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I guess you all are wondering why such a young girl is on here, and what type of ability I would even have at this age. Well that is easy to answer! It all started with my Great-Grandmother, she was Clairvoyant and used playing cards to tell "Fortunes". This then skipped my grandmother and was given to my mother. Now with my mother it was a little bit different. Her whole life she was so interested in Fortune telling and everything that went with it. When she was a young teenager she had practiced Witch Craft, and used spells. She has Clairvoynace and Intuition, a very strong one at that.. We believe that there is a "Spirit" trying to connect with us, and is passing down the generations.. which I believe is Evil.. I will tell you a little about that in a minute. Then I was born! I had the gift since I was born, even when I was little people would tell my mom, she's such a pretty little thing, but you can see the evil in her eyes.. I believe my Mother when she says my great grandmother and her were witches, and I believe I am one too. But I don't think i am ment to be good. I always feel a strong pressence around me,
like it is Evil and trying to get in to me, But I try my best to ignore it, even when it scares me. Since April of this year, I had a really rough time with my appartment. PLEASE keep in mind guys, I am telling you this because I want you to understand what I am about :).. Anyways, I always had a feeling like there was something in my house.. even when I would leave for a bit and come back home, I would open my door, and soon as I would open it, it was like there was someone there and i'd gasp! After days would pass the feeling would get stronger and more thick.. I would then begin to feel as if it didn't want me here, So, certin times i'd have to sleep out at my moms house with my daughter because I knew it didn't want me here. One day my mom got fed up with my staying at her house, and she said Cassie, you need to stay at your house, there's nothing there. So i asked her if she could just spend the night with me, and she said yes. So that night after I had put my daughter to sleep, we decided to watch movies, Now at the time I couldn't be in the dark.. I felt that the energie loved to have me in the dark.. therefore i ALWAYS had lights on.. But my mom looked at me and got up and said, My god Cassie the light is so bright and turned it off. HAH.. well i got nervous and went to bed. I decided to leave her in the dark. But something was telling her to come In my room. She layed in my bed with me and just wanted to lay there till I fell asleep.. and thats when she started to feel what i had felt.. She heard a woman laugh in her ear.. and she looked at me thinking it was me and said.. What did you say.. and i said omg omg omg.. i was scared because she then could feel what i was feeling.. She then went completly cold and her head started to hurt.. She got up as fast as she could and ran around the house saying IN JESUS NAME BE GONE and kept saying this, and she tried turing on the lights.. but they would not come on. Iw as glad she had experienced this, because then she knew herself I had the gift to, But i was ignoreing it. Sicne then i had to get myself blessed as well as the place I am living in. My family says I am Clairvoyant, that I have Clairentience as well as a strong Intuituion. I believe whatever spirit is following me is evil and i am trying my best to ignore it. I have a very strong intuition about crimes, murders, fights, anything like that.. I can walk though a house and tell you exactly how it happened and sometimes even what was done. Same thing outdoors, I avoid certen places because of the fact I can feel what happened.. Some people think I am nuts, but I can't help i was born with this. There is so much more to tell about myself, But I was leave some for the free chat :)

Please remember I am here to help people in need :) To give support, love and guidence. I will do anything to help you guys! :) and will tell you the good and bad. Please remember this when speaking to me.. I do NOT refure to myself as a fortune teller, I think that is an insult to god, Only he knows your path... :) Clearly I am just helping you reach that path with information! :)

Your Friend,
Casondra xo

Sharp intuition. Definitely would recommend her!" ... written by Know_Thyself
She is very Helpful and a Sweet Person " ... written by augustvenus7
I really connected to her bigtime ...she really understands not only people but the spiritual realm. I am a 48 year old woman and the advice she gives is not only practical but comes from a warm and gentle spirit. Maturity comes through what you decide to put into action not by age.... so don't be fooled. GO TO HER BECAUSE SHE VALUES YOU AND YOUR TIME." ... written by joyjrnys
Good reading..I will come back to her!!!!" ... written by pepita24
She was so positive and very eager to help. Her attitude made her someone very easy to consult with, i will definately do more private readings." ... written by rosal1
Talking to her was very nice - she is very positive, natural and willing to help :) recommend strongly!" ... written by hugs2020
She is very nice - accurate, detailed and on the spot! " ... written by gogirl