About JeffMartyn

Psychic JeffMartynhas 20-25years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic JeffMartynhas recently helped 85members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about JeffMartyn's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am a third generation Psychic clairvoyant medium, experienced in helping people with a variety of problems such as relationships, finance, career and home life situations. I have worked in this field for 20 years or more giving readings by telephone, Skype and email, at mind, body, spirit events and one-to-one readings. I have also worked in radio, giving readings to people who call in.


As a Psychic, I work with your unique energies, to help you gain insight into your situation. Working with Spirit, I will connect to a knowledge bank that contains the all the worlds knowledge and wisdom, past and present. When I'm with a client I will work with both gifts at different levels to give you an depth reading that is unique to you.


I am a member of the Guild of Spiritual Workers which is part of the Spiritual Workers Association in the UK which requires me to work to a high professional standard at all times. I work with consideration and compassion at all times and strive to give my clients insight, inspiration and empowerment in their lives. I regard myself as a liberal minded person, accepting of all religions, race, gender and sexual orientation. I work with the person not the label. and when I am working with a client my goal is to leave them in a happier frame of mind than when they first came to me.



* I am one with the planet and all beings who co exist here.

* I choose to live my life with love, peace, compassion, tolerance, humanity, humility, understanding and kindness – in other words I choose to live spiritually.

* I believe my spirit is eternal and my purpose here is to evolve.

* I choose to use my gifts for the benefit of all.

* I choose to share.

* I choose to make our world a better place to live.

* I am proud to be a spiritual worker.

Thank you very much for an excellent reading and for telling me the absolute truth. That is why I wanted to have another reading with you. I knew that you were not going to tell me nice things just to make me happy. It was an eye opener of a reading. I shall pass on the details of your website to my friends and tell them what an amazing psychic you are. Very best wishes." ... written by Anne
I really do appreciate immensely what you and our beautiful, wonderful Spirit friends have done on my behalf. I especially love that it was not all which I WANTED to hear, but certainly all that NEEDED to hear and know. Also, the past and present personal information was uncanninly accurate. I can't say enough THANK-YOUS! I shall now make arrangements for you to complete a reading for my son. Thanks Again. Peace and Blessings Always!................" ... written by Heather M.
Thank you for the reading. I wanted you to know that it seems like you reached right inside my heart and told me all that I have been thinking and feeling. Deep down I already knew.... but like you said, I have been unsure of myself. There was truth in everything you said. Your words are a comfort to me. Perhaps I'm really not crazy after all! : ) I feel that now, if and when I am ready to follow the direction I think I'm supposed to go, I know I will not be alone. Being alone has always been one of my biggest fears in life. I am having a difficult time finding the words to explain how much your words have affected me." ... written by Alta
Just want to thank you once more for a wonderful experience and give you a little bit of feedback! I spoke to my mum and she knew straight away who I was talking about. It was my Great grandma and her son, my great uncle, whom I never met before. My mum used the same words as you did:,,She was like a sunshine. And spoke very fondly about both of them, described their personalities exactly as you did. I met my g grandma yesterday for the first time, she gave me a healing, but this time i was aware of it, her energy is so strong, i couldn't miss it. I was scared a bit for the first few seconds as I knew, there is happening something i have not experienced before, but at the same time I felt safe and calm. My uncle might have difficulties to talk to me, as I am so over the moon at the moment, just feel happy, because for so many years I never knew what to do professionally and now not only I know, but have two great helpers as a bonus. I keep telling everybody about our reading, so you might have few more request in your mail box, hope you will not mind " ... written by Zuzana
Thank you so very much for the Wednesday night reading that you gave me on MBS radio. It re-affirmed my faith in my writing ability and my ability to entertain a potential reader. Lastly, thank you for bringing my mom and grandmom through to give advice. They are still hanging together, are still chatty and are OK were they are." ... written by Anita Johnson
It's been a pleasure talking with you. I feel that you're a very gifted man and I appreciate your time. I want you to know that you are welcome to email me anytime if you would like to, just because. I know you do have a busy life and many emails to attend to... I just thought I would toss in the invitation. Sometimes it's just nice to chat. Take care, and thank you very much for your help." ... written by Martin
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading I received on January 18 on the Mind/Body/Spirit radio show. I am Brenda the lady from South Carolina. You actually confirmed for me what I had felt for a long time, that I am on the right path. My niece who sees the auras of people always tells me that I have a colorful rainbow around me, so you were right on track when you told me you saw a rainbow. Also when you mentioned the My Little Pony it was a confirmation, I have granddaughters and we have fairy parties, drinking our tea from wine glasses, eating fairy french fries from the magical apple fairy pot and dancing to beautiful fairy music. Your reading has given me a lot to meditate on, I plan on continuing with my path of positive love, peace and harmony in hopes that it will in some way spread to others I come in contact with. I feel that as I continue on my quest I will one day reach the other side of my rainbow and hopefully I will have helped those I come in contact with along the way.............Love, Peace andamp; Harmony" ... written by Brenda
Thank you for the wonderful and very generous reading today. I have a lot to think about!" ... written by Paula
This is Tom from Long Island, New York. We spoke a few nights ago on Gaius's Blog Talk Radio Show: Body Mind Spirit. I asked what you saw happening with my relationship with Lorrie, and you gave me such an amazing reading! Thank you sooooo much Jeff! You feel that in a few weeks I will smash the glass that is separating us. I loved all your terminology as I could easily relate to it and I felt you were very connected to the situation! I will keep you posted!.Thanks again Jeff!.God bless. Namaste. Love and peace" ... written by Tommy
Hi Jeff I just had a one minute reading with you on the air haha and I must say it was awesome, because what you said is right that would encompass more than one thing that I have been hoping, believing for and waiting for for a long time with uphill struggle. When are you on the radio again? I have also sent an email regarding private readings with you prior to this one." ... written by Anne Santostefano
I listened to your show a few months back when Jeff was on your show and I was lucky to get a mini read with him.. through that, I was booked with Jeff. I had a great experience and was hoping to call in tonight to say thank you and to endorse Jeff......... I wanted to say thank you to him." ... written by Jessica P
Hi Jeff, Thank you so much for calling me the other day and staying on the phone to ensure I was okay. I am moving on from the relationship and have in fact maybe met someone else! So, thank you so much for the reading, it was truly helpful and spot on!" ... written by Bela
Loved the reading. He was honest with me, told me good and bad both. I like that. I'm so glad you think its gonna be worth it." ... written by missmel2011
Everyone needs a private reading from Him! 10 minutes, and I feel so much stronger and he gave me real hope! Thank you so much Jeff! " ... written by mimizi
He made me feel so good, such a positive energy Jeff has that he will immediately make you feel better + a great help, he picks up on you immediately and you know that what he says is correct!!! LOVED HIM!!! Strong recommendation!!!!" ... written by Sirena22
He is absolutely amazing! Very accurate, he gave me so much info without even asking me for any info from my side. We connected immediately. Very good reading! I will come back for sure! Highly recommended! 5*****" ... written by hugs2020
Jeff is a good guy with a very positive outlook and tries his best to help. Thanks Jeff:)" ... written by tash1921
Absolutely GREAT! One of the best readers EVER. You have to try him. You will be amazed how many information he will give you. And everything is true!!!!!" ... written by marxis79
What a great guy! I loved chatting with him. we got right to it. Thank you so much! I will come back and visit with you again soon. Best, B McD" ... written by bridgetmcd1961
He was amazing, thanks Jeff!" ... written by horizontall
His reading make me so happy, he is so patient with me I love to come back talk with him more." ... written by TUSHAN
What a lovely guy. Thank you for the laughs. They were much needed!" ... written by eloquent31
Jeff was great. We connected quickly and got right to it. I really appreciate your help and will get moving! I will chat with you again soon. Best, B McD" ... written by bridgetmcd1961
He is AWESOME! Thank you for the advice! I will be back!" ... written by waterlover
didn't link with me but told me so and was nice. i would recommend him :)" ... written by angelbekah
Wonderful reading with a really nice guy! Thanks so much for the quick connection and accurate info. I will get right to it! I will come back to chat again soon! thank you so much and the very best, bridgett mcd" ... written by bridgetmcd1961
very honest, doe snot waste time. thanks" ... written by rahalt2004
Jeff at his most awesome :) Thanks so much." ... written by Kat
Great reading. Thank you Jeff!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks so much Jeff for the honesty, clarity and detail. I am truly blessed to have your advice and I feel so much more like I am on the right path. 1000 stars!!!!" ... written by ikroyalakr
dead on " ... written by CDMIXERS
Thank you so much for everything! Mostly of all thank you for being a friend when I really needed one! It was so enjoyable chatting with you and I sure to do it again soon! Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best for the new year! Many blessings " ... written by karen
Great psychics, highly recommended!!!" ... written by maria
Very nice guy and a lovely reading. He is very gifted!" ... written by P
Nice, realistic reading." ... written by Theresa
Very nice reading. Will be interesting to follow up with him on what he said. :)" ... written by Theresa
Nice reading. connects well. Enjoyed it and like him. Recommend." ... written by sg
Pretty good. He was very nice. Seemed to be on point." ... written by sunshine
outstanding" ... written by lyds
Very good Reading" ... written by Timothy
he was very good..5 stare reader..really connected with me andamp; gave a gr8 mediumship reading:)" ... written by aquavenus
Great reader" ... written by nj
Wonderful reading with Jeff.. His answers were very accurate.." ... written by Pd
Lovely reading with Jeff. He gave me insight on the future and encouragement that things will be okay. I don't feel so lost after speaking with Jeff. Thanks a million. " ... written by Jem
He is an very tuned-in and generous man. He is very easy to talk to and I felt i could trust him with a personal situation as he sincerely wants the best for you." ... written by wren1414