About KevinPsychic

Psychic KevinPsychichas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic KevinPsychichas recently helped 43members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about KevinPsychic's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

My name is Kevin. I have been working as a clairvoyance and card reader for 6 years. My task is that show your appropriate way in your life. I am able to use many kind of tools (Tarot card, akashic record, gipsy card) to find all answers for your questions. Don't hesitate to continue, know your prediction and future now!

He gave time frame in june 23 for something to happen. will getback and update." ... written by april
Amazing insight and very accurate will be returning in the future to have another reading. Thank you kevin. :)" ... written by cloe24
He is soooo amazing! You just have to take him to Private! very caring and accurate Reader - i will come back for sure :) Highly recommend! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Very sweet, concise, to the point and even picked up on a few things that were bothering me that I didn't even ask. :) Thank you very much, honey. xx" ... written by beccixy
was great, unfortunatly internet disconnected but will definetly come back again" ... written by jessjess1
Kevin was spot on, going by my intuition I would say he was 100% correct. Hes straight to the point and very honest and caring. A nice young man " ... written by mysterygal77
Very sweet and caring, well a lot of knowledge about his experience. Take care and well much appreciated card reading." ... written by Mallais
He is a nice guy. He gave me good advices." ... written by AnnaBella
Nice reading!" ... written by Romaa83
Increadibly sweet and gifted! Highly recommend him :) He gets right to the point and does not waste your time or money. 5 stars !!!!!!!" ... written by AlysiumDream
He is very fast and nice!!! enjoy your reading with him!!!" ... written by Sirena22
KEVINPSYCHIC is a young dependable psychic. It makes a big difference to you who has to depend on the accuracy of readings!" ... written by hunnybunny6
Not bad.. :)" ... written by ShadowPriest
Kevin is very sweet and lets not forget very accuarate in his readings. Try him you will not be disappointed..Highly recommended." ... written by Lucy117
He was good, thank you so much!" ... written by cammyboo
Went well could tell me things that are going to happen " ... written by MALEX3007
Thank you you were very insight full and clear, great reading and advice for me. " ... written by veronicaaquino01
Very sweet!!! Everything about him is beautiful and his readings are really great. Accurate and honest :) :) " ... written by AlysiumDream
He was sweet and accurate. thanks so much!" ... written by blueberrypigs
Kevin is great and honest, fast answers, thank you! " ... written by mano17
Good reading! He connected with me quite fast." ... written by moongirl
Thanks Kevin! Wonderful reading! I can't wait for your predictions to happen! Very quick and accurate! " ... written by itsuramo
He was very accurate, I will come back again soon!" ... written by SakiVSPloutarxo
Always Spot on! One of the best here! " ... written by SakiVSPloutarxo
Nice guy. Insightful read. " ... written by d2k1000
Kevin is fast and amazing!!!! He is truly gifted, I will be back... Thank you kevin. " ... written by marionlyttle
This guy is a sincere reader. If you have the time, listen to him. Great reader! xx " ... written by katzhous8
Thank you for great reading." ... written by gateforest01
Very efficient and sure of his answers. Confirmed what I needed to hear. Great reading!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
Very good, very nice person and accurate I think realy good!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Kevin is GREAT!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Kevin is great, very specific and he's cool to chat to. " ... written by sweetsiren0072
He is weet and kind and very good reader. Much appreciated Kevin" ... written by ikroyal
I tried 4 or 5 other psychics first. Kevin was the only one I was attracted to follow up with. He seems positive and confident. I can't say anything about accuracy yet, but I liked his energy, personality, and enthusiasm a lot!" ... written by phxazlaura
The reading was OK!" ... written by DBlair
Amazing! its like a proper private reading! he actually knows so much about you when he starts! Thank you so very much Kevin. I'm still in awe of your words." ... written by ishtybobba1
This man is Fast awesome direct no BS try him u wont regret it. Thank you for making me look at both sides, u r awesome....Thank you" ... written by newhorizons12
KEVIN...................ONE WORD.................AWESOME." ... written by WITTYANGELINA
Again I like him very much and he pays a lot of attention to what he says, I will come again soon, and thank you again KEVIN." ... written by akenatonacindere
He is awesome and very nice man... He puts you at ease and is quick to connect!" ... written by sweetytweety1605
Amazing, understands you completely!" ... written by Sharnieloves
That was a great reading, kevin gave me good advice which i will follow up and make a better future for myself. Thanks kevin :-) " ... written by mylove4uis4ever
Very good wil come back also nice personality" ... written by akenatonacindere
Kevin is the best, and sooo easy to talk to. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Awesome we need more psychics like Kevin." ... written by kan721003
I love this guy. I was connected to him the moment i see him and I was right. He is very sweet and fast. Just give yourself a chance to feel his energy and you will know that he is for real. " ... written by ezeeepass
He's great! Great advice!!!!! He made a connection with me right away!!!! He saw my situation and gave me what I needed to know good and bad. Highly recommended!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Not bad... liked him, straight to the point, try him you won't be disappointed.....thank you, nice to chatting with you." ... written by raniangel
That was so good he picked up on a lot stuff! Thank you very much, 5 stars!" ... written by maynardtony
He was amazing and super helpful! I love this guy if you're looking for help he's the person for you!" ... written by canadagirl
Good reading and picked up on things that surprised me. Thank you!" ... written by JaySora3
Great, clean, clear honest reading, love him! Will be back!" ... written by veezee
Picked up on everything, very happy with my reading. Thank you!" ... written by cb1987
Kevin is one of oranums most gifted and honest psychics. Please give him a try he is worth every penny!" ... written by fpinkney
Spot on 5 stars" ... written by millyloves22
Kevin is always wonderful to talk to. He is very honest too!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Good reading." ... written by victoria111
A very thorough, caring, and quick reading. Thank you, Kevin :)" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Awesome insight! He helped me see just what I need to do!!!! Thanks Kevin!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Amazing...absolutely much to say...thank you so much! :)" ... written by lila88
Able to look into the situation and give a good indication of what he sees." ... written by Alneverus
Kevin, you are awesome! =D He's such a sweetheart. xoxoxo" ... written by BVBARMY4EVER
His reading was flowing well and I could connect with it but unfortunately he cut off when it was looking good." ... written by scb4001
Direct, to the point" ... written by Angelhawk33
Great reading!" ... written by druvina1973
KevinPsychic was very to the point and spot on with my reading. I will take on board all he said about my work situation. He is also a bit of eye candy to look at which helps." ... written by scb4001
He is such a kind person and his reading is so direct and helpful. Thank you very much again." ... written by Mileva
Thank you ! =) " ... written by rose1621
Thank you Kevin it is always a pleasure to speak with you and always trustworthy!" ... written by fpinkney
Thanks for your reading :)" ... written by rainbowspirit123
Very good... highly recommend him!" ... written by bernyrose
Thank you for the advice :)" ... written by tootles83
Good reading. Thank you for the advice and insight. " ... written by edel95
Great Job!!! Thanks!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Excellent... Accurate and fast... A good person who will help you!" ... written by focusing
He definitely knows what he's talking about. Get a reading from him." ... written by Nick
Fast and sweet reading! Let's see how prediction pans out!" ... written by psymeow
He put my mind at rest about what feared the most, though I shouldn't be afraid. I feel better..." ... written by ukengeddit
A great reading overall. I think he was spot on and was able to tell me a lot of accurate information about myself. I will look forward to seeing if his predictions come true!" ... written by Justin
Very good and spot on!!!" ... written by alexis
:) Very insightful!" ... written by luckystar222
Kevin was very insightful, caring, intuitive, very kind and hopeful." ... written by Lobo
He picked up on some things no one else has. It impressed me. It was a very good reading." ... written by lore1968
It was a good reading. It helped a lot. I feel things will start looking up for me soon." ... written by lore1968
Kevin saw everything with me saying nothing! Great reader!" ... written by Nina
Clear reading totally showed me the right way and he is kind unlike other readers" ... written by edel95
You were extremely helpful and thank you for that." ... written by Melody
Wow!!!! That was cool!!!! He really helped me see I was on the right track!!! Thank you sooooooo much, Kevin!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
He was really amazing, I was very glad to get a chance to speak with him." ... written by Tashabeaches
Kevin is always there to give great advice he looks at everything akashic and card! Really nice and sweet." ... written by bella
Love him to bits!!! He's so sincere and he got EVERYTHING accurate!!!! he doesn't hold back if there is bad news and he gives definitive answers that most psychics dont or are very vague about... Will definitely keep intouch with him!!!x" ... written by naygirl911
He was fast and very good reader... I was shocked at information I got but deep down I knew it was all accurate, matched with my feeling. I hope things go well for me in the near future." ... written by luckycharms312
Awesome reading with Kevin. I'm in conflict with my lover and I need someone to advice me. I choose Kevin after watching his demo and I loved it so much. In private Kevin told me many things about my life and all of that were true. He talked with me as an old friend or as one of my relative I'm so surprised how he knew all that about me. On the other hand, Kevin gave me full reading about my life, my love, my health and my job. I wondered how much he focused on me and bringing truth at all of his reading. It's the first time but it will not be the last because he is one of the best in ORANUM. Hope to see you later. Thank you very much. Kind wishes." ... written by Ayshaue
Thank you Kevin for fabulous reading!!! Will keep you updated!!! Highly recommended!!" ... written by angelove1983
Thank you, that was a good reading." ... written by RealLove
Kevin truly has a gift and he is very keen and in tune on connecting to his contacts. Please if you need clarity or by any means are confused, connect with Kevin he will help you, because his readings are about YOU! God bless!" ... written by Ashley
An interesting perspective. Definitely worth a reading to see what knowledge he offers." ... written by Alneverus
Really nice and accurate reading. Recommend." ... written by iconnect
He is great, on point, really clear, nice and kind. Getting fast on spot through the Akasha reaing... love it... thank you!" ... written by Gaby11
Thanks Kevin, always precise and spot on with details." ... written by poque
Kevin is wonderful. I trust him so much, I'm happy with his readings n the after effect is good too is energy stays with me for a long time until I need another reading. Thank you Kevin! xxxx" ... written by rubystonexx
He was so great. I will update him on the reading we had" ... written by dladie42
Brilliant." ... written by Jodi
Very accurate and precise on everything. Very good reading that I highly recommend! " ... written by sara
it was good..." ... written by elena
Excellent it to you straight and then some. He connects head on to "exactly" whats going on in your life and addresses it. He reassures you of the positive things he sees going to happen, and gives caution to negative aspects. Kevin has absolute clarity in exercising his gifts and talents. I highly recommend going to private reading with him to help lift the fog. " ... written by Cordie/Victoria
Sweet, soft energy - extremely accurate and caring reading. Most recommended! Felt much better and feel like I can see clearer in my life. Thank you and will definitely be back for more :)!" ... written by jomamajo
He is very accurate!!!!" ... written by talisa moore
He is very kind, accurate and insightful." ... written by Danielle
He is great, on spot, fast. Blessings!" ... written by Gaby11
Amazing Kevin! Get him when he is around!!!! Very accurate!" ... written by Jolana
Thank you!!!" ... written by Kelly Bridgewater
Fantastic chakra healing and karma healing. I feel much better now, oh thank you so much. It has really opened my thoughts to him that I already knew but sometimes you need to hear it and see it. Thank you again. Very good feelings now towards him." ... written by meredith
Very sweet. predictions were about the future so i cannot say if it is accurate yet but I have seen his demos and they were amazing so I had to have a private with him! " ... written by JG
He's actually very very good!!! I trust him very much!!!" ... written by Vigglesworth
Great reader!" ... written by Ann
Thank you Kevin for the clear spiritual connection and guidance!!! " ... written by Jolana
Kevin has the lightest sweetest energy! Thank you Kevin for the clarity you have given us!!!" ... written by Jolana
Kevin was accurate in the reading. He gave me a few heads up regarding the future and what to watch for. Thank you Kevin for sharing your gifts and gifting with me.. Namaste. " ... written by Janine
Intuitive. Connected... Highly recommend!" ... written by kosubhan
He was very helpful." ... written by Jennifer
Great, spot on and really helpful. Thanks so much!!!" ... written by JP
Loved it!!! I have had a lot of readings lately and this was by far the best. He was so spot on it was scary. He was quick and accurate. I never thought I would say this but he is "MY PSYCHIC"!!! Such a good soul :)" ... written by Diane
Very good and helpful. Straight forward and he keeps it down to earth. Will follow up in a week to see for he reunites with me. Thank you again for the helpful reading :) " ... written by help4mary
Thank you for helping. Excellent reader." ... written by madhu_thomass
Fabulous and v sweet!!! " ... written by pjgovind
OHHH....thank you so much! I was wondering about something and he confirmed my gut feelings. " ... written by Sidney
Thank you again....I have been so tired of spiritually purging for two years hard core and to hear that it is all over for now, and now I can process and start working out and live my life again as I am used to! " ... written by Sidney
he is adorable reassuring and just knows what he is doing. read with him youwont regret it" ... written by dani
He is amazingly correct about details" ... written by Liliana
Kevin is the BEST !!!!!" ... written by rose
Great guy !!!!" ... written by rose
Second reading with Kevin and he is awesome ! Thank you a lots for advices for my career and i will continue to have hope ! He is fast and accurate A+" ... written by Bizou1981
thank you kevin for sharing your insight and gifts. It was really nice." ... written by jerald
First reading with this guy, he was fast and accurate, and to top it off he has the cutest smile :-) Give him a try you will not be disappointed x" ... written by Mshelli
I loved this reading and I will definitely be back. He just flowed with everything that came to him. And he is very FAST!!!!! I DO recommend talking to him =)" ... written by ash
His reading was very detailed. Gives me hope about my situation.. I will go back to him for sure. TYVM!!" ... written by HearMeRoar
Haven't seen him in ages. Glad to see him back!!" ... written by Londo
wow wow wow he was so spot on with my boyfriends character I barely told him anything. " ... written by Tracey
Seems to be very honest! And i shall go by what he says :)" ... written by Ixchel
Awesome" ... written by d
quick to connect. knew feelings of the other person well. " ... written by d
great reading! without info...great potential !" ... written by dm
This guy is excellent. He gives honest and quick answers. I highly recommend him." ... written by RAM
A lovely reading with Kevin--he was thoughtful, kind, specific about time frame, karmic connection with the person in question, very helpful and sweet. very grateful for his help." ... written by pearl
I appreciate his reading . He seem connected to my situation . Will see how it works out. Will come back to read with him again. " ... written by knowing
he connected fast and accurately...we will see on predictions I will let u know :)" ... written by dd
My first itme great!" ... written by L
Great!" ... written by L
First time with Kevin, I was very comfortable...All readings were geared towards the future so in two months time, I will know. He sounded accurate with some of the questions I asked. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
he is good and accurate " ... written by ohood
Great!! He was phenomenal! Really nice and very honest and accurate. Would love to have a reading with him again in the future. " ... written by EternalRystal