About MysticalMillette

Psychic MysticalMillettehas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MysticalMillettehas recently helped 1163members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MysticalMillette's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Welcome and please read my profile before asking questions

I do not do readings in free chat privates only.

Please have questions ready when going into private. I DO NOT DO GENERAL READINGS!!!!!

Please read my profile and reviews.....

I do not do general readings. Direct questions only!

Hello and Welcome to Mystical Adventures.
My room is very active with spirits playing in the cam. You never know who or when they are going to decide to entertain us. So come sit and enjoy the positive atmosphere of the room. Spirits are in my home on a daily basis and you never know who is going to show up. So The Adventure is different every night. Stop by and see Us.

Please do not ask for a demo or free questions in free chat.
Please do not ask for a yes or no questions and I would rather give you an accurate answer in private where i can look at your situation instead of a semi accurate answer.

If your rude and demanding you will be kicked and or banned from my room. This is a positive atmosphere and negative attitudes will not be tolerated.

I am a 45 yr old single mother of 4 wonderful boy. One who is in the Marines. I have known about my gifts since I was a small child. Discover that I was a Witch at the age of 8. I get alot of visions during readings along with my guides talking to me. I do not do general readings as my guides will freak out and show me a million pictures at once. So please keep in mind you need to ask direct questions. I have a lot of compassion and understanding in someones time of need and will spend as much times as they need to help them threw their problems. I dont need to tools during my readings. I do have a pendulum and Shape shifter cards which are a form of Tarot but much different. I dont need them but do use them when clients request them. My youngest child is also a gifted medium and warlock. He is learning day by day more about his gifts. He is also learning spell work by assisting me during my spell work. He is very good at reading candle wax as well. He can sometimes see shapes that I dont see that gives alot of insight to my work.

In private you will get all the answers you need to your questions. I do get descriptions of ppl at times along with locations. I will also give you tools to help in problems with your man. How to get him to understand ur feelings without having to argue to get them across.

I can also give times frames that are usually 90% accurate. My guides are very pushy when it comes to messages that really need to be given so pls bare with me when they feel that you need to know messages even if it isnt what you have asked. I answer all questions but if my guides feel you should know something then I will also include that in the reading. Example I had a client want to know about a man but my guides knew there was a reason she couldnt get close to this man and when i told her what they where showing me it touched home and made her realize that she had to work on her before this man could come into her life the way she wanted him too. So we worked on what she needed to do in order for this man to come. so sometimes the underlying has to be addressed before your true desires can be reached. I will help you with all of that.
I work in many ways to help you get to where you need to be within yourself and in your life. So please dont hesitate to take me to private so we can get the answers you need and the guidance you need to get you on the right path in your life and within yourself.

I also provide email readings. Please be specific with your questions and include pictures of you and anyone else you want me to look at as I can get alot more from pictures. My email Readings are long and give alot of details on what you have asked along with anything else that my guides see. Include as much information as possible because the more info the better I can connect with you. B-day, pictures, time of birth, full names etc
Thank you and have a blessed day

She is a very helpful person! Lots of good positive energy! Straight to the point, understanding, and caring! Worth a consultation with." ... written by cowboicasanova
very lovely! very positive and right on target. I am very happy with my reading." ... written by missred
she was great help" ... written by liz
Very fast and straight to the point...Thank you for your reading :)" ... written by Sirena22
Very caring and focused. She was on point. I enjoyed my reading. " ... written by LadyL5
This woman is the best! Very direct, but kind and caring at the same time. She doesn't have to ask a lot of questions in order to give you answers. She really gave me a lot of peace of mind. And I feel great. She is also very funny as well. I will be back in the future. I look forward to our next chat. xoxox" ... written by brazilgirl1
thank you so much, I am gonna wait! Its like a need more than a want! i dont even know why! or understand ? thanks" ... written by Krysta
MysticalMillette will tell you the honest truth and give it in a way that you can digest easily. She truly cares about helping you and gives you advice that fits the situation perfectly. She was able to tell me things I did not reveal to her and gave me greater insight on the situation. She was also very mindful of credits, gets straight to the point, and answered everything very quickly AND clearly. One of my favorites :)" ... written by Mary/Guriwo
I love Mystical's honesty and she does not waste your time or beat around the bush she gets straight to the point" ... written by kprattis
Great reading. Very helpfull. Picked up on my situation quick. Help me out a great deal. I feel alot better about my situation. Will get another reading to see if thing are going well. I recomend her to anyone." ... written by coorsmann
Sweet honest the spirit guided mother or friend I never had : )" ... written by oflight2011
Awesome!!!" ... written by oflight2011
great psychic!!!" ... written by liz
She was great!!! Very helpful and caring..I would definitely recommend a private with her!" ... written by carmelluv5
Very kind, caring and accurate reader. Was spot on in describing situations and people. Thank you, Millete. You are a gifted psychic." ... written by coconut1980
you are the best every u said is sooo true, very nice lady i recomend you to everyone" ... written by ooopsi
Hit on some things that were right on! Great reading. Thanks." ... written by Sunshine0526
very good" ... written by 1212flaming
I am really love her personality she is good very accurate and i would recommend her to anybody she does not waste your time she gets straight to the point. She is also the most gifted psychics on the website she does not need cards she does not give you a fairy story she will give you the truth not lies! Highly recommended!" ... written by kprattis
Lovely and nails it. Highly recommend!" ... written by RadesGirl
awesome, and caring, answers all ur questions!" ... written by hxd181
Second reading with Millette. Very helpful , I see things in a different way now. She has helped me a great deal. Will keep up my positive attitude. Highly recommended." ... written by coorsmann
Third reading and feel good. Everytime speak to her she makes me feel good about my situation. Gives me hope to keep patient and have faith. Cause good things will be coming my way. And at the end Ill be very happy. Looking foward to my future happiness." ... written by coorsmann
Very caring person, amazing! Will continue to chat with her. Most of the things she said is true. Give her a try and u will see for yourself. AMAZING!" ... written by ooopsi
So far, so good. Always right on with advice and visions. Highly recommend : )" ... written by oflight2011
She was amazing ,loved the reading from her !" ... written by happyfriend123
Mille Is The B E S T ..I Love Her To Death Shes very Clear,Sweet,And Makes You Feel Comfortable andamp;amp;andamp;amp; Open...She Is Being Reccomended To Anybody...i love you Mille !" ... written by Katice
I love you Milly! Thanks for calming me down. " ... written by brazilgirl1
Millie isa beautiful Awesomeperson. she told me things that i already was sensing. Very accurate, can't wait to see her future predictions. I would recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Lucy117
Another amazing helpful session. Thank Lady " ... written by brazilgirl1
feeling so much better :) thank u" ... written by love2smile29
She is very helpful and accurate." ... written by kprattis
As usual, AMAZING! Thanks girl" ... written by brazilgirl1
MysticalMillette was Great, very understanding, sweet, kind and very helpful, and gave me some steps to follow ..Thanks again =)" ... written by psychic81
She is very delightful. She answered all my questions quickly. Thank you, Millette!" ... written by Kameika
You always make me feel better. And also tell me what I need to know. Thanks girl" ... written by brazilgirl1
She is so wonderful....i feel the positive vibes ........straight to answers.........answered all questions...we will see her back..." ... written by mossdevraj
This woman helps me stay sane. Love you girl." ... written by brazilgirl1
She was very good. I wish I had more credits to talk longer. Give Millette a try. She will SEE things u want to see. " ... written by divinedaughter
so amazing! really caring and im so happy" ... written by love2smile29
She has been right so far about everything she told me! Gonna take her advice and hope that everything she has told now will also come to pass." ... written by fleurdesil
She is very good and helpful. Tries to guide you to follow the correct path" ... written by ask_201105
Great, will be back!" ... written by blessed05
millie was great she just didn't tell me what i wanted to hear, but what i needed to know. love her lots" ... written by alwaysmarsha01
She calmed my impatience down. She is one of the coolest girls on oranum.!!! Smooches Millette!!!" ... written by bluesky10
I really loved it, she is amazing!" ... written by melissachimz52
she was very warm towards my situation... will be looking forward to my future... thankyou!" ... written by missdeane
She is honest and a great friend and has helped so many people and saved so many relationships i would definately trust her" ... written by kprattis
Great reading like always. Thank you millette." ... written by coorsmann
Love talking to her. Gives me what I'm looking for so far everything is coming up and things are a lot more clear for me. I recommend her big time." ... written by coorsmann
Milly is awesome!!!! I love you Milly!!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by buzysignal
she was dead on point....i will be back for more" ... written by blessed05
She was just amazing, felt better as soon as we spoke, THANK YOU so much!!!!" ... written by shevva
My girl...on point once again!!!!!!" ... written by blessed05
AWESOME!!! Soooo accurate and very NICE!!!" ... written by colleen417
love talking to her makes me feel great :)" ... written by love2smile29
I Love Her.....Mille Is Awesome she is straight forward with everything And gives you great info...she gets 5 stars from me ! Yayy Milleeeyy" ... written by Katice
AWESOME! I was very impressed. She is not only very kind and compassionate but she sensed things about my situation right away and helped to ease my anxiety. There are very few andamp;quot;realandamp;quot; psychics out there but this lady is the REAL DEAL! I highly recommend her!" ... written by thewritegrl
Very lovely reading, hoping it comes true know what I'm talking about mystical ;)" ... written by fleurdesil
Very lovely reading, hoping it comes true know what I'm talking about mystical ;)" ... written by fleurdesil
Very personable and compassionate lady always gives me a different perspective and helps me to open up to other answers. I love her spirit!" ... written by whtevrhelps
Am happy, Millie makes me happy :)" ... written by shevva
still amazing as ever!" ... written by shevva
Always amazing love talking to her :)" ... written by love2smile29
Got good advice and protection " ... written by kprattis
she was very honest and sincere...Would come back again.Gave much insight into my questions..Thank you and God Bless." ... written by oceansandjoy1
excellent!!! to the point!!! very helpful! thank you so much!" ... written by adorangel
amazing." ... written by believer100
She is very spot on, gets a lot of stuff and picks up your energy well. Love talking to her" ... written by mu3011
Very sweet and on point! thank you! xoxox" ... written by adorangel
Thank you very much!" ... written by Angel168
As usual another great session. Thanks so much for being there for me and putting my mind at ease and telling me what I need to know. xoxo" ... written by brazilgirl1
MysticalMillette! was very accurate as usual her reading was on the money. She has been helping me through a very difficult situation and so far it has been working. Everything she saids is always rite and her predictions are 100%. Anyone that needs help with any situation feel free to go to her trust me you won't regret it." ... written by josh2588
This reading let me stay on track not to give up with what ive been wanting. I consider her a friend. Shes my light in my darkest time. THANK U MILLIE." ... written by coorsmann
Do u want insight, accurate reading a friend someone who u can talk to someone who understand what ur going through ,come to Mllette place cause she is the best ur my number one Millette no one can compare" ... written by ooopsi
Millie is just amazing :)" ... written by shevva
MysticalMillette!" ... written by josh2588
very matter of fact..helped me to calm down a tense situation when i just needed some good old fashion advice... ty " ... written by SP
very great reading still the best and always will be worth every penny thank u mysticalmillette will be coming back for another read" ... written by ooopsi
Great reading! Millie is kind and has great energy. I definitely recommend her for answers to your questions... thanks so much, Millie... " ... written by missgreeneyes
Very helpful, she listened to everything I had to say and went above and beyond what I expected. " ... written by Angeldelight1983
MysticalMillette is so kind and right on target!" ... written by luv01_2008
Always amazing :) thank u so much" ... written by love2smile29
She was fantastic, tuned right in and knew my situation....she wasn't guessing, she was spot on to my feelings and my questions....Thank God for mysticalmillette, she saved my life tonight!!! I feel so much better and relieved and enlightened!!! She is fantastic!!!!!!" ... written by peachybeez
always grate what can i say " ... written by vc1976
she was amazing she told me things that are unbelivable " ... written by angel83
MIss millet is one of the best..oranum...have......... she is super nice and down to earth ...always have been a good help to ......she care so much about...every one...and i love her she fun to talk please...every one..please...try out.....millet.....she do worth it...and i wish you..all the blessings and love you....peace............" ... written by jithv1987 (jithin varghese)
Millette was great really accurate reading she told i will become a millionare and I did. I won 25 million dollars shes great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by josh2588
Answered my question and made me feel a lot better. She is very easy to talk to and I know she is a true friend. Thank you for giving me a better understanding of what I have to do Millette, it's very much appreciated." ... written by Psychic Arthur James
Awesome! Thank you soo much! Very to the point!" ... written by adorangel
Good advice as always. Thank you, Millie." ... written by coorsmann
Very insightful and intutive. Every time I come to her I always get what inuire about and then some. She impowers you to help yourself and is a sweetheart. I really enjoy talking to her." ... written by guriwo
Great! Amazing psychic! Love her soo much!" ... written by happyfriend123
I love you T! :D Just what i needed your always there to put up with my ass! Thank You hugs and kisses :D" ... written by iquestionlife
All I gotta say is wow this is my hommie!!!! I was asking about various things and she was dead on without me saying anything about that topic! FOLKS IF YOU CAN GET A PRIVATE FROM MYSTICAL MILLETTE SHE IS AMAZING!!!" ... written by momo26
Always makes me feel better." ... written by love2smile29
To the point and very accurate, awesome reading. Highly recommend her!!!!!" ... written by starstruck11
She is to good...Love you to!" ... written by jithv1987
INCREDIBLE!! EXCELLENT!! MysticalMillette is not only kind hearted and compassionate, she is very accurate!! I couldn't believe how much she was right on!!! She is the real deal, and she will nto BS you. Millette is my favorite reader on this site and i highly recommend her to all! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!" ... written by thewritegrl
I had already given but excellent" ... written by Lady Shadow13
You are a good pychic and I like the answers that you gave me. I will be back to see you though but the only thing is I won't be able to go to the casino until the next time I get paid hopefully the guy you told me about wil be there. Anyway thanks again. Lind" ... written by lrussell45
I finally got an opportunity to have my first reading with MysticalMillette, and it was very rewarding. She took her time with me and not just give me a reading, but truly listened to me. Not many people have the ability to listen, but I found that person in MysticalMillette. Thank you." ... written by I_Love_Life
Mystical, what a beautiful woman and Psychic, very sensitive and I must say right on, very accurate, I do also recommend her and I have high respect and regards for Mystical..Thanks Mystical :) Blessings Lady Shadow" ... written by LadyShadow13
Always amazing! feel so much better!" ... written by love2smile29
Honest - ran out of funds great reader ethical my highest recomendation" ... written by tiremuncher2
Lovely wee lady helped me in my predicament she takes too much crap in that chat room by them guests :( bless her " ... written by Bunnygirl1980
Mille has giving me a very acurate reading as usual awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by josh2588
I just had to come back and tell her last reading was right...and get another one while at it...she's always sooo talking to her" ... written by fleurdesil
always amazing helps me so much with everything and been right so far :)" ... written by love2smile29
Just one truth ful person says how it is give good details to help your situation." ... written by Bunnygirl1980
Always helps me." ... written by love2smile29
very good straight to the point and very helpful x" ... written by blackcat06
Millie helps me out lots answeres all my questions in depth" ... written by vc1976
She was fantastic, was great at reassuring me things are still on target ;) ty " ... written by kelila
Love her. Honest,clear, direct, encouraging....she cares about you! Not the $$$, you." ... written by colleen417
Will keep my eyes open, good information thks" ... written by kmalone
Millie as always, a sweetheart to talk to. Her readings are always right on point. God bless u Millie. Looking foward to more future readings w/ you. Highly recommend it . You won't be disappointed." ... written by Lucy117
She was wonderful. Thanks for the insight" ... written by dragonfly8022
I really like Millette very much. I ran out of credits so didn't get a chance to say goodbye. She is such a nice, lovely lady, I look forward to having more readings with her again in the future. I highly recommend a reading with her. She is great." ... written by lostintwinpeaks
she was amazing. on point on everything can't believe how accurate she was on describing every little details." ... written by dee
Great! She did a WONDERFUL JOB!!!!!!!!!" ... written by LulaBell
Very nice and friendly person. I recommend a reading with her!" ... written by lostintwinpeaks
She's a real deal. " ... written by can'tfinethemoonlight
Great Job!!!! Thank you soo much!!" ... written by LulaBell
Great reading. Gave my hope for this weekend. Always a pleasure to speak to her. Shes a very loving person. I can tell you guys cause my heart never lies to me. THX Mille." ... written by coorsmann
I really liked Millette. She is funny, direct and honest. Not in a harsh or derogatory way. She is actullay very compassionate. I will definitely be back. " ... written by Paula1969
What can I say she's the bomb. Love to death very good friend. Gives me strenght to go get what I've been waiting for. Thank you so much for your time and patience." ... written by coorsmann
She was wonderful...and awesome connected to each other straight away and picked up on the whole story of what is going on in my life...thank you so much for giving me hope ..take care and god bless you...xx" ... written by thalassaki17
she was so understanding and so helpful...did a spell and already seeing results already within a day=) just can't wait till it get's even better...blessings to her!" ... written by hulahips82
Good reading." ... written by coorsmann
Mille, was amazing, I have never had a reading like this before. There arent words for how in tune she was with me during our reading. I will never go to another Psychic, as long as I can get in touch with her." ... written by Kelly
she is a sweetheart!.....she gave me something positive to look forward to! I just have to wait and let things happen!.....Thank you Mysticalmillette for the encouraging words!!!!" ... written by eightysgirl1
I can't really explain how I feel when I speak to her, so much positive's just amazing!!" ... written by shevva
My gurl is awesome!!! you know i love yah milly... always on point!!! " ... written by buzysignal
very good :) always helpful" ... written by love2smile29
brillant" ... written by sweetpure
She was so very nice and understanding...will come back!" ... written by hulahips82
Always positive and uplifting that is why i love her." ... written by kprattis
always makes me feel better :)" ... written by love2smile29
well im happy to be in contact with her. looking forward to see how things r going to go im excited thank you!!! will keep up to date with everything.. again thanks and blessings to you:))" ... written by MIZZPRETTY
Thanx for the reading and your time. I will take your advice and do what I need to do to make my situation alot better. " ... written by coorsmann
Great Reading like always. Thank you millie..." ... written by coorsmann
Ms. Mystical has been with me on this long and difficult journey. She has brought many insights to me and shown me the future. I am now aware of my function in this relationship and I am happy. My deceased husband, Keith has continually give me the andamp;quot; unconditional loveandamp;quot; from the other side. I will always love you Keith and someday I will be back with you again." ... written by rooster051
mill is the first psychic on oranum i had a read with when i first join and she has always being great right on the money,every thingshe has told me i see come to pass she told me things that no one else new but me and i think that was amazing,so i have to keep going back for more and more milette ur the best words cant explain. Millette ur my number one" ... written by ooopsi
Good talk. Thanx millie " ... written by coorsmann
Very accurate reader. I loved every word heard from her. Thank you!" ... written by Marcusson
Always makes me feel better!" ... written by love2smile29
Wonderful reading.Thank you very much!" ... written by pepita24
luv her so much!!!!! muah!" ... written by convenientstore
Milly is just an inspiration she guides people down the right road" ... written by Bunnygirl1980
milly is my gurl... and she always pull thru for me as usual.. thanks for putting my mind to ease. Much love!" ... written by buzysignal
I always feel at home when I'm in Mille's chatroom and she is very good at what she does. I can't wait to tell her how her predictions came out. She really made me feel like I was a part of her family when she spoke with me, was nice and I see why so many members love her. Thank you Mille!" ... written by sweet81pea
She's as real as they get!" ... written by lory09
she did a good job" ... written by joey198402
It never fails that when I have a heart to heart reading with Millette, that I end up feeling a thousand percent better than when I first entered her room. She was right on point with saying which day I would hear from a potential employer. More importantly, my spirits were lifted with the confidence in knowing that I will be hearing from that same job. Thank you Millette!" ... written by I_Love_Life
She is awesome and the best there is." ... written by brownsuga5964
I loved mysticalmillette reading, she told me alot of preditons, had a great time, thanks so much!" ... written by marybeth1love
she is amazing .. ty mill andamp;lt;3" ... written by abby096911
Millie is such a beautiful person who cares deeply to give you the answers. You need, no sugar coating. She gives very accurate and details answers. So if you would like a pvt she is the person to go to. She will blow you away. Many blessings to you Millie....." ... written by Lucy117
She was wonderful. Kind, no sugar coating, picked up on things. " ... written by beetlenut
Thank you so much for the the reading . showed me clarity and helpful guidance with some hope . Your chat room is so filled with spirit its so incredibly amazing how they show up in your room . Blessings in love and light to you and yours sandra -xo TC" ... written by sandra-xo
Wow! Millie you blew me away with your answer... thanks so much you were awesome. I will definitely be back and give you an update..." ... written by missgreeneyes
Very good - tuned in. Caring. Will defo take the advice." ... written by anon
Totally mind blowing!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thank you Mystical was very helpful and insightful about my health and well being. Good person to talk to about your future" ... written by kprattis
She was so good and such a nice person. Gave me really good advice that is realistic and I can actually use in my situation. " ... written by florwer85
I had not a lot of credits...she answered quick and fully. Didn't waste my time, and I feel so much better!" ... written by anon
Thanks soo much for helping me!" ... written by ciara19
Looooved her ... could talk to her all day, and picked things RIGHT up :-)" ... written by bonnielynn
she is awesome and always comes form the heart. she is the real deal." ... written by colleen417
She was very good." ... written by color1201
Calm and soft" ... written by Eirma13
This positive woman is the best reader on oranum so far :) Thank you I honestly loved the reading we had:) I'll return * I honestly recomend you all get a reading with her :)" ... written by LorenaAries
Mama always knows, and she knows whats best too. Plus she accepts me for me. You won't find another like her! Love you! :)" ... written by iquestionlife
Full of good advice. Can't wait to use it." ... written by citizen
Absolutely amazing!" ... written by marion
Nice reading!" ... written by MayGirl
Great advice!" ... written by d2k1000
Very good!" ... written by Nikki
Millie is always awseome in her readings. Her accuracy is just amazing. It blows my mind all the time, and let us not forget the time frames. God bless you Millie. 5 ***** " ... written by Lucy117
Amazing, I will be back to talk to her again. :)" ... written by spiritessense
Brilliant!" ... written by DesFel80
Fantastic and Very Intuitive! Thanks! " ... written by opti11
I had a good reading experience with Millette. I would encourage those of you who are looking for a positive psychic experience to give her a try... " ... written by Lightstar
Awesome ..." ... written by Anniekins
What a great lady i just love her..." ... written by Anniekins
She is very good. Listened to what I said and gave me great information." ... written by guldfisk
Only had a few credits and she was very fast and to the point." ... written by angie_bart
Helpful! thanks :)" ... written by KundraPhoenix
Very good insight, loved it." ... written by diehl09
Really such a nice healing type of person. She understood and took my concerns and made sense of them." ... written by betsysue
What amazing reading with her, so accurately and so insight she is helping me on my case, she is real deal here. will be back for more." ... written by lovelife
Greatest..." ... written by Anniekins
Hope comes true! look foward to get more readings .." ... written by baybeauty
Excellent reading. Connected very quickly and gave detailed guidance about my situation, highly recommended." ... written by NICKY1212
Really good - Happy with reading :)" ... written by MissyMccance
One of the best! Thanks, Millie! You know I will definitely be giving you an update and will be back soon." ... written by missgreeneyes
So very positive and helpful. Super guides. Will report back!" ... written by Charlie0605
Will wait and see!" ... written by dd41783
Interestingggggg... will be back for prediction..." ... written by purple20
Very excellent reading. Accuracy is right on. Am looking forward to her spell work and receiving some financial blessing. I would definitely call on her again." ... written by angolob
Great as usual! I will definitely be back. I totally recommend her for a reading. She will blow you away!" ... written by missgreeneyes
She is always great..." ... written by Anniekins
She reads so fast i have a hard time coming up with enough questions. lol." ... written by fireopal77
She is best. I love her, she knows what she doing. So amazing." ... written by love in vegas
Great reading! She was awesome!" ... written by Joanna93
She is good." ... written by friendly22
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Thank you for your help." ... written by joey198402
Straight to the point. I like it!! Very fast and answers quick. Thanks a bunch. xxxxxx" ... written by ale510
Great reading! Millette told me allot of info to be heard. She is really sweet person." ... written by myeyesee
One of the best! I will definitely come back again and again. Thanks Millie for all that you do!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Quick and wonderful! Definitely talk to her about anything and everything going on with you!" ... written by love522
Great as always! " ... written by guriwo
Millette just gave me update on previous reading and she still say same only difference is that predictions not so faraway :o) reading with this lady she is amazing!!" ... written by marion
Wonderful : )" ... written by purple20
All I can say is excellent and I'm adding her to my favorites. " ... written by deltaj
Thank you Millette! Picks up on things immediately. Awesome psychic. Go private with her you won't regret it!" ... written by vexedvixen
I am very greatful to her she is excelent " ... written by deltaj
Another fantastic reading." ... written by deltaj
Excellent reading. Very honest and fast" ... written by mimatisse
Love this lady, she is so caring and can see things that no one else can see. Dont miss a chance to get a reading from her" ... written by littlekelly0217
Thank you so much!!! this has really help me!!!" ... written by AmyBaby1992
Shes really good I'd take a reading with her everyday if i could if i was rich anyway lol. Shes spot on and cant wait to tell her how things work out for me :)" ... written by earthangel35
Awesome!!!!" ... written by mhharview
Connects very well. thank you " ... written by zebedeee39
Like always milly is fast and can answer a lot of questions with detail. " ... written by anon
Great.. very helpful and gives great advice. 5 *****!" ... written by fitchchic5
WOW- TOP shelf Grade A. She is totally in the known. I very impressed by her!!! I must say i didn't even give her my name , she nail everything on the head!!!! 10 stars." ... written by FireLilly
She's truly mystical !!" ... written by trinigentleman2
Great as always. Major help!" ... written by ncg
Thank you for the clarity!" ... written by SistahMaria
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Kind and Understanding. Excellent intuitive reading that made me feel 100% better. Thank you Millie x" ... written by Nicole212
WOW!!!!!!" ... written by joannedelx
She is on point with me and my intuiton about a past situation God is handling! She is great and a blessing in my life. Thank you very much my dear! God Bless You." ... written by tallnurse
Deff one of the best on Oranum.... please dont hesitate to get a reading ." ... written by divinedaughter
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