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Looking for a job I can do from home. I am 27 Years old ...... I am a stay at home mother of 1 lil girl and pregnant as of right now with my 2nd baby! I need a job like now! I love to talk on the phone,computer. I love meeting new people. I am a very laid back person. I have done cashier,stock,bagging in my past! I have done some phone work as well! Theres nothing more in life I want then to have a nice job to support my 2 children! I will do any type of work that is needed for this job and any other job offers you have! I am a partylite consultant right now and love my job just need more income and this is something I was wanting to do as well! My name is Heather Garbowski,27 years old,stay at home mother of 2 I live in the florida area. I love the weather out here even tho ITS WAS TO HOTTTTTTT! Well this is just a little bit about me and I am sure I could go on and On about a bunch more things about myself! I just found out I am 11 weeks pregnant and I have a daughter already almost 2 years old in march.

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