About MsBea1

Psychic MsBea1has 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MsBea1has recently helped 33members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MsBea1's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a rune reader and a medium with over 20 years experience I dont sugar coat things. 2.99 per minute

ive never gotten a rune reading before. at first i was hesitant but msbea gave me specifics and i didnt tell her anything so thats awesome. check her out =)" ... written by m
Ms Bea is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! She is terrific!! She is a great psychic and also pulls runes and reads them so well!!! She is also a very knowledgeable person and very kindhearted!! She is sweet!!! Please contact her. I have spoken to her twice and she has really helped me!!! She knew most everything about my situation before I even told her. " ... written by Sandra
Very cool and fast!" ... written by Angel
Great reading, fast, responsive, waiting for all of it to happens :)" ... written by P T
she is lovely -thank you for the reading ....i really hope that ur predictions will come true " ... written by Lili
Bea is awesome, fantastic, real true clairvoyant, you must see her, million stars, spot on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Cindi
cool energy" ... written by n
good reading with valuable insight." ... written by Rick
Well that was invigorating, I needed verification and I truly hope that this was it. Cause when it comes to the matters of the heart it is futile... lol... I love ya b !! you are what's the word, "AWESOME" and many nights I have questions and she would make sense of the madness that goes thru my pretty little head. I will surely be back with updates. Don't go away B! :) " ... written by sharona315
awesome and straight to the point wont waste time picked up really fast" ... written by gloria
She is sensational. Positive, clear, confident, loving and encouraging - i so enjoyed her perspective." ... written by dmbertault
LOve the updates they are always accurate and she is wonderful and genuine!" ... written by Tffany
Brilliant:) very very good!" ... written by Jess
MsBea1 is a REAL psychic. She is the real deal. She knew things about my whole family - details that only I would have known - She is fast! She read into the past, present and future. I am really blown away by how she just knew! Please do yourself a favor and get a reading by MsBea1. She doesn't waste your time - Fast, Accurate, Intelligent and very kind. Thank you. 5 Stars" ... written by l.dove
very good" ... written by gabby
she is always good. I love her to death.. she is amazing " ... written by nancy
Love her so was so to the point a fast quick reading i will be back for more" ... written by delvina
Nice reading, honest, sincere and helpful" ... written by Demitri
I will definitely come back. This is the sweetest person, she is amazing" ... written by Jennifer
I enjoyed it!" ... written by Angel
she is very quick and clear in her answers. Very easy to talk to and has an understanding of what yours needs are before you ask the question. Very good!" ... written by Gall
She is very calm patient and answers all Q clearly. Will wait an report back on her predictions .Thanks once again " ... written by KS
Love her! She's great! " ... written by BriLeeBree
very very good loved her " ... written by Nancy
She is Sharp , Spot on and does not waste Time. She will now one of my trusted advisor .Thanks " ... written by KS
Lovely lady, got straight to my issue quickly and didn't waste time and gave lots of other info as well. I look forward to the coming year." ... written by amanda w
thank you very helpfull x" ... written by linda
Ms. Bea rocks!!!!! She connects fast and genuine and kind, warm soul. I trust everything she says. She is very honest and straight to the point. Another great reading from Ms. Bea!! I'll come to her for an update. Amazing talent~ I could talk to her all day~ Many blessings to you! Thank you and god bless! Caht with you soon! " ... written by Tiffany
She is wonderful, so giving and caring. Such a beautiful soul! So quick and to the point and so right on!!!!! I just can't say enough about here. Please get a reading from her, see for yourself!" ... written by Sky
Interesting read, we will see... nice reader. Fairly accurate" ... written by HD
Always loving and direct,i can say she's the real deal cos she picked up on my present scenario accurately. this was my second reading with her and she was very consistent with the messages she was delivering ." ... written by Lila
she is always so good ..!!!!. I love her to death. I am a bit over my budget but she is worth it. " ... written by Nancy
she was amazing and I always talk with her. She is now on my budget plan.. " ... written by nancy
Great Sunday morning update!!! Hope everything unfolds as planned!" ... written by tiffany
Very interesting reader! Accurate too!" ... written by Stephanie
Although she was fantastic, she kept freezing on me. She is quick with answering" ... written by Angela
She was awesome said in two months will have a good paying job :))))" ... written by tiff
Thank you sooooo much. You really opened my eyes to something. Now I know what I need to do. Very quick reader." ... written by Mechele
So her energy....really enjoy my readings with Bea...she's awesome!!!" ... written by ME!
Amazing reading! very blessed to have the life i have and to have better things yet to come. blessed to know i am with the right person for me. looking forward to a new career opportunity to come my way within 6 months time. and i will continue to stay in school and finish my major." ... written by luckycharms12
Really good info fast talker, very direct love the reading GOD BLESS andamp; THX YOU " ... written by queenbee22
She was very accurate! Definitely, I'll see her more often in pvt." ... written by Diginity
I love MsBea1 she is soo sweet. She is so loving, caring, warm. She is a friend and a supporter. She is very good in her work." ... written by Nancy
great" ... written by Nancy
I had a reading with Bea and she did a mediumship of my dad and she was amazing. I was very impressed with her u need to try her its worth it. trust me.. " ... written by Nancy
she was so on the money!!! OMG!!! she knew stuff about my kids and financial stuff without telling her!!!! Now what do u think now????? people. I am telling u she is the real deal person.. !!! she knew about my art skills without saying one word at all it. ! " ... written by kathy
I have been to her twice and she is so dead on each time and so fast. You truly must get a reading cannot express that enough truly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Sky
thanks " ... written by Debbie
very fast reading, straight forward but very caring at the same time…. thnx a lot and I am looking forward towards the prediction" ... written by Spiritonloose
Ms Bea is very nice and friendly, she was on point and very reassuring :) " ... written by Tahirah
MsBea was excellent. She worked fast, did a lot of time in free chat for people and answered clearly. " ... written by KM
Miss Bea is GREAT! She is always right on point and goes to great lengths to get details. She has been accurate and i would highly recommend her!" ... written by linda
Ms Bea is excellent!!!!! I have no idea how she can know so much from her runes!! But she will see everything you need to know and answer any question you may have. She will connect with you immediately. She is also very smart, caring and understanding. I highly recommend her to you. She is well worth your time and money!!" ... written by Sandra
I think Bea was a very cool, kind person. :) I ran out of credits though! But, she gave me some good things to think about and look forward to about the future. I will see if it comes to pass. But I felt like she was very encouraging. :) She was definitely on target on picking up the duration of my situation, which really surprised me. I definitely appreciated the reading! Unfortunately, she told me something that sort of confirmed my feelings about the person the reading was about. That was upsetting to hear but, at least, I know that the person I cared for just wasn't ever going to care for one person.. That's fine! I'm better off without and great things are coming my way! :) Thanks for the reading tho, MsBea! :) " ... written by ObeliskDame
Bea connects very fast. Bea reads me and gives me a good news within a couple months. Now, I am exciting and wait for what she tells me come to pass. Thanks a lot and you make my day! :-)" ... written by Angela123p
fantastic!!!!! great update for things to come. Connects so fast and is caring and genuine! Ms Bea tells you how it is but in a kind way. she offers guidance and her gifts are amazing." ... written by tiffany
Great accurate, fast, on the ball reader. Recommended." ... written by Headinghome
wow, amazing connection. so calm, cool and fast" ... written by tiffany
Shes so awesome 10 stars" ... written by Maia
Ms. Bea is always enthusiastic, compassionate, and accurate. Thank you darling." ... written by FlickeringFlame
good fantastic reading, very gifted person. " ... written by c
great reading. she felt energy of situation and my partner. It was good news today so I really enjoyed it but she has not always given me good news. She's brutally honest and that's why I will consult again. " ... written by goldenaura
Amazing , she picked up on things that others have not, made contact with grandparents very fast. Did not ask for information other than confirmation of messages she was passing on. Accurate, truthful, tells it like it is. Will definitely return." ... written by G
awesome!!! bea does know without me saying too much!!! u need to go read with her..thanks bea" ... written by rosy
she is a very good medium.. she knows her stuff" ... written by stacey
She was right on the money.. !! love her.. she is a great medium" ... written by raymond
Very very accurate reading and quick connections to questions and insight on your issues. Ms Bea resonates with your spirit, time and place and you can rest assured she has the answer. Thumbs Up!!!" ... written by Cordie167
Great update. Some time frame changes that is to be expected with free will and and my situation but SHe as always connects so quickly and is accurate!" ... written by Tiffany
very helpful" ... written by Michael
great as usual and very understanding" ... written by g
good insight, she's the bomb. I luv her energy. " ... written by golden
Sincere, helpful and funny reader. Very accurate too :)" ... written by Demitri
Love my updates, totally calmed me down. So accurate and connects so fast and genuine and a great soul inside and out! " ... written by Tiffany
This was my first consultation, with MsBae. I am happy to say that she is absolutely fantastic! The speed, yet accuracy, with her usage of the runes, is incredible! She was able to cover a range of different questions that I had, whilst also providing in depth detail into the situation and the potential outcomes. I am very pleased to have read with her! MsBea is friendly, professional, and demonstrates a great love and passion, towards both her work and her clients. Reading with MsBae for the first time, has been an absolute privilege! I will definitely return in order to consult with her, in the future. In the meantime; I shall take on board her advice and see where things lead. I would also like to recommend that anybody in search of an accurate reader, consider MsBea for a private reading. You WILL NOT be disappointed! She is absolutely fantastic! Many many thanks!! A thousand stars for you. :) " ... written by Babe
Ms Bea is so wonderful and sweet and kind and she knew things about me without me saying a word! she made me feel so much better and she really cares! 5 stars ! give her a try you will not be disappointed." ... written by anesa
omg this person is amazing this my first reading and it was worth every minute" ... written by cuteface1972
simply amazing, lots of details and in touch with her gifts. I really enjoyed my reading with her and I will come back when I need to in the future." ... written by Pheonix
Great reading, Nice" ... written by Hardwork
good reading, positive, tells it like it is" ... written by golden
fantastic update!!!!!! always connects fast, and genuine!" ... written by tifany
wow others weren't kidding...MsBea is phenomenal!" ... written by frag
no doubt about it she is really good, lovely caring and full of positive energy, come to her for sure for ANYTHING!" ... written by Pheonix
Great Reading" ... written by ashley
Excellent reading!" ... written by Michele
Great update as always. Thank goodness I write everything down! " ... written by Tiffany
She was very very good " ... written by sue
great,kind and compassionate" ... written by G
I lovvvvvvved my reading with her! We connected immediately and it was just PERFECT in every way!!!!! I love her! Please give her a try!" ... written by Nana
great update as always!!!" ... written by Tffany
GREAT update!" ... written by tiffany
Bea is my heart! That is all I have to say. PLZZZZ try her. She is the BEST!" ... written by Goddess
VERY GOOD UPDATE!" ... written by Tiffany
wow, awesome reader, spot on!" ... written by sensitive kind
great updates!!!!" ... written by tffny
Loved her, really helpful and informative. Connected very quickly" ... written by Alex
good insight" ... written by gldn
bea is the ONLY person I go to on this site. That says it all. " ... written by goddess
great update!!!" ... written by tiffny
great update as always. She always calms me and gives great insight to everything!" ... written by Tiffany
I got update from her after some significant events happened.. She is amazing!!" ... written by shelle97
Literally one of the GREATEST mediums I've ever spoken to. She is so incredibly sweet, encouraging, and VERY helpful! Give Bea a shot!" ... written by Briana
I asked for a career/ love reading. right away she saw my new job that I love and it turning into what I am hoping for. love she say someone coming into my life and she told me where and its through my job. she told me the setting n I had not told her my setting. awesome spot on reading" ... written by munchkinannie
wow, she is so much fun! amazing" ... written by sparklejules
wow!! ms bea doesn't sugar coat!" ... written by s
very cool .. great reader" ... written by d
Ms Bea is an awesome person! " ... written by shelle97
OMG, I am amazed at how amazing, great, accurate and fast Ms Bea is at picking up stuff!! I did not even have to say a word and she just blew my mind away!! She is the best I am so coming back I was impressed by her demo and wanted to ask her guidance and I don't regret it like wooow!!!!! " ... written by A
she is great. Very clear and she gets the situation to the t. Im very happy with reading we had. Thank you MsBea" ... written by Shiny
Bea is so great!! I love her! Always a pleasure doing reads with her." ... written by shelle97
Great update as always! Fast like a bullet and genuine, like a beautiful soull! " ... written by Tffany
She was good with those Runes and picked up so much detail! I will come back and get updates." ... written by Grace
Awesome lady . Love her to pieces . !00 stars from heaven. !!!" ... written by sandra
really cool info in reading giving lots of details 5 stars!!!" ... written by queenbee22
Great update as always! " ... written by Tffanyy
Love her!!" ... written by Catnesslov
thanks a bunch bea!! Blessed be!!" ... written by shelle97
EXCELLENT READER .... I've talked to many on oranum and there are only 3 after several years I talk to .... I will add her to my list!!" ... written by Ann
fantastic update! I am always blown away by her updates. Peace love and light! " ... written by Tiffany
thank you very positive person accurate she is awesome person 10 stars" ... written by cuteface1972
Fabulous. She hits home runs on every subject . So quickly picks up on people and issues . " ... written by spiderlilli
I was feeling down and logged on and thank God I did, I love my updates with Ms. Bea. She has definitely lifted my spirits back up today. thank you again! " ... written by Tiffny
thank you again ms bea!!" ... written by shelle97
on point very happy and charming love her shes awesome" ... written by tiahuia
Fabulous reading!! 100 stars.." ... written by Maia
Bea is a fantastic reader, and provides plenty of insight and detail, when she provides her clients with answers to their questions. Bea is passionate about her work, and very friendly. I like that Bea's price is reasonable. Therefore, you have the extra time to be able to cover all of the most pressing questions, that you have. She hits the nail on the head, when she describes your situation and influences. I would recommend that people in search of a good reader, take Bea into consideration. She is great and it's money well spent. Thank you, Bea. :) ♥" ... written by TJ
she is right on the money about stuff.. love her to death. she in on my budget for sure" ... written by sue
she is kind and quick to the point." ... written by softwater
Amazing reading. You have to try rune readings. " ... written by Tony
lovely reading w her i had.i hope all come true for the best ,thx bea" ... written by vie
ALWAYS AWESOME!!! LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!! I have had several with her and will always return because she is that good!!! " ... written by SKY
Bea is so awesome! She's like a best buddy." ... written by shelle97
Great reading very accurate 10 stars" ... written by Maia
Good update. I always write it down in my notebook. I love my ms. Bea. always connects well. And so accurate! " ... written by Tiffany
so on point!! very good reader!" ... written by jc
Very insightful and picks up on everything I needed to know and can be very understanding of human interactions" ... written by Lara Blanks
She was excellent! Fast and picked up a lot!" ... written by Mia
Ms Bea is my guide in this world. There is no other psychic on this site who I will go to at all. I trust her 100%. She's phenomenal and gifted. I have nothing but Love for her. " ... written by golden
Bea is the only person I see. She's kind-hearted, intelligent, loving, supportive, and extremely talented. In my opinion there is no one else like her on this site. I'm going to continue seeking her wisdom in the years to come. God put her here to help other's and she's doing a fantastic job. She's truly my guardian angel!" ... written by Lyric
Great True Insight Awesome and Amazing reading. Thank You" ... written by Cre
nice lady" ... written by f
She is a gifted reader with honest insight She is empowering and always says the best for your highest good. She is really honest so be ready. She is so sweet though. " ... written by Awesome Amazing
Awesome insight. Thank You " ... written by Cre
Thank you for a great update. Looking forward to good things to come " ... written by Tiffany
I love Bea!!! She's really talented and gifted, and will inspire many to lead the right path. I would encourage you if you're reading this to trust the universe-- that it brought you to her for a divine reason. She's a true earth angel and she will help you:) " ... written by golden
Amazing! So sweet and took words right out of my mouth!" ... written by VPRide
she is awesome!!!" ... written by wren1414
great reading. bea is the best!" ... written by great reader
Fabulous readiing, awesome guidance and very very clear and accurate answers. Love xxx" ... written by Maia
She's great and to the point. Honest and passionate about your situation. What she has said has come true for me. thank you bea" ... written by AMAZING POWER OF THE PSYCHIC
Ty bea for everything." ... written by shelle97
Bea was very nice, connected fast, and gave me good information that was on the mark. I will have to wait on the predictions although I am happy with my reading." ... written by LB
She is a great psychic and know the answers to your questions. Go for it! She's awesome with her insight! 5 star all the way!" ... written by Amazing Psychic
Great update as always! Always calms my nerves! Thank u Ms. Bea! " ... written by Tiffany
I really enjoyed my reading with MsBea. She is amazing on how accurate she is, she is very affordable, and caring. I will update you guys on my reading :)" ... written by Gabriela
man, she is so right on tuning into the people around me. awesome woman!" ... written by wren1414
wow, this woman is such a gift!! she is amazing!!!" ... written by wren1414
MsBea has been right on target every time. Today she assured me that my man's moodiness is due to his job and not me. Wow what a relief!" ... written by Michele
just awesome 1000n stars" ... written by cuteface1972
she is wonderful, as usual! very tuned in and helpful!" ... written by wren1414
she is one of the very best on this site and such a sweetheart. love my updates with her!" ... written by wren1414
thank u bea for the accurate and honest reading " ... written by jaslon
man, she is awesome...she predicted something in my personal life that was a shocker but it came true just like she said!! amazing!!" ... written by wren1414
RIGHT ON!" ... written by R
straight to point " ... written by gypsyala
WONDERFUL! She is goooooooood! She connected with loved ones and knew stuff no one could've known! I'm coming back to her!!!! Very fast reader!!!!! Funny too!!! Many, many stars! " ... written by Amy
Thank you so much MsBea. You are wonderfull reader. You hit the nail on everything. Gave me great comfort too. Owerall really nice experiance going private with you. I cant recomend you enough. God bless." ... written by shiny
Lovely person and very upbeat and fast. She sees quite deeply into people's situations and moods etc which I felt was a tremendous help to gain that insight. She does time frames too but we all know these can lag. I feel strongly that she knows her stuff and says it with absolute confidence and conviction. This psychic is a real psychic and very very connected....She WONT waste your time OR your money. I am thankful for my reading." ... written by tasha2ki
she is soo good and amazing women." ... written by sue
she is great. as usual!" ... written by wren1414
Bea absolutely rocks it! She gives advice that is detailed and reassuring, and she delivers it in a kind and loving manner. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by Michele
I'm in total shock right now! total... I'm going to come back and write all over MsBea1 wall and let everyone know when this prediction happens. I can't wait!!!! was super stoked with the news she told me and I mean I needed this for myself so much that it was eating me inside. I think I will keep my head up and keep going. THANK YOU SO MUCH !! I will definitely be back ;) " ... written by sharona315
she was very quck and connected well" ... written by be
Bea rocks!!" ... written by Michele
ms bea thank you so much! you were completely spot on with things i didn't tell you, so i'm confident that what your saw will come true! much love to you!" ... written by mama
Connected very fast!!!!!!!!" ... written by Ava
thank you thank you awesome" ... written by cuteface1972
OMG she is sooo awesome!! I spent alot of money on her so much I love her to death. she is amazing women " ... written by sue
she is soo good. I love her to death" ... written by sue
she is very positive and detail gets to point, she answer what I ask she was very correct and I suggest her her to others she is very good reader. TY:) " ... written by hope
she is great as usual. " ... written by wren1414
She is soooo good.. very very good.. She is the best I have soo much faith in her" ... written by Nancy
thank you awesome reading" ... written by cuteface
MsBea1 is on target as always!" ... written by FieryRedhead
OMG she is amazing women she is soo on the money with everything." ... written by sue
very good " ... written by Nancy
Exceptional reading! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Sandra
Excellent reading!" ... written by Sandra
she is very quick!" ... written by Merisha
She was great!" ... written by Karen
very good thank you" ... written by gusessendon
She is very and accuracy is outstanding. i can understand her." ... written by ch
Bea is wonderful rune reader! She also gives good psychic insight to the situation and clarity. Thanks Bea, Hugs" ... written by Karita
I have no idea how Ms Bea can read so much from her runes, but she does! She knows everything. She knew everything about my situation just by knowing my name. I didn't even have to tell her anything, she just knew!!!" ... written by Sandra
she is def my go to reader on here--always positive and uplifting and reads the situation so well." ... written by wren1414
She is sooo awesome she is great!!!!. love love love her to death" ... written by sue
Wow if all that comes true I will be a very happy lady!!! time will tell but very positive and upbeat lady Thank you xx" ... written by T
thank you awesome update xoxo" ... written by cuteface
shes amazing!!" ... written by s
very enlightening..straight honest reader..." ... written by TC
She was so good.. just so awesome and I will come back for updates.." ... written by peacegal
Awesome reading, recommended, helpful accurate and generous" ... written by HHH
amazing as always thank you" ... written by cuteface
Wow!!! amazing!!! connects so quickly and immediately gets down to the clarity. Definitely worth a reading if you need to get answers. I always look out for Ms Bea whenever she's around cause she is straight forward. Absolutely a gift! :) " ... written by sharona315
Ms Bea, is the best psychic on Oranum. Her gifts are extraoadinary. I've been to her several times and all of her predictions have been accurate. They have all been true. She's given me the best guidance, support, and love that I have ever received from any person on here and I recommend you go to private with her. Not only will she definitively guide you, but she will do so humbly. She is a gift from God. " ... written by Golden_Goddess
MsBea is an EXCEPTIONAL psychic!! She is such a kind and caring person. She has excellent rates and KNOWS THINGS IMMEDIATELY!! She will be able to answer any question you might have. She is very much worth your time and money. She is a seriously excellent psychic!!" ... written by Sandra
thank you always amazing 10 star:)" ... written by cuteface
So sweet. We will see how things pan out, but she was wonderful. I really enjoyed the reading. " ... written by main
thank you always a pleasure accurate and on point thank you for the update. really awesome" ... written by cuteface1972
i really really wish whatever she said is true. i want it to be true soo bad!!! *esp on the predictions* but overall, she did hover on issues which was true. her runes were like her inner eyes, it saw things that i didnt even have to tell her about. " ... written by miss poo
thank you great reading always a pleasure" ... written by cuteface
5***** Great reading Bea. So glad to have met you and thank you" ... written by amydog
very smart friendly and helpful. accurate reading. " ... written by Pearl
I saw Ms Bea's demo and was hooked, and rightly so. She gives you info like gunfire and is very accurate in what she sees. I hope her predictions come true! Thank you Ms Bea xx" ... written by Dolly
very quick to gv details really looking forward for these " ... written by queenbee22
I love Ms Bea's insight, clarification, and her positivity. Thank you for my update; you have made me extremely happy :-)" ... written by Dolly
Love her energy!! So friendly, and gives a lot of information. I'm looking forward to a very positive 2016!! :)" ... written by Bloodmoon
5***** Thanks again Bea " ... written by amydog
thank you awesome up date xoxo" ... written by cuteface
Great reading looking forward to the prediction coming true." ... written by Bea
lots of positive things said..I will wait for things to unfold...right to the point and quick to connect...a few things I did not agree with but that ...but all in all thankyou " ... written by trueheartcalli
I liked that she could see a lot of the situation and knew what had happened without any input from me. I feel positive about the future and think she is a great reader!" ... written by Anny
.." ... written by f
Thanks bea ur great im looking forward to predictions shes really good picks up fast amazing" ... written by sprinkle
amzingly accurate and helpful helped me clear my mind soo much highly reccomend she is one of the hidden gems of oranum" ... written by pearl
thank you thank you awesome 10 star" ... written by cuteface
very good as usual, positive" ... written by gabby
Had an amazing reading with this wonderful person! Very caring and takes care and reads with time :) xoxox" ... written by Adis
thank you awesome reading" ... written by cuteface
Msbea was wonderful and was able to pick up on so many details and people in my life without me even telling her about it .Her predictions are consistent and when her jan/feb prediction comes through,i will send her a gift basket" ... written by Lila
I really enjoyed my first reading with MsBae1, thanks! Merry Christmas x" ... written by Cindy
Wonderful,as always" ... written by Lila
a very positive and uplifting reading" ... written by tricky
Just love her! Ms Bea is a bright star in a dark sky xx" ... written by Dolly
Bea has an incredible memory and she delivers a compassionate and encouraging reading!" ... written by Michele
always seems to amaze me everytime!!! I try to come by for updates as possible as i could. 10 stars!!!" ... written by sharona315
very kind, just loved talking to her." ... written by Beth
she is sooooo good and her runes came true.. !!!!! in the past" ... written by Nancy
I love love her her she is soo good " ... written by love
i had a few consecutive readings and I'm just so excited and willing to let all the goodness that MsBea had provided to me to enter my life this new year. I will update as to when they will come to pass. hooray for 2016! lmao! Thanks B! " ... written by sharona315
she was good. what surprised me was her level of detail. she was able to pick up things that I did not even mention. I will defiantly read with her again. very talented.... " ... written by staci elzy
She is very good calm and helpful,just love her looking forward to be back soon mwaaah..." ... written by Lee
awesome as usual " ... written by cuteface
She was fantastic. Bang on target. I just love her" ... written by Varun
Very great! I hope this is all true. " ... written by hellokittyhas7
she is great. haven't seen her in a while but was a great update." ... written by wren1414
always awesome" ... written by cuteface
Excellent reading as always! Thank you Ms. Bea!!" ... written by Sandra
lol... second reading of the night and i must say i enjoy what she has to tell me straight to the point. " ... written by sharona315
She was so sweet and had me laughing so hard. I have never met such a funny, sweet, and compassionate person. She really put alot of things into perspective and helped me feel so much better about my situation that I have had a hard time having clarity about. I look forward to her predictions and cant wait to see the truth unravel. I will be back to tell all once it all comes to fruition. Thank you Ms. Bea!" ... written by BrianaAf2
Such a sweet soul. She's amazing, Predictions have happened, she's so positive too, her energy is contagious. I really enjoy reading with her. " ... written by M.
good as usual..straight to point and great..." ... written by TC
Ms Bea is a wonderful person and a great and truly gifted psychic with 100% accuracy. I trust her so much and highly recommend her to everyone." ... written by sweetmarionette
Just the comfort and reassurance I needed. Thank you Bea xx" ... written by Dolly
Was a positive reading regarding career, hopefully everything comes to fruition as I'm so over my job right now! " ... written by Ally
Very bless and talented lady..i highly recommend her to everyone. " ... written by Lee
Very fast, great, accurate, gave e things to look forward too. Excited for the future." ... written by cookies
Cleared a lot of doubts in my head. It's been crazy how I have been going to Bea almost every chance I get and can't wait for results. Always keep her updated and will return and post on wall. So Bea.. watch out!!! lololol... by the end of 2016 I will let you know every tid bit.... " ... written by sharona315
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very awesome reading very talent easy to connect very caring and honest thank you so much" ... written by Robert
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