Psychic MISSYMAGIChas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MISSYMAGIChas recently helped 34members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MISSYMAGIC's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Psychic since a child, remember always having a strong intuition and predicting things. Became a professional Tarot reader, clairvoyant, clairsentient 2011, used the playing cards since a child and Tarot since 18. I channel energy and only need first name/date to connect. I must say for legal reason all readings and anything you receive through oranum from me is for entertainment purpose only!

Great reading. Feel relieved and hopeful after our chat. She's the real deal. If you want value for money consult MISSYMAGIC!" ... written by tash1921
she wad great quick and concise. really kept up with all my questions. easy to talk to" ... written by chill8903
Onest and True" ... written by sundance-kid
Missy was awesome, she picked up a lot about me, will love to get a reading from her again." ... written by PinkBeatle10
She was awesome and hit everything dead on the nail! I needed to hear what she had to say. I feel empowered by what was said. Most importantly she didn't judge or give opinion. She just let Spirit guide her no matter what the question was. Thank you!" ... written by LeKeisha
Thank you for the reading Missymagic. You were great, honest and very lovely to talk with. Your reading was excellent and you picked up a lot of things about me without me even saying anything. I will try my best to take all the advice you have given me. I will definitely come back if I need anymore guidance. Thank you again. " ... written by chelcee
WOW!! I will be coming back to you. You were EXACTLY CORRECT about everything!! I will keep in touch. I will do all that I can to stay at my current job. Thanks so much for truth. WOW!!" ... written by marilyn67
yeah, very good and worth the private treatment!" ... written by sundance-kid
She is good at what she does, incredible reading!" ... written by mariabest4
Wow!!!I mean She really touched me. She spoke to me like If she was a close friend. She showed she cared and was very specific. Very accurate and detailed. I could piratically say I love her... She is a good psychic I would considered her a long distant friend. Almost made me cry for what she point out, because they were true. But its all about my individual choice." ... written by lilyforyou
Wow!!!I mean She really touched me. She spoke to me like If she was a close friend. She showed she cared and was very specific. Very accurate and detailed. I could piratically say I love her... She is a good psychic I would considered her a long distant friend. Almost made me cry for what she point out, because they were true. But its all about my individual choice." ... written by lilyforyou
Great fast reading ! Really would recommend her :) " ... written by Whoknowsbest
Missy was right on point with accuracy. I strongly recommend her. I enjoyed her ability to give a detailed reading in a short amount of time. Missy is an amazing reader!!!" ... written by kay2011
Missy was right on point with accuracy. I strongly recommend her. I enjoyed her ability to give a detailed reading in a short amount of time. Missy is an amazing reader!!!" ... written by kay2011
Love her. " ... written by beth0582
She is absolutely an amazing person and i felt so connected with her in my reading can not wait to work with her again!!" ... written by Tara618
Thank you soo much for amazing answers you gave me. Lots of Love Timothy" ... written by Teejay24
she was great she hit everything dead on, i will definitely be back to speak with her again :) !!!" ... written by nishyy
Very Good! To the point and accurate!" ... written by Jean0209
Tremendous sweetheart! She was so caring, gentle, and loving. She was on point, gave me wonderful advise, and made me feel so much better! Thank you so much for the help MissyMagic!!!" ... written by cowboicasanova
Absolutely wonderful! This reader hit all cylinders! She saw a career issue while in the free chat area and then a whole lot more while in private. Then a romance issue came up in the cards, so she touched on that and WOW. The details she picked up from the past and present were scarily accurate. Missy has an excellent grasp of her cards and following her intuition. Highly recommend and would use again! " ... written by ezangel
great reading! very accurate and gave me a lot to think about. definitely recommend for a private reading! " ... written by chelcee
excellent i love the reading " ... written by oneworldmaria
Very thorough and was spot on in a lot of ways! It was my first reading and I'm surprised by how accurate she was with readings about the present and it will be interesting to see if her readings about the future will come into fruition. I'm very shielded with my personal life, so it was great to connect with someone on a candid level and get more perspective. Awesome!" ... written by grettagame
She is one of the best on Oranum, try her out!!" ... written by Cryptids
This is my second reading with missy and again she really surprised me. She's great and worth the private with! Defiantly full of positive energy! Thank you Missy! " ... written by cowboicasanova
She was specific and helpful and understanding - perfect combo for a Psychic advisor." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Sorry I had to cut it short, people came in, but lovely woman and lovely reading. Worth it." ... written by steph
You heal my pain.God bless you and all the people you love! " ... written by mariana1962
Thank you and blessings to you. It has given me hope!" ... written by blessed4alltime
I would recommend her to all, she is great and very on point. Thank you for your time and im sure I'll be back for more readings." ... written by Joan84
She was a clear and accurate psychic. She quickly picked up on my situation and gave me insight into my problems. I am glad that I had the chance to read with her. I will seek her definitely advice and guidance again." ... written by wee318
Beautiful reading :) Helpful information and clear guidance! Thank you" ... written by Sirena22
she is really with her cards! She has a great way to explain things" ... written by nazlymaria
really helpful thanks " ... written by sandra7793
Very nice thank you!" ... written by dreamer65
She was spot on and incredibly insightful. She picked up on a person in my life without me even mentioning them and described them to me without me mentioning anything about them. Thank you for your time! I will keep what you said in mind. " ... written by chelcee
Liked this reading! She was very clear and meaningful! She is really gifted!" ... written by kosmosss
Got a general reading and everything came out in regards to my love, career, and finances. I didn't ask questions, I just let Missy tell me what cards came up and what they were telling her. All was on point!! Missy is honest and ethical and she will not sugarcoat. She will only tell you what she sees and feels! Most everything resonated with me deeply and I have a lot to look forward to and a few things to watch out for...Thanks again Missy!! " ... written by Nona29
wow she really gave me the truth when it comes to love and im glad she clear up things for me she knows it all and see things .. I thank you so much missymagic and god bless u for ur wonderful help" ... written by sweetrose2685
always fantastic :)" ... written by cc
She's really good :) :) lovely xx bless you " ... written by kuzinka
she is wonderful and very accurate" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
the best as always. Highly recommended." ... written by ieatdonuts
i loved the reading she help me calm down i hope things play out well" ... written by julznycles
What can l say she was amazing , very positive , very in tune to my situation , thanks so much xx" ... written by joanne
Absolutely fabulous! Would defo come back" ... written by clare1276
she seems sincere." ... written by teatree
really good reading. picked up on a lot of info" ... written by m
Awesome reading! Thank you for insight. God bless." ... written by SumMo14
Wow wow wow wow i will come back real soooooooon omg omg I was in tears wow I am lost for words I have been read by many but for her to know what she knew omfg wow what a great soul thank you the best ever wow thank you." ... written by 22BEAUTYME22
was very helpful to me, in answering my questions she gave me good insight God Bless " ... written by queenbee22
i feel a connection,but i lacked time to give proper attention-so i will request an email reading" ... written by ericincognito
I thought Missy was very accurate with my situation!! Thank you!" ... written by weissinha
I really enjoyed this reading. She was spot on with several things. I will definitely visit with her again." ... written by heatherly73
Missy was quick and accurate! She is great psychic!" ... written by marion
Great reading!!!" ... written by Bojan99
Seems very intuned with the person asked." ... written by linn115
Thank you for the reading, very intuitive and very helpful. Accurate and fast." ... written by ikroyal
She gave me my confirmation .......LOVE IT!! Spiritual work and LOVE YEAH FOR ME!!" ... written by Sheila
ON POINT AMAZING." ... written by alexis
Thank you, good reader." ... written by elle11
Great reading! Very in depth." ... written by sunny0day
Excellent reading, on point with everything, fast and accurate. very caring and knows what she's doing! thanks Missy!" ... written by mini1214
She gave a great reading, great and detailed information, God Bless!! 5 stars " ... written by queenbee22
I loved my reading. Missy Magic was great she knew everything with out even asking me anything. I really appreciated her advice and guidance with my situation. I feel better now about everything. Will be back again for an update. Thank You because you are truly gifted." ... written by indiabonita
Missy is very very good with her cards, extremely accurate and insightful. Amazing psychic. Very worthwhile." ... written by ik royal
Very quick and direct." ... written by termo1
Thank you! " ... written by salz76
She is very good... Very happy with my reading.. :))" ... written by elle11
Thank you for the wonderful reading. Truly amazing and gifted." ... written by ik royal
I have to say she picked up on several issues from the past that were extremely accurate. The issues were on topics that weren't what I asked about so no info had been provided. " ... written by Curiosity24
Missy is right on target she was very accurate through out the whole reading. She also gives great advice so that I can continue on the right path. I Will follow her advice and hope to see that all her predictions come comes to fruition. Blessings." ... written by Lucy117
I have to say Missy impresses me. I didn't provide her many details at all and she was very accurate in what she said. This is my second reading with her. I'll keep you posted as to time lines. I highly recommend her. " ... written by Curiosity24
Thank you so much for your help!!!!! Vary good work will come back to her." ... written by Diamond
I loved this reading! Missmagic was accurate, straightforward and caring. I would highly recommend her and I can't wait to make another reading with her soon :)" ... written by gr8_pearls
Sweet!" ... written by j
She was awesome! Straight on point with everything." ... written by Patty
DEAD on this girl deserves a lot more credit then most on here WOW." ... written by alexis
Missy gave a good reading with lots of detail. I will have to keep you posted on her time frames. " ... written by Curiosity24
She wonderful really honest had a blast with info!!" ... written by QUEENBEE22
Great reading with Missy Magic, right on spot of things.I recommend it..." ... written by Antonio
Missy gave a good honest and accurate reading! Thanks I will keep in mind what you said Missy!" ... written by janesi
I loved her" ... written by paulina
Very very accurate and descriptive. Thank you so much for the help!" ... written by ikroyal
Absolutely great :)" ... written by william
Wow! She was bang on! So accurate right down to the nitty gritty details. Would do it again." ... written by Chriss
Had many readings with her, she is Amazing, she reads the cards so well and her instincts are spot on... xx" ... written by elle11
Thank you Missy for helping me. Thank you for your time, energy and encouragement." ... written by lovebugshay
Immensely helped. Immensely helped. Answered many questions quickly and with clarity, gave me hope and much, much confirmation. Thank you so much Missy for your time. This was my first reading with you and i will be back for more." ... written by lovebug
GREAT..CLEAR..DIRECT...THANK YOU DEARLY" ... written by Gaby11
:)" ... written by luckystar222
Thanks again for a wonderful reading Missy! Much appreciated!" ... written by ikroyal
I'm shocked at how AMAZINGLY ACCURATE she was! OMG..... I'm totally speechless.... I will totally read with her again, she is clear, easy to understand and pulls from spirit as well for your reading. She connected easily too! WELLLLLLLLLLL WORTH IT! I love it! Added her to my favorites IMMEDIATELY!!!! Thank you so much MissyMagic! May god continuously bless you! :)" ... written by tawee06
Very good reading! I hope all comes to passes will see and rate higher if it comes to pass!" ... written by leebee4
Accurate, clear, detailed, informative read" ... written by sk
Very accurate as usual, she is one of the best on here..." ... written by elle11
So good! Thanks so much!" ... written by ro
Accurate as always...." ... written by elle11
Always a pleasure" ... written by paulina
She is very positive and says accurate things. Always feel good after a reading with MissyMagic." ... written by gr8_pearls
A valid point with the reading." ... written by alicia
detailed read!" ... written by sk
Very swift, very precise, and absolute pleasure to get a reading from. Didn't digress or divert from what I needed to know. " ... written by Celestial Knight
Thank you so much." ... written by ttermo
OMG! Missy nailed it on the spot. She describe the person in full detail even before I had mention it to her. She is Awesome always accurate in her readings. She doesn't sugar coat, She tells it like she sees it. She is an amazing person. Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
Missy is so sweet, straight to the point and so so so spot on! Beautiful soul. " ... written by Missbvee
Wonderful reading thank you very much, truly enjoyed it!" ... written by zimerili1
She knew without me even telling her I was in a homosexual relationship, she told me exactly what I needed to hear and she even pulled my tarot card without her knowing it. Lovely reading reccomend to anyone." ... written by Aaron Breeden
Thank you so much for the reading. " ... written by awareness
Sweet girl. Will be back to confirm predictions." ... written by east
She was excellent! Very spot on and good! Clear, tuned in and was lightening fast! " ... written by Patty
Had update with missy and it was awesome!!!she was able to give loads details and was spot on about it all,she has give me hope and positivity for future!!!" ... written by marion
I like her. Detailed. Answered my Qs and gave answers. will come back to confirm predictions." ... written by K
Missy was spot on, very fast and insightful! Thank you so much for the reading, it was awesome. :)" ... written by Lea
Good reading " ... written by Emilio
AWESOME reading! 100 stars!!" ... written by Lea
Great advice" ... written by Steph
She was fantastic, spot on!! :) " ... written by Lisa
She give me word of wisdom. Very spot on and excellent. I will come back to her for updates." ... written by dladie42
Very nice, straight to the point, andamp; frank! I love her honesty!" ... written by Jackie
Wowow!! Mind-blowing reading!!! Missy is wonderfully gifted and very intuitive. She should be a top rated expert on Oranum. :)" ... written by Lea
She was spot on! She knows how to tell the story. Excellent reading!" ... written by P
Thank you for the advice. iI makes me feel better. I will try to get over it. " ... written by linn
Very accurate" ... written by sadhana
Thanks for your time!" ... written by shopgirl
Great insight" ... written by sadhana
Very accurate. Marvellous" ... written by sadhana
She was spot on the entire way. "SHE KNOWS HER STUFF" very gifted!!! :-) You put a smile on my face! I she was honest and truthful "No more holding back for me"!" ... written by Stormfire28
Thank you! Accurate with the present and the feelings involved!" ... written by linn
Missy was great. She connected to my uncle, the last person I would of thought would come through. She gave me some really great information. " ... written by cynthia
other good psychic who can sense spirits... good reading from spirits... i do always enjoy get reading/channel from many psychic" ... written by Pod "start a fire"
She was awesome! " ... written by Mona
Thanks for the clarity and honesty I always appreciate your readings " ... written by ikroyalal
Thanks missy" ... written by love
She is great with what she picks up, her cards r very accurate and confirm your thoughts spot on.." ... written by elle
Missy as always is amazing with her accuracy. She confirmed a couple of things without me mentioning anything to her. She is very gifted, do not be fool by her youth, she knows her stuff. Looking forward to more future updates with Missy." ... written by Lucy117
Very good reading. very honest. I had several reading with her and I love her." ... written by TonetteShilo
Love her she is very Direct and to the point.. she sees many things in the cards that no one else picks up." ... written by elle11
Reliable and accurate reader with alot of detail fast and insightful very very clear and connected" ... written by ikroyalak
She is so very accurate about everyone's character. I shall wait for predictions to unfold." ... written by Vanessa
Madam Missy is awesome! Very accurate. Will come back for more readings." ... written by Lea
very peaceful, she is calm and picks things up fast. I asked her many question and I got all the answers. I do recomend I trust her" ... written by jose
Picked up on my home life in free chat with a card, so I took her for a quick 2 min reading for a question, and she answered it right away, she was so correct on details..." ... written by da
Very honest!" ... written by termo
Straight on!" ... written by luvuchaluka
Very Good Reading!" ... written by Eric
AMAZING!!! :) Thank you!" ... written by Leelee
Thank you for your quick and accurate answers! Can't wait to update you soon." ... written by linn
Very accurate good reading thanks for advice" ... written by ashley
She's a great reader!" ... written by luckystars
Very fast and I believe she was getting accurate info, she really doesn't need info from you so her details can not be just what you want to hear. Very authentic and nice lady, really makes you feel comfortable." ... written by angela
great reading, thank you!" ... written by PB1923
I enjoyed my reading with missy, she is very good." ... written by nalita18
Everything that seems to be happening at the moment was deffo to a Tea, if what she says is right, with what's to happen in the future. MissyMagic is absolutely brilliant. Keep you posted x" ... written by CB
Remarkable and spot-on! Also offered some wonderful advice that really eased my mind. Thank you Missy!!!" ... written by Miss Annie Jean
We had an update today and this expert was as excellent as ever, very precise and wise i always enjoy our readings thanx a million." ... written by zimerili1
Good reading. :)" ... written by R
Thanks!!" ... written by E
Very honest! Very fast! Loved the reading, felt so comfortable, like taking to my sister! She also is not out for money because she has the lowest rate possible." ... written by monikita777
Hopeful and I will keep you updated!" ... written by Wioletta
She got everything right on with what I asked god for.I did not say a word. No one knows what i talked to god about. She told me everything about my future and my plans. God Bless" ... written by Ernest
First time reading with Missy.....I was quite impressed....She is really good considering her price is so low....Excellent reading.....She knew a lot and I didn't reveal much info to her at all...I am very happy with this reading....Impressive....She deserves more than 5 stars...((Hugs)) Thanks Missy...." ... written by Ebony
I thought she was awesome, she gave me a lot of hope in that my spiritual journey is right on track and things will start to happen. I am very glad that I was guided to her. I would recommend her for any guidance you may need." ... written by gypsylace
Really good. Connected fast and gave helpful advise in addition to predictions. Will contact her again." ... written by Lisa
Brilliant.... really good reader. Really wants to help and gives very clear answers." ... written by Diane Clow
Very good...accurate and fast...love her!" ... written by spankyyy
Great reading" ... written by luckystars
Very accurate, got the information that I expected. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Jasmine
Missy is awesome as always, she connects super fast and gives time frames as well. I give her 10 ****. She is highly recommended. Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
Spot on with whats going on around me, great details Its" ... written by queenbee22
Intuitive...nicely connected recommend." ... written by kosubhan
Amazing very spot on but I just got cut off which was a shame! " ... written by Nicole
Pretty awesome read. She was spot on. " ... written by d2k1000
MissyMagic is very accurate reader!!!!! She get right the point ! I looking for another reading with her!" ... written by Astrowill
Beautiful Person and accurate ." ... written by Astrowill
Very sweet and tuned into things immediately! Definitely worth it :)" ... written by DD
Missy is awesome in pvt...looking forward to next 3months" ... written by marion
amazing reader.....so honest and direct with such an amazing soul. you are blessed to have her read for you!!" ... written by Scentsations
I love Missy she is always on the mark. Quick to connect with the cards and tells you like it is. I am glad that she is back." ... written by LB
MissyMagic was real fast, and quick to connect. Didn't waste time at all. She gave me hope that I will get what I want within 2 weeks which is by April 15. Thanks Missy~!!" ... written by BMJ