It was a real pleasure talking to her. She is good. Thank you" ... written by pisces19
Great reader!" ... written by TT
Naomi is there to wake you up to a new beginning!!! She is loving and awesome reader. An angel herself. Go for it!" ... written by sara
Gentle and thoughtful, thank you" ... written by S
Wow. Thank you so much for your prayers. I really needed this , and i know i will be more than a conqueror in this manner. God bless you Naomi ! Love and light" ... written by Gzelle1
very honest person I really liked her thank you " ... written by Edna
God Bless you my sister in Christ! I'm so thankful that you offer encouragement and insight from the Holy Spirit and acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord as your shepherd!!! I will be back and thank you again it was a great reading, I truly feel very uplifted and so hopeful!!" ... written by Ashley
Naomi gave me messages from the angels. She told me that I needed to keep calm and trust that it is for my greater good. Thank you for the messages from the angels Naomi. Blessing to you." ... written by twidlemetree
So much wisdom. Thank you" ... written by Gzelle1
It was short, i wish i had more time to complete the session but we had so much...i learned what i needed to learn and that helps me to more on more positivity." ... written by Angie
AMAZING.. THANK YOU" ... written by STEF
Excellent insight!" ... written by Whitney Smith
Wonderful and down to earth" ... written by sedaw
Gentle and direct and tactful... Gave me homework and focused me toward healing and forgiveness." ... written by Monica
shes on point. glad she loves the Lord. happy with the info i was given. God bless." ... written by suzzy
such a positive person" ... written by vell
Naomi2 was marvelous! So enlightening, so loving, so much information. Maybe it was my business of concern, but i would say this is the best money i have spent on oranum. Love and light to you, Keep doing what you do. Thank you" ... written by exoticbird
She helped clarify several things that were going on with me. Much needed information and insight. I look forward to reading with her again. So very helpful." ... written by michelle
she was wonderful, very honest and clear guidance! " ... written by Bridget
I am satisfaid :)" ... written by Slađana
Love her" ... written by Traci
I enjoyed my reading with Naomi, she's one of the best! Thanks again!" ... written by swsiren
Intuitive..connected...recommend!" ... written by B
This lady is soooo positive, connect fast and accurate! spot on all the way! " ... written by anonymous
Connected with me immediatly. Gave me the guidance I needed." ... written by whosthatlady86
I love her. Isn't that enough to put here?" ... written by synergy35
so powerful." ... written by mariasheart
fabulous..will do what she said." ... written by mariasheart
such a wonderful lady! i love her energy. she's the real deal! thank you naomi!" ... written by RC
I love Mrs. Naomi!!!!! Very helpful and sweet also beautiful woman" ... written by Raven
She is such a sweet woman, very caring and deep! I really enjoyed my reading." ... written by Virgo
I lovely woman and great reading. Her reading of me was very accurate and her advice is very helpful." ... written by Krista Elliott
You are truly a blessing =) TY for a wonderful reading =)" ... written by angelslove72
Amazing woman! She has a lot of gifts. I am thankful she shared them with me! She said a lot of things that I needed to hear. You will not be disappointed with her readings, She speaks through her heart from the spirits and God. " ... written by Tiffany
she is very good" ... written by doveswings
I was sent to you for a reason :). Thank you for everything. =)" ... written by Mary
great!" ... written by Heather
very very very good" ... written by leona
helped a lot,awesome..." ... written by Steven
very caring person. good adviser! 5 stars" ... written by n
Wonderful!! Love her." ... written by chance
Loved her!!!" ... written by given
very at peace with her reading so blessed I try her" ... written by A
Wow Naomi thank you so much. First time in your room I was chosen by your guides for the demo. it was excellent." ... written by GF
My saviour" ... written by gchild001
awesome reading, peaceful, insightful and great advice" ... written by agablue
She is a nice woman with a great foreseen sight. i recommend people to have a private with her! I think she is very correct in her words" ... written by Chineseflower
Thank you Naomi" ... written by GF
She is a nice woman with a great voice and i think she is good at seeing problems! Many regards Chinese flower" ... written by Chineseflower
Very sweet...good advice...gentle soul. Will be back." ... written by seahorse11
Naomi is a true messanger of Jesus. Everytime I go see him I feel uplifted and filled with the Joy only God can bring. I am so thankful for this reading and I recommend her to everyone." ... written by angelic heart
Very very nice lady full of love. She is what she says she is." ... written by gchild001
Very comforting!" ... written by me
Beautiful soul! " ... written by butterflysun
Wonderful! she really tunes into the angels and brings forth some for real guidance. which was perfect for my situation. a warm and freindly person too, upbeat and easy to talk to. " ... written by Larry Longtree
good" ... written by Teresa
Thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
she is the best " ... written by singh
Thank you for the messages from the angels" ... written by Suzanne
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
okay" ... written by Deorah
Wow, it's amazing to see someone blessed with such gifts. God bless her" ... written by BENJAMIN
godly insight thankyou." ... written by smokeyjoe
She was great. She really put everything so simply and gave me the clarity I was looking for. It seems obvious now." ... written by Fish
ok,,great" ... written by john
Lovely lady, I felt she was very sincere and caring. Good advice, understood my situation very well." ... written by P
Good reader " ... written by Vee
Very warm and lovely. Ms. Naomi was truthful and kind. I will definitely get another reading from her. " ... written by Avenda
all i can say to you is thank you so so so so much!! i was in doom and gloom this morning but my spirits are truly lifted :) you are an amazing woman with an amazing gift thank you!!! andamp;lt;3 xx" ... written by Sharna100
I love your energy - I will be back again to speak with you. Thank you for taking the time and wish I could have had more time with you. Speak again soon sweet lady!" ... written by Shawn
What positive energy!!! Amazing to talk you :)" ... written by Ven
she is good" ... written by m
She is lovely and the reading was helpful and accurate. " ... written by delilahlove
nice" ... written by d2
Naomi is very sweet and in tune with the angels. The messages that came through were on target." ... written by Telt
Thank you so much! What a wonderful and generous lady :) Speaks from the heart and gives the best advice ever...she helped me reach a decision ive been confused about for months. Thank you so much Naomi's angels:) love and light always xoxo" ... written by dragon
I liked the reading from Naomi, unlike a lot of the other psychics she could tune in to a situation and give you the guidance that you are seeking without having to say anything." ... written by richie bond
I loved her reading. She speaks with such positive influences and tell you to believe in what your heart is telling you." ... written by twinspice
Naomi's reading was insightful and helpful. Her ability to read into the problem and provide an accurate explanation was fast. The advice was also logical and practical. I can high recommend a reading with Naomi." ... written by Martkos_Rukbat
naomi is the best she did healing to my brother in ;aw n in few days time he started to walk n move about .much apprecaited god bless you " ... written by remedio
I liked Naomi. The reading was clear andamp; to the point. She is a very pleasant person. And I will visit her again." ... written by C Smith
she is really good" ... written by deborah
she's amazing" ... written by Cristina
Angel messages from above that apply to your situation. Answers all questions from a higher perpspective. " ... written by Amazing Reader
I just found my second mother! She`s so sweet and uplifting. Great energy and advice. " ... written by Tapsor
Very helpful, and insightful" ... written by MilaPooh
What a wonderful session. I knew she was the person I needed to talk to once I went in her free chat for the first time." ... written by Walejr
Naomi is the real deal, she connected quick and helped me." ... written by bless15
beautiful peaceful lovely woman accurate just what I needed" ... written by colleen terza
Amazinggg !!!!" ... written by Nina
Naomi a messenger from god will always answer your questions and you will leave feeling good." ... written by richie
very great person and would love have further updates. " ... written by bell
Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
Naomi was wonderful and very accurate, she helped me understand my situation" ... written by starlady11
thanks very comforting :)" ... written by yellow
Good reading thank you" ... written by Amanda
very good reading" ... written by deva delight
great intuitive and guidance I feel this is someone with real instinct. Very helpful indeed.." ... written by bell
Naomi is so nice! Really enjoyed her positivity and guidance and thing she was completely right about where I am and how I need to perceive things and appreciate answered prayers, definitely will seek her guidance again! She's so nice!" ... written by Alex
this woman is a read deal, genuine, clear, spot on accurate." ... written by sea1000
Right on very sweet no tools.Very kind and warm person." ... written by Beatrice
she was wonderful" ... written by debroah
EXCELLANT! A TRUE AND WISE WOMEN OF GOD!" ... written by javonne
great reading thank u" ... written by milena gbemu
Very good reading " ... written by Daniel
Very sweet and encouraging lady. Enjoyed the reading, which I believe was highly accurate." ... written by DesertDiva1
I just had a reading with her and she blew me completely away. I was not even ready for the things she had for me but at the same time it was just what I needed and more. Thank you Naomi" ... written by Luella63
No one should ever go without a beautiful angel reading and I know she hears from Angels because when I went into her room she ask me how my studies are doing and I had just been doing college and then went on oranum. I couldnt believe my ears. She told me only God and the angels knew that and they told her to ask me. I took her into private and she made a prediction in which she confided in the angels first and she told me messages for myself that the angels wanted to tell me. Excellent reading" ... written by kittykat
she's good." ... written by Julie
wonderful person, made me feel so great with her guidances" ... written by belinda
very sweet person and nice read" ... written by lavelle
My first time with Naomi... very confident... spiritual, Loves the Lord (so do I)...make very clear what is happening in your doubt! I have received guidance andamp; will definitely be back t this wonderfully sweet andamp; loving guidance!!" ... written by Nini52
Naomi gave me excellent advice. She was spot on with the reasons and gave guided me to a favorable solution. I recommend her to anyone who wants a kind and friendly conversation about what is most important to you." ... written by phillypretzel
Great reading" ... written by MI
Thank you for the positive messages. I love your spirit." ... written by Garace123
great reading with Naomi, thanks a lot, it was helpful." ... written by dazzle111
Naomi, thank you again for giving me Angels' messages! That is amazing, I really hope to reconnect with my step sis!!!" ... written by emmascorpio
I Really Enjoyed this Reading with Mrs. Naomi, it really lifted my spirit up...I love her lovely pleasant spirit...She help to remind me just how Favored I am by God, and that this to shall pass, and Greater Is Coming! Thanks Mrs Naomi Pearl Of Joy God Bless Ypu! " ... written by God Favors Me
super sweet and even said a prayer for my family. " ... written by SUNFLOWER333
I think Naomi is just heaven sent,she is a joy to talk to she is so kind and caring when you talk with her she gives answers and always listons to you.She is awsome and I highly recomend her to everyone :)) thank you naomi for being a good friend, kathy" ... written by wildfire1959