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Spirituality and divinity has always been very special for me. As a child i was drawn to reading a lot of books about magical creatures, the unknown, the paranoramal ,astrology and many more. i was greatly interested in clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, intuition, pastlifes, karma,palmistry,numerology and astrology. i came across angel therapy and tarot readings through my sister.I would like to do my little part in rendering service to fellow human beings through divine help and walk towards my dvine life purpose.I want to feed my spirit by doing what i love the most which is being able to be creative,imaginative,expressive,communicative,sensitive,empatetic and receptive. i want spread joy and share knowledge around me.A candle loses none of it's lustre by lighting an another candle. I may not be a very great scholar in pyschic studies but i can say i am unique, every creature of GOD is unique. I trust my inuition and my guardian angels.We are all growing and still learning from life experiences,so i dare to dream and dream magically. There is a divine timing for everthing,so i request God to give everone imense faith.thank u...

" ... written by MayGirl