About MythicDann

Psychic MythicDannhas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MythicDannhas recently helped 9members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MythicDann's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Greetings! My name is Dann, and I am a Professional Spiritual Consultant.

My Credentials:
[] Certified Professional Tarot Reader
[] Delphi School of Psychics Alumni
[] Lightworker
[] Compassionate, Caring, and Composed
[] Energy Worker
[] Open minded and welcoming of people of ALL walks of life, regardless of creed, sexual orientation, race, culture/ethnic backgrounds, gender expression, martial status, legal standings. We're all one under Love and Light!

My Services:

-Tarot Readings
- Astrology
- Energy Work/Chakra Meditations
- Angel Readings/Therapy
- Empathy
- Clairvoyance
- Law of Attraction Coaching
- Personal Empowerment


Who Am I?:

Since childhood, I've been in-tune with my empathetic and clairvoyant abilities. I remember feeling overwhelmed with the vibrations and energies -- both positive and negative -- of other people in numerous public settings as well as having visions of their daily occurances. Then, by the peak of my teenage years, I became fascinated with the oracle of the tarot and learned to channel those visions and feelings into insight. Gradually my readings became more and more accurate with many predictions coming true. It was then I decided to investigate tarot further. Within the past ten years, I've read for many people: students, teachers, artists, and business personnel on numerous situations regarding love, family, career, and personal growth. Numerous people convinced me to go even broader with my abilities -- because my readings are known to be very accurate, insightful, detailed, and most importantly: honest. Honesty is the best policy, and no matter how compassionate I might seem in consultation -- it will not get in the way in telling you what you need to know, even if it might not be what you want to hear. It is against my personal integrity and morality to betray God and the universe by giving you false hope on a situation that's going no where. You are here for truth, afterall.

I do not hold judgements, or biases on situations. Everyone is unique, and their situations parallel their uniqueness as characters in this grand play called "life." God created us each unique and the situations we endure -- no matter how "bizzare" -- for a reason. You can be assured that you will get careful, compassionate, and copious attention when in consultation with me, and I can guarantee clear, detailed, accurate, honest, and genuine, down to earth answers and advice; be it in the cards, in the crystals, or in the universe. I can confidently sense empathetically the feelings of others clearly, give you a forecast on your career/finances through clairvoyance and/or tarot, counsel you intuitively with relationships, and give you honest insight. I can also aid with guided meditations/chakra clearings in order to help ground and de-stress you so you may approach daily situations in a more balanced, and collected manner.

IMPORTANT: We were all blessed with the gift of free will from our creator. With that said, the future is never set in stone. While any predictions might be viable possibilities -- they are not guarantees. No psychic/clairvoyant/tarot reader is GOD. The only two forces who ultimately dictate your future are universe, and you. We as readers are only able to provide you with foresight, insight and guidance.

Rules of Chatroom:

1.) I do NOT answer Yes/No questions in the Free Chatroom. If you wish to have specific questions answered, please consult me in a Private Reading. This is not only my rules, but the rules of Please do not take this personally.

2.) There is NO harassment, belittling, or badgering of myself, or any of the members in the room (including guests). We are all here under the laws of Universal love, and I expect these laws to be upheld, especially in MY room. This includes, but not limited to: discrimination of ANY SORT, giving snarky advice on others situations, sexual harassment, or harsh verbalized judgements.

3.) I am the ONLY one allowed to read in this room. Discussion on spiritual matters or life concerns is okay, but there is a specific line between advice and reading. If I catch ANY OTHER member or expert trying to read in my room, I will immediately remove without warning. There is a reason why Experts have their OWN rooms.

4.) Along with the previous rule above, there is to be ABSOLUTELY NO ADVERTISING/SOLICITATION OF OTHER EXPER'TS SERVICES IN MY ROOM. Admitting to, or discussing ones ability (or abilities) is okay, but if anything along the lines of "Come into my room for ______" or "I am having a special on ______" is said, you will immediately be removed, and BANNED. This room is MY professional business, not anyone else's. That is also horribly un-professional to solicit your/others services in someone else's store.

5.) Have fun, and relax. :)

** Repeated offenses will issue you a BAN from my room. **


Remember everything, good OR bad, happens for a reason. Even with that said, we are all given the two greatest gifts from our creator: life, and the power of choice. Nothing is set in stone, and destiny is able to cognitively change at our will. May you all walk in the path of the greatest love, and highest life.


A very charming and brilliant mind. This individual is not your average Tarot reader. He carries the ability to take the cards and not only apply it to your life, but to assist you with a realistic path that you can take to make sure that your success comes into fruition. He will tell it to you like it is but with the most sincerity he can offer. You should not pass up an opportunity to take him into a private consultation. " ... written by bluestar11
He is very nice and straight forward. Not a waste of time and money.He will tell you things that you want to know and very specific answer. Amazing...very nice." ... written by mhel04
very kind and right to the point....even gave me a prayer! loved it!" ... written by wendic
Great!" ... written by MayGirl