About Karlyssa

Psychic Karlyssahas 15-20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Karlyssahas recently helped 315members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Karlyssa's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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**************************************************************** MY STORY ***********************************************************************

20 years ago a gipsy woman predicted my future and everything she said came true. This experience changed my life completely. I got my firts deck of cards and and felt I have an ability.

In early age I felt strange things, I could talk with the dead. Many people came to me for an advice back then, and it is so now as well. I also can see auras, and I can cure with the help of cosmic energy.

My grandmother was a healer, my grandfather still heals people.

Today I work as a mother, advisor, healer, and fortune teller. Also I like astrology – it allows to get a lot of information about you and your personality.


The cards I use to read for you:
- Tarot Cards
- Gypsy Cards
- Angel Cards
- Tarot Egyptian Cards
- Hungarian Cards
- French Cards
- Spanish Cards.

You can ask me anything - I will help you. I am open to any problem. And I know we can find a solution. I love people and I love life. And I would like to help you if you let me. Trust me and I will show you the way.
We have a luck to be here, to have a chance to be better and make everything better. We can create many wonderfull things in this life, just open your mind and dream about it. And your dreams will become true. You just need to beleive in this.

So welcome to my room and to my life:

You can ask me about the thigs you are worried about whether it is about your family or about your job. I can give you answers if you ask about your love life too. Just give me a chance to help you and you will see how things are changing for you for better.

If you need some friendly words or if you want to know about your or anybody elses life, I can talk to you and help you to resolve your problems.

Do you know about ENERGY? ...that nothing else like love, that is the love, vibration in the air all the time. You can feel it – start with yourself, begin loving yourself. I can conect with this energy, with the Universe and I can also connect to you and your beloved ones.

The only thing you need to do is to open your mind, and let the Love inside your life.

I am love, i live love and loving, I love to be alive and I love life how it is.

We can have solution to all our problems - believe in it. I can show you the way to the happiness.

WELCOME and I wish you the best now and always.


Very nice. Straight forward and to the point, did not waste my time." ... written by warpmind69
Very friendly and charming reader. I like her accurate readings. Thank you." ... written by ginglebells
She picked me up to a place that I had not been in a long time. Thank you Karlyssa" ... written by araketanara
Very nice connection with a loved one that has passed. I felt she could feel his feelings. Amazing.." ... written by paola
Best reading a ever had... I'll definitely come back." ... written by mj27
Super eres un amor, me has ayudado muchisimo:-)" ... written by suertemia
She was really nice!!!! I will contact her again...." ... written by PeaceLoveLight
ms karlyssa was right on point..spoke the truth and will say only the truth..thanks karlyssa. " ... written by christine
Really beautiful spirited lady :O) Thank you for my reading xx" ... written by charlotte221981
She is very sweet and wonderful. Very intuitive and great with her cards. She connected very well on my situation. She gave me great advice. I will definitely come back to her.. Muchas Gracias !!!" ... written by Ena
WOW!" ... written by crazycatlady01
thank you, very kind " ... written by julznycles
LOVE her!!!!!!" ... written by SAchick
See what happens in two months. quite liked the reading and should have added more credit to finish it. " ... written by sprite5
helpful, accurate, soft helpful peaceful she has nice energy thanks" ... written by a
Wow! She is the BEST on here! I left this Private reading with a big smile. She gave me relief. I am so thankful for your help, dear Karlyssa! you are amazing! 100 stars!!!" ... written by lostinlove
She is incredible! She picked up my energy right away and was 100% accurate! Though I didnt give her any information. Unbelievable! She is a real deal! Give her a chance, and you will see what I am talking about. Highly recommend! " ... written by smiley21
she was a great reader tks for everything God bless you cant wait to see what happens" ... written by momskids
all I can say is wow! Best reading I've had, she is fabulous, blew me away!! and what a truely lovely lady." ... written by LAYLA76
Wonderful reading wonderful lady will be back for another reading!" ... written by arlinruth
I think she's a great reader and I would definitely have another private reading with her." ... written by tipp18
She is very insightful as always. Very good with her cards. Thank you!!" ... written by Ena
She was fast and efficient. It was nice. I hope what she said happens." ... written by SASSY007
so positive, thanks so much Karlyssa. You helped me a lot!! Can't wait to see it happening now... bye with lots of LOVE..." ... written by sunny3107
Very nice and I completely appreciate her...I will definitely come back.." ... written by dreamer65
Very Kind heart and Accurate reading - Thank you Karlyssa , God Bless :)" ... written by mozzy123
She's very nice lady, give me a lot of advice and confident. Definitely will come back :D" ... written by Pam_mie
I have a reading with Karlyssa and she was really good and kind. I do recomment her, she's the best!" ... written by brivers39
She is incredible. I met her on free chat but what a lovely soul and her advices are down to earth. She is funny and truly a gifted empath. I am amazed by her gift and did not expect that she would be soooo goodd. Thank you, Merci, Muchas gracias, Karlyssa. Te quiero, xo" ... written by milona
Ii think she is good. I had a problem with the internet line and could not make the most of the time but I was left with the impression that Karlyssa is gifted!" ... written by kitkat1
I really liked talking with you, and the things you said in the little time that we had, really made me happy, thank you." ... written by heidibabes
She is a very nice lady and gives you the best answers. I loved it!" ... written by Paul
She is amazing absolutely thank u again i will be back xoxo" ... written by vrinda113
She was awesome everything she had said just was just wow, awesome!" ... written by Crhoades
VERY PLEASANT ASSURED - HERE'S HOPING!" ... written by KathleenE
:)" ... written by EvaFarm
Lovely lady, she is very patient with me and helping me a lot." ... written by araketanara
Was honest." ... written by LadyCandy
Wow what a Lady...will get back surely...thanks by heart for all the positive energy...love. Vandana." ... written by vrinda113
She is always very quick to see things and very positive. Her readings are excellent!" ... written by sacredlove71
She is a very nice woman and I love her very much she has helped me a lot...thx" ... written by frizzle441
I love the reading she is very Informative I will wait to see the outcome of her reading and post back I will come see her again." ... written by Ladman49
Wow - really in tune with the situation - as others have said - she picks right up on things without any prompting. She just tunes in and gives the information. She is also very caring - tells it as it is, but with kindness and caring. *****FIVE STARS*****" ... written by sacredlove71
Karlyssa's reading was very insightful and helpful to me. I feel she told me what I needed to hear without sugar-coating the truth, and she gave me very good advice for a tricky situation. Many thanks and blessings to you, Karlyssa!" ... written by shysarah
Bueno..she knows alot very intuitive and great with card. Gracias." ... written by enamorada
very accurate...didn't tell me what I wanted to hear...but accurate." ... written by spiritualgirl1
very spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by misjayde87
great, very insightful empowering for healing " ... written by trinitylove
I so enjoyed her style!! English is not her first language but she digs up such deep details to share. very happy i had this reading done. more to come for sure :))" ... written by liindee-lou
oh she is so precise and lovely. thank you LOTS!!" ... written by liindee-lou
good" ... written by salome12
Talked really, really, really slow. Did everything slowly. Kind of general about things." ... written by mystry72
Karlyssa was very honest, and very true. She gave me very good advise and I will follow. I will get back in touch with the update soon. " ... written by Miamare
Dead on accurate." ... written by jswede1149
Lovely" ... written by pitombas
She is too Good." ... written by sweets123
What a wonder lady. Supportive and kind. Great reader....." ... written by dstufra1
Beautiful person inside and out, most helpful and informative. I will be back. I have to trust trust and trust! Will do. Thank you.xx" ... written by BarbaA
Incredibly amazing!!!!" ... written by marsylyttle
Very good happy must take her for reading x" ... written by starlight22
Wonderful and positive! She has been accurate all along with her readings!! Predictions happend!" ... written by sacred
Sorry I ran out of credits but what an amazing reading! I feel you really picked up on my situation well andamp; I will take your advice to heart... I should really start believing more in myself and taking care of me spiritually. Thank you for giving me the faith I need." ... written by iPreferMimi
She just gave me a prediction about me and my boyfriend getting married. It was a yes. I can't wait. Thanks Karlyssa." ... written by tipp18
She was right about the spirits when they said it's my choice if I want kids or not. And i'm choosing not to have any. Accurate reading. Definitely a 5 star one." ... written by tipp18
Very sweet honest reading! Go private with her, you will be soooooo happy you did!!" ... written by GalTaurus
Very understanding, reassuring. will come back. " ... written by Varela01
Accurate." ... written by Varela01
Very nice sweet reading ,very friendly caring and sweet thankyou so much :-)" ... written by ale510
Karlyssa was great, I wish had more time with her." ... written by belela
Another reading dead on right with accuracy. Do like this psychic very well in tuned with your situation, highly recommend her. " ... written by star
Very Good, News, I feel Better Than B4 Hope All Will Be well soon.. God Bless You I have to be Patient !!! " ... written by queenbee22
Thank you Karlyssa for your reading, you opened my eyes to many things in the brief time that we had! :)" ... written by Caifornia96
Karlyssa was great! She was spot on with everything she saw and said in my reading! I will definitley contact her again!" ... written by Eileen
Very positive reading. Will let you know the accuracy next week!!!" ... written by K
This is second reading I have got from this lady she is very gifted and she knows what she is talking about. I would highly recommend her very much." ... written by star
Good hopefully just need keep focus on me now but good" ... written by s
I have been to this psychic so many times i do love her, she really can see the problem and help you. Please give her a try " ... written by star
fine" ... written by gregg
Amazing!! :)" ... written by Victoria
pretty good i m coming back lol" ... written by smiley2011
she told me what I needed to hear.. very sweet! " ... written by nikkyenrosado
connects really well she is great" ... written by smiley2011