About MystycAngel2010

Psychic MystycAngel2010has 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MystycAngel2010has recently helped 45members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MystycAngel2010's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello dear friends, my name is Catherine, and I am a gifted psychic, who can feel energies and people, who does her best to offer quality HELP and not SHOW. Is a big difference between fancy show in front of the camera, and a person who truly cares to help and to guide and to serve.

WOW. Extremely thorough. She picked up on almost everything and my situation is pretty complicated to say the least. She's so good that she saw other areas in my life and touched base on them, as well. We looked at several things and she was on the mark for them all. Very detailed and Scarily accurate!" ... written by ezangel
I have been in many places and I have seen many people. Nobody and I mean this .. nobody compares to MystycAngel. She is has been the solution to my problems and also a savior of a very dear relationship. She is accurate and smart. her objectivity is best among all. I feel very satisfied with the results and it is only becuase of her that I will now be able to be with the one I love. I followed her guidance and that led me to paradise. thank you so much catherine and god bless your gift" ... written by pepestone1
Wow, I loved the reading with her!" ... written by Brandnewme
once again she has done it, the best advice ever. I feel calm after the reading. this is becuase the accuracy of it. As I go on with my relationship all the things that MysticAngel tells start unfolding one by one. the revelations are perfect" ... written by pepestone1
Wonderful person! Very insightful and warm! Her reading made me feel a lot better and confidant about my situation. There were a few points that were right on the money it was almost scary! Definitely going to her in the future!" ... written by momosugah
best psychic on the site. friendly and helpful. told me honestly and actually gave me specific advise. she is worth more than she charges!!! she doesn't overcharge because she likes to help people. try her!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
MystycAngel2010 was amazing, she told me everything I need to know. I wish I would have come to her a long time ago. She was right on with everything and told me what I need to do to help my situation out. If you need help I recommend you go to her, she is caring and passionate about her gift !" ... written by JadedHeart
Mysticangel2010 was very helpful. She really pinned the situation and figured out my situation. It was very interesting that she was able to pinpoint thing so accurately." ... written by Newkysingle
MysticAngel is spot on, very accurate and very honest, will not just tell u what she thinks u want to hear, she will tell u the truth about urself so be prepared and be ready to get the truth as the universe puts it out there, A wonderfully talented young woman, who deserves the respect of anyone who enters her room. Gifted reader, I will always know I can come to her for advice and know she will keep it real and ACCURATE AS EVER...THANK U MYSTYC ANGEL2010 UR A GOD SEND. I suggest anyone who wants a true reading from a true psychic then take this woman to a PRIVATE reading, She is the real deal..." ... written by Niwroc-D61
Mystyc was a very accurate reader. She was right to the point. She is extremely gifted. Great psychic and caring person!" ... written by Joanna93
she was very helpful and answered a lot of my questions. It really helped talking to her about things that have been troubling me." ... written by jake1994
I called her twice she was right on and you can tell she really cares. Awesome lady!" ... written by jrene29
When she lays out her cards and gets started, there is no stopping the flow of information. Thank you again for helping me and advising! She is full of specific details that are on point! I have a few favorite readers here and she is one of them. Thanks again! " ... written by ezangel
Thanks again, Mystycangel 2010. You did help and I appreciate your kindness and support. You speak the truth!" ... written by Shea67
Mystyc gave me a lot of in sight in what I really needed to know. Well see her again. Needed more time. She was great and amazing!!!" ... written by Elizabeth7264
Another fabulous reader! Seriously, this reader can see a A LOT and I mean A LOT. She goes deep into detail....This is my 2nd reading with her and she picked up on more stuff that I never even mentioned in the first reading. Also, her near future prediction from our previous reading came to pass. I highly recommend her!!! " ... written by ezangel
Very helpful and insightful..... would recommend to anyone." ... written by johnspirit
I am happy I talked to her. She gave me more information than any other I have spoken to have. Now will the turn of events are still out of my hands, I feel more in control of the situation." ... written by zondiwe
exceellentt!!! no words " ... written by nazlymaria
she is caring, professional, and intelligent ! i truly recommend her " ... written by nazlymaria
Very insightful and honest... thanks for helping me with a very tough decision..." ... written by ellasmom34
She's very caring and kind, straight to the point and it felt like as if she read what's inside me through and through. It's obvious it's not random or just by chance that I picked her. I recommend her highly and I wanted to let her know that I'm grateful to her and that I'll follow her advice. Thank you. " ... written by mescitare
she is fantastic!! i love her caring nature, her advice " ... written by marianazly
She delivers the goods every time! She just sees so much, no matter if it's a love, career, or just a general reading! I come back because she just picks up on even the smallest details sometimes! I wish she lived near me so I could do a reading face to face. I would love to see how she works her magic with the cards!" ... written by ezangel
next to god for me......" ... written by smitalovely_2001
I really appreciate everything you told me. It makes perfect sense. thanks so much and God bless." ... written by faatimahlove
omg Your're wonderful thx u so much for this info, I am counting down the days, weeks till i have what i really want!" ... written by queenbee16
get another good reading ,,,whatever she told me was true so now im gona follow her instrustion and i hope my life ll change ,,,so thx again cath god bless u xxxxxx" ... written by roop83
Cath is so lovely and caring. She told me truth about me. I'll come back to her because she gave me tne hope. Thanks, Cath xxxx" ... written by roop83
i found mysticangel to be very gifted and the reading" ... written by tanyaolivia64
is awesome, very insightful and to the point" ... written by hxd181
She can see so much of what's going on in your, career, finances, and just random information. So much of what she has told me over time has been extremely accurate and her predictions have come to pass. Love her and her honesty!! One of my faves!" ... written by ezangel
Catherine, my friend in two days, its really amazing how you can be so connected to someone virtually. She is right on, on her readings. Someone great, straight to the point and just a real person you can talk to. Its nice just to be in her free chat room!" ... written by slz0304
Very good and nice picked a lot, I would recommend!!" ... written by angelschild67
This woman is awesome. I will read with her again in 3 weeks to let her know what is happening in my life." ... written by luckygirl40
I had a wonderful reading with Catherine. She was accurate with my situation and provided me with what I have to look for in the future. She gave me hope and I look forward to seeing good things finally happening to me. It has been long waited for. Thank you Catherine!" ... written by greekgoddess71
I truly enjoyed this reading. Today was my first time on this site. I was checking out the rooms and how the Psychics read. I waited my turn and then requested a private. This was a very good reading. She was very thorough and informative. She gave me information I wasn't even asking about. I highly recommend her to everyone. You will not be sorry with a private. Satisfaction guaranteed!!! I will definitely be coming back. Thank you Angel!!!Awesome reading!!!" ... written by Treasure313
Thank you for the fantastic reading. You were spot on and so helpful. and very kind. I will be back. " ... written by Lorann23
She was so detailed, and accurate. I will definitely come back for more results!! :) " ... written by pxiong0121
An awesome chat with a very special lady. she is one in a million x " ... written by vemy104
She was wonderful. She was right on. " ... written by Breezy64
Fantastic reading with accuracy. Truly gifted!!!" ... written by tash1921
She is so is well worth the time.. Very caring and compassionate in her readings." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Great, answered all my questions , thank you so much!!" ... written by tiarneaus
Compassionate, caring, and honest. Long session tonight and it was worth it. She sees and understands my emotional struggles but she can also see how I can overcome things with just the right advice. Going to take her suggestions and see how they work out for me. Previous love and career predictions have come true!! She is me!! " ... written by ezangel
Fantastic!" ... written by beingmaria
She is very kind, honest, thought-provoking... I definitely left feeling inspired ready to act! :)" ... written by rolinsand
great reading alot of info will come back to her again!!! " ... written by tiger5762
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
She said some accurate things. Thanks!" ... written by acast005
Very Good reading. " ... written by enamorada
good" ... written by 1212flaming
She is very good, connects with the situation very well. has a calm and sensitive energy. Thanks you were a good help!" ... written by Cryptids
she is pretty darn Good! scary for one so young" ... written by margiv
Very sweet and caring reader. Cannot wait to see what happens :)" ... written by fireopal77
My favorite on the site!!!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Ran out of credits but would have liked to be read by her longer. She is very nice and caring. I will come back to her again for more." ... written by jonahwriter
nice reading and a lovely calming person" ... written by fleurdesil
Wow!!! I WILL BE BACK!" ... written by GREENEYES1983
excellent like usual! you are outstnading" ... written by sprngmaria2013
mystic is great... very accurate n a genuine soul" ... written by sexyegyptian2
very very good knew alot!!!!! will come back again" ... written by tiger5762
honest and accurate..can't ask for better." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Wonderful ! I felt like I'm talking to an old friend who's lived the situation with me and witnessed every thing ! I just loved every moment I was with her. She's so talented !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Angel is great... she is very sweet and very accurate:)" ... written by sexyegyptian2
just try her. you won't be disappointed :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
She is really good, straightforward, and reliable. I am glad I selected her for a reading!" ... written by RoomTroll
Exellent to the extreme!" ... written by guess1953
Internet gave out but she was so accurateand dead on...she's got a gift and she is a sweetheart too." ... written by leblnac
She is the real thing and should be paid the top salary. She know things she could not have made up." ... written by suzann
my favorite :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
MYSTYCANGEL2010 has been very exact in her reading, extremely accurate and very kind. I like her very much and her reading are great. Give her a chance at a private reading and I am sure she is add insight for you." ... written by Newkysingle
Made a really good connection with me!" ... written by BB
WONDERFUL! Previous predictions in regards to love and a unique job situation did come to pass. The job situation seemed like an unlikely prediction at the time, but it happened just as she saw. Mystyc has an uncanny way of seeing so many things with your and she is usually dead-on. Eerily accurate! Love her and her honesty. She gives you the good, bad, and sometimes ugly...ethical and honest!! " ... written by Nona29
one of the best on this site...honest...true...dedicated...and helpful" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Very accurate and caring, will come back again." ... written by tiger5762
excellent" ... written by nazlymaria
I have consulted a lot of psychics on the website but she is DEFINITELY THE BEST...she was dead on at everything she told..STRONGLY recommend her!!! THANK YOU so much for the reading! you are amazing, truly gifted!!!!" ... written by Onica86
she is so wonderful. sweet, honest and kind. will always return to her." ... written by SAchick
she was so helpful today. i recommend her advice to anyone. she will be honest and not sugar coat it at all." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Another great session as always!!! She sees it all. I am a repeat client and she sees many things going on with you accurately and her predictions come to pass. I am a repeat client for a reason! Very talented reader!! " ... written by Nona29
Awesome reader very accurate! I really enjoyed the pvt reading. Will come back again if I need too." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
thebest ! " ... written by nazlymaria
You set my mind at ease when I was really down this morning. Then, this afternoon, HE TEXTED! Yay! Thank you for cheering me up. I believe you!! :) " ... written by SAchick
What an angel of mercy and compassion. You should see her, she is incredible....:)" ... written by milona
Thank you! We did a very in-depth reading and it was spot-on. Lots of info....this lady knows her stuff and is an expert at reading her cards! Please try her!" ... written by Nona29
I found the reading interesting, and what I brought from it was how my free will, and what I do will and can affect my life path. She was kind and supportive. I wait to see if her predictions come to pass. " ... written by dc29926
This person is in touch with a part of life that most of us do not see. She uses her gift with wisdom and a heart of compassion, as I said before. This site is very lucky to have her - I wonder if her employers know how lucky. I hope she recieves anything more you can offer her...." ... written by suzann
love always my reading with her!" ... written by nazlymaria
I enjoy consulting with Catherine as she is very gifted and very kind and always puts my mind at ease. I believe everything she has told me about the future will unfold as she describes as everything else she has foretold has occured already. She fills me with great hope and courage and gives me comfort just like a friend would do when you are troubled. She understands that my matter is very close to my heart and treats it just this way when she offers insight about this situation. I truly believe that new happiness is on my doorstep and I will always remember Catherine for helping me keep my chin up and encouraging me to stay patient and positive and believing in what awaits. Thank you for all your help, i trust you and wish u happiness and love always, and I will return to you no doubt to tell u how things have unfolded in the future and I am sure I will have a smile on my" ... written by tanyaolivia64
I feel a friend in this adviser. She is genuine, great at what she does. She is really the best!" ... written by nazlymaria
I cant even describe this reading honestly but ill try...she really put things into perspective and took her time and did not tell me what I wanted to hear but what NEEDED to hear....I felt the honesty and truth as she spoke it. Thank you so much and may God bless you and all that you do. " ... written by jayr3264
Thank you for your help." ... written by brownsuga5964
Wish I had more time. Really nice lady. Will be back. Thank you. " ... written by crstsy021204
She is the best! Will come back to you for sure!" ... written by waterlover
there is no one as good as she" ... written by nunababu
I really enjoyed the reading for she really picked up on things about my situation that I had no idea she could such as feelings and thoughts about me and another person. Ran out of funds right when it was starting to get more info but the little bit I received was amazing. Will definitely contact her again soon. Thank you very much." ... written by angelloverose
Amazing...She hit on something that I have never told anyone...about my was unbelieveable...I was stunned, I almost couldn't respond I was so surprised...Great..." ... written by dreamer65
Very good and detailed...I enjoyed the reading and feel she was right on the money..Thank you so much" ... written by dreamer65
She is gooood!" ... written by Harvey6972
i hope it all comes true. the reading was very detailed" ... written by anonymous
Again excellent. accurate and lots of help, thanks again" ... written by maryannepav
Excellent, accurate, clear and very helpfull, I will definitelly be back." ... written by maryannepav
One of the best on this site. Thank u for much needed guidance." ... written by Lovepassenger
Very quick and intuned, thank you!" ... written by Lovepassenger
extrordanary psychic no words highly reccomended answered all my questions and picked up on situation quickly" ... written by vc1976
Great reading..." ... written by brownsuga5964
Another incredible reading with you today. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me and encouraging me to keep my head up through these trying time. Everything is explained with such details and emphasis. One of the best on the site. Once again thank you." ... written by Lovepassenger
she is wonderful." ... written by susu2009
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!" ... written by vc1976
Accurate and fast reading did not waste time. She picked up on my current situation and gave me direction of outcome. I look forward to future happiness in my life. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
mysticangel was very good and accurate. She is honest and tells you the truth." ... written by fouzinabet
Love, love , love her. She saw the truth and offered guidance. I'll be back. Thanks doll:)" ... written by niecym
I just love her. I trust her very much. Much more than anyone else here. I will always return to her because of the trust and faith I have in her words. Thank you once again Mysticangel! I appreciate you and the time you have spent helping me so very much. :)" ... written by SAchick
extrordanary psychic highly reccomended spot on no words to describe expirence all i can say is answered all my questions very detailed and absolutly spot on time lines just truly gifted" ... written by vc1976
I really love Alexandra - this Psychic helped me to understand why I lost her." ... written by PauloG
Mystyc sees things that I have blocked, but once poitned out, are true. She is the real thing. I am grateful htat my karma led me to her. She deserves blessings and love. " ... written by Suzanne3
She was AMAZING. Lots of incite. I got cut off before the last question was answered, which was unfortunate, but none the less, very accurate, very clear, completely satisfied." ... written by Brianna Tyler
always accurate...very upfront...will be back" ... written by tiger5762
such a wonderful positive person, she picked up on my current situation, she explains the situation in detailed and she was spot on with every detail, thankyou!" ... written by babydoll33
Always a pleasure getting readings from her. She describes the people in my situation very well without even telling her. I'm glad I came back to have a reading with her again. I will be back again when I need another reading^_^ Thanks again!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
good stuff...clarified a lot of things" ... written by bluesky10
I have have several readings with Catherine and she is a truly gifted psychic with a heart of gold, and from the very beginning she saw for me what was about to unfold. It has done so exactly as she predicted so far and very soon I will have the final outcome and happiness is around the corner, patience was the key. She gave me hope and peace when i was scared and helped me to understand the bigger picture around me. I always believed she saw the truth and now i am convinced, and I will never forget her as she walked with me along the way just like a friend. I am truly blessed fo have been guided by her and I feel she cares about your happiness. I wish her love and peace always and no doubt I will return when I will tell her the final outcome that she sees so clearly. If u want to hear the truth you will find it with her. XXXX" ... written by Tanya
Always answers all my questions highly recommended!! " ... written by vc1976
Excellent and accurate! Thank you :)" ... written by mozzy123
as always, spot on extrordanary psychic. highly recommended " ... written by vc1976
Good reading lets see what happens." ... written by brownsuga5964
very accurate and helpful" ... written by pjazz86
thank you for the wonderful reading tonight MysticAngel2010. You comforted me a lot and confirmed a lot of things going on in my situation. I appreciate it very much so. I will keep you posted." ... written by Hopefull
She is wonderful and right on! IT is amazing!" ... written by Newkysingle
VERY POSITIVE READING. THANK YOU AGAIN" ... written by laplusbelle
Very empowering reading. Ty my friend." ... written by mozzy123
Thank you for the reading. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you for the help!" ... written by Angel168
always on point and answeres all my questions highly reccomended extrordanary psychic" ... written by vc1976
Mystycangel...i came to you because i felt i could trust you. Thankyou so much for your insight and honesty....You confirmed so many issues that i had. God Bless you...i will be back. If you want the truth have a private reading with Mystycangel. You wont be disappointed :D" ... written by suzana01
Thank you so much..." ... written by brownsuga5964
Great reading..." ... written by brownsuga5964
well what can i say...i had to hear a few things i really didn't want to hear, but hey, its the truth. she did see clearly into my situation and predicted a few things i did not expect. i am eager for the next few weeks!" ... written by enterchange
She's awesome!!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Extremely caring, Kind and so so gifted. She has predicted for me since June and so far all her predictions are unfolding exactly as she has seen for me. The final outcome is approaching and she continues to hold me up and gives me courage and stands by all she has seen for me, and I trust her like like a friend. She gives detail, is very accurate and gives timing. She has made me see the bigger picture of it all and takes away my fears and I will remain positive as Happiness is near and all will have been worth the wait. I send u love. xxx" ... written by TANYA
She was accurate, kind, intuitive and extremely helpful, I will definitely come back, she is great, and worth every cent." ... written by maryannepav
thank you again! I really needed that support :)" ... written by SAchick
Catherine is a lovely caring lady and very insightful and gifted psychic adviser and very genuine and honest in what she sees around you. She is always there to help you and she fills me with peace and gives me clarity and understanding. She has seen many wonderful things awaiting me and has said from beginning to trust an be patient. She connect so well to energy around my situation and will give you all her attention and devotion whilst reading for you and very professional and yet personal too. Previous predictions around my situation have resulted already as she saw and the final outcome will be here soon, and so she has given me hope for happiness which awaits for me which I never thought was imaginable, AND i thank her for being there for me from the beginning till the end. You have been a true friend and inspiration and I send u love. You are very special and so gifted and U deserve happiness always!!!" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Amazing insight ..superb she could actually see me for what i am . Highly recommend , one of the best and genuine ones here. Lots of love :))" ... written by quickdance
She is wonderful as always!!!!!! Love talking to her." ... written by ntimidress6
Good Reading " ... written by brownsuga5964
Very kind lady. Doesn't waste time, very clearly and easy to understand. Gave me a lot of helpful insight to my situation and very good advise. Thank you very much for your time, reading and advise. " ... written by friendly85
on point very sincere" ... written by ninaginelle
One of the best readings Yet so precise about me she knew everything about me and if you do not want to know the truth you better find someone who cannot see what she can. If you are looking for the truth you came to the right one. GREAT" ... written by Ladman49
Excellent! Ty" ... written by mozzy123
She is fantastic im speechless!!!! ty talk soon xx" ... written by scoops09
Very good readings and to the point, interesting things to help me." ... written by rhonda2508
good reading very intuned thank you" ... written by ninaginelle
Had an email reading and followup and she was spot-on as usual. Throughout my time of knowing Angel, she has made predictions and stated things to me that I had no clue about and they all turned out to be so. I know of 2 superb card readers here and she is one of them! Highly Recommended! " ... written by Nona29
as always extraordinary " ... written by vc1976
I have never felt so much insight into anything up until now. She really helped me a lot. I feel like I have some direction with things which is good because I haven't felt that in a long time. Thank you so much, I will hopefully speak with you soon. " ... written by natalie
Thanks! Always a pleasure!! You are awesome!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
She was accurate on her reading and made me feel better about the situation." ... written by danielacgarcia
you are really really great! you hit the mark...i will save your profile. want to come back for more....MORE POWER TO YOU!" ... written by islanddreams4168
She is amazing...she is so helpful and so sincere. She really can tell you anything. I love talking to her :) She is like...a good friend you can turn to :)" ... written by Natalie
Amazed at her and what she knows. I am telling you if you are here it is for a reason trust yourself and ask what you will she is gifted and I believe guided by pure sprits. Truly I cannot say enough about her reading all I can tell you if you need an answer she is the one you need to ask. Very clear and leaves no doubt." ... written by Ladman49
My favorite :) She is a great person, great heart, great mind. She has the best advice ever and she always makes everything clear. She uses positive thoughts to uplift you, you get you to make right choices. I ask her one million questions and she is always ready to answer me. I have found a friend in her, I am sure many other people would too. " ... written by natalie00nicole
Everytime I talk to her I feel more and more that every penny I spend with her is worth it. I feel like she is not just a psychic, but a good friend. She has the best advice and is always so good about giving advice. I would recommend her to anyone. I can't tell her thank you enough times, I am so grateful for have finding her. " ... written by Natalie
PREDICTION HAPPENED!!! AMAZINGLY ACCURATE! okay, so Ive talked to Mystycangel many times about my love and she has always been so great. I was doubtful and sad. THAT was the problem. She told me that I'd hear from him and gave me the number 1. The next time I spoke with her she told me to keep my chin up and I'd hear from him, this time giving me the number 16 (if you've read with her before you know the numbers can mean different things) I wanted to believe her SO badly, but since the breakup was in March and there had been no contact at all since October, I was doubtful. THe last few weeks I have had a whole new attitude. KNOWING I would hear from him and not letting negative thoughts get in the way of that. He emailed me today. JANUARY 16th! Um...thats a ONE and a SIXTEEN!!! She said when he contacted me it would be short and simple but it is because he misses me and not to worry about it. YAY!!!!!! I am so happy right now! Just to know that I'm still on his mind and that this SUPER STUBBORN man swallowed his pride and contacted me. LOVE YOU SO MUCH MYSTYCANGEL!!!!! Thank you for always being there when I was weak and lost and needing to talk to someone who knows that is not my personality and told me so! You are awesome!!!! I'll keep you updated. I hope anyone who reads this wondering if she's the one to go to with questions will get a private and trust that she knows what she's doing...and turn their negative thoughts into positive thoughts while waiting for the predictions to unfold." ... written by SAchick
Catherine is such a wonderful lady and understands my situation so clearly. She has given me amazing insights and predictions of which have ocurred and others that are manifesting now. She is truly amazing and so so gifted and genuine, and puts me at ease instantly as she can explain why things are developing in the way they are and she can help u understand the minds of others and how this is influencing the situation. She has seen all that will unfold for me from the very beginning and so far she is right about everything and i now await the final outcome. I will remain patient as i trust what she has seen for me..thank you are a trur friend and have been there for me from the very beginning and understand me so well and i know true happiness is on my doorstep. xxxxxxxx" ... written by Tanya
A true psychic. No doubt. And a good being. She is real. " ... written by Suzanne3
Very good reading and caring." ... written by maryannepav
Yo te quiero mucho!! Eres una persona divina y siempre me pones calmada...como una buena amiga! Claro que le doy gracias a Dios por te haber encontrado. De verdad, eres un amor y me haces sentir bien, tienes los mejores consejos y estoy muy agradecida por todo que has hecho en mi vida :) Miles gracias por todo Catherine. Te mando un beso :) Y un abrazo fuerte! Hasta pronto! Un beso, chau! andamp;lt;3" ... written by Natalie
Catherine you are sooooooooooooooo wonderful!!! You make me feel great, confident and ready to go for anything! You have changed my life a lot in the last two weeks just by giving me guidance :) I appreciate you so much, you have no idea! I will let you know how tomorrow goes!! :) XoXoXo!!!! -Nat :)" ... written by Natalie
You are so warm and full of wisdom and knowledge. I am glad I was able to talk to you Angel, that's what you are an Angel with so much light. You put my mind at ease and I now can follow my heart and set it all right. I will let you know! Blessing to you and your with love and light AD xxxxx" ... written by Angeldarling
She is the best reader on this site! She's so full of light and wonderful! She got my situation immediately and was spot on with her reading! I am amazed at her accuracy! Such a love! You MUST read with her!!!!! Blessings to you Mystic Angel, you truly are an angel!" ... written by skier8001
Very good reading, I feel that what I have been told is probably the truth, now I just have to have patience and pray." ... written by rhonda2508
Thank you dear, you are awesome! Connected me from the start. Amazed me with your insight and accuracy. Ill be back! xx" ... written by Minnie12
Great update, very true, thank you, will let u know how things develop.l Hope, soon, as you said!" ... written by Laplusbelle
Espero que te sientassss mejor amiga mia!! :) Te quiero mucho y gracias por tus consejos!! Pronto nos hablaremos!! :) SHE IS THE BEST! If you need a good psychic or a good friend, she is your woman :) I would never change for anyone, she is my favorite...she is my friend :)" ... written by Nat
Wonderful person! First reading with her and I am impressed. She read my situation very well. I will contact her again." ... written by AName12
Time ran out, but very great advice, loved it. wish i had more credits to see the rest. Thanks MystycAngel." ... written by butterscotch5
she is a dear friend and she knows exactly what to do. When i have listened all has gone well. When i have not....all has gone awry but she has still been patient with me :)" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
She is soooo great at what she does and has the best advice in the world!! :) If you want someone who knows what they are doing, come to her :) She always tells you the truth and always figures out a way to help you :)" ... written by Natalia
Mystic Angel is just that, an angel! She's gifted, kind and very very good at what she does, she's the best on this site and I've tried a few! Bless her!!!!!" ... written by skier8001
andamp;lt;3 her, she's the best...ever :) " ... written by Natalia
Catherine, Thank you. you are truly gifted and one of the most genuine people I have met" ... written by araketanara
As usual very comforting and reassured me that things will be just fine. Thanks a lot MystycAngel, an angel you are indeed. :)" ... written by tinkerbell9
Very helpful, supportive and caring" ... written by maryannepav
Shes good." ... written by sandra19007
She was great!! Picked up on the personalities surrounding my situation to a T.. and she gave me a lot to look forward to." ... written by iPreferMimi
la mejorrrrr amiga que he encontrado :) Tiene los mejores consejos y ofrece una amistad que es como ninguna otra :) La quiero mucho y les aviso que hablen con ella :)" ... written by Natalia
Clears the fog number and honest straight forward answers all questions and see beyond" ... written by vc1976
Whenever I am in doubt or worried, Catherine always knows how to guide me out of it. There is no other psychic like her, because while others may have "gifts" she is gifted and caring...and when a person truly cares, that makes all the difference. Love her, she's the best :)" ... written by natalie
Catherine is a very special lady and a very gifted psychic. She always tunes into my situation so well and understands how i feel as well as picking up the true intentions and feelings of those around me, She has seen a wonderful outcome for me in all prior readings , I wish I had further credits to see what further may have been said,this time. She offers great insights and clarity and wants to truly help me. She is extremely caring , kind, compassionate and proffessional and very genuine and if all comes to be as she has seen for me before, I will truly be the happiest woman in the world." ... written by tanyaolivia64
Always clears my mind." ... written by vc1976
Always picks up on a lot of details surrounding the situation. She can see what many cannot. She has proven this to me time and time again. A reliable reader always!! " ... written by Nona29
A great friend, I am so grateful for her. EVERYONE SHOULD TRY HER! She's legit! :)" ... written by nataliexxnicole
Very detailed, accurate and speficic reading...unlike many others that are general. Impressed by depth of reading. Definately Recomended. Genuine." ... written by belladonna8
Fabulous! Knows of the best!" ... written by dstufra1
Good reader. Very understanding. Highly recommended" ... written by Emerald11
She was right on top of everything that was going on and very sweet. I wouldn't mind talking with her again." ... written by adpearson
Thank you very much" ... written by dreamer65
such a warm-hearted person...I love talking to her and she tells you the truth and talks you through everything..." ... written by pjazz86
Even though I have talked to other psychics, it is with her that I have confidence, it is her who I trust. She is the best :)" ... written by Natalie
Catherine is a very special lady and a very gifted psychic. She always tunes into my situation so well and understands how i feel as well as picking up the true intentions and feelings of those around me, She has seen a wonderful outcome for me in all prior readings , I wish I had further credits to see what further may have been said,this time. She offers great insights and clarity and wants to truly help me. She is extremely caring , kind, compassionate and proffessional and very genuine and if all comes to be as she has seen for me before, I will truly be the happiest woman in the world." ... written by tanyaolivia64
Mystyc Is so freaking AWESOME!! I really do just love the way she reads her cards!! This is my 2nd reading with her n my first reading i had EVERYTHING came true!! MYSTYC u are truly gifted :)) and im looking forward to the predition u gave to me today...Thank u n GOD BLESS :))" ... written by GREENEYES1983
Something Angel saw and questioned me about in my last reading with her yesterday just happened in less than 24 hours! A totally random and out of the blue something too. It's amazing how many things are revealed to her by asking one simple question. " ... written by Nona29
She is sooooo good at what she does, you will never be disappointed with her. I have had a lot of readings with her and I have been grateful for every single one of them :)" ... written by natalie
The best as usual. L)" ... written by dstufra1
MystcAngel was great for giving me advice and the courage to create a path that i need to take. Most helpful." ... written by bella
Dear, you definitely ARE an angel on the earth :) You touched my heart.. gave me hope..reassurance. Extremely accurate, detailed reading. Thank you so much- i ll return xx" ... written by Minnie12
She said 12 points but im still confused. we have to wait and see i will be back. wish i knew what 12 she was talkin about...other than that shes good" ... written by poohbabyiam12
You are awesome....gave me a lot of insight to my situation." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Well, one thing is very clear, she is very good in her job, no questions about that. I could feel how she knows things, it is bit scary but I think for her it is just natural. Well I am sorry that time was too little, but you did impressed me for sure, thank you for the reading." ... written by epilock
You are so amazing, more blessing to you!" ... written by RLM1977
Great reading! " ... written by femme77
Wonderful as always!" ... written by gemmie
Awesome :)" ... written by Tishiab
WoW!!! she was spot on right about everything.. just wow.. " ... written by flower08
She is truthful and quite spot on with her readings :)" ... written by InnocenceRewind
Love her!!!!!" ... written by susu2009
It calms me down talking to this wonderful lady, she is great and in her l trust. she is very good in her readings" ... written by RLM1977
It calms me down talking to this wonderful lady, she is great and in her l trust. she is very good in her readings" ... written by RLM1977
She always makes me feel better, always gives me she is a great friend :) She is the best on this site, I swear by that. " ... written by nataliexxnicole
Precisely as usual. thank you" ... written by RLM1977
She said I will get some money and I did today" ... written by laplusbelle
Well what a lovely kind person this psychic is,, she has a calming way about her,, i was very impressed with my reading and i hope what she predicted will come to light with work thanku again :) xx" ... written by f999111
Great reading, straight to the point." ... written by OverJoyed
Great as always!" ... written by laplusbelle
Perfect :)) like always " ... written by GREENEYES1983
Ugh!! i ran outta time right when it was getting good :( lol But thank you Mystyc u made me feel better i just wish we had more time..She really is Awesome!! Correct in all her ya mystyc" ... written by GREENEYES1983
I was competely satsified with the reading l had with MystycAngel12010. she get 5 stars from me, she is very precise in her readings. l will contact her again in the future. Blessings and light to you." ... written by RLM1977
Thank you so much my dear, you help me feel better today and give me so much hope. I ran out of funds and maybe you can email me. God bless you!" ... written by doralice
Thank you so much my dear, you were wonderful!" ... written by doralice
She gave a prediction that something would happen in 1 point meaning 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc....Prediction came to pass in 1 day and I wasn't expecting that at all!" ... written by Nona29
Thank you dear! Good to see you again! You picked up on things very quickly, knew things that only very close people knows. Good advice,'re wonderful!" ... written by Minnie12
She is wonderful" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
I know I can trust her with everything. She picks up on things very fast with alot of details. She was a great help to me and really shed som light on my issues. " ... written by Simon
I LOVE YOU MYSTY :)) can wait to read my reading Lol... She really is the BEST!! Thank you " ... written by GREENEYES1983
Very nice reading!" ... written by jaybird3395
Yet again you have left me speechless. Thank you for your help." ... written by greekgoddess71
I like her, she is awesome." ... written by xicabella
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I really needed someone to talk too and you listened. Also, thank you for understanding what I was feeling. I do feel better! Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
MystycAngel2010 is very helpful and she knew things that I didn't even tell her. She helps you deal with your problems. I really think you should consult with her!" ... written by koko24
She is amazing!!! Everything she said was true, and I told her nothing. Thank you so much." ... written by leogirl
Great info thx u so much!! vey interesting " ... written by queenbee22
Pretty good i felt and was accurate about things, thank u" ... written by smiley2011
Very good." ... written by st5sts
Dear MystycAngel2010 - thank you so much! It's a bit scary but you picked up my dilemma, details and all people involved. Very good reading, we ll see what will happen. 5 stars!" ... written by Minnie12
Thanks again!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Thanks again...your awesome...I dont remember how long i've been coming to you but you are awesome....^_^" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Very good...thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Simply the best " ... written by thebestfriend22
Thank you so much. I enjoy our reading, you are truly an angel." ... written by doralice
Thank you.sweet heart" ... written by susu2009
Fab" ... written by smiley2011
Ran out of credit, but she's good!!" ... written by Pam_mie
Very kind hearted and soft in her energies, enjoyed her reading, she is truthful." ... written by kelila
Great Lady! Give good advise. God Bless!" ... written by queenbee22
Thanks, always a pleasure!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
My credits ran out too quickly, but Mystyc was quick and answered my question, she was very right in what she could see in such a short timing, will be back with an update, thank you very much Mystyc *-) " ... written by malinda2011
Fantastic very honest andamp;amp; true I felt a great connection with this lovely woman" ... written by tinkerbell99
Very empathic, wonderful woman!" ... written by gemmie
Wonderful person!" ... written by quickdance
My credits ran out too quickly, but Mystyc was quick and answered my question, she was very right in what she could see in such a short timing, will be back with an update, thank you very much Mystyc *-)" ... written by malinda2011
Thank you so so much for your kind help." ... written by wendy4
Thank you so so much for your kind help." ... written by wendy4
I will let her know what happens with her prediction." ... written by luckygirl40
Good, not sure about the points but will see what time brings to show!" ... written by malinda2011
Very helpful, enjoyed talking to her." ... written by alondra1991
Super nice" ... written by gstephen
Thank you for the wonderful reading. " ... written by Angel168
Super nice" ... written by gstephen
Very helpful" ... written by labebe1978
She is a true angel. Without me telling her anything she told me everything true about my past. Amazing, hoping everything that she told about future will come true... God bless!!!" ... written by rani4you
She has been very accurate over time in a difficult relationship. I refused to believe her, because it was bad news...but she was right, where so many others were dead wrong." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Very helpful and Informative. :D" ... written by esung89
Amazing. I will defiantly be coming back. Thanks so much." ... written by heidipatterson31
Thank you again Catherine for helping me through this long journey, I always have hope, and you always confirmed what I felt was correct and so you help me stay positive, and I know how truly happy I will be, more than I ever thought possible. Thank you for seeing all will eventuate as I hope for, and thanks for your compassion , you are like a friend and I know I will turn to you for guidance in times to come but more than anything , I cant wait for the day that I will bring you news that you already saw for me from the very beginning, and you always told me not to be scared and to be smart and given me so much guidance and insights which have kept me strong, I wish you peace, happiness and good health and may God protect you always. I don't know why but I truly feel that the time is near for me now and it will have been worth the wait I am sure of that. Thank you again. You filled me with hope at times when I was close to not believing and so confused, but I do feel the fog will lift very soon. xxxxxx" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Thanq once again for such an accurate and clear reading...will definitely come back to you...god bless" ... written by rani4you
Very sweet person...true...accurate and straight forward....thanq" ... written by rani4you
Thanks so much... You have guided me for months now and I'm truly greatful...." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
I will let her know what happens with her prediction." ... written by luckygirl40
Angel, this reading was spot on two pick 3 ladys and there eye color , and to the point of how they have come in and out , truly fablous thank you so much 100% given me peace of mind about the way he feels for me. xxxxxx blessed" ... written by tonio73
Thank you for helping me with my problem. We will talk again. Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
Thannk so much dear, it was an amazing reading and infact very helpful. Will come back soon." ... written by rani4you
She was excellent !!!! Will be back." ... written by jaykun
Thanks for making me feel better. I'll keep you posted. Great reading and I'll talk to you soon! xoxo" ... written by confusedgirl1234
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I had a problem that she helped me see clearly. She understood, the problem, and told me how to solve the problem. Thank You, again!" ... written by Angel168
Simply fantastic and so detailed, Thank you once again, I will follow your advice, I have nothing to loose and I will keep you posted :-) xxxxx" ... written by malinda2011
She is so beautiful! Sometimes i wait to talk to her because I'm afraid of the truth. It's always the truth with her and once i start talking to her i realize there is never anything to be afraid of. She is special and her readings are different from everyone else's. She knows a great deal of information always with very specific details. I don't know why i ever go anywhere else. Thank you Mystic! I love you and the work you do." ... written by SAchickie
Helpful and very specific right to the point, thanks a lot. Great advice." ... written by natascha2370
Great friend always understanding...always tells the truth and gives good advice." ... written by pjazz86
Wonder to chat with, very insightful, and fast !!!!!" ... written by jaykun
Great conversation, nice woman, insightful, sweet, thorough and very honest." ... written by dd41783
Thank you dear. Loads of good information, with all details you had. You are absolutely amazing!" ... written by Minnie12
Super , fantastic:)" ... written by kalais75
Great friend, great reader." ... written by dd41783
Xoxoxoxoxoxoxox! Perfect!" ... written by SAchickie
Very precise in her reading." ... written by Muchacha79
Very nice... True... Accurate and very kind... Thanks so much... God bless." ... written by rani4you
Great read, good friend!!" ... written by dd41783
Once again- many thanks. You are wonderful!" ... written by Minnie12
Mystyc read my situation as if she was reading me a book she had read several times before. She knew the past present and the future and I can't wait for my final outcome." ... written by tblove1
Always so sweet" ... written by susu2009
In my opinion, Mystycangel, is the best psychic I've come across. Very gentle, genuine and helpful. Gives accurate answers and can surprise anyone. She's more like a friend and angel who helps one with their questions with love and hope. She's my favorite. Her energies are so positive and it makes the client wanna be with her for more...magnetic energies. If any one wants to encounter a humble, accurate and non judgemental psychic. Mystysangel is the one." ... written by crimsonhills
This girl is simply amazing... Never met some one like this before... Very accurate and to the point... She is an assett to Oranum." ... written by rani4you
Thanks a ton." ... written by rani4you
Great, warm and fantastic! " ... written by malinda2011
Thank you for the reading. I really enjoy talking to you. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I feel better about my situation, after talking to you. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Always picks up quickly, answers all questions, on point, just extraordinary!" ... written by vc1976
Great reading and definitely recommend!!! Very nice and sweet and spot on" ... written by jonnypc123
Awesome" ... written by nauby
Your awesome thank you so much again." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Thank you so much angel I just Love you really!!! You always make me feel better and ur always right!!! till nxt time my frd :))" ... written by GREENEYES1983
Wonderful help, gave a lot of clarity and great advice! Engjoyed talking to her :)" ... written by ncg
Thank you Catherine for uplifting me and for the wonderful news. You have helped me so much. I trust in what you see as all has happened so far as u have seen for me and I AM SO HOPEFUL. Take care and I will always remember you. xxx" ... written by tanyaolivia64
She's kind and caring!" ... written by itsuramo
Very genuine...Nice and kind person. She is accurate... Timely and fast... She shows what she is talking...God bless her." ... written by rani4you
Thank you so much for your insight. I'm hoping for the best and remaining strong!" ... written by Lpap116
It's very rare to write down a reading but in April I had a reading with MystycAngel2010 who told me that in 4 points which meant 4 weeks, 4 months or 4th of a month I will get a job and last week on the 4th of July I got a call from a job for an interview and i have been offered the job. Spot on! Thank you very much!" ... written by smiley2011
Wowww amazing...really picked up quick...had less credits but answered all my questions...i will recommend her...very kind ty:)" ... written by mini
Mystyc is awesome and so accurate!!! " ... written by marion
Very honest reading i liked her. " ... written by deltaj
Thank you for such a valuable reading.... I hope things work and I will work on whatever you told..." ... written by rani4you
Vary nice girl worth every $$$" ... written by theguyfromrock
She truly is a gifted, kind, considerate, caring lady. I am grateful for her doing my reading." ... written by Uranian34
She was straight forward and helpful." ... written by cherryclown
Wow, terrific....I have high hopes for what she said will happen! she makes you believe in you.... take a moment and have a reading" ... written by sparklejules
Another fantastic reading that unfortunately got short due to my time running out. Once I get more time I will be having another reading definitely!!!!" ... written by jonnypc123
Merci pour cette échange et vos conseils, vous aussi vous êtes quelqu'un de bien, je vous donnerai des nouvelles... Merci MystycAngel" ... written by kalondji
WONDERFUL! She see's things as they are and can tell you great details! I love her, she is a saint!" ... written by skier8001
Wonderful as always." ... written by smiley2011
WONDERFUL READING, AND ADVISE THANK YOU." ... written by corvettime02
Thanks so much....." ... written by sabinaa
Excellent reading. Great connection. Highly recommended. Very nice and helpful lady." ... written by gldcup
Excellent reading as usual." ... written by maryannepav
EXCELLENT!!! She see's what no one else does, times and places and can tell you the most amazing details, which always come true, always!!!" ... written by skier8001
The best reading....." ... written by sabinaa
Very informative and relative to my situation." ... written by wilsonredith
Awesome - you helped, thanks." ... written by sunshine456
She was rather good thanks." ... written by jessicalee94
Very helpful as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Thank you so much Catherine for your very kind and heart felt words today. I cam to you so distraught and you comforted me and helped me see through the fog and gave me so much positive reinforcement and told me things you have often said before so I will trust in you and also stay strong. You are so caring and a special lady and I respect you immensely. You have always stood by everything you have seen for me and have been there for me from the very beginning and I hope soon the journey will be a bit easier. Thank you for your encouragement along the way. You always fill me with so much hope and peace and you have kept my dream alive!" ... written by tanyaolivia64
Awesome awesome cleared up alot of things new what was going on u should pick her" ... written by angelinaa81
She's a nice person, like her energy and personality." ... written by MiaKNY
Shes very good and nice. Fast typer. Hope her prediction comes true. " ... written by filippa
She is great. Always is right on with the reading." ... written by Uranian34
Your awesome....thanks again for being such a great adviser" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Thank you for the wonderful reading. Your guidance and support has been encouraging. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Thank you for the wonderful reading. Your guidance and support has been encouraging. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Thank you" ... written by termo11
I love her so much she is an amazing friend" ... written by pjazz86
The REAL DEAL!!! I SWEAR BY HER!! made me feel very warm and safe didnt sugar coat anything was very honest explained things to me in detail amazing stuff" ... written by harmoniclove
She was wonderful and precise in her prediction and i would love to come back to her" ... written by Shankargreedhur
She is accurate and go to the point, She has good energy and easy to connect :) thanks so much! " ... written by xicabella
Thank you for the reading, very helpful." ... written by alexandra11
She was great! Very honest." ... written by Questioninglife
Thank you so much! Great reading!!! She tells the truth and not what you want to hear. Answers all questions. I would definitely recommend her!" ... written by lana12
Amazing reader...pickedupon everything. didnt miss a beat at all.i will be calling back again after the 20th for a special update." ... written by yolanda78
Catherine, thank you for the indepth reading. I feel that you are right in what you picked up and thank you for the reassurance that you gave. " ... written by anon
Thank you for the reading. Also, thank you for listening to my situation. " ... written by Angel168
Very insightful and gentle. I needed that. Thank you!" ... written by madame1
Gives me everything i want to know" ... written by smiley2011
Always wise and very helpful. Your words always have true meaning and calm the soul." ... written by araketanara
Thank you Catherine for the very detailed reading tonite. You are wonderful and I consider you as a friend." ... written by leogirl
Thank you!" ... written by madame1
Dead on .... Really good.... I really enjoyed my session and will definitely will come back. " ... written by kristinaison
Loved her reading. It was long." ... written by kaeronsmom
I loved her reading. It was so real, everything she said." ... written by kaeronsmom
Very kind, patient and gave a sound, clear reading. Thank you mysty." ... written by lovebugshay
Awesome." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Thank you for being there for me Catherine, and your kind and wise words, and of course your insightful guidance and predictions you see for me. You ground me and make me strong and positive every time I chat with you, I am very hopeful that all will unfold as you have seen for me from the beginning. I know how happy I will be. The sadness and pain I am experiencing will have been worth the wait for sure :). I never expected this new chapter in my life, but as hard as it has been it has changed me and I know somehow it has been necessary for me to grow and I believe it was necessary and from it only good will come no matter the outcome. This person has touched my soul forever. It has been a pleasure knowing you and I wish you only happiness, peace and joy in your life. Thank you for bringing me hope and allowing me to have faith. I will pray and thank you for your prayers and friendship. I appreciate your compassion and honesty and sharing your special gift, It will be a dream come true when I come to tell you the good news one day and I know I will have tears of joy, just as now I have tears of sorrow when I write this review and I know you understand me. You have touched my soul. Take care and I am so positive and will follow my heart with this. xxxxxxxxx :)" ... written by tanyaolivia64
She's soo sweet and to the point. I really enjoyed her reading and appreciate her help in providing clarity to my questions. xoxoxo" ... written by somethinglost888
Gave dream reading a nice insight. " ... written by JaySora3
She has been very accurate and a good friend for over a year." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Never felt so better about my circumstances and life into after this powerful reading! It was so overwhelming! It was such a brilliant relief!!! I know now how to face my issues and obstacles through the strength that God has given me! Through him I can do all THINGS!!!" ... written by suchAlady
Thanks again....your amazing" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Tremendous help. Brought light to my issues. Thank you so much my friend." ... written by Uranian34
Mystycangel genuinely cares for her clients and is very ethical. She truly wants to help people and is not just into this for the money. She helped me today with some things that I have not shared with anyone and was kind and supportive. Truly a wonderful psychic." ... written by leogirl
Very god reading! Thank you!" ... written by termo11
Great like a real friend, helped me a lot and in the past and now. Highly recommend Mystyc! xxoxox" ... written by malinda2011
She was very sweet, I will come back again soon, can't wait to see if her prediction is right. " ... written by topcop14
Excellent." ... written by vc1976
Mystyc angle gives good advice, thank you!" ... written by marybeth1love
She is the best indeed to have for reading. I am hoping for the best. You need to believe in her. She is a real angel. I feel so..." ... written by mac
Great reading. It was on point with what was going on in my life." ... written by wilsonredith
Very good." ... written by pray4love
There are no words to describe how this reader made me feel...absolutely amazing..i will listen to everything that was goodness so amazing...i feel so good i can't begin to tell you...please come to this reader as she is so sincere, loving, compassionate, honest, legit...thank you are a gift of God. I feel blessed and i'm going to heart is glowing for the first time in a long time...gosh I dodn't want to stop raving about this read I've ever had on you again....will return friday to finish reading." ... written by lisapatrick
Great, on target, general reading. She has been reading for me a long time. She is right most of the time." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Long session tonight and it was wonderful!! I have been coming to her for over a year now. She has predicted so many areas of my life with such accuracy which is why I continue to come back. Plus she has become a dear friend to me as I know she will always tell me the truth in what the cards show for me. She will only tell you what she sees, and not what you want her, which makes her a reader I can trust! " ... written by Nona29
Attentive, reassuring and empowering reader. Gives great advice and guidance on your situation. Highly recommend." ... written by Camy64
She is really very very nice. Gold bless her always. A lot of respect for her!" ... written by hashmi84
She is just great. God bless her always!" ... written by hashmi84
ON THE MONEY!! I love her!!!" ... written by topcop14
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Spiritually Blessed, very gifted and kind heart. She helped a lot." ... written by cjay23
Catherine is very gifted, and is honest. Talking with her is like talking with a good friend and I value her readings, which are accurate, as well as her advice. 5 stars plus!" ... written by leogirl
Knew every single thing without me telling her! Loveee her!!!" ... written by topcop14
Great when I need to know something I always comes to her. I trust what she says 100%." ... written by smiley2011
Thanks again...You have helped me out so much through my journey this past year and you predicted a few things that have come true. Thanks for listening when I felt I had no one. I really appreciate you." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Very kind." ... written by chandragomes3
Thanks for the reading was very helpful.I recommend everyone to try this psychic.You could judge by yourself how gud she is .Thank again" ... written by mettlwire
5 stars." ... written by vc1976
Very insightful reading, and some good advice I needed to hear. Very, very good. Thank you!" ... written by Carpi17
HI Catherine, this time I was really cut off due to running out of fund, so sorry and couldn't hear the last portion of what you wanted to tell me. But I quite got the idea and understood your insights and explanation, so I think I will hang on and let time unfold the revelation. Thank you very much for your time and effort helping me today." ... written by papipet
You are awesome I will come back to you.Thank you so much!" ... written by rdasgupta
Great as always her cards never lie!" ... written by smiley2011
Another great reading!" ... written by malinda2011
Catherine is like a good friend that you can really talk to." ... written by leogirl
Second time here and I'm again excited as the first time!! She is fantastic and I always feel great when I talk to her! Thank you so much dear sister!!!" ... written by hashmi84
You have brought calm to my hearth, thank you." ... written by rb31081981
Thanks again Catherine for helping me and tapping into my situation so deeply once again." ... written by tanyaolivia64
As always clears the fog and is on point." ... written by vc1976
Thank you for the reading most accurate and detailed and positive reading Ive had." ... written by ikroyal
Great and accurate, like always!!!" ... written by cjay23
She is always wonderful!" ... written by cjay23
Love her so much!!! Amazing details always!" ... written by SAchickie
She was very good. Nice and knowledgeable. I do hope her predictions come true!" ... written by cathyq
Mystic Angel is my confidant and has helped me through the most difficult situations in my life over the past year! She can see things, no one else can, and has been accurate in all her predictions!!! She is also compassionate and caring and has become like a sister to me! She really is the best, so quiet and sweet!!! Thank you Catalina!" ... written by skier8001
Very good session!" ... written by newmswalker2
Great!" ... written by smiley2011
She was right about everything she said and has really helped to put my mind at ease as I will be visiting her again. Thank you so much for you guidance. " ... written by candcmom87
She is always so awesome, she has so much wisdom!" ... written by cjay23
Great as always her cards never lie" ... written by smiley2011
She's amazing! Like a sister. Patient, kind and always has perfect insight into my situation. She helps me so much and has guided me well over the past year and a half!!!" ... written by skier8001
Thanks friend you have been an amazing advisor over the past year and I can not thank you enough...." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Shes always awesome and accurate" ... written by cjay23
Very nice and the truth" ... written by cg4
Thanks again!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Catalina is like a sister! I love talking with her and she always makes me feel better, though she tells me the hard truth! Thank you! You're an angel. Bless you!!!!" ... written by skier8001
A freakin mazingggggggg! Love her" ... written by cjay23
Words can't describe you! You are so amazing!!! I will see you a lot now! 100 stars for you!! xxx My soul sister!" ... written by starsalign21
AMAZING!!!!" ... written by starsalign21
Wonderful! Thanks! :)" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Thanks! :)" ... written by sunshine678
She was amazing she has very good insight and advice and she leads you in the right direction! :) She knows things that I didn't even tell her!" ... written by moll89
Don't go to anyone else, she is awesome!" ... written by sunshine678
Superb reading. God bless you dear sister." ... written by hashmi84
Awesome, I will back!" ... written by sunshine678
She was very helpful as always." ... written by cjay23
I had a great reading with MystycAngel2010. She is very good :)" ... written by RuinofDarkness
She is very great and is on point about a lot of things! :)" ... written by moll89
Wasn't too much time." ... written by topcop14
She was very soothing and understanding I was very much encouraged and satisfied with her advice and her reading my thoughts id come back to her next time hope everyone does the same because she is great at what she does." ... written by AnotherBeing
OMG quick connection and amazed on how the cards spoke of my situation. Wow!" ... written by dallascowboys8
Very beautiful energy! She's very accurate and will answer all of your questions with great accuracy. Thank you, MystycAngel2010! :) " ... written by jesterwitch
She is great. She helped very much." ... written by Uranian8
She's like sister, always honest and right on target! Thank you Catalina for your love and friendship and great insight into everything I'm going through!" ... written by skier8001
Fast and straight about your feeling and question... She's telling you what to do and hope for the best... She makes you feel comfortable... I hope time will show... I will be back for an update... Thanks!" ... written by ginlin
Great as always, she is my angel." ... written by smiley2011
Very nice and helpful" ... written by cg4
Great reader. so good to find someone who knows her craft and her clients. she is clearly serious about her work. and very good at what she does." ... written by mammajamma
Mystyc as usual was great, confirmed what I heard before, I had few readings with her and she is very consistent, predictions happened before that is why I trust he. Please give her a try xox" ... written by malinda2011
What an amazing read. Just like the last one. Very much to the point and honest. will try to connect again as we didn't get to finish but, for what she did say she was point on perfect. Absolutely amazing for sure." ... written by lisapatrick
I wish i had more time because she was on to somethng that sounded very accurate and interesting. I always like of my favorites." ... written by celticfreckles
Katherine is my angel I always come to her to know whats happening with things, I know she doesn't get it wrong." ... written by smiley2011
I just know one thing that she is the BEST!! God bless you sister." ... written by hashmi84
She is amazing! words can not describe how she help me! she is a gift from heaven. she is one of gods angels. i just love her! thank u mystyc xxx" ... written by starsalign21
I would say she is one of the best over here. I have tried many psychics over here and I really feel none of them were close..... She is very nice." ... written by mossdevraj
She is wonderful and its like speaking with a good girlfriend. I believe Catherine is one of the very best on this site. Try her and you will be amazed too!" ... written by leogirl
She's the best!!!" ... written by skier8001
Thanks again" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
100stars for a true honest amazing reader!!!" ... written by starsalign21
Your readings are the best." ... written by hashmi84
Very good as always!" ... written by termo11
I think also that she is very good and I feel very good that I talked to her and received the reading, I like him a lot and she is very kind and accurate!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Always wonderful to speak to her! She is like a sister and counselor. Her readings always come true! I love her! Thank you so much Catalina!" ... written by skier8001
Wonderful, really positive. Very helpful. I will be back." ... written by kamsriv
I think she has great, friendly, sweet energy. Just had good vibes from her :)" ... written by holyheartholly
I was immediately drawn to her before I even finished reading her profile. She is the first person that called to me in the list of many faces. I went to her with the confidence that her heart is pure and sincere, and that her intentions are genuine. She did not disappoint me in the slightest, and out of all the psychics that I have ever been to in my life, she is the best one - and the best person I have ever met. Much wisdom and insight that is realistic and helpful. I will always keep in touch with her and I can 100% positively say that your heart is safe with her. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and bless you for using your gift to help. " ... written by thefinalstrike
Thanks for your help again. I think you are probably accurate about his condition and feelings and always so kind." ... written by celticfreckles
Very interesting psychic and good advice, I like her and will come back to ask her more. Thank you Mystyc, You are very good!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Just fantastic! Catherine is so caring and lovely, she has got great intuition and her cards never lie! xox" ... written by malinda2011
She is one of the best psychic!!!" ... written by umabalan
The best! I have so much faith and trust in Mystic! My angel sent from god!" ... written by starsalign21
Catherine is so very good. She reads it all so accurately and is such a kind woman." ... written by leogirl
An amazing reader, wonderfully gifted and so intuitive. If you want an absolutely accurate and clear reading with no stones left unturned, you simply must have a reading with Mystic Angel - one of Oranum's best!!!" ... written by ikroyal
Amazing as always... Thank you so much." ... written by rani4you
She is very caring and accurate. Highly recommended." ... written by umabalan
She's a great reader, very very intuitive and insightful. She gives more than the cards tell her and is very accurate. Wonderful!!" ... written by ikroyal
Thank you once again. I always feel so much better after coming to see you." ... written by kamsriv
Nice lady, straight forward, kind and caring!" ... written by mi
Always a pleasure talking to never let me down...." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
As always clears the fog and answers all my questions truthfully no sugar coating on point and I trust as perdictions have come to pass just extrordanarly gifted." ... written by vc1976
Amazing! She picked up on my thoughts without me uttering a word. Great reading! " ... written by JessicaLori
She was great as usual. She's always very accurate." ... written by cjay23
Positive reading, thanks!" ... written by elle11
Very good reading!" ... written by squeezebox85
Thanks for your kind words and guidance, and care. You have truly helped me and also made me feel so happy for what awaits me and given me hope and faith to follow my heart. The pain will have been worth the reward, and you have given me strength and support during this hard and sad time, I am glad you have seen happy times to come. Thank you and God bless you and keep you safe and I will let you know what unfolds :) xx" ... written by tanyaolivia64
On point " ... written by love522
She was fantastic once again!!" ... written by cjay23
Awesome!" ... written by sunshine678
She is the best." ... written by umabalan
I feel like I'm talking to my friend, thanks very much for your reading :) " ... written by Gie
Thanks again for the wonderful reading and insight. Always reliable advice and intuition. Never disappointed with the reading. Thank you, thank you." ... written by ikroyal
Thank you for being such a great reader and friend, hope we can talk soon." ... written by pjazz86
Shes always great. The best." ... written by cjay23
Amazing reading as usual, more advice than I ask for and clarity and accuracy is unquestioned. Awesome reader." ... written by ikroyal
Very good at giving details and answers your questions very thoroughly." ... written by jgonzalez21
My long lost sister" ... written by starsalign21
Thanks Catherine for another great reading. I really enjoy your sense of humor and you are like talking with one of my good girlfriends. Your insight is amazing and I know you have a wonderful ability. God bless." ... written by leogirl
On point!!!" ... written by lonely192012
Mystyc was lovely and caring as always, needed an advice, she is always giving you more than you ask, such a great soul, my previous predictions happened just like she said, xox" ... written by malinda2011
Excellent, sums it all." ... written by vc1976
Again another excellent accurate on point reading. Truly blessed!" ... written by ikroyal
She is very nice and does good reading. Ok, she is psychic but still amazed me with knowledge about me." ... written by Epi
Lovely as always." ... written by malinda2011
Thank you again For the wonderful reading. I always get clarity with my situation and positive advice. " ... written by ik royal
Compassionate and to the point, no sugar coating I like her style." ... written by sunshine
Great kind and skillful reading" ... written by veezee
you. are. awesome." ... written by sunshine
Very nice reading." ... written by aim
Great reading...confirmed what I felt. She is a good friend and is painfully honest. This time looks pretty good though...thanks Catherine!" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Lovely and Accurate." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Thank you again for a wonderful reading, much appreciated!" ... written by ik royal
Mystycangel is a wonderful reader. She is so genuine and reads from her heart. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by liz
She was very understanding of my situation and was very intuned." ... written by chris
Really clear and deep reading. It was cool to have her give such helpful insignt into my crazy situation." ... written by MerkabahMan633
The friend I didn't think I could have! Lovely, Caring and Mature young woman, very helpful!" ... written by malinda2011
She tried to give me more information as she could about my career. I wish I had more time to understand better the outcome. I will come back another time." ... written by dladie42
Mystic Angel was really amazing in her reading, this was my first reading with her and she literally blew my mind with so much information and very detail and accuracy. She also confirmed a few things that were on my mind as well. I tell you she really has an awesome gift and is also a gentle and caring person. I felt like I knew how for a long time. She really makes you feel very welcome as you walk into her chat or into pvt. Looking forward to more future updates . Many Blessings MysticAngel....." ... written by Lucy117
Always accurate...." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Very impressed with this young lady. Very mature thinker and very psychic! All the description of my situation was correct. Gave me good advices. I really appreciate her low rate, too! I definitely will come back again!" ... written by psymeow
Great reading. She was very professional and easy to work with, gave great advice and insight. I will definitely contact her again, had a great connection with her. Thank you!" ... written by angelagnew
Love readings with her - shes so amazing!!" ... written by ikroyal
Very very very good .. ! I hope that what Catherine told me will come true ! Thanks a lot Catherine. I'll tell you ;)" ... written by carlitoon
As always, excellent!" ... written by vc1976
Great!!! I have worked with her twice now and both times she has been totally on point. She picked on a person I hold so close to my heart, I've never mentioned anything about him to her...that was a big surprise! I trust and believe in her and her abilities, thank you so much for your advice and guidance. I truly appreciate you!! " ... written by Anita
Always lovely and accurate!" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
I'm so sorry dear friend! The computer wouldn't allow me to type. I did receive all of your advice and I will use it. Thank you once again!!!!!" ... written by sachickie
Thanks again friend....It has been a long journey these past few years and you have been here for me through it all...I always come back to you...thank you." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
She's great." ... written by adrian
Fantastic! She's like a sister! Thank you for all your sound advice and friendship! She always sees it like it is!" ... written by Skier8001
Always excellent!" ... written by vc1976
All I can say is awesome awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by riley777
Mystyc is just FANTASTIC! She has always been right, she really talks to you like a friend, 5 biggest stars!" ... written by mala
Dear Catherine, thank you for your time. All you said seems so true and logical. You confirmed my thoughts and feelings deep in my heart.. Amazing reading! 5 stars" ... written by Anne
Thank you" ... written by termo11
Thank you Catherine once again for your guidance." ... written by tanyaolivia64
Excellent! Her earlier timeline prediction was correct. She was the only one here who got it right!" ... written by LizaLiza
Excellent always inspires me to live to look forward to what life has in store, clears the fog on my situation and is on point each and every time with honesty and clarity." ... written by vc1976
Excellent and sweet! Exact and very straightfoward, thank you!!!! I came back but you are not online I guess." ... written by sofiafelmer
It's always a pleasure getting a reading from her...she's been with me every step of the blessed to have her such, a great person...she definitely keeps me sane through all that I've been through." ... written by xxsunkist84x
She is pretty amazing. She has been right over 95% of the time for a couple of years. That is pretty amazing! She is also an amazing listening...personally invested...professional. I actually view her as a good friend." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Great" ... written by smiley2011
MystycAngel is always awesome and very in tune with her abilities. She is always spot on. Thank you for your kind and wisdom words. I will continue to have more future updates with her. Many blessings to you!" ... written by Lucy117
Catherine was is and will be always great!!!" ... written by malinda2011
Excellent, will return again." ... written by LizaLiza
Wonderful!!" ... written by LizaLiza
I really have faith in MystycAngel's reading... She is authentic and has a good soul. Very helpful and many details that I appreciate." ... written by LizaLiza
Thank you so much for the guidance I am truly blessed to have such kind and intuitive advice." ... written by ikroyal
I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is just so straight forward and honest and tells you when you are doing something wrong so go to her because she truly helps!!!!!!" ... written by Moll89
Catherine is amazing and kind...... She is able to tell you more than you ask for. She was able to tell me without me telling her anything that - the person I was asking is planning on a business trip which indeed is on a business trip at the moment." ... written by jel
Thank you mystycangel you where excellent, I enjoyed you sorry I couldn't respond but I enjoy you in private I give you 20 stars. Thank you for helping me and listening to me." ... written by Patricia
Hello special lady, I love you so much, thank you for helping me and bringing me peace and telling me wonderful news. The news was always there, and now soon I will be very happy :) I will always remember you and how you offered comfort and truth and friendship to me during a time of great sadness and your predictions have always been true. Thank you xx My day will be easier after chatting with you again, take care and chat soon, as I know next time I will be bringing you the news :)" ... written by TANYA
An amazing reading filled with true insight good advice, warmth and kindness...thank you so very much. See you very soon again hopefully. God bless." ... written by zimerili1
Had a really good reading with her. She showed me the confidence that i needed in my current situation. Fingers crossed for the future. Thank you :)" ... written by luxxicon
Awesome as always" ... written by sunshine
Was very on point! So happy with reading thank you!!" ... written by jul
I love going to Cathrina for advice, she is wonderful to talk too and always helps me!!! She's truly gifted and a friend now!!!!" ... written by Skier8001
Great reader. Gave great advise and will see how things unfold..." ... written by jel
So sweet and helpful, I appreciated her advice and reading. She made me laugh. And I will continue to go to her for advice." ... written by Alicia
Thank you so much !!" ... written by sunshine
MystycAngel was spot on , she gave me clarity on my job situation, she was very calm in telling me the truth and not sugar coating it. I hope everything does work out." ... written by jennifer
Thank you again for your guidance clarity and insight - you have given me hope again and belief in myself and trust in the universe's design for my happiness. " ... written by ikroyal
Thanks again friend... I will always come back to you for advice.." ... written by sunkist
Caring/compassionate reader." ... written by lotus71
Thank you so much." ... written by termo11
Thanks for your guidance and help again Catherine always trustworthy and honest" ... written by ikroyal
Thank you Dear, cool caring and wise as usual. I'll be back soon!" ... written by Anne
Wonderful as usual." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
5 stars! " ... written by sky
WOW thank you Catherine for the accurate and positive update I look forward to your forecast!!! As always your a star and perfect!!" ... written by marion
Very kind, great reader. Has insight and a kind word. Made me feel stronger and empowered and on right path. Thank you!" ... written by Rock
She is always amazing and very caring and looks for your best interests and, doesn't sugar coat things! Go to her i always do ." ... written by Moll89
Special and gifted" ... written by jan
Catherine is a beautiful person, and speaking with her is" ... written by leogirl
Was very good made me comfortable an d was caring .Thank you so much" ... written by batt123
Awesome!" ... written by sunshine
Very accurate and fast !! The best psychic on oranum" ... written by peace14
She always lift me up" ... written by termo
Honest, caring and sweet.. Catharine will patiently answer all your questions! Take her to private, you will not regret it! :)" ... written by economics123
She is a great reader and fast typist. I will wait and see what will come to pass." ... written by marya23
She is so accurate with my reading it amazed me. I recommend her to everyone who need advise and guidance. I give her 5 stars" ... written by theodorab
FANTASTIC AS ALWAYS...." ... written by MALINDA2011
Always lovely and accurate!" ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Kind, thoughtful in her reading.. Picked up on the situations.. Hope her predictions come true! :)" ... written by economics123
Very informative and supportive. Her cards tell her a lot about my situation which I can really relate to... added to that, her interpretation all made sense and she gave good advices too. No sugar coat at all... tell me as it was. Great reading in overall. " ... written by steph
SHE IS GOOD!! Detailed and a lot of information!! I will see if what she predicted comes to pass. Thank you Catherine." ... written by steph
She really is a good friend. As really accurate. Listen to her... she won't steer you wrong." ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Gave very good advice!" ... written by cjay 23
MysticAngel is awesome as always really love her readings. She is always there to help you out, and by the way her accuracy is just amazing. Hoping to foresee her predictions come true. Until my next update, blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
Thanks again friend! Is always a pleasure having a reading with you. ^_^" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Thanks again friend... Will always come back to you for your great readings." ... written by sunkist84
Wonderful lady, wit to see what happens." ... written by dl
She is wonderful! Her readings amaze me!" ... written by skier8001
Wise and lovely as usual! 5 stars to you" ... written by Anne
She was very down to earth and answer my questions. Thank you." ... written by Trisha
Great, honest, sweet!!! " ... written by malinka88
Picks up on the person's thoughts and feelings really well." ... written by smiley2011
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Great reading, very accurate, very patience. definitely will come back to her." ... written by mjm
Very quick, very accurate. No sugar coating, she tells it like it is. Would definitely recommend. " ... written by Mshelli
Awesome, my shining star! Always right!" ... written by sunshine
Great fab i trust what she says" ... written by smiley2011
She is the best! Go to her she will help you with whatever you need and she is very caring and kind! Definitely go to her! :)" ... written by Moll89
Reassured me on my situations.. Truly an angel.. take her to private, she's good! :-)" ... written by economics
Thank you so much - I will tell you what happens" ... written by sunshine
Always tells me what she sees, give nice advice too." ... written by smiley2011
Wow, so much details and so accurate including his travel plans. Amazed by her :) " ... written by Linda
Thanks friend.." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
accurate and realistic as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Very very accurate and lots of detail and information about my situation. I always return for an update and guidance. 10 stars!!" ... written by ikroyalalr
Many thanks my dear friend!" ... written by Anne
She is just wonderful always, and gives very in depth information. Described people to a t and was correct." ... written by leogirl
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Thank you again, kind Angel, for the wonderful, insightful reading. You are a true blessing, it's wonderful to have you here on Oranum." ... written by ikroyalakr
Thanks for the clarity and reassurance again and again" ... written by ikroyalak
Great reading" ... written by majoma
A very kind and caring reader with amazing psychic talent" ... written by ikroyalakryal
Wow, she is just so incredibly gifted. She saw everything in the light of total accuracy! She didn't just put it out there, but really helped me in terms of futuristic dilemmas and how to handle them. Everything she said was very much correct, she even gave descriptions of a very detailed and complex matter, but for her.. it came natural shedding light and providing guidance on my path. I will be back. She is amazing! " ... written by PiscMOON
I like her very much........very easy to talk to and very understanding of what it is I want answers to. She is a real mystical person and I have faith and trust in her. thank you for being there for me. " ... written by leelee32384
She is very good, kind hearted, great guide, really want to help. I have read with her multiple times, she picked up on recent incident/people which I haven't told her or even forgotten. I have no doubt on her predictions would unfold like she says eventually. " ... written by gel
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Butterfly
Catherine you are wonderful. Thank you for clearing things up." ... written by lotus
You are wonderful Catherine, and I know you have been so right in the past. Am taking your words to heart now too. See you again of course! xoxo" ... written by leogirl
Awesome, picked up on a lot of things that no one could. Will read with her again" ... written by Tiffany
Thank you so much for your wisdom. I appreciate you." ... written by sunshine
Great, tells me everything with such warmth!" ... written by smiley2011
Like her accurate and patience." ... written by majoma
Great!" ... written by majoma
Thanks for the advice :)" ... written by d2k1000
Wonderful reading!!" ... written by mariarra
I love my readings with Catherine always a sure footed psychic." ... written by ikroyalakr
Love her. So sweet! Thanks." ... written by pjazz86
fantastic!" ... written by malinda2011
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Oh she is such a sweetheart, I had a great reading as always, she is very understanding, Highly recommend for a reading! xox" ... written by malinda2011
God Bless her, she is amazing! Picks up very quickly and very accurate, can't wait to get update with her soon! " ... written by Tiffany
Great." ... written by majoma
Thanks again... I can not thank you enough for all the times you have helped me though I didn't really need help today, I just need a little advice. I truly do appreciate you." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
She gives me hope in her readings wonderful clarity and honesty too" ... written by ikroyalakr
She sees what is exactly going on in someone's mind and she is inexpensive, I love her!" ... written by smiley2011
Always on point!!!! Love her." ... written by pjazz86
Thank you again for a wonderful reading and guidance!" ... written by amazing
Thanks again friend for always telling me how it is.." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Very accurate reader, I'm definitely coming back!" ... written by moon1leo1
Love you Catherine. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by pjazz86
Great as usual." ... written by smiley2011
Pretty good, she connects really well as always." ... written by smiley2011
Thank you again for the clarity and insight, much appreciated!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Thank you so much - awesome information" ... written by sunshine
She's so wonderful to talk too! Love her!" ... written by skier8001
Great as usual!" ... written by moon1leo1
Great thank you explains things really well, and sees whats really going on" ... written by smiley2011
great" ... written by smiley2011
Really good at what she does, she tells you the truth whether it is bad or good" ... written by smiley2011
Thank you for your help, you are amazing." ... written by francine
Thank you again dear Catherine wonderful reading very accurate and honest." ... written by ikroyalakr
Thank you, you were very helpful and I appreciate all that you did for me tonight. Thank you so very much." ... written by francine
Always lovely and very accurate." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Great very patience and accurate" ... written by majoma
Great." ... written by pjgovind
Angel was very good and intuitive. We connected immediately and she read the situation correctly. I will let her know about this weekend." ... written by densie
Incredible how much she knew so quickly!" ... written by carol
Thanks :)" ... written by sunshine
Was either a slow internet connection or something, cuz it took much time, but good reading was still given. thank you." ... written by g
Thank you so much for your reading. Was very detailed. Thanks again." ... written by Leti
She is superb! i always liked her for my readings." ... written by maria
Wonderful reading. Thank you so much for giving me the message and hope that you did. God bless. " ... written by bridget
So honest and open and always correct" ... written by sunshine
Thank you for the clarity and honesty I really appreciate your readings Catherine!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Spot on, very gifted. Was sincere and offered her intuition into the situation. Opened my eyes and taught me how to follow the road." ... written by Pete
Calm and serene." ... written by pjgovind
She's good always. always pointing out things I need to know ~ thank you my dear friend." ... written by R
She put a lot of thought into the reading. A+++" ... written by Zeigen
Outstanding!" ... written by eagle
She was such a blessing to me. She Knew things no one did" ... written by Tawny Widen
Excellent reading!!!! And great advise I recommend her..." ... written by planejane7
AWESOME." ... written by Ealge
Amazing detailed reading. Thank you so much." ... written by PB1923
She excellent !!! I wait and see if predictions will come true." ... written by Shirlena
One of the best on here. Always very good, insightful and tunes in to the area of your inquiry or concerns." ... written by eagle
Thank you again for the wonderful reading!" ... written by ikroyalakrkr
So very kind and warm. Thank you for the reading and the advice and the encouragement. :)" ... written by carrieann1975
Wow, intense reader, very very detailed. Thank you so much. Reaches much deeper into things than I've ever had before. Thank you so much." ... written by familyhelper
again, thank you for your insight, kindness and help." ... written by carrieann1975
She's amazing! Awesome! so sweet, kind and wonderful." ... written by skier8001
Thank you for always enlightening and guiding me, you wonderful soul" ... written by Reisyu
you have always been there for me thank u so much! love ya!" ... written by greeneyes
first time chat, says to be patient with new job.. may take up to 8 weeks to get going.... and M is ok ty." ... written by cat
Merci beaucoup de m'avoir rassurer tu ma éclaircie les chose .. " ... written by Ilyas
Great!!!" ... written by majoa
It was great talking to Angel. I was kind of surprised with the information she gave me and I just wanted to know more and more as our discussion progresses. She gives practical advises and made me feel better, that's for sure. One thing is she brought up one aspect about my health that nobody knows about and even I ignores the symptom. She is true and wonderful. " ... written by nanerelle
She was very helpful and kind. She right about things too." ... written by Shirlena
Enjoyed my reading with her very much! She covers a lot with the time. " ... written by caliz
Great. Love her." ... written by majoma
Great as always. " ... written by majoma
Thank you again for your kind words and guidance." ... written by ikroyal
excellent she knew about jose's son " ... written by maria
She was straight to the point, fabulous, sweet and definitely would tell other to have a reading with her. Thank you. xx" ... written by donna
love her very accurate and patience" ... written by majoma
One of my favourites...very kind and caring, wise words." ... written by pjgovind
I like her a lot. Highly recommended and accurate." ... written by majoma
she is actually very good. " ... written by maria
She is always awesome!! She tells you as it is. " ... written by maria
I had a great reading with her. It was interesting to find more information in areas in my life. Also I was given a lot of details after I asked her my questions. I had an enjoyable reading." ... written by Shero1
Thank you so much - you have helped me once again" ... written by sunshine
She's amazing... sometimes it takes some time but she is always accurate and wonderful! Like a sister!" ... written by skier8001
Thank you!" ... written by Calizaliza
There is a reason she has Angel in her name:)" ... written by kellylu
...I need more information, as she is great!!! :):):):)" ... written by malinda2011
my dear Mystyc Angel friend was always a big friend and had great understanding of my situation. try her, she cares and treats you well. unbelievable. xoxoxox" ... written by malinda2011
Excellent! She is good!" ... written by maria
you rock :)" ... written by sunshine
Thank you so much - you are awesome!!!!!" ... written by sunshine
time will tell" ... written by kathy
I like her alot. She very good." ... written by Shirlena
direct, unusual insight, gave me a unique approach to help someone...I'd talk to her just to talk about life, she was that insightful andamp; easy to speak with. " ... written by azhiraz
I have use the site few times and never without the audio. Mystic Angel had no audio. I adjusted to it very quickly as she needed time to read the cards. I actually loved it. She was accurate and did a great job. Great insight and recommendations. I will reach-out to her again for sure..." ... written by Colliercg
Lovely reading....very calm and peaceful, gave info and clarification I needed. thank you!!!" ... written by l
Great reading. Thanks so much" ... written by familyhelper
Her advice is very helpful and most of the reading is accurate. " ... written by Liya
what great and exciting reading! i look forward to the prediction of 2." ... written by sirilee
Very interesting read! I like her. Will come back." ... written by Donna
i simply respect her and her gifts.............shes very honest and fluff and stuff, but true emotion. thanks my sister!" ... written by leelee32384
I like her. Straight to the point. No beating around the bush. " ... written by Donna
she is excellent like usual but i dont know lately she is little slow than usual and the typing was awful this time. " ... written by maria
she was super quick:)" ... written by aquavenus
she is very straightforward which I like about her.. she does not sugarcoat :) i will be back with the results..thanks for ur time :)" ... written by aquavenus
Awesome, love her." ... written by maria
She is wonderful." ... written by maria
wow it had been a while since I had my last reading with her. As always her accuracy is Superb. Awesome is a better word to describe her. Hoping to see her predictions to unfold. Thank you Mystic Angle and God bless..." ... written by Lucy117
great as always" ... written by majo
incredible is the first wordthat comes to mind to describe this gifted and wonderful soul. She knows exactly what shes doing and so detailed and precise it will blow you away. her heart is larger than life and is an inspiration. She will welcome you with open arms and embrace your needs and wishes. i already feel shes my sister , confident, advisor and friend. Definitely need to get in contact with this angel. xxx " ... written by Cammy1101
Very Accurate" ... written by jstuddard
right on thank you for your wisdom" ... written by michael
very clear and to the point! thank u so much...much relived...wish i had more credit!!" ... written by adycheez22
she is great she is such a great reader" ... written by maria
she’s amazing, have patience with me answering all my question. thank you again my friend." ... written by calvin
MystycAngel is a very good adviser. I was given a lot of information about different areas after asking her questions. Also I was given timeframes. I was interested to see her responses." ... written by shero1
MystycAngel , bueno te quiero preguntar acerca de un trabajo que estoy esperando" ... written by Mayelagalindo05
Accurate" ... written by jstuddard
Thanks Dear, you are wonderful! 5 stars" ... written by Anne
awesome" ... written by sunshine
great advice, she’s very thoughtful, caring and positive person. " ... written by calvin
very accurate reading" ... written by kaylee
good reading" ... written by najoma
Thank you again dear friend and confidante for your advice and guidance" ... written by ikroyalaq
good reading" ... written by auntierhon52
she was awesome always give me a great advice god bless her" ... written by calvin
MystycAngel2010 is simply wonderful." ... written by Katherine
it started off a bit slow for her to pull my cards and get my info at the beginning, but once she did, boy was she spot on" ... written by m
very kind and sweet. great answers" ... written by hhmit45
She is so nice and informative, gave much insight, lovely to talk to." ... written by Maria
She's amazing. She picks up on things I didn't even know." ... written by Raven
Thank you once again for restoring my hope even if the situation is not good you always make me see things clearer. Blessings to you xx" ... written by ikroyalaqk
she is awesome, keeping you motivated and have faith, she’s very friendly and supportive." ... written by calvin
she is amazing , thanks " ... written by v
THE BEST THANK YOU!" ... written by pinky
she was good:)" ... written by aqua
Had the reading tonight and the reading has already came to pass!! Always excellent. She can see you, others, and the feelings exactly!" ... written by Nona29
Dear, you are so kind, wise, and put me always at ease. I use to talk to you when I m lost.. Some of your predictions have already come true. I hope the rest will follow. 5 stars!" ... written by Anne
always a pleasure to talk to Catherine, she is like a friend xox" ... written by martyna
You give me so much hope, I know this will happen in its own time thank you for your patience with me and belief in my decisions: good or bad. " ... written by ikroyalakr
she’s a true friend, love the fact she’s very positive influence and keeping me hopeful, she’s awesome." ... written by calvin
always awesome!!! " ... written by cjay
great as usual, all her predictions come true even if they take time" ... written by smiley2011
she is very very good and precise. Accruate." ... written by PIGLETME
always helpful" ... written by hhmit45
She was ON POINT! got to the heart of the matter almost immediately. She knew exactly was the situation was and what was going on without me tell her. I highly recommend her. Very friendly, compassionate and caring." ... written by Beth
Shockingly accurate. Great insights. Loads of details." ... written by i
100% accurate" ... written by n
The best!! 100 stars" ... written by Anne
Mystyic Angel is very quick and picking up things and straight to the point. I had a reading previously and certain things came to pass - her predictions happened but now I needed to see what was going to happen now." ... written by Stickytoffee
wow- I mean like wow " ... written by Melissa
Thank you again for the wonderful reading clear precise and great guidance" ... written by ikroyala
fantastic spot on " ... written by denise
always an impressive reading, catherine is not only ax excellent card reader, she is also a dear friend..her reading is 100% accurate, i fully trust her..thank u catherine i am trully glad that ive met you through Oranum..highly recommended!" ... written by N
always great, amazing!" ... written by n
Love talking to Catherine, she has got some kind of soothing energy, great lady, highly recommended!" ... written by katarina
very honest, patient, andamp; kind.!!" ... written by laura
great reading" ... written by majoma
took a bit of time, but loads of info in the cards that made sense. time will tell if the predicion happens!" ... written by jazzychic7
katherine is always great always accurate one of the most authentic readers I know on oranum" ... written by smiley2011
She is always kind and helpful" ... written by hhmit45
great reading as always" ... written by smiley2011
Mystyc Angel is one of the best so far. She's really good with her reading. You won't be disappointed." ... written by Belinda
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS!!! Her predictions was amazing. Excellent and Brilliant woman. If you want the truth come to her and you will not regret. Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Thank you for the wonderful reading always great guidance and assurance" ... written by ikroyala
she’s very cool and have a positive insight good reader and encourage me to do well in the future" ... written by calvin
she’s great, always give me positive thoughts, caring and she’s cool" ... written by calvin
excellent" ... written by s
cool" ... written by erin
Good reading!Nice job." ... written by aurelia
Love catherine! her reading is very consistent and helpful, thanks very much Angel !" ... written by Strawberry
She was great! I felt that it was true in my heart" ... written by deannaisawesome
great" ... written by majoma
I have read with Catherine for a long time, her info about situations are usually quite spot on. Recently she predicted on situation happening on 3 or 4 points 2 weeks ago and 6 points one week ago. Things came to pass on 3rd and 6 days Thank you." ... written by abc
great as always" ... written by smiley2011
she is awesome, one of the best people on this site! she is healing and calming, full of good, wise advice and most of all spot on!!! she sees through the things and is able to tell you exactly what is going on...amazing woman!!!" ... written by angelswings144
good reader" ... written by smiley2011
I loved her... She is great " ... written by GoddessBaby
Thank you so much for the reading. You are very intuitive. You put a light on my problem. Believe, your advice will help!" ... written by Alicja
Very very good!" ... written by malinka88
great as always" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
brilliant thanx" ... written by zimerili1
amazing detailed accurate reading" ... written by eva
great reader as always" ... written by smiley2011
wow, amazing reading, excellent reader, will come back to her for good advice that she provides!" ... written by angelswings
always great" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual, always trust what she says because her predictions come true and she sees people's true feelings or colours" ... written by smiley2011
great as always" ... written by smiley2011
Mystic Angel is always a sweetheart. she is very accurate with her readings, I've had several readings with her. Her past prediction has come to past. So I know that is one will too. Many blessing to you. Love and light. Happy holidays...." ... written by Lucy117
Great." ... written by lee
very helpful" ... written by Cayla
always a pleasure" ... written by aghora
She was so accurate with the description a certain someone,she is very intuitive and i loved the details she provided about people and situations.." ... written by n g
She works a lot and is amazing. Bless her " ... written by Colliercg
good reading as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Great reader. Will use again." ... written by bbbb
love her, she is awesome" ... written by sunshine
She told me that Steve is not cheating on me but that Alex is the one for me and I am shocked with the results but I do feel she is right. So hopefully we see what happens in the future. " ... written by Antoinette
great reader as always" ... written by smiley2011
I like her approach and her reading. Very good" ... written by Colliercg
gave me prediction and now I will wait to see if it comes true. Will report back if it does or doesn't. Angel takes long to lay out the cards but she gives a thorough reading. " ... written by A
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
She seemed really on point, hopefully everything comes true " ... written by Gabriela
I am thankful to have you as my friend and confident." ... written by sunshine
i like her very much" ... written by majoma
great as always " ... written by smiley2011
Very accurate." ... written by fiona
great reading" ... written by majoma
WOW, WOW, WOW, Mystyc Angel is just so Awesome she is an Angel who is here to help people. I've had several readings with her and she never seems to stop to amazing me. Her accuracy is so mind blowin. I am so looking forward to see how her predictions start to unfold as it could be 1 day or 1 week or a month, regardless it is around the corner. I will keep getting future updates with her. Many blessings to ....... xoxox" ... written by Lucy117
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
Thank you so much Mystyc, sorry run out of credit. " ... written by Mily
excellent. she is a great reader and describes things to the t" ... written by maria
I really hope it will come true))" ... written by malinka88
Great. Straight forward, no sugar coating. Absolutely adored her delivery. Confirmed something that I was doubted. Thanks for the insight. fast typist, straight to the point, insightful, and kind. I was low on funds but she got my question in free chat and then connected before we moved to the private chat, I will come back for more, thank you so much. God bless you. love and light. xoxoxox" ... written by Angel
Mystic Angel is just amazing had another update with her. She is so kind and always on point with her accuracy. Her predictions do come out that's why I always come to her. " ... written by Lucy117
She seems very honest and thoughtful, and very on point with the words that she says. Im glad to have had a private with her!" ... written by Gabriela
really enjoyed my reading with catherine, she picked up my situation perfectly :)" ... written by Sweety
great as usual tells me what is reallyhappening in someone's head" ... written by smiley2011
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual, tells how exactly someone feels " ... written by smiley2011
great, very accurate, straight forward. love her" ... written by majoma
Wow!! She's really good! Fast and very accurate" ... written by SARAH
She is very insightful and accurate with her readings. She is also a very kind person. Very gentle" ... written by eli
Kathy is always on point with me, I've been going to her for quite sometime now. Please don't underestimate her she is really gifted and her predictions do come true. She is a true friend to me, always helping me with a situation and giving me advice and clarity on things. Many blessings to you always . " ... written by Lucy117
Accurate kind reader who I would return to in the future" ... written by eli
always answers my questions honestly and with authenticity, predictions come true whatever she see the person feeling he is feeling that way" ... written by smiley2011
mystycangel2010 is so sweet just had another reading with her she connects really well thanks so much I highly recommend her " ... written by marybeth1love
mystic angel is so sweet and loving she is great a feeling a person energy she on point thanks so much loved the reading " ... written by marybet1love
MystycAngel is totally awesome I've had many readings with her and she is always on point. She does not sugarcoat she tells you how she sees it. She is one of Oranum's best Psychic here besides a couple more. Her accuracy is just super amazing. I hope to see how her predictions start to unfold. In the meantime I will keep going to her for updates. Many Blessings." ... written by Lucy117
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
she is a great reader " ... written by maria
I will keep you informed.. Thank you so much" ... written by sunshine
Thank you Thank you for the great guidance during my job search and divorce. Always so reliable..." ... written by Colliercg
Liked her very much - seemed like a kindred spirit. " ... written by heather
Beautiful reading with lots of reassurance involved! MystycAngel was so patient, extremely insightful andamp; super accurate on so many points. She'd really hit the nail on the head! Highly recommended reader here on Oranum! Thank you so much for everything, love! " ... written by FaerieLover
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great as always" ... written by smiley2011
Cathy is Super awesome as she's been following through my situation for quite some time. this is why I keep going to her she is very gifted. Please do give her a try I promise, you won't be disappointed. Many blessings." ... written by Lucy117
mystic angel is such a angelic women, I love her vibe she great at really connecting to your situation. Thank you for your advice I will follow many blessing to you " ... written by marybeth1love
Mystyc is an incredible psychic. she connects so deeply and she is very caring. i deff recommend her. 5 stars!!" ... written by Liz
amazing as always!!" ... written by RY
great as usual , sees what is really going on" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
mysticangel is such a sweet heart love to come to her for updates she is truly good at connecting with you thanks so much I always enjoy my reading god bless you " ... written by marybeth1love
thank u " ... written by judith
great reader always come to her when i need her" ... written by smiley2011
mystic angel 2010 is truly amazing she such a sweet women she on point like always. Its always a pleasure to have a reading with her " ... written by marybeth1love
great reader as always" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Many blessings very accurate and precise reading she will never put you wrong." ... written by Maia
AWESOME READING WAS VERY ACCRUATE" ... written by Griselda103
Thanks for the reading wonderful as always 10 stars" ... written by Maia
mystycangel 2010 is awesome she is caring and lovely what a great person I cant wait to see what unfolds for me" ... written by marybeth1love
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
tells u what she sees as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great reader , run out of credit arghhh" ... written by smiley2011
Wow Cathy has been there for me every step of the way with my situation. Her past predictions have come to pass, that's why I keep going to her. This lady is very gifted and genuine, always there to help her clients. She's always very accurate when it comes to telling detail there is. Her readings may be different from others but she is a unique individual. Until my next update. Love and light. Many Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
authentic reader" ... written by smiley2011
great reader, always tells me the truth she reads deep into people's mind and her predictions always happen" ... written by smiley2011
honest and genuine reader" ... written by smiley2011
so cute and sweet! on the money" ... written by chait
my reading was shockingly accurate..." ... written by *
MystycAngel is awesome as always, already had several readings with her. She is a true Angel to me. I give her 100**** Many Blsessings" ... written by Lucy117
MysticAngel2010 is wonderful! I've been coming to her for years now and she is always honest, no matter how hard it is. It's always good to read with her b/c she gives you comfort and yet, is honest and always right on the money!" ... written by skier8001
great and authentic as usual, it did cut off though" ... written by smiley2011
Thank you again dear Catherine much appreciated for your advice 100 stars" ... written by Maia
i love talking to Catherine! " ... written by me
Very insightful. Gifted, accurate. Helpful, very much so, in helping me to understand someone o a new level. Will come back to her in future." ... written by Sabrina Christie
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
she was super accurate and fast connecting and in describing situations and circumstances that were spot on, I hope predictions are right ! will be back to update , many blessings ! so grateful..." ... written by Sarah
tells me what she sees as usual" ... written by smiley2011
SHE is such an amazing reader. Thank you for all that you do my love I appreciate your help " ... written by Bluelover
wonderful update!" ... written by n
mysticangel 2010 is so wonderful she connects really well with you. I just love her spirit, she is truly an angel. " ... written by marybeth1love
really good as usual" ... written by smiley2011
always wonderful!" ... written by w
Praying for her husband best recovery....she is exceptional as always" ... written by Colliercg
Shes is my go to Angel - love her readings very much, always so accurate and kind" ... written by Maia
tells me what she sees, always honest" ... written by smiley2011
wonderful insightful reading as always!" ... written by *
great reader as usual, i hope 3 points are not 3 months " ... written by smiley2011
She is a gifted seer and a gifted counselor. She will give good guidance." ... written by Sabrina Christie
This lady is a gifted and true psychic. She was able to bring up specific details that I did not give her. Please give her a try. I enjoyed my session, very calming and she has positive energy." ... written by Garace123
great and honest as usual" ... written by smiley2011
mysticangel2010 is such a sweet lady. I always look forward to my readings with her she on point all the time I send many blessing to you truly gifted xoxoxox " ... written by marybeth1love
catherine said something would happen and it did! " ... written by w
1 million stars!!" ... written by nnnn
honest as always" ... written by smiley2011
insightful and straight to the point! no bs here! Catherine always delivers a 5 star reading!" ... written by *
Wonderful reading thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and your wisdom" ... written by Maia
Thanks Mystycangel for all you do. I enjoy your readings. " ... written by redsox44
on point as always!" ... written by *
Thankyou!" ... written by Garace123
I love how precise and reliable she is. Thank you so much " ... written by Colliercg
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
excllent reading" ... written by gregg
great" ... written by majo
great reading I highly recommend" ... written by tyler
5 star reading always :)" ... written by :)
i like her a lot always go back to her for advise" ... written by majoma
She is very good. I trust her. picked up on everything. very good " ... written by danielle
on point advice!" ... written by me
Cathy is so Awesome just love her. She understands my situation well always gives me great details and accuracy. She is always on point and her predictions do come to pass. Can't wait to see her predictions start to unfold. Until our next update Cathy. God bless and many blessings to you." ... written by Lucy117
excellent" ... written by gregg
great as always, tells me exactly what he sees" ... written by smiley2011
Cathy is amazing superb at what she does, always giving me incredible updates. Looking forward to my next update with her. Many blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
excellent read" ... written by gregg
its always a pleasure to have a reading with mystycangel2010 because she so kind hearted and its on point thank you for the reading hugs :)" ... written by marybethlove
one of the best" ... written by gregg
she was very sweet, cant wait to see if prediction comes to pass. i will come for a follow up for sure" ... written by eli
very nice reading" ... written by gregg
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great, gentle and wise advice.. thanks mysticangel xoxo" ... written by freedm
great as usual, tells me exactly what she sees and usually what she sees happen" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
she's great" ... written by Cristina
good reading " ... written by faris
MystycAngelel2010 was straight forward and helpful" ... written by Ed
great reader" ... written by gregg
She has been my angel guiding me through job search and preparation for precious....Thank you " ... written by Colliercg
good" ... written by ch
fanatastic connected with my issues really well and typed very fast would highly reccommend" ... written by mikeann2
Thank you ... the way you see things is amazing, to the point and true! one of my favs in here totally! gracias" ... written by PS
she was good... mentioned a specific detail that I never told her about.. hopefully it comes true.." ... written by jnaujo00
excellent" ... written by gregg
she is a great reader with advices for hope" ... written by av
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
nice and accurate" ... written by majoma
a very kind and gentle reader. Very specific and thoughtful. I felt truly held." ... written by Pearl
shes amazing clear and humble " ... written by mariam
she is very accurate and very professional!! Great reading, thank you so much" ... written by Gina
very loyal customer!! LOVE her :)" ... written by G
ty" ... written by d
She's great but when i ran outta money my credit card wasn't working so hopefully we can continue. She's really really great !!" ... written by CelticFreckles
great as usual, authentic reader sees everything for what it really is" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual, tells me the truth" ... written by smiley2011
You gave me hope thank you " ... written by Ulecia Culmer
i wish i had more time but look forward to my prediction" ... written by cutiepattootie
She is fantastic!! Been using her as one of my very top favorite readers for years!!" ... written by CelticFreckles
incredible! always tells me the truth, she's the best!" ... written by **
She was fast and honest!! I highly recommend her!!" ... written by Walejr
This was my first time with Angel...she was very to the point..." ... written by Sonia
Wonderful!" ... written by Melinda
great at reading people's minds, proved it to time and time again, very honest as well" ... written by smiley2011
great as usual, very honest with me" ... written by smiley2011
She's fantastic!! She was right with a prediction about my missing son. This was a follow up to that last reading and I will be back." ... written by CelticFreckles
thanks i might come back later. but thanks for the detail reading" ... written by tender
WOW! My first reading with her and she was so on point. I'm not sure why I've never taken her to put before. She gave really great advice and even though I know she is 100% correct, I will have to set my ego aside to fully take advantage of her advice. I will definitely be working on that. Awesome reading. I'll be back!" ... written by L
great as usual, always honest with me and her predictions come true" ... written by smiley2011
answered my questions honestly" ... written by smiley2011
I really needed this reading and she helped as much as she could. Best reading ive had so far. I would recommend her for all readings. " ... written by BA
I have known Mystyc Angel for a few years. She is very clear and always correct. No gloss or fluff with her. She helps me look at issues from another direction, which really clears things up." ... written by sunshine
She is the best, honest, clear. " ... written by mystycangel
she is good and sincere." ... written by teatree77
i could stay on with her for hours !! so amazing !! she knew so much andamp; confirmed my feelings about things . incredible!!" ... written by tamjones
MystycAngel is very detailed with the cards. I look forward to the upcoming changes in my life." ... written by StarrVision
holy crap she was spot on. i got some thinking to do. Very very spot on." ... written by GG
I always love talking to her. She makes me feel at peace. Im curious about what is to come. and I cant wait to share my experiences." ... written by Bri
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
great, Katherine is always a great help when I want to know what someone is thinking" ... written by smiley2011
very honest with me as usual" ... written by smiley2011
awesome as always" ... written by sunshine
I really enjoyed her...she was straight to the point, accurate about my situation and gave very good practical advice as well. I will come back to her." ... written by Mia
Wow! The reading really caught me by surprise, but in a positive way. :) She has a calming and relaxing demeanor, but there's much more to that - she see things beyond what the cards will tell you. MystycAngel thank you so much for this reading! I know where to keep my focus! Happy thoughts and many blessings to you! " ... written by g
Shes sooooo sweet! Peaceful, accurate reading :) " ... written by Tiana
Amazing. Wish I had more time :) " ... written by Tiana
I have found great comfort in speaking with this reader. She has been most generous and insightful. She is very direct and honest. I have found her the most valuable of all." ... written by Pearl
I have revisited this wonderful reader a number of times. She is kind, and loving and direct. She has been enormously helpful with a deep problem. I am grateful for her generous heart." ... written by pearl
Very very insightful, on the spot and gives clarity.....were not done yet" ... written by Angela
great and honest as usual" ... written by smiley2011
I am speechless of how well she understands my situation. Not only is she a good reader but also a good advisor. I HIGHLY recommend her. She has given me a lot of details about my life that I wasn't even aware of including a medical problem. It's the longest reading I have had on Oranum. I didn't want to end the reading because she is so good. I will definitely return in the future. I have a strong feeling that all her predictions will come through. " ... written by RAM
great idea - thank you for your guidance :)" ... written by sunshine
she was good gave me point 1 for contact so will wait and see and come back to tell her" ... written by a123
She is the real deal picked up a lot,she is the real deal no question,amazing reader,she made some predictions,I will wait and see and come back when predictions pass.Lovely lady,and very accurate,reads deeper than the cards.Thank you" ... written by J
its good" ... written by sages ofl light
Lovely reading; was accurate about a lot of things and such good guidance. Really recommended. Thank you " ... written by sher
very honest with me, she has been accurate in the past" ... written by smiley2011
ran out of min ... you are awesome ... find you another day " ... written by sunshine
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
It was a fantastic reading. Thanks for the patiance" ... written by Carina
We did some amazing and different work today on 2 people I recently left this world...Amaznig work. Truly - Thank you so much " ... written by Colliercg
She was so spot on!!! I feel she picked up on me very well, so I'm sure I can trust her insights on the guy in question. She has given me more details on what's going on with him than anyone else I've spoken to, so I trust that all will unfold okay :) I look forward to it." ... written by Mimi
excellent reading as always! she sees what others don't! 5 stars!" ... written by *
very good as always" ... written by *
Such a sweet soul. Very honest and wise. Non judgemental and easily reads the issue at hand.I will be checking for more updates... 5 stars...quick, honest, truth" ... written by Kathy
Lovely reading...seemed so accurate and on point. said a lot of things that were real..thank you " ... written by sheri
Super great reading; highly recommended I am very impressed and thank you so much for the guidance! Will def come back " ... written by Cheri
she is really very special reader and brings very deep and detailed answers, amazing! five stars!" ... written by natural
A beautiful reader--very thoughtful, kind, honest. She has directed me away from and toward where I have needed to go. A faithful spirit." ... written by Pearl
She is incredible. highly reccommend her!" ... written by growfree
I love this lady. She is gifted with an intuitive ability and is a God-loving spiritual person as well. She is really worth it!!! She told me things that confirmed she is gifted." ... written by CelticFreckles
She is kind, nice and very honest." ... written by Etoilee8
Fantastic reading, right on with my situation and truthful. very sweet. " ... written by lornalulu
I've tried them all she's the best" ... written by DIveeny
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
excellent reading!" ... written by here
great as usual" ... written by smiley2011
Thank you dear friend for the wonderful reading as always" ... written by Maia
always a pleasure to speak with M/A...she is very quick to tune into my questions.. I will return again soon.....5 stars for" ... written by Kathy
great as always, very honest" ... written by smiley2011
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
5 star reading as always" ... written by *
great reading!!! she is very compassionate, accurate and true to her skills! 10/10!! " ... written by blue
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
great reading as always. 5 stars" ... written by here
Great as usual, tells you what she sees" ... written by smiley2011
great reading, accurate, good advice" ... written by mari
Cathy is such an amazing person , a real sweetheart, " ... written by Lucy117
One of MYSTYANGEL's prediction came true which was very important to me. She is always polite, friendly, and quick to answer." ... written by redsox44
wonderful reading as always, consistently great! 5 stars!" ... written by here
sweet, kind, and understand. spot on with a lot of things." ... written by tam
Quick reader and kind." ... written by MarieAkba
thanks - I will keep you updated" ... written by sunshine
honest as usual thanks katherine" ... written by smiley2011
fabulous reading as always !!!! she connects strong " ... written by tamjones
Very nice and straight forward! I appreciate her help." ... written by dove
Very good andamp; accurate reading with MysticAngel! I highly recommend her!" ... written by W
very helpful, :) you just need the right person to give you insights" ... written by rob
very good. blessings." ... written by dani
loved right on point and very accurate" ... written by computerluv
spot on _ accurate _ inspiring" ... written by cb
great as usual, very honest" ... written by smiley2011
very accurate" ... written by chris
Many thanks yet again for a wonderful reading and calrity of my situation dear Catherine" ... written by Maia
Very nice reading with helpful advice" ... written by cc
She is wonderful - highly recommended to everyone. Wow! Thank you so much - I am grateful for all you put into my reading and it was a lot. :)" ... written by Kelly
she is very super gifted. i left the reading feeling very positive on my situation and outlook on life" ... written by sylvia
thank you. while the news wasn't what i wanted to hear, somehow, you delivered it in a way that gave me so much peace. that made it so much easier to accept than it has been in the past. even though i have known what you have told me. when you told me, i felt calm and at peace with it all. thank you. " ... written by allbright
Wonderful and amazing reading. Best reading and guidance i have had in years. " ... written by Bellyrox
I highly enjoyed my consultation with her. She is amazing and very accurate in her readings. She has greatwisdom.Excellent guidance." ... written by Bellyrox