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Psychic LeoAmodioshas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LeoAmodioshas recently helped 122members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LeoAmodios's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a natural psychic medium.I have been giving readings for over 20 years using Tarot, Runes, Angel cards, Shamanistic Medicine cards, I Ching and Pendulum Dowsing. I have studied many arts and forms of divination & healing over the years including Astrology, Chakras, Crystals, Reiki and Fung Shui. My connection with spirit & my understanding of how spirit works has grown and developed throughout my life. Now, after connecting with my Guardian Angel & consulting with my guides, I allow myself to be used as a channel for spirit, to be able to deliver messages of love, insight and guidance to those who are seeking it. This is my family heritage, it has been passed down to me through my Grandmother, Amelia, who was a gifted & respected medium of her day. I am very passionate about my work with spirit and I am thankful for all the blessings I have received over the years. If I can assist anyone in gaining a clearer understanding of themselves, their direction in life, love and work relationships, I will do so, truthfully & sincerely. I believe we are all here to help each other in whatever way we can

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I will give a detailed horoscope reading for $24.99 as long as I receive your ~ NAME ~ DATE OF BIRTH ~ TIME & PLACE OF BIRTH ~ The reading will be at least 4000 characters long. If you require COMPATIBILITY horoscopes , I will need the above details for BOTH PARTIES. It is very important that the DATE & TIME & PLACE OF BIRTH are true in order for the reading to be completely accurate , therfore you can get the best understanding of your relationship as possible.

After you have had a PRIVATE CONSULTATION. Hopefully, I was able to help you and you were satisfied with my performance, please feel free to leave feedback in my free chat room immediately after your reading or write a testimonial to add to my profile. Thank you.

He is really helpful and very accurate. Thank you for your wonderful reading!" ... written by Annebb
pretty cool" ... written by j
He is a very funny guy. Should definitely sit down and have a chat with him =)" ... written by katnguyen
He was very positive. Wish I could buy more time to finish what I asked him. Thank you for your time. " ... written by tearwad1
great guy! loved to meet and chat with him. I could have spent a lot of time visiting with him. confirmed my fears/ helped me with anxiety. Wonderful reading. thank you so much, I will call on you again! Best, Bridgett McD" ... written by bridgetmcd1961
He was great... had a really good connection with him..... he confirmed something that was very profound for me in the reading... im not sure if he realized it or not.. but i got a message in his reading that really confirmed a lot for me.....sometimes to become who you are being told you are meant to be and what you are meant to do... you MUST go thru certain things... granted they may be hard....listen to yourself... always :) ... he also picked up on my energy being blocked and it IS blocked big time...i need to remove the blockage so that it can come thru again... really good connection... ty " ... written by Amanda
Thank you for everything!!!!" ... written by Angel168
Amazing!!!! try him! thank you so much, Leo!" ... written by justweemejo
Had a lovely reading with Leo. His indepth is very good and hit my problem spot on...and now I feel relaxed and ready to deal with it...thank you hun I'll be back !!!" ... written by jackie33
Thanks Leo. Look forward to the future." ... written by tash1921
He was a lot of fun to talk too... we will see if I get the job! I will be back" ... written by sparklejules
just wish i had more time with him...he's a really nice man tho, very kind, very helpful! Thank you Leoamodios!" ... written by Aphrodite000
He was very specific." ... written by tangerinedream
I think he is wonderful..had very insightful reading. Will come back and would recommend him to everyone. Very caring and compassionate." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Wonderful reading with Leo wish I had more credits. Leo picked up on my energy instantly and gave me direction. I will back for another reading. Thank you, Leo" ... written by greekgoddess71
I really enjoyed my reading with Leo. I rarely get readings for myself and as a psychic am a little fickle, but I was very impressed with Leo he was spot on. VERY ON POINT!!!!!!!!!! I know that he is a great asset to Oranum and will continue to see him with all confidence. ThankYou LEO xoxo" ... written by LavinaLotus9
Right on key and helped me in an astronomical way... There is something special about him.... cant explain it! But he can connect to people like I have never seen before...and I have seen a lot. I will always go to his room to watch him put his Special Gifts to work..:)" ... written by Jamiejoexoxo
Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
Very awesome! " ... written by nashy23
caring reader. " ... written by fireopal77
You are really Mystic... remarkable, you are full of knowledge and you are a Hero to me, because what you have told me and thought me has empowered my spiritual path in such a way that I dont exactly know what to say... You also have a very chill and comforting way of beeing and a houmor that knocks me out sometimes... he he... seriously, you have meant a lot to me. Thank u so much. Hope to see u soon." ... written by lightning76
Good reading!Thank you" ... written by rattail1
He was very insightful, intuitive and caring. I would highly recommend him and would put him in the top 5. He put my mind and my heart at rest. I am at a very upseting time in my life and he made everything ok again. Put the Smile back on my face and made me feel like a real person again. " ... written by dutchgirl1328
OMG!!! Leoamodios is the ONLY person to EVER connect with my daughter....he is the most INCREDIBLE man, he really is soo sweet, and light hearted, and wonderful! I feel like I could tell him anything and he'd never judge me! He is so powerful and incredible at what he does! This is my 2nd reading with him, and each time he continues to surprise me! I am baffled by how incredible and gifted he truly is! I will DEFINITELY be back for more readings!!!! Incredible!!! If you need to contact someone, who has passed on, this is the man for you!!! incredible! He made me cry, his knowledge is insightful and on point!! Thank you sooo much Leo!!! You are amazing!!!!!" ... written by Aphrodite000
This guy is amazing! so specific and so accurate. He has given me a lot of guidance, and am very excited for the future! Definitely one of the best on this site...you will not regret!" ... written by enterchange
Thanks so much. You gave me a bit more trust in love XX Lucy" ... written by Lucy2011
He always gets really strong messages. No doubt he's the real thing." ... written by tangerinedream
fab thank you so much for being truthfull and careing xx" ... written by hazelhazel
LeoAmadios!!!! youre great, thanks for the caring way you put the messages. I know you are in contact with the spirits and i think ure brilliant! you are also very very intuitive and have a great vision on whats goin on. Thank u a whole lot. both in the chat and private you are helpful and giving lots of light and insight. Love and light and Gods bless! " ... written by lightning76
Leoamodios is the most INCREDIBLE person!!!! He has helped me to face so many hurdles in my life i've had a hard time jumping over. Ive always been stuck in the past, but with his help, ive been able to push forward a little bit more. I would recommend him highly and warmly! He is brilliant and really puts you at ease. " ... written by Aphrodite000
Great guy, great advice. Would recommend, top reader." ... written by silverdllr
thank you!" ... written by ghostface1983
I so so wish I had more time...there was so much more to know and it was just getting started. Thanks for all your help Leo...I truly can't thank you enough...from one empath to another :) God Bless." ... written by BeautifulSoul
EVERY SINGLE TIME, this man....he is INCREDIBLE! He makes me cry, happy tears. He is slowly but surely closing the wounds of loss I have felt in my life. I don't have enough words to describe how incredible his gift is. He is so personable, and caring!!! I wanted to jump through the screen and hug him!!! I will be forever grateful for what he's been able to do for me!!!! Thank you Leo!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!" ... written by Aphrodite000
AMAZING! THANK YOU!" ... written by decemberdreams
I knew there was a reason why I chose Leo for my private reading. He's a gentle soul who knows his stuff. I highly recommend! He picked up on "competition" and that resonated with me! ;)" ... written by clearinsights
Lots of stars for Leo! He see things for what they really are, and doesnt need to ask questions! I recommend him to anyone!" ... written by jaybird1966
Thank you for the wondeful reading." ... written by Angel168
Thank you for the clarity, I have to do some soul searching." ... written by amr0268
you Neednt Look any Further.., if the Truth is what your truly seeking.., then i suggest, you pay leo a visit...i guarantee there wont be disappointment of the answers that you will be supplied with.., regardless of it being Good Or Bad... the truth always sets you free..thanks leo, .. !!!! cant thank you enough!!!!! you are gifted, !!!!" ... written by Mercboy
***** excellenet reader. By far the most accurate and dead on reader on ORANUM... cant believe how accurate he was on a hundred different things. very quick and to the point. most amazing reading ever... ** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **" ... written by jostens
I was skeptical......He hit it on the nose!!!! I didn't have to say a word really...He laid out the cards and told me everything I was questioning and the one thing I was not questioning showed up in the cards too....Skeptical??? Not any more...I will be Back Leo!!! You Rock!!!!" ... written by SheBrat
Very helpful! Thank you very much and I appreiciate everything you said. It was a great connection." ... written by bailey_00015
brilliant" ... written by chelle54
Thank you for the wonderful reading. It was excellent! Thank you, again." ... written by Angel168
Amazing! Thank you for your guidance :)" ... written by kernt34
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I really enjoyed myself and you gave me the best advise. You told me want I needed to know and do, and I appreciate that. We will talk again! " ... written by Angel168