About LightCate

Psychic LightCatehas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LightCatehas recently helped 47members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LightCate's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Hi, I'm Cate, an expert of Lenormand and Gipsy cards, plus: I’m a deeksha giver. When you have serious problems what you can’t move on with, you should ask for deeksha at me. Deeksha is from India, and it means blessing and block removing - It’s a huge powerful help. When I send you deeksha blessing you will feel how more possibly calm your can be.

Very nice lady with understanding and good insight." ... written by dreamweaver1160
I found Mss LighCate to be very good and very quick will her answer from the cards she was pretty accurate and I asked her a lot of question would recommend her and use her again thank you" ... written by Calming
I found Mss LighCate to be very good and very quick will her answer from the cards she was pretty accurate and I asked her a lot of question would recommend her and use her again thank you" ... written by Calming
She's a wonderful lady, very quick and accurate. " ... written by Alex
Great reading and Cate will also show you the cards she has pulled along the way. I had a Hungarian Gypsy Card reading - my favorite. She is well worth your time and money." ... written by estabiz
what a lovely lady very quick and accurate, pleasure i will be back for more !!" ... written by ladysmile
She is a very charming and friendly lady. I liked the reading with her. Thank you!" ... written by juhana
Thanks and I will come back and let you know xx " ... written by sunny3107
Lovely lady, give you the bad news nicely that you may need to hear but not wish to hear." ... written by estabiz
LightCate is AWESOME!! She has what your looking for. Her gift is true! Honest, clarity and real help. If you want to know what to do? ...She's ther for you and you will see exactly what to do..." ... written by peaceofmind3
Such a doll. So sweet. Right on target. Best reading out of everyone! 5 Stars. You will be completely satisfied!" ... written by reggs098765
Nice and helpfull! Thank-you" ... written by helena73
Her English is not the best but she is an AMAZING and CHARMING lady who is a very good reader. Thanks a lot!" ... written by MarcoPolo
Very accurate reader. It was very amazing to have a private session with her." ... written by jugholu
She was one of the nicest people I have every had the pleasure to meet. Thank you so much for the reading." ... written by xhoi_89
Very nice reading.....very intuitive and friendly" ... written by dstufra1
Thank you so much....I didn't have time to tell u that I love you too :-)" ... written by xhoi_89
She is very talented with the cards and take her for a private reading, you will not regret it! xxx" ... written by Mandalalight
Cate is fabulous as usual. Very calming and advisory. Love her!" ... written by dstufra1
She is Amazing! Right on the money. Honest andamp; Accurate. The Nicest Person. A class act. I will be back with an update! I Love Her! 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats64
she is very accurate and right to the point i highly recommend her than u i will be back!!!!" ... written by vrinda113
Cate is great!and so honest" ... written by marsylyttle
Great reading. Thank you." ... written by OverJoyed
Extremely Intuitive and Knowledgeable! A Classy Lady. She's Great! I Love Her! I always come back! By Far a 5 star rating!" ... written by swiftcats64
Excellent she was great, it just a shame it ended as she was telling me something because credit ran out." ... written by davina35
This woman is very nice and warm. She confirmed what someone else already had seen." ... written by Katja87
She was great!" ... written by 1111warlock
Cate is highly recommended for everyone. She is a great talent, helps you to figure out the future outcome but she also explains the effects of the past as well. Thank you very very much :) I will definitely come back to you! " ... written by Witzuschka
She is incredible, great accuracy, very very kind soul ... loooove her" ... written by bonnielynn
She was very friendly, helpful. Very talented at this. Helped me feel better about some things I had worried about." ... written by Summergirl65
Amazing....." ... written by Scorps19
Friendly, helpful, amazing!" ... written by Scorps19
Good" ... written by hushhu
She is amazing!" ... written by ale510
Cate is a wonderful lady. She is very understanding and considerate of your feelings and its very easy to like her and enjoy her company because of this. " ... written by kjohn777
AMAZING reading, very kind lady. I would definitely get another reading from her. I totally recommend her to everyone!" ... written by silmarien
Wonderful!" ... written by jaykun
Wow !!! She's good!!" ... written by jaykun
She is great and very kind. She gave me some great advice and will try it as soon as I can!!" ... written by jupitertunder
I can't even express what i experienced with her reading i've had many readings here but i think i found somebody great thank you Cate i will seek your help and i do suggest that ya'll try her one time she is worth every penny you spend...ty Cate. " ... written by Anniekins
Good stuff!" ... written by mfurney
Was a good experience will be in my favourites for future readings, love if someone is working with cards!" ... written by gabbyhawk
Ran of out time, but was a very good reading! " ... written by sycammer781
Very good accurate reading.. " ... written by marcia21
She was very helpful. Everything she said was what I wanted to hear. I'm praying that she is right. Thank you so much. This is the greatest I've felt in months. She knows what she's doing! :)" ... written by LaceyR08
Wow, what a fantastic reading! I highly recommend." ... written by Lorann23
Checking in with Cate about my situation and how things will progress. There is good and bad in regard to my situation but she was able to help me and hopefully things will move forward well." ... written by crzdnem
Wonderful! xx" ... written by Latina666
Thanks very much for the confirmation." ... written by Witzuschka
VERY GOOD :)" ... written by Annmay
Cate is so lovely and so kind as well as brilliant and has sent me a special magic which I will try tonight. Cate, I will let you know if he comes back as you were so sure he will." ... written by Latina666
Brilliant as ever." ... written by Scorps19
Nice reading but for the time, it should be priced lower." ... written by MayGirl
WOW your amazing, I appreciate your reading it was amazing." ... written by corvettime02
Thank you." ... written by sweetally
Great reading.. very accurate!" ... written by vz
Very interesting reading. Peaceful and insightful." ... written by _Alexis
Love that women spot on" ... written by mfurney
Great, fast reader." ... written by dd41783
She gets to the point quick and responds very fast. " ... written by amber11134
Nice lady - will have to wait and see outcome, but helpful and caring." ... written by alidenes
Awesome lovely lady...quick and really cares...recommend to all :)" ... written by teresabarlow82
I think she's very honest and straight forward. She's not gonna tell you want to hear. " ... written by geminigoddess
She is very fast, honest, accurate, nice, very sweet and very intelligent. Such a wonderful lady and helped me out very well. I must do another private reading with her. I really like her she's so kind. it was worth it and worth the time! :) thank you LightCate, beautiful lady! " ... written by G19886
Cate is amazing... Very thoughtful and caring. Thank you, Cate xx" ... written by nesco1612
Cate you are awsome, thank you for your reading. You are awsomee!!!" ... written by rjjimenez
Great, honest reader." ... written by veezee
Wonderful convo, Thx Cate" ... written by jaykun
Was correct with what she said. I recommened her." ... written by causeimdopee
She is Good in telling....... I am having a good Experience...." ... written by zakihassan
Very detailed and compassionate reader. Will definitely come back!!" ... written by brokenhearted118
She has been so helpful! Thanks so much for the advice and reading. I'm hoping it will all come true. Thanks again!" ... written by Lpap116
Great Read for a great price." ... written by Scorpio1112
Cate was able to help me greatly when i had a pvt with her. As she is in freechat, Cate was extremely helpful and the problem that i had was resolved. Whenever i have an issue i know i can always chat with cate and she will help me. Whether it be the cards or life experience i can rely on Cate and i consider her a good friend. " ... written by TattooedTex
Great!!!!" ... written by veezee
She knows her stuff!" ... written by nixter1994
I think she was nice and helped me some." ... written by pcmomof6
She seemed to be able to tune into the situation." ... written by carolyneclark
She was very kind and made me feel better. I can't wait to see what comes to pass." ... written by chapara5480
She was 100% accurate I am so happy and very at ease with what is to come. " ... written by chapara5480
EXCELLENT , VERY INCITEFUL ; )" ... written by kittyfer5
She is kind and i hope she will help :)" ... written by prismedwhole
Thank you very much. " ... written by gurushek
An amazing reader! Try her, I was surprised. Very accurate. Thank you. " ... written by vjrei01
Shes good. Thank you. " ... written by stebella009
She is such a sweet lady and so great. Shes fun loving, charming and all around fun and helpful." ... written by TristanLucas
Very nice and easy to talk with. hopefully things will be back in line soon" ... written by chapara5480
She is absolutely fantastic!! Very genuine as well, thank you for the reading, Cate :-)" ... written by MagpieJordan
Very good thank you." ... written by stevecahill
Thank you for the lovely reading!" ... written by Helgaz1
What a wonderful reading, Cate is right on the money with her accuracy. I will take her advise and look forward to the follow up." ... written by corvettime02
Love cate she is great as always and always ready to help you regardless of your credits..." ... written by Anniekins
Cate is very kind and very honest. She really cares and she is on target." ... written by leslie77
Cate is truly empathic and her reading was wonderful:)" ... written by milona
Thanks for your insights. will keep you posted and hope everything works out fine for me. Love you much, and kisses 4 u always. Be well." ... written by am3thyst
She can sense strongly on other things that is more important than my questions. she can give me more and more information that is useful to my life. like do and don't." ... written by blueberi
I was impressed with LightCate and think she is a very nice and helpful lady." ... written by Gen144
The best card reader truely a gifted woman" ... written by joeymas343
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Cate is lovely and caring she is so helpful i highly recommend!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thank you cate you are the sweetest so caring and great guidance your cards always give me positive news and always turns out to be true... " ... written by Anniekins
I won free credits, thanks to oranum, and I was able to have a free reading with Cate. Cate was very quick and to the point, it was a good experience with Cate, and I am happy I got the chance to talk with her. Thank you Cate :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Thank you" ... written by katie46
Gave, Great insight! Thank you for the info." ... written by queenbee22
What a wonderful insightful lady. Caring and warm. I feel so much better for having spoke with Cate." ... written by DebraDee
You were wonderful! Help me so much and I got couple of questions answered. Thank you! thank you!" ... written by Barr88
Lightcate is a kind soul with amazing gifts! Accurate and caring advice :) I highly reccommend her. " ... written by vanessailgms11
LightCate was very helpful. She was able to connect with my girlfriend and me. You helped put me in the frame of mind to better be a friend to my woman. Thanks again... Mike " ... written by 3427n8qbb
An angel in Oranum." ... written by lingearthy
Perfect Lady. Great insight...very dynamic and cool." ... written by lingearthy
She was great. Is very accurate in what she was saying." ... written by dahun001
Amazing." ... written by Chloe1212
She's very good, gave me a good advice and trying to help me from this bad situation. Thank u so much. I will come back again for sure." ... written by Pam_mie
Thank you Light Cate! You have shedded light on my situation. I feel much better and have hope now. Thank you for your advice and I will give it another try. I will let you know how everything turns out :))) Have a good blessed day ! " ... written by mare1971
Very good, prety exact " ... written by primohw
I think she is a very kind lady, who has given me very good suggestions and tried to help me in the best possible way, she could. I would highly recommend her." ... written by maria19k
I will have to say again and again that she is the best tarot reader ever! She can see the situation now and beyond. She does an amazing job!" ... written by amnarashid
Very good!" ... written by joeymas343
She is an angel. Very positive energy. Good listener and great person." ... written by lingearthy
She is sharp like usual. She could give me answers right to the points." ... written by blueberi
very good i sure all this comes true for me!!!! thnk u" ... written by thumbzee84
It was a very nice reading. Thank you!" ... written by dushka
I very much enjoy chatting with Cate, whenever I have a problem she is there to help me through it." ... written by TattooedTex
Truly the best I ever came across!!! Cate is so honest and everything she says is true!! Wow I am amazed by her talent. She is the very best and very very helpful. I still cant believe it! Give her 10 stars plus plus!!! I am so impressed with Cate. Well done Cate you are the very best I ever met, and this is my honest comment. I just feel so much better after having a private chat. Thank you, thank you so much my dear Cate!!!!!!!!Simply the best, hugs Annie1965" ... written by annie1965
5 star rating to her. She is so nice and very understanding. Explains like mother to child. Wonderful. I am really happy that she understands me and explains well." ... written by deepakrishna
Very precise based on what I suspected in my situation and rather lovely to look at while she gave advice." ... written by spiritual_seeker
She is always right." ... written by veezee
Thank you! Awesome reading :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
She is very fast and helpful caring and loyal to your feelings she know what she talking about. Love you LightCate. :)" ... written by FallingFairy
Very good!" ... written by katehrine1965
Lighgate is like a good friend, honest and caring. Easy to talk to, and very accurate. She is great!" ... written by darlinhun
Good reading, Thank you very much for your guidance." ... written by novMoon
She is one of the best tarot reader. I came to her despair leaving with hope and assurance. She was right on the spot with her details. I didn't even tell her anything. She was seeing everything through her card. What so many other missed she was right on the money with every detail of hers. I can't say thank you enough time for her love and accuracy! " ... written by amnarashid
LightCate gave me some very valuable insight on my future opportunities in 2013, and the reading she gave was very helpful. 5 star and plan to come back to her for another reading" ... written by nanobytecure
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by ally
This reader is not bad at all!!" ... written by gp
She is really good. and clear. and quick. and so very helpful. a real sweetheart. would read with her again" ... written by newness
Very fast short and concise.." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
I have been intrigued by cate for a while and decided to get a reading from her as she has great reviews. Cate is quick typing, honest, and really helpful in all aspects. thanks and my you have also love and light for all your help to me!" ... written by intrigueme184
Very insightful. Wonderful caring woman. I really enjoyed this reading - Thank you very much, Cate!! Keep up the good work :))" ... written by pluto121
I love Cate like always she help out a lot." ... written by FallingFairy
She is a good reader. she can tell the situation of someone is having and give you solution. she's straight forward and quick." ... written by blueberi
What can say wow,fantastic." ... written by lorichad36
Hello Cate :) I promised a short feedback, so here I am after 6 months. I must admit that I have never been this happy in my entire life. I am very grateful to you for helping me to release my fears and I will definitely come back to you, as there are still some part of my life that I want to fix. I will need your help and advise. Thank you again, very very very much! " ... written by Witzuschka
Very good and kind!" ... written by aquestion76
Excellent reader, very Accurate, very fast and to the point will definitely go back to her." ... written by Need2know5
Awesome, thank you kateeeeee your brilliant :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Thank youuuuuuu...... on point as always ...." ... written by clearblu
I loved her reading. very accurate and honest. instant connection.... " ... written by clearblu
She is a very nice and understanding lady. She helped me to work out some challanges and work on my patience but is always willing to be a good friend. I recommend strongly." ... written by dle55555
Beautiful cate with a beautiful heart always calm and connected loved her readings and guidance always and im always back to her whenever I need advice..." ... written by Anniekins
Good advice!" ... written by lucky983
Very good reading!" ... written by DUNNO85
Insightful and very helpful! Thank you so much :D" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Very good reading!" ... written by Bojan99
Very professional and dead on everything... I really liked my reading and will defiinitely come back... Thank you Light... I will definitely open a new door and close the one from behind." ... written by kristinaison
Very nice!!!" ... written by skf271
Very spot on, quick, direct, loved her energy, I will return for another reading in the future. " ... written by leti8989
You are really good... Thanks!" ... written by blackangel_bebe
She is great!" ... written by Member625811
Good reading I had... Waiting for 2013... Accurate I must say, hats off to her!" ... written by coolstallion
Thanks so much... What a relief!" ... written by blackangel_bebe
A beautiful lady, a lovely reading xxxxxx" ... written by suertemia
Always a pleasure. So honest and to the point. She will not waste your time or money." ... written by newness
Good information I need to know." ... written by ChristineLazzaro
Great update! Thank you for the details!" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you, very true reading, I am glad I chose you." ... written by novMoon
She is good!!! Thanks so much for the reading!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Very nice" ... written by chandragomes3
Absolutely wonderful, recognized the issues in my marriage and pinpointed our plan to renew our vows and start anew. She did indicate this was the right decision. Thank you!" ... written by KristenOD325
She was so amazing and accurate. I asked so many questions andamp; she really alleviated my fears and worry. " ... written by kimmy33
Great reader! Clarified the situation for me in such little time. Thank you for your help : )" ... written by Godsangels
On the spot!! Very truthful and honest, no glossing over. TO THE POINT! Very thankful for her help and honesty. Would highly recommend!" ... written by SuzOKeeffe
She was fast and enjoyed her reading. Thank you!" ... written by newnameok
Very accurate with her cards, I will see what happens in the future. Thanks Cate. " ... written by sapphire456
Fantastic lady, truly connects with the situation and tells it how it is. I recommend all to try her.. Thank you Cate xx" ... written by ladybird05
Thanks, she can see what I feel!" ... written by DUNNO85
She is so wonderful and she knows! I will b back for more! Thank you !!" ... written by kimmy33
She helped me out a lot I will def come back to her for help next time!" ... written by catieslim
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
She helped me a lot with my problem. her reading with my past is correct and i just hope that her reading for future will come true too. she is so nice as well. " ... written by hazelziggy
She is great, I like what she said in her reading! Thank Cate!" ... written by stella2011
LightCate is a very nice and cheerful creature. She is a good-hearted lady and is always very helpful. She always gives you much more than you ask her. And her predictions are fulfilling exactly the same way as she tells them to you. She does everything for the people who will turn to her with their problems. So I highly recommend her for everyone.Thank you LightCate. And God bless you." ... written by ambriel1
She's super amazing, I love her... I give her 5 stars. She solved my problem quickly and gave me the best advice!" ... written by anniekazmi88
Very in-depth, great reading! Very nice and pleasant lady! Thank you Cate!!!" ... written by speakone
Accurate but a bit slow, very nice though and worth the money!" ... written by Love_Life
Lightcate was very helpful with the answers to my questions and gave me more insight to what i was asking. She was able to tell me things that only I know about my issues. She is spot on with everything she does and I recommend her to anyone." ... written by damo70
Her reading was very informative and spot on. She read her cards so succinctly without any questions needed to ask. Thank you for a wonderful reading, it was balanced and helpful." ... written by Enkori
Thank you so much, I appreciated that you gave me clarity." ... written by santhia1989
Cate assessed my situation quickly and was honest with what she saw -- even the negatives. I am impressed and will return for a longer session. " ... written by JacquiA
Lovely! She reassured me that my missing cat would return in 2 days safe and sound, and she came back 12 hours later. Very thorough and kind. " ... written by stinkykitties
She is the best from here." ... written by yto_84
She is amazing, was spot on with everything. Very helpful with all my questions. Knew everything I was thinking and what happened. AMAZING.. Will def come back for another reading." ... written by sophia1984
She did find my problem for sure." ... written by epilock
Cate is super awesome. Love her! " ... written by anniekazmi88
Cate was so kind and so honest and truthful. I came to her with a complex situation and she did not judge but told me truthfully what she saw and was so accurate and insightful and talked to me at the end when I explained my situation about how she would think about it further and get back to me - even after the session had finished. I cannot praise Cate too highly. A wonderfully gifted and compassionate lady!" ... written by HelenaLatina
Very nice, and accurate, one of Oranum's best! Thank you!" ... written by In_Search33
I love Cate she so sweet. She is so helpful. Love you Cate. You are the best. 5 stars for sure." ... written by TylerFrost
Thank you Cate! Wonderful reading! Cate is brilliant, always spot on and accurate! :) She's worth it. Thanks Cate, I'll be back. xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Great reading, with predictions! :)" ... written by yvettepandora
Very nice and very kind. Very serious and fast! Great reading and advise. Accurate information. I recommend for reading. Thank you very much for your help!" ... written by zimerili1
Great reading, accurate and informative, spot on with regards to family and relationships. Thank you Cate." ... written by new
She was very clear, she is telling the truth!" ... written by yto_84
Cate is my best friend here on Oranum! She is an incredibly talented, compassionate and a beautiful soul inside out. She creates a beautiful connection with her clients and seeks to genuinely look out for them. She offers superb and precise advice with her gifts and she does so in the most empathetic way possible! I have great love and respect for Cate :) :) :) I hope you will give her the opportunity to help you; and treasure her as much as I do. Love and light to you Cate, as always :) :) :) You make my day, everyday :) :) :) :) God bless you and love always xoxoxoxoxoxoxo" ... written by neenzbeanz
Very good!!!! Recommend her, very accurate." ... written by tizzybb
Very good and fast. Gave accurate info in little time for me. Very good!" ... written by georgiapeach37
Thank you cate." ... written by ale510
She is very helpful and considerate. My time ran out and when she realized there was something else I must know, she told me. I did cry after my reading because she did touch down on something that was really on my heart. I really appreciate her and will come again. " ... written by bossy0taylor
All I can say is wow! what a great reading, she is so accurate and precise. I recommend her completely" ... written by dimples101
Wow, really really good, fantastic psychic!" ... written by HollyB123
Love readings with Cate! Predictions are spot on :) She is wonderful and lovely! Thank you, Cate! " ... written by Jodyleelee
Very insightful and tuned in to the emotions of the person I was speaking of. She gave sound advice based on what she picked up from the situation. I will look forward to the outcome. Thanks." ... written by youniquenubian33
Accurate, and very sweet hearted. She put my worries at ease. Thank you!" ... written by In_Search33
Great fast accurate reader." ... written by LYDIA71
Wonderful reading again:)" ... written by Aryastark
Perfect, give her a try!" ... written by Aryastark
She was very helpful and kind, give it a try!" ... written by ivanna678
Wonderful reading!!" ... written by bacardibabe
Good reading!" ... written by druvina1973
She is very kind, friendly and accurate. I highly recommend her :)" ... written by nalita18
Excellent reading .. went to quickly ... will be back again." ... written by polly1979
Thank you very much Cate for the reading. I had a reading before this one with you and I will be back again. Also thank you so much." ... written by ale510
My darling Cate was absolutely and totally spot on about everything!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) I am so glad that I was able to brighten her day with the positive outcomes that she so accurately predicted!!! I highly, highly recommend Cate because she is immensely gifted, wise and a wonderful, beautiful soul :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I have so much love and respect for her and it grows even more every single day :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Love and light to you always, Cate dear!!!! :) :) :) :) :) xoxoxoxoxoxo" ... written by neenzbeanz
Absolutely wonderful! She put me on the right path with my business and writing. Good ideas and insight. Thank you! Book will be finished in 3 months!" ... written by 1motivatedmom
Nice!" ... written by CaseyN
Excellent, and she gets right to the point." ... written by vonjay1990
Very to the point and understanding, Cate is worth spending time with! :)" ... written by sim079
Great reading!" ... written by irahow777
Very detailed and seems like she really cares, gave me some advice!" ... written by bermt86
Good reading... The last reading I had revealed many things that I wasn't aware of. Thanks x" ... written by librabeauty
Thank you again." ... written by corvettime02
Great reading as usual, thank you Cate." ... written by corvettime02
Great reading very accurate." ... written by irahow777
Brought up some very accurate things about me without me telling any info. She knew what I had been thinking about recently. Good stuff. Honest answers to tough questions. Thank you! " ... written by king_seti
Cate is an absolute pleasure to talk to, very open minded, caring, very insightful and asks the right questions. Will visit again!" ... written by PikeyMikey25
Great reading and always consistent. Cate is very compassionate and patient!!!" ... written by speakone
Thank u very very much LightCate, ur reading is so accurate and true, u have made me feel more secure with my relationship.. We are so much more in love today than we have been in the past...U r wonderful and recommend anyone to have a reading from u LightCate U r accurate, kind and caring, also u have a wonderful smile...I thanku very much xx mwah" ... written by tabbyweedatsme
LightCate is a very wonderful honest reader. I wish I had more credit but will definitely have another reading with her pretty soon. Thank you!" ... written by success168
Excellent reading" ... written by angelszone
Superb reading. so accurate on all points. Would definitely recommend." ... written by angelszone
Very nice lady. Accurate, probably most accurate on this site. Def. Will use her again." ... written by gina733
She is very good...Thank you :-))))" ... written by lindaleah123
Cate is brilliant and caring, gives clear answers! :)" ... written by HollyB123
Good reading." ... written by spiritual_seeker
Good." ... written by Majoma
Unbelievably incredible awesome! true insight! click her click her!" ... written by purplecloud
Amazing! Would definitely recommend!" ... written by dalaila22
Excellent Reader." ... written by Need2know5
Very nice, types fast andamp; helpful!" ... written by meloye123
Very good, kind, understanding." ... written by tk40000
Very sweet woman!!" ... written by Patricia24c87
Is awesome." ... written by tmb112924
Again, she helped me a lot. I love talking to her, and she gave me great answers." ... written by blueberi
I love her so super amazing. " ... written by anniekazmi88
I had a great reading. Thank you for your help." ... written by allisonelle
Very accurate, lovely reading, thank you." ... written by cb1987
I like her a lot and always go back to her for questions. " ... written by Majoma
Cate has been a great advisor since I first started consulting with her and to this day she has been patient, compassionate and very much accurate. The things she told me would happened did and I have never been so happy or excited.......Thanks Cate!!!" ... written by 1realwon
Thanks Cate for the wonderful reading!" ... written by bonbon2012
WOW!!!! Sweet lady !! Very accurate with her predictions I definitely recommend her she worth the money! :)" ... written by tizzybb
Great and very detailed reading, lovely lady, enjoyed her read very much." ... written by veezee
WOW!!! tremendous...incredible seek her out.........." ... written by purplecloud
Very good loved your reading thank you so much for your help!" ... written by Laurenmichelle21
Cate was very much to the point and grasped my situation quickly. Helped me gain insight into my situation." ... written by paral04
Another good reading from LightCate. I feel better knowing that I have an honest reader. Thank you Cate once again! God Bless!" ... written by success168
Superb - I love it! ;D Very nice Lady! ;D" ... written by Alexsandra_14
Wonderful, thank you!" ... written by alexahatz1
Great reading!" ... written by jimikuta
Awesome, will definitely be back to chat!" ... written by brandyowens7607
Very good." ... written by smileysteph123
Amazing, wonderful" ... written by alexahatz1
Thanks Cate! " ... written by gurushek
She is amazing!!! Helped me alot she knows what she is doing. Very very nice lady! She takes the time to listen and carefully answer your questions. Thank you sooo much Cate!!! " ... written by chikitaboom
This lady made my day today. Great news. But I must say that she has been the bearer of bad news in the past and has been very accurate in her predictions. Definitely worth the money, she is very thorough and intuitive! " ... written by librabeauty
Thank you Cate! You are always right on! " ... written by 1motivatedmom
Great person! Right on the spot and very acurate." ... written by MelodyMartinez
Really nice, calm reading." ... written by mi
She is good and accurate in answer" ... written by fresiaflower
Cate! I'd like to get an email reading from you but your profile doesn't have that option...." ... written by alexahatz1
Excellent Reader." ... written by Need2know5
Very on point!" ... written by angelszone
Great service and very sincere." ... written by OLAMOTIL
Awesome Reading" ... written by starchild700
Thank you very accurate, and I'm very grateful." ... written by 108_ honesty
Right on with the reading, and yes! I will take you up on that offer. You are fabulous. Thank you! To all who will read this, you will not be sorry if you take Cate to private. " ... written by silverfae
Great accurate reading as always." ... written by veezee
Woow, great reading and very good advice I must say. I highly recommend her for a reading!" ... written by CerseiLannister
Really nice reader, spot on." ... written by Jelz
Was very dead on with the reading, general but then was very specific as well." ... written by alexis
She is very kind! I would highly recomend to all xxx Thank you xxx" ... written by tysonandblue
Excellent! She helped me a lot!" ... written by Patrice
Always very accurate....definitely my favorite reader!" ... written by Teresa
Very good!" ... written by medium
She is Great! I have faith in her!" ... written by virgogoddess
She is amazing and kind ..." ... written by charm
fantastic reading, just super....." ... written by zimerili1
Super lady as always, helpful, friendly, patient....." ... written by Pikey Mikey
She picked up very quick.. I really liked her and would highly recommend. Gave good advice and will definitely follow instructions to help achieve my goals. Thank you very much!!" ... written by Srunion
Thank you Cate, you are a wonderful reader, fast accurate and intuitive. Most grateful to you for the reading!!" ... written by ik royal
Great reader! Love her." ... written by starchild700
You were great. Thank you so much" ... written by Denise
Very accurate!" ... written by neha
Cate, you are my go-to reader. I love how we connect. Thanks again" ... written by newness
She mostly types responses, which is fine. I had some trouble understanding her communication; there was a bit of a language barrier, which happens sometimes in readings, even when native language is the same. She is very quick, thorough and caring. I like her and think she knows exactly what she's doing. I would use her again, and highly recommend her." ... written by l
I love her! She is sooo wonderful, very accurate and detail!" ... written by pretyy
LightCate was very clear, accurate and tuned in to the situation. I will call her again!" ... written by Patrice47
Fantastic! :) Thank you." ... written by Holly212
I trust her reading." ... written by newness
Cate, Thank you. For all of your advice and good will. As I'm typing this I can feel all of the tension leaving my body. God Bless YOU! Will keep you posted!" ... written by newness
She is good!" ... written by nalita18
Excellent!" ... written by Carolyn101
She is good." ... written by nalita18
Thank you for the reading." ... written by tan
Fantastic reader." ... written by Holly212
Much appreciated Cate your guidance and advice is always helpful and accurate." ... written by ik royal
Great reader as always!! Love her!" ... written by starchild700
Another very good reading, very very good thanx." ... written by zimerili1
Excellent reading! Very insightful. I'm very happy with the reading which give a clear direction to help me making the choices. Thank you so much." ... written by aishwaraya63
Very insightful" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Brilliant :)" ... written by Holly212
Not only did she help me with what was going on and communicating with my mother but she also told me how to help her move on! Very helpful, and sincere as well as to the point. Thank you so much for your help!" ... written by Lucretia
She is Very Very good! I enjoyed the reading! It will be even better if her predictions come true... we shall see... :))" ... written by elle
We have had many good readings. But this has been the best one yet! You are very gifted and talented, and I think everyone could benefit from a reading with you. You're honest, and very helpful. Peace and blessings to you always." ... written by newness
She's a very powerful woman. She was very accurate in health issues and helped me with block removal to get pregnant for my husband and I. Very sweet woman with a big heart! Thank you, Cate." ... written by Viviana Duncan
Very understanding and calm. Helped in solving my issues nicely." ... written by Peter
Thank you Cate you are so gifted I love the reading!!" ... written by ikroyal
She has very good insight. I really like her a lot. I always go to her when I have emergency question. I trust her judgment and highly recommend!" ... written by srunion
She was awesome!" ... written by Leeza
She was great!" ... written by Leeza
Thanks for the reading." ... written by than
She was great, accurate, she saw my situation just as it is after she told me what she saw, she gave me some very good advice. Which was helpful to me. What she said to me was true, it was something that I have been putting off for a long time, and know I have to do. Thank you Cate, you were great!" ... written by Lady
VERY GOOD :)!" ... written by Renae
I love her.. she is so unique with her words.. I consulted her two months ago about some things and she was right ON.. I will consult with her in the future I cant wait to see what happens Thanks CATE!! Your the BEST." ... written by srunion
Will look forward to seeing what happens :) Thank you" ... written by clo
Thank you so much. I really needed this. " ... written by Denise
Cate, you are amazing. This reading has been a real eye opener.But readings with you are always that way. And accurate. Thanks" ... written by Gzelle1
Thank you so much Cate. I will take your advice tonight." ... written by Denise
Excellent reader!" ... written by need2know5
Love Love her.. I will always consult with her. I always enjoy getting a reading with her Highly recommend!!" ... written by srunion
Thank you so much Cate you are such a wonderful reader and give very kind advice" ... written by ikroyalalr
Always honest. And so helpful. Thank you!" ... written by Gzelle1
Cate is an excellent reader and she covers alot of ground in her readings. She is very warm and compassionate, She will not waste your time or money. A good read." ... written by Gzelle1
Good! and Accurate!!" ... written by Vic
Thank you for the wonderful reading and uplifting messages!!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Thank you for your help, I did run out of time though." ... written by sab1658
Cate is a great help and thanks." ... written by novmoon
Great reading." ... written by Carmen0522
She was great. I love the reading. Thank you!" ... written by newnameok
Excellent and totally awesome person" ... written by Sandra Cole
Wunderbar..." ... written by peter
Marvellous she was on the button" ... written by mereheeni
Yes that woman is true!! I love that she is accurate " ... written by danistela
She was very fast and very accurate. She said which were very clear and helped me in my painful moments" ... written by molly
Helped a lot!" ... written by tim
Thank you kind friend for your help and assistance with my challenges!" ... written by ikroyalakrkr
Wonderful!" ... written by christine susianto
Very helpful and insightful. I would recommend to all. Thank you " ... written by Layla
Wonderful!!!!!" ... written by Gzelle1
Excellent reading. Knew things without me telling her. You must try her, you will be pleasantly surprised. Hope what she tells me comes true." ... written by Cindy
Always accurate! LightCate is always right on the money with her information and advice. " ... written by 1Motivatedmom
Great person, and a lot of positive clear her cards reveals all about WHAT'm living I recommend" ... written by Sil
Thank you!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
She is very good!" ... written by Cheresse
Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
She was very accurate." ... written by Staci
Thank you!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
Thank you!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
Great reading, insightful." ... written by David
Thank you for your advice!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
Thank you much for your help!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
Thank you!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
I asked question, but psychic left. ??? not sure how this is suppose to work? :(" ... written by Vanessa Sibley
great insight!!! very kind soul" ... written by sunshine
the best!!! love her" ... written by sunshine
Always so honest. Really appreciate your gift. Thank you" ... written by Gzelle1
Thanks for your reading, I loved it :-)" ... written by yaneira
Shes fast and direct I love it." ... written by jenni
Its been a long time since my last pvt with Cate and today she tells me more and helps me out.... Thanks Cate!!!!" ... written by simon
Love your accuracy Cate! If you ever need a real, on point, truthful reading, look no further, LightCate is your woman. Love and light my friend!" ... written by Gzelle1
shes's the best!! kind soul and spirit" ... written by sunflower
i love her!! the best" ... written by wildchild
i love it, stop on" ... written by ree
love her!! all the stars in the universe" ... written by bunny
she's fabulous!! great spirit" ... written by sunny
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by disturbed86
Very good as always. I am very impressed." ... written by Jordan
the best" ... written by much love
A very good honest reading well worth it." ... written by Stickytoffee
great reading as usual!!! love and light always" ... written by Sunshine
she was very quick and i enjoyed her energy" ... written by vell
LightCate is so sweet and very kind. Always a great reading, love her energy and spirit. one of the best on the site. thank you Light Cate" ... written by Blessings
very very kind lady. And very accruate too. She knew her cards very well, and ensure with another cards for the reading. Thank you LightCate. Love u." ... written by PIGLETME
I really love this woman! Cate is so honest, she is absolutely refreshing." ... written by Gzelle1
I Love her she's so sweet and honest and i know her words are true definitley will be back for more readings" ... written by Vaneya
Connected very very quickly to my situation! Great details and information she gave me. Knew exactly what was going on! Very helpful, kind, compassionate and gifted reader! I will be back!! " ... written by Tanya
Brilliant advice, will definitely use again" ... written by Rosalie Jones
I love her. very helpful and accurate! my fav here:)" ... written by Ziyada-21
Cate is amazing! She is accurate and empathetic. She really connects with the heart of any matter. Thank you Cate!" ... written by patvanvalen
Thank you!" ... written by Gzelle1
Very fast, ad clear reading. Thank you." ... written by veezee
Lots of details.. Fast Accurated." ... written by Johnny
Cate is nice and warm but the reading was too short and ended just as things started to get interesting." ... written by Sigal
The reading was entertaining but very honest and direct. I knew already what she was telling me but its nice to be able to hear it from someone else. Great reading!!" ... written by dee
Cate was so quick to connect with me. I had a lovely reading with her, and she answered all of my questions like a friend would. I will definitely come back for her blessings. :)" ... written by JellyBell
Fast Accurate!" ... written by Johnny
I love Cate! She's an excellent reader and is so honest and loving! She's the absolute best!" ... written by Brittany
very fast and accurate.. straight to point" ... written by dex
very good very honest " ... written by vicky wise
Cate is the best. She is wonderful. She is very comforting, polite, kind and speaks to the point. And for sure, she is able to look into things perfectly. She understands and explains details of the situation very well .She is brilliant. Thank you so much Cate. You re the best!" ... written by Nariel
Fast Accurate" ... written by Johnny
first reading with Cate...she's lovely! Seems right on! Enjoyed my reading very much!" ... written by skier8001
She is really great. loved her xxx" ... written by Ziyada-21
Thank you for your advice and guidance will be back." ... written by mag
very helpful" ... written by carolina
Thank you, you are a very nice reader!" ... written by Shelly
really good " ... written by leigh osborne
Thank you my dear friend for your healing prayers. I can actually feel the difference in my body. Less tension. God bless you and for your wise counsel. Love and light" ... written by gzelle2
awesommmmmmmmmmmmmme " ... written by tymora
Amazing reader! Very intuitive and quick and accurate. " ... written by JQ
I thought she was great, asked good questions and answered exactly what I needed. I feel so much better about my situation now. :) " ... written by Skye
Wonderful woman! I can only highy recommend her! She really helps you and she is very honest!" ... written by Aurora Borealis
One of the best!" ... written by gzelle2
Light has been a great psychic on Oranum for a long time. She is consistently helpful whenever I see her for a private reading and always gives me something to take away that will help me going forward. " ... written by Ben
Lightcate has done it again. Super awesome , I had an update reading with her and she was amazing at it. She was on point through the whole reading. Her accuracy is just mind blowin. She is the real deal no question about that. Can't wait to see how her predictions start to manisfest themselves. Will check for more future updates. Many Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
Such a lovely reading, so accurate and sincere. " ... written by Lorann
Good reading. She was very nice and sweet." ... written by SOLANGE
Wow This was my first reading with Lightcafe and she literally blew my mind with her accuracy. Wow she is absolutely amazing . I will most definitely go to her for more future updates. Can't wait to see how her predictions starts to unfold." ... written by Lucy117
Very good reading can't wait for it to come true" ... written by Godsson4
very accurate and intuitive. Awesome" ... written by spankyd
Thank you for the reading.:)" ... written by c
she is very smart, friendly and happy. her advices are good and what she could see is true not only from her think." ... written by Mia
Eye-opening, for sure" ... written by Gzelle2
it was not bad,i wish i could be given some more time, so i can think straight" ... written by perpetual j. hiadzi
Cate, thank you so much . Your insight is amazing.You picked up on things I didn't even speak on, I appreciate the clarity and it is much needed at this time. All the best to you now and always. Wish I could give you 1000 stars!" ... written by Gzelle2
I love Cate she is always so honest and sincere with me." ... written by Brittany
Cate is so thorough, insightful and very honest whether it is good or bad." ... written by Scentsations
Thanks!!!" ... written by Gzelle2
very good accurate reading" ... written by katie
Thank u cate. I will update you . You are amazing always" ... written by beautyqueen
Lovely and so very accurate too!" ... written by Jane
FABULOUS AND KIND" ... written by Cam
always accurate " ... written by abby
thanks Cate for the awesome update!!!" ... written by rosy
so glad to have update with Cate..needed that" ... written by rosy
Cate is an amazing lady. She is very accurate and has helped me tremendously. Top Notch Advisor" ... written by Jay
Good reading very detailed and honest." ... written by Sunday
Very good reading - very kind lady with good i nsight. Would recommend to anyone. " ... written by Kelly
very quick typer...doesn't waste your time. stays on the question asked. thank you." ... written by melanie
Cate, is absolutely the best psychic on Oranum. She is very honest, sweet, and caring. She is very accurate in her readings and on point. She's not only a psychic but a friend as well. " ... written by Brittany
u need to try a read with Cate! she is unbelievable and i so wish i had gone to her earlier!!!" ... written by rosy
She is very quick with answers. She knows what you are feeling. I will chat with her again in the next months because she has gave me some ideas and hope!" ... written by Manny
Amazing reader. Very talented." ... written by abby
Disappointed she did not tell me much" ... written by maritza02
Thank u so much Lightcate, even though we had a few technical prob, we didn't give up and had the pvt. She is just an amazing person she is super fast in typing and was able to give me a lot of information in a short time. She has incredible gifts to foretell the past present and future. I will think about the advice she gave me. Can't wait to see how her predictions come to pass. Many blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
Fast.. Accurate.. Awesome" ... written by Jay
i love this lady i feel a instant connection to her and am very drawn to her big hugs and love to you and your family xoxo" ... written by jenna
great reading! thx!" ... written by stephanie
Wonderful reading." ... written by katie
Very happy with reading 100% satisfied xxxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
Great reading!" ... written by vess
always a great reader" ... written by abby
Very intuitive and compassionate. Wonderful reading. Lots to explore." ... written by Ruth-Linnea
Awesome!!! I had two readings today with Cate and she helped me throw light on and find solutions to all my dilemmas from job to love, relocation, inner peace, and everything. Thank you so very much Cate, and for sending me diksha and peace. Love and best, Lana :)" ... written by Lana
I like Cate. Very genuine and caring. Feel good about the reading." ... written by Ben
truly truly amazing what can i say so so intuitive and saw things she couldn't possibly have known. i am so so grateful to her. it was an amazing reading" ... written by katie
Cate was honest and I needed that... " ... written by Rosalyn
First time reading with LightCate, she is a gentle reader in style of approach but very powerful. She connected with me so well, given me accurate information about me. I liked her style of reading and hope to come back to her again soon. :)" ... written by Royal Leo
Fast and accurate!!" ... written by Diane
she is one of the best " ... written by julie
very insightful, and genuinely helpful and understanding" ... written by Mihiret
Spending money i really don't have, but this was money well spent. Knowledge is power.Thanks LightCate." ... written by whiteflowers 1
Thanks so so much Cate, Blessing to you" ... written by bless15
cate was so accurate and a big help." ... written by novmoon
She was lovely and soothing and finally gave me peace of mind. I had been dealing with the loss of a loved one for a great deal and she gave me a different view. God bless LightCate" ... written by Em
She spoke to me for a long time and did a thorough reading. I was not feeling well and she was there for me. Now I have to have the strength that she says I have to do what is best for me. " ... written by Eli
gr8 reading, accurate and so good." ... written by Andy
She is wonderful as always, connects accurately. I will be back xx" ... written by Z
Cate was a good reader, she helped me figure out my issues. Thanks." ... written by bless15
sweetie pie, always accurate. Thank you cate. I will come back again" ... written by beautyqueen1001
Mwah!! I just love you LightCate, I always feel so much better after talking with you. Love and light dear." ... written by whiteflowers 1
Lovely reading, was accurate and wonderful, ran out of credits but def. coming back thank you " ... written by Sherry
Will wait and see, feels good though!" ... written by Godsson4
she is good.. and spot on" ... written by peacegal
Cate was very accurate and very helpful, she gave me good advice." ... written by starlady11
Very accurate, and honest, thank you" ... written by alexandra
Thank u for being so honest cate." ... written by mel
Hands down great and quick reading, so accurate, good detail so helpful and encouraging can't wait for predictions to come through thank you so much!! " ... written by Sherry
Cate you are absolutely a wonderful and honest reader. Can't wait to see how all of this unfolds. Love and light dear." ... written by whiteflowers 1
Cate is wonderful, fast typer, such interesting detail and just makes sense of everything. Really liked the reading, thank you so much " ... written by Sherry
Great read!!! Mwah!!!!!" ... written by whiteflowers 1
love it" ... written by computerluv
Cate really helped, she was understanding and helpful" ... written by starlady11
Good" ... written by Laura Mason
Great....loved her beautiful way and energy..Kosonom" ... written by Gaby11
THANK you cate. You are good when it comes to picking up feelings. I will update you" ... written by beautyqueen1001
AWSOME" ... written by Tyrone
Outstanding reader! Fast" ... written by Jay
Cate was connected and saw everything, she was helpful in my case. thank you." ... written by stargaze82
She is wonderful and has a nice accent. She jobs good job and makes you feel better." ... written by Marvin
Had only a few credits left but I do recommend this psychic, very considerate and will try to help as much as possible" ... written by Maina
THank you Cate." ... written by Sapphire456
Thanks for alleviating my fears. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is waiting. I trust that all will be well. Thanks again , love and light." ... written by whiteflowers 1
She is so wonderful! A truly gifted person who gave me the best reading ever, with so many details. I felt so much better after speaking with her, like talking to a friend. She was honest with her answers the cards gave but, stayed positive." ... written by SNG
Cate is just amazing. Highly recommended! " ... written by Aurora Borealis
A really sweet reading, and i believe what she writes will come to pass." ... written by BN
cate thank you for helping..." ... written by stargaze82
Great reading with a lot of detail." ... written by V
she is good" ... written by ohood
nice reading!!!" ... written by chin
She is fabulous to talk to and is her insight is incredible. She knew and understand all too well the people andamp; situations in my life. I feel much better after talking to her. She told me something that really clicked and made me realize something huge that I had not thought of. I am very grateful. :)" ... written by Kelly
cate, thanks a lot for reading and helping, I appreciate you." ... written by dazzle111