About Lovesoulmate

Psychic Lovesoulmatehas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Lovesoulmatehas recently helped 37members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Lovesoulmate's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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oK i take my words back, she is quite good" ... written by frag
Great reading. She is very good in describing people, how they look like inside and out. Lots of details and correct information. Amazing woman!!!" ... written by malinka88
thanks" ... written by frag
Had a very uplifting reading with love soulmate. She has understood the situation very clearly and was very helpful and encouraging. " ... written by Kitsund
fast typer -- good. bit repetitive at the end but i thought her very insightful." ... written by k
Reading right on the spot and a great one too. Very Accurate thanks heaps" ... written by LOUIS FALZON
Thanks for your help today! You are quickly to connect and spot on!" ... written by ash
Great reading!!!" ... written by mark
She's nice...and has a sweet smile...let us see if things happen ;)" ... written by frag
Absolutely amazing, she is very fast and accurate. Provides lots of information in a short time. Time with her is money well spent. I recommend her highly to all, you will not be dissapointed 10 stars from me .." ... written by LadyUK
Nice reading. She is very nice" ... written by G
Intuitive...recommend!" ... written by B
she was very nice and she new all about me and the women I love and it was very nice to meet her and now all they she knows made my Day!!!!! " ... written by Chris
Nice reading" ... written by itwillbeok
Very kind women on the mark with everything she has to say today. She is very easy to talk too." ... written by LB
very good and accurate" ... written by dan
Very very insightful....quick and very accurate in what she seen of the past :) which let me know she connected and the heavens allowed her to see present and future ..I will be back." ... written by Maria
you are fantastic" ... written by debbie
good info given and encouragment" ... written by koel
I like her - tunes in well. See things. Good reading." ... written by k
Insightful and uplifting. hope things will turn out positively.." ... written by leodragon
Great reading" ... written by Luella63
nice" ... written by rose
good" ... written by sonee92
i found lovesoulmat to be very good and very honest in her work andd her psychic abilities.she is very talented and very kind person psychic.she gave me comfort and clarity to follow through she is number 1 and i recommend her to anybody who wants to have a reading done.thank you lovesoulmat will be back for more clarity and updates 10 stars..." ... written by Annabella
she was amazing, very detailed and accurate" ... written by I
Great reading I enjoyed her readings very much." ... written by majoma
Great reading . Help me be at ease with everything. Blessings." ... written by Patricia
My machine froze which i was gutted about as this lady is lovely, fast and to the point. I really enjoyed me reading with her x" ... written by Mshelli
she is a good talented reader. she gives answer quick and accurate. Love her reading!!" ... written by chesterfriz
Precise and good reading" ... written by aik
great and compassonate and tuned in... blessings" ... written by rose
Perfect! thanks!" ... written by rose
Precise and positive reading." ... written by aikhooiooi
she is wonderful. always connects fast and is accurate in her readings" ... written by h
Very fast! She does her work. Doesn't ask questions much past the one you ask initially. The information flows from her!" ... written by imdeeim
well she said i am the one he loves etc. she is so convincing! wonderful reading and i hope it all comes true." ... written by jazzy
very good excellent" ... written by jana
She is optimistic and a great person. She can give you a lot of details and throw your all worries away." ... written by Bahar
she is simply amazing! knew exactly what the problem was and gave answers right away! she did most of the talking and i barely had to say or explain anything!" ... written by pbajoria
thank u I shall be contacting u again soon , you are so accurate but gave me the answers i needed bless you " ... written by miriam
she was very helpful. She answered my questions quickly and precisely. I recommend her to others. Thank you" ... written by stephanie
I wish I had the money to spend on more time with her! She was so accurate and confirmed everything that is happening to me and all of my own intuitive dreams. What a blessed spirit and gifted woman. Many blessings to you, my friend forever! " ... written by Angela
very fast typer and connection gave a great deal of information in very short space of time. I will definitely comnslt her again" ... written by Tracey
good" ... written by looloo
She was true to the point and detailed" ... written by Anil
Very nice and understandable reading. Thank you. " ... written by Larysa Davis
that was a great reading..she is very quick!" ... written by ash
I love doing private readings with her. She is really good" ... written by Queens16
very insightful, excellent reading. good advise, full picture revealed" ... written by tbilisi
Very good intuition!!! 5+ stars!!! One of the best in here!" ... written by malinka88
Lovesoulmate is great! Great reader and fast!" ... written by natalie
Great information to help me stay positive in my life :) love talking with lovesoulmate" ... written by Darla
great" ... written by nina
Excellent, totally trustworthy...." ... written by Rosie
very intuitive and helpful..i pray things will come to pass...Thank u" ... written by Bianca
Very detailed and through. She made this experience a positive one for me. Thank you!" ... written by Risingphoenix00
nice" ... written by -
She is very intuitive and provides positive feedback. She can connect with your concern right away." ... written by maryam
We will see what happens. She is very compassionate. " ... written by Karen
great and insightful...i love her so much... recommend her." ... written by roseta
Great info ! stuff my gut knew but i needed a second voice !! " ... written by summer
I received great insight and am excited about what the future holds for me. I love that Lovesoulmate gives so much information." ... written by Darla
She was quick to connect and answer ?s loved my reading i hope her predictions come true" ... written by marion lyttle
great reading, thank you" ... written by veezee
Fantastic Reading! She connected to me with amazing accuracy and details. She understood my issues and was able to clarify the situation and put my mind at ease. I highly recommend!" ... written by Shelly
shes very good at picking up on your situation and telling you the outcome." ... written by maryam
Love is powerful...I can not believe how accurate she is on the situation without me saying a word give her a try." ... written by maria
She is a great reader. She only types and does not talk, which is okay. I am hoping that what she says comes true! " ... written by jmfoust48
good guidance" ... written by r
Lovesoulmate can go deeply into your situation and give you clear information on what's happening with it. She is a very positive intuitive and will tell you the truth of things. She will tell you the about the present and future of your situation, and give you honest and clear feedback that will give you a better understanding of what's happening with your life." ... written by Mary
lovesoulmate gave me a reading that I very much enjoyed, she foretold a wonderful future that i am inspired to create " ... written by Big Stunkle
She is very helpful and sincere about your problems. I hope her advice helps!" ... written by Adams
LSM is always to the point, true and correct. Great Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
he insight is spot on .....the future will show her foresight:) truly enjoyed." ... written by maria
Great, very understanding, kind and warm" ... written by Carina
Good reader lots of details" ... written by Koel
wow such a long indepth chat a lovely kind and gentle reader" ... written by Tracey
Lovesoulmate is a great psychic who will tell you everything you need to know about your love life. She picks up quickly on the question you have, on your situation, and gives you the truth of what's going on with it. You will luv the honest feedback and quality of your reading. There is no one I'd recommend more." ... written by Mary
a very fast typer no time wasting compasinate" ... written by Tracey
very good feedback. luv her updates! I will keep coming to lovesoulmate for any future advice." ... written by mary
she is very strate forword and dos a good Job will telling me what is going on and when I should do things you will like her a lot so go for it!!! " ... written by Chris
She gives me clarity on my situation... she connects right away and is very fast!!!!" ... written by Ash
shes is very good person and she deserve i good rate because i feel live solve my problems just with one question she is amazing i love her :)" ... written by valmira
She was great, and typing was a bit hard to read, but overall she was excellent all the way around, i thank her for this reading." ... written by breakthrough garcia
I'll definitely recommend her to anyone because she is really good at what she does." ... written by Queens16
I really liked her. SHe is nice and gave good details. " ... written by Roseanna
She is very clear and professional when it comes to a reading. She makes me feel comfortable as well. Thank you." ... written by Santhanakon
great reading " ... written by veezee
she is good and can see a lot but wish she could help me to know what I need to do to get there and I feel she is so so right on the the money wth it all " ... written by Chris
I really liked the reading. I would recommend her. I will be back to share what comes to pass." ... written by Donna
Lovesoulmate is really gifted and she confirmed what other psychics have told me. I will be back for updates!" ... written by kim
She is really good. I'll definitely recommend her" ... written by queens
great help, always worth the chat and spot on the point." ... written by ermelo
She knew things and was able to give me an estimated time frame. Very nice woman. Made me feel better about the situation I am in. I will wait and see when the time comes." ... written by nini1021
I must say it was fantastic. You should try doing a private reading with her and trust me, you won't regret it" ... written by Queens16
Very good at picking up on your love life. She will let you know how it will turn out, and give you good feedback on any questions you still have." ... written by mary s
Lovely reading , very insightful and sweet. Thank you " ... written by SamSam
fabulous reading!!!" ... written by t. jones
Thank you. Very kind. " ... written by lovewater
Great talk!! Thank you for putting my mind at ease... now I know I should not worry!!" ... written by Ash
great reading" ... written by veezee
lovesoulmate is a caring reader- who seems to really see and sense the ins and outs of the issues. much love to her" ... written by cc
thank you very much for giving me this reading! with your words i look forward to the future and ill keep updating you. MAny blessings!" ... written by Alicja
Lovesoulmate is a quick reader- she is confident and kind, and i enjoy her readings. i highly recommend her!" ... written by cc
Connected quickly and gave some good advice. Thank you" ... written by J
Wonderful reading. Lovely kind lady. Feel so much better about everything now. This lady is the real deal. She knew so much about me. God bless you and thank you. Five Stars from me :-)" ... written by ANGELS66
Superb, A Fantastic and so True and spot on Reading, i would Definitely contact you again for sure to see how things will remain, A+++ Reading :) Thank You Lovesoulmate :) A+++" ... written by LOUIS FALZON
Great Psychic!! Accurate and convincing!!" ... written by ta1
great psychic. great reading. always coming back for updates. :)" ... written by mary
This lady answered all the questions i needed answering, I started a chat feeling so sad but its nice to know i don't need to worry about the future because its already been told to me, all i need to do is wait. It was an amazing experience, thank you :)" ... written by HHirani112
Thank you for updating me... and letting me know not to worry!!!" ... written by Ash
I really like Lovesoulmate she is very good and I look forward to what she has told me. I will be back." ... written by Donna
I really enjoyed this reading. She gave me very much detail and I am excited to see what transpires. Thank you." ... written by Elizabeth
amazing ... 5 million stars for this sister ,with so little time she hit the nail on the head amazing very kind and warm . love her xxx" ... written by littlem
She was nice. she did not waste time and money. she tried to answer my questions. thanks" ... written by lida
thank you for update." ... written by zimerili1
Wonderful,deep reading.Really connected.Fast typer.I got a lot of info in a short time.Thanks!" ... written by Cheresse
very good help. " ... written by tim
Spot on." ... written by Renee
a lovely honest reading, very fast typist and connected quickly" ... written by TrCEY
Thanks for the talk... it was great to know what is actually going on... so that now I can relax and not worry about it!!!" ... written by Ash
English spelling kinda difficult to understand but you get there. She verbalised a couple of interesting events for me to look out for, gotta wait andamp; see what happens" ... written by Autumne
highly recommend! lots of detail and insight!" ... written by whit
I feel so much better knowing. I feel confident. Thank you so much for reading for me! You deserve more than five stars!" ... written by aknative
Hope her predictions come true. " ... written by miller41280
Thank you for reassurance... great talk!!!" ... written by Ash
awesome read.. love her... on point" ... written by maria
Used time well, was able to pick up on my situation. Was told same info that other readers have told me..some of it good, some not so good. I am hoping for the good stuff to come true. I believe it will. " ... written by LA
very well connected with the issue....will help u understand the situation and be able to take the right actions" ... written by agablue
great readings, she is fast and accurate. love her" ... written by majoma
Thank you great! to what I wanted to know! x" ... written by claire
confirmed all my inner thoughts:) very accurate reading of the situation, will c whether the key question comes true" ... written by livestory
great reading" ... written by mjma
Second reading with her. Very wise." ... written by Renee
Thank you so much for all the info... loved the reading!!!" ... written by Ash
always v honest v on the ball and 5 star" ... written by tracey
very helpful!" ... written by Rusnsarah4
She was great. Gave me useful insight and great advice. thanks!!" ... written by viggles
she was very accurate and precise loved her reading on point" ... written by aroorung
very helpful " ... written by motherlive
good" ... written by majoma
Great Reading !!!!!" ... written by james
wish I could afford to talk more she was very reassuring and understood what future would hold. she is very good" ... written by jenny
Thank you very much for a lovely reading!" ... written by Charlie
She is awesome and spot on. I highly recommend Lovesoulmate. Thank you again!" ... written by april
Great reading...very accurate!!" ... written by tar1
Thank you so much and enjoyed her attention! She seemed to be spot on. " ... written by Sissy
awesome reading!! " ... written by hermestarr
Thanks for update =)... wish we didn't get cut off!!" ... written by Ash
Thanks for all the info... I will keep you posted!!!" ... written by Ash
amazing woman live updates" ... written by miller41280
Always love talking with her. She's straight to the point" ... written by Darla
:)" ... written by ang
Spot on. Highly recommend her" ... written by april
connected straight to the point and really knew where the problem was. really empathizes with your situation and makes you realize which way to go. very very sincere in her reading. really nice lady and i definitely recommend her for anything!!!" ... written by pbajoria
Lovesoulmate is the real deal! She is very in touch with whats happening and validates everything! You wont be disappointed but you might go broke! She deserves your time and money this one. She really helped me put my mind at ease about some things. Thank you!!!!" ... written by Ang
I believe Lovesoulmate to be very sincere and generous with details of what she sees or feels. I would recommend her strongly." ... written by jennymcjenny
Great reading!! Very accurate and guiding" ... written by Emerald143
wow amazing knew everything about me without me saying a word :) thankyou hunni :)" ... written by Natasha
shes good" ... written by nolulamo
She was so so good! I loved our reading a lot, she answered all of my questions clearly and she's just so nice. Thanks!!!" ... written by Ad
answered all my questions with ease and honesty and speed" ... written by Tracey
Thanks for your reading let me update. " ... written by Ram
Thank you so much Lovesoulmate for your reading. Very kind and reassuring. I look forward to the future with much more positivity! Xxx" ... written by Whiteunicorn2012
precise and accurate reading" ... written by aikhooiooi
Thanks for the positive insight and connecting to my situation. It has been a struggle for me but I appreciate the peace of mind and helping me see that good things are happening even if i dont always see them . Your predictions are coming true . thanks friend you are very gifted" ... written by Curador
I was in rush but thank you for info!!!" ... written by Ash
told me good news and helped me out a lot" ... written by vanhudg
thsnk u" ... written by miller41280
I feel better every time talking. All his predictions came to pass. Thankful to Lovesoulmate! Very fast and insightful reading. Uplifting soothing honest energy, make me positive and sure about my future. Connects very good and fast and answers all question. Very insightful, a reading full of wisdom and blessing." ... written by Curador
Thank you!This was my second reading with her.Very connected and consistant." ... written by Cheresse
She is absolutely brilliant. I wish she would do email readings as I have so much to share with her. Connects fast and accurately. Provides very good advice. I look forward to her predictions coming true. Fantastic lady...5stars" ... written by Layla
Really good. I'll recommend her " ... written by Nothing but gooddd
good reading" ... written by warriorpgbdfa
Excellent reading very insightful, and full of great useful information!!!! Love it. Would definitely come back " ... written by Robyn
such a nice lady" ... written by donna
Thank you for the update. Very positive and supportive. I hope it will all come to pass." ... written by Whiteunicorn2012
wow just amaizing what she sees is truly amazing knows everything without saying a word xxx" ... written by natasha
I luv her, she will answer your question straightforward and honest, intuitive. Come to her if you need help with your questions on love or career, you won't have to worry about what needs answering after you see her." ... written by mar
great reading, great insight and hoping predictions come true" ... written by Haildy
Lovely reading. A little slow with typing, but got the message across well enough. Turned my miserable, horrible day into a more positive outlook again. Thank you " ... written by Nelly
Lovesoulmate is so good i and straight to the point tank u for a positive reading " ... written by nolulamo
Gave good insight on the situation. " ... written by Eileen
Excellent! tuned into the situation and very accurate!!" ... written by milena
Lovesoulmate, gave me a good, but a bit of an alarming message, and anyway i hope all the good things she sees,will come to pass, and good things are in store for me and my love's Present and future." ... written by ben
She is amazing and makes me feel comfortable. Tell me about my relationship and career path." ... written by Zanta
She was so on point with my reading... I did not have to say anything and she knew what was going on. She was awesome!!!" ... written by Zanta
wow first reading...excellent!" ... written by rosy
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
I think she did an excellent job. I feel that she connected with my husband's soul and helped me to gain a little more healing. I needed to know that he wasn't angry and that he'd be there when I passed one day. These were important to me, and she sensed how we both were feeling. I'm thankful." ... written by Tonya Janowski
very insightful, no questions asked, proper reading and advise" ... written by malcolm
will definitely come back I like the flow of info. cheers!" ... written by ali
Nice to chat with, gives good and warm readings. I will come back for a new reading soon:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
she is great" ... written by d
i always come back to her for advice! she remembers and knows your current situation exactly!" ... written by pbajoria
Very good very detailed report and nice one. " ... written by golasham
it went so fast never got to read the finish is there a way i can see it again" ... written by joan morrison
SHe was great!!!" ... written by Christina
super nice and insightful.....brings understanding to a situation" ... written by agablue
She has very quick and good spiritual connection. She provided very detailed readings and responsive. I will see if things will happen/ change like her readings said." ... written by daisy
thank you for positive" ... written by miller41280
She is really confident and positive on her readings. She gives very detailed information, and she is very responsive to your questions. She treats her client at professional level. She understands your situation and gives you good advices." ... written by daisy
very nice and well detailed " ... written by golasham
Very nice. Very positive. Very helpful. Good to know I'm going in the right direction." ... written by RabbitInOctober
she was fantastic. She gave me the clarity I needed absolutely amazing . 5 star for this gentle kind caring lady . " ... written by missworldpeace
she is good . accurate, and honest" ... written by mythbuster52
you are wonderful and spot on. i hope it'l happen the way you say it will" ... written by maggielee
She is always positive and confident on her readings. She provides very detailed information for the present and the future. She respects her client and always treat me at the professional level." ... written by Sunshine
very good and well detailed" ... written by golasham
she provides very detailed readings. She has quick connection to her spirit guides." ... written by emily
hope what was said comes true. feel positive about the reading." ... written by andy giller
She was a great reader. I enjoyed the reading andamp; would recommend her. Thank you!" ... written by Beginnings7
Fantastic, so accurate, no sugar coating-very pleased" ... written by surikan
good reading" ... written by harshal
she was so good in connecting and she can see many things" ... written by lillies
She identified the two most concern in my life and was able to tell me this straightaway giving some indication to the time scales. It didn't take long at all and she was quick. All in all very interesting and will be pondering upon what she revealed. Thanks." ... written by Tantan20
Excellent detail, thank you again" ... written by Kim
She connected quickly to my situation, and she is very responsive. Her reading is accurate for what is happening." ... written by tina
she gave me an accurate readings for the past. excellent job!" ... written by rose
She was great. I have a good feeling that after this reading things will be alright. Thank you so much!" ... written by Jasmine
Very sincere and heartfelt:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
Quick reading and deep! Thanks" ... written by noga1981
very insightful reading. always good to talk to her" ... written by shaza
Thank you for a wonderful reading." ... written by Jason
thank u for your guidance... amazing reading" ... written by christina
Lovesoulmate was great! She very quickly tapped in to what I needed to know to alleviate some worries I have about my relationship, career and family planning. She's a truly wonderful soul who cares and can be felt through her words on screen. " ... written by Shawna Marie
Thank u a much! thank u ...u r great! :)" ... written by tereza
She is good" ... written by Kris
Thank you lovesoulmate, for putting me at ease, and really confirming to me the real truth regarding my situation, i pray and really truly pray that your visions will truly come to pass and manifest into reality for me this year, god bless you lovesoulmate for your great work." ... written by BEN
THANK YOU SO MUCH" ... written by MMarmalade
Very helpful. Picked up on my situation well. Will have to wait and see if prediction comes true. I will come back to this psychic for an update." ... written by LA
thanks lovesoulmate " ... written by vivian
Thank you for a very good reading!" ... written by Charlie
I hope what she says is true :)" ... written by Debanjana
She's does her job well." ... written by Amy
She help me a lot. I know what to do. " ... written by Florence
shes great " ... written by tashianna
She is a sweet person and very good at her job. Hope to see how everything plays out." ... written by Amy
Thank you so much for the reading. You were meaningful and fulfilling. Hope to speak to you again" ... written by Jasmine
Thank you. She was wonderful. God Bless." ... written by Ann
very insightful... awesome reader....very fast!!" ... written by at
she gets exactly to the point and knows the problem accurately! " ... written by pbajoria
wow well what can I say shes just blown me away shes just amazing at what she does :) xxx" ... written by Natasha
Good reading!" ... written by noga1981
Good reading. Thank you." ... written by MANNY
Connected quickly with accuracy on the situation. She was very kind and comforting. I feel that I got a really good reading. Will definitely return for another in the future. I give her 10 stars " ... written by Margaret
very nice and kind " ... written by golasham
LoveSoulMate thank you, you are wonderful and so accurate. I highly recommend her readings. " ... written by nadyakb
She is very gifted, very accurate, and very kind. I highly recommend a reading from her." ... written by Margaret
She is very insightful and accurate! " ... written by Mags
Very good intuitive feeling about my situation" ... written by Lisa
good read!!!" ... written by Kiara02
good motivation" ... written by glass_block
very helpful. positive and encouraging." ... written by Glass_Block
GREAT!" ... written by SMILY
Thank you! Very good!" ... written by Zeenia
Good update:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
thanks good reading. love it" ... written by majoma
Great clear reading thanks" ... written by Denise
excellent reading and made me feel so positive very accurate and very caring" ... written by katie
A good reading, gave me a lot of hope." ... written by Chantal
She was great with tuning into my situation with accuracy. She cleared up a lot which helped me to make a decision on a situation that I was really unsure about. I recommend her to anyone. Great reading!" ... written by Margaret
very good reading, a good connection, looking forward to her predictions coming true." ... written by Ameer
This Sista is the real deal. She hit the mark with pin-point accuracy. The concerns I had have been laid to rest because of her true ability. Give her a try. sShe won't disappoint." ... written by Shizz
i liked her" ... written by georgianna
Very detailed and good readings for the current and future." ... written by rose
Great reading! Knows what she says very well!" ... written by Rigo
im patiently hoping her perdictions will come true she has been v consistent and correct in one of her pervious predictions about my BF feelingse " ... written by tracey
Great reading! Thank you very much!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you Lovesoulmate, very positive." ... written by Whiteunicorn2012
nice reading just hoping its gonna be right thank u " ... written by bella
very fast and informative, will come back again :))" ... written by s
fast typer. good reading" ... written by susie
Thank you so much for your insights! You are in tune and I will wait for this to unfold and hold tight to your advice." ... written by SPEC
Again, she is on point! Gives honest and fast feedback. Always 5 stars!" ... written by SPEC
Loved her! She was incredible and quick." ... written by Kitty
very accurate readings and to the point!" ... written by pbajoria
Fantastic reading!!! " ... written by mc
nice and accurate" ... written by RDS
Straight to the point. Fast responding. Deep searcher. Good advice. Thank you" ... written by Alex Torres
she gives a olot of information in a short period of time. I will keep oing ro her " ... written by eli
v upbeat and pretty accurate in her readings. " ... written by tutu
good reading!" ... written by kn
Kind clear reading." ... written by Denisenz
She straight to the point. Full of information and accurate. I can't wait to see if what she says comes true. " ... written by eli
great insight" ... written by Angela
Thank you very much for you super reading!" ... written by Charlie
Tuned right in" ... written by e
gives a lot of information in a short period of time. " ... written by eli
Very accurate andamp; helpful" ... written by Cayla
She's really good! I feel that she picked up on my thoughts and feelings. I feel that she was quite accurate on her readings! " ... written by leona
Thank you very much. Very helpful." ... written by Alex
Lovesoulmate was able to tell me the situation without asking me questions. I would definitely, recommend her." ... written by Flirty Bee
Thank you. Things are a bit more clear now." ... written by Alex
she already knew things i knew but didn't tell her. very good with her energy and on point. thank you so much" ... written by JJ
She made a prediction for 3 months I will come back to tell if it happens" ... written by A
I felt like this lady knew what she was talking about .. I thank you love for the reading. " ... written by Sarah
Very good. I would recommend!" ... written by Ang
i love her so sweet, nice, and understanding !!! makes you feel better!!! " ... written by Veronica
Great Reading as always...thank you :)" ... written by Gabriela
Thank you so much !! so sweet !! " ... written by Veronica
She clarified the situation to me and it was very detailed, and true. Very insightful in personalities and issues. " ... written by Tushkan
She is a life saver! She is truly a blessing and is amazing!" ... written by trfimor
an amazing reader, helped me get out of my negativities " ... written by ak
Thank you, you are a blessing. Everything in your first reading came true andamp; I know this time it will too. " ... written by nadyakb
the time i could afford she came through with good details had questons but time needed was good" ... written by wicko100
She was good, need sound to hear her" ... written by Gene
excellent reader" ... written by ak
great, thanks Love" ... written by happy
great reading .. great energy.. clarity and good hear. do speak with her." ... written by truth
Great reading! Would recommend her to anyone!" ... written by Michele
he thing she confirmed with top rated physics is that he is my soul mate" ... written by sandi
Thank you for your clarity and i hope you are right about intentions his . You were spot on and was fast! thank you" ... written by m
Accurately described my ex,,without input from me. Will wait and see if predictions happen." ... written by LA
LSM is a fine seer, and does beautiful work, andamp; prayers! Many Blessings Again LSM!" ... written by Sam
Great work andamp; remedies! Thank You LSM and Many Great Blessings!!!!" ... written by Sam
she is nice and can see a lot :) " ... written by Chris
Good reading, insightful" ... written by Jason
I will check this week if what will come to pass. Good reading." ... written by nbarnes2
LoveSoulMate is quite caring. She described the characteristics of the persons involved in my life perfectly. LoveSoulMate also gave me advice on how to handle upcoming tensions. It was a very helpful reading and I look forward to seeing how the timelines she saw pan out." ... written by RubyBell777
Love soulmate has provided very positive and precise reading. She is supportive and considerate towards the situation and provides good reading. Give her a try for your reading." ... written by Truth5
awesome!!" ... written by truth5
Love soulmate has provided very positive and precise reading. She is supportive and considerate towards the situation and provides good reading. Give her a try for your reading." ... written by Truth5
thanks " ... written by truth5th
always great!!" ... written by truth5
Thanks for the clarity ad giving me peace of mind" ... written by Ash
Wonderful Everytime very sincere " ... written by Angela
I really loved how detailed she was with me. She let me know i will be accepted back to school and my friend is truly my lover. Thank you so much. Only thing i wish the audio worked. But overall good." ... written by Jasmin
she see so much and it made me feel very good to night :) I hope so much she is right :) " ... written by Chris
Very Good - thank you LSM! Blessings!" ... written by May
She was on the money with everything" ... written by Mary
Connected well!" ... written by tlsimms2008
Always helpful and accurate" ... written by Angela
She is a genuine and true reader." ... written by D
good reader" ... written by Av
awesome reading; kind spirit and honest" ... written by Lois green
Very good, and sure footed! Blessings LSM" ... written by Mae
Quick feed back and many responses. Thank You! " ... written by Sherry
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Great reading with great mind" ... written by D
I have many reading with Lovesoulmate she is very intuitive tells me all good andamp; bad. I thank her for her insight into my love life... 5 stars..." ... written by Kat
Too short did not get enough out of it" ... written by Mj
yes very positive reading given me much hope and settlement. I was afraid in case i heard negativity, but it surprised me. Im glad to have reading" ... written by jag
Very nice, very positive, and very pleasing to talk to. I love how she does pin point the feelings. " ... written by Roseanna
She had me hooked. Everytime I was ready to end the conversation she added so much more! Wonderful!" ... written by Mj
Super sweet and caring, I truly believe her instinct when it comes to love and reassured me that all is well " ... written by Sherry
Very good, nice, and really a pleasure to talk to you. " ... written by Roseanna
She is very fast to connect, and give me very detailed insight. amazing stuff, i am blown away" ... written by Morten
Great everything was on point what she said" ... written by Lisafaye
Tank you very much... Very honest and sweet person. " ... written by MM
Had a very good reading. She is very fast to connect, and give very detailed insight. Amazing" ... written by Morten
thanx for great reading" ... written by zimerili1
thank u feel u answer many questions." ... written by judith
Amazing!" ... written by Morten
She is just amazing in her reading...God bless her" ... written by Pratimah
Very helpful... will take on all the advice... thank you for your help." ... written by Karen
I pray that your reading is right on..." ... written by yellowbirdie
LoveSoulMate tells the truth, and gives it to you straight. She tunes in without prompting and hits the nail on the head every time! Thank You Sooooo Much LSM! Blessings!" ... written by Margaret
Wonderful! She was very helpful to understanding everything. I definitely want to speak with her again. Thank you so much!" ... written by Elmira
Connected well and right on target!" ... written by tlsimms2008
She is awesome in her reading....after the updates and it has enlighten my way. She has removed all the thorns in my path and made it more beautiful....She is great .....God bless her" ... written by P
She was very kind and on target" ... written by tlsimms2008
Kind woman works very fast with clear insight. " ... written by Jer
She i very quick to connect and give very detailed insight" ... written by Morten
Amazing" ... written by Morten
LSM looks deeply into situation and picks out all that is important for you to know. You can trust her 100%! God Bless!" ... written by Mary
good reading thank you" ... written by leigh osborne
She is just amazing ...what a beautiful soul she is ....great reading with her..." ... written by P
i just had an amazing reading" ... written by leigh osborne
Super sweet and interesting readings, believe in her intuition and look forward to coming back " ... written by Sarah
She really a true love soul mate......will not regret to have a pvt reading with her...A beautiful soul she is " ... written by P
Had a good reading" ... written by Sam
It was great. Enjoyed it so much :)" ... written by Erika Lash
Wonderful reading....very straight to the point and precise.Thank you dear" ... written by Carla
she wastes time by beating about the bush" ... written by zimerili1
Real with me. Thanks a million. all five stars for you. I will be back. thanks again" ... written by altima1963
million stars - will return " ... written by altima1963
she makes me have hope in myself and really nice, sweet lady" ... written by Sam
she is great, spot on and really eased my mind. i will def keep in touch with her" ... written by sasha
This reading was very accurate and I really feel my life turning in this direction. Thanks also for the advice!" ... written by Charlie
Very nice and explained my situation well." ... written by Alex
Thanks! That was a reassuring and clear reading about a situation I have no way of understanding. Jealousy is a terrible thing. " ... written by Charlie
Awesome reading this Lady knows what she is talking about!! :) " ... written by Tatiana
Hones in on the core of the situation quickly and accurately. Great reading." ... written by serenity
A very interesting conversation. Very accurate and I wonder what the future holds for me " ... written by Gina
amazing as always." ... written by sally
Really sweet and detailed with the reading, gives a lot of information and hoping for her predictions to come true!! " ... written by Sherry
Spot on and amazing! Loved it" ... written by Shelly
Great reading! Very detailed " ... written by tlsimms2008
She connected fast and was on target" ... written by tlsimms2008
Nice reading. Hoping things will come to fruition" ... written by Aprille
Very insightful, helped bring some guidance." ... written by Frank
Thanks lovesoulmate for catching up on the situation so very well. I hope for the positive outcome you predicted!" ... written by Charlie
Fantastic and fast typing. Wow she is amazing!" ... written by sheila
Thank you lovesoulemate for a wonderful reading. I like very much having readings with you! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Oh wow! Amazing reading and fantastic insight, guidance and speed! I highly recommend her to everyone!" ... written by Mj
Thanks again for helping me see a confusing situation for what it is. I am worried for my friend and want to help. " ... written by Charlie
Such a great reading. I will come back after the time you tell me about the upcoming time you have given me! :) I sure hope this falls into place!" ... written by Allyson
Made me feel good!" ... written by Sarah
I knew it! I knew he was in danger! Thanks for your help!" ... written by Charlie
I believe you. Thank you for giving me peace of mind after a day of many emotions. " ... written by Charlie
Made me believe again, and have faith again for once. I was so uncertain and sad. You gave me such hope! I will be back for more readings! Thank you so much! " ... written by Al
nice reading...wish i had more credit but another physci gave me a bad reading " ... written by che
Thanks for helping me push away the bad energy and for seeing a brighter future." ... written by Charlie
Really intuitive. No other way she could know these things!" ... written by aroehrig
As always when I have reading her.....amazing!" ... written by Morten
She is very good...thank you so much for the insights" ... written by Porco
She seems to be very accurate and reliable. " ... written by bibi luthfa mohobuth
Thanks lovesoulmate for a great and detailed reading!" ... written by Charlie
very understanding and helpful, she connected to myproblems well I am thankful for her insights." ... written by ritu
Wonderful Reading, very quick, precise and to the point!" ... written by Stephanie
She is awesome! Great reading and great soul! I cannot say enough nice things about her. She is lovely and has a great gift and is so kind. So much gratitude to you!!! :)" ... written by kosmo
Very helpful and kind guidance in difficult situations." ... written by Serenity
excellent . excellent" ... written by brandon
Amazing ... so good and accurate. She will blow your mind!" ... written by Michelle
She gave me hope for the future. The things that she told me are things that I really want to believe. She was right when she said that my fiance is restless without me, she needed somebody like me to keep her hands full. The only problem is that I am going to have to wait four months in order to win her back. She is a very fast typist. Quick and to the point. She just gave me a reason to live and move forward in my life. The reading was worth every penny spent. I do hope she was accurate!" ... written by Michael
She is amazing, give me great insight, fast to connect and it helps me alot" ... written by Morten
she is amazing" ... written by leigh osborne
interesting chat...great new insight...thank you!" ... written by sirilee
Thanks for confirming what i feel is happening. I very much look forward to things unfolding in the coming weeks. Lots of love!" ... written by Charlie
wonderful wonderful you must have her read for u!" ... written by angie
Excellent reader" ... written by Angela
really pleased she is a marvel" ... written by leigh osborne
a really good reading" ... written by leigh osborne
Very positive. I feel so much more at ease. She can really feel what had gone wrong without me telling much." ... written by Eireen
Super! " ... written by paulette
Again she gave a very detailed description of my situation, thing I did not know. " ... written by Eireen
nice to speak with very forward and very fresh. Thank you for the dates now time will tell if this is true or not.. thank you again please give her a try. :)" ... written by seeking
Thank You Lovesoulmate for your insight and clarity, as you see so clearly, and in such a fine way. Many Great andamp; Beautiful Blessings!" ... written by Margaret
Thank You LoveSoulMate! You have told me all that is good for me to know and that I shall need over coming days. Thank You so very, very much! Love andamp; Blessings." ... written by Margaret
That was a great reading. love it :-)" ... written by mamiesoum
Wow!This was amazing!Deep,intresting reading.She did very very well." ... written by Whitediamond
Wonderful reader and psychic. She is very sweet, direct to the point and tells you exactly what she sees. I love her very good woman. She gave me alot of new shocklingly bad and good news that I needed to hear. She is absolutley wonderful I highly recommend anyone to get a reading from her. Thank you Lovesloulmate be well stay healthy and keep on doing what you do!" ... written by Honey
In depth incite and gave me clarity into what was going on with my recent love lost. She gave me faith and prayer for which I'm thankful for. I'm greatly filled with loving emotion and the greatest of hope for a bright future. I couldn't ask for anything more. " ... written by Merrysinclair
amazing. wow. dead on." ... written by Steff
Thanks " ... written by Seema
Thank you so much. Your so right about my Dog" ... written by Angela
Love Soulmate, is wonderful she connects well" ... written by Angela
Good reading, she found my dog for me." ... written by angela
wow! but accurate and excellent feedback!!! its worth it!!! answered all my questions on time. 6 stars !!! thank you so much!!! very nice! " ... written by monoagapi
excellent reader always on spot" ... written by CM
Love Soulmate is very caring and picks up on things " ... written by Angela
i really like her she is good" ... written by leigh osborne
LSM is so incredibly clear and precise in what she both sees and says. She sees both far and deep. You will be well guided with LSM! Every Blessing LSM!" ... written by Margaret
Always nice to talk. Eases my mind a lot about the future." ... written by Eireen
very good reader " ... written by leigh osborne
great! " ... written by travis
shes wonderful :)" ... written by travis
Lovesoulmate always gives her true vision with what she sees and conveys clearly what you need to know. Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
very quick and straight forward... very good and compassionate... honest!" ... written by JK
LSM always does her best to give clear picture and to reassure you of the truths she sees. I am truly grateful !! Blessings Always!" ... written by Margaret
excellent, always accurate!!! thank u again! god bless stop!" ... written by monoagapi
i totally recommend her .. she is my favorite on oranum.. she's the real deal!" ... written by Milly
20 stars always in a good spirit always ready to help me with my question wow u are amazing! thank u again for today!" ... written by monoagapi
very very good love this lady" ... written by leigh osborne
excellent!!! she has a gifted wow!!! gold bless you thank u again!!!! have a nice day!!" ... written by monoagapi
we will see if comes true! Hope so." ... written by TP
She was very good and positive! I will update on results, so far she has been very accurate " ... written by fritzib
She is the real deal" ... written by Milly
Thanks." ... written by see
Very helpful and kind" ... written by brewwoman
great read" ... written by angela
She is very fast and direct. Compassionate and she has amazing gifts. I highly recommend her readings." ... written by Mag
Fulfilled what I needed. I'm thankful for love. " ... written by Merrysinclair
she is wonderful her reading brought me so much joy" ... written by Jennifer
she is amazing" ... written by leigh osborne
She is sweet and I felt a real connection with her." ... written by sangeeta
always helpful, thank u! xxx " ... written by mono
Great reader highly recommended! Only wish I had more time!" ... written by Aaron
She is very compassionate and honest and tells you like it is gently. She is also VERY accurate and on point I didn't have to tell her anything at all. Trust me! Have a sit down with her if you want true direction you won't regret it." ... written by OrangeMoon89
I love this woman. Her prayers have shown to be so powerful. I am so thankful that I am able to communicate with her. Thank you so much for all you are doing. Bless You" ... written by Jennifer
I have so much faith in the reading I just got. In my first I was told unbelievable things, but when it actually happens and you see it happening before your eyes, it is amazing. Lovesoulmate is wonderful. It is quiet and relaxing and gives you so much comfort. I would highly recommend her. She is great!!!!!!!!" ... written by Jennifer
very good reading!!! " ... written by penny
Brilliant!!! Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
She is an excellent reader. Very fast and clear guidance!" ... written by Maggie
LSM is truly, truly, Amazing! Her deep insight, sincerity, honesty,is a very great gift to all who come to Her. Very Abundant Blessings LSM." ... written by Margaret
things were great, but we got cut short. " ... written by scadoodle
Lovesoulmate is very accurate and caring and sees clearly the situation far into the future. Brilliant. Love andamp; Blessings!" ... written by Margaret
Always Brilliant! Beautiful Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
Always Brilliant! Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
Very clear and precise details :)" ... written by hayleydoune77
hoping it comes true." ... written by TP
v good" ... written by Leebee
Absolutely amazing" ... written by Dejanai
Updates on point and accurate as usual" ... written by Orangemoon89
Lovesolumate only types and its hard to understand what she's saying. I really wanted to hear her speak and not type. She said a prayer but i couldn't hear it and i really wanted to. " ... written by Cassandra
Very good reading, quick to connect with my current situation. good advice given, thanks again. :)" ... written by Dakota2043
Love is still Lovely and I hope her predictions comes to pass. " ... written by Merrysinclair
perfect reading as usual" ... written by CM
Seems very sure of herself... hope she's right" ... written by NJ
very good and quick, thank you so much!" ... written by scadoodle
she is lovely" ... written by chaitprice
nice" ... written by deepika
Always Brilliant! Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
LSM is spot on every time, and always tells me fresh new material every time. No Repetitions Ever! Blessings always LSM" ... written by Margaret
LoveSoulMate is Always Brilliant! Beautiful andamp; Bright Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
LSM is always clear, and sweet, and always spot on - even in the most difficult of circumstances! Great Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
great !" ... written by vlad
fast good help worth my time will defiantly seek her help again" ... written by raquel
Thank You so Much LSM! For your kindness, and your clearness, and for kindling hope where I thought there was no flame. And Again, Great Blessings LSM" ... written by Margaret
I liked how the interview went. I was really expecting to get bad news, but it was the opposite, and it came with very sound advise." ... written by Donovan
Thnax" ... written by R
LSM is always clear and perfect, gets straight to the point, and is wonderful! Beautiful Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
LoveSoulMate, broke it down, gave incite into a new love relationship that I'm skimming the waters on. She has helped with giving me his perspective and in turn calmed some of my anxieties and concerns. I recommend her and this isn't the first time I have seeked her out. " ... written by Merrysinclair
she is very very good" ... written by leigh osborne
Psychic was on point, and gave me a better understanding of his situation. Will recommend to others." ... written by Virginia Perez
She really helps me out. " ... written by Gina
thank you :-)" ... written by x
AWESOME READING" ... written by Brett
Ms. Love soulamate was really such a darling. I think she is soooo darn cute! I love her to pieces!!! She tells me straight forward and gives me accurate information. Thank you and Godd bless you!" ... written by Lynn
Love soulmate gave me a really good reading about things to come. She has very much confidence in her abilities." ... written by Charlie0901
I can not speak highly enough about her readings. She predicted I had bad energy and things about to happen in my love life and she was so correct with a situation that was just that and caused me a lot of pain with lots of guilt on my part. She knew exactly it was coming and on my update without me explaining her prior prediction she continue to talk about it with true accuracy and guidance. " ... written by Nelli
She is the best as well. She cleaned my thought and give me much hope." ... written by jsagula
You are amazing. Thank you for giving me possitive thoughts about everything. Thank you for your prayer God bless you." ... written by Joanna
Thank you LSM for clearing up the understanding of what was happening. Ever such a mystery! Blessings to You LSM!" ... written by Margaret
Brilliant as always! Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
She did seem to know things about my situation that nobody knew but me. It was very impressive." ... written by shelle97
She is very good!" ... written by Vikingprincess
she's very nice and got to the point straight away without me giving elaborate details. She gave me a solution and advised me as well. I really like her and if you need someone to go to i would advise you to go to her. " ... written by ruby
excellent reader as usual 5 stars" ... written by tropi
she told me lots gave a lot of information and really got straight to the point by far great :) " ... written by Marlene Alvarez
thank you for your insignt. " ... written by Paula
Great insight to what I really needed to know and gave me full information on what I asked...... best reading I have had ...... " ... written by Surum
Always Perfect! Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
We got cut off! So went back, andamp; still Brilliant! Blessings Again LSM!" ... written by Margaret
LSM is Always Brilliant! Blessings in Abundance LSM!" ... written by Mary
LSM is Always Brilliant! Great Blessings LSM." ... written by Margaret
you are amazing" ... written by Joan
great reading.... thank you" ... written by wishingwell
she predicted something to come true by the end of the year. I will let you all know if it has or not. and i will update on other predictions she has made." ... written by pearberry
she is sweet and good " ... written by hope
Very good readings!" ... written by Stephanie
She was very accurate! Had to cut it short and run, but I will be back!" ... written by RasheedaW
Very quick and understood my question." ... written by S
Fantastic great reading very accurate and spot on" ... written by Lorann
LSM is Always Brilliant andamp; Awesome! Great Blessings LSM!" ... written by Margaret
She is great she told me a lot of things about my lover" ... written by Tawizza
Very Good reading!" ... written by Stephanie
She connects accurately, is consistent with her readings and gives good advice. I would recommend to all." ... written by Z
Love gave me insight into a situations that I so very much needed. I do believe she is spot on and I have trust in her. I have seen her off and on and she happened to give me some wisdom when needed. I'm thankful. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Thanks for a positive and nice reading!" ... written by Charlie
Loved the reading just didn't seem to be able to talk to her enough with costing so much! " ... written by Diana Vanoncini
Thank you lovesoulmate for your very clear and confident reading. I really hope this all will come true. " ... written by Charlie
she can save my day. my bad mood has gone." ... written by lythanh
good session :) " ... written by sanya
Very accurate" ... written by eireen
Seems to be great read, right on target with information, predictions are what I am hoping for, answered question fully and am hoping for the best! Thank you, will definitely come back :)" ... written by Susie
LSM gives the most amazing and accurate detail. She is indeed Brilliant! God Bless You LSM!" ... written by Margaret
LSM is clearly gifted and sincere. Her work is always, always, every time, spot on! God Bless You LSM." ... written by Margaret
Very direct and to the point. Amazing outlook, compassion and accuracy. " ... written by Kanj
Always a pleasure speaking with LSM . . . .she always knows what she is talking about! Blessings LSM!" ... written by Mary
Love is great she is sweet, and has some good details; although I can not tell if everything is right, will wait on it and see what happens. Thank you! " ... written by Sherry
she hit the nail on the head with me. thank you" ... written by Crys
She is nice lady, gave me some good advice" ... written by jodi1003
thanks for reading..hope it is true. " ... written by p
good" ... written by coli
LSM always tells what she sees, as she sees it. Blessings LSM!" ... written by Mary
SHE IS SO REAL!!! Lots of reads from her, she is amazing and has said truths to me. Cant wait for my future" ... written by Jessica
Thank you so much Lovesoulmate for the chat and sorry I ran out of minutes. I will keep you updated" ... written by Ladyofstandards
Thank You LSM for your clear insight and care. God Bless!" ... written by Margaret
Nice reading .good prediction .Will come back again in future" ... written by suryan
LSM is always Great. Blessings LSM" ... written by Margaret
To the point and accurate." ... written by Y
Thank you very much, she was very impressive!" ... written by Melissa
very good" ... written by Niki
very thoughtful gentle reader." ... written by pearl
Simply the best! Must try!!" ... written by findyourself
really well done" ... written by suzan
always a great reading! i highly recommend her!! i come to her all the tim..." ... written by findyourself
Insightful and accurate reading always consistent thank you love! " ... written by Sherry
Great reading :) Thank-you." ... written by Roberta
Always great! must try, she gave me a peace of mind" ... written by findinyourself
This lady is so amazing, when I saw her I could feel she had a kind heart and soft spirit who can see clearly about love. Something drew me to her like I felt my spirit guides had some knowledge to share through her and when I started talking to her I realized that I was right about my feeling for her. She was so spot on that I can only say how impressed I am by her reading. Her energy and words were very healing and reassuring and she was able to see things and disturbances in love relationship without me even saying anything. She said she would send her spirit guides to help heal the situation and remove negative energy and I really believe that she will. I already feel peace and healing knowing that she was able to read what was going on and I really feel like she can see very clearly. I would recommend her if you are wondering about your mate and if he is your soulmate or not and what the future holds for both of you. I love her and will definitely love to speak to her again ! AN ANGEL SENT with wisdom, knowledge and love to bring light and healing and understanding into an uneasy and uncertain heart. Thank you for your blessing and your light. GOD BLESS YOU LOVE SOUL MATE FOR WORKING THROUGH YOU " ... written by Melissa
Great reading! " ... written by Sallie
hi this is first time talking to her she was fast and straight forward with what she was telling me i appreciate what she said i am just waiting to see what happen thanks love soulmate." ... written by deb
Confirm some things that I felt and was able to give additional insight on future feelings and events. Good reading " ... written by Cassandra0128
She was very accommodating, very nice and I highly recommend her. Hoping her predictions come true!" ... written by Ren
hoping her predictions come true" ... written by lovely
She is very kind and thoughtful. Her readings are true and gave me a piece of mind. She understands how I feel, and straight to the point. Love her!!!" ... written by jessica sacramento
Always great reading and a pleasure to talk too. I highly recommend her!" ... written by findyourself
I will see if there will be contact in the holidays, I hope so." ... written by Vijay
Thank You again LSM for your care and clear sightedness. God Bless!" ... written by Mary
fast typer, fast connection, i really really realllyyyyyyyyyy hope what she says happens!!! she's very nice :)" ... written by F
to the point" ... written by Trisha
She is great! I will wait to see if her predictions come true!" ... written by Miszy
Lsm is always great! Blessings LSM!" ... written by Mary
She answered all my questions, patiently. Clear and fast typing. Thank you " ... written by Moongirl17
Good!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
LSM is always so very Wonderful! Blessings to you LSM!" ... written by Margot
love it" ... written by aisabel
Thank You LSM for your clear insight. Blessings!" ... written by Mary
Thanks a lot, you made me feel a little bit better about it" ... written by MMarmalade
ok." ... written by bell
Soulmate has been very encouraging and kind. Very consistent in what she tells me." ... written by Kitsund
Thank You LSM for your help! Blessings!" ... written by Mary
wonderful fantastic reader" ... written by poli
Thank you your so accurate" ... written by Paulette
wow, no hesitation, just strait forward" ... written by nicole
work in progress" ... written by had
Lovesoulmate is very consistent and very detailed" ... written by Kitsund
Love soul mate has given information concerning a matter. It was in depth information and accurate too. I'm glad it made me feel a lot better at knowing he is aware of things around him. Thank lovesoulmate" ... written by vfbrown247
Thank you just what I needed" ... written by Rosie J
the reading she gave is accurate" ... written by tradmil85
Expert Love soulmate is highly recommended. She's an accurate reader. " ... written by tradmil85
Great! Hopefully this will work!" ... written by Alexis
great" ... written by tamjones
Thanks for a great detailed reading and your honesty. " ... written by sha
Thank you so much for you constant support and prayers" ... written by Susan
Thank you so much. Credits ran out but I can trust her insight. " ... written by h
Helpful - great! Thank You!" ... written by Ely
Great reading spot on, accurate, and detailed. So happy looking forward to the predictions. thank you so much" ... written by Lorann
Excellent, excellent reading!! Thank you so much Lovesoulmate!!" ... written by Sandra
Exceptional, excellent reading!! Thank you soooo much!!" ... written by Sandra
She has prayed for me and given alot of insight on my situation. I will say after her prayer i do feel much better. I dont want this man anymore but i didnt want to keep feeling negatively anymore towards him. We shall see what happens." ... written by jessica
She has provided insightful, positive, and clear answers. She prayed for me and I could feel the bad energy leave me, my house, and my kids. I would reccoomend her to anyone." ... written by danakgomes
cool :)" ... written by UD
A wonderful update!! thank you so much" ... written by scadoodle
She is caring and kind, and gave me great insight into issues i needed clarity. I have come to her several times now....I highly recommend her! " ... written by findyourself
wow can't wait for it to come true fantastic reading with love and thanks x" ... written by eliziekate
great thanks a little slow and yet good...." ... written by Abigail
it was ok...other times i have seen her she was a lot more detailed, but i still hope for the future...very accurate tho with past readings " ... written by jess
good reading, very positive" ... written by nicole
very good " ... written by RL
Thank you for such a reading. HOpeing it will help. " ... written by usa
A very giffted expert, we had a great reading, thank you kindly." ... written by zimerili1
Fantastic and great Readings regarding my love life :) A++++++" ... written by LOUIS FALZON
Thank You. Blessings." ... written by Mary
Had a very detailed reading with lovesoulmate. She is very consistent with her readings. I have had several over the last few months. Very helpful." ... written by Kitsund
she is very encouraging and truthful." ... written by kit hobson
LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!! the most accurate one and i think of her as friend...... gives me a piece of mind....i really hope what she says all come true!" ... written by Jessica
One of the best on Oranum" ... written by Mfrench1301
Amazing read and great knowledge." ... written by Mfrench1301
Thank you for the clarification :)" ... written by Shelly
Lovesoulmate told me about my potential love with a man who I told her very little about, yet she was able to pin down details about him that I never told her. I was so very impressed by her gift and skills, and she was so very caring and gentle...which made me feel good. She is the very real and will guide you with the truth for your journey. Thank-you Lovesoulmate" ... written by SF
Awesome reading thank you i ran out of credits will come back when i can afford more " ... written by Carla
grateful..." ... written by bell
Very good, quite accurate!" ... written by RJ
Lovesoulmate is very good. She consistent" ... written by Kitsund
she have given good advice and I think by trusting her will be a good think.. and I hope my problem will be solved in no time.. thanks Lovesoulmate. . " ... written by wendyzaka
really sweet n detailed in the reading. Gives a lot of information.. hope her predictions and prayer will come true" ... written by wendyzaka
Good reading" ... written by RAM
Very well reading." ... written by Jen
very nice review" ... written by Ania
Quite a good psycic, she is precise and probably accurate." ... written by vidar
She is on spot with the reading. My heart believes in what she says and for it to be true. She is fast and accurate" ... written by Parmela
Gives lots of information!" ... written by brandy
A very great conversation.. accurate.. and I wonder if all the bad will be gone in time." ... written by wendyzaka
nice reading... nice reader... very kind" ... written by leanne
Thank you my friend. This is very helpful " ... written by queen
Lovesoulmate has helped me with alot with my love life and other question I ask her very good and recommend to anyone." ... written by Nessly
mentioned some very accurate information about my significant other that was rather quite precise." ... written by -
Love her so much! Se speaks the truth....everything she has old me in past has come true....very real. Will see you soon " ... written by jessiica
Lovesoulmate very professional" ... written by Nessly
Lovesoulmate ok reading" ... written by Nessly
Very detailed and encouraging" ... written by Kitsund
Lovesoulmate has been very consistent with her predictions. She has been very helpful" ... written by Kitsund
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Only person I will talk to on here. Everything she says has come true for me, She brings me peace. I hope what she says continues to come true. Go for here. The realest person I have ever meet on here!" ... written by jessica
Good reading" ... written by Min
She is really good in her readings, she told me so much abt my love issues.I'll back to her !" ... written by Huanita
she is very good. I truly hope she can help me. It would be life-changing for me. Thank you so much, I am so grateful." ... written by Kelly
Amazing reading with LSM, and not in any way what I expected to hear . . . . which is even more impressive! Great Love and Blessings LSM" ... written by Margaret
Great reading, very accurate, conforting. Good advise" ... written by MI
5 stars" ... written by to
good reading " ... written by littlebudy1
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Thank you nice reading. " ... written by Yours
Compassionate - insightful - tunes in well!" ... written by Buzza2016
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Loves soulmate has good insight and stays consistent!" ... written by Kitsund
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nice reading and really appreciate all the kind words she has and the gut instinct tells me that it was the best reading I have ever had" ... written by anonymous
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Unique - truthful - insightful" ... written by Buzza2016
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Compassionate and direct to the point." ... written by Buzza2016
Tunes in well without too much info my way!" ... written by Buzza2016
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KILLER ADVICE! " ... written by Karl
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GREAT! Very helpful!!!" ... written by Karl
Super great!" ... written by Karl
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She is definitely very psychic! Without using any tools, she kept going and going with so much information! She knew my situation and was bale to tell me. She is a very fast reader and type fast. Kind, warm and caring reader~" ... written by P