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Psychic Marleenahas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Marleenahas recently helped 161members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Marleena's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Since I was a little girl I would have dreams and events would unfold proving them to be true. For years I have had preminitions that the women in my family all share, I tried for years to block them out, but sinse my little girl started coming into her gift I realized That it is up to me to help her and others find their way. I get these feeling deep in my body that tells me rather or not a situation is good or safe. I can also speak to spirits. My first encounter with a spirit was when I was 12 years old. To my surprise I was not scared of the beautiful woman but was drawn to her story. Since then I have spoken to many more and helped them tell thier stories. I also work with several people on their love or family life situations. I am cedrtain I can help you. And I want to help you. I have learned that blocking out my gifts only make them stronger. I come from a long history of women with these same gifts. I have been useing my gifts to help others for 8 years. My gifts were given to me for a reason and I know the reason is to help no matter the need.

Such a wonderful spiritual guide!" ... written by Espionage-
She is perfect. She knows. She will tell you. " ... written by Tauser
I love my reading with Marleena. I when i come up with more money i will do another one!" ... written by xjessicaheartx
Very good reading happy" ... written by sassylove09
Ur awesome" ... written by taraannesusi
Marleena was great and gave me good insight on my situation. I am really happy with her reading and will go to her again for some good relationship advice" ... written by kprattis
she's great!" ... written by aisha
Marleena was very sincere and caring with situation and gave me outlook. Thank you for reading." ... written by greekgoddess71
very very helpful i appreciate you help..." ... written by buzysignal
terrific reading with marleena...she was awesome and confirmed things that was said to me by other oranums finest!!!!!!!she has awesome insight and i cant wait to come back to her n three weeks to give her an update:)) THANKU AGAIN MARLEENA!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
Great reading!!! Accurate very reassuring and was right on point about my situation. Look forward to updating about predictions which fell in place as far as the timing. Thanks a million you were Great!!" ... written by Princess123
Direct and straight to the point. " ... written by PROTOTYPEBEAUTY
she is so dead on....never think twice about a private with her, she is so dead on!!!!!!" ... written by blessed05
She was great, supportive and very helpful, also gave me dates to help me make some future decisions. " ... written by maryannepav
T y you so much, you told me all the things i needed to hear. The truth hurts sometimes but i needed to know. But its nice to know good things are on the way. " ... written by littlebit76
Thank you for your insight! Your advices are great!!! kisses" ... written by Sirena22
Wow, she is GREAT!!! Would HIGHLY recommend her 2 anyone...xoxox's ty 4 everything Marleena :o)" ... written by xox_JENNiFER_xox
amazing....picked up on things i never even told her..." ... written by fleurdesil
Gives the best readings that are always accurate and very truthful. She doesn't sugarcoat anything and tells you exactly what she sees. Can't wait for my next reading." ... written by teigh9999
I am going to do everything she says. I believe she is right on the mark. Amazing!!!" ... written by piscesmoonshine
Lovely lady, direct, honest, clear, sweet, accurate. " ... written by David
Overwhelming grasp of the situation. She saw things I never saw, but made them clear to me." ... written by LadyinaMillion
Marleena is such a sweetheart, she picked up on me quickly. I highly recommend her. Can't wait to I see the results of what she predicted. Looking foward to more future readings w/ Marleena. Thx Marleena " ... written by Lucy117
She is the best!!!!!" ... written by blessed05
Very helpful and insightful!" ... written by kjcooke28
I love her. She is so very accurate, down to earth with good and bad news. She was able to pick up on things that I already knew and suspected. She is definitely one of the best on Oranum. Thank you so much. I will take your advice to better my future:)" ... written by niecym
Very fund reading. She is very open and kind and picked up on my situation right away. She wass also on point in terms of dates and times. i was impressed." ... written by thewritegrl
She was great a lot of insightful information. Very sweet. I would reccomend her to anybody." ... written by Erika
lovely lady would recomend xx " ... written by jannine87
She is very sweet and to the point. She comforts you, but at the same time tells you what you need to hear even if it's not what you expected. I can't wait to talk to her again." ... written by teigh9999
She told me just what i wanted to hear she is great" ... written by breanaperry617
she did a very good job with her reading" ... written by joey198402
Very great reading was very insightful and accurate!!" ... written by ooopsi
She was great... very caring and cut off due to internet issue...but will be back to finish up soon...thank you Marleena!" ... written by missdeane
truely amazin gifted kind caring lady helped me a lot thank you so very much xxx" ... written by blackcat06
Marleena was just great. She gave me reassurance and I was very happy. I know the signs are not wrong. I am so glad I spoke to her. I like that she is insightful and truly caring. I can't say thank you enough." ... written by Chellian
I likeee her alotttt !! Shes really nicee and helpful :) She made me happy and put a big smile on my face :))))) shes really good and is great to talk to in private! THANKS SOO MUCH MARLEENA! :)" ... written by oxdancer
Thanks so much for your insight ...... your were able to take all the confusion on me ..... thanks for you confidence. " ... written by sukychi
Very great reading and very nice lady, tells you exactly" ... written by ooopsi
Excellent reading highly recommended!" ... written by rattail1
What a lovely reader!! Real, down to earth and SO caring!" ... written by kittykat07
I had a great reading it was excellent and i will be back for another reading soon she was very nice and honest and open thank you very much you must have a reading with her she is excellent" ... written by Bluelady9
WHAT AN AMAZING READING...WILL BE BACK FOR ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!" ... written by blessed05
Omg she was so insightful. I was about to give up on this prospect but because of her i think i will step out on faith and try. Marleena totally rocks!!!!!!!!" ... written by mason0173
Helpful and encouraging." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Marleena was very caring and she picked up how I was feeling. Very good reading." ... written by florwer85
had a short reading, great told me things i already knew, gave some advice that will help ...... will have another reading again " ... written by juicyred47
She was great , told me things that I pretty much needed to know to move on with my life and go in the right direction. I will be back to see her again ! " ... written by ElatedHeart
She did a good job!" ... written by joey198402
she was wonderful as usual. I totally love her." ... written by gramirez
great reading, thanks!" ... written by chelle54
She was thoughtful, took her time, explained things. I would recommend." ... written by beetlenut
Best person to get a reading from, Very accurate and caring. The only person I go to for a time in need." ... written by teigh9999
Amazing! Absolutely Amazing! I have had readings for over 20 years...and Marleena, touched on many facts in my life now and gave me great insight of what is upcoming. I will definately choose her again." ... written by virgostar227
Marleena, was very helpful with putting my life in line and giving me good advice and direction. She has given me hope that my path is headed in the right direction and my dreams will come true. Very nice and takes her time to address concerns, even double checks. TY Marleena!! Recommend her to all. " ... written by shining4ALL2SEE
Very good!" ... written by afsha21
Marleena was very specific and detailed in her reading. I did not feel like I was being led with questions. I would recommend her to anyone :)" ... written by Welldread
Very nice and went into much detail." ... written by Dphsgo93
Had another great reading with very reliable and truthful information. It helped me out a lot and gave me what I needed to get my life together. " ... written by teigh9999
GREAT ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!" ... written by blessed05
Omg awesome awesome awesome! She is sooooooo awesome! She was detailed to the point and super fast! I highly recommend her! She knew I had been through a lot of things andamp; she gave me a lot of hope and was very nice!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!:)" ... written by marisduhh
She is the truth only asked me for my name andamp; my loves name, she was 100% on the present past. andamp; future I hope. But I'm am suggesting her to everyone. She is a sweet heart andamp; won't sugar coat anything. " ... written by prettyfallon
She was nice." ... written by oxdancer