About LavinaLotus

Psychic LavinaLotushas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LavinaLotushas recently helped 2811members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LavinaLotus's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

What my clients are saying:

It's like OMG after OMG!! Nothing was told, I mean nothing!The first thing she said as I entered the free chat, she knew exactly what my situation is and why I was there and what I was going to ask!! Without even saying anything, not even my name!!! Thank you Lavina for all your honesty and direct words and will do what we've talked about as this is truly what I want, can't wait for all the changes and come back for a reading again!!! Blessings, peace and light!! xoxo

Lavina sees the truth, remembers her past readings so clearly, and is so concise and consistent! How you know these things I can only say...I am grateful to you and how you came into my path...thank deserve joy and happiness in yours.

Simply the best on here. Be the best. Talk to Lavina she has your back and is a true clairvoyant, healer and friend. Absolutely perfect reading, made me aware of what is going on 'between the lines' and helped my situation greatly... Five stars all the way.

She is awesome....She picked on everything , things i din even mention fact i didnt mention anything to her..she doesnt even ask for names ...she is fab

I chose to speak with Lavina as I'd read quite a few reviews that spoke highly of her reading, and definitely made the right decision. Lavina was spot on - and as she promises in her description, she goes straight to the reading and does not ask for information up front. Very insightful and detailed, my reading was straightforward and accurate. Lavina was able to get sun signs accurately without any prompts, and her timeline prediction matched what another psychic had predicted for me. Genuine, straightforward, kind but badass - highly recommend a reading with Lavina.
moonstone2, London

LavininaLotus is totally amazing...I was one of her 1st readings when she joined Oranum....At the time I was wondering if I was gonna be a grandmother as i have no grandchildren...she informed me that she did see me being a grandmother and that she also told me not to buy knew that i wanted a girl as i have 2 sons so she let me know so that i had time to was exactly 2 weeks later that I found out that I was gonna be a grandmother and then the next month I found out that it was a boy. She was so right :) our readings we have had many other conversations that she has helped me with an has been right on with the information she gave me...The pregancy an grandmother was just one of the many blessings I have received that she has helped me with but one I wanted to share with everyone....If you are ever troubled or need advice i recommend that you have a reading with Lavina because she is very honest and wont sugar coat anything...she will tell you exactly what she feels or picks up....or if she is unable to help you with something at that paticular time she will tell you so that your reading will be honest and not wasted...She has even told me things that I haven't told her about and her insights were right on....Thank you Lavina for all the great readings and help you have giving me...!
Terri1321, Kentucky

This is coming from a skeptic. I may have heard a few things I certainly wanted to hear but a whole lot more that did seem accurate to my situation. Didn't have much time but she was straight to the point and already had a feel for my situation despite the fact that we only spoke once in free chat before. Either way will be in touch again no doubt. Thanks.
Hitcher42, London

Lavina was spot on with her reading. I had been on her chatroom earlier this month and when I came on the second time she had the same reading for me as before. She was able to clear things up for me because these thoughts had been bothering before I came to this website. Thank you Lavina for your help. I now know in which direction I need to go.
tania01, Harrod

PERFECT READING!!! Spot on, on everything that has been going on. Absolutely recommend her as the reading was exactly right on as to what has been going on.
jonnypc123, coplay,pa

Awesome, best reading I have ever had.! She knew! and explained how I should handle my situation. Best advice in awhile! Thank you!
gemini2460, MI

As always, Lavina tuned in immediately, and started providing her invaluable information right away. In a very short time, I had all the information I needed in an accurate, concise manner. She never ceases to amaze me! Thanks once again, for a superb reading, Lavina!!
Penelope2, Canada

♥ Top Oranum Psychic!!!!. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Love/Relationship Specialist! ♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥

We are all born with the ability to communicate with one another spiritualy. I happen to be someone who's quite good at it. I've been here at Oranum for over 2 years and have a consistent clientel that is reflected in the feedback above what your reading now.

Foremost i am clairvoyant.
Cartomancy if needed or upon request.
I'm a well versed Numeroligist and Astroligist which are tools I use when neccessary for a specific situation as every reading i do has its own uniqueness and special needs.




When consulting me in private, I will immediately begin your reading. I do not require names or date of birth, or a question,if youve come to me I already know the issue.
When i start a reading , be it with a new client or old...I have a series of connections that I do...usually 3
when I do this basically goes this way: You come to a reading I tell u 3 things(SOMETIMES MORE...SOMETIMES LESS) that only u know.
so that u know and also i know that im connecting with much as this looks like second nature...when im in free chat there are many people there. and alot of information...I do connections so that i can sleep well at night knowing i have connected with you accurately.
Questions are welcome as well and if we have established in free chat a connection in which i have already told you your situation you may begin with your questions in private unless i have suggested otherwise...all in all this is what it not a god, im a psychic ..thats been proven .



I do not offer email readings for everyone. ♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥♀♂♀♂♥♥♥♥

All readers have a preferred method in which they do their work.The limited time I am in free chat i often choose not to speak I am listening and find that when I speak I become distracted.
While in free chat I may or may not make random connections when I do this you will know as I will type your name ...when Im doing this what has occured can be many things ..but more often than not I have made a clairvoyant connection with you ...because of the high volume of people ..after I do this I will then confirm my connection with 3 cards ...then I will call on you and tell you what I have perceived this time it is not time for a reading it is a connection and nothing more this serves many purposes not only am I showing you that connection is not an issue ..( without having a question) ..but it is DEMO FOR THE ENTIRE ROOM...if I dont connect to you in free chat this does not mean that I cant read for you this only means that I didnt choose you .
I ask that while in free chat you do not post questions to me this is nothing but a distraction to me .


Disclaimer: none of the methods psychics use have been proven scientifically or by any other means as with all guidance you receive from anyone you ultimately hold the responsibility of your future.

Lavina Lotus

Great!" ... written by lonelybaby
She's my favourite of all. I love her! She's spot on, like she follows me every day in my life, and she makes it feel like you're talking to a friend or family member. I definitely recommend her. :) " ... written by Neicy
she was on point! very sweet and caring! great advice! told me things i felt and knew before telling her and sometime i didnt have to tell her and she told me. very honest and loving person! i will recommend you try it out yourself to believe how great she is! THANK YOU LAVINA! xoxo" ... written by adorangel
she was wonderful. she knew what to say and was kind about it. i felt comfortable with her." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Very clear and specific, quick and to the point. Extremely easy to communicate with especially with comforting ease." ... written by jmp
She is such a wonderful person to talk to. Helpful and understanding and insightful!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
She was wonderful and right on target. Thank you!!" ... written by Teardrops
My reading with Lavinalotus was awesome...she is so wonderful...she was able to answer everything i wanted to know and she was just wonderful to just talk to...she has an awesome personality that makes you be able to communicate very strong with...thank you for a great reading an looking forward to more..Blessing Lavina !!" ... written by Terri1321
She is great, thank you!" ... written by John1415
She did a great job, she was right on." ... written by selarsen82
She was right on!!! very good sense of the situation and good advice!" ... written by Retsy44
Very focused and to the point. Very informative and caring. " ... written by LadyL5
Very very honest...loved the reading." ... written by LittleStar5
Very impressed again. She's wonderful and right on. Very easy to talk to!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Thanks a million !!!" ... written by nistalgia
I will always hold Lavanalotus dear to my heart. She is like a personal guardian angel. Always there, and always right! I trust her more than anyone. She is a true asset to Oranum..." ... written by jaybird1966
Amazing as usual!! :)" ... written by MissDecemburr
Perrrrrrrrrfect!" ... written by wurzle
I could feel peaceful healing energy flow from LavinaLotus as she did my reading and she knew what was going on in my life without me having to ask. She was so accurate, caring and true. Bless you." ... written by CinnamonRose
Good :-)" ... written by economics123
Lovely reader... As usual... Bingo..." ... written by rajat_2510
Gives good guidance:) give her a try..." ... written by ceejox
She told me things that I was going to ask before I could even tell her myself. She knew everything that was going on and gave me so much information! I am glad we were on the same page and she told me what will happen. She's the best!" ... written by dreamgirl30
Thank you very much!" ... written by altuna0
Perfect." ... written by wurzle
Wow!!!! She really saw right into the situation and gave me some very practical advice!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Thank you again Lavina... You are the best..." ... written by buddy0914
She picked up lots of stuff very impressively without me saying a word, for the rest...we'll see." ... written by swardan
Great Psychic. Will come back soon." ... written by John1415
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
Thank you so much you, were very helpful!" ... written by josh2588
I just needed to talk to somebody who can shed some light on my situation, and Lavina was the right person to talk to. 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Thank you for the wonderful reading truly an inspiration. Will be back!" ... written by Lorann23
Always, clarifies, and picks up on things that I do not have to tell her. Never judgemental, no matter how silly I get.. Everyone should try a private chat with her and they would know what I mean. The best! I hope she never leaves Oranum. " ... written by jaybird1966
Great reading..Always is very compassionate and helps to get a better understanding about complex situations!" ... written by carmelluv5
words can not describe how much lavina has helped me! she is a GREAT psychic, very to the point. sees things that i was amazed about! Also, she is a AWESOME person to talk to for advice!! great friend and has a heart of an angel! THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME!! AND SHOWING ME THE TRUTH IN THINGS!! XOXOXO!!!" ... written by adorangel
wonderful" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
AGAIN! awesome!!! love her!! she is too the point!! " ... written by adorangel
Awesome and very truthful. Kinda just tells you how it is and doesn't sugar coat things. Really cool." ... written by jake1994
I can't compare Lotus to other psychics because she is the only one I have used. But I can truly say that she has a gift. Her insight and sensitivity are remarkable. " ... written by SpeciaLibra
She was good and told me she saw completion around me. I fully believe what she said was true, she is very honest and has a wonderful soul. I would recommend her. I only wish I had more time, but I give her more then 5 stars." ... written by Psychic Arthur James
she's a sweetheart!" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Thanks Lavina for every single word. She is the greatest Psychic in the world. What a pleasure to talk to her wow. She holds a special place in my heart. Very kind and loving THANK YOU VERY MUCH:);)" ... written by John1415
Nice reading! thank you" ... written by kosmosss
Thank you for the reading, you told me exactly what i needed to hear. Thank you again!!" ... written by pepita24
Love the readings she gives! very to the point and always correct! she is very sweet and trusting! i have gotten a strong connection by her and her readings! she is one of the very best! i recommend you try it out for yourself! xoxo " ... written by adorangel
I can always count on her to see the things that I cant..and to guide me in the right direction. Its truly amazing how well she can read the things that I dont have to tell her. She is a true gift. " ... written by jaybird1966
words can not express how much she has helped me! she is very on point and is the best out there! VERY truthful and honest! tells it how it is no holding back! love her!! xoxo" ... written by adorangel
Excellent, as always." ... written by SpeciaLibra
A sweet lady. Thank you for the reassurance. Much needed." ... written by eloquent31
I felt pretty confident in her reading and thought that she was exact in what she was saying,now I just need to wait to get the results that I want." ... written by trina1
Lavina was right on with my situation. i will keep her posted on her predictions. She gave me very good advice and it was my pleasure to have her do a reading for me. I will continue to visit her room as it is a calming room for me. Thank you! Raym" ... written by Raym
She is very good! Thank you so much!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
Great read! really enjoyed the experience. She is pretty on target. I highly recommend her." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Great reading very helpful and spot on. Lavinalotus is sweet and caring. Will be back." ... written by Lorann23
Thank you for your time.. it confirmed what I already knew.. As hurt as I am . I pray that this will pass." ... written by lpadron
She is very good and takes the time to look at things closely. I am eager to see if my wish comes true. Can't thank her enough for taking the time to look and see where things were going in my life. A true guide in the darkness!! Thank you!!" ... written by shining4ALL2SEE
Very understanding and helpful. the best reading I've ever had. Thank you so much lavinalotus. Will definitely be back if i need another reading." ... written by simplesila
Always wonderful! To the point! I recommend her to anyone that wants the truth and needs advice! She is very gifted!! xoxox " ... written by adorangel
So kind, helpful. It is really enjoyable chatting with Lavina....puts everything in good perspective and guides with love and concern. " ... written by sparkly1
Lavina was honest and to the point with me and was the 1st person to actually point to the issue head-on instead of avoiding the real relationship issue in my life. I will see what happens in the coming months within my situation and see if my situation improves..." ... written by jettagirl09
She's the one I'll be going to from now on. Sooo straight forward and honest. I'll be back again." ... written by missmel2011
Really detailed reading! Can't wait for another one!" ... written by Ladonnalove1
Had some very interesting things to say, wish I had more time though, overall she was quite good :) Peace XO" ... written by kuzinka
Thanks Lavina! I do have faith and patience and look forward to this journey. I just hope it starts to move forward soon. You're a real gem! God bless you!" ... written by mylife123
Thank you for the honest reading Lavina. Ill let you know how it goes. I'm so glad i had this reading. You are amazing." ... written by missmel2011
Thank you, I had a very interesting reading:-)" ... written by tash1921
I will return for this one. Though I was cut short. She gave me answers enough to reassure me." ... written by Sekimori
Great reading picked up on my situation to the t. Thank for the reading." ... written by coorsmann
She was awesome, knew alot of things. Def be back....." ... written by kellourex
she immediately focused on my concern. She stated things that I have suspected all along that she has no way of knowing. It was a very good reading and i feel much better after it. Thank you." ... written by ceffie
awesome reader....=)" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
She is one of the very best. She will be truthful and get right to the point. She does not judge and is extremely accurate!!! Many stars!!" ... written by jaybird1966
was very fast and to the point" ... written by tiger5762
She's awesome. Made me feel better about my situation." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
This pychic was very good and said the same things as another pychic on here. so hope it comes true they both said 7 to 10 days for my ex to return, so just got to wait and see, will let her know fingers crossed" ... written by Netty40
Shes God's gift to the world!" ... written by Ashley :)
Ahh loved thee reading with her she was really clear and honest. shall come back too her again. " ... written by brenana
Always my friend, she shows me the way, and steers me through a difficult day..:)" ... written by jaybird1966
So accurate and caring and can pinpoint and help with your problems she's amazing " ... written by suga-slim
LOVED the reading! She is so sweet and real. She is very fast and concise. She knew what I wanted to talk about before I even said anything. I DEFINITELY recommend her. She is a must see! " ... written by katnguyen
Great reading." ... written by coorsmann
I really liked her, she was honest, direct and, I feel like she takes her job really seriously. I feel that she has honestly been one of the most accurate readers I have had! I highly recommend her, she does not mess around and does her job with honestly, once again, I recommend her. " ... written by blueberrypigs
came back for a second reading, she made me feel better. She gave me good advice that I will definitely try. Thank you for your readings, this is the second time I have come back and will definitely come back again!" ... written by katnguyen
doesn't hold back. wont just tell you things that you want to hear. she is amazing!" ... written by enterchange
By far the best psychic EVER, as i've been to millions in person and online - no one measures up to Lavina, she accurate,precise, and AMAZING! One of the best decisions i made was to have her read for me. Whenever i want to know whats going to happen next in my chaotic life(BC EVERYTHING she reads/predicts HAPPENS) or just need someone to talk to i go straight to Lavina whom I can call her my advisor and a friend!" ... written by Ashley
Very honest, reliable reader, truth and no need for sugar, Thank you for your help. Will be back very soon:) x" ... written by LavinaFun
Thank you...I ran out of credits but appreciate your insight. I will be back!" ... written by goodkarmagirl
Wow.......i dont think i'm going to go back to anyone else. she is so awesome. So real. I loved her energy in chat and took her to private and she is so on point. Called out what i didn't even realize i was doing! I love it. Thanks so much!!! " ... written by skthomas2
very great read...on point and thoroughly connected." ... written by beautywithinone
very good reading. will definitely come back for another one. thank you!!" ... written by aisha
very impressed" ... written by Harvey6972
so accurate ,gave me wht i really needed to know . thanks alot i'll be bak " ... written by misumisu15
She is the absolute best. I love her. She is so accurate and gives support in a very loving way. On a day when i needed validaton the most she was there." ... written by aimalie
Just simply: AWESOME!!! Every1 should try LavinaLotus! Highly recommended and 5 STARS! xoxo" ... written by JoeytheOne
Sorry we got disconnected. I'll definitely be back soon with more credits. Highly recommended. No names, no DOBs... she sees it all. Thank you for your time and insight, Lavina. Great reading! " ... written by L-boggie
Tap into one of GODS children, feel the everlasting PURE ENERGY that is released by this wonderful LAVINA." ... written by volume1
Awesome, brought up a lot that I was even focused on. Answered my questons and more!! Highly recomended!! :-) You won't be disappointed!! She shares her gift and talent with us to help better our lives. " ... written by shining4all2see
Fast and clear, and helpful. It will be hard, but i can do it!" ... written by fireopal77
Do you have difficult or unclear situation? Do you feel that you lost your path? Please ask LavinaLotus for help. She will share her heart and she will give you the most accurate guidance. She honestly cares about each individual and she has unique ability to connect and share with all who in need. I will continue to return to LavinaLotus, because I trust her 100%. She is REAL! She is not about money or entertainment . Her philosophy andamp;Help someone and God will help You!" ... written by Crystal
As always she is wonderful, so caring and understanding. I will continue to return to her " ... written by aimalie
Great reading like always." ... written by coorsmann
quite good impressed by her direct attitude and vy helpful with questions- will be back" ... written by wabbit1988
Reading came true, just got to see how the relationship pans out !" ... written by Annette Stevens
very helpful! gave good advice" ... written by alihonjen
Well she is certainly gorgeous. And she is a good reader. Very nice." ... written by eeebbb
Thank you, you were a great help!" ... written by nickmcgyver
Very good! I wish I had more time!" ... written by catieslim
Awesome reading!! .. I will come back to let You know how it goes!!!" ... written by katiew12345
Right on the mark. Very Insightful." ... written by AmyDog
Lavina was spot on with her reading. I had been on her chatroom earlier this month and when I came on the second time she had the same reading for me as before. She was able to clear things up for me because these thoughts had been bothering before I came to this website. Thank you Lavina for your help. I now know in which direction I need to go." ... written by tania01
This is coming from a skeptic. I may have heard a few things I certainly wanted to hear but a whole lot more that did seem accurate to my situation. Didn't have much time but she was straight to the point and already had a feel for my situation despite the fact that we only spoke once in free chat before. Either way will be in touch again no doubt. Thanks." ... written by Hitcher42
She knew everything about me, and I did not provide any information! Will be back for some more answers! Thank you!" ... written by Futuremanager
very clear and direct..." ... written by olgapaos86
Good reading x" ... written by Romaa83
Thank you, brought an issue up that I wasn't aware was still a problem with him. Very useful information; thank you!!" ... written by kristen3887
Lavina is great excellent she knows excatly what is going on before you even tell her, I was amazed by the accuracy of her adivese in areas of my life. I would definitly reccomend her to anyone for more than 1 reading she is unbelievable and my experience with her will never be forgotton" ... written by Vicky
ALL I can say is 'ONE OF THE BEST psychics the world has to offer!' Accurate, precise, beautiful as her wonderful spirt shines with every word said!" ... written by Jennifer
Wonderful. That is all I have to say." ... written by exdesaro
Lavina is the best at what she does I couldn't believe how accurate she was and helpful she new exactly what she was talking about and i didn't need to say much at all I reccomend her to everyone" ... written by vicky2112
So amazing. She is very relatable, easy to talk to. Knows exactly what she's talking about, very good at what she does. Highly recommended. NO SUGAR COATING! Which is actually a good thing :) Can't wait for my next reading when i need it. Thanks Lavina!" ... written by livelaughlove88
Amazing reading with Lavina! Insightful and straight to the point. Saw lots of things before I asked anything at all." ... written by bbrunner21
Great!" ... written by wurzle
She is one of the best! She is always so connected to me and the people in my life." ... written by lilliableu
Fantastic reading once again. Lavina never ever disappoints with her readings. Extremely insightful, extremely valuable information and she is so incredibly tuned in. Without question, one of the most trustworthy people here. I trust her implicitly. And will continue to come back. " ... written by Penelope2
Lovely reading Lavina :) Always amazing to get your spiritual advice! :) " ... written by manijhe
I love getting my reading done with her! she is straight to the point. No sugar coating! She is just awesome! " ... written by xtine930
The real deal. Shes so accurate, and honest, and is here for the right reasons. You dont get any better then her. An asset to Oranum, for sure. Just read her reviews..." ... written by jaybird1966
very good! definitely contact!" ... written by starshine34
I really like her... Clarified alot of things for me... I was hurt and she comforted me.... Gave me good advise. SHe is a Lotus... beautiful and kind. Thank you again. Cannot wait for all positve outcome to arise. Thank you again." ... written by answers28
LAVINA isssss the BESST! MUST TRY MUST TRY MUST TRY!" ... written by Natalie
Great thanks for the reading. On point" ... written by mikotse
wow! I had a very interestin reading! Quite blown away! Highly recommened lavina!" ... written by LAYLA76
satisfied" ... written by Harvey6972
she is excellent and really helped me with my situation will defo go back to her again." ... written by serena21
excellent! Love her." ... written by exdesaro
she is amazing talled me everyeting thanks ." ... written by tenaye
great reading, zeroed in on my concerns and helped tremendously. highly recommend her. she's trusted advisor and friend." ... written by sparkly1
She is fantastic, honest sincere and caring. Everything she told me came true and in her timeframe. I will def continue to see her" ... written by Amy
Thank you for the reading." ... written by Angel168
I was so amazed with Lavina. She is as talented as she is beautiful. She was able to answer my questions quickly and I was amazed at how accurate she was. I will surely follow your advice, and heed your warning. I left the chat feeling hopeful and very energized. Thanks doll, I will be back soon ;-) " ... written by dalilahflores
Lavina is Amazing psychic.I had very long session with her and felt really connected. She is the LIGHT! So go to her and touch this Light now. Don't stay in the darkness alone. Blessings, Love , Joy and Peace to all! " ... written by 13131313
Great as always!!! xoxoxooxox" ... written by Someone
Very sweet and straight foward ! " ... written by davidanthony91
my second reading with her. she's really good!" ... written by aisha
Lavina is very accurate and I would rate her 99.9%. In my opinion The Top One!" ... written by Crystal
I just would like to say that my first private session with her was enlightening and very pleasent. She is a joy to speak with and has a very calming nature. I believe she was spot on with what she told me and I hope that all she said will come about. I beieve she is very in tune with her abilities and does not sugar coat the situation. Thank you and I will consult with you again." ... written by geoff007
she was spot on and i didn't have to give any information she is the real deal….she took the time to make sense of things…thank you…no worries :)" ... written by deelove
She did not waste my time at all she got straight to the point of my problem" ... written by jayr3264
she did a reading for me without asking me any questions and got it right !00% from the beginning. Unbelievably talented woman " ... written by araketanara
SHE WAS QUICK , SPOT ON, AND CONFIRMED WHAT I'VE SUSPECTED !! AMAZING READ!!!!!!!" ... written by Angelpowerpisces
What a great person, woman, empath, spiritual being and listener:) She is the real deal and you have to get a private with her....What a beautiful experience!!!! Thank you Lavinaxx" ... written by milona
i liked her and i felt she gave good advice. Yes I would come back for other readings." ... written by sweetspirit
She is truly amazing, direct, right on target, compassionate and honest. She is an empath and i truly say thank you to her and to the person who told me to have a private with her. She responded to so many questions that were bothering me since the past 2 months, I will surely sleep better. One of the best psychic on Oranum. Thank you Lavina:))) " ... written by milona
I have to say another one of her predictions came to pass just as she said. Ill continue to come back." ... written by Amy
very awesome" ... written by SAchick
Lavina told me something that i did not know about yet, It happened!!! all i could to was laugh because she had already told me…No need to doubt what she says, she is soooo accurate!!!!" ... written by deelove
SHE'S A COSMIC LIBRARY" ... written by Blessed
Very honest and accurate :) Ty Lavinalotus" ... written by mozzy123
She was a joy to speak with and I look forward to updating you on our marriage and babies Have a good night!!!" ... written by foreverblessed
Always focused, compassionate and made me feel at ease. She is very gifted and has given me guidance" ... written by LadyL5
Omg told he things unaware of but need to hear thank u very much and i will b in contact on the money a must go to xxxxx" ... written by michele6099
I never imagined paying for a reading, but I took a chance with LavinaLotus and I was not disappointed. She reaffirmed things that I envisioned and was wary of, but also confirmed what would happen and when. She was honest, empathetic, insightful, and humble. Lavina is authentically real and leaves you wanting more." ... written by Ron
No questions were asked to begin and yet she could see all of the confusion and chaos brought into my life. I truly felt as if she understood me. Thanks!" ... written by Montanay
She answered all my questions and gave me the truth about my situation no sugar coating " ... written by vc1976
to be honest, Im not sure if the prediction will happen. but one thing i can guarantee, is she is honest very honest. she really do care about you. when I broke down last time, she actually emailed me to reassure me to give me hope. in my weakest point she gave me confidence. personally when I was talking to her she did pick up things. but once thing that did happened did come true, my job prospective maybe brighter, i want to thank her. however there is few other things i'm waiting for and will post for sure. " ... written by dreaming
Excellent reader. Very connected, kind and accurate." ... written by katehrine1965
thank you for your insight...finally got a clear look on things.." ... written by mmd1990
The most precise psychic on Oranum! You get insight to exactly whats going on and what to expect - MUST TRY! " ... written by Los Angelles
Lavinalotus was awesome! She was able to explain many things about my life, work enviroment and even personality! I feel so much better about direction in my life and understand why I feel the way I do at times. Thank You Lavinalotus!" ... written by Darlene02
She is the real deal...she feels, confirms all things with numerology, cards.. she was on the spot with everything! she gives solid advise! the real truth and she respects your time! she is the real one!" ... written by del.m
great so far!!!! am coming back for more!" ... written by mizbeez
great reading. very accurate in details regarding someone in my life. i loved the reading. thanks!!!" ... written by mizbeez
Spot on with what other psychics have said so I'm pretty confident she knows her stuff. I am such a skeptic it has taken 4 psychics to tell me the same thing. I feel much better after talking to her." ... written by Tammy
excellent!!" ... written by Katsi36
I have been in this site before as user! Some psychics read for me! But I definitely prefer her reading. She read correctly, with fine details more than the other psychic that I have met. I really satisfied, and I strongly recommend people to come and ask to read! you will not waste your money." ... written by mehrdad_I
She knew things that no one else picked up on.....and verified many things I!!! Would recommendddddddddd" ... written by coacha04
excellent and caring. extremely insightful!!" ... written by RadesGirl
The Best! LavinaLotus 5 STARS! AMAZINGGGG!!!" ... written by Blessed
LavinaLotus is very accurate and precise in her readings. LavinaLotus has amazing ability to connect with clarity and honest answers. I would highly recommend LavinaLotus to all who need help. " ... written by Crystal
Lavina is celebrity psychic! 100% accuracy!!!!! " ... written by Hollywoodbaby
She was just really honest and gave me some good advice about my issue. Just really straight up" ... written by jake1994
Good reading. She was accurate with her reading." ... written by firsttimer2
AH! I dont even know what to say! LAVINA is THE BEST! EVERYTIME i consult with her she gives me a deeper look to my situation (letting me know exactly whats going on with the other person) and the best way to go forward. She's 10000 percent ACCURATE, unlike majority of other psychics, with whats going on in your life and predictions of what to expect in the future. Having consulting with numerous other psychics online and in person, NOONE compares to her, which is why i ALWAYS come to her. YOU MUST try." ... written by HUG
perfect! just I appreciate her reading so much. I will come back for more reading." ... written by mehrdad_I
she is such a great listener! very accurate and doesn't hold back anything…very honest!! " ... written by deelove
One word to describe this woman, amazing. She does completely cold readings to start with and she is right on the money." ... written by dcutie777
SHES amazing :)!" ... written by Ashley
Hi sweet, you are really gifted. I know that you are telling me the truth, though I dont remember my past. Im so thankful that you have given me much more peace about this. I can begin to more foreward in my life, because you helped me. God bless you:-) Tarjei" ... written by peaceandluv007
To be honest I did not want to leave. She is great and wonderful and a pleasure to speak with. I will be back just hope I can find her. " ... written by Ladman49
She is a great reader I felt like I knew her all my life. I would say if you want someone to connect with who you are she is able to do it. She told me things about my past that she had no way of knowing I think she is wonderful." ... written by Ladman49
lavina Rocks!!!!! great reading every time!!!! " ... written by deelove
She is absolutley AMAZING!! she was spot on with my situation and i didnt give her an details at all she told ME!! thanks so much for clearing them things up for me x" ... written by Sharna100
awesome as always...." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Thank you girly!" ... written by sulie1002
perfect! thanks" ... written by mehr
Wonderful and very insightful. She does seem to know exactly what is on your mind. Offers gentle guidance about the situation. Keys right into the situation without giving any information. Amazing! Offers suggestions to help yourself through the situation and what may come. Thank you so much!" ... written by trixy241
she's really good. i wanted to talk more. i will come back for an update thank you. She's the real deal!" ... written by aeon1234
Always an angel and guiding light. Very good at helping to see the way. " ... written by shining4ALL2SEE
I trust this lovely lady she is so very nice.....i really hope the what she has said will come true....thank u for making me feel better xxxx" ... written by babay88
Excellent reading, as usual! Thank you! and much love to you Lavina" ... written by Mylife123
This was a fantastic reading! She nailed everything SPOT ON! I couldn't believe how accurate she was with my reading! I'm going to have one with her every 3 months to make sure I'm on the right track! :D I've added her to my favourites, and I'll be sure to recommend her to my friends! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by wing-mei
She was fantastic strait to the point, picked up on me strait away, we cut out but really appreciated the advice :) thanks :)" ... written by kjane3
very pleased, hope to use her again very soon :) " ... written by suzib73
Is very good and to the point!!" ... written by diane1964
Im feel happy after talking to Lavinalotus....she was great will go back to her .....get another reading soon thank u so much" ... written by babay88
Such a lovely lady. Will definitely be returning. Thanks so much for you time. Will definitely watch out for the trouble. Thanks again :):) " ... written by suzib73
you could never give her any less than 5 stars shes truelly psychic this was my first reading i barely spoike she just knew it all i was amazed ty will be back" ... written by truthplease
will come back" ... written by mehrdad_I
she is very good I couldnt fault her I would consult her again" ... written by truthplease
She is nice and accurate. Enjoy it." ... written by bluebluecod
Awesome advice and reading. Very accurate. Love her! Coming back to her soon!" ... written by swtprncss
awesome. very good advice. calms me down. will come back soon!" ... written by swtprncss
Spot on! Thanks." ... written by LotusRacer74
I want to thank you. You inspired me. You opened my eyes to see my true potential. Take care." ... written by Esmilodon05
Very beautiful Smile...made me forget all my sorrows or pain I am getting from my Love. She is very nice. He loves me, all I trust in.Thanks Angel...God bless You!!!" ... written by whyilovehim
She is the bessssssst! Love her, MUST try!" ... written by :)
Lavina is great!! Direct and 2 the point she does not drag things out and waste time, she helps you and works her best to use her gifts to guide and assist!! :-) We are lucky to have her!!" ... written by Shining4all2see
Every time I talk to her I am amazed at what she picks up without my saying a word. She is good at directing you to a more centered solution for yourself. Her guidance is priceless. Thank you Lavina!" ... written by trixy241
Right on again as usual!!" ... written by jaybird1966
she is a very awesome young lady she knows exactly what she is talking about she picks up on a lot of things in our life i would read with her again you need to give her a try she is good." ... written by scorpionqueen
she is great, very sweet and honest.. " ... written by jmcheng
wow thanks alot that was lovely really great reading and specially picking up on my bad ex :) xx" ... written by sensativesoul
Loved her, she is awesome!!!!" ... written by lushez26
Excellent! 100% accuracy!!!!" ... written by Hollywoodbaby
She is more than great! If I knew a better word to say, I would write it down! Just thanks for everything best wishes" ... written by mehrdad
Very realistic and good advice. Thank you!" ... written by sunny3107
The top ONE !!! Thank you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo" ... written by Hollywoodbaby
I love her. She is the best. ALWAYS gives me accurate predictions, and helps guide me in the right direction. YOU MUST TRY HER!" ... written by :)
WOW! what a great reading from a very compassionate lady. thanks Lavina" ... written by gchiker
Excellent excellent excellent excellent!!" ... written by Sad Girl
very clear, quick and very sweet :) .. i will be back.. gave GREAT advice!! highly recommended." ... written by aabyqf
Very good advice! it's my second time and will come again." ... written by Retsy44
Very good and to the point. Thank you!" ... written by LotusRacer74
A very true and professional reader. I highly recommend you to go on private and see the quality of reading, it definitely worth. perfect thanks " ... written by mehr
Great psychic with great ability with accurate reading - she knows me well no matter of the name I chose to come here! and told me very accurate readings!" ... written by john
Great thanks" ... written by mikotse
She is so great. THANK YOU!!!!!!" ... written by mikotse
Super cool and super helpful as always!" ... written by sparkly1
Lavina, knew exactly what the situation was. Not only do she knoW the situation she knew both parties feeling and how we felt about the situation and told me exactly waht needs to happen. VERY VERY accruate. She is one of the most accruate readers. SHE KNOWS!!!!" ... written by Deme
Quickly tuned into situation andamp; told it like it is. Thank you! =)" ... written by wund3rb2r
so genuine...................only the truth and she really wants to help.......i wish i had more credits........thank you. lavina! real professional!" ... written by del.m
Awesome reader...fab advice!" ... written by spiritualgirl1
helpful, nice to talk to and concerned" ... written by xaries2000
It always great talking to Lavina! She is very understanding….its great to come back time and time again to someone that remembers me and how far I've come. Thank you Lavina!" ... written by deelove
Great as always!!" ... written by jaybird1966
she really is the best ever....good advice and so kind and gentle xxxxxxx" ... written by babay88
Wonderful! Gives a lot of detail and insight and accurate. Happy Holidays!!!!" ... written by mylife123
Beautiful Lavina, inside as well as outside, second reading with her and she is so great. I could spend hours with her as she is so knowledgeable and a superb empath:)) I say how it is, a reading with her lift up your spirit and that, with honesty..... Thank you, Merci, Hun:)))))" ... written by milona
Awesome!!!!!" ... written by spiritualgirl1
simply the best!" ... written by gchiker
She is definitely one in a million..I trust her every word because she has proven that I can! I will always keep her close to me for guidence." ... written by jaybird1966
Lavina is great what can I say. This is like my 2nd reading from her. She's right on seriously. Highly recommend her its well worth the insight :D" ... written by dcutie777
its always good to come back to someone that know how far you have come. Thank you Lavina!! you have been so helpful, and have helped to reduce much of the stress that i was experiencing!! your accuracy and concern keeps me coming back!! i really appreciate your help, i really do!!! Thank you again!!" ... written by deelove
WOW - tuned right in on things and really picked up on our personalities. Gave some great insight and guidance - a truly gifted reader!!" ... written by sacredlove71
I'm glad I finally got a hold of you, it was well worth the wait. Right on as always! Thank you! I will listen to your advice! :) " ... written by dalilahflores
always great and always helpful" ... written by sparkly1
Very good reading. So many things were confirmed for me. Thank you so much Lavina. :)" ... written by Penny43
Thank you! I dont have so many words right now... But wanna say thank you! God bless:-)" ... written by peaceandluv007
Honest and to the point! I really like her lots! I'm going to follow her advice and really put my foot down, because I know for a fact she's right. But she said it in the most encouraging and compassionate way that I don't feel bad! I actually feel a lot better! I'll definitely go back to her in the near future for another reading. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by wing-mei
Love her, she's good! Will come back again to speak to her!" ... written by gittyup1945
Very sweet and interesting to hear how she picks up from cards so much info. Will be happy to talk to her again." ... written by Isabella110511
The Psychic LavinaLotus is a psychic who is very sweet and caring towards her clients. Her readings are right on the dot with her clients. She is an amazing psychic to be around and so kind. I give her 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you for hiring LavinaLotus to Oranum. She is another great psychic who does not sugarcoat things. " ... written by XTurtleManX
Quick and effecient reading. Give her a try!" ... written by Writer888
She really is just such a sweetheart and gives such powerful readings. Really - get a reading with her - you will be so glad you did!!" ... written by sacredlove71
Wonderful as always. To the point. Love her. Thanks!!!! And Happy New Year." ... written by LotusRacer74
As always GREAT. I love Lavina!!!!" ... written by Deme
wow what can i say shes great she has read the truth about me everything she say was the truth and she even knew about me losing my baby 3 months ago wow you should go to her for a reading she great and can help wow thats all i can say thanks for the reading and god bless" ... written by jodymccallum
Beautiful soul! Spot on and 100% accurate!!! Adding her to my favorites :) Worth every penny!!!" ... written by wunluv96
Thanks doll! always a pleasure!" ... written by dalilahflores
Omg the real deal ...." ... written by kambygurl1213
perfect as before" ... written by john
She never disappoints me!…I do truly appreciate your help along every step of the way, I really do! Thank you for understanding me!" ... written by deelove
She's very sweet and easy to talk to. It was such a good reading! Picked up on my situation very well and gave time frames and advice for what to do in the future! =]" ... written by bellamarie
She confirmed what another psychic said using her cards, and she has a unique style." ... written by luckygoat
She is lovely and kind as always and she gives good advice and says things just as she sees them!" ... written by sacredlove71
5 star as always! xoxoxo" ... written by babay88
Just like to wish Lavina a very happy birthday and I hope she has a party! love Gxx" ... written by Graham Hardie
ty so much, will definately come back with an update on your prediction :) xx" ... written by meme
Came on and spoke with her about a particular situation and i did just as she told me to, and everything worked out!! Asked for clarification and she was accurate!!!! she was completely right! Every time Lavina!!!!! thank you!!!!" ... written by deelove
The best reading I have ever had in my lifetime. This reading changed my life. The best psychic on Oranum. Thank you so much!" ... written by OwlWolf
she is great!!!! wow really i didn't even mention anything to her and she knew his zodiac sign already..!!!" ... written by flower08
AMAZING!!!!!!! " ... written by diane1964
Thanks your awesome and very honest and straight to the point without any names you can describe ppl.^_^" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
short and sweet and straight to the point!" ... written by scadoodle
Very pleasant and a quick, hit the nail on the head and gave good advice." ... written by Massy31
i like that she was to the point" ... written by maybe10
5 star rating always xoxoxoxi" ... written by babay88
Gave great advice, she confirmed my intuition about focusing on myself, and is worth a reading!!!" ... written by deniserecalde
Very quick and helpful." ... written by Massy31
Beautiful connection, very splendid being. No mumbo jumbo with her and I. She has the right approach and truly she is the best. I highly recommend her and she deserves 5 stars....." ... written by milona
Lovely soul. No BS. Will tell quickly and accuratly what you need to know. 1000 stars to her! I can't thank you enough. XOXO" ... written by Everly1144
she gave me hope but told me how it was. she even cried knowing how i felt... she is a true empath!!!" ... written by joselansas55
The best ever xoxoxox" ... written by babay88
Lavina, you are the best!" ... written by gchiker
Very good person and is honest." ... written by Massy31
Lavinalotus was Awesome! I truly enjoyed the reading! She was very quick and to the point. VERY Awesome! I would definitely recommend! :-) ~Love Tish" ... written by Tishiab
Was very helpful and gave me great advice. Knew alot about my situation and told me what to do. Thank you" ... written by dreamgirl30
Very helpful, again! :)" ... written by flammsan
She is always very straight forward and to the point. She gives the honest answers!!" ... written by sacredlove71
She Great 5 Stars!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Miko
Good reading. " ... written by rinisaharjo
I already made a comment. But even after further talking to her. She amazed me with her sincerity, caring and how right on she was about everything. Very genuine and recommended by me 100% Thank you LavinaLotus. :)" ... written by hildie82
Absolutely incredibly insightful and sees everything exactly how it is. Thank you again Lavina! XOXOXO 20 stars!!" ... written by RadesGirl
She is the absolute BEST!!! I love to talk with her, she's the one who understands and care. Highly recommend!!!" ... written by Joey
Unbelievable accuracy, thoughtful and compassionate. I could not recommend any more highly! Thank you Lavina :)" ... written by valar23
WOW! Her gift is amazing. Very clear-sighted, very sweet and somethings she said was things she couldn't possibly know about me. I am very glad that our paths crossed, will follow her advice and see where the road takes me. Thank you so much Lavina! andamp;lt;3" ... written by flammsan
She is my number 1 Psychic Choice on Oranum. She is amazing, stunning, so accurate, I would highly recommened her without reservation. No connection issues or b.s. Just an honest and quite frankly breathtaking reading. Thank you Lavina!" ... written by Winter's Edge of the Moon
Sorry I ran out of credits. I will need to buy more lol. Lavinalotus really knows what she is talking about. I recommend her completely. And will be coming back for more input soon. :)" ... written by hildie82
OMG Lavina was amazing!!!! By far the best psychic on Oranum, she was able to pick up on things that I never told her about. She knew exactly how I was feeling and was able to describe the situation perfectly. She is really out to help her clients. I would recommend her a million times and I will def be back. Five stars is not enough!!! I am so grateful for the opportunity to consult with her this evening. Typing this is bringing tears to my eyes. Thanks Lorina for all of your help and kind words. Blessings :)" ... written by jessicar123
Shes a Great Reader!" ... written by Jodymccallum
Every chat has helped, very inspirational. Thanks again Lavina for your warmth and advice, hope you visit Oz sometime! :)" ... written by valar23
Compassionate, honest, understanding and very accurate. Thank you again Lavina :)" ... written by valar23
Always a great reading!!!" ... written by deelove
Always kind and caring. Focused and right on point. Always enjoy my reading" ... written by LadyL5
I find Lavina wonderful and intuitive!!! She is spot on! Thank you Lavina for being on Oranum. Your talent is phenominal. You really do connect. Can't wait to talk more. Love your room. Thanks for your loving support. :)" ... written by brightlight23
Wonderful, kind and caring. Couldn't ask for better guidance!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! May you recieve back 10 fold what you have given!! " ... written by shining4ALL2SEE
She was sooo right and knew without me saying a word. the best reading i have ever had!" ... written by bluebutterfly
She is greatest seere ther ever is I LOVE her she is so gifted there is no other found yet to know the things she do I think she is some kind goddess powerfull and to the point there is no other in the book of laws luv you Lavina" ... written by whiteOwl
Great! direct and true!" ... written by cyncard
She is very straight and to the point and very honest with her answers, would recommend to anyone who would like to hear the truth! xoxoxox" ... written by irinairina
Thank u Lavina..... i will try to do as you advise x " ... written by Groggy59
She says it like it is! Good reading!" ... written by getmeright
Da doppest!" ... written by gstephen
She tells u the truth the way she sees it .She knew I was talking to a new girl , and the color of her hair." ... written by george6598
Great advice! loved the reading wish i had more time!" ... written by kb1015
So good, ran out of time but will get more info later!" ... written by kb1015
Great reading on situation and advise. Make you rethink and choose carefully." ... written by mtb
Great! I appreciate her reading very much, she is very accurate." ... written by mehr
Lavina was great. I really enjoyed the reading. I feel blessed by her and will definitely come visit again. Thank you" ... written by justdancnwithu
She was able to see just what im going through described the roller coaster im on perfectly. made me see what is going on and how to handle myself and the situation......will be back.....very very very impressed thank you" ... written by missy1311
The Best Reading Ever!" ... written by jodymccallum
Lavina's connection is always amazing, if it is in Free chat or Private she has been spot on. Thank you Lavina for your gift, your honesty and your time. Mylife123" ... written by Mylife123
Excellent........xoxoxo" ... written by babay88
very insightful! will def be back!" ... written by msglitterpink
Thank you very much..very insightful and on top of the situation.." ... written by dreamer65
Wonderful woman-can't praise her enough-sincere, genuine and kind! take care Lavina xx" ... written by elidontree
She was very specific and gave me details I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't seen it myself. I will be back!" ... written by ladytaxlaw
She's amazing. She'll tell you what you want to know and you don't even have to ask. I didn't love all the answers I got but I don't doubt her a bit." ... written by ladytaxlaw
Amazing as always... most accurate, gentle and honest reader. You must allow her to read for you!!! you wont be dissapointed!!!" ... written by wunluv96
In my line of work is very hard to trust people with my decisions and privacy...I have been coming to Lotus for years and recommend her highly" ... written by Hiding Star
Very good, wish i had more credits, will return" ... written by 6marchs
Thank you you was good" ... written by tina67
I always enjoy reading with Lavina. She is down to earth and always picks up on the things that I need to know. She is a delight to talk to and would recommend a reading with her anytime. Will speak with you soon and thanks." ... written by Goeff007
you are amazing I starting to understand what you have been telling me" ... written by olivia
a true professional at what she does along with caring and concern. " ... written by missy1311
5 stars!!! I have to say, she said some stuff that no one else has said and it was the truth. It wasn't all pretty, but it was good. And her advise was great! I will totally come to her again. You definitely need to try her out. " ... written by Willow59
One of only 2 Psychics I trust on this site. In my line of work, it's hard to find honest and discreet people. Thank you Lavina for my relationship reading, you are 100 percent accurate!" ... written by Courteney
Excellent again, just wish I had the credits to hear more. Will definitely be back for another reading, hopefully soon. :)" ... written by suzib73
See my previous reviews...she sees into your life like nothing I've ever known. She tells me things about myself she can't know...truly amazing." ... written by ladytaxlaw
Always great, to the point...have had a few readings with her and have seen things she has said happen. Thanks again!" ... written by LotusRacer74
Amazing! Can't wait to see what happens! :)" ... written by flammsan
Thank you so much my first time and cant believe I am doing this but you are so real and gifted ty see you soon" ... written by Mike
I heard what I needed to. Thank you!" ... written by richie5280
She goes right to work, very fast I very much recommend Lavina to everyone :)" ... written by BeneathTheScars
Lavina was able to pick up on feelings and situations I am dealing with. She was very good. Thanks..." ... written by friendlyuser
Thanks for keeping confidential...what she told me last week just, a million stars can't wait to see you again! No one must know my secrets we share. Love You, Lavina! God bless!" ... written by wayne
She is seriously the real thing, She will tell you the straight truth and gets right to the point without asking any questions. She is definitely someone you should not pass up. Thank you so much Lavina. Blessings to you. " ... written by Willow59
Lavina was very accurate and gave me great guidance and clarity!!" ... written by floflo73
Very detailed, clear concise reading. She told me exactly what to do. She read me like a book! I would highly recommend a reading by this truly gifted psychic!" ... written by Penelope2
Thanks very much all the information. You've been most helpful. Will be back!" ... written by Laplusbelle
Finishing up what we started before interruption. Amazing." ... written by flammsan
She can tap into any situation..with ease and confidence she always speak the truth thank you:)" ... written by delmark
Significant accurate reading i cant fault in no way shape or form amazing!!!" ... written by iwanttoloveme
Amazing!!!!!!" ... written by iwanttoloveme
Left me speechless." ... written by iwanttoloveme
The BEST!!!!!!" ... written by iwanttoloveme
Excellent!!!" ... written by rg
Excellent as always - quick, to the point, and very honest!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is wonderful...and so accurate 10 STARS!!!" ... written by crizantema
Good." ... written by unlucky1402
Lavina was kind and honest about the situation. She gave valuable feedback from a different perspective. I definitely got some good advice from her and would recommend her to anyone in the future. Thank you!" ... written by toothlessbamboo
Helpful and honest. " ... written by rp2483
So honest. Really has a good soul. A lot of positive energy - and I know she was honest." ... written by tara_mcm
I wish Lavina all the best and let's have a toast to the next 1000! lov Gxx" ... written by lochchon
I love talking to this girl. She's totally my favorite. Best advise ever and she's right on in her readings. Thank you for your help." ... written by Willow59
Was just her" ... written by coacha04
Shes so sweet and very honest, and even if its good or bad she lets you know. I appreciate all your help and advice! " ... written by dreamgirl30
She is just amazing. how so much insight to what is going on around you.. she is a total sweetheart and she wants you to understand what she is trying to tell you.. and types very fast too.. I give her 10 stars..:)" ... written by butterflywings10
Right on the mark. She told me alot of what has happened and will happen. She is just great." ... written by ellenmary
Lavina is fabulous. She is consistent and right on everytime. Gives great counsel. Just let her go. I think if I shut my mouth I'd get an even better reading and more for my money....Highly recommend her. D" ... written by dstufra1
Lavina is fast and she is in the world of feelings. Only time will tell if she got it right. " ... written by _Alexis
She was lovely. Thank you." ... written by murbot
Yes you got alot right thanks " ... written by rhi0286
Good reading. Thanks for your advice!" ... written by iPreferMimi
Absloutetly the best reading I have ever had she is for real hands down best ever thank you so much LavinaLotus and may the Lord bless you!" ... written by aceduce
Great as always. Can see it right away and help. Thanks!" ... written by LotusRacer74
Every time she blows my mind! She really sees into what you're feeling. I have complete confidence in her." ... written by ladytaxlaw
Thankyou again Lavina :)" ... written by valar23
Love the reading will be back you are so good it is almost scary! hope you never forget me" ... written by alex
She picked up on me so quickly. She said things to me, with out me saying a thing. very accurate. Please give her a try. It will be well worth it :)" ... written by Nursetyc
Gets to the point " ... written by tivabeth22
Lavina is the real thing. Her gift is very unique and her readings have totally been accurate. You will not regret it if you do a private. You should regret it if you DO NOT do a private with her. She is honest and to the point. Totally worth every penny. She's on my favorites... for a reason." ... written by Willow59
Nothing less than AMAZING!" ... written by LA
Very good read, confirms my direction and I look forward to tomorrow" ... written by afcsher
Love you Lavina tyu for all you have done an god Bless U" ... written by onehorsebuggy
Great, very quick. Would recommend!" ... written by littleone73
There is something about this woman. She has a kind soul and a really strong energy. I trust her intuition. Thank you Lavina." ... written by tara
everone has gifts but none like yours most jus wish they were you ty for the reading Lavina Luv. their no other like you. you have been blessed. an thanks for sharing your joyful sprit. with the world." ... written by whiteOwl
she is really nice and told me what i needed to do, thank you :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
She came recommended, we really only just got started, but she was seeing clearly, no doubt. :)" ... written by snowmoon
Excellent! :)" ... written by flammsan
I like her. Only time will tell if she is right on what she told me." ... written by _Alexis
she is amazing and very honest no sugar coating and give answers to questions quickly thank you lavina i'll be back!!! :)" ... written by vrinda113
Just to say thks for helping me out tonight lavina-much appreciated :)" ... written by lochchon
Thank you so much....You always give great advice...^_^ and your are very honest which I love and your previous prediction did come true....and I know that everything will work out too....^_^ Thank you so much again!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
As always, Lavina answers my questions and give the best advice. I definitely recommend her she is the real deal. Her readings are extremely accurate. She's told me things no one else has about my ex's current position which were dead on. Try her!" ... written by Willow59
Lavina is one of the best. She connects very quickly and is to the point. She also gives some of the best advise I've had. So far, following her advise has provided the results she saw. She's blunt but don't take it the wrong way...she's just saying it how she sees it. No sugarcoating. She's worth every penny and I totally trust her. Thanks Lavina!!!" ... written by Willow59
Such a sweetheart. Thank you for everything!" ... written by charmedangelx31
BEST!" ... written by timkoh
I just really love lavina. I trust her...and she is the best!" ... written by tara_mcm
A Valentine Poem for Lavina love is the smile on her face, the way she holds your hand, when you look at her asleep in the morning, when she laughs and throws back her hair, when she looks at you with those eyes, and you know you are blessed when she lights up your heart, with a word or an embrace. love is everything she ever was and ever will be. Happy Valentine Lavina xxx" ... written by lochchon
awesome as usual" ... written by timkoh
Always helpful..and reassuring" ... written by dstufra1
Wonderful as always....thank you :)" ... written by LotusRacer74
Simply the best! :)" ... written by msglitterpink
Very nice and straight forward...she will tell you what you need to know and she will help." ... written by kmdoll23
She is very nice, thank you" ... written by cammyboo
Something has been on my mind for a while... I come from a religious background and I know lots of people criticize this kind of thing but I believe some people really do this for the good. LavinaLotus came off as very kind and easy to talk to. Although we spoke for a little bit, she gave me a clear answer! I thanked her for the clarity and I've talked to my fair share of people on this site but for some reason never has an answer been so clear and honest. Yes when we hear what we like we become happy and say that the was physic was perfect, and when we hear something bad we blame them as well. But even if the news was bad she would've been so clear that I would've liked it anyways. Thanks hun :)" ... written by vusa2012
She was very insightful as always. I have lots of faith in her! Get a will be amazed!" ... written by ladytaxlaw
LAVINA IS VERY GOOD!!!!!!" ... written by sweets123
Lavina is wonderful as usual!!! " ... written by fatcatcook
Lavina was spot on with a reading i had previously with her so when you get a good thing you go back to what works for you and she did a wonderful job before so why wouldn't i come back to her for more guidance. i am sure this work work as well as her last reading. You need to quit sitting in the room asking free questions and fork out some money and get a reading if you really want to know whats going on." ... written by raym57
Lavina picked up on things that were true in a very short space of time. Shes helped me see sense some how. I now know what to expect. Hope to do another reading with her soon. I trust her. Thank u lavina x" ... written by Sapphire91
You are awesome!" ... written by andreazumba2011
She is an angel. So positive and wonderful. I really feel her energy when I speak with her. She only wants the best for everyone...and it shows. I will be back soon! " ... written by tara_mcm
No words....just xxxxxxx! 5 stars!" ... written by godlike69
Very honest and open with the reading. Tells the good and the bad and the ugly and gives straight forward honest advice. The reading was positive both in outcome and insights from Lavina herself about myself and the situation and the person involved. Hoping the predictions come to fruition and I'll be in a better state to handle what's coming my way. :)" ... written by crzdnem
Thanks! Please finish the rest in email!" ... written by mmd1990
I do feel that Lavina knows what she's talking about .... and she delivers the information in a way that is understandable and gentle ... I would recommend Lavina to anyone wanting honest answers ... thank you, Lavina ... I am grateful :-)" ... written by Mesmereyes65
Delved in like she already knew my story and immediately told me about the dynamics working in the issue I was concerned about, which are true - accurate and confident about what she was advising me. Importantly, I feel clear on what I need to do." ... written by lilliableu
Great reading.. accurate and clear." ... written by qbcstar
To the best psychic ever always right on have never missed prediction ever for me. love you Lavina thank you so much you'll never know how great you have been for me." ... written by Mike
Great reading as aways, highly recommend!!" ... written by Massy31
Lavinalotus is super sweet and just phenomenal and I can't wait for us to talk again. Her reading was on point and so was her advice. Anybody would do well to speak with her. Thank you Lavina" ... written by Oshi-NYC
She is great and gave me a lot of great information. She is truly caring and real!! Sorry my time ran up will be back soon" ... written by dreamgirl30
She is a delight! " ... written by Isabella110511
She is awesome! Just awesome. I really trust in her and confide in her. She is worth every penny I spend on this website. " ... written by tara_mcm
She is worth every penny to speak to her, she knows her stuff... big time! Please have a private with her" ... written by butterflywings10
Lavina is so great! She really truly cares and has deep insight. I really appreciate her warmth and humor. She is a trusted advisor and friend. I highly recommend her. " ... written by sparkly1
Wonderful! Thanks Lavina :)" ... written by valar23
Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time. But in the short time she knew something personal about me...she couldn't have known what she knew especially on the net with a screen name that has no obvious gender to it. " ... written by Lucorpan
Fantastic reading will be back she is the person to talk to" ... written by Lorann23
The real deal!!! shes the best. take her to private and see for yourself!!!" ... written by jaybird1966
Wonderful. 10 stars." ... written by tara_mcm
Truly wonderful..thank you. " ... written by bubblygirl
Truly wonderful..thank you. " ... written by bubblygirl
GREAT READING!!!!!!! GRAND!" ... written by LavinaWifez
I know what i need to look forward to" ... written by xaries2000
Gave me some insight" ... written by xaries2000
Totally awsome 99.9 pct accurate as if she was in my life and new my every move amazing i thank you so very much for all the insight and paving the way ...your amazing...." ... written by davyboii
Shes AMAZING! 10 stars!" ... written by LA
Right on! very good! very kind!" ... written by Paigegirl
Another amazing reading!! Lavina is my godsend! She connects instantly and gives incredible, sound advice, in a compassionate way. She really cares about her clients! " ... written by Penelope2
LOVE HER. She is the best on this site. I always come back to her for good reason. She makes my life better because I know that in my darkest hour, I have some to talk to...relate to...someone who wont turn their back." ... written by tara_mcm
Love Lavina. If you haven't tried should. She's the best on here. I come to her all the time and she connects so quickly as well. I trust in her 100%." ... written by Willow59
Thank you Lavina for wrapping up. You confirmed how exactly what I thought about the situation. I can count on you to be truly honest with me. " ... written by Willow59
:) aww lovely reader! thank you so much!! I'm so happy to know there is some positivity here ! bless you Lavina!!" ... written by manijhe
Thank you Lavina! Your the best.." ... written by sexyegyptian2
I love her she was right bout her prediction! Told me more great info and helped assured me bout everything! 10 stars" ... written by dreamgirl30
Good reading " ... written by ashley4857
The greatest ever the only one real here loved reading Lavina" ... written by tom
Super fantastic and wonderful. 5 stars x infinity! " ... written by sparkly1
Picked up immediate!!! WOW" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
Picked up immediate!!! WOW" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
BRILLIANT" ... written by beckyl91
She was really great, thank you" ... written by cammyboo
Had 2 readings, Very good.defo reccomend." ... written by beckyl91
Best ever she has really changed my life we love you Lavina" ... written by lucky man
She is awesome....and rocks. She really is the best here....hands down." ... written by tara_mcm
She is very helpful and always right with what she tells me. Predictions always come to pass and she tells you like it is. I love her she helps me all the time!!" ... written by dreamgirl30
Sorry our time ran out, thank you girl and i will take your advice. I know you have best interest at heart... 10 stars xoxxoxoxo" ... written by dreamgirl30
Fantastic as usual. Highly recommended" ... written by suzana01
Wow shes the best. I got so much insight and info tonight it blew my mind. I really can count on her to let me know whats going on in his head" ... written by dreamgirl30
Great! Awesome to talk to. Very genuine and truly cares about the lives and hearts of others. Wonderful person. Would recommend to all! " ... written by stacihummel
Thanks for the clarification...just what i needed :)).Highly recommended...looking forward to the future" ... written by suzana01
Thank you lavina :) very good reading will come again !" ... written by manijhe
Lavina is the best. She really is. She is calm, she does not judge, and she understands. It is amazing how safe she can make me feel. " ... written by tara_mcm
Great reader and caring." ... written by amelie
You're lovely Lavina, thank you so much. Your reading was sensitive and most accurate, quick to tune in and with helpful advice. Now i know why you come so highly recommended by others, will be back to see you when I can x0" ... written by Allicat73
She was so honest and gave me hope" ... written by senita0816
Knows what she is talking about.....thank you!" ... written by LotusRacer74
I recommend everyone to go for a private reading with Lavina, she's very good, and predicted things that happened just hours ago! Very accurate and easy to understand :) Thanks" ... written by DovyTheScorpion
Great reading. Touched on things I wasn't really thinking about. Hope it all works out. " ... written by naenkinc
Thanks I always enjoy our reading, always very good!!" ... written by fatcatcook
Lavina was great - she knew my situations and gave me some good insight to look out for in my current relationship as well as from my past relationship." ... written by h20skier
Lavina is one of the most caring, understanding individuals on this site. She is dead on in everything she perceives. I trust her with all my issues and come to her anytime I need a little clarification. Thank you Lavina!!" ... written by tara_mcm
Picked up on things that really got my attention." ... written by emt1111
Thank you " ... written by mmd1990
I got an honest opinion and it was something I kind of felt in my gut, even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear. I got a surprise prediction, about something else, though. Very quick, didn't make me wait for answers." ... written by jenmarie
We reconnected and she picked up right where she left off. She's is so fast at connecting and really does tap into the situation very well. I trust about 3 people on this site and she's one of them. Thanks again Lavina!" ... written by Willow59
She figured me out really fast and really well. excellent cartomancy" ... written by Romeo_18
Thank you Lavina, I'm very grateful for the little amount of time we got to talk for. I will continue to be one of your clients. I feel a connection with you, thankfully. My grandmother,rest in peace used to do this thing where she writes backwards and she was very spiritual, and also had dreams that came true. My aunty Dawn does readings. I don't like to go through family though, they don't understand. :)" ... written by littlejjs
Very informative" ... written by anubet12
EXCELLENT!!! Fast, accurate and definitely Gifted! Will be back for sure." ... written by Grannybear
Fast and positive..." ... written by wendic
Great reading... a lot of amazing incite. Very appreciative " ... written by Mom2BYZ23
Thanks Lavina....Your the best...^_^" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
I felt her honesty, and clarity as well as the connection with her. I know she is very trustworthy and I respect her ability to help me. she picked up alot of information going on, that I needed to hear. I am glad I found her, and will continue to be a client of hers." ... written by littlejjs
Thank you very much for the reading.... very accurate :) " ... written by cleoham87
She was wonderful she picked up on a lot of things i didnt even have to tell her anything! she was really honest and truthful and well it helps to know the truth and not crap u want to hear! thank u! u r amazing!" ... written by waiting4myjoey
Just had a wonderful and very emotional reading was very honest i have had many reading with others but she picked up on my situation with out me telling her anything told me many things that i needed to hear truth and honesty i thank you for opening my eyes to what was really real not just in my mind but real truth i just love her cant wait for next reading cant wait to see what happens Thanks much love!!!!!" ... written by cadesgirl
Lavina is so important to me. I really feel that she is a friend. I know I can rely on her, and I always leave our conversations calm and ready to take on my everyday challenges. She is the best on here. She is kindness and love." ... written by tara_mcm
Good as everyone says! Try her!" ... written by Hims82
Sorry I was short of credits, but it was quick. I had heard a lot about you, so wanted to give it a try. I felt good talking to you. What ever I have read about you is true. You are good. Thanks" ... written by Seemajoshi
Best psychic on Oranum! I will come to her for whatever I may need! So genuine and made me feel like she truly cared about what I was going through. Thanks so much Lavina! " ... written by stacihummel
She is wonderful. The best on Oranum." ... written by tara_mcm
Lots of love for my favorite girl. Always. " ... written by tara_mcm
Genius! Lavina is the best psychic around and so intelligent!! ! She is very trustworthy. I feel like I know her and would trust her like a family member. She is never judgmental, could tell her anything and not be worried. " ... written by stacihummel
She has great insight... she told me very personal inputs... Highly recommend her" ... written by geminineil2011
LOVE her. Lots of love always. She is the BEST on this site. I listen and take her advice...and hold it close to my heart! 10 stars!" ... written by tara_mcm
Very friendly andamp; easy to follow. Thanks" ... written by jlo5555
Great feedback!" ... written by dstufra1
Very tuned in and accurate description of my situations. Very good reading!" ... written by lilliableu
Thanks again Lavina...You are the best! You always reassure me that everything will be okay and I know I need to focus on myself and things will fall into place^_^ Thanks for being here for me when I really needed someone to talk to....I always feel so much better after talking to you....You have helped me in more ways than you know^_^" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Lavina predicted a reunite a bit before summer and my relationship is starting to develop today, 11 apr. When it comes official I will write another testimonial. Legitimate expert." ... written by _Alexis
I was meant to meet this woman. It's like we are sisters. I absolutely adore her." ... written by tara_mcm
Good reading." ... written by sapphiremoon
Thank you Lavina. I appreciate your help as always. :)" ... written by Willow59
Your the best Lavina....thanks again!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Great! Great! Great! incredible! Thank you so much!" ... written by littleluckyjohn
She is the best psychic that I have ever seen! " ... written by littleluckyjohn
She knows information, no one else knows, wow ... I will be back!! I am shaking my head" ... written by quaz61
Lavina is a god send! She's needed. I would say anyone who needs help, go to her." ... written by BigHeart91
Wow, she's on board with everything about what's going on in my life. She hit everything on the spot. Gave me great insight. I loved my reading and I will definitely do exactly what you told me. Thanks a bunch. I will keep you updated." ... written by Lily009
Love her so much. The best on Oranum. She is a gem and I am so lucky I found her." ... written by tara_mcm
She is the only one who has spotted something no one else has done. She was great! " ... written by quaz61
It started a little bit difficult, but after a few questions, she was right on the mark." ... written by allerena
Touched upon some of the major issues I was having, and was very comforting." ... written by fretty123
She's wonderful and so caring!!! It has been a while since we last spoke and she remembered everything and was able to still confirm things for me. She told me good things to come and gave me the advice she feels I need to hear and that's what I respect the most She is brutally honest but does it with style and grace She doesn't tell you what you want to hear she tells you what YOU need to hear. She is like one of my girls and I know that she is right every time we speak. Thanks for always being patient with me. I am starting to see the light. Keep you posted! Xoxoxoxo" ... written by dreamgirl30
She's wonderful! fast connection with out giving any info. great insight and advice. thank you very much! i am very grateful that i came across Ms. will not be disappointed. " ... written by KD
Love her so much. Love you Lav!" ... written by tara_mcm
Lavina is a great loving person.. she understood the situation and gave a good advise, she was straight to the point and helpful !! Thanks alot lavina for ur advise huny" ... written by 7lulu7
Wonderful and Brilliant as always!" ... written by tara_mcm
She is the best! I love speaking to her she is like one of my girls we can just chat about anything and everything. She gives me great advice and helps with all my problems and gives clairty to my situation! Her predictions always come to pass and shes honest and real! I love her and she deserves many stars!!! xoxoxo" ... written by dreamgirl30
Very good, no information required as she picked up what was going on and provided clarity. Thank you!" ... written by greekgoddess71
A nice and intelligent lady with great knowledge. Thank you" ... written by quaz61
Good to chat again. Always spot on and knows what is going on. Thank you!" ... written by LotusRacer74
Freaking awesome! i missed you girlie! great talking to you again :) " ... written by dalilahflores
LavinaLotus was correct in her reading she gave me especially about my job. I was supposed to be getting talk to the manger he told me to go put my apply on Friday so thank you miss LavinaLotus " ... written by cmb2007
Great " ... written by quaz61
Wow, she knew something and I think she is great~A high 5" ... written by quaz61
Two words...AMAZING GIFT!!" ... written by FrankJ
Amazing depth and this is the real deal. Nothing like this! Another great session!" ... written by quaz61
Forget the rest" ... written by FrankJ
Thank you! :)" ... written by Summer84
Happy Mother's Day, Lav!" ... written by tara_mcm
She is my heart and soul. I love this woman like a sister. She is the real deal....I trust her like I trust myself. Love you Lav." ... written by tara_mcm
Very sweet and to the point. She knows things no one else would! She is able to work with you to become more positive in your life. Thank you!! For all your help!! xoxox " ... written by adorangel
Lavina is the best! She is really like my spiritual sister. She connects so well, gives me fantastic advice and helps me put things in perspective. I adore her and highly recommend her to all! " ... written by sparkly1
She is great! Thank you!!! :)" ... written by LotusRacer74
Amazing she didnt even need cards she was right on an new things my mother doesnt even know" ... written by charles
Thank you hun. You picked up what is going on my life right now so perfectly. I will see what happens next." ... written by Charlie0605
She is excellent ,pick up on everything very quicky ,great reader" ... written by Anjumlovesyou
She's tough but very accurate..." ... written by dionisios71
The best. I cannot possibly give a higher recommendation :)" ... written by valar23
Thank you! Good as always....." ... written by LotusRacer74
Very good and professional! Strongly recommended to go into private" ... written by john
Wonderful reading, always on point with her advice, two months ago she told me that a man I wanted to be with wasn't ready for a relationship and she was right, I should've listened to her! excellent psychic" ... written by ashley4857
I LOVE this woman. She never forgets a single thing and always knows exactly what is going on before you even say anything to her. Me and her connect so well and she helps and guides me through everything in my life. I really wouldn't know what to do without her. She has predicted things for me time and time again and is always RIGHT! I can't wait to see what happens next and to speak to her again. You must read with her regarding anything you need to know. She will bring you the peace and clarity you need!!! Thanks so much for always listening and just helping me through it all. Xoxoxoxo" ... written by dreamgirl30
Once again, another amazing reading from one of the best advisors on this site. Lavina is one of the truly gifted people on here. I will be back again and again and strongly recommend her to anyone who needs clear, concise, accurate advice. " ... written by Penelope2
Thank you so much for that reading, and I think you saw exactly the situation as it is. Thank you very much." ... written by targetone
Excellent ...5 star reading always from Lavina...ty xxxx" ... written by babay88
She is awesome!!!! You don't really have to provide her anything and she will begin telling you things. Try her, you will not be disappointed!" ... written by evitadolor
She really helped me, and was patient to my recurring questions which have bug alot lately, she actually saw stuff I didn't tell her, impressive!" ... written by EXCELLION36
Thanks Lavina! You are the best! Thanks for being a great friend. You have given me so much good advice and you have been so honest with me. I know i should move on but I love him. Thanks again, Lavina! Your the best ever!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
She deserves so many stars! She is always wonderful and honest and gives me the best advice and truly cares and helps me through it all. All of her predictions have come to pass and I know whatever she tells me is right. I always come back for more and I am so thankful to have such a caring person help me through this. I love this girl and not enough words describe just how great she is... XOXOXO" ... written by dreamgirl30
She gave me one of the best solutions , I love this woman. She connected with me right from the start. I felt an awesome connection, she is very good at what she does. " ... written by Dede87
She is very honest, professional, insightful I got the most accurate prediction in oranum from her. strongly recommended!" ... written by little_luckyjohn
LOVE HER" ... written by tara_mcm
Did not have to tell anything, she picked up on my situation without any information!!! Everything Iv'e heard about her is true forget the rest. you are the best thank thank you Lavina" ... written by Adolf
Very sweet, good advice" ... written by rebaliscious314
Lo veee her she is soo sweet.. Thank you Lavina so much" ... written by butterflywings10
U were wright on target. without word spoken u are the real deal will be back soon ty for your time mike" ... written by mike
Very nice lady sweet! She picked up on the situation and was able to help! " ... written by Moranda
Amazing she picked up on me without date of birth or anything very good advise she is sweet personal cant belive I havent come to you sooner ty so much will take your advise it really makes I will see you soon!!!!!!!" ... written by mark
Thanks for the honest advice!" ... written by dionisios71
Excellent accuracy! Absolutely amazing! Will definitely contact her again. I asked her to tell me anything I needed to know to move forward in my life, and without any guidance on my part or specific question, she nailed every major issue in my life quickly and succinctly with incredible accuracy!!! Lavina is truly gifted!!!!" ... written by angolob
Brilliant :) Absolutely brilliant :) :) :)" ... written by manijhe
Its like she sees into your heart with those eyes and she the secrets of the heart she gives the best advice ty so much Lavin cant wait tell the next reading hope to see you soon." ... written by james
Lavina," ... written by Scorpio1112
Lavina is so great. You must try a reading with her. She connects well and has great accuracy. She tells it like it is she is so empathic. She reads you like a book and guides you towards the best outcomes. Sometimes the trolls get to her in free chat, but that is mainly because she takes what she does so seriously and she does try to stretch her energies and abilities so far to help those in need. The trolls take it too far and that is so unfair to those of us who seriously are looking for advice. She is strong though and mostly gives it right back to those darn trolls-she even tries to help them despite their rudeness! Amazing gifts, deep compassion...that is dear friend and trusted advisor... " ... written by sparkly1
She was awesome and gave me good reading.." ... written by megadeath
Lavina is the real deaL!!!!!!!" ... written by tom
Glad we were able to chat.... great as always!" ... written by LotusRacer74
She was right on, target, she seen whats was going on in my relationship and was able to give me a clear mind..." ... written by nafayia1984
Very good reading!" ... written by Aryastark
Ty Lavina for all your gifts, wonderful advice there is no other in the world like u, the rest are not always real. " ... written by sharonda
Livana lotus is the greatest, she can pick numbers and see in ways of the heart. She has the talent for your hearts desires! Thank you for the insight. See you soon. Hugs." ... written by bugsy
Good reading, She is very good." ... written by Bon91324
I couldn't believe it she was right on it's like she new me are something I will be back. And thanks for the help. See you soon!" ... written by duke
Lavina is soooooooooooo damn great...I love this lady...straight to the point...thank you so very much xoxoxo" ... written by babay88
Wow, great reading! She picked up on everything! Awesome! ;)" ... written by Anon
I been living in la la land know I understand she is the greatest everthing that I didnt Know she answerd I know he will be back soon now ty u Lavina! u truley are gifted. sharon please dont for get me." ... written by sharon
I really enjoyed the reading, she picked up on my energy quickly and sensed my situation and I feel better now that I'm clear. Thank you I would definitely recommend and come back to her. Again thank you. " ... written by zforever
Honest and to the point. Great information. Would do again. " ... written by fmr123
Dont know what I would do without u ty 1 again for your advise. nothing but love for u babe." ... written by duke
She's the definiton of awesome . Love her . Extremely accurate and will not leave you disappointed . You WILL be missing out if you don't do a private reading ! " ... written by neicy554
She is the greatest! ever will always be back! Love u lotus like many others. an ty for all u have done unlike others u care." ... written by ask i wont tell
Lotus, thank you for giving me all information i needed to hear and not what i wanted to hear! That is the only way i can prepare myself and structure my future. I am truly appreciative of your help and kindness, you are a cool buddy in need. Love you Lotus, you are awesome :)" ... written by AppleBite707
She jus roped this cowboy ty Lavina be back soon" ... written by tim
There is nothing like her. Enjoyed every minute of it thank you Lavina, will be back." ... written by tim
Good and straightforward communication and good suggestions." ... written by aspectj
She is for real I be needing you Lavina. thank yo for all you do an the great advice see you soon." ... written by vinne
Loved it cant wait tell next time, thank you Lavina!" ... written by david
Very helpful. Very accurate" ... written by AmyDog
You hit it right on! Only a technical problem did not allow me to have the "future" info. Too bad 20 € for 3 min chat... and I never got the end... but yeah you did hit it on the spot with the reality of my life!" ... written by Jujupette
She is spot on! Always sees the situation clearly and gives great advice." ... written by iPreferMimi
Right on the issue and very good advice and truth. Call her she will help." ... written by focusing
Straight up truth." ... written by READRIDER
She is the best. if you don't believe, try a private reading, then you will agree!" ... written by little_luckyjohn
Connected to me very well.. Thank you very much even it was not what I want to hear but I think you are saying what is right, thanks again." ... written by serinaserina
PERFECT READING!!! Spot on, on everything that has been going on. Absolutely recommend her as the reading was exactly right on as to what has been going on." ... written by jonnypc123
A very good reader. Love the way she helps others... She is a sweetheart.." ... written by rajat_25
Outstanding!" ... written by pawsitive
Dayum! She is quick! Accurate too! I'm tellin' ya - she is worth it!!! :)" ... written by truthyone
Wow, this woman told me more about a special someone and I thought I knew it all! She connected well and I will take her advise and see how things turn out later." ... written by tblove1
She really does get straight to the point! And does not sugar-coat anything that's the truth, but very kind : ) " ... written by Strawberrygel15
Great opportunity to clear your mind. " ... written by jbman007
Very good. seriously. very very good." ... written by cupcake1117
Very nice and quick to pick up and lot of detail" ... written by teavana
I think Lavina is an amazing psychic!! I didn't have to tell her much and she got it right on the dot. One of the best readings I've had." ... written by ToniD64
She was extremely accurate and she picked up on everything! wow! i am in shock! i will definitely be coming back to see her again! it was one of the most wonderful and accurate readings i have ever had!" ... written by MissDecemburr
I enjoyed my reading picked up what I love to do and confirmed that I am following what is in my heart. " ... written by Londa43
Thank you for your advice! You are great! Be back soon. XO" ... written by LittleBee
A very good reader. Love her ability to guess stings... she is perfect..." ... written by rajat_25
OMG SHE IS AMAZING, Thankyou so much. Words cannot describe how good u are, lol i will take some of ur advice for sure. " ... written by Klaudyna27
For the short amount of time that she read me she was right on question! I would had loved to had more time with her. But very good and accurate! I would have liked her to speak during the reading." ... written by melissa60
Great reading as usual! She is amazing and never sugar coats anything. She always helps me in my situations where I really need it :) She's wonderful!" ... written by MissDecemburr
It has been forever, but Lavina you are still so great. I truly appreciate you and your reading for me, you have always been straight forward. Thank you!" ... written by deelove
Ms. Lotus, you are an incredible being and so right on target. What can I say? I missed our privates and you are an incredible at what you are doing... Please stay, we need you and deserve 1000 stars for being such a excellent psychic, being, soul and beautiful you are. You friend always:))) xoxoxoxoxoxo" ... written by milona
Great!" ... written by cherryred1713
Thank you a lot for your advices. I will think about this... You have a warm heart. Hugs back...:-) " ... written by peaceandluv007
Did a really good job, and it was interesting feedback she gave me." ... written by REGISTERED1223
She is the best she is like my best friend, sister and family wrapped in one! She always tells me what I need to hear and steers me in the right direction whether I like it or not I know she tells me for the best interest and goodness of her heart to make things better for me! She always goes the extra mile for me and always makes me feel better. I love her so much!" ... written by MusicLife30
Straight to the point tells you how it is which is great even if the truth hurts. " ... written by cherryred1713
Connects fast... Tells it like it is. No sugar coating. i will be back." ... written by Scorpio1112
Thanks! Will definetely have another reading in the future" ... written by catlike
Great and knows her stuff!" ... written by quaz101
Sounds about right on the subject asked..." ... written by MARIAMECR
Very real and straight forward. Gets right on to what you need to know and what's going on around you. Highly recommend." ... written by Icleus
Great feedback very sweet and caring" ... written by vanessadc777
Very honest andamp;amp; straight to the point" ... written by gabrielm88
Very very good, she actually pick up on it without too much information!!! It's like I am talking to a friend of the other party. MORE THAN 5 stars!!!" ... written by eagleeyes340
Good and straight to the point." ... written by Trishab24
IM PLEASED WITH HER READING!!" ... written by smallkitty
Lavina is the REAL DEAL. She is the best on this site. I have so much love for her and am so thankful she is in my life." ... written by tara_mcm
She is great." ... written by ckayx69
Direct answers thank you for the help will see how it goes" ... written by adritodwin
Absolutely superb, if you need the truth and a hit of reality to wake you up...come to lavina- I highly recommend her. I could not thank lavinia enough, it's exactly what I needed. Well worth the credits :) " ... written by manystars
Another exellent reading :) I cannot thank you enough lavinalotus. Highly recommended " ... written by manystars
She has great advice and knows exactly who/what you are talking about" ... written by Dani0987
Excellent very helpful and informative...I recommend her" ... written by Dani0987
Great, thanks very much. connected instantly and very well. Reassuring" ... written by zebedeee39
Thank you lotus... Well didnt have to say anything.. She just confimed everything....and I am going to do just what she said...ty...I will be back! At least I know I am not!" ... written by Valerie71
Thank you." ... written by mmd1990
Always so wonderful and positive. She is the best on this site!" ... written by tara_mcm
I love her like she was my own sister." ... written by tara_mcm
Great job, 5 stars. Very insightful...." ... written by tk40000
Lavina's readings are so therapeutic. I would highly recommend taking her advice for the tender issues of the heart, if you really want to know how to handle things with elegance :)" ... written by manijhe
Yeah pretty accurate" ... written by Freshy1987
I chose to speak with Lavina as I'd read quite a few reviews that spoke highly of her reading, and definitely made the right decision. Lavina was spot on - and as she promises in her description, she goes straight to the reading and does not ask for information up front. Very insightful and detailed, my reading was straightforward and accurate. Lavina was able to get sun signs accurately without any prompts, and her timeline prediction matched what another psychic had predicted for me. Genuine, straightforward, kind but badass - highly recommend a reading with Lavina." ... written by moonstone2
Definately saw through the many unresolved issues within my 'relationship' and helped me alot through the insecure and overwhelming sad feeling ive been having! I'll definitely keep this updated! thank you lavina(:" ... written by Michiex0
The best! I speak with her all the time, whenever I have doubts or need answers she's always there with quick insight and accurate information to help me. She always goes the extra mile for me and is so understanding with me. She has been so right with all her predictions and have even helped make things better for me. She is honest, caring, compassionate, understanding, friendly, funny, and just makes you feel so comfortable. She is more than just a reader to me . I consider her a great friend and like a sister. I love her!!! Thank you girl xoxoxoxo" ... written by Soulmusic29
Great connection to my situation. gave me direction that i definitely needed. will be back in the future!" ... written by stevery87
I came back to my very first reader on oranum after many many months! Was a really informative reading and u gave me lots of great advice. I will definitely try and follow all u have said for me." ... written by random_diamond
30 stars. Awesome." ... written by tk40000
She has always been spot on for me. She's very insightful and picks up on my situations and the people involved accurately. Her past predictions have come true and I trust her to take her advice again." ... written by iPreferMimi
Truly wonderful and there's no words to decribe how good she is, but deserves more than 10 stars!!!" ... written by MusicLife30
She is a really good reader." ... written by rajat_25
I trust Lavina implicitly!" ... written by richie5280
Awesome job, 50 stars. She is great!!!" ... written by tk40000
Very insightful, direct and straightforward. No sugar coating and I appreciated it! Thank you! " ... written by missamt79
LavinaLotus is very helpful and patient in listening to what you ask of her. Can read a person with her kind spirit! Will definitely come to her again." ... written by flutterball
Another awesome reading! you should get one from her. Definitely 5 stars!" ... written by xtine930
Sorry, ran out of credits, I look forward to chatting again soon, hope you can give me an answer on freechat? Many thanks!" ... written by Jade50
Lavina is a great psychic, she is spot on and she is the real deal. I recommend her for a private:) " ... written by milona
Wonderful person!!!!!!!!" ... written by eli2009
Thanksss ... you are great!!" ... written by eli2009
I wish I can keep going in conversation with LavinaLotus. She shares such wonderful insight and so much positivity. I thank you for this light feeling I have in my heart right now. " ... written by enlightenme512
Thank you, as always!" ... written by richie5280
She is great! Connected very easy! Like her style! Oranum has a charm with her!" ... written by quaz101
Thank you again as always." ... written by LotusRacer74
Lavina definitely seemed to have insight to what I wanted to know, right away. Really interesting insight! She knows what she's doing!" ... written by apple283
Wish I had more time with lavina. I will definitely be back. Thanks for the reading! I enjoyed it. " ... written by xtine930
Very pleasant ,understanding and speaks from the heart, good advice and really helped me." ... written by rudione33
Gooood ima follow what she says..." ... written by purple20
Reading and advice were so right on. Love you Lavina, you are awesome. " ... written by potofgold
She certainly didn't sugarcoat anything and I appreciate that about her, told it to me straight and possibly saved me from incredible heartache, she's so sweet :)" ... written by annaa8270
Wonderful! thank you so much!" ... written by deelove
Thank you very much Ms Lavina, you are a very gifted reader and insightful! Thank you! I appreciate your help!" ... written by nunothat-Deb
Awesome, best reading I have ever had.! She knew! and explained how I should handle my situation. Best advice in awhile! Thank you!" ... written by gemini2460
100 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tk40000
A good help as usual." ... written by shaz77
Good reading. " ... written by David
Interesting reading. She was good I have to say. She was also a fast typer and she knew her stuff. I can feel at ease now with some friendly advice to follow. Thanks!" ... written by Beginnings7
Thanks L, I appreciate your time and wisdom!" ... written by richie5280
I would love to say that lavinalotus is truley amazing she was right on point.. i deff will go to her for my readings and everyone else should check her out, she is amazing!!!" ... written by lauren789
Amazing, I really wish I had more time. I cannot wait to have another private. xoxoxox" ... written by hewla11
Very Helpful!" ... written by AmyDog
Always a great help :)" ... written by annaa8270
Very helpful and caring. Very Insightful" ... written by AmyDog
The connection is beyond words...WoW! Amazing reader!" ... written by meralla
Very accurate! The only problem is there was not enough time because I am cheap lol. I will come back for another reading :)" ... written by solluvia
Always a pleasure speaking to her. No prompting needed." ... written by rachelp12
She gets straight to the point. I didn't have to tell her anything or prompt her. She knew straight away. She is the real deal." ... written by rachelp12
Love her! Gave me great insight fast and quickly and was right on the money as always. Helped me with questions and concerns I had that now my mind can be put to ease. Gave me great advice as well for my best interest and will look forward to more of her predictions. I love her so much the best!!! " ... written by dreamgirl30
Dead on target. No punches. told me what i needed to hear I know she is right " ... written by FrankJ
Excellent reading!" ... written by essa32
As always, Lavina tuned in immediately, and started providing her invaluable information right away. In a very short time, I had all the information I needed in an accurate, concise manner. She never ceases to amaze me! Thanks once again, for a superb reading, Lavina!! " ... written by Penelope2
Very nice! loved the reading. Great character no sugar coating.. straight forward. Very quick. I will def be back! Thank you! " ... written by AnaForero
She's awesome ... wish you can talk to her." ... written by stillhotat50
I am little stunned but not surprised by what she said, but I know she is always right on. She just lets me know everything and trys to help with the best of her ability. She is so caring and kind and girl I really hope this time it's not me. I have chills from this... I will be back xoxoxoxo" ... written by dreamgirl30
Just love her. true to the point very honest. If ur seeking for straight forward answers then she is the real deal." ... written by AnaForero
Great Reading. Very insightful has helped me alot. Thanks Lavina!!" ... written by AmyDog
Thank you Lavina, for not candy-coating anything and being straight with me. I realize, in reality, we can't always hear what we want to hear, but your fortitude and honesty has brought me back again-and-again,and will continue to in the future. Ty, Richie." ... written by richie5280
Wonderful reading, she's on point every time and gives great guidance and suggestions." ... written by ashley4857
She was right on, very good picked up so much of what is happening. Very good!!!" ... written by dcoventry
Has helped me so much. Thank you Lavina" ... written by AmyDog
She is the sister I have never had. Thanks!" ... written by mfurney
Good thanks lavina" ... written by flowerbird3
She is a person, who has such a wise prospective on her gifts and how it fits in the universe!" ... written by quaz101
I really enjoy her style! She is to the point and does not wast time. Awesome I will be back! Thanks so much" ... written by surfryder
Awesome! " ... written by surfryder
Second reading with her and i like how she inspires me. she's quick and direct to the point. " ... written by xtine930
Lavina is heaven sent. So incredibly exact and accurate and with a heart of gold. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!" ... written by klementine
I felt as though Lavina was a nice forthright young woman....gave me good insight....and confirmation. Basically told me that it was all up to me....which it is. I agree and she doesn't pull punches. You'll like her style and her results. " ... written by Lammie_Pie
Very well done, will cut to the chase!" ... written by hope2321
Very on point and nice. She told me all of my worries without me having to answer a lot of questions." ... written by rabzyiwill87
Accurate and awesome reading!" ... written by sr2222
I've finally talked to Lavina and it was great. She is very honest, really sweet and very very accurate:) She picked up my situation immediately.. I recommend a private reading with Lavina, you will love it, if you like hearing the truth:)" ... written by LoveElly
She understood what I was thinking and feeling without me even saying anything. A great reading. She lifted my spirits. She gave me some insights into my future... it was great." ... written by nahushj
Shes terrific. Excellent reading. Spot on with heart" ... written by katehrine1965
As always, very helpful! She has the best advice and really taps into my inner thoughts. She's my favorite " ... written by annaa8270
Excellent reading. She remembered our last session and was able to give me follow up advice. I feel like She really understands my situation and is tell me the truth without being judgmental. " ... written by Retsy44
Has very intuitive skills thanks again" ... written by kilroy7
Wow she picked up quick ! " ... written by silly
Wonderful, always a pleasure to talk to. Reassured me completely. Always accurate." ... written by rachelp12
Wow so accurate ...very clear and too point Always good " ... written by jade6996
I would give her more stars if I could! If you haven't had a reading with her... you need too. She is always consistent and lovely to talk too. Always accurate." ... written by rachelp12
Sublime ability." ... written by englandsglory
Shes wonderful and always so helpful! Whenever I feel down she always lifts my spirits up. I love her kind spirit and truly has a big heart and I know I have to listen to what she tells me because it will only help me in the long run!!! xoxoxxo" ... written by dreamgirl30
I highly recommend this reader - she was very quick and very in tune - she let me ask my question and gave me a simple answer without a bunch of andamp;quot;dramaandamp;quot; added to it and was honest - I hope she is right - I really do - I am going to do what she said and believe it." ... written by Lyne37
AMAZING...NO CARDS....NOTHING! Wonder Woman :)" ... written by SarahA
Lavina knew my situation before I had a chance to say a word. I am very excited to go deeper with her. To have someone like Lavina describe a situation from the outside so perfectly was very reassuring as to her level of talent and her ability to see and perceive. I much appreciate her straightforward approach and no nonsense attitude toward me personally. I very much look forward to speaking with her again." ... written by me7777777
She is so straight and tells how it is in a sweet and gentle way so you can accept and trust that a better way is possible and still keep your pride and self respect. thank you Lavina you read my heart exactly." ... written by cap1960
Very to the point and precise in her predictions" ... written by mkjay28
Lavina was very good. She went straight to what i needed. Thanks. I will be back." ... written by Lostgirl80
She is one of the most amazing ladies. Very Clam and pleasing. I was so furious with lots of pent up emotions but now i feel a little less angry. I could ask a few questions which were answered quite satisfactorily." ... written by adamsecrets
Realistic, just what i need thank you." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very good and accurate insight with realistic approach, the way I really need it. Thank you Lavina." ... written by mojasudbina1978
I would def recommend Lavina she knows whats up with you before you even speak and she doesn't need cards, i think thats awesome! She's very smart and knows what she's doing. When your getting a reading from her you'll never question if she's full of shit you'll just know everything she's saying is completely accurate and honest. You wont find another psychic on oranum like her I guarantee that! " ... written by catieslim
Lavina is very sweet and straightforward. I always wanted to have a reading with her and she is so wonderful. she is worth my time and more than 5 stars. keep up the goodwork dear. I love you :))" ... written by AutumnFairy
What she said to me was so right - she listens, feels and is so sweet and gentle in the way she delivers her message. reccommend her to all wanting a true reading." ... written by cap1960
You are my support." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you for reality you open up to me." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Big thank you." ... written by mojasudbina1978
As usual heaven sent - and so right about all issues...luv her insight to all things that relate to me. Thanks lavina. xxx" ... written by cap1960
Very good!!!" ... written by spiritflower79
Lavina, thank you for your realistic insights to my situation. You are really helping me in this. And what is amazing to me, i already see some of changes you said that will come in." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Always eases my mind! Really easy to just talk to :)" ... written by annaa8270
Getting balanced, back to me, music, possible path to go there.... " ... written by gardhard49
Yes she sees things. If I want marriage back, I really have to work on me. The connection is deep and still there, but she is not ready to forgive and will have to choose me again after I have done my work. I am still wrapped around her finger. I am unblanced in my emotions which she hates.... " ... written by gardhard49
Love Lavina! She is crystal clear how she sees and explains things. She makes me feel like my eyes has just opened wider after speaking with her!" ... written by enlightenme512
Always lovely to speak with her, knows exactly what she is talking about. Very accurate!" ... written by rachelp12
Kind, open, honest. " ... written by noelmoz
I cant speak highly enough of Lavina - she's so god sent and always tries to help me and does. Love her ways and recommend her to all - you will feel so happy. Thanks Lavina xxxx" ... written by cap1960
Amazing reading. Was much needed!! :) Thank you so much!!! :) " ... written by manijhe
Great reading as always (:" ... written by annaa8270
Thank you so much for giving me that great opportunity, to speak with you. You have always offered a clear and concise advice, for a very long time I have dealt with you and you haven't changed. Thank you again!!!!!! :)" ... written by deelove
She is real 100% ." ... written by chandragomes3
She is trustworthy, frank, professional in what she read, real psychic. I always appreciate her helps. " ... written by little_luckyjohn
I am just taking a minute to let everyone know that I have had several readings, but.... I have not ever had a reading like this in a very long time. She is fantastic and is truly the real deal!!! You need to have a private with her. I am not joking!! She is worth the money! " ... written by myfirststeps
She's awesome, luv her reading style." ... written by surfryder
She's gorgeous and I trust her which is what you have to do for her to help....give her a try! Thank you! xxxx" ... written by cap1960
I love Lavina, she is so down to earth and sincere. Her gifts are beyond her description on her profile and I cannot thank her enough for all the support and advice that she gave to me since the past year. She is always right and it is scary. She deserves to be on this site and I recommend her for a private any time as her predictions came true. " ... written by my dance
Very level headed and helped me think things through. Thank you. Always a good reading!" ... written by altuna0
Amazing! Gave me chills immediately. Got a real good feeling from her. Will be back again!!!" ... written by dragonfly71
She is just too good... everyone should take a reading from her." ... written by rajat_25
Awesome, great reading and very accurate!" ... written by ljeesa55
Awesome understaning of how things work in many different levels" ... written by gardhard49
Loved my private reading, she was on point with my love life!" ... written by kaiteduhh
She has an intuitive sense and can get to the heart of the matter so quickly, and understands the depth of the people involved. She has a way of saying things that I can just understand without much thought, but she says things that are thought provoking." ... written by gardhard49
Great Reading. Very insightful!" ... written by AmyDog
I thought LavinaLotus connected well despite that I wasn't using video and just learning the system on this site. She tapped into some things that were definitely true, and I believe her insights were on target. " ... written by QuinnTheEskimo
She seems very honest and straightforward in her reading.. also picked with my situation.. she is worth a try!!" ... written by kellycalifornia
FANTASTIC! " ... written by Lyne37
Shes great. I love her. Always spot on" ... written by katehrine1965
Thank you so much! I will be back soon!!" ... written by mmd1990
Really nice to talk to, hopefully she was right about this recent prediction ;)" ... written by annaa8270
Very good, sweet, and understanding, straight to the point and confimerd my feelings will definitely use her again." ... written by calimamma8799
I have said it before and i will say it again she is 100% real!! She read for me a year ago and everything came out to the tea correct! She is awesome!!!" ... written by adorangel
Totally truthful! 100 % real as she always is!! I don't go to noone else! She is the real thing, love her!!" ... written by adorangel
She is great psychic, her predictions are awesomely true. You want truth - go private!" ... written by john
Shes quick n to the point as well as on point....will try her again!!!" ... written by shateau
I feel amazing after my reading with Lavina! She knew exactly what was going on when I first joined in with her. She was spot on and I cannot wait to see everything she told me come to reality. I was feeling torn and worried and now I feel like I have a great path and can move forward with confidence! Thank you so much!" ... written by KKPhillips78
I have utilized Lavina off and on for over a year and she continues to be one of three that are just dead on accurate. Nice, but she does not tell you what you want to hear. She tells you the truth...She also carries herself with poise, grace but is real at the same time. Like her very much." ... written by spiritualgirl2
She is an excellent reader. Knows everything from the minute you communicate with her." ... written by persephonestears
Sees things so clearly and wihtout much explanation! If you want sensitivvity and clarity - contact LavinaLotus" ... written by gardhard49
She answer all mmy question and give me some good advice. hopefully they work out" ... written by Angelapebbles
Says what other really good psychics have said except for reconnection...they have said it would happen...reuniting." ... written by charae44
Great reading...on target." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Thanks for keeping me calm!" ... written by mmd1990
Right on!!!!" ... written by 77different
Very sweet." ... written by 77different
Thank you!" ... written by Klaudyna27
OUTSTANDING!!!! Totally on point! tells it how it is! And has a very special gift!!! she has helped me soo many ways!! THANK YOU!!!!" ... written by Love2Adorangel
Really great talented lady. very accurate without asking any question" ... written by veezee
Very good, thanks, you knocked some sense into me.. and im happy she did.. she is one of the best on here and i am really happy that i got a chance to speak to her.. she's amazing thank you again. :) i will definitely take ur advice, sometimes the truth hurts but you have to take it as it is . xoxo thanx love" ... written by Klaudyna27
Was pretty accurate " ... written by smiley2011
Saw the situation even before i mentioned anything in both my relationship and job. Very honest and straight forward." ... written by bbrunner21
She is for real! she sees and feels everything involved in my situation. I always come back to her. " ... written by Retsy44
Helped me with some insight into a specific situation. Thank you! " ... written by mikeyroll
She is very professional, accurate, so that I trust her and I come here to ask update since last year. keep in mind that this is said not by superstitious guy. I am rational and very well educated person." ... written by john
Really helpful." ... written by ollymolly
Ive been consulting with Lavina for over a year now and once again she blows the rest out of the water........thank you Lavina so much !!!!!!!!" ... written by Salvdor
Thank you so much. Wish you could have just given me the answers I wanted" ... written by katie46
Was very helpful." ... written by pandoy
Thanks so much, very good reading." ... written by sabinaa
She is truly gifted and totally accurate!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Right on spot with the explanation of things out of the box, the way they really are, and not the way you just see it, from only one perspective. This is the reading that I needed! Once again, you helped me to get to the bottom of my situation. Thank you Lavina for your approach and honesty in readings, you are a top reader here and very valuable to me. If you want accurate reading with complete perspective, and without sugar-coating, you go to Lavina!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very insightful." ... written by AmyDog
Lavina is the best ever she very fast an accurate, no information needed, thank you!" ... written by timtiny
Needed an update and she was quick and to the point. She told me exactly what has been going on and what I can look for. Still in a waiting period but she is always right. Love her!" ... written by dreamgirl30
Amazing. :)" ... written by natashalamb11
Wonderful as usual." ... written by tara_mcm
Thank you for your accurate guidance." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is absolutely amazing, i will be back...thanks" ... written by Janice75
Thank you!" ... written by marie
Omg. She was dead on spot, thanks. Lavina" ... written by jezbell
Loved the reading she was very accurate an no date birth nothing. Will be back soon." ... written by mike
Awesome reading, thank you!" ... written by jasminepapas
LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She is the best. SO GOOD." ... written by tara_mcm
Awesome!!! She gave me the truth and said it how it was.... Time will tell. I'm going to take your advice and maybe throw myself into emerge nursing this summer and see how I like it for my clinical and for my man I'm going to keep it going!!! Try her she is amazing... You will not be disappointed :)" ... written by leebee4
Fabulous reading. On point and gave amazing advice. She is a wonderfully sweet and amazing person. Easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease just to talk to her. " ... written by jonnypc123
Before the reading i was very unhappy, but lavina has made me feel so at ease. Everytime i talk to her she makes me feel as though i know where im heading. I now have a sense of direction and a better understanding of whats going on. Love you lavina. x" ... written by TheSapphire
Very honest lovely lady. good reading no sugar coating. yes recommend her for a private." ... written by lady-gadiva
Lavina can answer any question no matter how big or small, she is the psyhic for me see u soon an thanks!" ... written by steve
She is great enjoy the chat looks to look forward to" ... written by kyla2003
Lavina has been reading for me since I became a member. Of all the readings i've had, she has been the most accurate on the past and present. What she tells me has come to pass. She a truley the best. I highly reccomend her!!!" ... written by wunluv96
Absolutely incredible!!!!!!!!! Right on!!!!" ... written by harlemomajors1
Super B! She can definitely read the cards, and they tell the truth. I`m gonna check up on her again soon :) Best so far :) Thank you Lavina Lotus." ... written by aaronisak
Interesting reading." ... written by fretan
Amazing talent so accurate so understanding." ... written by dreamingisfr33
She is the best on here in my opinion, and I've had readings from various people. She's a star. x" ... written by TheSapphire
I had a very nice reading with her, and she helped me gain insight into my situation." ... written by baxter51865186
When speaking with her is like she is opening a part of you that you never know its there, the part that will help you to regain your strength and confidence to deal with life challenges. Thank you Lavina for sharing your gift with us. " ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is the best. Dhe has not let me down yet! Thank you, Lavina. True love for you, hun." ... written by zach
The best - nothing more to say! " ... written by tara_mcm
Thank you Lavina. I know you speak the truth an will take the advise. See you soon. Hope you don't forget to pray for me." ... written by sexy love
Thank you for opening my eyes, it''s been very helpful and thank you for your support." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Awaiting the prediction. Correct about some facts that I already know. " ... written by bacidoll
She was very good, accurate and kind." ... written by avidmen
She's great." ... written by ahahaha
She connects amazingly fast - and it will blow your mind how you don't have to tell her anything. I am still in shock, and not quite sure what just happened." ... written by ChiliP
Very insightful." ... written by AmyDog
Third reading in a row - enough said. She knows her stuff." ... written by ChiliP
She knew a lot of information. It was freaky-scary. Still recovering from all that she told me." ... written by ChiliP
Lavina picked up on things immediately that there was no way she could have known and saw it so clearly and quickly!!!! What an awesome reader and person!" ... written by gardhard49
Sees the right stuff!!!" ... written by gardhard49
The best there ever was" ... written by JackofTheWorld
Damn, she is the most attractive Psychic on here" ... written by JackofTheWorld
I only trust two people on this site and Lavina is one of them. She is absolutely the best. I am surprised she isn't famous by must try her! 100 stars!" ... written by tara_mcm
NOT ONLY has she topped my previous two favorites - she is NOW my favorite! She SHOOTS STRAIGHT - but it will make you feel so much better. When she speaks, BTW, she has a very calming, pretty, soothing voice. And, don't be fooled she cares about her clients. Very nice, but that's NOT why you will read with her. You will read with her because she is RIDICULOUSLY ACCURATE!! And she can know things that no charlatan ever could guess. Just read with her and so. God Bless you Lavina!!! :)" ... written by ChiliP
This girl is the most attractive Psychic there is plus she is also quite professional" ... written by RoonilWazlib
This Girl is the best, extremely accurate and easy on the eyes" ... written by JackofTheWorld
Lavina wasted no time and jumped right in. Hit on some things she had no way of knowing. It was an interesting 1st time experience." ... written by geminichuck
How she does it, I don't understand but she sees the truth with no curtains and no way to know it. Thanks Lavina." ... written by gardhard49
Lavina saw clearly the changes in my relationships before I even asked a question, and she has been so bang on about what would happen in it so far. I will confide and consult with Lavina regularly." ... written by gardhard49
The real deal! Enough said. To the point and accurate. Always will return." ... written by gittyup1945
Great read" ... written by kobashiwarlord
Holy moley! Where do I begin? She was right on target, and she knew exactly how I was feeling about the situation I had brought up. Lavina is not only sweet and honest but to the point, something which I found most others lacked. Not only has Lavina helped me through a sticky situation but she's given me the closure that I had needed in order to move on fully in my current relationship. I will be talking to her again, for sure and I highly reccomend that everyone else do the same. Thank you Lavina for giving me clarity!" ... written by sabgab
Thank you for your accurate info, and fast insight to my situation. You always give me the realistic explanation of things that I don´t see at the moment. " ... written by mojasudbina1978
Hope what the cards say comes true ..." ... written by girlfridayful
I just had a follow up session and she was very helpful and insightful as well as accurate on different aspects of the same issue." ... written by baxter51865186
She gave me a very good reading. Picked up on something she new nothing about." ... written by baxter51865186
She is very insightful and was very professional. She helped me a lot through my situation. Gave a all new grasp of things and helped me refocus on the most important things. She was very accurate on the facts facing my problem and gave very detailed information on future events. Only have good things to say about her and would definately recommend her to anyone looking for honest reading. " ... written by Dan2313
Always truthful, to a fault! :-)" ... written by richie5280
Great!" ... written by newdaydawning
Lavina Lotus! When i saw her for the first time a year ago, I was intimidated. But I was so wrong, since she is a magic ball of love. Lavina is a reader but much more for so many people. She puts you in confidence and literally motivate you to evolve." ... written by milona
Loved the reading with Lavina! She gave me very insightful advices. Will be back !" ... written by 99joanas
Good!" ... written by kobashiwarlord
Thank you Lavina for your honest insights and advice you gave me. It really helps me to understand my situation better, to handle it in the best possible way." ... written by mojasudbina1978
The best as usual." ... written by spiritflower79
Very good, thx." ... written by Jupiter01
Thanks for another great session." ... written by gardhard49
Excellent as always. :)" ... written by manystars
She has the insights into the relationships and can indicate ways to move forward with so little information given - she sees and helps you see it too." ... written by gardhard49
Had a little touch up and as always perfect!! Her predictions are true and she is such an amazing reader. U know I will be back :)" ... written by leebee4
She is the best. I absolutely love talking to her!" ... written by kaiteduhh
Lavina is one of the best I've spoken to on here. She is the only psychic that was able to be specific with the day that the event in question would occur. She doesn't ask for names which is rare, and I feel she definitely has a gift, isn't just good with a pack of tarot cards. Thank you Lavina." ... written by serenity34
Always knows how to cheer me up! " ... written by rachelp12
Lavina is accurate! She is very good! I don't understand how she does it! I always will keep coming back!;)" ... written by gittyup1945
To me Lavina is always true and accurate in her readings. It is incredible how she instantly gets to the point, even without explaining any details of personal situation. More to say she knows exactly how I feel and what I have been through, she sees that in detail. Thank you for support as many times before." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Back for Round two. She is absolutely amazing. The real deal." ... written by tara_mcm
Great reader. Awesome insight!" ... written by tk40000
Did not have to mention a word of what was going on....She got it all! Everything!! Shocked i don't even have words to explain. Lavina is AMAZING!! Super, super FAST! She did not waste any time at all! Thank you for all your help Lavina....I needed that advise." ... written by missvega
She was fantastic! Spot on with many things and very clear with her advice. Very grateful. " ... written by Dina1978
She is fast and good, thanks for a good reading.." ... written by gm
Wonderful as usual! The best on this website!" ... written by tara_mcm
Thanks for the honest advice. Fast connection which surprises me. Need no names or nothing for that matter..Hits right on the situation..Awesome.." ... written by niha
Love her! She is genuine and accurate!" ... written by pawsitive
She's smart, funny, approachable, easy to relate to, and most importantly, accurate. She made a random connection with me in free chat. I am thoroughly impressed by how much she knew without me saying anything at all. Also, based on different techniques that she uses to read people, she confidently gave me sound advice. I highly, highly recommend that you go to her for anything at all." ... written by MjOcho
Amazing her insights!" ... written by gardhard49
Sees through all the surface activities and gets to the heart of the real feelings every time. " ... written by gardhard49
Always amazing and right on. She feels like a sister to me, always looking out for my best interest for the now and future :)" ... written by nancy
Just awesome, wonderful, clear, understood me, my questions, issues, and knew things about me she could only know with her abilities. Wonderful reading!" ... written by michelelyn
I like her very much, she's very accurate about what's going on with my relationship." ... written by hannah19
Very interesting , very accurate to listen what she told me. " ... written by hannah19
It was very informative!" ... written by maymane
Thank you for your true and accurate insight with my family situation and my relationship." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Had a really great reading, just ran out of funds!" ... written by sycammer781
Thanks!" ... written by mmd1990
I had a good reading with Lavina and a good advice. Thanks again." ... written by baxter51865186
Cares a great deal about you as a person and sincerely wants to help if she can. She has been wonderful for me and answered so many questions regarding my concerns/issues." ... written by michelelyn
Excellent insight. she always does a great job... 5000 stars." ... written by tk40000
Another great reading. I strongly recommend." ... written by baxter51865186
Very accurate, knows what is going on, very fast, does not waste time. Overall excellent. Highly recommended if you want the truth. " ... written by zimerili1
Very precise, to the point before I asked the question, she blurted out already everything. I will definitely come back..." ... written by Rowapache81
BEST READING EVER!!! I am truly amazed at this lady's gift. She was so specific and read me and my situation very quickly. She actually picked it up soon as I entered her free chat. Def if you want a true psychic and a good soul to meet, go to private, she is it. Beautiful inside and out. " ... written by bridgette222
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by buddy0914
Great as always :) xx" ... written by light
She always makes me feel better about where I'm currently standing in life :)" ... written by annaa8270
She is just amazing!!! So fast and right on the point!!" ... written by xtine930
Lavina, thank you for your loving and sharing thoughts of my aunt, and for delivering me her kindness. It was an amazing and totally new experience for me." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thanks!" ... written by shaz77
Lavina always goes straight to the heart of the matter at hand and shares what is right for me to keep moving on and keep improving. Insights, deep insights that seem so easy for her." ... written by gardhard49
Was amazing!! knew everything about the guy I was talking about and told me ways to deal with him in the best way. Made a lot of sense and hopefully things will work out between us! :)" ... written by lolabug
Great and so sensitive!" ... written by arrowbelle13
Love speaking to her, always right on point and never changes. Very accurate and mostly all predictions have come to pass. I know she is truly looking out for me and the best thing I should do. I will keep listening to her and make my life easier. Thanks hun! " ... written by dreamgirl30
Nice!" ... written by seb
She was dead on. Everything she said had exactly something to do with my situation. I couldn't have asked for a clearer answer than what I got from her." ... written by MCLiLMack
Very insightful. No bullshitting or saying what you want to hear, just honest truth. I appreciate such readings." ... written by Somozusi
My reading with Lavina was great, just what I needed to know and with perfect timing. She is a very grounded and talented psychic and astrologer. I added her to my Favorites and will definitely return. Thanks, Lavina!" ... written by witchypoo8
She's the best on here in my opinion... x" ... written by TheSapphire
She can see clearly in a really bad and complicated situations!" ... written by gardhard49
She was so good and easy to talk to... She is amazing!" ... written by dladie42
Overall it was a good reading. I think she revealed some interesting stuff that I would have never known. Still unsure as to what to do but I guess I'll just let things happen. " ... written by james9534
I had a different reading today. I had no specific questions, but asked Lavina to just tell me what she wanted me to know. Once again, perfection. One of the most insightful conversations I have had in a long time. I always appreciate her guidance and her compassion. She tunes in immediately, and tells you what you need to know in vivid detail. She is such an amazing person with an amazing gift. " ... written by Penelope2
OMG! She told me about my boyfriend injury and I didn't tell her anything. She is so straight forward I didn't like what she told me I was hoping for better news but at least she told me the truth and that's what I wanted to hear. So I will be back to update her and get more information from her. Thanks so much your more like a true friend instead of a psychic thanks." ... written by penelopecooper69
Knew my situation before I even told her, told me some great new things to look out for and gave good advice. Love her always the best" ... written by dreamgirl30
Thank you for getting me on my situation. Appreciate your help!" ... written by linn115
Always a good experience. Talking to lavina is like talking to a friend who always has your best intrest at heart. " ... written by kaiteduhh
Great reader!" ... written by KC0716
Lavina is amazing. She answered questions before I even asked them and knew details that I don't tell anyone about personal relationships." ... written by bbrunner21
She is amazing, very accurate and honest. I strongly recommend her." ... written by mehlittlejohn
Thanks so much! You are great!" ... written by trixylove
As always, she is simply amazing. She totally gets the situation." ... written by xtine930
She has an ability to see right to the heart - no big drama, no show, just here is what it is - and she is so right. If you want the truth, and want it clear, Lavina Lotus. She is helping me readdressing my wounds and messes." ... written by gardhard49
Always helpful, always professional. Thank you." ... written by noelmoz
Very positive reading, hope that predictions come true. Will update!" ... written by glow71
Was feeling worried, but she helped ease my mind and told me what I can do to make things better. Gave me some info to look out for and what path to take. She is the best! " ... written by dreamgirl30
She was spot on as usual. Didn't see her for a while and she was very straight forward and gave me really good advice! I do hope her prediction will come true, just waiting to see :)" ... written by timokoh
She is really wonderful, and gives it to you straight. I'll be seeing her again!" ... written by setare11
I have been a member of Oranum and used different readers. I have never felt more comfortable than with Lavina. She new what was on my mind since I entered the chat. Once I did the reading I wanted to be able to talk to her forever. To the point I will always return to her. Thank you for all your advice I will keep everything you said in mind and not jump into any decisions just yet. " ... written by Ana5105
Did a short reading for some advice with Lavina tonight, had some good senses. I recommend her, I've used her before." ... written by baxter51865186
Spot on! This lady just knows stuff. So much clarity offered on my situation. Thank you Lavina !" ... written by Avalon22
Very accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Very kind!" ... written by apolly
Good clear read, thanks." ... written by Denisenz
I felt she picked up on what i needed conformation on quickly and correctly..Told me things to do in witch to help my situation....time will tell.....will be back for more readings for sure.." ... written by september_rain
Thank you so much for the advice.... :)" ... written by Penny44
Great reading and advice!" ... written by yvettepandora
Lavina Lotus is the best.. She's always spot on.. Without much information, she could tell me exactly what's going on. And she's super nice.. :) Remember to smile. lol" ... written by tim
Picked up on things that she couldn't have known, very descriptive and helpful. Will def be following her advise :))))" ... written by jackals1312
Thanks!" ... written by Abra1970
Great as usual! Predictions for this week were accurate! :) Thanks so much! You're such a sweetheart!" ... written by Tim
2nd reading with her. She exceeded expectations. She was quick and accurate without me telling her much about my situation." ... written by MjOcho
Lavina's insights are always bang on. Just right to the point and always helpful" ... written by gardhard49
Thanks again lavina...I forgot to add credits and got diconnected...tried to click on you again but its not working will try again another time....your awesome as always" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Awesome!" ... written by yasamananisi
LavininaLotus is totally amazing...I was one of her 1st readings when she joined Oranum....At the time I was wondering if I was gonna be a grandmother as i have no grandchildren...she informed me that she did see me being a grandmother and that she also told me not to buy knew that i wanted a girl as i have 2 sons so she let me know so that i had time to was exactly 2 weeks later that I found out that I was gonna be a grandmother and then the next month I found out that it was a boy. She was so right :) our readings we have had many other conversations that she has helped me with an has been right on with the information she gave me...The pregancy an grandmother was just one of the many blessings I have received that she has helped me with but one I wanted to share with everyone....If you are ever troubled or need advice i recommend that you have a reading with Lavina because she is very honest and wont sugar coat anything...she will tell you exactly what she feels or picks up....or if she is unable to help you with something at that paticular time she will tell you so that your reading will be honest and not wasted...She has even told me things that I haven't told her about and her insights were right on....Thank you Lavina for all the great readings and help you have giving me...!" ... written by Terri1321
Doesn't mess around. Straight to the point. Great as always. Thank you!" ... written by LotusRacer74
Thank you very much for an accurate reading! x" ... written by alaska1111
She's fabulous!!! Absolutely spot on! Great, thank you so much. Totally in tune with everything that is going on. Thanks again." ... written by zebedeee39
Another great reading with Lavina, always on track. Thank you again, and see you very soon." ... written by zimerili1
Wonderfully connected to me and spot on about the person in question. She is so in tune with me and she is so genuine. She is one of the best." ... written by lilliableu
Thank u for details u gave me i needed this." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Lovely!" ... written by katehrine1965
One of my most trusted advisors! Another great reading. She is amazingly in tune with every aspect of what is happening in your life. With Lavina, you always get clarity, precision and honesty, in the most compassionate and kind manner, even if it's not what you necessarily want to hear. I highly recommend Lavina. She has an amazing gift that will not fail to astound you." ... written by Penelope2
Fantastic!" ... written by scramble7553
Wow ... Lavinia is amazing ... no tools! Very reassuring and insightful.. Thank you ... so much!!! I'll be back!" ... written by Discreet
The best person to talk to, ever! :) " ... written by kaiteduhh
Lovely reader..." ... written by rajat_2510
Good connection." ... written by rocio88
She gave a good reading, as usual." ... written by baxter51865186
She is a nice Reader." ... written by rajat_2510
Shes very good" ... written by specialgirl169
Always love talking to you." ... written by mmd1990
Straight to the point. Didn't give much info. Knew a lot. Thank you as always!" ... written by LotusRacer74
Very good... she can pick up fast and accurate... not asking a lot of questions to waste time. I will come back. Thanks for the reading. :)" ... written by fit2day
Awesome, on target, easy to talk to, good info, advice, wants to help!" ... written by GroovyGoddess
She picked up my situation right away in the free chat-- she knew exactly what was going on and was very helpful. highly recommend! " ... written by Sam_Hope2
Amazing" ... written by Klaudyna27
Excellent, 50000 stars." ... written by tk40000
Great insight...always helpful" ... written by tk40000
Has great insights into live and love! Always a pleasure to talk with Lavina." ... written by gardhard49
Thanks again lavina." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Lavina sees to my heart every time, and make me see truth in every way." ... written by gardhard49
My favourite. Naturally gifted." ... written by LovelyLibra91
Few things certainly hit the nail on the head, weather its true I don't know. But one thing that is true however is that everything on my last reading is coming true and the odds of it happening at the time seemed next to impossible. She was a little too right about that!" ... written by Hitcher42
Very fast" ... written by Angel
Great as always!! Thank you." ... written by leebee4
I love her reading. I definitely recommend you to have private reading with her." ... written by mehlittlejohn
Lavina, as always was spot on. No sugarcoating, and she will do her best to help you get what you want. She connects so quickly, and I feel as if there isn't anything I can't ask her. I look forward to seeing things unfold the way she predicted." ... written by MjOcho
She was very helpful..and the short amount of time she did pick up things about me and next time when i have more credits will do it again. " ... written by Rebekahramos09
She was good and truthful." ... written by abhas006
Always insightful, always quick to see the truth of the matter, and always beautiful! Thanks Lavina!" ... written by gardhard49
She help alot." ... written by abhas006
Very good reader, she picked up on my situation quickly!" ... written by PinkBeatle10
Great. Quick and precise.. Good typer also." ... written by wurzle
Hi Lavina, thanks a lot for your reading yesterday!! I greatly appreciated your honesty!! " ... written by Mysticmarzo
Lavaina sees the truth, remembers her past readings so clearly, and is so concise and consistent! How you know these things I can only say...I am grateful to you and how you came into my path...thank deserve joy and happiness in yours." ... written by gardhard49
She is good! Awesome!" ... written by gittyup1945
Perfect. I love her readings. Thanks." ... written by mehlittlejohn
Amazing person, very accurate hands down one of the best oranum has to offer." ... written by davyboii
So nice so honest just great to chat to. And very accurate!!" ... written by dreamingisfr33
She picked up on me pretty well, I will be a regular!" ... written by entertheyin
Very accurate and awesome! Makes connections easily, and is a very fast typist. " ... written by allyclaire
Good reading!" ... written by dee89112
Always such a good connection with Lavina!" ... written by lilliableu
Very intuitive and reassuring." ... written by nena408
It's like OMG after OMG!! Nothing was told, I mean nothing!The first thing she said as I entered the free chat, she knew exactly what my situation is and why I was there and what I was going to ask!! Without even saying anything, not even my name!!! Thank you Lavina for all your honesty and direct words and will do what we've talked about as this is truly what I want, can't wait for all the changes and come back for a reading again!!! Blessings, peace and light!! xoxo" ... written by shopgirl
Lavinalotus picked up quickly, provided lots of info and I would recommend her." ... written by pammy13
She connects so well with me. She knew something very specific about what happened between me and a new person in my life. Lavina connects so well with me!" ... written by lilliableu
Great reading and professional service!" ... written by OLAMOTIL
Simply the best on here. Be the best. Talk to Lavina she has your back and is a true clairvoyant, healer and friend. Absolutely perfect reading, made me aware of what is going on 'between the lines' and helped my situation greatly... Five stars all the way. " ... written by avidman
Thanks again Lavina you are the best" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Lavina Its been a long time so glad I got a reading from you. You are very honest and direct. You have been reading for me for 2 years and I appreciate your honesty. I feel as though you are a good friend and you really tell it like it Is." ... written by Amydog
Thanks so much LAVINA I HAVENT HEARD ANY GOOD NEWS IN A LONG LONG TIME.... I know with hard work i will get to where I want to be reall soon." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
She was very kind in her reading. She told me many things about my situation. Most things I did not want to hear, but she sounded genuine. I will seek again in the near future. Maybe these are things I needed to hear." ... written by wee318
The best there is no one better I think." ... written by dreamingisfr33
Dont need to use 4000 words Amazing !!!" ... written by dreamingisfr33
Alwaays first class accurate honest kind the best one need the best right." ... written by paul
There is none more accurate or nice here on oranum, just the best i think lavina is wonderful" ... written by dreamingisfr33
She is awesome....She picked on everything , things i din even mention fact i didnt mention anything to her..she doesnt even ask for names ...she is fab" ... written by nk
I was waiting to have reading from Lavinalotus from long time. I had heard about her predictions coming true for my friends. Today I was lucky to have a reading from her. she is amazing and connected to me. I am genuinely speechless. She is excellent! Terrific!!!!!! She is THE BEST ON ORANUM!!!!!!!!" ... written by Maneesha
The best by far, please let her read you. She got the the deepest part of my problems. " ... written by rosieRN
Still and forever one really bad ass, ready on point always lol" ... written by mfurney
Always fantastic!!!!" ... written by Missymay
Thank you thank you for being accurate and honest. So worth the money." ... written by bluesage
Gets straight to the point. No fooling around. Very honest. Thanks again as always!" ... written by Dana
Thank you." ... written by babyboo0212
Good Reading :)" ... written by newKid
She is straight forward and tells you like it is love her. you don't have to give her any information either. thank lavina" ... written by riley777
She is very good ... Seems accurate" ... written by ann s
Excellent!" ... written by Jaques
I feel that she did get things right." ... written by ella
Awesome as always. 50000 stars." ... written by tk40000
Great great as always;) Thank you for the truth and my confidence boost! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by Olga
Great reading. Good advice." ... written by Leelee
Thanks so much! Always love your readings!" ... written by md
Lavina has insight and knowledge that is undeniable. " ... written by noelmoz
Absolutely amazing!!! It is all that can be said " ... written by winnie
Amazing reading with Lavina! She connected instantly and knew exact details without me telling her! Lovely person and amazing psychic!" ... written by JustDance22
She was spot on, clear explanation of situation, fast connect , good advise. TY Lavina" ... written by lidia
Great reading, no info required but very much spot on and don't miss any single info! Totally impressed and no sugarcoating and it does really make the reading become very objective no matter how hard it is to hear, definitely recommend her." ... written by findtheanswer
Knew everything without me saying it" ... written by btrap16
I LOVE Lavina! She's Nail-On. I always come back to her, and only her, because there's no b.s., no fluff, just straight answers. If you don't want the truth, go somewhere else." ... written by Richie
Thank you Lavina. You are the best. I so appreciate your kindness and compassion and accuracy! You have a beautiful heart and always makes me feel better. I will be back again. Much Love and Light to you and yours " ... written by Maryann
Very sweet girl and gets straight to the point. Very accurate reading, will be interesting to see what happens next! Thanks!" ... written by Rave
Amazing ! Got the info i needed ! Yeah, something i knew but needed to hear !! Can't wait for an update!!! " ... written by Summer
She's awesome! Very accurate and honest!" ... written by Noop
Very honest and blunt but that is ok and I think people need that sometimes, thanks for listening and everything else" ... written by Carla
She's really on top with everything, really good at what she does." ... written by chris
Yep, this girl really is spot on. She nailed it as early as on the first question. " ... written by frankiecai
Lavina started to type very fast, so she new emotionally where I was coming from. I needed answers fast and she had them. I will consult with her again." ... written by Kelly
She is amazing and before i was going to ask my question she just said what is my situation and problem that I'm currently having. Really connected so well and fast and accurate...very nice reading...thanks honey." ... written by peggy
The best psychic on here coz she told me every single thing accurately and everything was spot on and true and i was so amazed and shocked like i felt she knew me since i was born." ... written by lonelybaby
Good, as always!" ... written by economics123
picking up very fast... My first reading so I will have to wait to see of what she said comes true. Thanks! " ... written by steph
Thank you Lavina, I can always count on you to tell me the truth! 5*****" ... written by Amydog
She is very black and white but has a very good heart - the reading was not as empathetic as I am used to - I don't think we connected spiritually. She is good for people who don't have any clue as to what to do though." ... written by EsotericRJM
The most accurate reading with no questions asked I have ever had. LavinaLotus has a ability that is matched by few. Well worth the time. " ... written by T. Duke
Shes's so great, natural gifts, i totally recommend her, i couldn't finish cause i was called :)" ... written by mysterion
I needed that thank you very much!" ... written by Altuna0
Very connected and straightforward. Will not waste your time. " ... written by Ladyl5
Interesting, a bit confusing at a point but good" ... written by s
I have been reading with her for years and its like talking to my best friend always. Lavina has a way of keeping it real and staying compassionate. It was an excellent reading." ... written by dee
Great, I Will be back again very soon thankyou so much!!" ... written by tiarneaus
Lavina is absolutely amazing!!! She picked up on my situation and was very accurate. I will come back for sure! Thank you, Lavina! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Very focused and on point. Caring and gave good advice. I enjoyed my reading." ... written by LadyL5
Thank you LavinaLotus!!! Great reading! " ... written by Phoxee
Miss Lavina, With how many ways can I say, you are accurate and dont need the help of anything but your own word. I have been captive to your thoughts and truly entangle by your accent. You exceeded my expectations in every way and I hope this continuos, becuase there is no greater satisfaction than the truth disguissed in sheep clothes but ever so hurtful. I embraced it all thank you for being unique." ... written by jose