About Kydra

Psychic Kydrahas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Kydrahas recently helped 24members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Kydra's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a Cerified Psychic for 25 years, Natural Born gifted psychic of 5 generations read thousands recently helped 11588 members on Oranum. I am a Chanellor, Clairvoyant spirit reader,Empath, Healer, and Master Tarot reader. I give spirit energy readings which connect to your soul through your energy and vibrations, with your name and questions of concern I can give you an in dept reading.

Very good reading validated my thoughts " ... written by Lawanna
Sorry it kicked me and don't no y... ty for the help u provided" ... written by johnnylo
She is very good. Very pesonable. Very compassionate and caring person. Would have her again." ... written by oceansandjoy1
Awesome !!" ... written by karren87
Gives good insight and thoughtful to where you are at. Sees where your relationship is at and seeks to give good counsel. " ... written by whtevrhelps
I only had a few credits but she was great answered my question!!!" ... written by julznycles
didnt have that many credits but kydra was fast and to the point...:) i will b back...GREAT!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
she was great very accurate gave good advise will visit again" ... written by tiger5762
i wish i could have stayed longer ..look who ever is in charge she is the real deal...i went window shopping and i bought only from this store...shes the best...the best...right away she knows what is going to happen..i will come back here again and again.." ... written by tyesejoy
she was funny witty, and honest...she knew everything about what is going didn't have to say much, she would tell you key board kept getting stuck and and she was patient...shes the real deal i swear by it!" ... written by tyesejoy
Very sincere and helpful lady. Look forward to the future and happy with my reading.Thank you Kydra! " ... written by tash1921
Wonderful reading!!" ... written by aliali08
You are amazing! I'll get back to you with the results ;)" ... written by waterlover
Excellent reading!!Highly recommended!" ... written by rattail1
She was great to talk to." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
I think she is a nice lady, she is a little few with her words I would have liked her to elaborate more and also be a little quicker with answering questions. But she does sense things." ... written by loverpants
she was very nice and accurate about my reading and she is the real deal!!! thank you so much for the great reading and your time..I will be back to talk to you again." ... written by kresh43181
Wow what a reading I'm speechless. you are simply great I highly recommend to anyone for a true clear honest reading. She was spot on andamp; I will be back." ... written by Lorann23
she is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tyesejoy
she was amazing. and she read the situation correctly. as a matter fact i am coming back for another reading tonight because she was great and i have more questions i trust she can truly answer for me. Thank you !!! ill be back about an hour." ... written by Amanda
very accurate reading!" ... written by aisha
GREAT" ... written by tyesejoy
Very good read! Picked up on people around the situation," ... written by florwer85
Very accurate and very friendly!" ... written by lettitia
Thank you Kydra! Picked up on situations accurately..will update you" ... written by rosha05
The BEST - I swear by it!" ... written by tyesejoy
She is excelent !! Highly reccommend" ... written by Uranium1000
Wow, she is awesome, you want a good honest reading with no sugar coating this is the lady she's the best..thank you!" ... written by dymonds47
great and very helpful and a great heart" ... written by suga-slim
Good read. Great person. Golden heart!" ... written by BrokenJakk
Thanks for your time." ... written by Noosiekins
excellent reading" ... written by Harvey6972
love this woman shes awesome no bs no sugar coating just a great lady thank u u have helped me so so much..xx" ... written by dymonds47
What a wonderful reading highly recommended. Kydra was spot on in everything." ... written by Lorann23
What a wonderful reading highly recommended. Kydra was spot on in everything." ... written by Lorann23
Kydra has a special gift she is very sweet and tells the truth she knew things about me that I never told her. She remembered me from chat before i went private have had 2 privates with her and will have many more. Very sincere and caring" ... written by mj1963
Absolutely wonderful!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Very good !!! loved her !! very kind too " ... written by ramirez9480
Great reading. Very kind and understanding as well." ... written by katehrine1965
Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by brownsuga5964
I like that Kydra really knows about my situation and is very clear about what is happening." ... written by stavithegreek
OMG u wheere so accurate with ur readin!!! ur the real thing " ... written by godess01
Very Accurate!" ... written by luv01_2008
very very true everything she says " ... written by Nefybaby
Great ,smart, insightful, wonderful woman" ... written by Knoxie1
love her even in her free chat " ... written by mary558
good" ... written by Harvey6972
this lady is so damn good its scary it made me shake you have to have to give her a try she is awesome and thats no bull." ... written by scorpionqueen
She's a legitimate, wonderful, accurate psychic. :)" ... written by ghent2011
Very good reading! She connected with me well and tuned into my situation very well. She has a true gift and very pleasant to speak with. I reccomend a private session with her." ... written by geoff007
she was very good in the time i had with her but ran out of time sorry about that but will come back soon for the rest of the reading,thanks again" ... written by chocolatecity
as always this lady is awesome awesome awesome everybody need to give her a try" ... written by scorpionqueen
She picked up on my energy " ... written by amr0268
OMG... she is so spot on! Have to try her." ... written by AngAlevinAlevin
kind soul" ... written by Alvin Tan
she's very sweet andamp; caring in her readings, very accurate. can't wait to have more pvt with KYDRA in the future. thank you so much. " ... written by Lucy117
Thank you she helped me alot 100% I need this to find out about my ex. I had questions running thru my head since we broke up and she cleared it and was on point" ... written by BebeGirl81
Very sweet, connected!" ... written by mizbeez
THANK GOD FOR HER. SHE IS AWESOME.." ... written by brownsuga5964
Once again she was great." ... written by brownsuga5964
Thank You...." ... written by 10faygo71
thank you i know my direction now. sometimes it is just a karma." ... written by amy19a
I loved the reading" ... written by PinkSugar
She is the real thing!!! She told me someting was going to happen in three days and it did!!!" ... written by godess01
She was very nice and very insightful. We did not have as long as I would have liked but I did get the answers I needed from her. Am feeling sooooo much clearer now. I will definitely have a chat with her again. Thank you Kydra !! Blessings, love and peace xx" ... written by DebbieBee
Thank you. Very insightful." ... written by colleen417
she made me cry thinking about what she said thank u" ... written by eclipseglow24
She did great!" ... written by Knoxie1
excellent. I feel so much clearer now.. Time not long enough. Would definitly have a reading again.. Thanx Kyndra !!! Blessing, love and peace xx" ... written by DebbieBee
she is great" ... written by xicabella
Very good. Good connection. Will talk to her again, for sure. She was right on point. " ... written by Ontheblue
She gave me great advice! I have a lot to think about! I recommend her 100%!" ... written by carlam
she was helpful" ... written by xaries2000
ummmm she was okay." ... written by spiritualgirl1
Thanks so much xx" ... written by jojo20652003
She was right!" ... written by LorenaAries
Very Helpful and compassionate." ... written by maryannepav
Kydra's reading was the most accurate reading I have ever. ever. EVER...gotten. I am shaking in my bones and body. I have never ever experienced a reading like this. The accuracy was riviting and I have had numerous readings beyond financial imagination. I am shocked that she doesn't charge more. She said things things that were exactly correct without me giving her a clue. She was so gracious by thanking me that I confirmed her prediction. I am In AWE!!!!!!. You cannot believe the accuracy that she deliver's.... She is intense and see's PERFECTLY. I just don't know what else to say other than the BEST part...I believe 100% that her predictions are just as accurate as her past and right now reading! I feel it to the core!!!!!!" ... written by katharazz
Very accurate and give amazing advice. Enjoyed every bit of the reading. Wish I had more credits" ... written by guriwo
Wonderful!! Great advice!! Very spot on!" ... written by NiVanya
Cant get enough of her" ... written by Knoxie1
Thank you Kydra! The connection on my notebook continued to brake up. To bad I ran out of time. Now I'm wondering who was the light complented girl you metioned but I am light complented. You knew how I was moving but I didn't get to tell you too it's also because my parent's home might be auctioned on the 21st of this month. You helped me with a doubt that I had and what I can work on and you were right when I met him I knew he was going to be a challenge :)" ... written by Nancy
You can talk to her like she is your sister. I will remember her as the one that showed me the pathway from my soul urge.Thanks to her I can see my future. I recommend her expertise to anyone." ... written by srardust16
Really deep and profound reading and right to the point. I will refer her for a private, she is endearing. Thank you:)))))))" ... written by milona
Kydra is a exceptionally gifted psychic and counselor. She was spot on as to what she saw as my issues. She is a gentle soul and she was insightful and most helpful in suggestions to help me on this life's path. I will definitely act on some of her suggestions. and look forward to visiting her room in future." ... written by Middlehope
Only spent a few minutes with her and was told exactly what i needed to hear to put my mind to rest. Thanks Kyndra!" ... written by andayaa002
By far the best experience. Quick, fast and accurate. Blessed." ... written by younglady
Tuned right in and picked up on everythign without me even telling her! Amazing!!!" ... written by sacredlove71
she was great, made me feel more optimistic and reassured me about my doubts!! looking forward to living through what awaits me!! and i will certainly come back for more as soon as things start happening!" ... written by lebanese87
Tuned right into the situation. Excellent!" ... written by Yourgoldenbird
Kydra said things would be ok and that he still loved me. She told me we would be in contact and ithappened! She is good...and fast :) " ... written by agirl
She was good. Picked up right away on stuff! Thank you!!" ... written by Antranae1
Thank you Kydra! This explains why the distance is there...and it makes a lot of sense too...can't even blame him for feeling this way. I would feel the same! " ... written by miasha
Love her, she's very easy to talk to and lays it out, would keep coming back if I could and ask more questions." ... written by BriannaT26
Kydra was good because she gave me some clarity in regards to my questions and got straight to the point. She was very good! " ... written by JScorpio88
Amazing!..." ... written by islanddreams4168
You calm my confused mind.... Thank you so much...I will be coming back." ... written by islanddreams4168
Thank you Kydra - it is all action stations from now on till June for me. Paint and more paint etc etc etc" ... written by Charlie0605
she was right on about ppl in my life and events that will take place... recommend her:)" ... written by angelblue1616
Excellent , fast, no bullshit right on the spot thank you again xx" ... written by new
excellent reading, picked up a lot. Too bad we ran out of time, she was very informative." ... written by peachybeez
thank you so very are fantastic and so very patient" ... written by peachybeez
Your are the greatest. You helped me alot. I will keep you posted." ... written by Granola
Enjoyed the reading..." ... written by AquaEyzz
She very good I highly reccomend her." ... written by fortunesdelight
She was amazing, she picked up on everything... I hope what she predicted will come... love you a lot, you are so sweet and always such a great help !!! God bless you!" ... written by Lulu101
It was insightful, helpful and very wonderful." ... written by purplecloud
Kydra is by far the BEST psychic I have ever spoken too... She helped me see what I was unable to see and helped me find ease in what relationship was best for me!!! SHE IS MY GUARDIAN ANGEL :)" ... written by Tyler Arguello
Soooooo amazing new so many things that I did not say/ 100% accurate.. sweet, lovely. fast Thank you soo much for your help xx" ... written by butterflywings10
You nailed so many things." ... written by onefineday1a1a
She is wonderful and sees things that help you understand the situation." ... written by Granola2
Very nice lady.. spot on! and gives additional help :) would love to be her friend actually!" ... written by vansab
Very good " ... written by Chrissypoo30
Very good reader...recommend her :)" ... written by cleoham87
Amazing, insightful. Caring woman. I will come back. Thank you!" ... written by denisa79
Thank you I will see what happens." ... written by dreamgirl30
Awesome reader!" ... written by Hypnotica
SHE IS THE GREATEST!" ... written by Granola2
She knew things that I never said to anyone, but thought. She also explained so much that it gave me peace." ... written by onefineday1a1a
I really enjoyed chatting with her, i wasnt able to speak with her as long as i would have like, site is acting up and will not allow me to purchase more credits. when it is back up i will be coming back to kydra" ... written by harper18
Mr. right and mr right now.. much deeper reading than that.. but just had to say.. awesome " ... written by katharazz
Kydra lifted my spirits, give me insight and encouragement to pursue my dreams! She seems to be able to read my mind and answer all my questions... I Highly recommend her!" ... written by weightloss
I saw a little boy who was a spirit. She helped me figure out what happened to him and let me know that he was lonely and wanted a friend. He told her I wasn't happy which is the truth. I am glad she verified that for me. Thank you so much!!" ... written by crystal2029
Awesome! Going back now!" ... written by Tishiab
She was dead on !!" ... written by vvd450
Very good!" ... written by Harvey6972
she connected well and describe the guy I asked her about, just the way he is! thanks for the insight " ... written by sandy83
You are very good i enjoyed talking to you" ... written by arieslover23
I spent a lot of money but SHE WAS GOOD!" ... written by earthdog
SPOT ON!!!! What a gem!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Very, very accurate!!!! This woman is in tune!" ... written by ashleymarie0104
Kydra was dead on and was so right!!! I recommend her to everyone!!!" ... written by tyejose29
Very accurate with her reading. I do hope things get better." ... written by jasminepapas
Great insights:))))" ... written by kimeu2012
She was great. Told me about the spirit leading me and is helping me strenghten my ablilties. She told me everything I wanted to know and then some. " ... written by crystal2029
She was great!" ... written by oalanis
Very honest!" ... written by higherthanlife
I am very pleased to talk with Kydra again for an update from her into my situation. She is very clear about what she feels and will help you with your situation in a reading. Thank you again Kydra and God bless." ... written by geoff007
You have soothed my soul with your insight :-)" ... written by Mesmereyes65
She is AMAZING. She knows everything about what you are to ask. I loved talking to her. It was so amazing how she told me all I needed to know with just knowing names and dates of birth." ... written by doublehelix2
Lovely always very honest, right on" ... written by vvd450
The email you sent me was great. You helped me with figuring out what to do about my abilties. Thank you and I look forward to talking to you ya super sweet" ... written by crystal2029
Sorry I ran out of credit, thank you again. :)" ... written by Wizz123
I love Kydra, she's positive and so wonderful. I would give her more than 5 stars if I could. I love you, Kydra!" ... written by arieslover23
Best reading I've had! Totally honest and helpful! Great revelations and advice!" ... written by pskatymaple
I really like her. Can't wait to talk to her again soon, great lady." ... written by Danyale0525
Love her. Thanks for everything." ... written by Danyale0525
Kydra, is very good. i am looking forward to her predictions to come true regarding getting a client signed on with my company. She saw things I didnt tell her." ... written by lifeismosaic
She is able to tap in to your situation very quickly and is amazing at her ability to see what is coming up in your life." ... written by Granola2
Words can not explain how amazing she is. I've asked multiple questions and I have gotten very clear to the point answers. I will definitely ask her about things from here on out :)" ... written by doublehelix2
Oops sorry lost track of time/credits lol. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with you though! Im mind-blown, you read me like an open book. Cant wait to see what happens, and I will be back to update you :) Thank you so much." ... written by iPreferMimi
She was great but i could hear her but she coulnt hear me so we wasted time i think she is a 5 star rated everybody she is very good i will have her again she was great " ... written by joni203
Was wonderful connecting and talking to you Kydra! Thank you for the reading and love and light!" ... written by heartnsoul
She's really sweet, very helpful. I think I asked the same question about 50 times and she was really patient. Definitely do a private reading." ... written by aquarius49
Amazing. Help me to see the next step." ... written by tbudiman
She is greaaaaaaat and clear i got engaged 3 days after her reading and she said she saw a number 3 which could mean 3 something like months " ... written by doublehelix2
AMAZINg she was a fresh breathe of air" ... written by beautiful_redd
Brilliant read. Lovely woman, great insights." ... written by natei08
She is great." ... written by friendly22
Excellent kind caring reader will definetly use again" ... written by febuary
Right about everything and dead on..." ... written by targue
Great fun if nothing else, no money left " ... written by chady1uk
Kydra is a very charismatic and sweet person. With her soothing and lovely voice she can make anybody peaceful and relaxed. " ... written by polandbetter
Kydra was really sweet. Readings aside, I needed someone to talk to and she was so kind. She's lovely. Do get a private reading. " ... written by aquarius49
A sweet and insitghful lady, she helps people not only by reading into their lives but as well by giving useful advices based on her life experiences. I'd definitely keep consulting her." ... written by c_alicious
Kydra is amazing she knew things about me that i didn't i tell her about shes amazing i would recommended her to anyone ." ... written by cyberdork88
She did an excellent job with my reading even though I tackled her with a bunch of questions. Hopefully we will see what happens :)" ... written by Munchkin20
Always love listening to Kydra about life and purpose. I am so happy to have connected with her. I think she might be the spirit guide I have been searching for so many years. I can't say enough to tell you how special I think she is. She is already giving back the world what is most precious about it: true humanity. I sincerely believe her efforts will help many people to realise why we are here. Our purpose is much greater than we think. For a historian like myself, I really think we need people like Kydra to help us connect to that purpose again. Thank you for being you Kydra :) Many blessings, will see you again my teacher :)" ... written by manijhe
Didn't have to say anything much.... she said it all..." ... written by cobb864
She really confirmed what I thought was going on...thank so much for this, it really helped." ... written by cindy02
Kydra saw my entire situation as it is... i just needed clarification on what exactly is going to happen though and the future she did not tell me much about but i understand because i ran out of credits." ... written by Katja87
Loved my reading with Kydra!She is such a lovely lady and very reassuring!" ... written by marsylyttle
Wow amazing! She picked up on everything!!!!!! Thank you so much will definitely be back! " ... written by leowoman15
I think she was amazing, she was 100% accurate" ... written by EdreashaS23
Wish i had more funds." ... written by Viperz85
Kydra you're amazing thank you so much. I' haven't felt so heartbroken and I really needed this right now. I hope I can see the light at this point and learn to find love where I should.. within myself. Thank you so much again for the clarity. I can't say enough how much this means to me, but I can only pray your gift brings you love, luck and happiness :) Many many blessings to you for helping me :)" ... written by manijhe
The best on Oranum by far!!!! Special lady! " ... written by ashleymarie0104
She was so amazing and gave me some good insight!! Thank you so much!!!! " ... written by Shortcak
Wow Kydra is amazing spot on. lovely to talk to, saw all the truths i highly recommend. money well spent i will surely be back." ... written by Lorann23
She is great, fantastic reading" ... written by bbdo1234
Kydra really helped and tuned into my situation and let me know of the good possibilities. The steps I needed to take for the best outcome and gave me the reassurance that I could turn this event into my favor. I will be back to let her know how things are progressing. :)" ... written by crzdnem
Kydra has been extremely extremely helpful at putting my mind at ease during my situation and assures me that things will turn out in my favor. She helps me to stay grounded and take stock of the situation and realize that I deserve happiness and it's coming :)" ... written by crzdnem
I was very very anxious and needed answers and kydra didn't sugar coat it. She told me exactly as it is and it was both good and bad." ... written by Katja87
I was happy with my reading, and I will be getting another reading in the future, thanks Kydra." ... written by shellmesea
Very good. Saw many things. One of the best here" ... written by johanna123
Unique approach to readings. Enjoyed my reading. " ... written by beagle88
Kydra is spot on! " ... written by Middlehope
Words cannot explain how amazing Kydra is..she has an amazing gift and has picked up on my situation with no information from me. She has an true psychic ability and has given me the hope and confidence I needed with my situation. She is wonderful, patient and kind...try will not be dissapointed!! A Million Stars to You Jydra! Thank you and God Bless You. WONDERFUL!!!!" ... written by deannbri1126
Very precise very good spot on with things without me needing to tell her will definitely come back " ... written by jamie_lee
Very good and friendly ;] thank you" ... written by TigerJump
5 stars! I love Kydra. She is the greatest reader. She has never been wrong and she is very friendly and personal. She is a true delight and I am so grateful to have the chance to read by her. I strongly think if you want a wonderful reading you should come to Kydra." ... written by HeavenlyWhisper
She tells what she sees. " ... written by Granola2
Wonderful" ... written by ppcranston
Awesome person!!" ... written by febuary
Heartbreak can be the most difficult to resolve and with the help of Kydra's gift, we can make things easier for us. God wants us to be happy and people like Kydra have been sent to us to tell us that and to give us direction. Thank you so much for being there for me :) All blessings and love for you :)" ... written by manijhe
Wow she picked up on EVERYTHING! I barely had to tell her anything! Thanks Kydra! You were great!" ... written by leowoman15
GREAT AS ALWAYS " ... written by ashleymarie0104
Thank you Kydra such peace of mind :) as always amazing " ... written by elena8014
Was honest and straight up with her answers, look forward to relaying back the events. Thank you Kydra :)" ... written by mad_69
Thanks Kydra! Kydra was able to understand my problem. She's great! " ... written by star2012
Amazing talented, lovely lady! Totally made my week with a great reading! Can't wait to have another session!! " ... written by Zulu11
Amazing and very accurate :)" ... written by amanda-lobb
Amazing woman. spoke the truth, very accurate." ... written by Amir
Very good. She is the real one. I m the expert and know who is good and who not. Many bs. This one real. The best here. Only 5good ones here other so and so, this is a top." ... written by johanna123
Kydra is a very wonderful person. She is one of the most talented psychics I have had the pleasure of getting read by. I continue to keep coming back for more because she is the best. She has never been wrong.Her energy is very calming and helps you relax. She's just amazing. She has never been wrong when she reads for me. I truly adore this reader. When ever I need answers she is the one I come to. " ... written by HeavenlyWhisper
Really helped was very caring. would highly recommend her to anyone!" ... written by febuary
Awesome caring person!! " ... written by febuary
Thank you for the reading, It was very helpful, Amazing person thank you." ... written by TigerJump
Thanks for the reading. very clairvoyant" ... written by joyful222
She's so sweet. clairevoyant. told me so many things to help me relax and be more clearheaded. thank you dear!" ... written by joyful222
She was wonderful and made sense on my reading and took great care in the" ... written by NICKY39
She is great!!!" ... written by rekhapanda
Highly recommend, thank you" ... written by cammyboo
She is great to talk to you." ... written by Danyale0525
Had a reading with her the other day and she was spot on and awesome! Thank you Kydra will be back with an update hopefully he will make his move soon like you predicted. :)" ... written by ninjakitty88
You were so right on about him! hahaha I still barely know the guy, but the little I've seen from him, he is that way! hahahaha oh and you completely nailed him about what he wants too I feel like, without me saying anything!" ... written by leowoman15
Wonderful, right on the money. Told me more about my life...quite surprising!" ... written by helkatsam
She is great... very kind and very helpful..." ... written by pandoy
Wow i have been a regular client with kydra the last 4 months everything has happened wow wow wow very detailed and accurate" ... written by lydia71
Kydra was fantastic spot on and accurate, she blew my mind away Highly Recommended" ... written by LYDIA71
She totally nailed my situation and it was pretty amazing." ... written by michelina20
Good, helped open eyes a little." ... written by meganmcb
Kydra was very hard-working and genuine with her answers. She gave me clarity. Now I know what is happening. Thank you Kydra " ... written by AppleBite707
Wonderful!! " ... written by amanda-lobb
Very kind and sweet! Thank you!" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
As a first time person trying this she blew my mind with what she knew and it touched my heart shes the real deal!" ... written by BrownBear23
She was good, i really like her. she was also very accurate about things in the past that affects the present." ... written by makaylalarayn1
Thank you :) You were supportive! I'll keep you posted" ... written by positivity08
Thanks for being honest Kydra, that was exactly what I needed! You were very accurate with the past and what I know of the present, so I'm sure you were right about other things too! :-)" ... written by leowoman15
Always so sweet to talk to. gave me positive advice and suggestions. " ... written by joyful222
So helpful" ... written by alizaroncrimson
Sweet and helpful as always. Kydra is lovely!" ... written by aquarius49
Excellent, Excellent Reading!!! Thank you!" ... written by Elizabeth80
Very sincere and positive." ... written by jpferreira51291
Kydra thank you so much for the reading.. You realy confirmid a lot for me and the way I have been feeling...I was surprised that you were able to pick up my exhusband as well. thank you so much " ... written by AliceR644
Thank u, u r very clear" ... written by pop
My reading was so accurate, She was truly on point, Very detailed. She is the best for real, and so kinda to everyone that comes into her room. She is very helpful in all manners. Thank you so much!" ... written by melveniaw9
Great reading, very caring and had some great advice. " ... written by jeetonmars1313
She seems great, but didn't get to finish reading." ... written by nrb5881
Very accurate reading." ... written by tuda11
Good advice and honest." ... written by amelie
Thank you for your help and will be back " ... written by russel3
Right about characters." ... written by Kaly2012
EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tgilliam
Great work!!!" ... written by jhasquestions
She predicted and zeroed in on what I needed to know ...she also told me the truth that i needed to hear. This was a great reading." ... written by msmariarocks
Great and right on the money." ... written by ashmarie86
Always a joy to talk to and very positive. Thanks Kydra :)" ... written by joyful222
Kydra was wonderful! Compassionate, kind." ... written by lilly19610
She is amazing! so comforting and reassuring about my situation. She read things so specific without me saying a word. You have an amazing gift. I will be back to keep you posted. thank you, so so much!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Ahh! Thank you Kydra! I couldn't continue, but I'm pretty sure you were entirely right about him ! Its what makes it difficult, thank you! " ... written by leowoman15
Very Very Helpful... You already told what I knew about myself and people tell about me...You are friendly... not like the other psychics.., who are usually rude..," ... written by Himansh
Wonderful person and reading" ... written by candyla
Thank you so much for your help. Your email reading was proof that you are gifted and I'm evem more glad we had a chance to talk. I really hope that one day we do end up together but I'll see how long I can put up with these other things with other women coming in the picture. I am so thankful that you were able to clarify on the blonde haired girl that is around. I think that after reaching out to you, I will be able to be alot stronger and stand my ground so he knows what he has and is worried about losing me. Will talk to you soon! Thanks again!:) " ... written by mholker15
She was amazing scared me a little bit with how much she knew, well I hope that this will come true :) " ... written by crissyd
Very accurate predications and advice." ... written by kimeu2012
Thanks for hitting it on the head!! " ... written by Guinevere
She was really nice friendly and quick to answer i will definetly be back to chat with her " ... written by alondra1991
Wonderful and very spot on!" ... written by ScriptedDestiny
Kydra, I need more credits and will be back." ... written by uniguy08
Predicted I will speak to him so I will wait and see. Thanks" ... written by dreamgirl30
Very, very helpful in assessing a difficult situation. Thank you very much for your insight!" ... written by KC0145
Thank you! I was referred to you and am happy I was! I will be back again!" ... written by racheljenee
Great" ... written by arifinch8
She did very detail reading, and accurate... I will come back defiantly " ... written by VZ
She is very sweet. Bless her." ... written by meralla
Great reading!" ... written by nickel2731
Very helpful...Thanks Kydra." ... written by kimeu2012
She is amazing and honest and genuine. I feel so glad to meet her. " ... written by marychw
OMG I loved her! She was fast detailed and very nice!!!:) Thank you so much Kydra!:)" ... written by marisduhh
Well I had quite a lot of questions in a short amount of time and Kydra answered them all! Straight forward and to the point. She saw things that I had yet or was about to mention, but she mentioned them first. I ran out of time but I will def come back to her. Thank you so much Kydra for my reading. Helping people is a wonderful thing and I feel very good about the feedback you gave. BLESSINGS" ... written by SevasTra
Very accurate reading. spot on about past and current issues. " ... written by ziggy23
You were awesome ! " ... written by kschlaugat
Was amazing, and very helpful!" ... written by MPuccio
Lovely Lady! Insightful and clear. Will stay in touch!" ... written by fretan
Hi Kydra, " ... written by AliceR644
Great reading... accurate detailed." ... written by vz
I enjoyed talking to you. Gave me accurate answers about what's going on in my life, will definitely come back! Thank you" ... written by alondra1991
Tried adding more time but it didn't work!!! Darn!!! But I think you're right. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks Kydra!!!! You were very accurate!" ... written by leowoman15
She is great, very comforting. Hope her predictions come true." ... written by Anne Sophie
Amazing as always... Most deff will be back!" ... written by HeavenlyWhisper
She is brilliant!! I recommend her very much!! Thank you very much!!! " ... written by victoria1234
Very strong thank you" ... written by marigoldrose
She is a very friendly, sincere and caring woman." ... written by MUH88FAISAL
Kydra was great!This is the first time I've actually gotten the courage to spend money on a reading. I felt like she knew what I was about to ask before I even asked it. She also knew the timing of things going on in my life. Only talking to her for a couple minutes, she was able to hit all the major points that I was hoping to find out about. She is very genuine, and I do recommend her. " ... written by underwater17
Loved it and right on!" ... written by littledreamer94
She's absolutely amazing! On point! I will let you know how it goes after this week! :)" ... written by dawbaby0514
Wonderful, just wonderful...10/10..." ... written by shelishak
Excellent!" ... written by jamira76
She is amazing" ... written by tenaye
Excellent!!!!very accurate!" ... written by jamira76
Thank you it was a great reading." ... written by canadaingirlxx
Good one!" ... written by ppp
Very good, I like Kydra!" ... written by meggymae
It was so nice to see her again, her readings are so clear and accurate. She predicted that I would hear from my love and she was right :)" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Great reading" ... written by needclarity788
She's so good. she even picked up on stuff about my ex. crazy. thanks for everything kyrda!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Amazing!" ... written by djeferon
She was very accurate, very easy to talk to, enjoyed the experience greatly." ... written by Kevin J
Real good.. She saw what is going on clearly and I m really waiting to see all she told me will happen.." ... written by sofiascorpio
Thank you Kydra. You haven't been wrong YET!! And unfortunately with the ex I asked you about you turned out to be right haha. But with this new guy, you had some somewhat better news so that makes me hopeful! Lovet the honesty thanks!" ... written by leowoman15
Very helpful! was very knowledgeable about my relationship! i am very pleased with our convo i will definitely be back!" ... written by mstoya81
She is damn goood right to the bone five stars *****" ... written by Loverboy
Good 5 stars " ... written by loverboy
Great reading..very accurate, thank you." ... written by suzette1234567
The most amazing experience my 1st time on Oranum. She was precise and consistent, she saw my situation as it was. She described in detail how I was, and how things are going to change. Her advice was just as phenomenal. If you want a great Private Reading don't hesitate and click on Kydra ! GO! Do it Now !" ... written by danielgemini1
Wonderful...she nailed it...great reading!" ... written by moonangel2012
She is very nice. I hope and pray her prediction comes true, she knew alot of things that I didn't even tell her." ... written by luckygirl40
Kydra you are just fantastic. Putting my mind at ease about the choices i am making. Watch out here i come world........" ... written by Charlie0605
Very good, very accurate, :) Wonderful reading, Thank you so much." ... written by Klaudyna27
Great reader, she everything she told happened just she said... Thank you so much." ... written by prettygal2011
Kydra was very helpful I cant wait to do another reading " ... written by truelovebaby
She was truthfrul with her words and very kind. I will use her again without a doubt." ... written by angelbaby25
Very interesting and time went by fast! " ... written by Chardonay
Thanks kydra for your patience (with the line) and for your reading.. Sorry you had 2 type it but you answered all my questions and I am hoping your predictions are right!! xx" ... written by random_diamond
Good reader. very intuitive... " ... written by Lightstar
Amazing Amazing reader! Very accurate and she is filled with great advice! Contact her for the truth!" ... written by Chloe28
I ran out of time but want to say thank you for your time and honest advice." ... written by cbruni
A very sincere person I really felt a connection. Thank You, Steve R." ... written by steve98370
Amazing as always." ... written by HeavenlyWhisper
She was fantastic" ... written by sophia1984
Very easy to talk to" ... written by skf271
She was spot on with everything!!! She knew things she shouldn't have known. I didn't tell her anything and she knew my complete situation. Amazing, will definitely be a repeat customer." ... written by ghosthuntergal
Greattt" ... written by purple20
Thank You Kydra for a correct and wonderful reading very on the money with everything .xxx" ... written by tonio73
Great reading stop on" ... written by tonio73
Very accurate! Thank you for a terrific reading." ... written by starshine34
Kydra is wonderful, she knew what my questions where even before I asked her. I loved my time with her." ... written by janet24
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Please give her a try!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Great!" ... written by jamira76
Great reading as usual has not waivered from her previous predictions! Great connection!!!! " ... written by ashley
Thank you so much Kydra. Was good to get a gripo on reality." ... written by Charlie0605
Always on point. so happy I've gotten to know you! you truly have a gift, Kyrda!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Great! As usual!" ... written by jamira76
Awesome as usual." ... written by jamira76
Amazing!" ... written by Ryan747
I come to Kydra when i want the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!!! She has been so right for me time and time again. So I know she is telling me the truth and don't we all really need that!" ... written by leowoman15
Absolutely amazing! so so accurate! thanks Kydra!" ... written by dawbaby0514
She's awesome!!!!" ... written by dawbaby0514
WOW!!! She is good!!! Give her time but dam she taps into everything!!!! I must say i would definately come back!!! Thank you Kydra" ... written by nytango1234
Excellent - very direct. Just wish I could hear her better. The voice was cutting out all the time. Missed a lot, but got the essientials. Very helpful." ... written by toffee1
She's good, fast answers, sometimes confused me" ... written by Iam2012
Kydra is so sweet and kind...but also very accurate in the info she picked up about my relocation and the man I asked her about. Thank you Kydra!! " ... written by chrissie35
As usual she sees it all in the past im returning for more info about the future because the past n present is already known." ... written by Katja87
Very great readings as always... " ... written by moonangel2012
Excellent, insightful, visions, friendly, warm, and good advice." ... written by laginala
She was very insightful." ... written by Smprivo
Always liked her insight xx" ... written by laceylex
This was my first time with Kydra and I was impressed. She picked up on so many things surrounding my situation that I was extremely surprised. I will definitely be returning. 5 stars. Thanks Kydra." ... written by Willow59
Thanks for working with me kydra ill be back soon! Kydra is always right for me, so accurate and so truthful so when she has good news I feel extra good about it :-). Can't wait to see what happens!!" ... written by leowoman15
Awesome update! Thankyou Kydra!" ... written by kiki3070
I am really glad I recieved a reading from Kydra - She confirmed alot for me and has given me the clarity and guidance I need to move forward. She picked up on alot and also provided details (described people and situation) and a time when things would happen. She has a kind heart. Thank you Kydra :)" ... written by abundance
She truly has a gift. The specific details she picks up on every reading just continue to amaze me. She's been right about everything on every single reading. So glad i met you kydra. You're a lovely person and thanks for being there for me. xoxo" ... written by dawbaby0514
Well was nice chatting with her shes a nice lady but i would have liked more specific answers on the future and time frames etc but I enjoy talkin to her. thanks." ... written by Katja87
Always accurate and honest." ... written by rosebud011
Very helpful.. Love her reading." ... written by kimeu2012
Amazing, my Kydra. Thank you love and your reads." ... written by tonio73
She really does pick up on the situation. I'm shocked how well she picks up on this. Don't pass her up. " ... written by Willow59
Sometimes correct. Had many readings w her. See some things well..Lets see if all of them happens" ... written by Amanda
Hi Kydra thanks again for the reading and giving me some hope and support. Some of your predictions have already come true so fingers crossed for the future. Sorry we got cut off my browser is acting funny today. tc, will update you soon dear. xxx" ... written by random_diamond
Told me all the true things about the person I wanted to know about." ... written by alondra1991
You continue to amaze me, Kydra! Thanks for all your guidance! You are truly gifted! Absolutely amazing!" ... written by dawbaby0514
You are so good...... when I talk with you I feel like I am close to Dean again" ... written by ml4063
Great!" ... written by virgomare
I always look for Kydra! She is always spot on! Thank you again for another great reading!" ... written by rosebud011
She is great and nailed it right on the head. Would recommend!" ... written by Trishab24
Thank you Kydra." ... written by Charlie0605
I felt Kydra really connected... anything she was saying to me was the truth. I will be in contact again!" ... written by ml4063
Unbelievable wow the best I ever heard from!!!!" ... written by inletsoaps1
She is absolutely wonderful! I don't know what I'd do without her. Thanks for being there for me, Kydra. Your gifts are truly amazing!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Shes my favorite phsychic she knew before i even said anything " ... written by alondra1991
She was so helpful! Helped to clear up some things for me :)" ... written by LuckyStar5
Awesome reading well recommended " ... written by goggo1
Kydra is really good.. she said things that I and my deceased would only know!!!! I will be back again and again" ... written by ml4063
Very good connected perfect again thank you!!! highly recommend " ... written by goggo1
Kydra was great and very in tune to my health issues. She is very caring and offered me some great advice on products to help with my health issues. She is awesome!" ... written by survivorgal
Gave me some great advice. And she hasn't been wrong YET so I'm feeling good about it :-)" ... written by leowoman15
Great reader, got straight to the point, would recommend her." ... written by hellzbellz
Delightful and insightful reading." ... written by kimeu2012
Wow, Kydra is great and completely accurate. well woth every dollar" ... written by goggo1
I've never done this, but have felt lost about a relationship. She hit the nail on the head about everything. So helpful, so inspiring! Thank you!!" ... written by jerrilyn35
She is always on point and very helpful!!!! " ... written by LuckyStar5
Great reading, spot-on." ... written by estelle317
Very helpful thank you Kydra!" ... written by brettyb2006
Thanks for the reading you picked on a lot of stuff." ... written by serinaserina
She is really good. Told me timeframe and everything." ... written by Jass7869
She was wonderful! was very accurate! thank you so much!" ... written by scadoodle
The best reasing I've ever gotten from anyone. She picked up on everything immediately without me telling her much. Before i told her anything she was already telling me what shje felt and saw right down to events that happened. Thank you!" ... written by SynapsesOne
Lovely lady, very helpful." ... written by kimeu2012
Great reading thank you kydra , love our time we spend together, you are fablous and thankyou for your healing on my ankle." ... written by tonio73
Very good." ... written by serinaserina
Very good reading. she gave me very accurate information. I will be checking back with her." ... written by duckkait
You are absolutely amazing, kydra. Not sure what I would do without you. Thanks for another wonderful update! I never lose hope and just gain patience thanks to you!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Hi Kydra.. just came back onto oranum to give you feedback your prediction was very correct. You said the guy would call and ask me to see his place and he did the very next day and u also predicted tht someone was coming to visit him and she is in september... scarily accurate... will def have to have another reading with you at some point! I definitely reccommend this reader." ... written by random_diamond
Wow what a gifted lady she was fantastic :)" ... written by hellzbellz
Kydra remembered the first time she read for me a couple months ago with details. She gave me some great insight on what she saw." ... written by Lightstar
Good reading" ... written by Lightstar
Helpful!" ... written by Middlehope
Ah! i'm so excited! you're always so on point with everything! you're truly amazing! thanks for all that you do!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Reading was worth it. Insight into what I was concerned about and now it is more clarified for me, makes life easier!" ... written by intrigueme184
Great reading, and on the spot. Right on. " ... written by uzma01
Kydra was very insightful, great reading from her. Love her smile :)" ... written by dlcutipie
Totally spot on with what she said but I couldnt put any more credits on, but I will be back to talk to her. " ... written by Victoria95
She is great i would us her again.. she told me thing that i never even told her or anyone in my life. the first few min i was alittle scared because she told me thing i never told anyone and was wonding how she know.. after that i was alittle more conformable to continue talking to her.. i would recommend this person to my friend.. If anyone reading this comment this lady is great you guys have to try it and know for yourself... " ... written by jfjahdl2945
Always willing to help. Patient and helpful lady." ... written by kimeu2012
Very accurate reader for me so far, was glad my friend reccommended u to me kydra! Rates are very reasonable and I am hoping I'll have the good news u forecasted for me in our next reading xxx" ... written by random_diamond
Very good." ... written by ml4063
She was very accurate and to the point. I will highly recommend to anyone. She has a wonderful spirit." ... written by dabountychic119
Very helpful...kind lady with the innocence of a child." ... written by kimeu2012
Kydra is very good and she cares about you. She also does remember you if you spend time with her, I always will come back and see her." ... written by jfjahdl2945
This woman is good." ... written by luckygirl40
Always wish we had more time. you're amazing! " ... written by dawbaby0514
Excellent reading, gave me a lot of information. Very quick to pick up on the situation. Provided me with answers to all my questions and confirmed things I suspected. Really fantastic, hope the prediction comes true. Definitely recommend talking to. Lovely person, so kind." ... written by warrenkitty83
Wonderful reading, thank you..." ... written by Bojan99
Always encouraging me and guiding me every step of the way. thanks for everything! you're amazing!" ... written by dawbaby0514
She really connects to my love, who dies suddenly.. she know so much about us. When I talk to her I feel so close to my loss love." ... written by ml4063
Very accurate insights." ... written by kimeu2012
WOW!!!.. Kydra help me with all the questions. I feel sooo positive and happy that I went for a pvt reading with her... I will be back for sure!!" ... written by tasha_j
She is excellentttt omg!!!!! i finalli found my psychic well my second favorite :D" ... written by purple20
I love tht despite being such an accurate reader with 25+ years experience she is still able to consult at reasonable rates. her predictions were spot on for me in the past so really hoping she has got it right this time too. tc xx" ... written by random_diamond
Thank you! Wish we could go into more details, need more time. A lot of attention to age." ... written by positivity08
She didn't sugarcoat it at all. Totally confirmed my fear and I like that she's honest. I look forward to her readings and prediction. Thank you. " ... written by Willow59
Shes the best" ... written by alondra1991
She is always correct about everything " ... written by alondra1991
Very insightful." ... written by kimeu2012
Right on point :)" ... written by LuckyStar5
Kydra is very accurate, and straight forward. She is very insiteful. I am pleased with her reading and I do recommend her." ... written by TKD1963
It was great, Kydra answered my questions and knew things before I could tell her. Will do again soon. I advise to do a reading with her." ... written by kiki0728
She is the real deal!" ... written by KimmyGuitar
GREAT LOVE HER SHE IS RIGHT ON." ... written by snowgirl32
Great!!!!!!" ... written by Cece1234
I always feel better after our chats.. Kydra really connected to Dean, she told me things only Dean and I knew.. when he was alive...... just our secrets LOL" ... written by ml4063
She is amazing!!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Wonderful speaking with Kydra! Definitely give her a try. Thanks!" ... written by starshine34
I loooove he shes the best and always my fav." ... written by alondra1991
Extremely Psychic. Very good!" ... written by KimmyGuitar
Always a pleasure and dead on about everything." ... written by vvd450
She was very helpful and gave some great advise, knew really about the situation without me having to say much!!!" ... written by harlemomajors1
She connected with me. I ran out of credits, but I could tell she was right on..." ... written by cathyq
Very deep reading.. love it! 110%" ... written by kimeu2012
She helped me feel better and validated my confidence. " ... written by MiaRosa
Thanks Kydra!" ... written by Shona11
She addressed all of my concerns and felt that she was worth it! I really liked her." ... written by msjess7
Great reading!!!!" ... written by mancrm
Had a good reading with her, she was right on point and very insightful, amazing heart and great energy. Gave me guidance and more. Everything I needed to hear tonight. Thank you. " ... written by CibeleA27
She was AWESOME. She really gave me a lot of clarity in what was going on in my head and in my ex's head. I am fully confident in what she told me and look forward to what is coming! Thanks Kydra!" ... written by Look4Answer
Kydra is so amazing and she taught me something tonight that is going to better my life. Thank you for being a gift from God Kydra! You're amazing and I just adore you! God bless you! " ... written by Shortcak
Very helpful as usual. Amazing insights." ... written by kimeu2012
Very helpful...Energy reader so good and have help me heaps." ... written by kimeu2012
Thank you Kydra - you helped ease my fears and also confirm what I believe will happen. Wish I had more time with you. Hope to talk soon." ... written by lilwildspirit
Shes was wonderful and positive!" ... written by maxmusclegirl1
Very accurate, loved her. Will visit once a week.. I know she will help me." ... written by sandyfit7
Love the reading ! Great person and true helper! " ... written by caramel_ka
Always a good reading." ... written by ml4063
She is really good, fast ,telling exactly what happend w me....thanks will be back " ... written by sabinaa
Thank you Kydra for the reading" ... written by Charlie0605
She was awesome I would definitely recommed a read from her! She was amazing!" ... written by hellzbellz
Thanks very good reading." ... written by maria12111
Thank you for your help Kydra, it was wonderful talking to you. I wish it could have been longer." ... written by moonbeam24
Wow that was amazing you made me feel so much better.. I will def be back." ... written by meganleigh622
Wonderful reading, very quick in answering.thank you" ... written by whishes43
She was sooo awesome and helpful! " ... written by Arose224
Love her." ... written by ml4063
Always good, try her. You will want more." ... written by ml4063
She is great. I had a short time with her but she is a great person, caring and will give you the best answer." ... written by lonestarM6
Shs always correct she is the best " ... written by alondra1991
Best medium experience to help the soul." ... written by e1r3mom
Terrific reading... very insightful! Thanks Kydra." ... written by Mitzer
Wish i had more time. good reading!" ... written by xtine930
She's GREAT!" ... written by neletsonya93oo
Kydra is a blessing gave time-frame and specifics...the forth coming will tell how accurate she is. Thanks Kydra will be back:) " ... written by mariasheart
Precise to the point." ... written by gem1974
Fantastic reader. Love her heaps." ... written by kimeu2012
She is very good and intuitive. Brought forth things I hadn't even remembered to mention. Gave me clarity to see what is transpiring right now in my relationship." ... written by cordon88
Good psychic!" ... written by jfjahdl2945
Very consistent with the insights. Very accurate with timing and offer great assistance. Direct and no sugar coating." ... written by kimeu2012
Takes a while but eventually, information is correct and she is intuiive with sitautions. Awaiting a prediction to hear from someone. I really like her, the more i speak with her. She deserves the five stars" ... written by bacidoll
Very accurate with facts. intuitive, good person and reading was spot on. better with more readings and our connection" ... written by bacidoll
I am rarely amazed...... Kydra is the real deal. Thank you!" ... written by AlkemMoi
Kydra is a unique person. She is not just an excellent reader, but she is compassionate and truly cares about people. You will not be sorry if you have have a private with her. And, if you really want to change your life.. ask for help from Kydra. Thank you Kydra, for your sweet spirit!" ... written by AlkemMoi
Very slow because of the microphone. 5 stars. " ... written by Deboramae5
Looking forward!" ... written by mariasheart
Thanks !" ... written by ashlouise1
I love her!!! She very calm and I trust everything that she is saying." ... written by msjess7
As always very good listening ear!" ... written by loveoutdoors
What can i say THE BEST on this site" ... written by ml4063
Too slow but 5 stars. I think I need some credit for the lost time." ... written by Deboramae5
Deep insights. Enjoyed the reading again." ... written by kimeu2012
She was wonderful and can't wait to talk to her again :)" ... written by cancerbabe
Kydra was very pleasant in our private chat. She knew things about me that had already occurred in the past!" ... written by meeka888
Very nice, frank...time will tell! Picked up on a lot in a little time. I'd call her again." ... written by Pistachio
She's great." ... written by jfjahdl2945
Helped me find what was happening with my situation" ... written by Messenger87
Oh my gosh, she was great! and 100% accurate about me and the people in my life. She was able to foresee future outcomes of certain circumstances and give advice on what actions to take in my particular predicament. Best reading I have had!" ... written by junebug12
You will be amazed of what she has to tell you! I am so happy she makes the connection with my lost love. I feel like a mini conversation with him. Thank you Kydra! You are the best!" ... written by ml4063
Thank you. I liked the reading and she was very detailed and picked up on a lot of things. I appreciate it. Sounded very knowledgeable and experienced. " ... written by cb11112
She was a great reader. Told everything I wanted to hear and more :)" ... written by yammyn12
Always on point!!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
She is one of the best there is!!!! Fantastic!!!! She picks it up so quick!!! Well worth it!!!!!!! Thank you." ... written by gerritmarx
She is amazing!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
She could even see the whole situation without telling her.. thanks so much" ... written by thanya
Great reading!! Hoping it all comes around! " ... written by Blackjane2614
Kydra was excellent very empathic and gave me advice how to help my daughter. thank you from the bottom of my heart, x" ... written by cookiebun7
Insightful as always." ... written by loveoutdoors
Great reading." ... written by nanateri
Wonderful" ... written by dabountychic119
The best of the best" ... written by dabountychic119
I've been really struggling to come to terms with the current state of my relationship, and Kydra honestly made me feel so much better about everything. Will for sure be coming back again. " ... written by Blackjane2614
Fantastic!! Lovely!!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Love this psychic, wish I had more time. Thank you for helping as much as you could. I will be back." ... written by dare2believe
She is really amazing. I never left feedback from before, because what she told me is not what I wanted to hear, but let me tell you it was the truth. She gave me some amazing advice as far as what I am going through now. I trust her completely." ... written by spiritflower79
Great once again...." ... written by ml4063
Awesome." ... written by slinkyminky3
So glad to have found her she is honest and helpful only to ones who she can help calmly answers prayers knowledgeable and kind very peaceful now a truly gifted pyschic healing. please be kind to her." ... written by anonymous
Awesome and lovely." ... written by slinkyminky3
Gosh.. I need things working now! :) thanks for the read!" ... written by shikins
Awesome." ... written by gem1974
Love her. So far on the money! Can not wait. Thank God." ... written by mariasheart
Thank you so much!!! I look forward to talking to you again in january." ... written by kelley1267
In depth reading, only wish I had more time." ... written by ChiliP
She is amazing!! " ... written by Blackjane2614
Excellent." ... written by ml4063
Thank You Really Thank You." ... written by kelley1267
She did great. I am glad to have talked to her. She helped me to realize that I am going to do great in my life. And that I'm going to be moving on to bigger and better things. And that hopefully I will be able to stay away from losers." ... written by kelley1267
Wonderful!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Wonderful wonderful wonderful. So much good energy!! Very helpful and such a sweet lady. Love her!!" ... written by confused
Thanks." ... written by shikins
A very solid reading. Kydra picked up on some things from my past that were right on. Here's hoping the future predictions come true. It seemed like she really connected with me - even better this time. The more she reads you it seems the more in tune with your situation she gets, because she picked up things I didn't tell her, and things that were spot on. God Bless you Kydra! :)" ... written by ChiliP
As always she is great!!!!!! Thank You!" ... written by kelley1267
Amazing, amazing as always. Truly someone special." ... written by Blackjane2614
Wonderful reader, thank you so much, Kydra. If you want a reading with clear answers and compassion I recommend Kydra to all of you. She is kind but straight forward. Five stars." ... written by apharael
She is so awesome. She has great advice. And really knows what is happening.!!!" ... written by kelley1267
Always very insightful always right about the things, shes told me. " ... written by just_me1984
Very good!" ... written by loveoutdoors
Thanks so much for the reading..." ... written by thanya
She was awesome. Darn accurate and with little to no info required. One of the most accurate readings so far I had on this site! I'll be definitely be coming back!" ... written by amnarashid
Good! I appreciated her honesty. :)" ... written by Chorii
Kydra was great. She really helped me see what's in store for me. Thank you!" ... written by Buffygrrl
She picked up on my questions didn't need to give any background! AT ALL! She is really really really good!" ... written by bella911912
Great as always!" ... written by spiritflower79
Amazing...can not wait for her prediction to come true...very precise and accurate...thank you very much..deff come back." ... written by volhaban1986
Amazing amazing amazing!! Everything she has told me has come to pass. From start to where I am right now. Truly a gifted person. Full of light and such a wonderful sweet spirit. Thankful to have ever met her." ... written by Blackjane2614
Clear, upfront, wants to be helpful, gives guidance... Appreciated." ... written by michele
She is absolutely amazing... Accurate, very understanding... Amazing reading, I trust her!" ... written by julia7777777
Very accurate, also very nice!" ... written by julia7777777
Very through and accurate!" ... written by lccort
I love her! She is amazing, always on point and right!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Love this fabulous girl......So clever...." ... written by slinkyminky3
I have been to may other psychic before, but all i did was give her my name and birthday and she was correct about everything. VERY ACCURATE and have a great personaity. She is amazing!! " ... written by cdubose22
True gift she is amazyn worth every penny." ... written by mitzykay
Very helpful" ... written by loveoutdoors
She was very positive and connected me to my dad and mikey! Loved her! She was on the money!" ... written by jabs2014
I am so happy with Kydra, she is the best, puts everything in perspective and makes sense out of the things that don't make sense too me.. Very sweet and good person. I trust in her judgement and her talent. " ... written by nickycat2012
Can't wait for things to start happening.. such a warm understanding person!!! xxoo" ... written by shopgirl
Heart-warming as always... can't wait for what's coming. Thanks!!" ... written by shopgirl
Kydra is amazing, she has helped me along the way in life. She was always been right and on point!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
This woman is amazing .... she was right on the spot ... like a detective. Knew things I didn't know!" ... written by julia7777777
She is wonderfull and kind ... and spot on she knew everything." ... written by julia7777777
She is such a great comfort to me all the time. I think she is so great!" ... written by kelley1267
She is really good and she knows the ins and outs of every situation. Really good detailed reading!" ... written by amnarashid
She is the best!! She is like a friend on my side with me and for what I want in life. You know the ones that will tell you when you're right and tell you when you're wrong. She is my Guide!!!" ... written by kelley1267
Well she was on target rite from the beginning. Be back again." ... written by wrinkles20
She was amazing! So sweet and easy to talk to! " ... written by hmitchell1229
Wow!!! She always knows!!! Its' amazing!! If you want to know about things get a reading!!" ... written by kelley1267
Awesome thank you :)" ... written by hellzbellz
Kydra is great she was right on target in my concerns and made me feel way better.. blessing s to you." ... written by maggiemaeuno
Amazing, amazing. She knows it all! Better than a private eye. She is the best!" ... written by Blackjane2614
She is such a great Guide for me during troubling times!! I just love her readings!!" ... written by kelley1267
Great as usual and calming." ... written by koelneogy
Helpful as always." ... written by loveoutdoors
Kydra told me something a few days ago, and it happened today!!!!!!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Thank you very much for a great reading!!" ... written by marjoram
Great!" ... written by Janelle20
Clear and concise!" ... written by koelneogy
She awesome, perfect. very insightful, offers great support!!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by adonnelly76
She is great, knows her stuff very down to earth." ... written by fel888
I love Kydra on private time. I feel like I am talking to a friend. :) Thank you!" ... written by MoHey79
Kydras predications for me have been coming true!!! Its amazing to see it happen now! " ... written by LuckyStar5
She has been very generous with herself, her time and her willingness to assist. She seems very in tune. I appreciate her work and can reccommend her highly. I will use her again." ... written by Pistachio
Thank you Kydra you are so wonderful...Thank You!!" ... written by kelley1267
Awesome as usual." ... written by koelneogy
Lovely lady, Very insightful and helpful. I will call again :)" ... written by stillbeachin
I had a good time with her. She is really concise and respects me. I love her sense of humor. Kydra is the best.:) " ... written by karoli
Lovely lady, always willing to help. Very consistent with the readings. Not much information is required for her to give an accurate reading." ... written by kimeu2012
Love her :)" ... written by MoHey79
She's always awesome!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Ty i'm hoping for that it works out!!" ... written by hopeful401
Thank you so much! Very accurate." ... written by starshine34
Amazing, just amazing, honest and always right." ... written by Blackjane2614
She can get right to the point, where you want to. She is amazing! Thank you!" ... written by roccodecaro
Kydra was accurate in understanding my situation.She was 100 percent right vis a vis my relationship with my wife and current financial status. Would be waiting for the outcome as told by her and inform accordingly." ... written by Aasheeshsaxena09
Thank you for all the support and clear explanation..very helpful answering my questions" ... written by volhaban1986
Always an accurate and kind reader, amazing clarity and connects easily and quickly. Thank you!!" ... written by ikroyal
Clear and kind!" ... written by wurzle
Very good reading. Discussed the future and what it has to entail." ... written by daniel
Loved my reading with Kydra, she put some issues at rest for me now... And I feel much more confident in my worries.. Very fast and accurate, I will be back again definitely.. Only problem I wish I had more credits..iI definitely recommend her to anyone... Love her, thank you Kydra so much from my heart." ... written by rissa21
Thank you :)" ... written by lila88
Thank you so much you put my mind to ease great reading thank you so much will be back. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by ale510
Awesome as usual!!" ... written by koelneogy
Great reader. Accurate insights." ... written by kimeu2012
Clever no this woman" ... written by slinkyminky3
Kydra and I have a great connection..I appreciate the readings every time ..thank you!!!!" ... written by MoHey79
If you want to talk to someone who has passed away Kydra is the one for you. We were crying together. She saved my life. I don't want to ever not be able to talk to Kydra. She is my telephone call so to speak to my Mother who has passed away." ... written by kelley1267
Love her! Get a reading!!" ... written by MoHey79
Very comforting and easy to talk to " ... written by koelneogy
Good. Thanks." ... written by dandypants
Good. Thanks!" ... written by dandypants
She knows everything. Even the bad. That is why I always go to see her!!!" ... written by kelley1267
Best one here!!" ... written by Natasha886
She is really good." ... written by mcasas
Was ok!!! Nice to talk to!" ... written by lou_kendy
Awesome, as always!" ... written by koelneogy
She is great!" ... written by sweetiefolife90
She read for my friend. She is such a wonderful caring person. I go to Kydra to find out the truth!!!!" ... written by kelley1267
Right on point like always!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Love Kydra as always very helpful for me, much love!" ... written by rissa21
Kydra is awesome. I cant believe how on target she really was. I can barely wait to chat with her again." ... written by wantinganswers28
Great reading!" ... written by alisonseymour
Thank you Kydra!!! You brought so much more clarity andamp;amp; a deeper understanding towards my situation. Thank you for listening:)" ... written by Ceeclouds77
I love Kydra... A sweet soul and we have great time in privates. Wonderful insight! :)" ... written by MoHey79
Just awesome-- very clear and concise---helpful" ... written by slinkyminky3
Always helpful!" ... written by loveoutdoors
She is my angel! Sweet woman. Always tells me where things are at and is always right on point. Never strays. I love her she is amazing and a true psychic. I can't say enough good about her. xxx" ... written by Blackjane2614
Very interesting reading, reassuring, knew my concerns and could answer my questions fully, such a lovely kind lady also!" ... written by claireylou
Thank you for the help!" ... written by joey198402
Great!!" ... written by tracysestin
Always good!" ... written by ml4063
Always insightful:).. Thank you!" ... written by MoHey79
Amazing! Thank you so much for that reading!" ... written by Naem543
We are so connected I just love her!!!!" ... written by kelley1267
She gave me great news about my mom...I love you Mom!!!" ... written by kelley1267
Thank you, Good reading. Credits ran out." ... written by katie46
Unbelievable!!!!! She was right on with my situation!!!! Must give her a try!!" ... written by bmurillo
Kydra has been my light. When I felt I was guided to her honestly. When I first met her I was literally at the end of my rope. I hadn't eaten in 2 weeks, was only 98 pounds if that, thinking of killing myself to end the pain...just completely depressed completely. She has helped guide me back to myself and to the good path that I was on. I am very spiritual and have strong faith in God and I swear she is a God sent. Amazing, wonderful, my guide to the light. I love her and I thank God that he lead me to her. Wonderful lady and truly a special human being xxx" ... written by Blackjane2614
Nice reading, clarity on my baby who passed!" ... written by sesiley
Great reading, I will come back again. :)" ... written by holymolly2408
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
Won't know until some time passes how right on Kydra is, but I trust her and believe she knows what she is talking about. Looking forward to her predictions coming true!" ... written by Unluckyinhearts
Awesome!!" ... written by koelneogy
Great and reassuring and honest!" ... written by koelneogy
Excellent read!" ... written by Blackjane2614
Great advice and insight. Difficult to hear at times though." ... written by lolalola123
AWESOME is all I can say. She didn't surgar coat anything gave it to me straight andk new what i wanted to know almost before i did!!" ... written by vcraine
Great as always." ... written by bmurillo
Fantastic, she can really help! Why go anywhere else." ... written by purplecloud
Awesome!" ... written by koelneogy
Amazing!" ... written by catey5
Thank You Kydra we shall talk again soon, thank you for the confirmations. I think I am on the right path. :)" ... written by Jillian5
She was so lovely she really understood an was so insightful adding ways to think about things! amazing lady" ... written by catey5
Had a very good reading. Kydra said I would find someone great and I have. Said we're meeting in 3 days and we are going to. I'm very excited about the new year and I highly recommend Kydra!!" ... written by kelley1267
Oh my goodness, what a great reading!!! Even for my son Daniel!!" ... written by kelley1267
Thank you , my reading with you was spot on. Thanks for the information . I will take your suggestions on opening up with meditation to heart ." ... written by sixtieschild
Thank you for the reading, made me happy to hear it all!" ... written by Janetet
Amazing as usual." ... written by koelneogy
Wonderful insight... She's great!" ... written by jeraldryan
Helping me make decisions! :)" ... written by Cari1961
Great." ... written by koelneogy
Great reading! Would recommend." ... written by dalaila22
Great!!!!!" ... written by koelneogy
We had private conversation and then email reading. She has helped me with my issues that I have had lately and gave me more courage to reach my goals. She is also very nice, caring and lovable woman and I would come back to her anytime when needed and just to talk. " ... written by Janetet
Always ready to give great advice and lead me in the right direction." ... written by kelley1267
Very good." ... written by nadia1809
Very good psychic i got a bad reading previously and she made me feel more confident and gave me the answers i wanted to hear! thank you kydra" ... written by jayxc0uturee
It was a good reading. Did a love reading, but she did a grand job. Thank you Kydra :D" ... written by TellyLuv
She is always a great help!!!" ... written by LuckyStar5
Very nice and kind really like chatting to her." ... written by cookieeye21
Calming and easy to talk to, always!" ... written by koelneogy
Very good" ... written by nadia1809
Wow, She was great. She was able to answer all my questions and she was right on the money with everything. I was very impressed. She really has given me hope about my question. I really had no hope at all, but know I believe that there really is a chance that the love of my life will be back together I just need to give him the space that he needs right now. She knew things that I did not tell her and there was no way that she could of known. It was worth the money I paid. I thank her so much for the talk." ... written by kelkel98
Everything Kydra has told has come true!!!! " ... written by LuckyStar5
She the best" ... written by jfjahdl2945
Great as usual." ... written by koelneogy
Awesome as ever!" ... written by gem1974
Wow she really blew me away. She told me more than anyone has. She read my past an hit it on the head then would tell me the future. Was definitely a great reading. " ... written by sandrachilcott72
Clear and concise, I come back at least once a week!!!" ... written by koelneogy
She is brilliant." ... written by candice77
Thank you Kydra... I appreciate our talks! :) xoxo" ... written by MoHey79
Kydra is gentle and always bang on , right to the point and covers all areas inc. love , business and finance.... well worth every minute for sure" ... written by Dave
She knew my situation and was very accurate" ... written by dabountychic119
Kydra is like an angel who was sent to help :) It's like talking to my best friend! She always gives me the best " ... written by LuckyStar5
She is really spot on, amazing what she can tell you. I will defenitely do a private reding again soon, thank you Kydra!" ... written by kiaraem
Kydra is great! I've had readings from her 3x. She's helped change my perspective on life and future events! Highly recommend her!" ... written by swimswim
Kydra is amazing. She did a reading for me 12 months ago and it all happened. At first it didn't make sense but then it all came together at different times. I highly recommend her to anyone that is confused lost or need a little guidance. She did one for me again and she was just as good as I remembered! :) Thanks Kydra!" ... written by mezzarati
Lovely lady...great insights and a miracle worker." ... written by kimeu2012
Always wonderful and on point! She is so helpful! Thanks kydra!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Kydra was right on in her reading. She gave me invaluable feedback and insight into the questions I asked. She gave me a time frame and direction to take in the next few months. This is the third time I have had a reading and she is very good, don't hesitate to contact her!" ... written by vcraine
Great as always." ... written by angelblue1616
Thank you Kydra..I appreciate your words and am always happy to come to you with my situations :)..xo" ... written by MoHey79
Thanks for your insights your great." ... written by abbie559
So clear reading about your future." ... written by abbie559
Awesome as usual!" ... written by koelneogy
Very well connected." ... written by abbie559
Always a great help! :)" ... written by LuckyStar5
Thanks for your help in contract my mother!" ... written by medic342
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
Quick connection. Accurate in picking up what is going around now in my life. Thank you." ... written by GFORCE
Great reading always encouraging and inciteful." ... written by penny321
Great reader!! (: " ... written by Sam_Hope2
She rocks!!!" ... written by frogboycrazynuts
Great! She see things!" ... written by Janelle20
She is very sincere, kind and thoughtful. I enjoy her readings." ... written by angeldear7
Excellent and perceptive reader. Such great advice and sensitivity. God has blessed her." ... written by jwlipscomb
Thank you!!! Always great insight :)" ... written by MoHey79
She's the real deal!! Spot on on a lot of things!! WOW " ... written by swaimz
Great reading." ... written by jfjahdl2945
She is awesome!!! She knew exactly what was going on in my life and I did not have to give any details. I will definitely contact her again!!!" ... written by sarm19
She was wonderful!!!!!" ... written by CT
Very good reading!!! Always" ... written by kelley1267
Very good at picking up on what is going on. Thank you Kydra." ... written by healinghands8
Always a pleasure being read by her so spot on. The best on this site by far!!! " ... written by ladyaradia81
Thanks for the reading! I appreciate your honesty...always:)" ... written by MoHey79
Thank you:)" ... written by MoHey79
A++ !" ... written by Kelly1321
Excellent. Like talking to my Mom, if she were still alive. I feel so much better. thank you!!" ... written by Betty747
Great as always! " ... written by LuckyStar5
I had another reading with Kydra and she gave me more insight on my situation, that has been stressing me out. She has helped me in the past when I did readings with her, and that is what I like about Kydra, she is caring and she gives advice on any problems that you may be experiencing. I've had a rough relationship and I was able to relate with Kydra and feel not so isolated about my ordeals and break ups, she was a comfort and she is also accurate with her readings. Again, I wish I could give Kydra more than 5 stars. She has really given me awareness and clarity on my circumstances." ... written by Messenger87
Thank you!" ... written by jazzyf0309
Great reading." ... written by munirah007
I love getting a reading from Kydra! she connects right away and picks up on the situation! I hope her predictions for this summer will come true. I will definitely come back and let her know if it has come true." ... written by xtine930
She's great as always!!! " ... written by LuckyStar5
Kydra said I would have contact within 3 days, it only took 1 :)" ... written by bluetig
KYDRA" ... written by PINKIEBABY
Kydra looked into my situation clearly so I trust in her readings, I know now that everything will be all right." ... written by Messenger87
Thoroughly enjoyed our reading tonight, it will be interesting how this all transpires in the future. Thank you for your wisdom, expertise and knowledge of the matter. I know good things are coming to two very special people and one of them is me." ... written by Jillian5
Accurate and connected well. Hope what she predicted comes to pass" ... written by brownpanther1031
Very informative. Direct and specific. Made my day!" ... written by nclemleo
She said I should get my job back by summer very nice and kind great job." ... written by StacyR
You are the absolute best!! Love our readings." ... written by Jillian5
She is quick and gentle." ... written by wtbh2011
Feeling Much Better. Good vibrations :) Thank You So Much :)" ... written by esotericstar
She is very fun." ... written by wtbh2011
I love my readings. She is reassuring and very accurate. Pleasant experience all around. Thank you. You are the best!" ... written by ShannonMHall
Oh, out of this world reading. I am so grateful for her thoughts. Thank you and God Bless." ... written by pray4love
Fun!" ... written by wtbh2011
She was great - genuine!" ... written by mandari
I always appreciate our sessions... Thank you!" ... written by MoHey79
She is great." ... written by wtbh2011
Just great as always! " ... written by LuckyStar5
She has very good insights." ... written by wtbh2011
We will see, thank you." ... written by pamela0619
Awesome... caring!!" ... written by koelneogy
I love Kydra!! She pointed me in the right direction for a job and I know she is accurate!" ... written by MermaidKisses
Intuitive...caring and honest" ... written by wtbh2011
Good reading.. Telling you what she sees.. Telling you what is it." ... written by ginlin
Kydra ... love her! " ... written by mwissenz
Very helpful and was on point with everything.... let me understand what I need to do." ... written by bleu081
Thanks" ... written by wtbh2011
I always appreciate Kydra. She cares and has my best interest at heart. Thank you for your readings...They are insightful and to the point...xoxoxo" ... written by MoHey79
She was pretty good.very intune validated somethings that others had said as well..." ... written by Antranae1
Always caring and honest." ... written by koelneogy
Thanks for a wonderful read!" ... written by shikins
Thank you Kydra... Predictions are coming true.. Slowly but surely but they you!!!" ... written by MoHey79
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Cari1961
Spot on!!" ... written by MermaidKisses
An excellent reading, quick, honest and compassionate. Well worth the money. I highly recommend Kydra." ... written by dianalj
Thank you she was very accurate." ... written by Billyxo
Always makes me feel better." ... written by wtbh2011
KYDRA KNOWS!! LOL! She's very good, thank you very much for the reading. Very in tune. I will update you with this. :P Thanks a lot again much love and light. REAL DEAL. Best reader here on Oranum, it's a blessing to have her." ... written by Klaudyna27
Really the best, love that she is so honest and accurate on everything. xx" ... written by kiaraem
Thanks Kydra." ... written by wtbh2011
Kydra gave more info that what I had even asked!" ... written by bluetig
Loved the reading." ... written by Cari1961
Great as usual." ... written by koelneogy
Kydra is spot on and very sensitive... Great read!" ... written by girlfish62
Kydra is always a delight to chat with :) " ... written by LuckyStar5
Thank you Kydra... I appreciate the time as always. :)" ... written by MoHey79
Wonderful reading, very pleasant and encouraging. Will definately return!" ... written by oh
I really like her, she's always real, kind, and tell the truth!" ... written by Ms. Jess
Thanks Kydra I am looking forward to the new things happening. Just take my take and let it happen. All very exciting! Thank you" ... written by Jillian5
She was very accurate and very honest reading. I have had several with her and I keep coming back. Money well worth it," ... written by dabountychic119
Awesome as usual." ... written by koelneogy
Thank you you were FANTASTIC!!!!" ... written by Rosa
Generous. Every reading I've had with Kydra has been accurate." ... written by bluetig
The best person to read emotions ." ... written by jaqline
I guess I will wait and see!" ... written by wtbh2011
Always clear, concise and positive" ... written by koelneogy
THank you kydra :)...I appreciate it!" ... written by MoHey79
Omg the world is a twisted place, god help us all." ... written by lawnmaintenance
Kydra is lovely and accurate! Learned things I wasn't even asking about but probably should know. Can't say enough good things about her. She was spot on!" ... written by charm130
Very good....nice reading." ... written by Aurelia
Thank you so much you were right about it all. I think I am just glad for the future!!!! " ... written by ghostspirit111
Thanks for the reading." ... written by crystalmaze
Awesome, easy to talk to, supportive and caring..." ... written by koelneogy
Great reading very intuitive she knew she knew." ... written by onlychristine
I was very impressed on what she picked up on. I am hoping that everything she sees happening comes true!! :)" ... written by Cari1961
Kydra is always a great help! " ... written by LuckyStar5
FANTASTIC!! Thank you for the confidence I needed!! " ... written by alexism412
LOVED IT Kydra .... thank you for all the advise and insight I needed this." ... written by Jillian5
She is great." ... written by HappyKellyGirl
Always a great person to have a reading with. " ... written by houleyman321
Loved talking to her. Very caring and sweet. Thank you for the kind words and insights, Kydra." ... written by jessywhat
thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
Very good reading, like always, no false hopes, truth." ... written by Aurelia
Amazing!!!!! Totally on point, picked up on a lot and gave me clarity!! :)" ... written by TangledInLight
I needed more validation for my peace of mind and she gave it! Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
Good reading." ... written by Taurus357
Fantastic reader who gave me great insight to my not so confusing situation. Great, sincere guidance and energy I felt very happy when my reading concluded... Lovely reader, honest and warm. I highly recommend Kydra for a reading. " ... written by ozgurl7
She is Amazing. She just dived into my situation, And told me what was happening. I strongly recommend her because she's perfect if your looking for a detailed reading." ... written by EdreashaS23
One of the best on oranum!" ... written by lonelybaby
Accurate reading. Very good" ... written by LadyL5
She told me last year that I would meet my soul mate in spring and I didn't want to believe her but she was right. I have met the man of my dreams and I am happy as happy can be. She has helped me understand that my ex was not the one for me. It was hard for me to let him go but with Kydra's help I was able to see the light. She was right about everything! I love you Kydra. Thank you so much for your help!" ... written by dabountychic119
Kydra is a great and genuine person, gave me closure to my questions! :) " ... written by zman330
Just a great reading as always!!!" ... written by kelley1267
Thank you for all the help." ... written by joey198402
Absolutely amazing. You can feel her beautiful angelic energy through the computer screen. I would recommend KYDRA to anyone and everyone!!!! An amazing woman with a beautiful gift. " ... written by sophia210882
She is awesome and very compassionate. I would read with her again. Thanks Kydra." ... written by KitKat02
Honest and empathetic!" ... written by koelneogy
Enjoyed the readings!" ... written by Cari1961
Thanks." ... written by G
Very good psychic!" ... written by edelweiss 2000
Very informative." ... written by shanon
Very good, thank you!" ... written by johnkidd
Thanks. It was great help and you got everything right. I come back to let you know. " ... written by seun808
Best one on here! Beautiful lady!! Straight from the divine angelic realm!!" ... written by sophia210882
Great Reading!!! Helped me a lot to make some choices. Thank you!" ... written by Casey
Awesome and honest, have a reading ASAP" ... written by koelneogy
Amazing reading, said many accuarte things, so I do trust in her reading! thanks will be back" ... written by eastcoast1
Completely awesome! Kydra has helped me beyond words, she is peace and love and I cannot thank her enough!!!" ... written by lisacolleen
She is very good, nice and honest. Highly recommend. 5 stars." ... written by edelweiss2000
Very nice compassionate, kind, good hearted, great psychic. Thank you so much." ... written by lafemme2000
Awesome. It was short but good. Thanks." ... written by barb
She was very accurate and told me things that I already knew! She is awesome! So far everything she has told me has came true. Thank you Kydra for you help! It's been a long journey for me but a good one with you on my side!" ... written by dabountychic
Her words always come true. Love you Kydra!" ... written by maria1211
Always a pleasure to talk to and always spot on!" ... written by sophia210882
Thank you Kydra always on point... Excellent." ... written by prettygal
Excellent!" ... written by sophia210882
Always amazing." ... written by koel
Everything she said was right on target!! Get a reading with her she will guide you and lead you in the right direction. She can tell you what the other person is thinking and feeling about you. She also connects to passed loved ones. Says things that there is no way she could know!! If you want answers get a reading you won't be disappointed!!!" ... written by Daniel
She is really amazing! A really great person and psychic." ... written by Ramibear
Kind, very nice ,very helpful, will continue to work with her" ... written by guiseppe
Answered all my questions and cleared my thoughts! Gave great advice about my future and set my love life straight!" ... written by Pauahi88
The best no.1" ... written by guiseppe78
Awesome." ... written by sunshine
Great reading! Thank you!" ... written by Christine Kang
I LOVE THIS LADY! She has been right on with all of her readings. Helped me with some white magic spells that totally worked. Positive, beautiful, love wonderful positive woman!!!" ... written by Lisa Skinner
Whenever I need help or advice I always come back to Kydra she is a wonderful lady so kind and knows so much she can help with anything. I would not see anyone else." ... written by catey5
so compassionate and loving. I will talk to her again." ... written by Kathy
Kydra is a wonderful lady and so helpful shes the best to go to for advice and I highly recommend her." ... written by CATHERINE
Very nice lady, but we couldn't get details defined. But I have hope and with this I may find my answer." ... written by Mary
a really kind and nice person answered all my questions, very helpful" ... written by prettyeyez64
Thx for the update" ... written by Gemini 50
Thanks! A+++" ... written by Kelly1321
Kydra is the nice person on this site, she is direct and on target." ... written by sunshine
I love her. She gave me so many good advice and made me feel so much better about myself. She read me like a book." ... written by ALN
Very good read... and wish i have more time :D" ... written by kaeelu
amazing, with the details and how uch she knows." ... written by klaudyna
answered my questions" ... written by vc1976
She's Wonderful - spot on :-) Just Fabulous!! Thank You So Much Kydra!!" ... written by danseuse
Great update - things are happening!" ... written by cari1961
Its always great chatting with Kydra! " ... written by luckystar5
It was a great session. Very uplifting. Thank you very much!" ... written by Irina Argo
Always very clear and concise." ... written by koelneogy
Kydra was very insightful. Loved every minute I spent. It was wonderful. Things she told me, even before I could tell her was surprising. I do look forward to seeing her again. Definitely recommended. " ... written by Asha
Good reading!" ... written by Christopher Scott Payne
Helpful, thank you!" ... written by acupressure
Kydra is amazing! I had a reading with her a few hours ago and what she said came to pass just a few hours later!!! " ... written by LuckyStar5
Very good reader, she reads amazingly.. She knew my situation perfectly.. Very detailed, with everything .. spot on!!! Thank you:)" ... written by klaudyna
Helpful... as always!" ... written by ben
Thanks for update." ... written by cari1961
Kydra predictions really do come true. She told me things last year that has came to past. Now I am happily in love and will be keeping her posted. She knew about a raise I was getting on my job and my boss told me about it a week ago. She is awesome and very kind. She is a straight shooter and is very honest. I highly recommend her." ... written by dabountychic119
Kydra is always insightful! " ... written by luckystar5
Very good, very happy, honest, understanding, straight to the point, can see everything whats happening. Will continue to work with Kydra. 5 stars Thank you, Kydra. Can't wait for the next reading... " ... written by guiseppe78
Fantastic person!" ... written by Dana martindale
Compassionate and down to earth, good info, lovely." ... written by bloc
Wow. She is amazing. She knew everything!! How did she know?? I have no idea. BUT SHE KNEW EVERYTHING. Before I even said it... she even knew the color hair of a woman I cheated on my girlfriend with years prior and I DIDN'T even mention anything about that. Kydra is a beautiful gifted woman. Blew me away. Take her private she will blow your mind." ... written by John
Great update- things are happening." ... written by Done 51
Outstanding! 5 stars all the way. Kydra is so nice and she connects with you right away. She knew things about me and my situation only a real psychic would know. She also genuinely cares. I wholeheartedly recommend her. " ... written by AsothPeace
The best Kydra is awesome." ... written by sunshiine
Kydra has helped me bring my love back to me and really showed me how positive energy can change a person's life. Every reading has been totally accurate! She helped me with some white magic spells to rid a honestly mean nasty witch from my life. They were all positive beautiful spells and were not to hurt anyone, just to help her move out of my energy and space. Along with my love's energy and space. She has been a real confidant in my darkest times and has been completely honest with me. This woman is truly a blessing and amazing. " ... written by Lisa
Great read!!" ... written by misty
Great read!!!" ... written by misty
A wonderful person. She has helped me a lot because of her free spirit." ... written by kitkat02
Kydra is always a great help!" ... written by luckystar5
Kydra is the best, she is very understanding, and cares about others, she makes things happen, i'd be lost, with out her help, I wish there were gifts or something on ORANUM that I could give to kydra, she is good at what she does, I don't know how to thank her , I wouldn't give her 5 stars, I'd give her all the stars in the sky at night. Hugs and blessings to you Kydra. I'll never forget you and I'd recommend everyone to you. " ... written by giuseppe
Kydra is the best, helps out so much, very loving and understanding, very good at what she doe's . Kydra deserves more than 5 stars. Thanks Kydra I would recommend anyone to you for help. " ... written by guiseppe78
So very helpful for my grief healing process. I am very grateful to Kydra!" ... written by Dana Martindale
Excellent! Waiting and working on me." ... written by sprathap10
She is wonderful. She hit it dead on." ... written by Terry
Great!" ... written by missybme69
Fantastic reading. Kydra confirmed the reincarnation of my sister in my close friends grand daughter. I have been sensing in this about my friends granddaughter for a long time. The child is very attached to me. I don't dare tell my close friend but she knows the child has a strong connection. The child loves music and dance like my sister. Very strong-willed just like my sister, very strong minded. Kydra connected with this child's spirit. This child talks in her sleep all the time." ... written by besa
I don't know what I would do without Kydra, all of her readings are dead on, she has helped me through many difficult times. She is a beautiful person!!!" ... written by Lisa
Very healing for me" ... written by Dana artindale
She is very good. Accurate. Very nice lady. The only thing is she is a bit slow to read. So you should have enough fund to get good reading." ... written by psymeow
Great read! Comforting and accurate!" ... written by Bquestions
Thanks for update." ... written by Done51
Kydra is great!!!" ... written by luckystar5
I love her!!!! Great read for a update!!!" ... written by misty
Wish I could of stayed longer! Everything was spot on and I cannot wait to get another reading. Thank you!" ... written by Samantha
Fantastic healer, compassionate." ... written by Dana Martindale
Thanks!!" ... written by Done51
I Love her!!! Very accurate!! 5 stars for sure" ... written by misty
Kydra is wonderful and amazing person, I'm glad i've spoken to kydra. " ... written by guiseppe
Thank you Kydra ... readings always to short ... loved it." ... written by jillian5
She is amazing!!!!" ... written by misty
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
Love her!" ... written by sandra
I am happy to here what i wanted to know, about work . Thanks kydra for clarification. " ... written by guiseppe
Excellent Reader" ... written by Need2know5
I always come back because she's wonderful :) " ... written by luckystar5
I love kydra she is amazing!!! I love our chats...very in tuned with my situation." ... written by misty
Kydra is so awesome helping out ,she is good at healing hehehe, she is so amazing at what she does, I'm very happy to have her help me , 5 stars Kydra ... lol I have a big grin on my face hahaha. I'm amazed at what she can do. Thank you! I'll be coming back to do another reading... thanks again Kydra! :)" ... written by guiseppe
Wow." ... written by phoenix
Kydra is spot on with her advice, easy to talk with . Helps you decide what is best to do in your situation. I will be back again. I'd give her 5 stars!" ... written by wildrose
Awesome! :)" ... written by Klaudyna27
Great read.. gave me piece of mind. I will see her again." ... written by island girl
Amazing as usual." ... written by koel
Kydra has been a awesome confidant for me. She has been right on with all of her readings. She is compassionate and really cares about people. Her spells are awesome too!!! " ... written by Lisa
Kydra is my guide! I wouldn't trust anyone else to guide me in my life!!! Love You Kydra!!!" ... written by Daniel
I am speechless!!! She knew my entire situation without me saying anything. She was very understanding of my situation and gave me some advice on where to go in future. I would definitely visit her again. Thank you Kydra :)" ... written by jaqueline
Thanks Kydra appreciate the reading and insight. This will be a long fun journey no matter what. I just want it to have a happy ending. We shall see." ... written by jillian5
She is great!!! = )" ... written by misty
She is so always right on!! I love her" ... written by misty
She is fantastic! Her readings are so accurate and she helps me with confirmation on important issues I am facing in life. I would highly recommend her, no question." ... written by cmrear1986
Awsome! xx" ... written by kylie
Wow, she picked up on everything! It was refreshing! I see the problem clearly, and where it is coming from. I will talk to her again." ... written by Martank
:) what can I say, things are improving , thanks kydra for the catch up reading . Will come by from time to time for catch up reading." ... written by guiseppe
She is always very honest and helpful. Everything that she has told me came true. I highly recommend." ... written by dabountychic119
Excellent reading, very helpful. Told me what I needed to hear, clear answers about my specific problem. Would recommend her to anyone. Very kind and beautiful person. God bless." ... written by madhu_thomas
Excellent Reader, will go back to her." ... written by need2know5
Easy to talk with and good at problem solving. Waiting to see when things come to pass. Will be back." ... written by wildrose
She got every thing right. Hope things turn out well like she said. try her." ... written by seun808
Follow up was awesome. She is always dead on. Highly recommend!" ... written by dabountychic119
Very well spoken, easy to talk with very keen on making the world a better place." ... written by wildrose
She was excellent. She knew exactly what was happening and advised me to move forward. Everything she said made perfect sense." ... written by Sherry
Thank you for update! I have written down what you said you see will happen. I will come back when I see this movement in my life." ... written by Done 51
She says to trust her and I hope she is right ;)" ... written by done51
Excellent Reader, Good Reader." ... written by need2know5
Easy to talk with, gives good updates. Looking forward to what she predicts for me." ... written by wildrose
Tks a lot or your reading, you are very nice, accurate, and sensitive. I would give you a feedback for everything you told me. Bless you!" ... written by kimim1
Kydra is such a warm and compassionate person. A true healer." ... written by Dana Martindale
She is amazing, I love our chats..always in tune. 5 stars for her...thank you so much kydra" ... written by misty
Fantastic. Kind and supportive" ... written by Dana Martindale
It is always a quick and easy reading with Kydra! " ... written by luckystar5
Awesome lady!" ... written by sunshine
You are awesome" ... written by sunshine
FANTASTIC" ... written by Renae
Fantastic guidance and support." ... written by Dana Martindale
Easy to talk with. Great support. Lovely person. Thanks." ... written by wildrose
She always gives me accurate information. Many predictions has came true. She predicted a year ago that I would find true love and I did. I am a repeat customer. She is one of my favorites on here." ... written by dabountychic119
Easy to talk with, very encouraging." ... written by Wildrose
I enjoyed her update and will be back when what she told me comes true." ... written by Done 51
Fantastic support!!!" ... written by Dana martindale
She knew EVERYTHING!!! I feel so much better having some insight to what is going on now in my love life. Thank you so much Kydra!" ... written by sandi86
Friendly, easy to talk with . Quick and to the point. Sees what you need to do to improve your situation." ... written by wildrose
THE READING WERE EXCELLENT. 5 STAR SHE IS VERY GOOD." ... written by islandgirl007
Excellent Reader, will go back to her, highly recommendable." ... written by need2know5
Patient and easy to talk with. Knows your situation and tries her best to get you the answers you need. Tells you the way it is-- no sugar coating." ... written by wildrose
Everything kydra told me came to pass!!! I'm in shock! " ... written by LuckyStar5
Kydra has helped me through so many hard times. I am experiencing a huge hard time with my daughter, Kydra is so compassionate and honest. I really appreciate and adore her. " ... written by Lisa
Everything Kydra has told me as come to pass! " ... written by luckystar5
Easy to talk with, waiting for the predictions to come true. Will help you clarify things." ... written by wildrose
Very gentle lady and very cool. I will recommend her to anyone who have time in hand , she will be a good freind and guide you very well." ... written by raj
Very good with advice, and readings are clear and to the point." ... written by wildrose
Thank you so much Kydra. You're so genuine and positive but also honest in terms of what you see." ... written by princessa123
I had a dramatic healing after a session with Kydra. I felt a warmth after a session. Slept well for the first time in weeks. Body started responding to meds finally. Nothing was working til that session with Kydra I had bronchial pneumonia. And asthma attacks. Injection in sinus and weak from all of it. After that session thing turned around dramatically. All my tests showed dramatic CHANGES. DOCTORS were confused." ... written by Dana Martindale
Very connected and accurate. Very patient and won't waste your time." ... written by Ladyl5
Good advice, never sugar coats or tells it as it is." ... written by wildrose
Thank you for your kindness. I am looking forward to your predicitions." ... written by wildrose
Great help, waiting for predictions to come true. Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Love the updates - still on track with readings." ... written by Done51
Kydra has a very calming spirit. She was able to pick up right away on my stress when I entered her free chat. She was able to shed some light on my current situation. I really appreciate her and my follow up readings. She is truly amazing." ... written by dabountychic119
Great lady, great reading x" ... written by Ashleigh McAteer
Helpful easy to talk with. Waiting for the predictions to come true. Thanks Kydra" ... written by Wildrose
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by hard2break
She is an amazing person. She has predicted so many good things and told me the things that wasn't in my best interest as well. I highly recommend." ... written by dabountychic119
Thanks Kydra for the great good advice." ... written by maria1211
Fantastic reading!" ... written by Dana Martindale
Always helpful and makes me see what is really going on. Thank so much." ... written by wildrose
Always willing to help. Thank so much for your encouragement." ... written by wildrose
Thank you Kydra" ... written by jillian5
Fantastic reading." ... written by Dana Martindale
Super sweet and gentle soul and great reading! " ... written by SoulDesire1
Kydra gives you fast results and has predicted many things for me that has came to pass. She told me that I was getting a raise at my job and even told me how much. It came to pass 2 weeks after my reading with her. She predicted a man was coming into my life and that came to pass. I highly recommend her for a reading. You will be amazed and she is fast and honest!" ... written by dabountychic119
Wonderful connection very accurate spot on!" ... written by Brandy
Great reading Kydra ... always a pleasure! " ... written by jillian5
She is the sweetest lady you ever want to talk to. She give you accurate predictions and is a great listening and advisor. She has helped me so many times when I felt lost and confused about something. She even predicted how much of a raise I was going to get down to the dollar amount and she was right. Thank you Kydra my friend." ... written by dabountychic119
She was right on from our last reading. I would recommend seeing her!" ... written by Jacqueline
Excellent reading, I dont know how she knows things! Amazing. thanks sweetie ." ... written by Jacqueline
Thank you Kydra. Thank you for the insight ... Always helpful and I believe things will change for the better. You are tremendous!!" ... written by jillian5
Compassionate." ... written by dana
Kydra was SPOT ON, accurate and just kept giving me the information i needed to know, in order for me to move on and make the right choice. Truth is never easy, but it will surely set me free and i am SO happy i decided to do this reading today. I NEEDED IT! Thank you kydra, and God Bless you. I will be back!" ... written by Lisa
thanks for the reading." ... written by tan
Kydra, confirmed my feelings on my situation. Thank you." ... written by Jacqueline
Thank you Kydra. You seem to know a lot! " ... written by Jacqueline
Thank you so the follow up Kydra. Every reading with you leaves me amazed at your gifts. You told me exactly how he was and you never met him nor did I ever tell you anything about him besides his name and date of birth. Thanks again!" ... written by dabountychic119
Luv it." ... written by dana
So kind and positive." ... written by dana
very accurate" ... written by dana
very accurate" ... written by Dana Martindale
She is great as always! " ... written by luckystar5
Fantastic!" ... written by dana
Fantastic" ... written by dana
Always helpful, and good at giving advice. Waiting for the prediction to come true. See you again and thanks" ... written by wildrose
Compassionate and accurate" ... written by dana
Fantastic as always" ... written by dana martindale
Easy to talk with and helping me find my way with a difficult situation. Thanks kydra" ... written by wildrose
Always helpful. Thank you for all the insight. Waiting for the predictions to come true. Thank you Kydra." ... written by wildrose
Thank You Kydra, I will be patient on the job" ... written by jillian5
Excellent, sweet, calm, connects very well and sees details, very accurate with details. Thank you Kydra! Hugs!" ... written by globe
Thanks, Kydra, will pray and hope for the best of both worlds, work and the relationship. :)" ... written by jillian5
Very helpful and kind, has helped me through a difficult time. Waiting for the prediction to come to be. Thanks Kydra!" ... written by wildrose
It has been a while. Always a pleasure getting an update from you!" ... written by dawbaby0514
Another prediction has come true. She is great! I have been working with Kydra since last year. She has really helped guide me on the right path. This has been one crazy journey and I'm glad I had her in my corner. Thanks Kydra" ... written by dabountychic119
I always have great readings with Kydra!" ... written by luckystar5
Thank You Kydra, always wonderful to catch up and find the answers. You are very gifted, thank you!!" ... written by jillain5
Always good insight. Thanks" ... written by wildrose
Waiting for the predictions . Thanks for the help." ... written by wildrose
She was absolutely amazing! Dead on with the past and where I am now. Looking forward to what unfolds." ... written by Mona
Always helpful and able to see beyond the surface of any situation. Thanks Kydra" ... written by wildrose
Wonderful and guided me in the right direction, I will be back." ... written by janet
Absolutely awesome." ... written by sunshine
She is getting me through some hard times :)" ... written by done
Kydra has helped me so much! It amazes me how she will tell me something and then it happens! She is so caring! Love her!!!" ... written by Lisa
Thanks" ... written by sincerly7
Very detailed and good reading, thank you!" ... written by Gl
She was great! Very honest and kind. " ... written by Melissa Brown
Thank you so much -- Reading was great." ... written by sunshne
Good reader, channeling is good but talked a lot. I enjoyed the reading. " ... written by Sunshyn56278
excellent told me the truth, not holding back" ... written by pinkpather30
Very good, saw things others haven't seen." ... written by pinkpather30
Was very accurate from the beginning... all you have to have is patience..." ... written by koel
Awesome, really nail the person" ... written by Chris
Always helpful. Thanks" ... written by wildrose
Been coming back to her for the last years, always on point." ... written by koel
Nice reading." ... written by Theresa
Amazing" ... written by mia
I've watched everything kydra ever told me unfold in my life :) " ... written by luckystar5
Thank you Kydra! much love always" ... written by Monique
Thanks..been a while and always insightful :)..xoxox" ... written by Monique
Great" ... written by mirsad
Thanks for the update!" ... written by wildrose
Helpful and insightful. Thanks!" ... written by wildrose
Thanks for the update" ... written by wildrose
Thank you for the update! And the clear reading. I will tell you when the predictions start to manifest." ... written by wildrose
Thanks for the update" ... written by wildrose
Kydra is very positive and sincere. I've gotten several private readings from her, and she's helped me try to figure out my life. " ... written by Lauren
Thanks so much for keeping me updated!" ... written by wildrose
Great!! " ... written by mia
Thank You Kydra, always good to get the updates. I will focus on new work and life will change for the better." ... written by jillian5
Awesome reading as usual!!! Will be back!" ... written by koel
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Wow, she knows a lot! I recommend her! xox" ... written by Jaqueline
Always helpful." ... written by wildrose
She is amazing, very gifted! I highly recommend a reading with Kydra. " ... written by jaqueline
My readings are always great with kydra! " ... written by luckystar5
Kydra is nice to talk with... She picked up on a lot, very accurate." ... written by cat
Always helpful, thank you so much." ... written by wildrose
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Excellent. :)" ... written by shad
Fantastic" ... written by dana
Been coming back to her for the past year... assume and fast!" ... written by koel
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Thank you for your insight." ... written by wildrose
Thanks Kydra, always good to get insight and knowledge, hope things work out on all fronts. I am sure good things will come." ... written by jillian5
Thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
Always helpful with helping me figure things out. Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Finally got it all down, Great job!!!" ... written by Daniel
Great as always but time ran out!" ... written by Daniel
Thanks for the Amazing reading! Knew that i was going on a Trip with a friend which I recently booked. Looking forward to seeing the predictions come to life. Thanks Highly Recommended." ... written by Lily
Thanks" ... written by wildrose
Wonderful wish I had more credits!" ... written by Karey
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Thank you, Kydra xo" ... written by jacqueline
Thanks for the update." ... written by wildrose
Awesome as usual. Always come back to her!" ... written by koel
Thanks andamp; let's see what happens. xoxoxxo" ... written by kydra
Knows the situation." ... written by Sarah
Thank you so much !!" ... written by Leah
Thanks so much!" ... written by wildrose
I got accurate reading and honesty. She is good." ... written by Gmary
Thank you Kydra, I so want this to happen like you said, and you can count on the best testimonial ever when it does. But for now, thank you for sorting it all out for me." ... written by wildrose
Very good." ... written by Klaudyna27
prediction of sad news was spot on. Hoping for the good stuff now." ... written by wildrose
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Thanks kydra, not really what I wanted to hear, but I guess that's good that you dont do that, lol. appreciate your honesty. " ... written by jaqueline
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Thanks Kydra, always good to get the readings and see that things are moving forward. I will await the call. :)" ... written by jillian5
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Fabulous reading and spot on xx love to you." ... written by caroline
Thanks so much. " ... written by wildrose
Thank you... I appreciate you." ... written by jerald
Thanks for the awesome reading." ... written by luckystars
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
she's very helpful, thank you." ... written by Heather
Thanks for the help." ... written by wildrose
Thank you." ... written by Heather
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Always honest, tells it like it is. Never sugar coats." ... written by wildrose
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Kydra has been right on. From feelings to outcomes and whats really going on over a year now and she is wonderful!!!" ... written by koel
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Thanks so much!!!" ... written by wildrose
Always a pleasure to talk to... Have been with her for over a year and always come back to get advice!" ... written by koel
Thanks!" ... written by wildrose
Unfortunately not have enough time to chat with you, but I can pick some from your reading true. Need to back again and have a long chat. Thank you for your advise! talk again soon :) " ... written by Natalia
Thanks so much for your help." ... written by wildrose
Hoping for that turn around you see." ... written by wildrose
What a compassionate heart, She has such a sweet soul" ... written by Dana
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Amazing she picked up on everyone involved in the reading! Even knew I was planning a trip! Will follow up with her!" ... written by pinkster11
Kydra is so wonderful!! She saved my life!! She can save you too!!" ... written by Kelley
Thank you for figuring it all out for me." ... written by wildrose
Thanks for your news, I will be back." ... written by wildrose
My readings are always great with Kydra! " ... written by luckystar5
She did an amazing job!! Gave very great insight on where im heading and what would be best for me. Everytime I talk to her she gives me the best advice. " ... written by Daniel Leibowitz
Thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
this was my first time and loved every minute of the point and very constructive feedback and amazing insight.." ... written by Colliercg
good" ... written by Joshua
Excellent reading. Knew things with out me telling her. Very honest. Will be back." ... written by Cindy
I wish I had gotten Kydra earlier. I have wasted so much money today and had no help. :(" ... written by kyie
Excellent reader :) recommend her for sure" ... written by christine
Not sure... she seems like a nice person.. let's see if her predictions come true" ... written by random_diamond
Always very kind to me! Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Awesome as always very insightful and caring... been her customer for an year now and I always come back!!!" ... written by koel
Thank You Kydra, so needed that confirmation. Table is turning ….. you are so good, appreciate!! " ... written by JILLIAN5
Thanks" ... written by wildrose
Psychic was right on point. If i had a million dollars, I would pay to keep it going." ... written by amanda
SPOT ON!!!.... perfect!!!.... told me things i already kind of knew, but gave me clear insight!! real deal right here :)" ... written by christine
Right on point." ... written by cecily
Very good." ... written by cecily
Love you Kydra." ... written by jaqline
She is so accurate it's uncanny. And tender hearted." ... written by Dana
Dead on right uncanny" ... written by dana
Fantastic reading, spot on with my dilemma. So glad I had the reading done and well worth every penny even if my bank account dont think so, lol! Thank you Kydra, you're a gem! x" ... written by karend2013
THANKS SO MUCH!!!" ... written by wildrose
Amazing! Like a fly on the wall!" ... written by Libra
Great reading connected really well!" ... written by Patience29
Awesome" ... written by virgogoddess
Thank You Kydra ... so much going on but all good ~ I know I will be rewarded. I feel good about reading and your advise. Always on target and truthful. I will keep you posted. Thank you" ... written by jillian5
What can I say? She was dead on and accurate about everyone I asked about and the described the situation perfectly!! I will definitely return to you Kydra, you were spot on and accurate about everything I asked about!" ... written by A
Great! Wonderful!" ... written by Hsiao-Lung Chang
Loving spirit" ... written by dana
Kydra is just amazing she always comforts me she has for seen my engagement and my wedding which both happened in the exact period of time she predicted." ... written by Helia
This woman is truly amazing. She is zeroing in on things so fast my head is spinning. The things she predicted are happening like crazy! Wow!" ... written by Dana
The journey she has been on with me is incredible." ... written by dana
What a great gal! So full of positive energy and love. Very intuitive and extremely accurate! Very healing spirit. Has helped me through all the phases I have been going through since my husband died over a year ago" ... written by Dana
Kydra is very intuitive, she picked up on my situation and she really made it very comfortable for me. This is my first time having a private session with her and I can't wait to have another private session with her again! " ... written by Stellarfilms
Very healing and beautiful spirit!" ... written by dana
Everything right on the dot!" ... written by Chang
Thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
Very in tune to the situation. I will keep you updated. " ... written by Regina
This woman is amazing! She is truly an angel." ... written by Dana
The wisdom she has is amazing and very healing." ... written by Dana
Always very helpful. She has been very accurate. I am very happy with her support and advices. " ... written by seun808
I'm so sorry I ran out of time. But thank you for your beautiful reading and your positive words and support. You have a wonderful energy. I will definitely believe in myself more. And I'll read that book and get back to you!" ... written by Katherine
Really good and always honest and that's what a reader should be!" ... written by koel
Cool" ... written by phoenixrisen
She is awesome knows a lot that I didn't think she would know!!" ... written by lysol29
Incredibly intuitive and accurate!" ... written by Dana
Amazing and very honest, have been coming to her for over a year!!" ... written by koel
incredibly insightful" ... written by Dana
Kydra, thank you once again ... I agree with you things are changing quickly and for the better. More money, good people, good energy, I hit the jackpot ... God had a hand in this and so did you. My dear psychic Kydra the next best thing to God. I love it. " ... written by jillian5
Steady on target every time!!!!" ... written by Dana
Wonderful person, very calming and healing. Great reading and intuition, like she knew me. Highly recommend, she has done reading for me a few times-always wonderful." ... written by JCB
fantastic" ... written by Dana
Wow! What a JOURNEY!! Kydra has been there for me all the way. Starting over and knowing there is life after losing my husband to his death " ... written by Dana
Thank you!" ... written by consom
she has just helped me avert a con man and his scams. wow! what a treasure she is " ... written by Dana
Kydra is A lovely Lady, gave me Predictions also time scales. Shall wait and see! :)" ... written by debi_crystal
5 stars thanks hun." ... written by taraL
She keeps predicting things so fast and they keep coming true. I can hardly keep up with it, lol." ... written by Dana
Thank You Kydra you always make me feel special and positive about the future. I am excited. These people treat me like Gold." ... written by jillian5
As always, Kydra is very supportive and inttive" ... written by Dana
Thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
Thank you." ... written by spn
What a supportive healer. Loving spirit. Never ceases to amaze me with her predictions and insight!" ... written by Dana
That's a supportive and caring healer and guide." ... written by Dana
Thank you so much!" ... written by sunshine
Kydra is an intuitive and compassionate adviser. She genuinely cares. That means a lot!" ... written by Dana
Fantastic reading and will deffo come back for another one!" ... written by karen
Wow very detailed reading tonight! Picked up on a lot of things. Gave me some shocking predictions, I can't wait to see if they come true! Def. worth your time and money to see Kydra. Thanks hon xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
Had to go back for a second reading immediately. To hear more because the information kept piling on. Thank you!" ... written by Senem
Very insightful. Quite accurate actually, and everything she said hit it on the head. She is very gentle with her delivery but she tells the truth too, fortunately for me it was positive news!! Thank you my love, I will return for an update." ... written by Kydra
what a gifted and compassionate healer and advisor!" ... written by Dana
Thanks for everything!" ... written by wildrose
She's good as always!" ... written by joshua
She is very easy to talk to, very calming, give her a try!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!" ... written by james
Great reader, thanks!!" ... written by joshua
Not a bad reading." ... written by Lightstar
Great as usual. :) " ... written by luckystar5
Thank You Kydra, appreciate your readings, always satisfied and content with outcome. Future is looking good, and so glad you are here every step of the way!" ... written by jillian5
Kydra is always a great help! " ... written by Luckystar5
Thank you. Very helpful!" ... written by Kristaelliott
GOOD INFORMATION!" ... written by cs
great, wish i had more time" ... written by patels10
Always a great reading. Glad to get the news. I will be patient and know great things are coming. Yippee" ... written by jillian5
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Everything Kydra has told me, has come to pass. " ... written by luckystar5
First reading and seemed pretty tuned in. " ... written by Danielle
Thank you so much!!!" ... written by wildrose
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by wildrose
Thanks so much. " ... written by wildrose
Thank you for the update, very quick answers!" ... written by Jqulne
Thank You Kydra, I needed the confirmation and yes you are right your readings happen!!! " ... written by jillian5
First reading...Kydra is amazing to talk to!! Felt like I'd known her a long time. Thank you for the insight!" ... written by Mare2013
Helpful as always!" ... written by luckystar5
Kydra is such a compassionate healer and always on target. " ... written by Dana
Thank you so much, your advice is always powerful to me." ... written by wildrose
very compassionate, intuitive healer" ... written by Dana
Great reading. Loved it " ... written by OmelisaB1979
Thank You Kydra, always good to get your keen insight and knowledge of the future. I think all will be good...pulling on my faith!" ... written by jillan5
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
I am always amazed at our readings, this one was wonderful!" ... written by jillian5
she is a good reader. I hope whatever she says spans out." ... written by aquave
Kydra is very quick and clear. A 5star reader for sure. " ... written by spiderlilli
very helpful and guided me. Thank you so every much Kydra" ... written by erini
Thanks so much. Always helpful." ... written by wildrose
Great as always! " ... written by luckystar5
Thank you Kydra you always make me feel better with your words of my future and what will be. I am more at peace now because I know you are always in the truth and light. Thank you" ... written by jillian5
liked her update- hope it happens" ... written by Done51
Very accurate and kind. Saw my enemy in jail. I trust her advice and I will act upon it. Bad people have their well deserved destiny. In Hell. :(((" ... written by Andrea
awesome as always" ... written by sunshine
cool thanx" ... written by phoenixrisen
very detailed" ... written by vell
excellent, man what a journey its been thanx kydra" ... written by phoenixrisen
she's amazing... I didn't believe at first but now I do." ... written by ShellyB000
Kydra is fantastic. If you want honesty and truth she is the one for you. Will keep coming back. " ... written by Cam
very empathetic and kind. very accurate and on target. very healing" ... written by Dana
very compassionate and loving healer!!!" ... written by Dana
Amazing ... time will tell girl ... all looking good though ~ but concerned about the relationship between N and J hummmm" ... written by jillian5
Kydra gave such an amazing and emotional reading tonight. We connected with my husband again. It has been such an emotional journey since my husband passed away. I couldn't have made it without her. So many things were brought out about emotions that were right on target about craig." ... written by 1957Dana
The reading with Kydra was great and on point with my new relationship with Anders. " ... written by Chyree
Once again, great reading ... full of information that is imperative and important. Always ... a blessing! Thank you so much!" ... written by jillian5
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
great reading!!!" ... written by luckystar5
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Thank you so much!" ... written by wildrose
Kydra is always great!!! " ... written by luckystar5
Not very perceptive - required a lot of prompting but insightful. I will definitely try to take her advice on board though :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
Always helpful and supportive. I really appreciate your help, always." ... written by wildrose
Awesome.... nailed everything. " ... written by Angelica
Thank You Kydra, always like the readings .... things are moving!" ... written by jillian5
very connected much love and i was impressed with her skills. x" ... written by anna
Lovely reading, as always on point. " ... written by luckystar5
Great reading as always! " ... written by luckystar5
Thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
very lovely lady, straight to the point and honest. look forward to my destiny now" ... written by Beth
great reading regular as always" ... written by koel
Always a pleasure to talk with Kydra, all the pieces unfold and begin to make a lot of sense. She knows things without being fed. Thanks a million! x" ... written by librabeauty
she is incredible. I highly recommend her for a reading." ... written by happybee2
she was dead on!! I am amazed by her abilities. She picked up on my situation immediately." ... written by happbee2
very insightful and open" ... written by qp
Thank You Kydra appreciate the read and the insight as always, you are terrific ! " ... written by jillian5
pretty interesting chat... look forward to 2 months :)" ... written by sirilee
wish I had more credits but she was fast with my answers and no sugar coating told what she sees thank you I will come bqck in a month" ... written by kathy
she's good. picked up info and gave me good insight. didnt tell her anything really" ... written by m
Just getting the reading started, so I have to come back and finish, but so far, so good." ... written by Jennifer
Kydra help me a lot and I thank her so much." ... written by Vonda
Thank you Kydra always great to get new and good news, and that things are falling into place. Life is turning ... the wheel of Fortune has righted itself once again. Yippy!" ... written by jillian5
thank you for insight. i appreciate it.." ... written by jerald
wonderful update!" ... written by luckystar5
Thank you Kydra, always great to get your details and insight. Every card has a story ... :) love it, and you." ... written by jillian5
Always a fun reading! " ... written by luckystar5
Very impressive, she was very accurate." ... written by Clover434
Thanks hon." ... written by Jaqueline
She interpreted my dream- awesome. Thank you" ... written by zina
Thank you Kydra, I will be patient ... all good things are certainly coming. :) Always good to know ~" ... written by jillian5
I have cried so much painful tears lately. ITs nice to have someone see the real side of me and be able to bring out the helpful-happy tears. THANK YOU!" ... written by Stephanie Radeke
Kydra is the absolutly best!! Has fantastic advice and is awesome at seeing what will happen next. I have hope again." ... written by DONNA
Amazing as always! " ... written by luckystar5
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! She's very helpful and knows exactly what she's talking about. i'm going to take her advice and can't wait to come back to let her know how it turns out!" ... written by AlamisGirl
Kydra amazing..who know wed have such a big turn around. SHE"S so accurate it wil blow your mind." ... written by DAZE
She is very good and accurate." ... written by cindy
picture froze. some of my minutes were wasted due to that. session ended abruptly, because site has not been working well but kydra seemed to be on to something. i like her" ... written by l
Kydra is AMAZING. She's just so on point, and the details - wow. She just nails it, and if you are going into the reading as a sceptic, she will surely change your mind with her astounding accuracy - both in the larger general scheme of things, but also with details that she couldn't possibly know beforehand. Its genuine psychic experience, and this is what i am willing to pay for. Not to be mislead and even more confused, but to have access and opportunity for the real deal. So there you have it - Kydra is a genuine psychic, and boy does she deliver! THANK YOU!!!! " ... written by
Very accurate with everything she told me. Thank you so much." ... written by Thuy
Kydra you are the best ... glad this chapter is closing. Time to move on and forward and into a really good space in life. Everything happens for a reason. This is good." ... written by jillian5
very wonderful reading i enjoyed it thank you KYDRA " ... written by Nidal
thank you very much for the clarity!, she spot on without asking much!! will come back for updates. god bless!" ... written by hermesstarr
She is Brilliant ! Loved her imput and ability to comprehend the situation and what is important spirityally and physiclly and materially " ... written by Sophhia
She really tunes in and she's great to talk to, like an old friend." ... written by wren1414
Thank you Kydra, love the story, love the future, Love my job! Love you!!" ... written by jillan5
Thank you thank you Kydra ... I will await the new beginnings and the love of my life and the truth me known. Love your readings. :)" ... written by jillian5
Thank you Kydra, always a great read ... to the point ~ factual and true. Appreciate your honesty and knowledge. :)" ... written by jillian5
WOW.....She is know all...i m speechless" ... written by t
Kydra is bang on as always ... thank you" ... written by Danny
She picked up on alot crazy how she knew things " ... written by Crystal
Thank You Kydra .... things are moving! Thank you for all your support and great readings ... always in tune!" ... written by jillian5
Thank you Kydra, very good to chat with you. I am glad to hear more work is surfacing. I have so much to focus on personally, that this last situation is minor. It completely makes sense. " ... written by jillian5
she was awesome on point very geniune sweet and fast!!" ... written by laicia
nailed it again" ... written by dana
The follow up with Kydra was great! AND she was right about my situation. There was no sugar coating just honest answers. And thank you again Kydra." ... written by Cherie
she said things that made a lot of sense.. but a bit out there…" ... written by intrigued8
thank you kydra, i really would like to hear more about my relationships...but time is money. Appreciate the peek into the future surely helps!" ... written by sirilee
Another great reading, she is so helpful. Walking me step by step." ... written by Zina
Very Detailes" ... written by Johnny
This has been very interesting and enlightening..I finally feel like I can let go and try to move on with my life. Thank you very much." ... written by Riya
good" ... written by pinkpather30
5 Stars!! Awesome!!" ... written by Love
she is very good and knowing what will happen thank you so much" ... written by sue martinez
5 Stars!!! BEST OF THE BEST!!!!! TRY HER OUT!!" ... written by purvi
great ready" ... written by benina
SHe did predict things dead on so that was cool" ... written by roseanna
Always great readings! " ... written by luckystar5
Great update again, she always gives me how it is and I always end up feeling good about myself and what to expect. She is the best." ... written by zina
great reading have been coming her for a few years now... clear and concise" ... written by koel
great advice, will give feed back " ... written by Judy
Thank you Kydra, always a great reading. You are so special and I appreciate your honesty and I trust the out come every time. Thank you !" ... written by jillian5
Things have come true what she had said, she is now my advisor. I trust her very much" ... written by Judy
great reading" ... written by benina
She spotted so many things without me saying anything. very good reader." ... written by true
great reading" ... written by benina
the best yet. she was very clear. pointed out things before I could even say anything. Will def be back!" ... written by nini1021
Thank You Kydra you made me feel 100% I just need to believe change is nearing and all will be okay. Time is my friend and so is the man upstairs and all the angels. I will be patient. Thank You ... you are the best !" ... written by jillan5
She gives you the information lightning fast! she was able to pick up on my situation immediately. I have had several readings with her and she is the real deal. Please give her a try. She has put my mind at ease many days and nights. " ... written by happybee2
She is very good. There were a couple times that she would say things right before I typed them...thank you" ... written by clover434
thanks for a great reading." ... written by clc
I love her...just love comforting and accurate...she sees do not have to give any info...One of the BEST ..." ... written by tasha_j
she is always right and accurate. very nice connection ! " ... written by kim
Kydra picked up on things I did not mention. She even picked on things I did not tell her but I already knew. She has great predictions coming for me and I can't wait until the predictions to come true so I can come back and tell her she was right. I really do trust her. I have a few readers on here I always trust and she is definitely one of them. You will not be disappointed with her! Give her a chance to give you hope for whatever your situation will be." ... written by l
Always a great reading with kydra! " ... written by luckystar5
fantastic" ... written by clc
Kydra was extremely intuitive and spot on many different details. Thank you so much! I gained a lot of insight with your talent and advice " ... written by Manuela
Astonishingly accurate...she helped me with a very sensitive, difficult situation by connecting with my recently deceased son. There is no question she connected with him, and the information was specific regarding my questions and his answers. God bless you, Kydra. I honor you and I thank you with all my heart. I will be back to see you again, I trust you. Thank you." ... written by Eileen
excited to see meet a few guy that i marry :) " ... written by Daniela P.
Great followup as always. I had a pit in my stomach, she cleared that, feels better now." ... written by zina
Good read" ... written by DS
Thank you" ... written by Tie
Well, the good news, something is coming. I will await the call." ... written by jillian5
great reading.. cleared up a lot of things.. spot on about the confusion between 2 things" ... written by Tammy
She was awesome!! Right on the money!!" ... written by Cheryl
Kydra you always come through for me and I believe in you and your kind devoted words of truth. Everyone who needs help should come to you for advise and answers. It is comforting and I feel blessed to know you. You have helped me immensely. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" ... written by jillian5
Awww...fantastic..great reading..super brilliant.." ... written by tasha_j
She's a gifted channeler. One of the best on Oranum." ... written by honeylotus
Very honest reading, no sugar coating, and practical. highly recommended" ... written by malcolm
Thank you Kydra always a pleasure to read with you. This is hard time for me and you always help me." ... written by jillian5
Enjoyed the reading! Very clear and straight to the point" ... written by Mo
Thank you for the reading, it was very comforting." ... written by JJ
Kydra was amazing. She really connected so well to the other side. I love her!!! Thank you Kydra and I will definitely be back!!!" ... written by joanna
Thank you for the reading. You always tell the truth, and I trust you. I will come back another time for followup." ... written by zina
Thank u for the reading." ... written by gugu58
love speaking to her. She is wonderful and very helpful. Will keep her posted. Thank you for all that you do. Wonderful... " ... written by Dawn
wonderful wonderful.. I needed help and she is giving me advice that I need. So easy to speak with. Will be back again." ... written by Dawn
Friendly, nonjudgmental warm and supportive ~ thank you!" ... written by bluebird08
ok this woman is something else,some months back she told me to do the breakup candle and it worked so very well. Now my relationship seems way better then it was before. Now she is helping me to get things at a more progressive path. I dont know how to thank her, but to say thank you so much Kydra." ... written by zina
She seems that knew many information about my partner, predicted some information, i'm going to look forward for it to happen." ... written by Louis
Always a wonderful reading with kydra! " ... written by luckystar5
Always spot on! Kydra is informative and quick. She really gets to the point. You don't have to tell her much. She just knows." ... written by honeylotus
She was awesome. Gave me so much clarity on my concerns. straight and clear to the point." ... written by Shereice
She was so nice andamp; compassionate" ... written by Samantha Roberts
great reading" ... written by Danielle
amazing amazing she knows everything. i am sad cuz the truth is told but she is amazing. " ... written by kim
She was putting thwhole picture togeth..great reasing." ... written by Elaine Faber
Very honest and accurate reading" ... written by Louis
good reading" ... written by Danielle
WONDERFUL! XO" ... written by angel33
helpful reading gave me some clarity on my situation, will reconsult her !!" ... written by angelswingz
Ms Kydra was very good, she helped me look deeper in the situation, very insightful" ... written by angelswingz
Thank You Kydra as always good to read with you and get the facts. I am excited about the new birth and changes. Things should happen very quickly like you mentioned. :)" ... written by jillian5
Kydra is very high power right on with love life very happy with what she tells me." ... written by yellowcow1
Always a great reading! " ... written by luckystar5
She always does a nice reading. Very truthful." ... written by Cheryl
Very good indeed. Honest too" ... written by Vivienne
Thanks so much, I glad I came to see you. I will keep you posted." ... written by Karen
Very informative picked up on something no one else has. Good kind and accurate. Will see again." ... written by Lisa
Great update after 2 months I should say. She is always honest and tells you how it is. Once the changes happen I will come back." ... written by SMGirl
One of the best readers on the site - confirmed my gut instinct and read me like a book." ... written by lotus71
Very sweet andamp; quick. Ask direct question - she'll be direct back! Thanks again" ... written by Nichole
Thank you Kydra, let this be the year that all things happen and come together. It is time. Thank you for your great insight and truthfulness." ... written by jillian5
Amazing reading. will def recomend..please go" ... written by ACap
Great guide to have in my quest for my lady of my dreams. Accurate and professional. Would highly recommend " ... written by Cam
Thank You Kydra ... that gives me great satisfaction to know about that situation. I know you are right about everything. I love our readings. Thank you again" ... written by jillian5
It was good update. She covered almost everything. Df come back. " ... written by samara
Hoping her prediction comes to pass. Truly do. She was right about what she said as always. " ... written by christal
Picked up on the details, amazing! " ... written by Jess
She gave me this reading about my job was so accurate, so i came for another reading. She is good" ... written by zina
Told me about situations that have happened in the past:) Great reading Thank you!!" ... written by lin
shes very understanding, i like her alot " ... written by vvd450
she was very good" ... written by Chr
awesome thanks!" ... written by Abigail Rudner
Another great update, she is always there for me and confirming what I think and guiding me." ... written by zina
very fast, will be waiting for predictions" ... written by BP
always great update readings! " ... written by luckystar5
thank you for the reading Kydra! I will check in with you some time soon. " ... written by Tony
again...the best...I need to get a second job to talk with her" ... written by cherie431
Always a great reading! " ... written by luckystar5
thanks for the wonderful reading kydra" ... written by Stella
Kydra is awesome!!!! " ... written by Deva Delight
Awesome!!" ... written by Michelle
picked up very quickly and gave good advice." ... written by angie
Very helpful, picked up on a lot. " ... written by AK
she read me a long time before and she’s mentioned a situation that presented itself. and now i’m back and she’s pretty spot on about the situation. hoping her prediction is accurate!" ... written by JO
always relaxed and connected" ... written by qp
AMAZING and SPOT ON ACCURATE!!!" ... written by Smily
Did not answer the questions directly. Was beating around the bush." ... written by Oranum User
really good and to the point " ... written by Maria
very well connected.. she was very helpful and gave me the hope. pretty good at catching the situation. hope for the best.. " ... written by samara
Very good quick fast reading and good advice.. 5++++++++++++++ " ... written by Aquarius
update...great as always...feel like talking with a friend. thank for an great reading..." ... written by cherie
I go to Kydra, because she has mentioned things that were pretty accurate. Some has happened. " ... written by joanna
great awesome!!!" ... written by jamira76
shes great. i really like her. she very good knows what shes talking about." ... written by jamira76
she was very sweet and very helpful and most accurate person i have ever met ......." ... written by prajakta
very good" ... written by Ferdinand
Been reading with her for year always real nice and accurate" ... written by Koel
WOW! what an incredible and accurate reading! I cant explain enough how that helped me truly. Truly a gifted intuitive. " ... written by Nicole
It was good but time goes too fast to get deep enough" ... written by kismet1274
Picked up right away on my situation. I wish I had more time to chat." ... written by nicole
She was very accurate. Though it may of not be what I wanted to hear, what she said definitely happened. " ... written by mai
she is always awesome and on point" ... written by koel
Great reading, very helpeful" ... written by great reading!
first reading I every had the experience of meeting and she has always been excellent in picking up and advising chatting with a friend. thanks again." ... written by cherie
Had been a while and still very good reading..." ... written by Colliercg
thanks, can see details etc.. not long enough" ... written by sung
Great, honest, truthful, compassionate" ... written by Ferdinand
Pleasant lady. She gives direct answer to my questions and sees situation clearly. She gives confidence and reassurance. Lovely." ... written by Nanerelle
Wonderful readings as always! " ... written by luckystar5
great as always terrific on time frames" ... written by koel
I hope it will works. I hope what she told me will happen. " ... written by lastsearch1
Great reading and connection! Thank you!!!" ... written by Alicia
I didn't get to say thank you for the wonderful update...everything you have said have come true." ... written by cherie
I think she is really sweet and on point. Gave us hope going forward. " ... written by Casey
I adore Kydra. She's so sweet, accurate, and she just gets inside your head and sees what's in your brain. It's amazing! I'll definitely be back for more later. " ... written by Lana
good!" ... written by chris
Kydra is amazing, thank you so much for helping me (once again) through a hard time. " ... written by Lana
kYDRA IS AMAZING " ... written by Shellie
ran out of time but great update and advice" ... written by cherie
waiting to see if things will happening...." ... written by cherie
amazing always shes has great insight" ... written by Koel
Connected to my situation, good information given, thanks again, talk soon. :)" ... written by Dakota2043
great reading shes gets right in and to the point!!! love her" ... written by penny
always accurate and centered." ... written by qp
wonderful reading we connected quickly and she was so on target with my situation!!!! i will be coming back" ... written by penelope
she is soooo cool. five stars all the way!! generous and right on the $$$ ;p" ... written by bb
wonderful, very insightful and accurate" ... written by Sandra
Went to her after so long, always a good followup. Thanks Kydra!" ... written by SMGirl
she's awesome and very accurate with her answers.she explained every detailed to me just as i need to here it..i was very pleased." ... written by confusedlove16
wonderful connection ....great reading!!!" ... written by penny
Great reader have been coming to her for years and always return. Really great at time frames an relationships... will always return!" ... written by Koel
Kydra is amazing! She is right about every detail. Her predictions have come true before and I recommend her 100%" ... written by E
Amazing reading and connection every time....she gets to the heart of whats going on!! i keep coming back" ... written by penelope
Very insightful." ... written by Melissa
Her readings are good. Nice lady" ... written by overton1961
She remembers.. what she’s said to me.. her words are usually spot on.. can’t wait for her prediction" ... written by Jo
Thank You Kydra, always like connecting with you" ... written by jillian5
Kydra put my fears at ease....helped me get past a few things.....and gave me hope.......will consult her more." ... written by stormweed
thanks for a private chat, sorry it was only a short private chat" ... written by Edward Cahill
She is great reader,was right before.would recommend her." ... written by e
Nice woman. Understanding with a tough subject. You can see compassion in her eyes. " ... written by Jacqueline
Wonderful! Wow! Love her so much...going back for the rest of my reading!!!!" ... written by Amy
Kydra turned me into a believer! She's kind, compassionate, and accurate. I WILL be back!" ... written by Holly
she's awesome" ... written by Cristina
Kydra is light and soft-hearted, wants the best for you. It totally comes across. She knews things I didn't have to tell her anything. Amazing reader! Very gifted! 1000 Stars! " ... written by Amy
Kydra you are wonderful, always keep me in the loop and in perspective. I appreciate your insight and keen advise ... thank you!" ... written by jillian5
she has read the situation clearly, read me clearly. " ... written by JO
Thanks Kydra, you're always the best." ... written by Lana
amazing reading. saw a lot, more than i was hoping. saw even other situations i wasnt thinking of. THANK YOU. xxx" ... written by malteser1970
Great reading really good towards what I needed to hear and some of what I didn't like to hear to glad she did" ... written by lifesnotfair
Always a wonderful reading with Kydra! " ... written by luckystar5
Great reader been coming to her for the past year! Recommended def!" ... written by Koel
Kydra is spot on- the most accurate reader I have ever had and with what she sees, it helps you to make a decision as to what you should do. The best!" ... written by Sandra
wonderfully accurate" ... written by Sandra
She is the most amazing and humble psychic. Very calm and grounded presence and gives you insight into your situation accurately. I thoroughly enjoyed my first reading with her, recommended if you want to have a clear head and message into your situation." ... written by Anant
she's great" ... written by Cristna
she seems to be terrific - she hit on things pretty well he is supposed to text tomorrow" ... written by bouncy
Excellent reading" ... written by Sandra
She is terrific!" ... written by Melissa
Thank you so much Kydra for all your help and insight into the situation! I will follow what you said tonight and hope to have good news soon! " ... written by LostGirl
Excellent" ... written by Sandra
Excellent and accurate" ... written by Sandra
it was a nice reading... she picked up on issues before I mentioned it.. which was nice. " ... written by joanna
hello" ... written by Edward Cahill
kydra is the great, makes truthful predications" ... written by cherie
Wonderful and accurate-no reader like her" ... written by Sandra
i should have come to Kydra sooner. I feel so much better that things are going to work out for everyone. I am so stressed and I felt like I was blowing it with my twin flames. pray pray pray.." ... written by cherie
Wonderful and accurate" ... written by Sandra
Absolutely the best reader I have ever had-never wrong and kind and positive" ... written by Sandra
Detailed and said things i didn't even tell her. she just knew. Definitely coming back. " ... written by wave2048
really great reading. Insightful and truly caring and kind. She connected to my situation right away. Great advice that I will absolutely follow." ... written by amy
absolutely the best ever" ... written by Sandra
great update...will be back in a couple days for more" ... written by cherie
Absolutely accurate and seems to never be wrong; very caring but honest" ... written by Sandra
she is a very great reader always dead on with my readings " ... written by sandra
excellent" ... written by Rayhaane
Amazing very kind and detailed " ... written by erielle
wow" ... written by Ang
Very calm and helpful :) Very smart and wise. I would reccommend " ... written by hellokittyhas7
bad" ... written by za
she gets facts strauight even when you dont tell her....shes very good" ... written by sammie
good" ... written by cathy nelson
shes amazing so real" ... written by mariam
told me the guy is goinng to get in touch with me by xmas, and be more seious, also wait for him a month to ask me to be his gf. new job after i come back from vacation. " ... written by amar
Kind, caring and strong reading" ... written by Suzanne
Awesome... very excited about her predictions!" ... written by Ang
very sweet and very intune with me thank u" ... written by Ava
great reader" ... written by les
Thank you for the insightful reading. " ... written by d2k1000
She is on point!!" ... written by Jeandra
she was great very helpfull will definately return back" ... written by mariam
Kydra is ausum. She helped me out more than anybody has ever done. I feel alot better and relieved about the situation now. Thanks again Kydra" ... written by sharon olbrysh
Wow... very detailed and accurate. Will update you on predictions." ... written by Ang
thank you" ... written by karen
kydra always give me reassuring news to calm me down" ... written by cherie
She is spot on, she predicted my engagement to the date. and it happened exactly when she said it would happen. I had my nails done on the day of , so i really appreciate the heads up .....she is fantastic. also very humble!!!!!!" ... written by Helia
thanks for your time. kydra is great at reading cards and her predictation. " ... written by cherie
Wow... VERY excited... will let you know what happens!" ... written by Ang
Thank you for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
good reading. she is accurate. " ... written by s elzy
Kydra was very intuitive and straight forward and honest, unlike some readers here on Oranum. I feel she does have people's best interest at heart. I felt the connection was a little slow and/or scattered at the beginning, but we got through it. I regret running out of time. I will try to come again." ... written by Sam
Thank you again. " ... written by d2k1000
Excellent! Was spot on...Highly recommend!" ... written by E
awesome update" ... written by cherie
shes amazing. She flowed with information and told me things that were so accurate about the people in question" ... written by s
Thank you so much :)" ... written by
wow, she is amazing!! " ... written by nicole
thanks for the private chat twice" ... written by Edward
she is great" ... written by rogelio
She was good.....I am happy with the reading " ... written by Maria
She is straight to the point and very straight forward." ... written by snownagel
A little bit slow to connect, not the best here on Oranum, but answered my question in the end x" ... written by Zid
informative" ... written by ...
Kydra is fantastic! She's straight forward, honest and caring. She provided me with the clarity I needed. She helped me see things that I never saw with my current relationship and helped make the decision I have been trying to make for 4 years. Thank you so much Kydra! I am so grateful :)" ... written by BenevolentOne86
Looking forward to her 3 week prediction. am glad with her reading. Nice" ... written by Allister
thanks picked up everything." ... written by roselilly5
really likes to connect with people and very genuine" ... written by Penninah
Excellent" ... written by Frederic
its clear from asking several different topics that she is on point with her visions and messages; incredibly informative, down to earth, straightforward, does not deliver false hope but realistic messages to get you on the path that achieves the desired outcome. definitely worth a reading." ... written by seeksclarity
She seemed good let u know :)" ... written by tiff
First time reading and wow she was amazing xoxox" ... written by Adis
VERY ACCURATE. " ... written by l
she was awesome :)" ... written by tiff
Great meeting she was spot on." ... written by Jim
Awesome :) She is soooo good... Will keep you posted :)" ... written by tiff
She is great!!!!!!" ... written by Walejr
good reader" ... written by oles
She was so right on. gave me the answers. she was great!!!!!!" ... written by Emma
she was good :)" ... written by tiff
Good reading have been reading with her for years!" ... written by Koel
amazing!" ... written by Ashley
GREAT!" ... written by Ashley
She is amazing!" ... written by Jennifer
Kydra is very warming and nurturing. She picks up on the situation quickly without me having to tell her. Specific and informative with her details. See you again. " ... written by mn
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Thank you Kydra for your information. " ... written by rr
great reading ...very honest, but kind. quick connection. will be back to follow up!" ... written by lornalulu
very good informative reading. I was pleased will come again" ... written by debbie
She is spot on. Very caring, great personality and too the point. I can not wait to get another reading. I highly recommend her" ... written by moonlyte21
good prediction." ... written by Barani
Excellent reading!" ... written by Terri
Kydra is amazing..she gives so much information and picks up quickly. This is my third reading with her. be back" ... written by mn
She's so awesome! Very genuine, very spot on, accurate and connects right away. :)" ... written by Michelle
wonderful connection....really understood the situation...recommend highly you take her to private.." ... written by ME
Kydra predicted that I will meet a man within a few weeks. I met this man and everything she mentioned about him was correct. She sees the situation as it is and gives really good advice. So thankful for her insight and advice. " ... written by mn
Wonderful reading, Kydra is so in tune and sees the situation. very sweet and truthful. I will be back again." ... written by lornalulu
yes yes yes yes !!!! she is the truth !!! her reading was beyond amazing, full of great sight and confirmation !! she can see everything !!!" ... written by tamjones
What an amazing person! She knows exactly whats going on!!" ... written by JJ
shes right to the point.. connects quickly and knows what is going on" ... written by melissa
She is really good. She connects fast. 5 stars." ... written by F
she connects quickly" ... written by kydra
amazing as usual !!! a true gem in my life!!" ... written by tamjones
Thank you" ... written by bearthoven
she is good" ... written by ohood
Thanks you so much, you're so amazing. God bless you!." ... written by Pamela
SHE WAS A GOOD READER." ... written by P
Omg Kydra is amazing! came back for an update and boom she was spot on! thank u sooo much xoxo" ... written by Adis
strong intuition on specifics . thanks" ... written by angus1972
Bless you K." ... written by
Kydra was honest and helpful. She took the time to explain everything to me." ... written by Leslie
first time reading...i believe she was super intune with my situation which was very impressive...the only thing is that i would have liked more specific answers and predictions..." ... written by lovehouston
great reader--very good communicator--info comes fast and she offers good advice. very personable and kind." ... written by pearl
We will see what happened. Thanks" ... written by A
shes is honest and connects fast" ... written by melissa
Brilliant fantastic spot on a true authentic psychic." ... written by Kydra
Very kind and accurate" ... written by Brittany
Thank you soooo much! I feel better and more comfortable in this thank you! " ... written by Erielle
Great reading:)" ... written by Sunday
Thank you for your advice. " ... written by d2k1000
Kydra, thank you so much. You are a gem. I feel more calm and collected about this situation. I will come back shortly so we can assess the situation further. Have a wonderful day." ... written by Breanna
Insightful and warm. Helped to bring clarity to my concerns around a situation." ... written by Fanitian2016