About LadyRen

Psychic LadyRenhas 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LadyRenhas recently helped 50members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LadyRen's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a highly intuitive and insightful clairaudience, and tarot reader working with my spirit guides. I use my psychic abilities in a practical way, combined with much warmth, empathy, understanding and a totally non-judgemental attitude. As a psychic reader online I am highly intuitive and completely non-judgemental. I am warm and sincere in all my psychic readings. My 40year old link with spirit

good reader! " ... written by nazlymaria
Excellent reading. Recommeded!!!" ... written by tash1921
Awesome reading! Would recommend anyone to her. Njoyed every minute. thank you again!!" ... written by Happy74
Really nice chat .... insightful gave advice in areas I was unaware of, as well. I recommend her bigtime!" ... written by joyjrnys
Very focused and on point. Made me feel at ease and gave good guidance " ... written by LadyL5
It's was soooo good to me. :D" ... written by gus
This Lady Is Very Psychic And Honest.Accuracy Is Spot On.However the website for readings is very very expensive and should be capped.I don't mind paying but this is too much for most people.COME DOWN ON YOUR FEES ORANIUM!!" ... written by marko121
Very kind and compassionate in her readings." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Great reading. She was very positive without sugar coating and gave me great advice about my issues with my career. She was also very friendly and funny. I smiled a lot while talking to her. I highly recommend her!" ... written by wing-mei
LadyRen was amazing and to the point. She helped me settle my heart to know what I must do to move on in life. I have been heart and mind have been battling a hard decision and I know now I need to do it. Thanks so much LadyRen you truly helped me and I will be back for more. I will keep you updated on things ! Love Light and Blessing ! " ... written by ElatedHeart
amazingly helpful " ... written by ken10304
Very Helpful straightforward and amazing in her readings.....thank you for everything...." ... written by Vanessa333
Very insightful, accurate and detailed. Gave me many advices. I will come back for sure! Highly recomend!" ... written by hugs2020
I love this woman. She sounds so sincere . No sugar coating. Ill be back and let u know how it goes." ... written by missmel2011
She is wonderful you have to try her. I will contact her about what happens in my future." ... written by luckygirl40
LadyRen is awesome. She is the truth. I feel empowered. She pretty much confirmed all that I believe for my future and present. I feel goodness all around me. Get a reading and I promise you will not be dissapointed." ... written by niecym
Very good connection, recommend." ... written by 1212flaming
Very honest and a great help wish i had more money for more time." ... written by mm16292
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
i loved her and she made me laugh and she knew like alot i nust wished that i had more time " ... written by chiquitaalbright
She was so very helpful.. and was right on point with everything.... amazing, amazing woman..... thank you soo much lady ren god bless" ... written by samanthaj87
She was great…gave great guidance and was very accurate in regards to my situation!" ... written by ddivaa84
My favorite!!! She is one in a million. She has become a friend to me I love her dearly!!! I recommend her to the fullest!!! Thank you so much Ren for the readings!!!" ... written by topcop14
Very good reading, very detailed and accurate." ... written by kellygal77
Great Reader. She is always there for me when need her. I love u Ms. Ren!!!" ... written by bluesky10
like her just ran out time " ... written by Jdhova3659
She listens, she is very positive which brings it the discussion to another level." ... written by steress
Thank you so much Renandamp;lt; you fully confirm all i felt and open my eyes!! Great reading,fast ,all truth revieled. be back for sure" ... written by Kumira
Excellent reading. Very accurate. :)" ... written by kilarenee
very efficient and her information is consistent with what I am hearing from others...concise and to the point...good reading" ... written by wendic
One of the Greatest!!!!! God Bless !!!" ... written by Aaslesha
I sure hope so from the bottom of my heart that this reading is honest because I did hear what I wanted to hear!" ... written by mmarisabel
Had a Interesting reading with Ladyren, just wanted a update on the coming year will fu again God Bless!" ... written by queenbee22
Thanks Lady Ren so much for your assurance.... I felt much relieved and know what to do next ... i.e. not to pay for that 5K course but to keep this hard-earned money for better purpose. I shall wait for 6months for better opportunity. Thanks also for saying I would marry and thanks for giving me the time-span *** 5-Stars / 5-Stars *** " ... written by aura_crystals
she is very compassionate, and understanding! it was a great reading!!!" ... written by deelove
LadyRen Is a very compassionate and sweet in her readings! Highly Recomended..!!!" ... written by Lucy117
She was nice and helpful. She gave me some good advise and suggested some reasourses to help me in reaching my goals. " ... written by TwinkleToes469
Nice chat with Ladyren" ... written by damaria34
Great reading!" ... written by LeFoXX
Answered all my questions no sugar coating very honest and humble spot on ." ... written by vc1976
She was on point." ... written by monaay
Got good clear clarification on my situation. She is good. Have wait see if prediction come true." ... written by marsylyttle
Awsome lady - gave me the answers quickly. Has a lovely heart. " ... written by 12jaina21
Very good!" ... written by kikian
Great!" ... written by LeFoXX
Clear, concise and to the point. Very positive energy. I really connected. Thank you so much!" ... written by needclarity788
Very personable!" ... written by seanahunter
Very helpful!!" ... written by meegan154
Wonderful as usual, very informative!!!!" ... written by topcop14
The BEST psychic on Oranum. Im happy I chose you to read for me. " ... written by MorningStar8
Right on it." ... written by brownsugar33
Very good." ... written by garcia789
I love this woman, she is so honest and down to earth. You have to try her." ... written by luckygirl40
Very respectful in giving me what I needed within the little time that I had I appreciate that she answered my questions and was very honest" ... written by twofacesofeve
Very caring and helpful, would consult with her again." ... written by capricorn1282
Very, very good reading." ... written by gstephen
Wonderful person, great reading!" ... written by kyla2003
Awesome!" ... written by mary505
She's so sweet and good! :-)" ... written by trinigentleman2
Soft spoken." ... written by gittyup1945
Thank you your reading, was awesome as usual. Very precise and gave confirmation on my thoughts and feelings." ... written by niecym
Good reading, thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Spot on - good reader I will be back." ... written by snowplow1
Direct and to the point, helpful, friendly and brings clarity to your situation. Thank you LadyRen!!!!" ... written by Ceeclouds77
Wonderful!" ... written by topcop14
Not enough time. I will be back to her. She was the best of the top! " ... written by Sunshine10601
Great connection!" ... written by MALEX3007
Awesome and very caring. Thanks!" ... written by Bquestions
Very accurate and sincere! Thank you." ... written by CHayes2539
She is the bomb, very fast, accurate, straight to the point! Loved her 20 stars" ... written by Adreanna
She told me everything i need to know and it was all true i give her 10 stars she is good." ... written by goodone01
Awesome" ... written by sunshine678
Wow, so clear, so on target...awesome" ... written by sunshine678
Wonderful reading - love your warmth! See you soon! Big hugs." ... written by poquette
Absolutely sweet and to the point! Totally dead on regarding indivudual discussed and I feel more at ease! Knew how I was feeling from the moment we connected! My new andamp;quot;friend to go toandamp;quot;! Will be back for sure and give updates! Maybe a beautiful and so hopeful predition for me out of the blue...I pray you are right! Been sooooo very long. xo" ... written by estellew
Very insightful and patient, can't wait to see all the predictions come to pass." ... written by FancyAParis
She is very good and I will chat with her again!" ... written by Rakettia
Awesome and accurate!" ... written by Bquestions
I think LadyRen is the best, she is very accurate about her readings. I would recommend her to anyone who wants an honest reading. Thank you, LadyRen!!! " ... written by kacyhannah
On point!!!!!! Excellent reading!" ... written by Sunshine10601
:) Love this woman! " ... written by luckystar222
Nice reading, i enjoyed it!" ... written by mini1214
Wow!" ... written by starfish444
Absolutely fantastic and speedy connections. Spoke the truth to me completely. Without having any clues as to what the situation was she really nailed it. I highly recommend her for private chat!" ... written by Amista
I love this psychic i give her 10 stars i will request her again." ... written by Patricia
Really insightful. Wow, she kept it real and gave good honest advice. Thank you." ... written by t0057
Excellent reader! She gives very clear answers to your questions." ... written by Rene067
I really do like LadyRen, she's honest and she knows her stuff she keep it real with you. Friendly and genuine. I received good reading and look forward to talking to her again for updates. Kudos for LadyRen.Thank you for the insight" ... written by sunshinec
She was so accurate, amazing insight. You must have a reading with her!!" ... written by ik royal
Good reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
she was EXCELLENT - right on - no bull - genuine" ... written by laura
Ren is awesome." ... written by sparkfactor
I like ladyren I think she is a good person and I would request her again. I give her 10 stars." ... written by Patricia
Well got in touch with her and it was worth the wait...This woman is truly a psychic...I belived everything she said...This is truly a wow moment" ... written by Carolyn101
She's good, the sound was off.. but she is very wonderful." ... written by Bea
She is truly a gifted Psyhic this was my second reading and once again she Wowed me. She is truly a thousand star psychic. Everyone should get a pvt reading with her you will be amazed too!" ... written by Carolyn101
Great read." ... written by misty
Thank you!" ... written by Christina
Thank you!" ... written by maxine
Great truthful reading. I needed to hear truth for once. Thank you!" ... written by Stephanie
Wow! She is awesome! and has such a warm yet truthful energy about her that I must talk to her again!" ... written by Pluto Petals
Lady Ren is right to the point and accurate. And she provides you with sound advice on how to handle your situations. Thanks, Ren!" ... written by bequestions
EXCELLENT." ... written by laura
My God this woman is amazing, save your money and come to the best. xxxx" ... written by Lotus001
AWESOME as usual" ... written by Laura (spark)
I just cant get enough of her!!! Thanks hun :)" ... written by angelic03
She is the best! Really had excellent insight on the situation. I know she has a gift." ... written by Rene067
AWESOME as always - she is really spot on !" ... written by laura
I just love her!! She was right on and awesome!!!" ... written by angelic03
She is accurate!!! Fun and happy to talk to! 5 STARS!" ... written by ann s
Loved lady ren, she is amazing. Lots of info. She was right on spot with everything, accurate, and also funny. She gave lots of insight and info. I do recommend her to everyone. " ... written by sara
Simply THE BEST." ... written by HelenofTroy123
Excellent reader, recommended 100%. Accurate, she will tell you everything. " ... written by vjrei01
She is amazing!!! she made me feel so much better about my situation i was down and depressed about everything but after talking to her and getting clarity i feel i can go about the rest of my days with a smile....thank you so much ren :)" ... written by love
Ms Rein was accurate on her reading. She had humor and patience. Good reading, she knows her stuff.." ... written by MzGina
She is fast accurate and to the point." ... written by happi18
Good reading| I will be back" ... written by sara
Good Reading, informative..." ... written by Tracy
She was awesome very forthright!" ... written by FancyAParis
great reading" ... written by happy
She's okay and fast" ... written by georgiapeach37
She is great I love the reading!!!! I will be back!!" ... written by angelic03
Enjoyed it!" ... written by bRIDGETTE EVANS
Very accurate.... highly recommended." ... written by smole
She was very good." ... written by Staci
Outstanding reading, thumbs up to you and thanks for sharing your gift with me." ... written by Jean
Amazing woman and great reading. right on point..thank you:)" ... written by PB1923
I'm coming back for more." ... written by TIffany
She's an amazing and lovely person. it's a blessing to talk to her. I want more and more reading with her..." ... written by sweet461
Good person, tell what she sees not what you want to hear." ... written by MzGina
She was great. She picked up on everything." ... written by Joseph Leader
she was very accurate" ... written by Staci
Very accurate and personable!" ... written by Janet
Very good!" ... written by Sun
amazing soul x" ... written by k
Very nice, and insightful" ... written by Mona
Great lady! Connected with very little info to the issues at hand and gave insightful advice on how to proceed. All I can say is Wow!! God Bless you LadyRen and thank you. :)" ... written by Jenn
She's very accurate!" ... written by Staci
She is the best gave me detailed information on my personal situation. Very enlightening I feel like I am equipped with the information I needed. Will come back in a few months to share with her my stories. " ... written by Michelle
She was very accurate." ... written by Staci
LadyRen is the best... truthful, accurate, and know just as much as I know about the situation before I can even say. Really on point and Truly BLESSED!!!" ... written by smole
Sounds accurate, very!!!" ... written by dkah
Wonderful lady, i am surprised at how she described the situation, very accurate. I'm grateful" ... written by Mzladii
She is awesome, picked on things very quick :)!" ... written by humility
She as as awesome as every loved her thank you for the clarity very sweet lady and VERY ACCURATE!!!" ... written by love
She was accurate.. let see what happens.. thanks andamp; best! :)" ... written by aqua
SPOT ON! Thank you and chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
LadyRen was very quick and accurate. She gave me what to watch for in the future. She was very insightful. I so appreciated her insight. Thank u Ren.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
EXCELLENT as always" ... written by laura
Awesome job! " ... written by Mike0825
great reading very accuriate spun out how much she knew!" ... written by kjane3
Another good reading " ... written by Tiffany
Great Lady! Quick Accurate, and picks up on all things presented to her and not. Very insightful and trusting!" ... written by Cordie167
good reader she was quick and on the ball" ... written by cindy
Thanks you good at what you do" ... written by Tiffany
Lady Ren is always so positive and she tells it like it is. very good reading and I recommend you try her!" ... written by Trinaserena
Ren was very straight forward and honest. Very uplifting and straight to the point. Truthful and honest results." ... written by Chaxa
SHES AMAZING " ... written by Diamond
She was great." ... written by Natalie
thank you ! Good reading. Accruate. " ... written by PIGLETME
Warm, kind, wise, supportive... easy to talk to, she provides good council. Thank you ~~" ... written by bluebird08
She was on point ,straight Lady Ren for being honest ...Thank you " ... written by susnhinec
Thank you for the honest reading i received i will definately give updates to my situation" ... written by Kristina Prattis
VERY GOOD D ACCURATE!" ... written by memyself+
AWESOME as usual" ... written by laura
exceptional" ... written by shaniel
she is wonderful" ... written by blackberry00
wow great reading" ... written by TD
Very good and picked up my situation." ... written by Srallen77
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
Right on point! I'm astonished at the information LadyRen knew and how she recommened me to move forward!" ... written by Awesome
Very sweet lady that seemed to pick up on things right away." ... written by A
LadyRen is like Sweet Tea andamp; Cornbread...this young woman is simply good to the soul. She is blessed with gifts...glad I was able to see and experience her at work" ... written by LadyRen
like that she likes to be honest and easy to talk with. A+ " ... written by sunflowerskoz
LadyRen is the truth she was spot on as far all of her predictions have come true for me.... cant wait for my current predictions to come true again!" ... written by love
she was really interesting. She took a long time shuffling the cards and all my funds were consumed but she gave me the answers I needed." ... written by romi944
5 stars " ... written by georgiapeach37
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
good and funny said what i felt." ... written by bravebryd
She is a good reader" ... written by Staci
she was amazing! knew things before i said them! will be back" ... written by vampgirl
she is great!" ... written by survivor
She was very kind and empathetic and listened very well" ... written by Raychul
great great great" ... written by bronie lov
great very detailed reading" ... written by shawn
AWESOME READ" ... written by shellbynz
This woman is good!" ... written by luckygirl40
Very good reader. Nice and sweet. Honest and forthcoming." ... written by Olivia
awesome read " ... written by laura
she is the real deal. no fuss no mess.I trust her" ... written by she is good
she was very good" ... written by san
I missed you had a great reading thank u!" ... written by Ava