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Psychic LadyLaCroixhas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LadyLaCroixhas recently helped 14members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LadyLaCroix's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I'm a Wiccan High Priestess with over 25 years of experience as a Solitary Practitioner. Having recently 'come out of the broom closet' (as it were) I've begun working as a professional psychic and medium. My education and credentials include an exceptional high I.Q. score when tested and accepted into Mensa at the age of 16, and a degree for completion of occult training and apprenticeship at the school 'Our Lady of Enchantment' when I was 21. My university study of specialty was Psychology, at Oklahoma University.
YOU, who is reading this right now; is vitally important to any practice of 'divine' nature, or that is spiritual. As a person asking questions from someone they trust You are the engine that drives this vehicle. You are the heart and soul of my field. For the believer, the querent and scholar of their soul(s) is always the one asking the questions. Without that what would my purpose as a professional giver of advice, much less guide be?
Simply put, without your partnership in this type of work, any and all of my words are technically meaningless.
Without further ado; here are my skills and interests, in the field of divination...
As a professional psychic and fellow human being; I want to offer my services to everyone who needs or wants them free of charge. Any monetary transaction is purely your charity and kindness; and I'm grateful for those tributes, but your generosity will IN REALITY; be the most rewarding to YOURSELF, as the donor. Anything you trade to help me for doing this fascinating and engaging FUN job; which feels exactly like an act of Love; will return to you multiple and infinite times. (esoteric mathematics is the law at work here.:) LOL )
||+|| Tarot Readings
||+|| Rune Readings
||+|| Guided Astral Travel (Vision Quests)
||+|| Bibliomancy
||+|| Elemental and Magical Empowerment
||+|| Ritual Work and Spell-casting: including
|+| Protection
|+| Elemental Empowerment/Guardian Invocation
|+| Angel Invocation/Exorcisms (see "Spiritual Cleansing)
|+| Shape-shifting
|+| Spiritual Cleansing (of negative/harmful energy residing in the material world)
|+| Animation
If you want to know your destiny and control it at will, I urge you to seek my professional advice-the sooner you take control of your life, the sooner you can begin to live your dreams and truly experience Heaven, here on earth and in this lifetime!

that was the coolest reading ever hehe" ... written by william
this was quite a long but thorough reading...i like this lady and her energy and will come back again" ... written by ginbellen