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Psychic Mockingbird71has 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Mockingbird71has recently helped 27members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Mockingbird71's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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WELCOME ALL, I am Reiki Master, Intuitive, Oracle Reader, Aura Reader, Dream Interpreter


.....................There is ALWAYS Hope.

I have been away for awhile due to life happening but now I am back to continue to help others,

I am CHRISTIAN MYSTIC, EMPATH, CLAIRVOYANT, CLAIRALIENT, a REIKI MASTER, NATURAL HEALER , DREAM INTERPRETER, all gifted by God. I have been in the spiritual world and empowering others for years and now would like to help you remove obstacles, blockages and assist you on your path. I am guided by the Holy Trinity, Angels and Guides of the Light. I am a LIGHTWORKER/LIGHTWARRIOR.

I truly want to help you live the life you deserve to live. I am very honest and direct with my readings and will always empower you but never intentionally mislead you or judge you. Remember it is important to be open and honest in your readings with a psychic to ensure the connection is clear and strong therefore maximizing the most for you. I give advice on all of the following, although I am a medium, I do not contact spirits, so please do not ask for this.

*Relationship Advice
*Life Coaching (BA Psychology)
*Christian Energy Works
*Angelic Wisdom
*Natural ColorTherapy Healing and Aura Reader

What is Christian Energy Works? Many times when we want something we look to spells or put the power in others to find it for us, some of us are just looking for a quick fix, I am human so I am guilty of this myself in the past. CEW is the use of colors, prayers and the invocation of the Higher powers...God,Jesus and Holy Spirit, Angels and guides. These are all tools given to us by God so that we can use them to help manifest what we want if it is in alignment with your highest good, strengthen our connection to Him and develop our own divine gifts. I will help you with combination of these tools to help you on your way.

I do ORACLE cards as well as jungian cards and BIBLIOMANCY ("divination by books, or by verses of the Bible") depending on the reading. The cards help to give an in depth look into any situation and reveal your greatest obstacles, hidden problems or your greatest asset and strengths.

I also offer distance USUI REIKI HEALING healing, reiki is energy healing for your mind, body, spirit and energy field, removing stagnant and unwanted energy. Natural COLOR HEALING THERAPY is the use of color to aide in relaxation and energy moving, balancing and stabilizing emotions. The use of color is wonderful on negative thought forms that we create for ourselves by negative thinking.

While I do not do medical questions and stress that reiki is not to be used in place of medical professional help, its is an adjunct or a great supplemental use of alternative therapy. It is subtle energy and the effects may be felt immediately or later. Please ask questions about this wonderful energy and healing. As always consult your doctor for any medical problems, conditions and concerns. Prior to healing I will give you instructions that you must implement before starting.

I will provide you with insight but please know I will tell you what I see and feel not sugar coat the truth. Please make sure you are ready to hear the answers to your questions. Sometimes what we want is compassion and someone to listen, and I can give you that also. I do not judge, that is not for me to do. My goal is to empower you in your life to take control of your destiny and to realize the power lies within you. You have the choice and therefore the power to change your life, it is God's gift to us.

*Free Chat is meant for you to get to know me as a psychic, my skills, my style and if you feel a connection with me or not. I will not be offering free reads or yes or no questions, INSTEAD if you have a prayer request that is free, otherwise please select for a private reading and we can go in depth to what you want to know. I do not do medical or pregnancy questions.

God Bless, Peace and Sparkling White Light to you always,

FEEDBACK from other sites;

* Feng Shui Specialist 5 stars Absolutely amazing! Very professional warm friendly and her reading was extremely helpful. She opened up my eyes to things I never even knew about myself! Totally a keeper!

* abcd5678 5 stars thank you very much for the e-mail reading. i appreciate your insight and guidance!

* ariel9 5 stars Thank you and God Bless You! You are the BEST. I've never done an e-mail reading and you were right on target. It's amazing on how you can pick up on and read inbetween the lines on the questions I've asked. You didn't even know but I have been asking my angels and guides to help me and most recently started to read Psalms for comfort. It is a very stressful time but this too shall pass. You not only gave me comfort but hope. Your words and reading was very powerful and helpful and I would highly recommend you! In love and light, ariel9

* Bunny Ears 5 stars a lovely lady and very compassionate. I asked her some confusing questions and she answered me in a very timely manner. She also asked for further clarification to explain her answers. She is a pleasure to talk to and has her client's best interests at heart. She is very comforting and does not claim to have all the answers. She went out of her way for me regarding another problem I was facing today and refused my offer to send her a Bonus for her time. She is a kind and spiritual lady and that is hard to find these days. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is struggling and confused and would like to find peace of mind.

* emi17 5 stars Your words sounded for me.�@ I already light white candle. I hope will be clearly. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. I wish I could have had more time." ... written by Dumbfounded
Great Reading!! Thanks!!" ... written by steffleblanc
Very easy to talk to. Truly non judgmental. I can walk with a little more bounce in my step with the insight I got through her." ... written by zondiwe
She caught my attention in free chat knowing a detail about my life that noone else knew. Private chat was very loving, accurate and professional. I highly recommend this reader. She is a gifted reader and spiritual woman and is willing and ready to help. Thank you Miss Mockingbird! I will be back." ... written by coconut1980
Maximum 4000 characters..." ... written by willneverend
SHE IS GREAT!" ... written by willneverend