About LucyLinn

Psychic LucyLinnhas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LucyLinnhas recently helped 198members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LucyLinn's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Since my childhood I had my psychic abilities, mainly what concerned the future. It aggravated when my loving grandmom died. I could see her and than not only her. I was tought and led.... by angels and Ascended Masters.
I studied how human´s body works, eastern and western massages and also their philosophy - ayurveda, chinese medicine, Huna... I also studied constitutional homeopathy, well choosen homeopathy remedy can make a miracle! Constitutional’ 'classical', 'totality', or 'Hahnemannian' homeopathy, all mean essentially the same thing; they mean a precise definition of homeopathy in which there must be a proper in-depth case taking and understanding of the patient and this must then be matched to one single remedy, often referred to as 'the simillimum'. This meticulously chosen single remedy will treat every aspect of the patient's health makeup, that is, their whole constitution, hence 'constitutional' homeopathy. This kind of homeopatthy heals both body and mind (soul). In my opinion, if we treat our kids and us more by homeopathy and natural things , less hate, murders, wars and bad energy will be here on this beautiful planet.
Angels show me in the pictures the character of a person the inquirer ask about, so I can also give advice about kids - what kind of school is suitable for them or what cause the problem parents have with them...I can see what happen in the past . Kids are still in angel´s energy and I love to answer the questions of careful parents :)
To help people with their problem I use tarot of The St. Grail, automatic drawing and my psychic abilities.
Love, partnership, occupation are the most frequent questions I get. I can also connect the energy of the pets and aswer the questions about them.
You can also ask me what meant the dream you had or if there´s some message from your ancestors, which passed over. As a medium I can connect your beloved which passed over
As a Reiki Master I can send you an energy :)

She was amazing - very positive and caring! Thank you very much, Lucy! Highly recommend her!" ... written by hugs2020
She has a really nice, positive personality, and seemed very sensitive for me. It was really calming to speak with her. :)" ... written by searcherbowie
Very sincere reading. Lucy is a very caring psychic. She saw me, my soul and my angels :) I really felt that she was reading ME and reading for me! Highly recommend! especially if you feel vulnerableand need some positive energy! Thank you, Lucy!" ... written by thetruthseeker
the visions that Lucy gets really help me to clean my soul and go further in my spiritual development :))) thanks again, and looking forward for the next session!!!" ... written by thetruthseeker
Oh I really liked Lucylinn, she did a wounderful reading.She is a very calm and good person. Thank you Lucylinn" ... written by Sirena22
Lucy is such a sweetheart!I loved the reading with her!Thank you so much again!" ... written by Krista
Very accurate." ... written by Plunkie
Lucy Linn has the gift to bring a strong positive influence from the angels. Her advice was right on the T. Directly connected she is to the understanding and finding her way to help you with her amazing techniques!" ... written by Hailme
Truly an awesome reading... every piece of information was extremely valuable.. highly recommended :) I would love to come back again, thank you!" ... written by rolinsand
LucyLinn gave me a very accurate reading. She sensed the exact situation of my relationship and pulled cards very conducive to my reading. 100 stars!" ... written by coconut1980
When I first joined Lucy caught my eye and I knew, she would answer my questions, and she did. Lucy was very accurate, I just needed her to confirm what I already knew. Thank you Lucy and I'm taking your advice I'm going for it. I'll let you know if I get married !!!!" ... written by Marcia
I had a free demo with her first and she was so precise that I went back for a private. I was cut off due to the few credits I had but hope to chat with her again, because she can read you like an open book and give very good advice. Thank you LucyLinn!" ... written by paola
nice reading. very helpful :))" ... written by Mui
She is very nice. I really enjoyed her private reading. She speaks about spiritual matters and personnal development as well. nice :) " ... written by adhaura
AMAZING!!!!" ... written by fleurdesil
I was very happy with how detailed she answered my question and what she picked up on and what steps to take it helped me a lot very sweet reader." ... written by johnnydeppfan
So insightful and accurate. So compassionate and helpful. Thank you ever so much " ... written by SarahA
Lucylinn is absolutely fantastic !!!! She can do very dept readings." ... written by mina76
Very nice reader, full of positive energy and a lot of kindness. Recommend her!" ... written by DANIEL
She is amazing!!!! Very helpful and caring just like the closest friend. Every second is a pleasure with her." ... written by willneverend
i had a reading with lucylyn and she was fantastic, a lovely honest lady, who brings a positive situation out of a negative. I would go back to lucy anytime" ... written by happygolucky12
He is great .. She is a shining soul. This was my second time with her. She is great :)" ... written by adhaura
Lucy is a very kind lady and was very accurate! ...right on target with what was bothering me and had helpful insights into how to handle the situation. " ... written by luv001
LUCY is positive soul, always takes the time to help you and feel the energie. I did a email reading with her and it was awesome, she saw everything. Accurate and helpful when u need some in put on something. Thank you so much Lucy. I'm waiting for a another email reading this week. i'm sending you all good positive energies to start your day!!! " ... written by AGELIKI (OURANOS)
I get such a positive, understanding vibe from her... like she truly knows me andamp;amp; the depths of my soul... so comforting and affirming... awesome acknowledgement and advice :) thank you!" ... written by rolinsand
Thank you" ... written by dreamer65
Thanks dear..." ... written by whyilovehim
She is a really blessed soul. Can predict you everything what is coming in the near future. Ask her!" ... written by daniblue
She is very very sensitive and so helpful! I highly reccommend to visit her! Thank you!" ... written by willneverend
Thank you very much:)" ... written by brian82
AWESOME! " ... written by PeaceLoveLight
very sweet and strong reading." ... written by swhope999
Thanks again for the reading. I feel strongly you can connect to not only my heart but my soul! Take care and enjoy a good life you deserve!" ... written by Peti
I feel very connected to Lucylinn. I always look forward to hearing from her. My favorite peep. " ... written by angielou
I got a reading from Lucy Linn and I must say that she is a wonderfully caring and acurate psychic. She told me what I needed to know and hear with love and was very clear. Highly recommended." ... written by Justinsensei
Very nice reading. Thank you so much. Will visit you again." ... written by pepita24
Wonderful...insightful...worth it!" ... written by Yourgoldenbird
Brilliant!" ... written by v
So sweet and wonderful and her reading was amazing!! Loved her so much!" ... written by aurasena
LucyLinn is real deal, she picked up on details about my situation without even being told. She is lovely lady!" ... written by marsylyttle
The reading was very accurate.. She is good and does not waist time." ... written by friendlyuser