About Lagira

Psychic Lagirahas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Lagirahas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Lagira's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a professional tarot card reader with an experience of more than 15 years.I use different decks in my work suc

Great reading. lots of information" ... written by Ul
Lagira is amazing with her cards. She described me perfectly regarding my situation and she also described the other person in question very accurately. I will always be a loyal Lagira fan as she never disappoints!" ... written by MD
Thank u Lagira, She was right. Recommend her!!!" ... written by Zaya21
Punctual, credible, thorough reading and the pleasure of the feeling that I have real hope! Thank you Lagira, thank You!" ... written by mimizi
Punctual, credible, thorough reading and the pleasure of the feeling that I have real hope! Thank you Lagira, thank You!" ... written by mimizi
Most helpful. Very good." ... written by X-games
Interesting, some good validations, if your a good listener, try her out!" ... written by Cryptids
Very detailed and realistic :) straightforward and right to the point! really enjoyed the reading :) Thank you Lagira, you are an amazing reader!" ... written by thetruthseeker
she is good" ... written by sairakhan1
She is really GOOD! I got exact answers for my questions. She new things which i didn't mention, it is unbelievable! Everyone should try!!" ... written by kosmosss
Thank u very much. Very helpful again. recommend her. I will back" ... written by Zaya21
Thank you, this was a nice and interesting reading!!! " ... written by Sirena22
I like her reading. Very informative. I know she is good at what she does." ... written by mariaymaria
Lagira gives very interesting, insightful and honest readings. Thank you " ... written by Rosie218
good reading" ... written by textmonster
She was right, good solutions on and very nice. Good reading!" ... written by swhope999
The best reader on here. Please take her private for more in depth readings" ... written by turkindian
wonderful and very paicent. " ... written by Nichole
Awesome reading. Recommend." ... written by 1212flaming
My third reading with her, she is always good and accurate with a nice energy!" ... written by Cryptids
Interesting and amazing!!! " ... written by sundance-kid
very insightful and knew the situation well.. sorry i ran out of time... i will be back.." ... written by ellasmom34
She was extremely confident and reassuring in her reading. She gave me insight into my career situation. I will take her advice and make changes to improve my career situation. I really enjoyed the reading. I will continue her for advice. " ... written by wee318
She is very understanding and patient and i could not ask for a better person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Nichole
She is great in interpretation of cards. I loved it!!" ... written by ankaka
She is very accurate and helpful. If you are hesitating in any parts of your life just ask her help to clear your mind! " ... written by mimosa33
She is a very good reader. Will call her again!" ... written by roxieraynor
Words will never say how great she is. So please try her for yourself and you will see." ... written by Nichole
Professional and kind hearted woman, very serious and focused in what she does. Cheers!" ... written by PeterCL
She is a very pleasant and has a gentle soul and is right on point with her words, she is sweet and patient... and I liked her reading very much.. I will be back to see her again! Be kind to her she deserves the respect." ... written by JeDe24
lagira is excellent. was very good. could see lots of things happening. would call to her again." ... written by marie21
Very good, Lagira sees the situation well." ... written by Plunkie
Great reading , thank u so much ." ... written by kristalmagic26
An excellent reading with concrete dates and times given. A very empathic reader who cares about the client and their future..Love and light Lagira" ... written by turkindian
Amazing like always!" ... written by Cryptids
Very promising reading!" ... written by jojolvcc
She is really really good! Will be back for a reading! Thanks hun xxxxx" ... written by jane011083
She is a very insightful person... and would love to do another reading with her again." ... written by buzysignal
Lagira is very caring and a wonderful reader! This lady knows her stuff! Thank you! *HUGS* " ... written by momosugah
Amazingly accurate! Thank you" ... written by damc73
Clear, quick reading. Concise. I didn't want a long reading as I am new to this. I found her very pleasant and direct. I would recommend to anyway. Thank you Lagira." ... written by jonahwriter
Thanks for all your help. You really explained a lot and you really are a wonderful psychic. I feel a lot better about my situation. " ... written by Butterfly1185
Very accurate reader. She is full with positive energy. I really liked the time spent in her room. Enjoy you too!" ... written by Chumawamba
Ran out of time, but i really enjoyed my reading with Lagira!! we looked at several things and I must say she picked up on the person in question very accurately and on the situation accurately. More than she probably realizes...enjoyed this reading very much!! Would definitely use again!! Thank you!" ... written by Nona29
Very nice reading !" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Very fast reading of the situation. Love talking with her. She is very gifted." ... written by Armande
really lovely and insightful. Most sense I found on here all night. And beautiful Thank you. T" ... written by rach99
I love talking to Lagira is very accurate in the things she told me. She the only want that s I found that hit the nail on the head." ... written by luella05
connection wasn't very good, however i enjoyed the reading very much" ... written by blanca84
Thank you very much Lagira, She such wonderfull tarot reader. I will recommand her. Thank u again lastichka.!!!" ... written by Zaya21
Wow! Gave nice reading, was able too give tune into my situation Lovely Lady... Many Thanks God Bless!" ... written by queenbee16
She's such a wonderful lady, I loved her reading and her accent is just really adorable!:)" ... written by John
Thank you so much." ... written by vegabonded
She was phenomenal!She's truly a wonderful and helpful woman!Thank you Lagira!" ... written by John
Highly recommended!Cool Calm and collective!!" ... written by rattail1
Great reading with Lagira. Love how accurate she is in her cards. Thanks again." ... written by vegabonded
wowwww she was amazing ..she read my life like she new what was going on..she is once psychic to have a reading with and speaks the truth..god bless you lagira xx" ... written by thalassaki17
Good person and nice. She gives good advices." ... written by milona
Yes very good listener and very good reading!" ... written by Lee Brown
It was a tough, complicated situation but she was able to give me even a bit of hope. Very nice and good reader." ... written by Hopeful
Good practical advise. Fun to talk with. " ... written by MsMerri
Lagira is great :)) Hope soon I will come again for private:)" ... written by Ana
Excellent!" ... written by Necklace
Excellent!" ... written by Necklace
she's great...accurate, nice, and helpful" ... written by rockhoundcarrie
Loved reading with her. She is very clear, and thoughtful in her readings. Very helpful." ... written by V
She is a very good reader. I am sorry that I have run out of credits. I will come back later." ... written by marxis79
I think Lagira is a very good reader and always reads the cards in an honest way. She has many regular clients on oranum and will continue to get new clients also. I think she is the only reader who can give the client a truthful reading and a reading that will give the client more powers to change their life for a better one! Love and Light Lagira X" ... written by turkindian
Very good advice! " ... written by 1234christy
In single word awesome" ... written by cencer
Thank you so much she really tells my situation." ... written by amy19a
Good reading about both men. Clarified things for me." ... written by barborosa
Very connected - and good with the cards - she gets right to the points and is helpful with guidance!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is very nice and helped me be more at peace. Thanks!" ... written by mimy
very thorough,... good one " ... written by ppp
Very good reader, honest and open opinion, and state of predictions !" ... written by iTrustmyself
Thank you again! :)" ... written by Marina
She gave a very nice reading as always and explains things very well." ... written by sacredlove71
I love chatting with her. Always gives me an honest reading. I wish I had more time. She is lovely, professional." ... written by necklace15
very goodclear" ... written by ppp
Very good as always!! Thank you Lagira :)" ... written by marmar
Very nice and pleasant read. I enjoyed speaking with her and she was very helpful." ... written by geoff007
Serious, detailed, methodical, i think she is a pro!!" ... written by chrysa
Good reading again from Lagira. Just the time too short and unfortunately couldn't finish." ... written by Plunkie
She's great. That's all I need to say." ... written by Phresh2
She is good, I keep coming back to her..." ... written by ppp
VERY DETAILED, MY FAVORITE!" ... written by ppp
great women" ... written by ppp
Thank you so much for giving me a little info on what can happen in whats going on." ... written by xjessicaheartx
Very good, impressed." ... written by BarbaA
GOOD VERY DETAILS" ... written by pp
Great advice =) and i will follow..." ... written by Laprincess
Grate person, tells it as it is, no sugar coating." ... written by Ammer
Honest and Accurate. Full of advice. Amazing Reader. 5 Star Rating!" ... written by swiftcats64
Great reading and advice! Thank you." ... written by iPreferMimi
very insightful!" ... written by timkoh
She is very good and accurate reader and very honest. I really liked the way she does reading and may reccomend for everyone, you will like it for sure! Thank you Lagira" ... written by kosmosss
Good Reading. We'll see what happens." ... written by EvaFarm
Always sweet and right. She knows what she is doing and cares for you and your situation" ... written by Nichole
Right on the money!" ... written by nicholek
She was great. I loved my reading with her a women is causing me problems and I think I know who it is..." ... written by luckycharms312
Great reading, she got so much done. Searched every possible angle of my problem in the time we had. Very impessed and I feel much better. Thank you! xx" ... written by beccixy
Very good! Every time!" ... written by mari
She is amazing very accurate extremely excellent!!!!!!" ... written by LULUPILY13
Great reading :)" ... written by xxxxx
Good, thank you." ... written by bubblelove33
I thought she was very good. I appreciate everything she said. thank you. " ... written by elainedu
I like her very much, each time very good reading!" ... written by 3009
She was amazing. Thorough and insightful. She really-really helped!!" ... written by Dale
She is excellent ! I take any advice from her !" ... written by coolguy1991
Very accurate and insightful. I can't believe how much she saw and knew!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is AMAZING!!!" ... written by Chloe28
She is great!" ... written by 1111warlock
She is REAL reader!!! Extremely accurate, very precise and helpful! If you are searching for answer - ask her! Thank you Lagira!" ... written by def_confused
Everything, I swear to god, that she has told me has come true. We truly have a deep connection, and she remains one my top psychics to go to. I love her, she's such a wonderful lady, she will tell you as she sees it, even if she delivers news that makes you feel bad--you will see that it will come true. So get a private with her. She's awesome!!!" ... written by stebella009
Allways great reading :) Thank you!" ... written by mar mar
SHE IS GOOD TRUST ME" ... written by ppp
SHE IS ALWAYS ACCURATE ,LOVE HER!!!" ... written by ppp
She was very good,I enjoyed my reading!" ... written by badyellow
Very very good!" ... written by Yolihugo
She is amazing and lovely...i got most of my answers...she was very helpful...exact and headphone wasnt working and she was kind enough to type my reading for me....thanks lagira...hugs....hope i could have more time to talk to you...." ... written by henna_k5
Not only was she a great reader but is also a great person :)" ... written by MIKEC1979
Great reading she was excellent :)" ... written by MIKEC1979
WOW, in incredible reading, thank you so much and I will take your advise. " ... written by corvettime02
Had three different readings all to the point and accurate! 10 *s " ... written by coolguy1991
Thank you for the help!" ... written by yyyy
Great as always!" ... written by marmar
Lagira is my favorite. She is directly connected and always focused. I trust the feelings she gets to be genuine. Did I say she was my favorite? She's my favorite." ... written by Simonldp
She is really insightful!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Had three different readings all to the point and accurate! 10 *s" ... written by coolguy1991
All the reading she did for me were found 100% accurate and to the point ! She is very professional, polite, helping and excellent nature! If you're really looking for any readings please consult her with openness and trust ! Thank you, Lagira! God Bless you!" ... written by coolguy1991
Very nice reading she picked on stuff i didnt know..." ... written by Anniekins
GOOD!!!!!!" ... written by ppp
Lagira was excellent! the reading was spot on; a lot of details were revealed to me and answers I was searching for. Thank you so much Lagira! I wish you luck in your private readings and I will be certainly back :)" ... written by Roksanna
She is very psychic with the cards, it is so remarkable." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Absolutely amazing she was very well spoken very nice she gave great detail and she really cared about what she was seeing in the reading i really enjoyed her attention to detail she is very charismatic would definitely have another reading it ever presented itself she gets a 5 star rating for excellence and understanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by MIKEC1979
I know shes accurate, thanks." ... written by from_8mile
Good reading!" ... written by barbarosa
Excellent readings ! Had more than 5 readings so far all to the point and accurate ! Do not hesitate to consult her for readings." ... written by coolguy1991
Thank you as always!" ... written by marmar
This person is an accurate and special reader." ... written by sapphiremoon
She is so helpful with so many cards and spreads. Really really helpful. And she cards. Thank you so much Lagira!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
She helped me soo much " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Everything she says has come true for me, its so incredible.. I dont know what to say. Shes so accurate!" ... written by stebella009
Nice." ... written by amaraaenkhee
Very wise and was right about everything. Very good advice. Thank you." ... written by mutedoggie
Very good" ... written by alucard1uk
She was very intuitive. Definitely will consult her again!!!" ... written by jaykun
Each time great! :)" ... written by marmar
Thanks Lagira for a great reading my dear... I run out of credits but it was inspiring." ... written by babe28
Simply amazing, wish I had more credits.... She can read her cards!!! WOW" ... written by malinda2011
Good reading." ... written by barbarosa
Thank you, Lagira! It was accurate.. I will come back to say if predictions happened!! " ... written by weissinha
Shes incredible!! i swear by god, whatever she has told me until now, has come by. whatever she says comes true!!! shes not afraid to say the truth on your face even if it hurts you. shes very talented!!!! YOU NEED TO GET A READING WITH HER, WHATEVER SHE SAYS WILL HAPPEN!!!" ... written by stebella009
Very good reading again as usual. Highly recommended :)" ... written by mutedoggie
I love, loved the reading and love her energy. I think she s spot on and accurate. She s very honest and just fun. Excellent reading " ... written by mimatisse
What she says, will come true guaranteed!!!!!!" ... written by stebella009
Lagira is one of my top psychics to go to. i cant stress how accurate she is, whatever she says comes true whether u like it or not!! " ... written by stebella009
Thanks for the reading.." ... written by Than
Lagira is so good! It was a superb experience and she really knows her ways around her cards, gave me complete clarity and reassurance! Will be back, love ya!" ... written by SimoneNice
Sorry, ran out of funds. Thank you for the reading." ... written by User9876
Very open and honest, she explains well the readings that she does. Gives great advice." ... written by cocolettes
Thank you for your insight, I will keep you posted." ... written by morningworker
Lagira is amazing, so tuned with the cards, I am always impressed how she reads them and my situation!" ... written by malinda2011
Gotta love Lagira! She's the finest!" ... written by stebella009
Lagira is great and really gets into the situation ! shes brilliant with tarot cards :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Incredible woman, why do u think i keep coming back to her?" ... written by stebella009
I like her! She is great!" ... written by mar
Good!" ... written by dd41783
I looooove her; she's great, love her personality! I feel so at ease with her, like I am talking to one of my girlfriends." ... written by mimatisse
Very helpful as always " ... written by MerkabahMan633
I am sorry about time but you did anyway good job. It was very good reading thank You " ... written by epi
Good reading!" ... written by tanya
A little bit hard to understand but everything that was said was accurate, thank you :)" ... written by meluko
Very Good! Point on without any info!!" ... written by ginnyfaye
Thanks Lagira, you were really helpful..." ... written by want2know34
Shes the best! and is consistent with what she sees." ... written by stebella009
I love her, shes fast doesnt waste time. always puts my worries to rest. " ... written by stebella009
Very accurate reading." ... written by edelaine
Amazing really amazing. She looks at a situation and tells one exactly what is going on. She tells the truth, the good, the bad and the ugly. Very accurate reading so be prepared to hear the truth. Very very accurate - the best of the best." ... written by Armande
Super woman!" ... written by stebella009
Thank you!!! Every time very good reading!!" ... written by xxxxx
Great reader!!!!!! " ... written by Andratx
Amazing, no time wasted." ... written by restauration
Awesome reading. Lagira, you're awesome!" ... written by rjjimenez
Good reading." ... written by barbarosa
Lagira is very accurate. Her cards will show the truth and the truth only. " ... written by stebella009
Thank you lagira. So many answers so quickly. She reads the cards so thoroughly and tells a story with them, not just yes or no." ... written by client
Thank you... God bless you..." ... written by stebella009
Wonderful as always, gave me more insight and hope" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Straight to the point , she was great" ... written by lizjoseph
Shes really good!" ... written by stebella009
SHE IS GOOOD." ... written by ppp
Lagira is the best." ... written by stebella009
She really is spectacular. I am amazed by her ability to have the right cards appear for the right question, and I love watching her work! She it definitely a Professional!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very very helpful reading because she pulled something out of the blue that makes total sense! I love her reading style!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Excellent, lot s of insights. Some of Her predictions have come to pass, i highly recommend her" ... written by mimatisse
She is very accurate and very fast. She gets as much information out as fast as possible. There are no pauses in her reading. And she remembers her clients so you don't have to repeat. Highly recommend." ... written by Armande
She offers great insights." ... written by Alexsheart
I love how she tells you a story with the cards. its amazing. thankyou lagira. your predictions always come true for me. " ... written by stebella009
Incredible reader! She has a spread for any of your questions - wait no longer! She is a jewel of Oranum! Detailed, accurate, fast. 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Very helpful." ... written by maryannepav
I love her readings so much. I think she really helps me to understand my situation. Really wonderful reader!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
I love getting readings from her. Shes really good!" ... written by stebella009
Thank you very much, you always right." ... written by Zaya21
Perfect as usual!!!" ... written by Aa
She described the situation I am in, told me how my boyfriend has been feeling about me and answered all my questions in patience:) Lagira is great! Thank you so much:)" ... written by LoveElly
Thank you lagira, it was helpful." ... written by me_thierry
I love Lagira, she is really accurate." ... written by stebella009
Very good reading. Picked up on current situation" ... written by Flowers2012
Excellent reading, also so lovely and kind in her approach, a true reader." ... written by maryannepav
She is so HONEST and Nice!!! I liked my reading, but I do not know how accurate will be what she read for me,,,but I will see in the future and for sure I will come back a make a comment on that and let every body know hoe accurate was my reading, because I have to wait and see what happens. I hope all she said comes TRUE!! Ellie USA" ... written by Ellie11
,.. she is good,.." ... written by ppp
Explained things in details even though it is a bit hard to understand her, thank you very much" ... written by smiley2011
Thanks a lot Lagira, the way you described things reflected the current situation. You have answered my question and now, I have to be patient." ... written by kak_dela
VERY TRUE." ... written by Ku
Always wondeful!" ... written by LoveElly
Everything she says comes true. no matter what. i can always count on her. " ... written by stebella009
She awesome great can't wait for good new coming soon " ... written by anniekazmi88
Good chat" ... written by barbarosa
Great!!! Will come back 4 more!" ... written by remedio
She is really good. i always go to her." ... written by stebella009
She's very good." ... written by stebella009
Not only accurate--precise! Lagira has always been right in the past, and gave me an email reading yesterday, and gave details about what was going on and why, and what would be the outcome. By last night, everything she said in her reading came true and was brought to light. She does not sugarcoat, and has given me both good news and bad news in the past..and was always right on. I will be back for sure." ... written by user562
Thanks for the reading.. Everything she said make sense.." ... written by panget0823
Great with the cards!!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
I feel confident in what she says, shes very accurate and true in her predictions." ... written by stebella009
Very very accurate. Her prediction came to pass." ... written by _Alexis
Lagira gives you true advice, everything is real. thankyou for being there for me when i really needed you. " ... written by stebella009
Lagira is my girlfriend and she loves me :) .....She is good reader everyone should try her ;) " ... written by textmonster
She is a wonderful person and is really talented , her reading was awesome , thank you so much." ... written by silver242
Lagira is very sweet and have a wonderful soul. Love her. I won a demo with her and she helped me in free chat and continued to help with my reading. Her readings are spot on and I am so looking forward to see her prediction come true. Love her room also. Thank you Lagira for always taking your time to listen to me and help me whenever I am in need. Lots of hugs." ... written by welcometo99
Very polite and empathic reader, who knows exactly what you need to hear from her. Uses all spread from lenormand, manara and angel cards. If you need advice that will keep your life ahead of the rest of the world, press the yelow button now!. A five star reader.." ... written by turkindian
Lagira is really great at explaining a situation, looking at options. I enjoyed it." ... written by Viv
Really lovely to visit to her. professional reader, give a lot's of direction. She will tell you reallity of life. No sugar coat ;) I will visit to her again ;) Wish you best lagira. Thank you again. " ... written by Zaya21
Lagira is really an excellent reader and I appreciate her psychic insights too. I feel confident when she pulls and shares cards, she is so fluent with them." ... written by MerkabahMan633
A great reader who gave me an honest answer about my formula 1 championship chances in November 2012. As a world famous driver, I need accurate answers, without any lies. My sport is my living. I now know all that will happen the next 2 weeks. Gracias Lagira!" ... written by fernandoalonso
She was very nice and clear and fast...Thank you dearly Lagira:)" ... written by Gaby11
She is a sweetheart, thank you hun, you are great." ... written by googlemebaby
AAA as always! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by olga
Great reader. Try her and press that private button." ... written by LeoMan
Shes incredible, thank you for the credits, I am so glad I come to you and took advice, everythign you have said so far has come true, you tell methe truth even if it hurts me. I will continue to come to you in the future, and you still remain one of my top go to psychics." ... written by stebella009
FANTASTIC READING." ... written by remedio
I love readings from Lagira. She is really fantastic as a reader and as an advisor. She is dauntless to seek advice from the cards. That shows confidence and true mastery of her skills. She is so reliable for a great and helpful reading!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very good, accurate, really connects with you. Really fun and pleasant to talk to. Would talk to her all day if I could!" ... written by avidmen
Thank you Lagira :)" ... written by mariela
Great read. Will definitely come back. She is fast and direct to point. Does not waste your money," ... written by blackty100
Always very accurate and she gives great solutions for your situation. Very detailed and fast. I do recommend a private reading with Lagira, she is also so sweet:)" ... written by LoveElly
She never fails me. I can always trust her, I have been going to her from a year and everything she has told me has come true, one way or another. " ... written by stebella009
Very understanding and insightful person. Has a great personality and very comforting." ... written by desichick1983
She is wonderful as always. So much details and spot on with my current situation. Hard times are ahead but I can't wait also for the good predictions to come true. Love her and her calmness and wonderful personality, always try to help others without any hesitation. xxxxx" ... written by welcometo99
Very nice. Accurate. Great reading." ... written by druvina1973
Very nice, accurate, good." ... written by druvina1973
Very kind soul... Has a lot to say... Thank you very much, Lagira, dear :) " ... written by lila88
Thank you Lagira! Wonderful reading. :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Shes great!! I love lagira! the best!" ... written by stebella009
Good!" ... written by druvina1973
Always great! I always come back!" ... written by Aaslesha
Excellent reading." ... written by barbarosa
Very detail reading....awfully accurate. she is so gentle and nice to talk to." ... written by tanya179
Excellent. Very intuitive!" ... written by librabeauty
Very good, very insightful!!! " ... written by michelleluke
Absolutely brilliant! i cant beleve it, she will pick up on everything with such precision!! people's name havent even been told to her, and she has predicted using just my energy for them and for me!!!" ... written by stebella009
VERY accurate! She knows her stuff. Would highly recommend her :)" ... written by infinityblue7
I love her. I always go to her,she has this incredible ability to say things that you haven't even told her. For instance, if i tell her to do a reading about a person, without even giving the name, she will still pick up on him or her and things will still come true regarding that person or situation. I've had this problem where many of the psychics pick up on people, without names and mess up the reading and it doesn't come true, because without the name its harder for them to connect with the energy. Lagira sees all in the tarot. I've been coming to her from a year now. Shes incredible!!" ... written by stebella009
Wonderful as always. Really helped to me make a big decision. Honest and direct and that is what I needed. " ... written by blackty100
She's very consistent. Very trustworthy. " ... written by stebella009
Thank you for the reading :)" ... written by gateforest01
5 stars - Great readings, love the time I spend with Lagira." ... written by estabiz
Thank you! :)" ... written by mariela
Wonderful, gentle lady with very interesting Gypsy Oracle cards - loved the reading and loved her as well." ... written by estabiz
Incredible woman." ... written by stebella009
Not good news, but very honest and accurate, as always!" ... written by anon
I love lagira! shes the best~!!" ... written by stebella009
It was okay. Little hard to understand... otherwise fine!" ... written by ideas_ideas
I love getting readings from her. i swear everything comes true! Its incredible." ... written by stebella009
Wonderful lady... thank you! :)" ... written by lila88
Thankyou!!!" ... written by stebella009
Was very good and accurate about the person, thanks." ... written by serinaserina
Love her! Thank you, Lagira. Very accurate too. Thanks again :)" ... written by infinityblue7
Great reading !!! Will be back!" ... written by Minichka
She does a thorough job and really seems to care, so if you want good advice, go to her!" ... written by Vivian
Awesome." ... written by gem1974
Good reading although wish my audio was better" ... written by kerrdoodle
Thank you my are so kind:) xo" ... written by lila88
She answers all my questions. Everything she says comes true for me, I wish I can keep her with me at all times. " ... written by stebella009
5 stars!" ... written by malinda2011
Thank you!!! :)" ... written by mariela
As always, Lagira gave me a very detailed prediction on the situation. I trust her fully as her predictions for me in the past have all been accurate. Talking to her eases my mind on difficult situations." ... written by tanya179
Thank you so much again Lagira for your guidance. What can I do without you? Love your readings although you told me the hard truth you are always honest and full of concern for me. Love you and your wonderful soul xxxx" ... written by welcometo99
Aww so lovely, she gave me so many spreads and reassured about my choices, Lagira is always on the spot, pls try her, I had few readings with her and she is always right xox" ... written by malinda2011
She is absolutely incredible, I love her. She tells me the truth!" ... written by stebella009
Thanks so much!" ... written by mmd1990
Lagira is the best. I always go to her. " ... written by stebella009
As always, very very helpful. Knows the right questions to ask even if you don`t :)" ... written by daydreamer246
THE BEST in Here!!!!!!! She has not only turned into a friend but the best reader so far!!!! I wish I had a reading with her earlier :)))" ... written by Scorpionessa1
I really think that Lagira is such a wonderful and talented card reader. She is a Master in her field. And she undoubtedly has strong psychic abilities that express in her card readings. She helps me very much!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is very accurate!" ... written by nalita18
Thank you!" ... written by mariela3009
Thanks again!!!! :)" ... written by mariela
Thank you, I believe you are very accurate!" ... written by elode80
I LIKE her a lot, very detailed." ... written by akenatonacindere
So kind, so accurate, so nice, so right, amazing, incredible!" ... written by atomic96
Okay, my breathing is slowing down and my blood has stopped foaming, wow, thank you Lagira, thank you very much. Your words are deep in my mind and will come when I need them. I was really nervous to talk to you, but you forgave me and let me share my secrets with you. I'm not afraid of you as much as I afraid of women. It is my weakness, but I seem to be learning and I did trust you, so that is positive." ... written by simonvanstyle
So kind, so amazingly accurate, just amazing!" ... written by atomic96
Whenever I make a Priestess smile, I know that I am doing something right. Thank you Jesus, and thank you Lagira for smiling." ... written by simonvanstyle
Excellent and accurate Service." ... written by gabrielm88
Simply the best!" ... written by atomic96
Incredible, amazing ,fantastic, fabulous, wonderful, just so accurate and correct, perfect!!" ... written by atomic96
Amazing, incredible, astonishing." ... written by dreamingisfr33
Good reading, thanks!" ... written by maryannepav
Very good reader!!! Very accurate ans pleasant! Thank you!" ... written by Kumira
Great as always, but server kicked us out, going back now if possible!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Good reading." ... written by druvina1973
My favourite reader!" ... written by elode80
Honest and accurate." ... written by amyamy
Lagira really has helped me a lot, she stayed positive that I would hear back from someone, which happened after 6 months. Glad to have her help." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Good reading" ... written by barbarosa
Thanks wonderful. xxx" ... written by DarrenC
Thank you Lagira, it all makes sense, Please try her and you wont be disappointed, Lagira reads her cards like the story of your life...xox" ... written by malinda2011
Lagira is very fast and reads the cards quickly. She gives a lot of information and has been accurate in the past." ... written by usa
Always reassuring and helpful. Really amazed with the cards she pulls and how she reads them. She is such a classic professional card reader and psychic. Really a wonderful lady." ... written by MerkabahMan633
SHE IS GOOD!" ... written by P[[
Thank you the reading was good!" ... written by king_seti
Very good!" ... written by elode80
Lagira for every reading up to now!" ... written by mariela
She is great:)" ... written by vcalk27
Very nice. Good reading." ... written by druvina1973
Awesome reader. Very detailed. Ask and you shall receive. Thank you Lagira!" ... written by iFalahi
Thank you for the kind advice for me." ... written by lorryvie
Very honest, insightful reading.. " ... written by janesi
Very good reading." ... written by barbarosa
LAGIRA is a very powerful, (full of power) woman. We are becoming familiar with each other and she seems to know exactly what I need to know. " ... written by simonvanstyle
Each time great!! Thank you!" ... written by mariela3009
Fantastic! Really clear, good advice. Thank you so much!" ... written by clairejane33
I can trust her for everything. She sees things so clearly. Whatever she has said has come true for me. I literally don't go to anyone else but her when I need a reading. Please get a reading, you'll see it for yourself!" ... written by stebella009
Sorry for the disconnection, but thank you very much for your help :) I'll come back later today to ask some more questions upon my career :) Thank you!! " ... written by crystal_x123
Great reader and great reading! Take private now!" ... written by turkindian
Wow. Very good, really understood what was happening. Excellent reading!!" ... written by Pauline36
Thank you Lagira, i just wished that i had more time and credit :) I'll come back for another reading. Thank you! " ... written by Crystal
Great psychic, interesting insight and information, highly recommended :))))" ... written by sibya88
Lovely, comprehensive, I feel its all true what she told me today, you will be surprised how well Lagira reads her cards." ... written by malinda2011
She is really good. Thanks so much!" ... written by mcasas
Lagira was great, did a spot on job was very accurate of her view into certain individuals in our business. My connect was very bad, so we had to resort to typing. But her insights are very, very good." ... written by theoilbaroness
Now I am something!" ... written by Seamoan
A beautiful reading with a beautiful woman, what more do we want?" ... written by manoflife
Great. Very realistic... I have tried many... and this was realistic." ... written by Butterflyrose
The best I have seen so far" ... written by butterflyrose19
Excellent reading!" ... written by barbarosa
Great private reading with this beautiful woman. She is awesome!" ... written by manoflife
Very good and accurate." ... written by Smileysteph145
Thank you dear. It was clear nice reading. You are good what you doing. I will back soon." ... written by Zaya21
Really good reading." ... written by janie011083
Always feeling so much clearer after the reading with Lagira :) Her suggestions definitely helps!!Thank you! :) " ... written by Crystal
Lagira gave me a excellent reading which gave me clarity and a solution. She is caring, accurate and honest. " ... written by Lumina4
Very good reading. She is a little hard to understand sometimes, but she gave me very good information." ... written by joyce
Excellent reading , I always find her very helpful and lovely." ... written by maryannepav
Quick and to the point, Lagira never said too much - always tried to find the right words, no false promises, just the way she saw it and she always saw it right for me... Pls try her! xox" ... written by malinda2011
She's really good, gets right too it, amazing, very nice to talk too picked up on daughter and all" ... written by cattleranch7
She's wonderful, I'm so happy I go to her. Very accurate and precise." ... written by stebella009
She is incredible. She can see the situation very quckly and clerly and explains well. i have consulted with her for almost 2 years now and she is never wrong. She gives good info and good time periods." ... written by Armande
I love Lagira! She is very very accurate! Whatever she says will happen! " ... written by stebella009
Shes extremely accurate!!!" ... written by stebella009
Shes the best, I dont go to anyone else. " ... written by stebella009
Highly recommended, She reads her cards very thorough." ... written by malinda2011
Very insightful and honest!" ... written by Rwan
She is very patient and great to ask all the doubts u have in your mind. " ... written by Amy
Lovely reader, does lots of different spreads. :)" ... written by elle11
Helpful and accurate!" ... written by jazzychic7
Very very good. A lot of info. Accurate!" ... written by psymeow
Ended well. lol. :0)" ... written by edel95
Good reading but I ran out of time....Will definitely come back!" ... written by edel95
Very kind!" ... written by desi
I love Lagira, but today I couldn't see her in Private Chat. At least I get this chance to give her a 5 star review!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you!" ... written by mickey
Lagira is very professional and down to earth for me. When I really need confirmation or advice I seem to find it easy to return to her. " ... written by Philip Clarke
Very Professional and Accurate reader and Very GOOD reading!!!! The Best! Will be back! Recommended for everyone !" ... written by def_confused
Thank you Lagira. You have always been right in the past, so have hope you are again and we can work this out." ... written by anon
Really good reading, thanks a lot!" ... written by petal
She is a great reader and reads the situation just as it is very quickly. She gives very good, detailed and accurate readings about the present and the future." ... written by Armande
Great reading." ... written by Silentsong
Lovely and accurate reading." ... written by blue
Super fast connection, gives accurate information very quickly and without filtering. Best tarot reader here!" ... written by Armande
Nice woman... seems genuine and fast reading. I just have to see if her predictions will come to past. thanks! " ... written by woodencloud
Great as always!!! Thank you))) " ... written by OLga
She was good with pinpointing everything that was going on. Very good at her cards." ... written by Cheree
Good reading good insight thank you!" ... written by jazzychic
Very helpful. Thank you very much." ... written by bea
Thank u so much! " ... written by linda
Thank you, lagira." ... written by ideas_ideas
Great reading, very detailed and good with timing, very fast." ... written by domenica19
She is wonderful." ... written by jeremy
Wonderful accurate, insightful and funny reading. Thank you Lagira :) 5 Stars" ... written by Yoogii
Great reading, thanks :)" ... written by Amani
Very good and detailed as usual, thanks!" ... written by jazzychic
Amazing as always! x " ... written by Siren
She was very helpful, and accurate as always." ... written by jeremy
Wonderful" ... written by Anthony
Great accurate fast reading... Thank you" ... written by veezee
Excellent very helpful and quick ... " ... written by elle
Lagira is so beautiful! And, honestly the best tarot reader. " ... written by Anthony
Really liked your reading again! :)" ... written by Elo
She explains the cards thoroughly and in detail." ... written by LizaLiza
Try her, she is good!" ... written by LizaLiza
I'm very proud that she is Honest and accurate, as well. Lagira! You are one of a kind! Continue to help people!" ... written by Patience111
Thank you good friend" ... written by saladin
Great read!" ... written by sk
Great reading!" ... written by dr benict
Amazing reading, Lagira is great. Strongly recommend her, you have to try her ;-) " ... written by WhiteHoneyFlower
Thank you soo much." ... written by linda
Absolutely great the way she reads the cards, so highly recommend her!!!" ... written by malinda2011
Accurate...thank you. x" ... written by layla
Lagira is truly an exceptional card reader. I see her when I really need a card reading." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is very good, thanx very much." ... written by zimerili1
Perfect and accurate as usual!!))) Love your readings...Thank you so much)))) angel" ... written by Olga
Thank you Lagira, you're great!" ... written by Mariela
Always helpful. Thank you :)" ... written by Elo
5 stars ... very good reading!" ... written by ann
Great new looking forward for more." ... written by garry line
very good " ... written by john
Always good and with detailed insight, thank you!" ... written by jazzychic7
Excellent reading!" ... written by barbara
Very good... 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
Very good reading." ... written by Barbarosa
Excellent reading as always. Lagira reallly knows the cards, she is a classic card reader, very very insightful. She can really pinpoint what is happening from the card, the deck, the placement, the position. It is reallly amazing! 5 stars as always!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Really good advice." ... written by john sturn
Very nice reading." ... written by Greg
Only the truth, no sugar coating." ... written by aquarian
Excellent help and insight. Thank you so much, Lagira." ... written by Bizzybbest
Great as always ))))))))))))))Aalways coming back) muahhhhhhhhh" ... written by Olga
Thank you!!!!! :)) Always great!!" ... written by Mariela
Very skillful reader..." ... written by elle
Wonderful and sexy thank you." ... written by patrick duggs
Thank u!" ... written by nick accostas
So very sweet!!! Thank you Lagira!!" ... written by Annde25
She calmed me down when I talked to her. Think I will be ok. :) Thank you!" ... written by Amy
SHE WAS THE BEST ! She is amazing ! Give her a try guys, you will be amazed ! She deserves 1 million stars ! Thanks a lot dear ! " ... written by E,
I had an amazing session with Lagira, she read my situation without really knowing what happened and was spot on! I am so impressed. Thank you very much! xox You must try Lagira for yourself to see it!" ... written by malinda2011
Wonderful right on the money." ... written by kay matson
Very accurate!" ... written by ngozi07
Thanks for the reading, very clear and accurate." ... written by ikroyalakryal
THANK YOU!!!! VERY ACCURATE." ... written by pinky55
Very insightful." ... written by Dominique
Great, five stars!" ... written by SCOOP
Very good reading, very accurate and detailed and also she cares about her clients genuinely." ... written by pragi
Very good reading from all angles. Put my mind at ease. I recommend her. Positive reading. Accurate." ... written by elvis
I received the most positive reading ever. This young lady is brilliant and she is very precise and on target. I enjoyed and received her readings with such vigor and I don't believe words can express, how positive I felt after her words sinking in. She is Brilliant!" ... written by Anna Jean Roibertson
Very accurate definitely, gave me insight thank you so much, you a wonderful psychic... " ... written by Angela Barnes
Lagira is very good!!!! Accurate tarot readings consistently ... 5 stars!" ... written by ann
Very fast andamp; excellent... " ... written by elle
Great reading, but I am still sad, because I really wanted him to come to see me..." ... written by Jean
She gave a good explanation and a very clear view of my situations which helped me to find a way out. Thank you!" ... written by Sarah
Very sweet!" ... written by Amber
THIS LADY IS ONE OF THE BEST!! THANK YOU AGAIN!" ... written by pinky55
Thank you for your help again Lagira! :)" ... written by Elo
I managed to get answers to my questions, I highly recommend Lagira!" ... written by malinda2011
She is wonderful, called everything on target!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Lagira is always awesome. Great reading. confirmed a lot and gave me insight on a new problem. I think she is right. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very good reader!" ... written by Sarah
Again, absolutely amazing!" ... written by malinda2011
Awesome, wonderful, truly one of the best card readers in the world. In terms of pure card reading talent, she is unbelievable. She can put the cards right into the question, I am truly amazed!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Amazing reader, always have answers for all my situations ans very correct predictions for me. THank you so much lagira :))" ... written by sarah
Good reading." ... written by barbarosa
Thank you for showing me the way of my problems." ... written by sarah
very good in giving readings" ... written by sarah
She always me a detail views of the situations which helps me in deciding my future plans. " ... written by Sara
she is a brilliant reader! definitely worth it and spot on." ... written by delight17
She always is right on the money. Very accurate. She made my day and put my mind at ease." ... written by nichole kay mangold
Wonderful, thank you. I will be back." ... written by Moonshine381
She is incredible with tarot cards! Right on target, accurate, descriptive. She was very through and spot on. Great ability to put story together and explain what in my case. Nothing general but specific. I also liked that she didn't go off talking about all kind of things that I didn't ask for, and instead she stocked to the main subject! She is also very sweet. Superb reading!" ... written by psymeow
Great job, very helpful." ... written by brad
She is really good!" ... written by humility
Honest and true readings." ... written by shweta
Thanks for the reading." ... written by sarah
Very detail and accurate" ... written by elena
I really liked the reading, too bad my credits ended :( " ... written by yasmin
Lagira is very clear in her readings and I thank her." ... written by irelandirish
Thank you for your reading for me! Gives me so much hope!" ... written by aknative
Thank you Lagira... You are great. " ... written by irelandirish
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by sarah
Very detailed. Accurate." ... written by jbox1348
True readings." ... written by sara
Good reader with good insights" ... written by sarah
I find her reading perfect and her predictions truest. I recommend Lagira to everyone. Cheers :)" ... written by Kashif
Answered my questions and helped me get a weight off my shoulders." ... written by Ezaeth
Honest readings, true insights." ... written by sarah
Excellent! 5 stars. :)" ... written by Tiffany
very good, nice lady who will work with you." ... written by tochoose
True and honest readings." ... written by Sarah
That was an awesome reading. Very intuitive, told me things I already knew, this lady is real. " ... written by TJ
She was great! She answered all my questions clearly and to the point. She knows what is talking about. She confirmed the information that I already was aware of. I recommend her services. I will talk to her again. Thank you Lagira!" ... written by Moralesjohnson01
Lagira may very well be the best card reader thatIi know, in terms of purely card reading! She can really see what is going on in a situation from the cards. It blows my mind!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thanks for the reading today " ... written by Sarah
Honest reading, true predictions." ... written by Sarah
She was so in tuned to my issues. It's as if she knew the guy I was asking about intimately. Great reading. Very helpful. I have the clarity I needed to make my decision." ... written by Lisa
My camera didn't work and my microphone didn't work and my keyboard stopped working. C'est la vie. But aside from all that, she was still able to connect to me and tell me what I needed to hear. That was a hard job for anybody but she did good. It's what I suspected. I am not going anywhere for awhile. The horoscopes work for everybody else but not me. It seems to me that humans can override the astrological predictions and even my computer but they can't stop Lagira. That was pretty good Lagira! It was confusing for a while as I was trying to get this thing working but finally I just gave up and sat here and watched you. Then you seemed to feel my confusion and what you said was that I will have a period of learning coming up. It's what I thought but didn't want to believe but your cards don't lie. I am so sick and tired of learning stuff. How much does a guy have to learn? Also I think that I should have given you more time. You are very fast but I would like to slow it down to like half an hour and then I can get through it better. Also I wish that I could record you and then listen later. Oh well these are my concerns not yours. Anyways I got a big blast of your energy and that was what I needed as well. Thanks. This amazing. I have 2743 characters left and I don't think that I should say anymore. Your words got into my ears so they are in there and my mind will digest them all later. I feel better, but still I am not going anywhere. Toronto is so boringly predictable. Oh well, thanks again and you did good in spite of the Gremlins. See you between two rainbows. Bye." ... written by Philip Clarke
She is amazing really great accurate reading! I look forward to see what the near future holds for me and my crush. =)" ... written by luckycharms312
Outstanding! Lagira is hands down the best psychic I've ever met. Her powers are amazing. She knew key events going on in my life and provided me the critical guidance I needed. I will continue to seek her wisdom in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend her. " ... written by AsothPeace
Fantastic card reader!" ... written by malinda2011
A good reader and a good person too, will come again and again for readings." ... written by Sarah
Good readings." ... written by Sarah
Thank you for my reading. It really helped me a lot." ... written by Ambrose
Very accurate readings given by her, clear view of the situations and the facote affecting it, really helped me in taking several decisions of my life. Thank you!" ... written by Sarah
Lagira has great insight and a great ability to read the situation." ... written by Elaine Faber
Ahhh, it is always great to come to Lagira for confirmation of good things. You know, she is such an expert Tarot reader and an honest and good lady. She it totally worth hiring for readings, she has amazing insight, and is very accurate and spot on with her insights and observations!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Nice reading! As always! Thank you!" ... written by Mariela
Always the best!" ... written by abby
Thank for the readings, just released from all my stress." ... written by Sarah
She is a wonderful, detailed reader. Thanks Lagira. " ... written by delight17
Made me feel at ease!" ... written by luvuchaluka
Thanks for the reading." ... written by Jean
Honest and true readings" ... written by sarah
Outstanding reading, and very compassionate with her cards. Her gift is remarkable and very on point with her readings. Thank you very much. 5 stars and thumbs up." ... written by Jean
Quite sincere and straightforward with the cards." ... written by J
You are best, always in right point and telling the truth with out sugar coating. Love ya. See ya soon my dear." ... written by Zaya 21
She is so amazing. really. Absolutely. wow!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you once again Lagira...." ... written by irelandirish
She is wonderful! Detailed and accurate. She sees things. ~" ... written by Mike's Lover
Always can count on her. She is really superb, detailed insightful. Most professional tarot card reader for sure!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is good in tarot readings. Will come to her again and again." ... written by sara
Thanks Lagira... You are great with your readings as always." ... written by irelandirish
Great in-depth reading with details. It was very insightful with clarity!" ... written by janesi
Good reader, true predictions happened for me" ... written by Sarah
Really, you all should know, she is the BEST pure tarot card reader. It's really in her DNA. Awesome!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very accurate as always" ... written by elle11
Lagira is a real expert on the meaning of the Tarot and Gipsy cards. She is also very sweet and compassionate a genuinely interested in your situation. l will certainly go back to her for more readings. She is truly excellent. Thank you Lagira!" ... written by Elisa
Great reading and accurate as well. :))" ... written by edel95
I felt so very comfortable talking with her. She help me to find and identify the beauty the world has to offer. I felt like a student in a classroom with the teacher speaking only to me. I was asked to identify and to challenge some limitations in my life. She sits on the other side of the world offering real solutions and real ideas to the problems of my life. When the private reading ended I felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend, to someone a half a world away, who cared. I am delightfully impressed! Anthony" ... written by Anthony
Good, very good." ... written by miguel
Thank you Lagira! Great reading and fast!" ... written by M
Amazing as usual!!! Thank you !!!" ... written by Olga
Thank you for your time and reading :)" ... written by Angel
Lagira is the most professional and insightful card reader. Iconic. She epitomizes tarot card readers. In depth knowledge, and she sees cards like someone reads a crystal ball or scries. Awesome! Fantastic!" ... written by Alan
Very nice reading, thank you. xox" ... written by malinda2011
She is so detailed and spot on! Good information" ... written by Rosy
Very well in tuned to the situation. I would highly recommend her. Thank you for all your help. " ... written by TwoCourious2016
A wonderful time with a professional teacher! Blessings to you Lagira! " ... written by Anthony
Great, thanks. x" ... written by anna
Very detailed reading, thanks alot." ... written by Alice
Thanks. " ... written by natasha
Lagira's readings are so insightful. She has been able to tell me things that are not easy to read and her previous prediction was accurate. " ... written by delight17
A very honest and modest reader, her readings are thorough and excellent. " ... written by delight17
She is very good and knowledgable very professional Warm hearted and patient thank you. I know this now thanks to lagira" ... written by luis
Thank you dear, you always tell naked truth. Thank you very much again." ... written by Zaya 21
Excellent reader. Explains everything in detail! Tunes into situation very well." ... written by Ann
I still come to Lagira when I really want a tarot card or gypsy card reading. She is the best in this area. Highly recommended. 5 stars" ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is an excellent card reader! I love the way she read that she keep constructing and developing whole situation. She knows how to interpret card real well and very intuitive. She is always spot on and very accurate with the situation. I very much appreciate that she keeps her rate low even she is really good. Lovely reading! Highly recommended!" ... written by P
good reading and had a good insight into the situation. :0))" ... written by edel95
Excellent reading. Happy New Year to you" ... written by Barbarosa
Thank you:)" ... written by Mariela
Wonderful, Wonderful and yes you guessed it wonderful! Thanks Ms. Weather Girl aka (Lagira) for helping me through the storms of my life!" ... written by A.J.
Thanks Lagira You are very helpful!" ... written by irelandirish
Good to point." ... written by arl
Thank you very much, I love my updates with Lagira! Highly recommending her! xox" ... written by malinda2011
Very in depth expression of what she sees. Excellent!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Thanks so much for the clarity and insight Lagira, much appreciate your help and guidance." ... written by ikroyalakrk
Very detailed, thorough and on point reading. Excellent!" ... written by P
Very Good reading" ... written by barbarosa
VERY VERY GOOD!! THANK YOU!" ... written by pinky55
Wow... " ... written by A
thank you, very nice energy, hope her predictions come to pass.." ... written by beauty
Lagira is soooo helpful. I really appreciate her updates. Always accurate and so much detail. Everything always flows in her readings!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Understanding and to the point" ... written by Elizabeth
Very helpful reading. Thanks so much. Have a terrific day! :)" ... written by nistalgia
Thanks Lagira!" ... written by irelandirish
Lagira is an amazing reader! She told me stuff about me, without me saying anything or giving any hints. Her readings came true and she has just been a blessing to my life. Thank you!" ... written by delight17
Good reading indeed, combining couple of different deck to provide insights thank you" ... written by r
She is a good psychic. I like her readings." ... written by john
Absolutely wonderful." ... written by michelle
Good reading." ... written by barbarosa
Good reading." ... written by barbaros
Awesome reading, she connects so fast and will give you a good insight! You must try her !" ... written by riza
You are so great! Thank you soo much!" ... written by Rosy
When someone tells you about yourself... things you may not have known or is very uncomfortable dealing with and confronting the possible truths...I have so very much to think about.... I feel stronger and ready.... I hope that makes sense. " ... written by Sarah
WOW!!! Really good reader. She double checked many things and gave me much peace and understanding on what is going on in my love life. " ... written by Jose
Very fast and very caring....Hope is all I ask for and I found it!" ... written by Great Job!
She was fantastic! Her answers were honest and helpful. I will be back" ... written by Rasheedaw
Very good!" ... written by stars456
I love having my readings with you Lagira, you are so amazing and accurate. Your reading style is great! I will definitely come back!!! =) xoxoxo" ... written by Lefleur5
She is a wonderdul reader. Straight forward answers and definitely picks up so much and says everything as it is." ... written by delight17
If you need understanding with your love life...She is fast and accurate ...she has a lot to offer! Expect to hear what the cards have to say even if you really don't want to know! She helped me! " ... written by AJ
She is wonderful and very accurate, provides many details. i would recommend her))" ... written by Lefleur5
Great reading! Thanks again and thumbs up to you....." ... written by Anna Jean Robertson
Thank you! Great as usual! :)" ... written by mariela
Very Fast! Very Good! Her love life advice was helpful! " ... written by Joesph
What a fantastic update! Thank you so much Lagira, you are a great reader! You can read peoples intentions and future actions like nobody here!! xoxox" ... written by malinda2011
very accurate, picked up alot of current situation" ... written by nm
Wonderful reading with Lagira!!! She is very accurate fast and honest! highly recomended! " ... written by Lefleur5
OMG... Lagira is back and she blew my mind away! Everything she said sounds just incredibly true! She is so so good! xox" ... written by malinda2011
Thank you! " ... written by jeer
Thank you!" ... written by jeer
Thank you so much!" ... written by kindrick
Lagira, as usual, is a very positive and clear reader. She uses several card decks to cross check and I have come to rely much on her readings for guidance in my relationship. " ... written by Jose
Thank you for my valentine spread :)" ... written by nf1
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by edel95
Great!" ... written by delight17
Very gifted...Very helpful with my love life! And she is fast!" ... written by John John
This was my first reading and she had such a good grasp of the situation and the information she provided was clear and up front. I have some good information to come to my own solutions about the future and how I will act and make decisions. She is very sweet and caring as well. " ... written by Michele
Wonderful time with Lagira! Thanks! " ... written by Mary
She's good." ... written by Kashif
She was great!!!!" ... written by Sheila
Amazing!!! The most accurate reader i have ever met!! God Bless you!!!" ... written by Lefleur5
Goodness given and well received from a Gifted Reader! " ... written by Anthony
She is brilliant. Wonderful reader." ... written by delight17
Very honest, great reader!" ... written by mfurney
She was great." ... written by butterfly77lady
good" ... written by bm
Lagira is very good and doesn't waste time. She just look into the situation and give the information she sees. It was my first time to consult her and 40 mins was not enough .... I will definitely seek her readings again. She is wonderful. " ... written by nanerelle
great reading! :))" ... written by edel95
Lagira is really amazing. Best pure card reader. Period. WOW. omg! 5 stars always. I will keep coming back." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very great reading" ... written by vethie
I loved the reading. She was accurate and I feel like I have gotten some clarity. I was confused before contacting her now I feel hopeful " ... written by MsVirgo1
very good reader and very nice person to . recommended !" ... written by ona
Glad she is back! Love her card readings, she is really great at cards and sharing her insight from them. Top level pro!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration! " ... written by Anthony
Love her! Reading always so detailed and accurate!" ... written by Rosy
she'S really accurate" ... written by fragrant
great Reading. thanks lagira! very insightful and honest. recommended" ... written by emotions
Excellent reading full of details Lagira gave information that was so true about the situation thankyou so much. Will be back to let you know what happens next xxxxxxx" ... written by T
cool" ... written by -
Very Good Reading" ... written by Barbarosa
If you want to know what is going to happen next...Please ask her... She reads peoples hearts...very gifted... my blessing " ... written by AJ
really skilled reader. highly recommended" ... written by rebeca
Lagira is definitely the person to see for indepth and accurate card readings. She melds with them and provides so much great insight and advice. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
great reading, very accurate!" ... written by a
Lagira gave me a fantastic reading, she is the best in checking your situation and peoples feelings and intentions, highly recommend her. Lagira is nearly always 100%, A superb card reader!" ... written by magda
good reading so far so good! :))" ... written by edel95
Great reading" ... written by Lagira
Lagira is awesome reader and nice person!!! She is extremely accurate and honest. I love how much details she can pick up on the feelings and actions of the person, using different decks of cards. Lagira is very consistent with her readings and doesnt change her insight. Wonderful Reading!!! thank you so much!!!=)" ... written by Lefleur
love her she is very fast uses different on...outstanding reading always!!! xoxoxox" ... written by elle11
Very sweet soul. Helped a lot, helped me with my grief, hurt and pain. God sent her to me. God bless. " ... written by mt
Thank you :)) great as always!" ... written by Mariela
Dear Lagira, you are my angel ;) Always nice to talk to you. Always honest clear and professional." ... written by Zaya21
she is always spot on" ... written by show
Absolutely outstanding reading. I always go to her when need to check peoples intentions and feelings, she is an absolute great card reader! " ... written by malinda2011
She s very accurate about the future. " ... written by benj
Very good reading. thoughtful follow up questions." ... written by Barbarosa
Lagira, is fantastic, amazing! She knows me really well but always finds the latest and most relevant new stuff to tell me. She is so caring and so knowledgeable about card reading. I didnt think that I had time to see her today. But as soon as she started to talk to me in free chat, I just had to go in. And it really helped a lot. Confirmed so many things that have been happening and that I believe can happen!" ... written by Alan
Thank you!!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
Very good. Picked up on things very quickly and guides you to the right path. Very helpful." ... written by Eileen
What she said makes sense, even if I was also told something different." ... written by Gardevoir
good reading... very helpful and answered my questions...." ... written by linda pryharski
thanks lagira, was good reading" ... written by taget
She is the very best!" ... written by Thank You
She is good with her cards andamp; very fast also." ... written by aquavenus
Lagira is always so awesome and spot on in her readings! can always count on her for a honest and accurate reading!" ... written by Rosy
very good, made me feel like there is hope for something!" ... written by rosie
She is wonderful as always, absolutely spot on and helpful. " ... written by delight17
Lagira is my go to psychic, she is very clear and detailed. very caring. very very accurate, everything she told me has come true to this date. " ... written by grenhau
lagira is incredible!!" ... written by stephanie
lagira is accurate fast and fanstastic!" ... written by jenna
good update" ... written by rosy
she gave me similar advice to what others have said. feeling good and positive about my situation. recommend her bc she uses different decks based on your question" ... written by m
Very good reading." ... written by barbarosa
she is incredible. detailed fast acurate!!!" ... written by jenni
Very lucky to have her. And she provided great insight today on a new issue" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Great reading. Cool that she uses several decks to add to her insights." ... written by David
I missed you! Happy to see u back!! " ... written by Mariela
So sweet and accurate, will wait for predictions to pan out." ... written by Mandy
She is a wonderful reader, so accurate and explains the situations clearly. Thank you." ... written by delight17
One of my favorite readers. Lagira is very reliable and consistent and always amazes me with her accuracy and insight. She asks the right questions, creates the right spreads, uses the right decks. Definitely an asset to Oranum." ... written by Mikhail
WONDERFUL!!!great reading and a great lady...she is so nice and was very helpful to me...5 stars...would highly recommend her for a reading...connected easily ...thank you " ... written by linda pryharski
really awesome, highly recommended" ... written by bec
I returned to Lagira because last year she read for me and what she said was correct regarding a situation. So I returned back again, the situation is shifting now which gives me more hope. " ... written by Caliza
excellent" ... written by s
Very nice reading I like her a lot because she brings out a lot of information and its accuret " ... written by OO
Very accurate, she knows her stuff." ... written by Merc
Lagira is AMAZING...she is quick to connect...she examines the entire situation, looking into each person involved...she is so sweet and helpful...positive reading always with suggestions and encouragement not to give up...I just can't put into words how much I appreciate her helpfulness and her patience...thank you so much for everything...5stars and more...I highly recommend her... " ... written by linda pryharski
so please with Lagira..her cards r always so connected with me" ... written by rosy
Lagira is very good. She knows how to read her cards, and has seen the events as they unfold at the timed i ask. She was provided with no info, just a general question." ... written by Merc
Excellent reading! She knows these cards so well and gives a lot of accurate detail about everything. She seems right about everything she said. I will come back again. 5 stars." ... written by Mario
Wow! She is super excellent! With just our names and the cards she was able to read the exactly what is going on, including our thoughts and feelings/specific fears. Very direct, honest and detailed. Positive outlook based on what she saw (and free will of course :) Highly recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
I can't express enough how much Lagira helps me with her wonderful and accurate readings. " ... written by Alan
shes truthful and fast!!" ... written by jenna
Very good." ... written by japa
Love her. she is awesome. she is great." ... written by MerkabahMan633
great reading thank you for your talents....sorry we got short on time...but if you could answer the last question, timeframe when we will meet, appreciate to complete the last answer/question :)" ... written by sirilee
I thought she was good but difficult to understand her accent at times. What I did pick up on was true and accurate. Nice reading overall." ... written by k
I just had the most beautiful conversation with Lagira...she is one of my favorites here on Oranum...she is beautiful inside and out...and is very gentle and loving...she looks deeper into each issue and makes positive suggestions that will lead to the best ending possible...5stars and more...thank you so much for helping and for your gentleness...I will definitely get back to you" ... written by linda pryharski
great reading as always, xox" ... written by marlen
great as always!!!! ************** love you! " ... written by Olya
Honest and understanding" ... written by Wolf
Great reading." ... written by vjrei
this lady is an amazing reader will get a reading with her again 100 stars" ... written by cuteface1972
It has been a long time since we last talked. I really enjoyed the reading session with Lagira, she is precise on your question and very patient to answer them. Thank you very much! " ... written by Crystal
great as always" ... written by mala
She gives great interpretations of all the different decks and they magically provide the same information. It's really amazing to see." ... written by Michael
her cards amaze me every time xox" ... written by karisa
her cards are darn her reading always" ... written by rosy
she was good, picked up well with cards. Now I will wait for predictions" ... written by be
Excellent the computer froze a little but still a great experience and she was spot on." ... written by Stormfire
omg, omg, omg!!!!! she made my day, this beautiful, mermaid looking lady!!!! what an awesome reading!!!! details, loads of information, complete understanding of everything we talked about, masterful card skills, spot on accuracy....totally amazing!!!! highly recommended to all!!!! brilliant!!!!!" ... written by OHSO
Good reading but her accent is too strong and she has to type. For the rest was a good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Lagira is so AMAZING...always positive in her delivery of information...looks deep into the situation for accurate information" ... written by linda pryharski
spot on. will work on what she told me. gave me something to look forward too and to work toward." ... written by tonya
So glad to see Lagira for an update. Nice that she is well. I love how her readings are consistent between the different decks that she uses, and each new card adds depth and understanding. And her time frames are accurate for me. They generally always have been good, especially in the order that things happen and what happens. Wonderful woman and excellent reader!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
great reading" ... written by Destiny
Each time I return! Thank you!" ... written by Angie
She is very accurate every single thing she says has come true. Please try her out, - customer for almost 3 years" ... written by jen
good reading, was helpful , thanks very much lagira, chat again later. " ... written by batdancer
good confirmation I got :))" ... written by edel95
I normally am not a fan of tarot cards but she used them and I enjoyed her. She is a very good reader and insightful. " ... written by eli
She is super accurate every single time.One of the most trusted. " ... written by jelly
she has always been accurate for me. every single thing she says comes true.. i have been her client for over a year. she is one of my most trusted psychics. her readings are an eye opener. you wont regret it. " ... written by jen
Thank you :)) We will be in touch! :)" ... written by Mariela
very insightful and accurate reading" ... written by rosy
I am happy that I finally managed to reach you! Thank you so much!!!! Kiss :))" ... written by Angie
She is charming and very good. Wonderful uplifting energy. She tunes in very well and has very loving spirits working with her." ... written by wren1414
good good" ... written by rosy
she has so many positive cards it helped relie my tension." ... written by Elaine Faber
thank you for the reading. " ... written by edel95
shes super direct. what ever she tells me comes true. " ... written by dana
she is very direct. every prediction in the past has come true. her cards never lie! she is my go to psychic. i would recommend you to give it a try, you wont be dissapointed." ... written by jen
Simply the best! :)" ... written by Mariela
Beautiful reading and so accurate. Will be back. Love you" ... written by Yvonne
Good channel, she is able to conect o the energies, She was both accurate and helpful. I feel a sense of being abel to deal with my situation. I will feedback on the" ... written by Magnette
she is super accurate. everything comes true. " ... written by jen
she will never dissapoint. shes always right!" ... written by jen
She is great :) Thank you Lagira :)" ... written by Angie
all of her predictions have come true. she is always my number one." ... written by dana
Excellent reading! Lagira works fast and efficiently. She had a good sense of my situation. I feel confident that her reading for future events is on the mark. Her price is very affordable too! " ... written by imdeeim
A rating of five. " ... written by Barbarosa
As I have said many times before, Lagira is perhaps the best card reader that I have ever met. She is the epitomy of knowledge and expertise, and can glean from all types of cards what happens, how people feel, what they think, etc. She really helped me out yet again." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She's very direct, everything she says comes true " ... written by jen
Very good reader" ... written by L.
Very good thank you :)" ... written by Angelwingss7
really great at cards! she uses lot of different decks and gave me insight and even got a few of the same cards other readers did" ... written by m
very nice! thank you" ... written by L
fine reader" ... written by gregg
She is utterly amazing. Described people and situations to a tee. And she was very detailed. She definitely knows how to read cards!" ... written by Alan
Lagira is the absolute best tarot card reader from a purely professional and technical standpoint. She is sooo psychic with them it's really amazing. I mean, she really gets accurate information with these cards. She is like legendary in her skills. Honest! Highest recommendation!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
It was impressive, she knew what was going on even though i didn't say much about the situation aside from the names of the people involve. We'll wait for predictions, but based on how she was able to see everything happening right now accurately, including feelings, aptitudes (which i have observed and known to be truth), and situations. I would say there is a high probability they will happen." ... written by Merc
great as always. :)))" ... written by edel95
Lagira so good at picking up the emotions n described so well n right...really awesome update n heads up!" ... written by rosy
I want to thank you so very much you have a bright soul" ... written by kahyah
Interesting reading. Accurate regarding current situation and feelings." ... written by boru
thank you xox" ... written by kanika
wow so nice to finally catch up with lagira for an update...always so spot on!" ... written by rosy
I had problems with hearing her, but I will wait to see if what she says comes true" ... written by Marie
What a sweet HEART. She made sure to cover every aspect of my concern with several different decks of cards. She made sure to explain exclusively what the other person is feeling so you have a clear understanding as to why they are acting the way they are. She sat with and was patient with me throughout my whole session and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for all your insight. xoxo" ... written by Tiana
I like her very much! She is very good in readings, and I am coming back for years now... I will be back again! Thank you Lagira!" ... written by Mariela
Amazing and efficient reading! " ... written by K
terrific read" ... written by gregg
Definitely enjoyed her reading!!! She was very open and honest about my situation. Definitely would recommend!!" ... written by mailee24
great reading" ... written by grepearl
up to now stillwaiting" ... written by andrew
she is excellent tarot and gypsy card reader. She knows her cards very well" ... written by oxana
awesome reading 10 star" ... written by cuteface1972
this lady is awesome right on point" ... written by cuteface1972
she is an excellent tarot card reader. very precise and her cards can see for a long term. gives good direction. " ... written by olive
I think she is the only psychic here who speaks the truth and does not play around. My previous readings came true and this is my 3rd time with her, so looking forward for things to come to pass. " ... written by NANEREL
Sorry, I got run out of time. I really enjoyed the reading with you. Thank you for your clarity :) Thank you! " ... written by Christal
Good reading with some difficult and hypothetical questions." ... written by Barbarosa
always good" ... written by abby
thank you thank you always a pleasure update was good and accurate thank you again " ... written by cuteface1972
Very in tune with my situation" ... written by Vu
thank you always a pleasure awesome reading" ... written by cuteface1972
she has always been accurate. all her predictions come true. " ... written by felicia
great reading, bit of accent but she has good reading through cards. she answers each question comprehensively with influences around situation. I will consult again. " ... written by gldn
thank you good update" ... written by cuteface1972
Very insightful reading. " ... written by B
She understood the situation and gave me really good advice. Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
She knew my situation so well!! made me feel so much better about things. I feel at ease now. " ... written by katie
thank you so much!" ... written by all
shes very accurate, i bet all my money on her. " ... written by jen
I could not understand her at all..." ... written by justme0234
she always tells the truth. she is extremely accurate. " ... written by jen
she never lets me down. i have known her for 4 years now. my number 1 psychic. all her predictions come true, if you really truly understand the readings, you will find whatver she says comes to be. " ... written by jen
Wow. Amazing at how accurate she was in describing the two persons of interest. I used multiple decks as well in my reading and they were all spot on in describing both people. I'd definitely recommend her!! Thank you!" ... written by Marcia
Good reading." ... written by barbarosa
I am very happy with Lagira's reading. She is very knowledgeable and her tarot readings are very accurate. Her incorporation of cards in the reading is very good as well as how she makes it personal to your life. Thoroughly enjoyed and recommend! ♡♡" ... written by Velvet Bat
thank you sooo much for the reading. " ... written by CH
I can't get enough of Lagira. She is completely spot on with everything she's ever said to me. Will always be a client of her!!" ... written by Marcia
thank you" ... written by cuteface1972
great reading! thankyou. " ... written by arsem
everything is very accurate. i trust her the most. " ... written by jen
Very accurate reader!!! " ... written by lena
great reader ! always coming back! thank you lagira" ... written by Olga
every prediction of hers comes true. its crazy. !" ... written by gen
I had a couple of readings with Lagira last year and her predictions were right. really gifted card reader. highly recommended." ... written by becc
thank you awesome reading" ... written by cuteface1972
good reading about new relationship" ... written by Barbarosa
Fantastic read. Describe the person and the situation to the dot. Am quite sure prediction will come the way she predicted. Will come back for sure." ... written by ......
very sweet and too the point!" ... written by ava
spot on! So sorry I ran out of credits " ... written by Cara
Very good reading. She confirmed a lot of what I already felt. And hit a lot of points. " ... written by S
shes extremely accurate. " ... written by jen
honest accurate reading wow thank you " ... written by lightworker
Excellent reading! its been a long time. Lagira is the most talented card reader, bar none! She reads each card like it is a custom spread meaning she is so deep and detailed. Really highly recommend!" ... written by MerkabahMan
accurate honest reading thank you was good" ... written by 1lightworker1
shes extremely accurate. " ... written by jen
You were amazing. Your reading was great and your willingness to help and understanding was something I have never seen with any other readers. I am blessed to have found you. Please come as often as you. You are not fake. You have the gift." ... written by sonderhen
shes very very accurate.." ... written by jen
Always gives honest inputs. Prediction came to pass " ... written by Mel
Excellent reading! Spot on assessments of the people involved, personalities, thoughts ad emotions." ... written by RussianBlue1
She is quite good. Very honest, earnest and detailed in her reading. I recommend!" ... written by softwater
good reader, very good intuition. appreciate her time xxx" ... written by sparkly
Good reading" ... written by Barbarosa
Very kind person, accurate, detailed reading," ... written by softwater
shes extremly accurate. " ... written by jen
She was wonderful as always!! Will forever be thankful for her!!" ... written by Marcia
shees extremely accurate. " ... written by jen
She is very in tune. With a lot of intuition I feel. " ... written by softwater
Excellent as always ... great card reader!" ... written by Ann
She is very good, and detailed!" ... written by softwater
Thanks.. it was a detailed read.. hope things go the right way..!" ... written by Shiks
Lagira is the best card reader I have ever met!" ... written by Alan
I always get deep and accurate and helpful readings! I used to come for relationship readings, but today was a long work related reading. She was absolutely amazing! Best card reader I have met." ... written by Alan
She had so many insights and was so wonderful! Thank you :)" ... written by Xekseita
She is really very good!" ... written by softwater
Lagira would have to be the best card reader on this site. Not only that, the cards and her interpretation was spot on about a situation and person I was asking about. Amazing!! Will definitely have another reading!! Thank you Lagira :)))" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
she is very accurate...very good with her cards" ... written by marielaa
accurate , spot on reading " ... written by lightworker
as always she is great!" ... written by karoline
Lagira was very clear and quick. I really enjoyed her reading and she made me feel at ease with a lot of things going on right now. I highly recommend this very kind earth angel to read for you. " ... written by Carolyn
Oranum cut us off. She was excellent though!!" ... written by Marcia
shes very very accurate. " ... written by jenna
Lagira is one of the best to read your situation and peoples feelings and emotions, her cards showed my present and past very accurately, future also makes huge sense, She is very intuitive and can read her cards in great detail xox" ... written by Papusza
Lagira was amazingly spot on. She described my situation with just a name. I was impressed with how well she described the feelings and how she knew what the other person has said. That's impressive. Will always be my go-to :)" ... written by Marcia
Picks up really fast. Accurate details!" ... written by l
Lager is a wonderful wonderful reader. She knows exactly what is going on, it's shocking!! I'll never go to another again lol" ... written by MD
Love her readings and spreads. She's definitely an expert in tarot and it amazes my how well she connects with them. She's very detailed with her readings!!" ... written by Marcia
She was on point! I will also add that she has a calming energy about her. If you feel anxious about something and need to know answers she has them and you will feel so much better afterward" ... written by N/A
She is absolutely one of the best readers on Oranum. I can't believe the accuracy in not only the person in question, but myself as well. She described me so well. I am so thankful to have come across her. She has been spot on with all of my readings I've had with her. Thank you!" ... written by Marcia
Lagira is amazing with her cards. She sees in the now and is completely accurate that it's scary. I don't know how she does it, but she does. Love this woman!!" ... written by Marcia
extremely accurate for future" ... written by jen
Great reading. Great advice. " ... written by LaFleur
she is very accurate. her predictions are always true. " ... written by anna
Absolutely the best card reader on Oranum. She is so specific with just a name, it makes you keep wanting to go back for more. Will always be a loyal and faiththful client of hers!" ... written by Marcia
ACCURATE" ... written by cndy
she really good and been accurate with her predictions so far." ... written by lagira fan
wonderful lady so accurate" ... written by estella moon
She is absolutely amazing!!!" ... written by Marcia
Wow, Lagira was so informative with so much insight and information pertinent to my situation. Highly recommend this reader." ... written by W
Her cards are completely on point. I don't know how she does it!!! She's extremely detailed with everything. I just wish Oranum didn't have a crappy connection because the sound and video would freeze constantly. I even had to refresh during the private. But Lagira is absolutely great!!" ... written by Marcia
She is good with her psychic insights which has always helped me during my testing times. Must try her" ... written by sara
Went to her for an update. She's always been on point with me. Thanks Lagira!" ... written by MD
I found her hard to understand." ... written by Maria Gane
Lagira is just flat-out brilliant with her cards. I don't know how she's able to read the cards as accurately as she does, but she has yet to disappoint me because she's been extremely accurate in everything she's ever said to me. Love you!!" ... written by MD
So insightful and helpful!" ... written by Eva
Session stopped suddenly maybe technical difficulties?" ... written by Barbarosa
Thank you :))" ... written by Angie
Thank you!" ... written by Angie
I like her very much!! Thank you Lagira!" ... written by Angie
shes very very accurate" ... written by jen
best " ... written by CINDy
she is great my second time here and so accurate thank you!" ... written by estella
She was very good, can't wait to see if things come to pass. " ... written by Robin
Very good and detailed reading. Highly recommended." ... written by faith
shes very accurate, great connection. her predictions alwasy come true. shes my number one. " ... written by jenny
Thanks lagIRA. Sorry honey i had limited fund, i will try to come back for another reading" ... written by beautyqueen
Lagira is among the very best on here. I highly recommend her. Quick to pick up on dynamics andamp; seems good with time frames!" ... written by W
Love the way Lagira interprets her cards. I don't know how she gets them so accurate. Especially when she describes me and the way I'm feeling. I can't get enough of her. Thank you!! xoxo" ... written by MD
Thank u for your honesty" ... written by beautyqueen
Always an outstanding reading! One of only 2 people that I will come to see here." ... written by Merk
Great reading as always!" ... written by AF
She's very quick and good!" ... written by Phiore
She's absolutely amazing with her cards. The accuracy is crazy!! Can't thank her enough!!" ... written by MD
She is very specific and detailed and engaged with her cards. I would trust her!" ... written by softwater
Awesome and in touch reading!" ... written by l
Lagira is always spot on! her cards are very revealing, I highly recommend this skilled reader!! " ... written by caroline1
excellent" ... written by gregg
shes very very accurate. " ... written by mienta
GREAT'" ... written by CIND
Great reading." ... written by V
Good and honest psychic" ... written by sara
Very interesting reading " ... written by B
shes super accurate" ... written by joanna
shes very very accurate. .. " ... written by jenny
shes very very accurate. her predictions alwasy come true, i've been her loyal client for years now. " ... written by jenn
Good reading" ... written by Barbarosa
Very good- she saw things going on that were almost like a confirmation;" ... written by Joanna
She explains things very well. It was a wonderful reading very truthful with me. Her cards are amazing and I will be back. She said and showed me exactly what came up for me, just the truth. No made up stories or dome reading.. Just what her cards revealed!! Amazing!" ... written by LE
EXCELLENT" ... written by Doug
Excellent reading as always" ... written by Alan (merkabahman 633)
I really appreciated my latest reading. She is always great. Lots of detail and she is willing to probe deeply into the issues and questions. She is so accurate too!" ... written by Alan (merkabahman 633)
Wow! She is amazing with her cards." ... written by Robin